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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - December 12, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian amp Cate. In let Rte rim , vol via in i 18. I Idt eel i vol. A who. one thing is needful one thing have i desired of the lord this one thing i whole no. Ara David Mckinney editor and proprietor. Publication office Gazette building fifth Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia ill South tenth Street below Chestnut erm6.-in Advance. Pastoral letter Fob the week ending saturday december 12, 1857� by mail or at the office si.50 per tear # see fro pm Rotts delivered in the City 1.75 a a a a \ h�?obif0�ractus. Cd the convention of synods at diets Tina ii to the cd uncles within their Bounds dear Brethren a we address you from a solemn convocation from a great prayer meeting of ministers and elders representing these four synods of the presbyterian Hureh who have come up hither to wait for the Promise of the father which we Hare heard of Christ we Trust you have looked anxiously for the results of this convention and have earnestly Supplicate cod for his Blessing upon its proceedings. We have met our Brethren and we have met our god hero. A Large assemblage representing about three Hundred ministers and one thousand ruling elders from the synods of Pittsburgh Ohio Wheeling and Allegheny with fellow labourers from other synods and ministers of Christ from other denominations have convened and taken Sweet counsel together. Blessed be a of is Promise has been proved Good to us and the risen Jesus has been Here in the midst of us. We Are not worthy of the least of All the mercies and of All the. Truth which our fathers a of has showed unto his servants for with her staff the venerable Mother Synod passed Over these ii Lunt Ains less than sixty years ago and now she has become four bands a Large proportion of your churches were born in revivals of religion revivals As remarkable perhaps As any the i have marked the history of the Churo. A ooh that it were with us Asiu Days that Are a lord where is thy Zeal and thy strength the sounding of thy bowels and of thy mercies toward us ? Are they restrained a. A a of the Hope of Israel the Saviour thereof in the Tira of trouble Why shouldst Thouve As a stranger in the land and As a wayfaring Man that turn eth aside to Tarry for a night Brethren a a we have heard gods speech and Are in his providential re by Hess de ranging the Commerce and scattering the wealth which the Church has top devotedly pursued even sweeping away at a stroke the Mission property which our tinted contributions had Given and threatening to take our candlestick out of his place if we repent not. A we have heard his speech a a a and we Are How should we tremble if the springtime did not succeed to the dreary Winter and if no soft breath of god should breathe upon the ice bound Earth and Rivers to melt away the Frozen bands As no fires of our kindling could Ever do ? therefore we Pray �?o0 lord revive thy work a this is the great Burden of our Oryx for a revival off gods work As our fathers saw it and have told us As some of us it have known in these very re Gions and in these very . We cry that a a in the midst of the years a after so Long an interval god would make known in the Mida cof of declension and the years iof rebuke and the years of revival in the work of satan god would make known his Power and Grace for menus salvation and a a in Wrath remember _ we need not remind you to Banc a revival of gods work among any people implies a work of god which has declined that a revival of religion pre supposes some life of religion to be revived. First of All then let each minister and elder each Church and member ask anxiously before god whether there be in him any vitality of religion at All whether gods work his regenerating and sanctifying work has really been begun at All in Bis heart. We seek for a revival which shall impart a new spiritual animation and vigor to the living and which shall also give life to the dead that it May occur again As on the Day of Pentecost when a a fear came upon every soul Quot and the lord added to the Church daily such As should be saved a a we would act dictate to the holy spirit nor limit the sphere or manner of his blessed Agency. He Workett when where and How. He plea Seth. Yet if he come sometimes As the Dew on the grass he comes also As showers that water the Earth and As floods on the ground. He has Bidden us to look for a times of refreshing from the presence of the lord a and like the apostles we Are even to use this As a motive with men to repent namely that these promised glorious times of refreshing May come and in order that Jesus May be sent whom the heavens i for the maintenance of his truth which is slighted and its authority disparaged and i its purity corrupted so sure As god withdraws himself from our midst for the Sake of our own souls that while we preach to others we be not castaways for the Sake of these worldly families which will perish both parents and children if god come not speedily for the Sake of our own baptized sons and daughters who. Must grow