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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - February 14, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian Banner amp a restart an buttery vol. A . I presbyter la afro eaten vol my Flo 10 one thing is needful Quot a one thing have i do sired of the lord Quot a this one thing i do. Whole no. 229 David Mckinney editor and office Gazette building fifth Street above Seffl Tofield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 27 South tenth Street below Chestnut the week ending saturday february 14,1857. By mail or at the office $1.50 per tear 181n, a Rerp it str delivered in the City 1.75 a a a a isee prospectus a Rittal Pride. By w. Wh1ii0n Rbt Jick a. M. 1 Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a . Pride always goes before a fall hath said the Wisest Man of All. It was this that dragged the archangels Down from heavens High portals and by this a haughty Mou Aroh lost his Crown and men May lose eternal Bliss. How Many a mortal Here on Earth bows Down to toil with care and pains to toil for glittering rank or Worth for worldly Praise or sordid gains then counts is Gold and wide domains t with Pride of heart and lifts his head 1 above his friends that gave him Aid but soon shall halt the pompous tread the Tomb alike holds All the dead. Vaunt not be Rioh of greater Good than those who Lack in store or food whom god the Good of Earth denies perchance for glory in the skies your sumptuous Halls your glittering rings your dainties grandest costliest things and pleasures too May yet take wings. And leave you poor and Low As they you pabs in pomp and Pride to Day. Boast not be sons of lofty mind with grasp of thought and learning joined boast not your intellect nor More a boast of your skill in learning a lore a though Many of your fellow me f Are for beneath your mental Ken i in Genius intellect and thought and others yet still lower brought walk through the Earth with idiot stare or gaze but with the madman a Glare yet that same god who order d these May in another moment please to strike you too with wild disease or take that intellect away on which you Pride yourself to Day. Boost not How Groat and Strong be be when others faint and frail be see nor though with might in Vantage Strong oppress the weak or do them wrong. Your glow of health and Pride of strength must fail and leave you too at length soon fell disease consume your Frame with slow delay or feverish flame and bring you Low and frail like them. Your boating pulse and measured breath Are nearing Ever nearing death. Be humbled then be sons of wealth Yemen of mind 1 be Blest with health for while the poor the crazed the weak to you gods special goodness speak their wants and yours Are made his care and this demands your grateful prayer. Lueg Heny qty february 1867. For probe Terian Banner and a Avo can. Remarks upon. Tie interpretation of the for the Unity of the i human race. The classical proof test for the doctrine the Unity of the human race is found acts xvii 26�?�?o god hath made of one Ood every nation of men to dwell on Alle Oce of the Paul was address those who regarded themselves As sprung inn the sacred soil of Attica and wholly a dependent As to their natural origin of i other tribes or nations in the Earth. As p design of the apostle in his oration on prs Hill was to attack the prevailing Sims of unbelief existing in the mind of greek philosophers we Are Able to her from this general design of the whole ,.tbe particular significance of that Jot it just referred to. It was intended received by them As a counter state a against the traditional Faith they engined respecting their imagined natural Mendence of All other tribes of my. What ground this supposed Independence i based is another question and one to he the apostle does not immediately i his argument. As a matter of Monse Dee the ground upon which the Atheni built their fancied Independence will be it away by the acknowledged Force of fact if believed which sweeps away the ers Vitious Faith itself. And As another sequence a new ground will come in by of just inference to stand in place of old and confirm the True doctrine. But of the ground itself the apostle says Bing directly whatever. He announces it and that fact is this that there exists divine ordination a blood relationship men every one of All the families of bind or in other words that Ike same \ flows in the veins of All. This is the a Trine. It is in View of this statement we would Jiw attention to what appears to us a sin a Lar inadvertence of the great majority of commentators in their exposition of the set before us. Their uniform Strain toothed with that of Many writers upon the Cotrino of the Unity of the human race 3 expressed substantially in words like thebe this passage proves completely that All be human family Are descended from one Mestor 1�?