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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - January 3, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPrev to interian Banner vol. A Jyo 15� pre la Terlan Advocat vol Xix 10, David Ockimey editor and proprietor. One thing is needful a a one thing have i a be ired the Lar do this one thing i do. Vio i 0/ Ftp a i Btl st i fits few whole -no.c-8k23 i -.i-, it a -t�., a a its ago a _ publication office Gazette building i Ftp amp get above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. In it a t a a i tilt it. R hot or it 7, a a a i Milf. Quot a w so frito al ta15.1 i. Re a j.,. A it by. Mail for at the off Iob a $l6eiper�ea�, delivered tithe City ri��4f�6>� a terms.-i2t Advance. For the week ending saturday january 3, 1857, Iii Tami Ili tap t a it i sin original fat. A Tempus new year s by. . We Axton Bzdick a. Is. Ltd As the winged Arrow Flics speedily the Mark to find As the lightning from the skies darts and leaves no Tralau behind swiftly thus oar fleeting Days Bear us Down life a rapid stream.9 ode. Newton. Transient As is the meteors flight athwart the darkened sky As lightnings Flash upon the night each moment rashes by. Swift As the Arrow from the Bow by practice Archer shot the hours Fly past before we know and soon Are a forgot As when the Light and fleeting Gale sweeps with a hurried blast Par Over sunny Hill and Dale so careless dats move past. Softly steals the Zephyr Bie Ezo Over Fields bending Grain a and landscapes Bright through Bowers and Trees so Weems Home in train. As like a dream hoped for Joy now present and now gone As play Day to the impatient boy months Home and then Are flown. Smooth As a River in its flow where flowery Banks lie near the tolling seasons Home and go and form the Bol Einn year. Replete with ills and toil and death. With change Joy and mirth a the year is like each full drawn breath but measuring life on Earth. Thus moments hours Days nights and weeks months seasons years still pass a and hoary time though voiceless Speaks a a a things must fade As yet Ponder not Tob Long faint heart. But grasp the passing hours and not full Well a Noble part with All thy manful when life a stage is wrapped in flame and Days and years Are Over. A thong it pass heavens Gates with loud acclaim where time shall be no More. Allegheny City january 18-57. A Rity Christ could he once realize the heaven that is in him when Christ is there could he gaze not to question and criticise but in Humble adoring Joy upon the face the risen Jesus acid the re but once behold his own a a acceptance in the beloved All difficulties were dissolved in that blessed vision every doubt would be forgotten in the fullness its glory fix soul and spirit steadily upon the oneness the son god with the forgiven and adopted sons men and All the littleness proud restless disputation will disappear from the View consumed in the Blaze that transcendent thought. A a he is a made unto us righteousness Sanctification redemption a what heed More ? for All the practical purposes Comfort and holiness what need More Why raise troublous and perplexing questions As to precise dates Pardon and purification receive the full Blessing Christ by Faith and in his ordinances and these and a a All things a Are Youra for a by a Are washed be Are sanctified be Are justified in the name at the lord Jesus and by the spirit our alas that with something the Plain simple hearted Trust with which in the churches first Days these things were received we could learn other to realize the truth than to contend about its nature we have a glorious inheritance and instead entering in and taking Possession we fritter away our Short allowance time in disputing about the wording the title deeds miserable frivolous faithless mockery 1 conceive that instead receiving the Sacra Metal Token remission and hearing or Reading the word life you stood in the very Light the vision god that you heard his own blessed voice pronounce the word acceptance that translated you from the kingdom darkness and made you one with him in his divine son that thus assured and thus delighted,.lost in inexpressible gratitude a with All the pm st wretchedness All the present and future glory pressing upon the soul conceive i say that in such an your you were to turn to the blessed reveal or and Tell him you. Could not. Be Content to receive or enjoy his favors unless he should explain with minuteness the precise Mode m which this gift himself was to operate upon every separate faculty your soul and every particular relation Between Yon and him 1 the feeling and the cry Faith is he gives us Christ and in him All things. Christ cannot by ours and any Grace be a Christ the source All blessings we have had occasion to notice the celebrated sermons the late professor Butler Trinity College Dublin with much approval As the first and second series were issued font the press Parry amp Mcmil Latt Philadelphia. On the appearance the first series we gave an extract from that volume and we How sub join from the second series a to pm is Joist published the follow ing delightful passage. It is taken from the first Sermon in the volume entitled a a Christ the source All the. Clearness the fullness and the Fervour spirit a displayed in this Beautiful excerpt will re Ward our readers for its. Length and we doubt not but that Many would