up m sin and be lost if the holy spirit come not for their regeneration for the Sake of the whole comi Unity who Are hardening m worldliness and becoming More unbelieving on account of the deadness of religion in the Church for the Sake of our academies colleges and our theological Seminary that the ministry May be adequately Rem forced and that that ministry May be kept pure while increasing bands of our Young men shall go Forth in the Tiue spirit of the master. Brethren Are you sensible of this urgent necessity for a revival of religion in. Your own midst contemplate we Pray you the awful consequences of continuing longer in this declining state. But there Are serious Hinde Rancis m the Way. Of this work. How far have we fallen into a Dull routine both ministers and members keeping up a round of outward services and satisfied with the form of godliness without the Power until As with the ancient jewish Church Gad ones out a to what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me ? bring no More Vam Oblations. A thus he blows upon our preaching and our praying and our giving and at. The moment that we think we have done Well for the Heathen world by our a routine offerings toi our boards with no adequate care for the work and with no Earnest prayer for ithe sweeps it All away at a stroke and asks to what purpose is your $200,000 to me your printing presses and your property offered As ritual i am weary to Bear them. Will i eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats or be Beholden to you. For Mere Money f a a sacrifice unto god thanksgiving and pay your vows your covenant vows unto the most High and Cata upon me in the Day of trouble i wild deliver thee and thou Shalt glorify me a. If Only there could he aroused among u i such an intense anxiety for this reviving As now exists for. A revival of commercial Confidence if Only the whole Community could be moved for our spiritual declensions As separated Between us and. Our let i upon god. Let not this great work Termi us come with a Lively Faith in our lord Nance in some special occasion. Pray and must receive until the times of the restore Tion of the kingdom to Israel according to the True purport of the ancient promises. Such a reviving there was in the times of Seth when men began to Call upon the name of the lord in the Days of Joshua when he read All the words of the Law to All the congregation and when the people came Forward As one Man in the spirit of i most Lively Zeal for gods word and a most devoted unanimity for the maintenance of gods Vervlee Snow a season there was also in the time of pious Kingjr Siah a great National reformation followed the faithful Reading of gods covenant and the solemn vow of the people to be the lords. So also under King Asa and King Hezekiah and in the times of Nehemiah and ezra., and so it has been in the whole history of the Church under both dispensations. At Pentecost three thousand were converted under a single discourse. The great protestant reformation in the sixteenth Century was such a revival of the True religion when the word of god was unbound in Germany Switzerland and great Britain and its fruits Are filling the Earth. In 1630, at the Kirk of Botts about five Hundred persons were converted chiefly by Means of a single Sermon of John Livingstone and blessed be god the great revivals in our own land under the ministry of Whitefield and of president Edwards and of David Brainerd and of Nettleton Are on record a the mighty., demonstrations of god the holy spirit and As proofs that Jesus lives on High to so d Down such things which1 we May see and hear. But Why need we go Back with you to ancient Days there Are Cross Creek and upper and lower Buffalo and Croas Rusada and three Springs add Chartiers and Pigeon Creek the Flats West Liberty upper ten mile lower ten mile and a Bright group of other places made forever memorable and precious in our recollection by the labors of Mccurdy and Mcmillan and Patterson and Thaddeus Dodd and Otlie is the fathers of our Western we Are in pressing need of a Elk vital. For the Honor of Christ a cause which suffers Ajas so much reproach in its ministry and elder ship and membership they Are for this monetary depression if there could be any such Lively Zeal to overcome the embarrassments it and to. Restore the former Prosperity in our Zion if there could be equal interest in the first symptoms of reviving religion As in the indications of reviving Trade How speedily and gloriously the Blessing would come. Alas if your anxiety for such a commercial recovery should possibly be at this moment diverting it Lynnr from the reviving of True piety to your own . _ _ _ _ there Are hinder Anees to this work of god from ministerial unfaithfulness. We confess our deadness our Lack in the measures of personal piety our frequent neglect in pastoral visitation in catechetical instruction in personal labors with the wandering and careless in ministerial intercessions in Plain direct Earnest faithful preaching of the word of god and in a fearless Church discipline. We confess our temptations to ambition to self seeking to see Kristy and love of ease. If we have failed