� again a fall the families of Nen Paul affirms Are descended from one Rigin a again a a this verse shows that 11 Mankind have sprung from one pair a again a the doctrine Here is that the Unity of the race rest son historical descent Quot amp and again a a this teaches that every Indi ritual of the human race has descended rom the same common parts a such is he general and almost Universal utterance if multitudes of writers on the text. Now what we ask is this placed upon Mars Hill athenian by birth epic Rean or stoic by Creed utterly ignorant of the hebrew scriptures and their account of f the origin of Mankind and intent Only upon of the Areopagus Ever have gathered from Pauig a expression the interpretations we have just recorded ? would any have understood Paul to affirm or say that there was one Man from whom All other men were derived ? that god at first created one Man and one woman from whom the rest of men came by historical descent we cannot think they would. Paul has said nothing at All about a common ancestor nothing at All about historical descent. However True these statements Are and they Are indubitably so still they Are not the primary interpretation of the text. They will follow As genuine inferences from what Paul does affirm coupled with the reference in the mind to the creation of a Man and the Law of seminal development announced in genesis As the Universal Law of the life kingdom but they will not be suggested immediately and directly in the absence of All this previous knowledge by the words of Paul themselves. Paul would not make use of a reference to the old testament scriptures before the athenians As he would have done before hebrews. He conducts a great portion of his argument on purely philosophic grounds. He does teach directly and explicitly the doctrine of the Unity of the human race. He teaches it in the definite expression that god has a a made of one mood Quot All nations of men but he gives no such arguments for the truth of the naked fact he announces As commentators represent him to have done. The Only argument Given in All the oration for the truth of the Doe Trine taught is an a Priori presumptive argument namely the Unity of the divine existence the necessary correlate of the doctrine of the Unity of the race and just such an argument As he would address to philosophic minds. Further than this the apostle has not gone. How then shall we a count for the interpretations generally found under this important passage ? the answer is not difficult. They Are All attributable 1. To the unconscious influence on the a mind of the mosaic account of the creation of Man and the Law of human development As announced in genesis together with All that has been written in genesis As to the historic descent of the various tribes of men and All that has been written since and relieved by those who hold the True and general doctrine of the Unity of the race. In the Light of these things More than in its own Peculiar Light we Are Ernst faint a to think the passage before us has been interpreted. 2. To the supposition that the word a a Harmatos blood is a spurious or at Best a doubtful Reading for which there is iut Little authoritative evidence. Quite a number of the older commentators and biblical critics occupied this ground and by expunging the word from the original text read the passage thus a a god hath made of one i. E. Of one Many every nation of men to dwell upon All the face of the the great Bengel decided in favor of the omission. Griesbach and Schober marked the word As doubtful because wanting in several of the manuscripts and More recently Lachman has erased it from the passage altogether. The influence of the first consideration already named upon this procedure is too Manifest not to be noticed. Besides a difficulty Wasfy it in the the physiological fact which Paul was led of fishes and another of Birds is it not Likely to assert under the guidance of the holy that according to the same Law of creation spirit when announcing the doctrine of the there is also one kind of blood of men another Unity of Mankind. Nothing at All is affirm of beasts another of fishes and another of de respecting a historical descent or a com Birds and therefore As marked a difference Mon ancestor. Between the one As the other ? this is for the interpretation of the text May there science to show. We Only say at this Point fore be stated briefly in the two following that both Moses and Paul justify the Strong propositions j est probabilities of the question. If science i. There is a common life Stream flowing Here to prove the position Rit could be shown through the veins of All men of whatever a Bible had anticipated it. And this tribe or nation which notwithstanding its accidental modifications caused by influence of climate food health and habits is yet everywhere characteristically the same and can be recognized As such. Ii. This life Stream of the human race is characteristically different from All other me streams found in All other creatures in other words the blood of Mankind is different from the blood of beasts Birds or fishes or any creeping thing and can be dearly distinguished therefrom. If these two propositions can be substantiated by the scriptures and by science As undoubtedly they must be if our interpretation is True,.then we have an irresistible leads us to say i \ 5. Science has actually established our interpretation of the Pauline statement As the True one 1 the Light Breaks at last up a on our path the achievements of scientific naturalists furnish to Vej Kabili Heiing trials for a True in bring vividly to mind the pertinent and far reaching remark of Bishop Butler that a a events As they come to pass will open the Fuller seme of scripture a Theomi Otoscope accomplishes to Day a splendid work in behalf of the Lively oracles of god. It interprets to Day a part of the oration of Paul. It has superseded the to Dion a and circuitous method of chemical analysis relied upon argument Peculiar in itself for the Unity 1386 Twenty years but with so much a a.1. _. A. A 1 Niomi tint Nurt h Fui in of minds of Many As to the meaning of a a one blood a if designed to be understood literally.3. To the careless Assumption that even though