wis hit had been longer. I must again remind you to weigh Well the Force the expression a a is made unto let no Man persuade you that this can be satisfied by any Remote or indirect connexion with Christ it intimate is he himself is mane to us the thing he gives. As one with him we obtain the whole inheritance Grace and glory. The instant that we Are incorporated the mystical body which he is the head the instant in which we Are made living stones the Temple which he is Corner Stone the instant that we become branches that celestial Vine that instant we possess the seed the entire and All the life the Christiany a All his eternity is but the less or greater development the Christ he bears within around and upon him. Have spoken a Progress blessings it is a Progress to us but not in the gift Jesus Christ to receive him is to receive the germ every Blessing that is written in the Book god. One with Christ we must have Pardon for How could god love the head and babe the members one with Christ we must have Sanctification for How could he that is soundlessly pure re main one with tight that is wilfully unholy one with Christ we must have the prospective redemption the whole Man to glory for How could he abandon to the everlasting grave a portion his own being Sanchas he has deigned to make his Hap piness Complete ? thus in blending him self with us he hath done All things Well he has in that one unfathomable mystery accomplished All mysteries. He is a not the Declarer Only or the Means Only or the instrument Only he is a a made unto us a he hath himself become righteousness Sanctification redemption. We have justification As we Are seen in him we have Sanctification As he is seen in us we have increasing holiness and Mutual communion and ult Itu ate redemption As Bot Combine. Jul me and i in you. He that Abt Deth in me and i in him the same bring eth Forth much fruit a there is our holiness. A As thou father Art in me and i in thee that they Aso May be one m us a theto is our Bond Mutual communion. A Eye Are dead and you Hie is hid with Christ in god when Christ who is our life shall appear,.ben shall be also appear with him in glory a there our ultimate redemption body and spirit to the mansions eternity. Christ re appears in a a i or All the new testament theol sent this i mfg cannot enthroned hims Elf in our Spiri t and not bring with him Hia Whol e retinue blessings. Blessings May they must arise in succession to. Creatures that live in successive time but the first instant that Christ is seed every Blessing is ours a life is hidden in that moment nay a a Long perspective infinite glory is there a death is conquered satan chained and heaven won for he who accomplished All these things a is made unto us righteousness and Sanctification and a the gift is ours let it expand As it will m our heart and life Christ is Here and he the a a Bon Over his own House a will take care to Rule it in Wisdom in having him we have Pardon in having him we have holiness m having him we have heaven itself a a raised up Tonetter and made to it together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus a ail this is mysterious indeed course it is who is he that will believe god made one with Man and have the Union wrought without mystery ? children the living god be walk m mystery. Your spiritual birth is a mystery your Fellowship with Christ is a mystery your daily graces Are a mystery your Triumph and death is a mystery your resurrection to glory will be but the. Consummation mystery. Mystery there must be wherever an infinite creator and his finite creature embrace and it is therefore your glory that you Are thus Robed and shrouded in mystery. Trust no one who would draw you Forth from it. It is the awful Shadow which eternity casts across time. Believe no one who would give you a religion without much and solemn mystery and above All when you think god in Christ what he has done and what he still does and what he will do be Well assured that in All his dealings there must be much you can never expect to fathom before which therefore you can but Bow in prostrate humility adoration knowing simply knowing that All he will do be can do snob is his Power All he can rightly do he will such is his love i these things Are a known in part a and therefore we can them but a a Prophesy in but there is no one who knows not what ought to be the practical working such a Faith. He is All things to us that we May be in All things his. He is to us a a righteousness that we May rejoice in his Pardon with a Joy the holy ghost he iia tons a Sanctification a a that we May Bear the fruits his indwelling spirit he is to us a redemption a that we May walk m White As. Being a a worthy a a worthy to a follow him Whithersoever he Goethe hereafter in glory As following him Whithersoever he goeth in sadness and suffering now. Go Forth Thenya ransomed ones and remember that you Bear through the world this Day the image and superscription Christ Jesus in whatever company men you stand forget not that his signature is upon you and when men thoughtless and ungodly would win you from his seance Tell them that there is one in heaven with whom you Are one that you live As Meibers his spiritual Frame incorporated him in and by him righteous sanctified redeemed and that being thus not your his you Are resolved whatever the dreaming world May say in him to live