in ministerial. Courtesies in Loving fraternal Intercourse and interchanges with our Brethren we confess with shame. We have sinned in that we have not properly been eos Amples to the flock Over which the holy ghost hath made us overseers. We have not shown our devoted love to the master by feeding his lambs and shepherding his sheep As we ought. We that Are ruling elders take confusion of face to ourselves that we have not properly watched Over the flock and aided the pastor in his. Arduous parochial work that we have not faithfully visited the sick and sought to. Reclaim the erring whom we have met in our walks of life. Brethren Pray for us that the great head of the Church May purify the sons of Levi and purge them As Silver is purged. A but dear Brethren Are there no hinder Andes from the Hureh membership t have you not sought popular preaching most of All to fill a your houses and pay off your Church debts and lighten the Burden of sustaining the ministry.?, have you. Not been carried away with the flood of worldliness so that cupidity and grasping and unholy greed of gain have characterized you have you not thus with Holden from gods Treasury what he has justly claimed until he has smitten your idols of Silver and Gold before your eyes ? have you not sadly Eon formed to the world loved its pleasures followed its examples adopted its maxims in your business in your families in your private living have you habitually recognized gods claim to All you have and Are ? Are you cultivating personal piety Are you faithful in family religion ? do you seek for your sons the Honor of preaching Christ and of serving him in the gospel ministry As far Superior to the highest honors of the world Are you educating your Jesus Christ and in the All sufficient Power of the holy spirit for it is a not by might nor by Power but by my spirit Saith the we propose to you no new Means Fiat an Earnest believing resort to the scriptural methods. God is the same god and his word is the same As when thousands were born to him in a Day. And 1st. Individual self inspection As to the state of piety m our own heart the. Nature and causes of our Deolen Siou the Side which so easily beset us. No one of us Oan do this for hts brother. This convention can Only charge you that the great business lie Between your own soul and the living god there must be deep honest Earnest heart searching by pastors and people m their closets. There must come a the spirit of Grace and of supplications. We must have the personal inward preparation for the holy spirits mighty coming among us. We say then 2dly, there must be at the thresh How a of this great work a wrestling with god in secret prayer. No Public ser vices ought to overshadow this Groat first essential requisite As it is gods own work As he is to be Supplicate a each pastor and elder and member must come up to this work of private individual prayer to god. Ask As of a living personal being As Man Asketh of Man nay As a son Asketh of a father nay As a sinner Asketh of the great Saviour a and be shall receive.�?�. Seek As for. Some definite thing. Seek earnestly As for this great thing a and to shall find. A Knock As at a door of Entrance according to the appointed Way coming by Hun who is ,Way, a and it shall be opened unto -. 3dly. Let us hasten to put All had Frances out of the Way. If thereby bickering and alienation among the members if there be coolness and distance toward the ministers or elders if there be habitual. Absence trom the prayer meeting and the closet if there be a Lack of family religion if there be formality m prayer if there be grievous withholding of Means tor labors. From Christ s cause if there be ,.a Dull route work among us m the ministry and especially if we have failed to come together. Pastors elders and people m a Lively Syra Pathy going from House to House and speaking often one to another watching for souls As they that Muso give account let us hasten at the outset to put away All these stumbling blocks. Brethren let us not Grieve the spirit of god nor quench the holy spirit a in the judgment of this body an important Means not duly estimated by the ministry nor by Many of the people is expository preaching. Yet if. The hearers have Ber come fond of orations from a text or elaborate essays with a passage of gods word for Miotto there is la tha gwm ter need of Pray again. Pray and not feint. A praying always with All prayer and supplication in the spirit and watching thereunto with All perseverance and supplication for All saints importune him who has said that. He is More Wilhen amp to give the holy spin to them that ask him than parents Are to give Good gifts to their children. Shall not god avenge his own elect who cry Day and night unto him though he Bear Long with them we Tell you that he i l avenge them speedily. Yet the great personal question with each one of us is when the son of Man is ready and is just waiting to come shall he find Faith on the Earth ?. Dearly beloved Brethren let us a confess our faults one to another and Pray one for Ano her that we May lie healed a a a Sanctify a fast Call a solemn aamblyfgathexihe.