the word is a genuine Reading of the original text yet the usus a Oquendo shows that it must be understood As synonymous with the terms a a Stock a a race a a tribe Quot a Kindred a a family a and the like. All these considerations have had their influence in producing the indirect interpretations alluded to. We proceed then to give what we think and believe is actually the Plain simple and True meaning of this classical passage in the oration of Paul. We hold that the divine spirit Ever present to guide the inspired writers and speakers in the selection of their terms and of expression and Content also to wait for time and knowledge. To justify his a assertion before men has stated by the Mouth of Paul a new fact for the Unity of the human race a a fast which though used by Paul Only As the simplest expression of the doctrine itself was destined nevertheless in after Ages to Shine out with a previously unknown Lustre and take its position among the most Brilliant discoveries of modern science. That the life Stream which flows in the veins of men a a characteristically one and the same is what we understand the apostle Here to have been led to assert. Scientifically critically and literally True is it that god hath made of a a one blood a All nations of men. Between the european and the african the mongolian the aboriginal american and the malay there exists according to divine appointment the most intimate physiological relationship. In the bodies of the Jet Biak negro the Dusky Moor and the Copper coloured Indian in All the varieties of complexion and throughout All the diversities of configuration and under All the circumstances of climate from the fair caucasian on his Breezy Hills Down to the Swart coolies on the Banks of the googly in Paul the apostle As Well As Dionysius the Areopagite there flows the of the Hutnan race a hew and scientific basis upon which to build up and confirm the other declaration that All men have one original pair or descended from them historically by natural generation. The considerations which have impelled us to take this View of the passage Are As follow 1. The difficulty Felt by Early transcribers of manuscripts and later commentators and critics in reference to the Reading a a Harmatos Quot and which resulted in its erasure from the text. A a the reflection a says Baumgarten who while he admits the life Stream to be one yet fails to bring out clearly the import of the expression a a that Haima in this connexion seems to be devoid of any right reason or sense May have Given Rise to the old Reading a of one which Bengel thought worthy of that it actually did give Rise to it there can be no doubt. But an hours examination of the results of biblical criticism will show that notwithstanding the opinions of critics and the erasure of. The word from the text by some Early transcribers of manuscript the word is up ported by Good evidence and is a genuine Reading. This being so we must take it As we find it and to Obuchi Imus a to itus meaning. 2. The usus a Oquendo. According to this it is affirmed that by the term a a mood a we Are to understand a a Stock a a race a a family Quot a Kindred Quot a tribe Quot amp a. Our answer to this is a decided negative. If such were indeed the biblical use of the word it would be very easy to show it. But where has any one performed this duty we have failed to find one in All our search. On the contrary a refer ence to the greek and hebrew concordances Salso. To the lexicons of the greek language and a comparison of the context in a few places has satisfied us that such is not the fact. In four instances in the new testament where the word a flesh is coupled with the word a a blood the whole expression simply Means men human beings. And not even save perhaps in one place our corrupt nature As the word a a flesh a standing alone often does. In All others it is both in the old and new testament used in its literal and proper signification. So far then As the use of the term is concerned it is All against the alleged meaning 3. The argument. Of the apostle in 1. Cor. Xiv 39. A a All flesh is not the same but there is one Hind of flesh of men another flesh of beasts another of fishes and other of this it seems to is is a Strong presumptive argument in favor of the literal interpretation of the word blood Quot in the oration of Paul before the athenians. It adverts to the characteristic difference of the various fleshes of the creatures god has made including a men. The flesh of a Bird is North atom a beast the flesh of a beast is not that of a fish and the flesh of Man is different it am All yet this very argument implies that though misgiving and dissatisfaction. The most that could be accomplished by. This Means was simply the detection of the presence of colouring matter in the blood without any evidence whatever whether the blood was that of a Man a beast or a Bird. But the Microscope has done More. It has done for the blood the Telescope has done for the nebulous Stream in the heavens. It has resolved the mazy mass into separate globes and determined the variety character and size of each. First came the discovery that the blood of every animal is composed of an infinite number of minute red globules floating in a colourless fluid. N ext that in the mammal class these globules were uniformly circular an somewhat Flat in thickness equal to one fourth the diameter. Next that in Birds fishes and reptiles these globules Are Oval in form and Lastoff All that a a every kind of animal has its blood globules differing in size from