that in him you May die pm him to die that in him you May live for Ever i working them out with micros topic elaboration furnishing in a word written discourses up to the Standard the taste any congregation or what is More to the Point up to the ministers own Standard is not the work a Man who writes a Sermon. Yet sometimes there is not Only writing but re writing this kind. And this is one the things that is hindering other pastoral work and is crushing the breasts and like me Oriter preach my in Many instances crushing the life out gods servants. In preparing a manuscript give yourself room by taking Roomy texts. Some preachers use the Bible As they feared they would finish it before they died. Take the word in a proper Quantity. Done to hesitate about natural divisions. A too simple too How often has that thought interfered you Oan see that i recommend expository preaching not that it is the easiest. It is laziness makes any the proper work the ministry too. Easy. But i deem this kind preaching bes for you and the people. When you write done to think or. So and so. Let your main care be to give Clear ideas gods truths. Think enough taste to avoid All Ordinary blunders express yourself English and you will gratify All who have any True taste. Too Many in writing put themselves in a false position. Pen in hand which is to them an enchanters Wand and with the thought a sink or swim live or die Here a for a Sermon a they Are in the straight jacket As Hall said he sometimes was the desire to do Fine preaching Todo a better than they they Are not the same men they Are when writing useful epistles to a Friend. Suppose them to be writing to one in a sick bed. A nonsense nonsense a says prof. B., a a let a Man always his by a a bests be meant hanging Over a table four Days the not being satisfied with a. Gospel truth when you have it distinctly in the mind but must try to say it better in a word the fixing up with the utmost exactness a manuscript we beg leave to demur. That is not the Best the lord requires his ministers to do. At the same time it must be admitted As there Are diversities gifts that what appears As a a fixing up a to others is Only the easy and natural labor a richly gifted mind. John Fosters mind could not be expected to express itself any other Way than it did and it was the thought that appeared. In How Many others is it Only style manner. There is no More extraordinary Talent in the ministry than in the two Ordinary professions. Perhaps not As much. God does not usually work by uncommon men but by Ordinary Talent Well applied. And we contend that Ordinary Talent is not Well applied by being mainly spent in fixing up manuscripts to the utmost Point exactness. The sum then the matter is this write and i will shortly give you my reasons for preferring that you should write comfortably cheerily and with pams taking to get out gods truth and this at the same time will a get the Way to secure improvement. To which All Young ministers should have an Eye. This will require study often hard but its hardness will be a different kind from what attends the getting up a Rhetor-1, argumentative poetical manuscript five letter sheets full a Deducible so and Jin Gables. A let All your manuscripts be written plainly largely to a brother who bad been writing lady hand and a a keeping his Finger on the place a when preaching i recommended the plan. He wrote with three Quarter Inch spaces Between lines and the next time i saw him he Baid a a i Tell you it makes a familiarize yourself with your paper and with its bold characters before you you can stand off three feet and deliberately shoot at a i will in my next speak a a the More excellent Way a and conclude what i have to say about preaching. Yours truly. Aid. The following Jiles the Board education Are inserted for the purpose bringing the subject definitely to the Kitten i 1_____ tx.4_r.3 2 a Tion the churches kid exhibiting the principles on which Jahe fund Fly afre distributed. I 1 a a st a a 1. On the Organiza Tim inc school a every school applying for Aii to the by Ard education must be under the care tho1�?T session a presbyterian Church subject to Thegen eral supervision the presbytery. W 2. In addition to the trial branches Lenien tary education the Bibl must be5 used a a text Hook for daily in religion and the Shorter catechism rust flee taught at least twice a week. A Ipp. A. 3. The teacher must be a member in Good and regular standing the ,. joined with. Prayer and Oast off. The Burden or until that Quot a property it Ibe e Hammer. A a a a auit educational Enterprise is absolutely demanded by the Community., Youngm Ert and Young women Are to by educated Kud a pro it st the a Rfade. For it benevolent persons undertake it but alas the a history is As Abo Veijo debt Lon years severe strug1 Xiru to to hander and1 ask to a amp. J to,uemigtants4. Wry it Point a Baly Dar a Pesho Tail use show ass a inside Haj ble number presbyterian$unilje6� do not see a Home somewhere m the we at and while b would no advise shy family to Deave tto to re East Jern Home and feel that 4. The school must 1as tar As prac dumped Reading the Bible at tic Able must be taught ii with the other devout ii on application for must be approved by the cation committee. 2. Sincli applications education what amount expected to be raised school and what. An Board. Also the number school. 