-El-,. Dvrs gather the people Sanctify the congregation gather the Etulah in. Let the priests the ministers of the lord weep Between the porch and the altar and let them say spare thy people 0 lord and give not thine heritage to we Promise on our. Part a greater Fidelity to your souls we engage god helping us to speak to you plainly and tenderly and to Tell you the whole truth the whole counsel of god whether you will hear or whether you will forbear. We engage to Pray for you and to Pray with you More earnestly than we have hitherto done and Brethren Pray for us that the word of the lord May have free course and be glorified. We have ample a encouragement to wait and hop for this Blessing. Because it is the lord s work because he has instituted the ministry and al the Means of Grace for this very end because he has predicted and promised it Meule outpourings of the spirit upon All flesh because he has carried the Church thus far through perils and trials and will not desert he now because the Sav Ioui has his Reward secured to him for the Travail of his soul because his intercessions Are prevalent because god loves the souls of men infinitely More than we can think because he is Sovereign and can do As he pleases beyond the Power of satan to hinder and because he will do As he has said therefore this work is the chief dear inalienable work of the godhead. He will up though we be faithless he will Only carry it on by other instruments tand after we have fallen in the wilderness. A therefore dear Brefere we May use these pleas with god a Indarsing far above them All shall Bethi Sylba a Vrem thine own name s Sake to make a dip thy word to glorify thy name to Gladd the own heart to gather jewels for thet redeemer Crown to accomplish thine own a Riper work beyond All the glories of the a amp old creation and according to a covenant Witch David thy servant greater and Bej Fer than thy. Covenant from our Loudon correspondent. Occupation of Delhi and Relief of Lucia note returning to the More sons in Pps Ider though our blessed lord once preached dear Bethre what would be the though from a single text Luke in 18, his More common practice was to a a expound unto them in All the scriptures the things con Kerning himself beginning at Moses and All the xxiv 27 and it was the talking by the Way and opening to them the scriptures that made their hearts Burn within them. Peter at Pentecost gave a simple pungent exposition of a whole paragraph in Joel a prophecy and behold fee result. Paul a a As his manner was went in unto the jewish synagogue and three Sabbath Days reasoned with them out of fee scriptures opening and alleging. Setting Forth feat. Christ must needs have xvii 3. If it seem not so popular in any quarters or if it appear to any to Trammel the oratory of the speaker yet we must All fee More earnestly look to god to ble s his own word As he has promised. And Iso for from exposition being inconsistent with eloquence the True pulpit eloquence is the earn st and adequate opening of these Lively oracles. Apollos was a a an eloquent Man and mighty in the our business with the people is to a a preach the word a rightly dividing Quot with surgical exactness a fee word of truth a a a a bring ii g out of the treasure things new and old a a if Noy novelties yet always scriptural novelties. And if any declaration or exhortation of this body be requisite to enforce.,this High duty we solemnly exhort to this Pic Tiee of expository preaching As in Wiir judgment a great want of the times and an important Means for a revival of True religion among us. And closely connected with this As a scriptural meant for revival is the work of catechetical instruction. A Lovest thou me a Saith the master. Then the first charge and also the leading test of ministerial Fidelity to the flock is a a feed my no ministerial or parochial labors can dispense with Feis. A training to the Westminster catechism is the High privilege of the children of our beloved presbyterian Church their Christian Birthright alas for the families and the churches where it is not vigorously prosecuted where any other Sabbath school literature crowds out their precious form Laries of doctrine and. Where any miscellaneous teaching dispenses with. Daughters under Christian influences whether rudiments Luke professed at Home or abroad and Are you training in his gospel narrative ohly to assure the them according to your baptismal covenant Ophilus of those things wherein he had been has the social prayer meeting been witness j already l. 4. Has this to Jour Zeal for souls and has the monthly j practice of our fathers fallen into disrepute and Oono Ert of prayer found you one of the Pray off ones of the Church ? a a and does the secret a closet daily find you As one of the True Israel wrestling with god if your minister has seemed to have become secular How far is it due to your inadequate provision for his wants ?. A Eye ask and receive not because be ask Amis that be May consume it upon your lusts. Know be not that the Friendship of the world is enmity with god ? a a bring be All the tithes into the store House and prove me now herewith Saith the lord of hosts if i wifi not open you the