those of every other these facts taken from a scientific review of the discoveries of the Microscope and of the importance of its testimony in medical jurisprudence issued a Short time since in one of the Edinburgh journals abundantly substantiate our position Ahdo Fem Voit from the Mere probabilities and place it in. The category of fixed certainties. If it is True now that science has advanced so far by the Aid of the Microscope in comparative physiology that it Ean detect most clearly from tie a betraying stain upon the deadly weapon or clothes of the unfortunate criminal the presence of human blood and accurately distinguish it from All other then Pecan no longer doubt that there is one common life Stream Peculiar in its kind flowing through the veins of the entire human. Race. Thus it is that the text reveals an important fact fact in science announced by the Microscope in the Middle of the nineteenth Century but fore announced by the holy spirit through the lips of Paul More than 1800 years ago i and thus it is that even shave brought to Light the Fuller sense of scripture. He who made Man and knows what is in Man has outstripped by decade of centuries the scientific discoveries of men and in his divine word addressed to their Faith at. First what in after years their knowledge should confirm. As on argument is a new one it demands a new and scientific name and therefore we Christen it from its nature and Call it the a foe Matlog Gineal argument for the Unity of the human race a that argument which rests the truth of the doctrine upon a purely scientific basis Viz., the physiological consideration of the character and composition of the blood of men As compared with that of All other living creatures. The term Paul has been led to use is neither an expletive nor a synonyms nor a figure of speech Butia literal5 term of vast importance going to show that. strict and scientific it sense god1 hath indeed made -of�?~�?oone1 blk cd a every nation of men to dwell on All the face of the Earth. La Ayrenik. Each of flesh is different from All other christianity among the kinds yet All flesh of is Charlo the labors of the lutheran and moravian Teristi eally the same. But Why May there missionaries have been so far successful not be a distinction Between the bloods of i among these people that but few of them i. A i Are now without the Pale of the Amma creation As Well As Between the tian5t. And its ref0ming influences have fleshes Why May there not be a Peculiar affected the moral tone of All. Before the kind of blood corresponding in some Way arrival of these self sacrificing evangelists to a Peculiar kind of flesh ? and Why not murder incest burial of the living and in then a Radical difference by tween the Vari Fant Eide were not numbered amongst crimes Ous bloods ? the dependence of the Char unsafe for vessels to touch upon the f coast treachery was a As common and As Acter of the flesh to a great extent upon much honoured polynesians of the character of the blood is a Well known the Eastern seas. Crantz tells of a dutch physiological fact. And if so then behave Brig that was seized by the natives at the a Strong presumptive argument from the pm Rte of Pisco in 1740, and the whole Crew a a i. A a i a i. N a murdered and two years later the same words of the apostle to the corinthians in fare Bezel the seamen of another Ressel that favor of on interpretation of his words to bad accidentally stranded. But for the last the athenians. Hundred years Greenland has been safer 4. The inspired account of the creation for the wrecked Mariner than Many parts of a a a i a c a x. A our own coast. Hospitality is the Universal As Given by Moses m the first chapter of1 j same common life Stream the same one f the words of Paul would any of the court blood. This is the purely scientific basis genesis. We have Here a record of the distinct acts of god in the production of the animal kingdom. First a a fowls and a a fishes Are created and brought Forth next the a a beasts and every a creeping thing and last of All a a no doubt Paul had these passages in genesis All in his mind when he said a a All flesh is not the same flesh Fen a characteristic enjoined a upon the converted As a Christian duty but everywhere a virtue of Savage life. From upper Navik to Cape Farewell the Esqui Maux does not hesitate to devote his own meal to the necessities of a guest. The benefits of the missionary school Are not confined tithe christianize natives and it is observable that the Virtues of truth self Reliance and generous bearing have been inculcated successfully with men but the record concerning these Crea 811 cherish the wild Traditi onary a ,. Stations of their fathers. Some of these tons is that god made every thing after its Aie Persong 0f strongly marked character now if it is True that there is one j and Are trusted largely by theanis officials. Kind of flesh of men another of beats another i a or. Adds Amer Chin exploration. For the presbyterian manner and advocate. Systematical Beneficence. To each of the ministers of All the evangelical churches in the United . And beloved the officers of the american systematic Beneficence society deem it important that a Sermon on the general subject of systematic Beneficence should be preached by every minister in the land at the commencement of the year since then business men Are examining More carefully than usual the state of their pecuniary affairs. The object of this communication is to invite you very respectfully and very earnestly to perform. This service at your earliest