3. The application Muht be renewed through the presbytery annually Jacif Aid is needed Iii. maximum appropriations from Tho Board shall not m Ordinary cases exceed seventy ave Dollar per annul and it is expected that in spy oases a less amount will be sufficient. I cause tvs Riklis a education to Mai not Fife in drawing %ifonojms1ie, ohm shoes have it been s�l3 / Totilo Cedis Kotce the a Ause .and.colleges,,.ibbenyibold, a suppl Jimj favo Iea Community would have saved. Scarcely whilst i writ cd is the Ink dry upon the in try i ment which conveys to other parties the title it and grounds Alexander is Felas that pump posts the is needed from the scholars in the Region in which it is be drtjwe1%n> believe that this is to be its ending it amount Tho appropriation according to the Prosperity Tho . S. Appropriations shall be pied Semi actually. In the reception a rep it it for often the session tie Church giving the and stating the financial and general Tond Floii the school. May our churches pc i Eceil a a Wisdom from above to guide them ton the education their youth rooms Philadelphia l?,m85f a Western co or. Mckinney present to drop the my last two letters an to a sort no Scella ter in this and Perl not however Forgette Jeet Ever to be kept ii and Reader. Has it Ever Ocee thinking this great god is Here and jus presenting a most w Christian Phil Anthro an enlightened Benevi not thought this a few considerations May not Only be Bro it but impressed upon to in the habit re�?T1 Field exceedingly p eral and Commercio but remember that capital without who Quot cannot be made in Cash is and always West. This fact for tie prebut Terian Banner and advocate. A few Plain thoughts to a Young Friend a Lugy is but different perspective views i the one in. A a changeable Objet to the gift Jesus Christ just entered on the . 4. Seen in one direction it is Pardon seen m speaking the Node preaching ire another it is holiness seen in another n is Fer to the Molt be preparation As Well As glory. He justifies As Christ crucified and delivery As to , choose Between risen without us he sanctifies As Christ 1 pteach10? from manuscript and ext Empo crucified and risen with us he glorifies in virtue both As Christ enthroned in the fullness consummate Power and at length a a subduing All things unto feel and know this As it ought to be Felt and known and you May leave the rest to the schools. These Are Days harsh Despu Tings Days when men Are very hitter to each other for the love god i know not How others feel but it seems to me could a Man Onoe the roughly realize to himself the depth this ii a with the infinite up Tuneo sly with or without skeletons. You must decide for yourself. The manuscript can be used so As not to interfere materially with the great ends preaching and As before hinted so As to save the preacher. And that la no object Payson who had suffered from All kinds excessive labor used t0 say a the Devil tempted some ministers to ride their bodies to the manuscript itself must not be gotten up under egyptian bondage. Raising recondite propositions from Short texts for Tho presbyterian Banner and advocate. Parochial schools. A Ive thousand dollars 3t0r tiie year 18s7. The schools under the care the sessions our churches Are doing Well. Their number although not Large is sufficiently so to develop Rich results. Several thousand children have been educated in these schools and a number the scholars have been already admitted the communion the Church. When some one asked old father Scott Kentucky a a Why do you continue to preach when you have converted but one sinner in Twenty years a a have icon Vertex one ? a said he. A a yes a replied the other. A a then a said the Good Man a a Here v for Twenty years More i May convert two a our Christian institutions should be the Means under god converting Only ate children the Effort would be Worth All the Cost. But even the present comparatively Small number schools have brought More than a few the1 kingdom heaven the Blessing god is in the work and let it go Onward. A. It a Quot Quot the benevolent and judicious Friend Christian education who for several years past has offered to the Board education the sum five thousand dollars annually for the support parochial schools has renewed his offer for the present year 1857. The following is the extract irom his letter relating to this subject a a i hereby confirm and continue my pro Faise $5,000 for 1867, on the same terms and conditions As before. I believe that god has a great work for us to do in this country and much depends under him on the Eresby Torian Church and the great Lover to use is the religion Christ especially by training the rising generation m the a such sentiments from an aged Follower Christ accompanied by such a donation As the evidence Zeal in the cause May Well attract the serious attention the ministers elders and members our congregations the simple questions Are 1. Whether the children the congregation have Access to a school founded on the principles and conducted in the Spir it religion ? 