windows of heaven and pour you a Blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it and now dear Brethren let us look at the scriptural Means that Are More especially requisite for securing a revival of gods work. As we have sinned and As go could not do Many mighty works among us because of our unbelief a or first business is to return to our god with fasting and with praying and with weeping. A the lords hand is not shortened that he cannot save neither his ear heavy that he cannot hear but our iniquities have disuse among any of you ? exhort you return to it with keen relish. Is not this neglect a Mason Why they who for the time they have lived in our Church ought to be teachers a a have need that one teach them again which be the first principles of the oracles of god a and Are unskillful m the doctrine of 12. We recommend most earnestly for ourselves add for the Chu Robes whatever measures shall bring us to special private and social supplication for this great Blessing. Let us search the scriptures let us examine the warrants. Let us look Well to All the precedents in the word of god and m Bur. Own history., i t us remember the precious times of reviving through which we have passed and m which some of us have been converted to god consider the infinite Worth of the immortal soul and the Cost of its redemption. Let us put supreme Honor upon the blessed Spint As the glorious third person of the adorable Trinity and let the whole people come together As in the Days of Joshua and As at Pentecost a with . And Brethren we beseech you to wait Ness of a mighty outpouring in this whole Region of country. The proper Power of the Church would be brought out to confront a scorning world. The avarice and cupidity of her members would relax its grasp upon Gold and the treasuries of Pur boards would be speedily supplied in their present pressing emergencies and the glorious cause would go Forward. How blessed wouldst be if pastors and people should be found moved by a fervent desire for this work and the churches should be humbled before god and the careless professor should be a aroused and the Bank sliding should be found coining Back wife Beart smiting and confessions if Tho poor prodigal sons among us should arise and return to their father if parents and children together should break out in rejoicings at having salvation come to their i i a a a if aged sinners should be brought to Bow their hoary Heads in the first acts of penitence and prayer and if our own dear children and youth should come to us asking us father. Mother what shall i do to be saved ? of. Brethren would not this be blessed indeed ? would there not be great Joy in our cities and in our whole Region ? would not heaven and Earth rejoice together at new bom souls flying As a Cloud and is doves to their windows then would come the Blessing that is yet waiting to be bestowed when our sons and our daughters shall. Prophesy our. Young men shall see visions and our old men shall dream dreams and when upon the servants and handmaids god will pour but of his spirit and they shall Prophesy and m mount Zion there shall be deliverance As the Loid hath said this convention do therefore recommend to All their churches with these Bounds 1st that this letter be read before the congregation on the first Sabbath after the reception of it by the minister or elders. 2d. That a special meeting of each session be held at the earliest convenient period to take these topics into prayerful consideration. 3d that a general pastoral visitation by carried out As promptly As possible m which All the elders shall co operate with the. Pastor going two and two from House to House.4th. That the1 pastors preach during this month on topics immediately bearing upon the great subject of the revival of gods work. A. A 5th that especially on the first Sabbath in january All the pastors preach if possible on the pro tidal aspects of this subject. A 6th that the first thursday in january be observed throughout the Bounds of these Syta Odb As a Day of fasting humiliation and prayer for the reviving of god s work among us speedily. A a resolved that the concurrence and cooperation of any ministers churches or synods m the views and action commended in the foregoing paper will greatly encourage the hearts add strengthen the hands of the ministers and elders composing this convention. If election effectual calling and salvation be inseparably linked together then by any one of them a Man May hold upon All the rest and know that his hold is sure. He that loves May be sure that he was loved first and he that chooses god for his Delight and portion May conclude confidently that god hath chosen him to be one of those who shall enjoy rim and be Happy with him forever for that our love and electing of him is but the return and repercussion of the Beama of his love suming upon us. Deaths of Nicholson and Neilly capture of the old King of Delhi and execution of his sons and grandson mercy and judgment the commercial crisis Susie vision of the Bank act Sanator statistics remarkable a Healthfulness in Lon Don City and its causes diseases of different classes a literature a a flourishing Livingstone s journal the schoolmaster hot abroad two remarkable november Days m a Jondon the Gunpowder plot and the Jesuit the lord mayor s Day and Palmerston s speech a. Visit to Park Street Chapel or. Spurgeon Sis Prezek a my and prayers his new books his Calm ism and converts the roman character and last Ern languages meet my at Edinburgh Exeter a Hall preaching suspended. A. I London november 13, 1857. 