convenience. This society has undertaken the herculean task of bringing up. The Church est to the a Bible Standard a Fobe a of Iceil be and thus Aid in rooting out the Gigantic sin of covetousness. It is Idle however to suppose this can be done without your Hearty efficient and persevering co operation. As the importance of this movement in its bearing upon the spirituality and usefulness of on american Zion is so apparent we make the Appeal with entire Confidence of Success. It is presumed that no one will deny that covetousness is the crying sin of our american churches that it is eating out their spirituality and ripening them for the doom of the seven a churches in Asia. It is Well known that the process. Of accumulation among our cli urch members is advancing at a fearful rate amounting As is estimated to More than two Hundred and fifty millions of dollars annually and while the expenditure for amusements and luxuries Are almost fabulously great tbs contributions for Bene Volent purposes Are shamefully Small. I a it is estimated that the amount paid to the various religious societies and boards. Connected with the different denominations is $3,000,000, which estimating the number of communicants at 4,176,000, is but 72 cents each. The whole number of preaching missionaries sustained in the foreign Field by All our american churches is 450, less than one to a million of souls with 570 male and female helpers at an annual expense of about $800,000�?which is less than Twenty cents to each communicant. As it is Well known that a great portion of these contributions Are Given in sums of ten Twenty fifty one Hundred and even one thousand dollars it follows to a certainty that from one half to two thirds of our Church members give nothing 1 where do these delinquents live should they not be searched out and How is it with those who do give do they give As much As they ought considering How freely they spend Money for their own Comfort and enjoyment ? a do they give As much As they ought considering that six Hundred millions of their fellow men for the want of the gospel Are daily going Down in unbroken ranks to the world of despair ? do they give As much As they ought considering the test by which the final judge will separate his friends from his foes is it not Clear that the churches Are asleep on the subject ? and will you not Aid is in our attempt to awaken them you have no doubt often preached on this subject already but have you preached As Nathan did to David when he said thou Art the Man or As the Prophet did to the jews when he charged them in the name of the lord with being a nation of robbers riot figuratively but literally because they refused to give a tenth of All their income a May it not be that the preach King on the subject has been like the preaching in the subject of Temperance forty years ago when almost every one thought themselves temperate though Church members and elders and deacons were the manufacturers and vendors and Consumers of alcoholic drinks and when As it is now admitted we were so rapidly becoming a nation of drunkards Are not the sermons now needed those of the most pointed and pungent character making a a sinners i e. Robbers of god in Zion to tremble and fearfulness to Surprise the hypocrite a making them feel As convicted sinners often feel that the minister is personal arid wonder who has seen telling him about them. But what is More needed if possible is that the Beauty and loveliness of the almost forgotten Grace of Beneficence should Beun veiled to the admiring gaze of every Christian showing him what Are the evidences of its Possession and what Are its fruits a showing at least the minimum of the demands it makes upon his present property and his future income. We Are aware that it will be truly said that the new testament no where5 states the a definite proportion but we think a very slight examination of the matter will convince every one that the practice of giving one tenth to the lord dates As far Back As that of offering animals in sacrifice that both were divinely appointed and As a consequence both prevailed not Only among the jews but among All other nations ant that while the Law of sacrifice has been annulled by the death of Christ,.the Law. Of tithes is still binding on us in. Its spirit if not in the letter the Law now being a a let every one of Yon on the first Day of the week Lay by him in store As the lord has prospered it is believed that this Law requires one tenth of All the income of almost every Christian and of very Many of them two tenths three tenths and five tenths and of some even ten tenths. This subject is ably discussed in the pre mind essays published by the methodist Book concern and the american tract society. Five Premium essays on the subject have been published in England bound in one volume under the title of a a Gold and the gospel a one Hundred thousand of which have been circulated in great Britain and As a consequence about half a million of dollars have been added to their Benevo Lent contributions. Two of these a have been published in this country by the methodist tract society in abound volume under the same title. We feel it so important that every minister should see this Book that we have pro on red or intend to procure funds for the. Purpose of sending a copy to every minister in the land who May wish it. Presuming you Are willing to examine the subject Anc preach upon it the subscriber will be most Happy to Send Yon a a Gold and the gospel free of charge except the amount of postage Niue cents for