2. Whether measures ought to be taken to establish such a school As a matter Christian obligation and 3. Whether there is any better Way to secure the general Prosperity the religious character and permanence the school than by putting it under the care the Church the sum five thousand dollars will enable the Board to assist congregations who Aid in establishing schools. _ from Twenty five to one Hundred dollars needed May be expected by Church sessions applying for sub Odence. Pose for the treated in to your readers Anqus to mat another epistle. E one great both by writer your readers in est Ril Region that a a this pro sent time Kerful Field a to the for the display ,._ioe? they have a me suggest to them which the thought it before their minds you have been fading the we st As a in agricultural min is a a Ces and so it is. Ii st we have All these in be sources wealth Tivey Moke ready1 mw8viaehik5& to by the resort to wild oat banking As it is called which has proved so injurious to some states and to so Many communities and individuals people being willing for a time. To adopt any expedient however much under other circumstances they might condemn it rather than struggle along without any circulating medium and by the enormously High rates interest which throughout the West Are readily Given for the use Money. This last circumstance May perhaps be accounted for in part by. The facilities for speculation but it is in a great measure owing to the actual Scarcity ready Money and the actual necessities the Community. This has operated injuriously upon the Success Christ a cause in this Region and is still the prolific source much embarrassment and hindrance. I have been a resident the state Illinois for Mady years. I speak in this matter what i do know. Often have instances like the following Home to the knowledge your correspondent a a Farmer living in the Interior the state Quot takes his wheat to some Market where he knows that a portion the pay will to in. Money. He must go say to Chicago one Hundred and fifty Miles perhaps from his residence the roads Are bad his teams Are composed oxen the journey is consequently protracted several Days Are consumed in the City in effecting a Sale thirty seven acid a half cents is probably the highest Price and. One half this is a store pay a course at enormously High prices and when the Farmer returns Home he finds himself actually in debt having paid out All that he had received and still unable to Settle his hotel Bills As he draws near Home. A Friend who had been a hotel keeper for some years related to me but a Day or two since a Case in Point. A neighbor his had taken two loads Beauty not must be preparing by this sacrifice for a firmer and a More prosperous future. Yet this sacrifice might and should have been prevented. By this time your leaders will without doubt perceive Why i. Stated near the beginning my letter that a Field was at this time open Here for a display enlightened Christian philanthropy. And now i wish to speak with deliberation with emphasis and say that any Christian capitalist is in search a theatre operations where the ready Means which god has Given him May be expended in the Beer possible Way it pro during so far As he can judge the it Moat fruit in the present Aud giving Hope the most abundant Harvest in the future that Field is to be sought in the great Central Valley our Republic the Valley the Mississippi. Society is Here in a forming process. Everything is now to be moulded. The Church and the Christian institution learning Are the instruments under god to do the work. Let these be built. Let capital controlled by the Christian be expended for this object. Let it be Given where judiciously it can be and let it be loaned where it is not Best to make the gift Here to do the work which nothing else can do for the glory him whose is the Gold and Silver Earth. Churches May be aided and erected through the Church Extension committee Whigob Rev. H. J. Coe is the Active and efficient Secretary a Western Man extensively acquainted throughout the West knowing her wants and bring alive to her necessities. Already has this committee done much but the want Means has prevented that extensive usefulness which the friends Christ would rejoice to see it exercise. The legitimate work that committee course is to receive funds by donation and apply them to meet the necessities weak churches. Another plan for usefulness might be. Suggested. Let any i mused in Quot Fui wheat to Chicago and sold it for Cash at Twenty five cents per Bushel on his re. Turn being belated he was obliged to Stop at my friends tavern All nighty up a that he would Trust him until Het could get Home As a the proceeds his two loads had been completely expended. ,.f. Nor Are these isolated or extreme cases. They were but a few years ago to in almost every Community throughout this whole Region. True things Are better now and the resources the country Are being rapidly developed and in time capital will find a. Home Here and no inconvenience will be Felt such As is now experienced. How under the circumstances i have just detailed could men be asked to contribute to the build ing churches or the support the gospel True they could and did give something even then. Yet the least experienced can readily perceive what an influence such a state things would have upon the growth churches and educational enterprises. Though the condition things is improving to Are by no Means relieved As yet from our difficulties. A Church is to be built the friends Christ a cause see the necessity it. A Money is scarce but the Quot cause god should not suffer and they go to work. Where Money rates at two. And three per cent a Ino nth labor is High and material is expensive and despite All the Little flock can do they find themselves in debt before the a House is completed. Money must be borrowed the Lender knows no one where business is to he done he is impartial and must serve All alike and so charges Twenty five a per cent in Advance As annual interest. A a from this time Forward the throes and struggles that Little Church Are pitiable and continue until by some providential interference in their behalf they Are it is a matter great importance to the interests Fly buy Western Iopu afoul tufls8#is�?