1 a Delhi completely occupied and Lucknow relieve sixty one officers and eleven Hundred and seventy right Menone turd of the killed. la set Mimer Andt four Hundred and fifty placed hours do combat a m the latter and the capture of the entrench Mentse such was the news flashed to us from., Cagliari on wedge Day last a great weight is lifted off the nations heart in knowing that the Brave band with the helpless Woumn and children who held out for Lour months Lucknow was relieved by Havelock a Force and that in Tho last extremity when the mutineers were just about to explode their mind a underneath the residency. But a remnant i fear of the original five Hundred or six Hundred occupants remain from disease and hardship and the incessant i shot of their blood thirsty foes. The Cost of Victory both at Lucknow add Delhi was heavy. My former fears As to the extent of. The Slaughter it the latter have been sadly confirmed. Among the fallen is the Brave and Able general Nicholson a Young county Down irishman Only thirty five years old who died of his wounds two Days after the capture of the City. At Lucknow general Neil a scotch officer of great Merit probably the Ablest of All the Indian-genera.�, was killed. A the old King of Delhi his wife and his family were overtaken when fleeing from Delhi. The aged parents were spared but their two sons and a grandson were shot on the spot and their bodies exposed publicly m Delhi. The rebels had fled in different directions with a a flying columns in their Pursuit. Nena Sahib was Busy m endeavouring to unite the Din pore and Gwalior mutineers into one body. There were some i turbance3 in the they were put Down. Madras native. Troops had attacked a rebel Bengal regiment and killed one Hundred and fifty of them. At Bombay a native officer and sepoy being convicted of treason were blown for m the guns. This kind of punishment is a very awful one. It is regarded with Peculiar horror by i Tho a. Tives. The following from Blackwood Magazine will give your readers a thorough j it i e to in r r.-. Re a. The scene at Peshawar was awfully imposing. All troops european and native armed and disarmed Loyal and disaffected were drawn no on. Parade forming three sides of a Square cd drawn very carefully a you May be sure so that any attempt on the part of Tho disaffected to Rescue the doomed prisoners would Havo been easily checked forming the fourth Side of the Square were drawn up the guns nine Pounders ten in number which were to be used for,.the execution. The prisoners under a Strong european guard were then marched into the Square their crimes and sentences read aloud to. Them and at the head of each regiment. They wore then marched into the Square and up to the guns Lee first ten were picked out their eyes were bandaged and they were bound to the guns their backs leaning against the muzzles and their Arras fastened to the wheels. The port fires were lighted and at a signal from the artillery it Ihnot the gnus were fired it was a horrid sight that then met the Eye a regular Shower of human fragments of Heads of arms of. Legs appeared in the air through the smoke and when that cleared away these fragments lying on the. Ground a. Fragments of Hindoos and fragments of Mussulman All mixed together were All that remained of those ten mutineers. Three times More was this scene repeated but so great is the disgust we All feel for the atrocities committed by the rebels that we had no room for any feeling of pity. Perfect callousness was depicted on every european face a look of grim satisfaction could even be seen in the Donn Tenanes of the gunners serving at the guns. Bat far different was the effect on the native portion of the spectators Black faces grew ghastly Pale As they breathlessly at the awful spectacle. The Public feeling Here now is that the Indian Mutiny is virtually suppressed. The troops Prang into India will m a few months sweep predatory bands before them and reduce the country to subjection. Only one English battalion of the supplies from England or the. Cape had been m time to take part in actual fighting. So that the memorable fact remains that a handful of British carried the Day against countless Odds anti against skilled and trained foes. Thus the English character for valor and endurance shoes Forth As gloriously As Ever and if any Shadow was cast military reputation by the failure at the Redan in the Crimea now Continental nations Are compelled to Admire and extol. It the Bank. Act charter was suspended yesterday by a government Lotter addressed by the a Premier and the Chancellor of the exo Helguer to the governors of the Bank of England. A similar suspension took place at the last crisis in 1837 notes will now be issued beyond the metallic Reserve