any distance not exceed ing three thousand Miles which can be re omitted in Stamps. We will Send also on circular and cards which contain plans for promoting systematic contributions now successfully employed5 in some churches. We Hope every minister who has not seen the Book will Send for it. The object of our society As you perceive is not to collect Money but disburse it not to form new organizations but to strengthen those which now exist not to Advance the interests of any one denomination but the interests of All not to. Divert the charities of the a Broh from their present channels int by the Infin Encsy of the truth made effectual by the holy it spirit to penetrate through the deep layers of selfishness and covetousness the lowest strata of every christians heart and touching the Secreti Spring of 7o to Christ to cause the Waters of Benevolence to Rush up with such a mighty Force and volume As shall fill All these channels to overflowing and that n of Only for once but forever for a a it will be in him a Well of water springing up unto everlasting life a proving Sueh a fulfilment of the vision of the Prophet As has never yet been known when the Waters flowing from the Sanctuary shall gradually Rise to the ankle the knee and the loins until at last it forms a mighty River that no Man can pass Over running into All the moral deserts of the world causing them to Bud and Blossom As the Rose on the Banks of which on. Either Side shall grow the tree of life whose leaves shall be for the Healing of the nations. In behalf of the Board of managers of the the am. Sys. Ben. Society John Gulliver Cor. So cd a. Philadelphia a. The american5 missionaries. At a late meeting in London to congratulate or. Livingston the african missionary on his return coi. Rawlinson one of the most eminent of the speakers paid the following tribute to american missionaries. A a i have myself witnessed the reclaiming of an entire nation from5 barbarism within the last Twenty years through their efforts. I have seen a nation if lie might Call that a nation which consisted of from thirty to trans enveloped in the deepest barbarism Twenty years ago and now by the Aid of a Little band of american missionaries taking their stand among the civilized nations of the world. Their literature had revived schools were established throughout the country a journal was printed and published in their own native syriac language. And when he reflected on that example he could Well understand that in Southern Africa the same results might be expected in gods own for the presbyterian Banner and adv Cate. Board of Domestic missions. Change of title. We recently announced the change of the title of this Board. The following from the corresponding Secretary gives reasons Why the change was needful. Mission rooms t Philadelphia feb. 3d, 1857. J when the Board of missions was instituted by the general Assembly in 1816, there was. No Board of foreign missions established by the Assembly and consequently the title Given to the Board of missions was sufficiently distinctive. After the organization of the Board of foreign missions it became increasingly evident that something More was necessary to distinguish it from the f or eign Board. This necessity led to the custom of inserting the term Domestic sometimes with brackets and often without. Indeed for some years past in the published minutes of the general Assembly the abstract of the annual report of the Board Bas been prefaced by the title a a Board of Domestic in borne instances the term a a Domestic a has been inserted in bequests under the impression that it formed a part of the Legal title of the Board and in other cases different terms have been employed to designate the Board for which bequests were intended. In order to obviate this inconvenience and the. Litigation and loss occasioned by the want of a distinctive title the board5 obtained from the legislature of pennsylvania5 a change of the corporate title of the Board. The change consists in the insertion of the term Domestic. The legislative act is As follows Viz an act to change the name of the Board of mis sum s of the general Assembly of the i presbyterian Church in the United states of America. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in general Assembly met and it a a hereby enacted by the authority of the same that from and after the passing of this act the corporate title a and name of the trustees of the Board of missions of the general Assembly of the presbyterian Church in the United states of America shall be and hereby is changed to a a the trustees of the Board of domed tic missions of die general Assembly of the presbyterian Church in the United states of provided that nothing herein contained shall divest diminish or in any Way impair or affect the title or right of said corporation to any of its real or personal estate or effects or its right to receive demand and recover any devise bequest legacy or other gift heretofore made or which shall hereafter be made to the Baid corporation under it former name forthe uses and purposes set Forth in its charter in the Samo manner As if this act had not been passed. A signed j. M. B. Petriken speaker of the House of representatives pro. Tem. For. Jordan speaker of the Senate pro. Tem. Approved the thirtieth Day of january one thousand eight Hundred and fifty Pollock. We Trust that All the friends of the Board will notice this change in the corporate title and that it will be particularly remembered by those who intend to make bequests to the Board of Domestic