~itulillliiferests Tom let Jiejin located Quot to the Bent and Haritage riot Only in regard to tem a poral a bit web info go cd to re la Gionfr pro mag0?- i a a it amp Olivi w it a one great evil Felt in Tho West is the dispersed 1 do do scattered Stift a try an fam die a in a a they would Only Settle More Inda regroups and Kloap proximity to each tier their spiritual Privily a a Eswa in Ali by Ffitch he Van Cir do and a my Nistor might Supply a Niue larger nut Btu Erja iid it with More profit. This dispersed state the result necessity a but a want reflection and Quot Knowles age for Homes a an in a Large majority cases be per. Chased on As Good terms near a Btu Job enjoying the Inoa is Grace As at a distance six or ten Virom tit Maby while Bey 13o� the Fer a Quot Quot &�wes5fi ?-�?�s<uls , c9naehtrate More in such a localities Aurare favourable not Only in a temporal View a but i it religious Privit Eger. Such localities Are numerous and can a easily be found Era Grants will but look for them. The ministers now in Tho West Knight Supply All the resident Presby i Tenin families they were concentrated min proper localities. Then Jet Cipry family emigrating West make the Resolution not to locate at any Point ministrations the gospel at the tune Job enjoyed a least to Bomer extent. you. Have the preaching the gospel a when you a Settle you May continue to have it. I but Anjany locate without proper reflection where there is no present Prospect and scarcely any future Prospect such families in Many cases a Are lost to the Church Wiandt their spiritual inter ests Are by gated Aud ruined. To remedy this evil and put Christian emigrants in Possession such knowledge As May be a Neo Ebsary pm to make a Wise selection not Only for their temporal i but also their spiritual interests i wish to Call attention to West Point and the surrounding country. We can presents Many privileges Here As any other Point. 1 we have Here a presbyterian i Church More than Ordinary strength for this country and enjoyment the regular ministrations the word. The gospel is Here preached in its fullness and purity every Sabbath by an aged but faithful minister Jesus Christ. West Point possesses More than Ordinary Edn cantonal privileges it. Sustains a. Good Public school which continues from six to eight months the year. It is also the location demote College which is now in successful operation and has a very respectable number students in at Tendance. This College is under the control a Board trustees who Are principally members or the presbyterian Church,.and its Constitution and charter require the professors to be members the presbyterian Church o a for the interests this institution,.we,wish to have a Strong presbyterian influence concentrated around it. We can offer emigrants educational privileges not inferior to those farther East. Presbyterians locating Here can qualify their sous and daughters for any station m life to which they May be called. A a a we can offer to emigrants As Rich and productive land As Oan be found in Iowa the soil on the Prairie varies from one to four feet it will average two feet and has a Clay Bottom. The whole country is dry and sufficiently rolling in i proved farms can be purchased at present on very a it i r Quot it Nisi a Porte a a i Follett ?8f�rw�%ifirfk�.13aa���, Good by giving Way to it. Litkett a a Eliinor a Pam Rinns a Quito 8 a nah i Vinuti n Eio Cha n l�?~tlfosteitkeyf�-ev0dted,iftjw� Ris fld Tori Taalid a t Ewfim Imp pm feb i a is him 7 a w5 Fayo Rable terms perhaps mpre.,so tliaii.,Omi be done at any future time. The location is also verve Iju East la to a san eyed Raul iof a this jts May say that or to brother Coe its Secretary funds to be a. A loaned on reasonable rates interest to such As would wish to take funds in that Way. How much might be done in this manner for the cause that Saviour who has Given his life for us How much Here where capital is so scarce and necessities Are so great. Bat i must defer the prosecution this subject for another letter. We hear some Tittle interest in some quarters upon the subject religion. A few have experienced a change it is hoped in the Baptist Church in Dixon Iii. And in some other communities we hear seriousness an attention to religious things which we have reason to Hope be Token the coming outpouring. May god give is throughout this world worshipping West such a revival that his name. May forever hereafter be cannot hear that the Board directors for the theological Seminary have been late doing anything. The committee for securing grounds and buildings for its use Are Busy and will i think,.he Able in afew Days to give a report to the Publio. Our congregational and methodist Brethren have each a theological institution in or near Chicago and ours be located there this City will be a sort theological Centre As itis now a Railroad and commercial Centre. In our Village six Hundred inhabitants we have not bad the death one adult person within the lost year. Our country is not Only very Fertile and healthy is near to a Good Market. Wear Twenty Keokuk a ten Miles from fort Madison and Twenty Miles from Burlington which Are All Large a Busm Esb places on Tho Mississippi and Burlington is connected with Ghi ago by Railroad and we expect soon to be connected by railroads with All these places and thus have a Good Market at Home. From this statement you will see that we offer you 1st, a Good presbyterian Church. 2d, a Rich Aud healthy country 3d, Good markets r4th, Timber and Coal Are both convenient. In conclusion i would a All come and a see for yourselves. Others May not see this country As i do but i am Bati fled they will find it All i have described it. W. G. Holly Dat yours North West. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Reply to a a / or. Editor a i read in your paper december 20th, a communication headed a in complying with the request permit me to say that any apparent harshness must be attributed to a desire to meet the Case briefly and to the unknown Friend. A. Your exclamations Are a a there is no mercy for me my Day Grace is past. do you know this ? did Jesus Ever Tell you so ? these Are either the suggestions a lying Devil or your own unbelieving heart. Rather than Trust either these you had better believe him who says a a him that Someth unto me i will in no Wise cast a a a Why have not the prayers pious parents for me been answered a they Are now being answered in the fact that you Are an anxious sinner instead a stupid unfeeling one. Go to Jesus like the woman Tyre telling him that you Are a dog and want the crumbs. My soul for yours he casts you off you Are the unwilling one. You stand contradicting him when he says a a i will in no Wise cast 1 that i had died in infancy then i might have been saved a amp a. Such wishes Are Idle. You Are no longer an infant. What a silly one you Are to talk a a might have been saved a once and refuse to be a saved now when Christ says a a come unto me Allye that labor and Are heavy Laden and i will give you some sinners stand a Iong time abusing themselves and doubting Ghrist cherishing their unbelief and arguing against his love and at last have to go to him As their Only Savior. Others at once look away from themselves and seeing the print the nails instantly exclaim a a my lord and my god a believing that the wounds were made tor their transgressions. Yon think there is anything too Peculiar in your Case to be managed by an almighty for the prob Terian Banner and advocate. Acknowledgement. Brooks Ilia Jefferson county a i or. Editor a permit me through your columns to acknowledge the receipt a timely and elegant present it came to me from one those benevolent female bands which Are so extensively springing up in our Church and so widely diffusing their Beautiful and Ever Welcome. Gifts. Not Long since when prostrated by sickness and ready to sink under the Oares and privations Peculiar to a Border missionary life i was greatly cheered up by having transmitted to us through the female sewing society the Clarion presbyterian Church a most useful and valuable donation As serviceable As it was unexpected and just sent it would seem to meet the exigencies the Case. I suppose it is not the a wish that body Lovely and devoted women to have their acts kindness trumpeted through the land nor could i be the willing instrument to carry out such a course but when i consider the munificent character the gift the quite modest manner its presentation and learn that it is the first Effort their infant society i am prompted by a sense gratitude to give this publicity to their deed. Let those mothers and daughters , with increasing Dilia Deuce in their heavenly work. Let them know that by every such generous act they revive the drooping spirit some worn missionary Tho Cross. And impart a new impulse to his Zeal to spread through a dying world the blessings eternal life. Let them remember that these generous acts though done in silence and unseen by an admiring world will be registered in heaven and shall he brought to Light when its Bright in erring annals Arel held up to an assembled universe. To. Polk. How to secure peace at Home. It is just As possible to keep a Califi House As a clean House a cheerful Hoube an order in House As a furnished House so. Where is the difficulty Consul Ting each others weaknesses As Well As each others wants each others tempers As Well As each others health each others Comfort As Well As each others character ? it is by leaving the peace at Home to Chance instead pursuing it by system that so Many Homes arc unhappy. It deserves notice also that almost any one can be courteous and forbearing and patient in a neighbors House i a anything go wrong or be ont time or disagreeable there it is made the Best not the. Worst even efforts made to excuse it and to show that it is not Felt or Felt itis attributed to Accident it not design and is not Only easy but natural in the House .a Friend. I will not therefore believe that what is so natural in the House another is impossible at Home but maintain Witlip or fear that All the courtesies social life May be upheld in Domestic societies husband As willing to be pleased at Home to please As in his Neighb pro a House and. Quot in a cause be goo the -.most1 tack its enemies film nbt1 injure As an Prit by its friends. 