missions. The Legal form of a devise or bequest is now As follows Viz a a to the trustees of the Board of Domestic missions of the genial Assembly of the presbyterian Church in the United states of America Aud to of Weir successors and is sign i give and by Neath the sum of. Or i devise a certain Messuage and tract of land &e., to be held by the said trustees and their successors forever to and for the uses tand under the a direction of the said Board of Domestic missions of the said general Assembly according to the provisions of their persons making bequests to the Board of Domestic missions Are requested to be careful in adopting the above form. G. W. Musgrave Corg Secretary. The ministry in Scotland. The plan adapted in. Tjie a scotch free Chute a for ministerial. Support is for each member to contribute the minimum sum of Jone it. Penny tweety Tift Vas to riuihbeif5 however contribute More ? their names a re enrolled in the books of the collectors who gather in the promised and Send them Forward to Central fund and at the close of the financial year a dividend is declared among All the ministers of the free Church which increases year by year until it has reached seven Hundred dollars which is the dividend of the present year. W Hen it is remembered that each minister has besides a dwelling and Garden rent free and that the minister of the poorest congregation of this Church has at least a stipend of seven Hundred dollars it will be apparent that no Church in Britain or America so Well provides for its ministry. The Best capital that a Young a Man can Start with in life is Industry with Good sense courage and the fear of god. They Are better than Cash credit or friends. Or. Wayland has been preaching and teaching a bibl�5 class in the state prison at Providence a. I., with others assisting and about Twenty persons give Good evidence that they have become Savin Gly acquainted with Little and comeliness and deformity lose much by Gaudy attire. Lysander r knew this was in part True add refused the Rich garments that the ,.tyrant. Dionysius proffered to his daughters saying a a that they were fit Only to make unhappy faces More a Zimmerman the pulpit an the Pew a a a Aman a says Vinet a a will be heard by he asserts thereby that there must be a similarity Between the preacher and the listener a correspondence by tween the pulpit and the be w. Certain qualities Are required in both that it ithe May. Be Putin communication and Quot that the current Sof thought and feeling May flow to and fro swiftly and freely. Aphorisms a the trials of life Are the a tests which ascertain How much Gold there is in is. A. He submits himself to be seen through a Microscope who suffers himself to be caught in a passion. Deliberate with caution but act with decision and yield with graciousness or oppose with firmness. How to find fault when you must , in private if possible and sometime after the offence rather than at the time. The blamed Are less inclined to resist when they Are blamed without witnesses. Both parties Are Oalmer and the accused party is struck with the forbearance of the accuser who has seen the fault and watched for a private and proper time for mentioning it. A Short a my dear Friend that woman has been talking about you so again she has been telling the a fullest stories you Ever heard Why she railed away at a whole hour a Julia a a and you heard it All did you a Emma Julia 1 a Well after this just Bear in mind that it takes two to make a slander one to Tell it and one to listen to the following lines were found written on a Blank Leaf of the pleasures of Hope and Are worthy of the immortal poet the Hope Bright bounded by this Earth of let its flight be Low though Sunshine Joy attend dts birth it darkens,1 Dies in woe. Bat ,born from above still heaven Ward seeks to Rise sister How like of Faith and love one Home beyond the skies be the veil of death has been drawn Between us and the objects of our regard How Quick sighted do we become to their my rits Rand How bitterly do we remember words or Eyen looks of unkindness a which May have escaped in our Intercourse with them How careful should such thoughts Render us in the1 fulfilment of of affection which May yet be . For who can Tell he soon the moment May arrive when repentance cannot be followed by reparation 1 a Bishop Heber. Moral , that cry Down moral honesty cry Down that which is a great part of religion my duty toward god and my duty toward Man. What care i to see a Man. Run after a Sermon if he Cozen and cheat a soon As he comes Home ? on the other Side morality must not be without religion for if so it May change As i see convenience. Religion must govern Jip that has not religion to govern his morality is not a dram better than my mastiff1 dog so Long As you and please him and do not Pinch him he will play with you As finely As May be he is a very Good moral mastiff but if you Hurt him he will Fly in your face and tear out your . A eternity of moral influence a a a who can Tell a writes one a the results of such a fact As these two lines disclose Rev. Newman Hall s Little Hook entitled come to Jesus has just passed through its five Hundred and forty sixth How extensively How Long Jand How loudly will. Such works speak and How different from the productions of such men As Byron Paine or Bolingbroke if any Earth born Joys remarks a Modem writer Are admitted a As visitant amidstjthecelestial1 choirs the Joy that Springs from having written saving and sanctified works is the sweetest

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