1 to owl i Tot a fast rights and fe�el�hgst�lm�wont6n-�-.ti�ns lefts peace a be rather Jim rare object than Triumph. Value Triumph a a the cml dus Smith a i when we Trust in a frames and feelings As soon As Huey Are Goney the Sony is discouraged and dejected but when we a Trust in god s -promises,., which a always Tjie same then it is to Are right and a a Seise gods unchangeable love toward us proceeding from such Trust a jul with a continual love towards Val Quot be a re Gigious correspondent a the congregationalist says a a i should As soon think going without butter on my bread or Coffee a As to go without a religions newspaper. Should , i should not blame any one for putting me Down Foi a worldly min a my an we lose treasure was a on Earth a Man who minded earthly things Mure than heavenly i could such an important useful yes necessary appendix be to the family a Kristt Bei firm.�?the1 wind and Waves Rizaj beat against a Rook standing it in a troubled sea unmoved. Nice May entice and the the. Cup May invite. Beware a and firmly at your Post. Let your principles stand Forth a obscured. There is a glory in the thought that you1 Hafiz fresh st de. Temptation and con no red. Your Bright example will be to the a world the Light House is to a sea Shore it will guide others to the Point virtue and a the use it ? a done to worry yourself to death on account what other people May say you As Longas you know it is not True. Take care-.the truth that a your business. All falsehoods go to the bosom their lather the Devil and their framers soon follow. So much As Tofu Lse hoods you. As to falsehoods to you and As to every tale the most remotely another treat it and feb a no Torr with the _ Quot Terence unto Ymir Leer ii be fiery i party this Only is just and Wise and kind. A child a death was never More sweetly mourned than in these lines by r. Sheridan a. In some rude spot where vulgar herbage grows Chance a Violet tear its purple head the careful Gard Ner moves it Ere it blows. To thrive and flourish in a nobler thy Fate dear child thy opening such a pre Eminence in Early Bloom was shown for Earth too Good perhaps a a and loved too much heaven saw and Early marked thee for its own a thought for the Rich itis a thought very frequently True a general truth. It is a thought for those who Are Labouring for riches to bequeath to their children. The less you leave your children when you die the More they will have Twenty Yeai afterwards. Wealth inherited should by. The incentive to exertion. Instead that a Titis the title deed to the Only Money that does a Man Good is what he yearns himself a ready made Fortune like ready made clothes Seldom fits the Man who comes in Possession. Ambition stimulated by Hope and a half filled pocket Book has a Quot poster that Wil Triumph Over All difficulties begin Ning with the Rich Man s Tcori turdely and leaving off with the envious Many a malice. Wife As intent on making things comfortable and Loving Saviour then is your humility i every Day to her family ask Orf Sev Days to most insufferably pro . He could save a a her in Felts could Nob ail to Nike their own million such As Yon without exhausting his Home Happy. Let Sinot evade it the Point love in Iota. Re. To Ese remarks by recurring to. The a Maxim a beginning at is the starting Post obedience but what i want is that you Start immediately that Yon wait not for More Light to Spiritualized your obedience but that you work for More Light by yielding a present obedience up. To the pics ent Liht which you possess that you stir up All the gift which is now in you and this is a the Way to have the gift enlarged that whatever your hand find eth to do in1 the Way service to god you now do it with All your might acid the very fruit doing it because his authority is a that you will at Lef Lgth do it because your Owis renovated taste. As you persevere in the labors his service you who grow in-the., likeness his character. The graces holiness a brighten and multiply upon you. These will be Yohr treasures and treasures for heaven Toff ithe delights which1 mainly consist in the affections and feelings add congenial employments the new . Chalmers. A a emissions and. hero . The following Well authenticated incident . A. A a a Privateer Froin this country captured a merchant so i Cardigan Wales in st. Georges Channel. The commander boarded his prize and a when in. The Cabin saw. A Little Box. With a Hole in the lid in a prominent position. ,. ,its design he said to the Captain a a what is this a a pointing with to the Box.,. The Piotis cambrian replied a a a i and my poor flows have been i accustomed every monday to drop a Penny each that Box forthe or pole sending men the gospel tothe Heathen butt is a All Oyer Sai the commander a a that is very Goodan drafter i pausing a few minutes added a Captain i will not Touchi hair your head nor injure your the to sails were swung round the sails filled with the,,4he free vessel bounded gladly on her voyage and. We Len the Privateer was a Adang speck on the horizontal wave the Happy. Are thanked i go l for missionary Tok. A and Yre May safely infer it was Well re Lens shed at the period the next a Pukl u. A min . I a a in i i t m a i u a y

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