legally required to be in the vaults of a the Bank of England panic had begun at Glasgow by tremendous Bank failures. Two. Millions Sterling of Gold had been sent to Scotland and Ireland alone. The e ten per cent for discounts remains still the Relief will be great and speedy parliament will be summoned in a fortnight to pass an act of indemnity for the government. Sanator statistics Are always valuable great results have accrued from measures vigorously carried out by or. Letheby in the City of London. As contrasted with the Metropolis generally the City proper is Heie to be understood it is scarcely credible yet. It is True feat Tho average of health there is higher than the average throughout All England. The deaths m the latter Are 22.8 m every 1,000 of the population in the City of London they Are Only 22.3. The usual yearly death Roll in the City a few years ago was 3,763, and this Bab been gradually reduced to 2,763. Under the great disc a vantages of being As the times says a a actually walled a from All the vilifying and flounces of the country by Miles. Of obdurate Brick incarcerated m a Maze it houses shops and Feo tones a cunningly contrived as1 any cretan labyrinth our River still polluted our streets narrow and confined Oor houses built when there was a tax on. Every Brick on every Nail on every pane of a lass sadly deficient in Light and air every Inch of ground so valuable that the people Are huddled together with the Dingy smoke above them and the London fog around yet Here the Hills of mortality Tell that the attempts at Reform have been crowned with Success still greater results Are expected a vast system of thorough drainage is now being carried out All Over the Metropolis and a Gigantic scheme at the Cost of �.5,000.000, is suggested for the entire Clearing of the thames from pollution. 1 the Peculiar diseases of different classes come out strikingly in Letheby a report As Well As the proportionate Moi tasty con sumption is the malady of Printer Sand Bakers it ver of Domestic servants and cab men bronchitis of painters butchers and Coste mongers f Bram diseased j of Portera and Barge men and Over diseases of publicans literature hard times is a flourishing. The great publisher or Murray bos had a Trade Sale most Success Ful. The great a a Book of the season Quot is dr., Livingstone s travels of which the Trade Sale was thirteen thousand eight Hundred. Of this Noble work i enclose some specimens for. Separate insertion m your columns. Other books went off with proportionate Success. The following West of England. Circular will amuse your readers. It it is a genuine production it proves that the schoolmaster is not a abroad a in Dowie Rural districts Roger Parish Giard and Skule master reforms gentlemen that lie draws Teeth without waiting a moment blisters on the lowest terms. And Vizikas for place. He Zells godfathers Cordel Kuts Korn and under takes to keep everybody Nayles by the year or so on i gang ladies and gentlemen Larned there Grammer language in the purties manner also Gurt Kare taken off their morals and Spenn. Also Zarra singing teaching the base vial and All sorts of Plancy work. Queer drills pokers. Wea zils. And All other contrary dances tort at Hoam and abroad at Porfe Kyhnn. Perfumery and a due n All its branches As times be cruel bad he begs to Tell that he is just begun to sell All Orts of Tash nary wares Kox hens Foley Crux poetry. Baking hauls Herrings and Coles Skrubb n Bru Hes Trakel godly Bolcs and bibles gun a lets mice traps. Buck dust and whisker seed and All sorts of a West meets including enters sausages and other Garden stuff also Phr Ute hats songs. Hoyle. Lattin buckets. And other eatables. Korn and Bunyan carve. And All hardware. He also performed Flea Bottomy on the shortest notice and father More in Patick Eler he has Laid m a Large assortment of Type dog s meet Lolini props and other pickets such As hansom Zalts Hooters Widzer soap amp cold rags Bort and sold hear and nowhere Shelse. New Laid eggs every Day by to Roger Giles w we have two remarkable Days m our London november. The first is the oth Guy Fawkes Day. This is the anniversary of the Gunpowder plot for blowing up King lords and commons in Tho reign Are head boyhood and Ween a a Yor _ ook Dut your see carried on a Banner or two Bairs tied together and improvised for the occasion the figure of the notorious conspirator who was seized with his dark lantern when see ing that the barrels of it Gunpowder All right and ready m the. Vaults of st., Stephens then oppo Ite each door in the Street or Square Tho boys set Down their Guy and begin a rapid rhyme the last line of which is a Down with the Pope and up with the Queen a and then follows a Volley of cheers. In the Winter of 1850, when Cardinal Wiseman was so obnoxious on account of his impudent aggression movement that portly and Well fed priest was duly represented with his Scarlet. Robes and red stockings As their the Guy of the Day and As he was sup posed to be a consenting party to All the past 1 conspiracy a policy of Tomc against England the boys a hoisted him the figure on his own petard Quot when Nightfall came or m other words with poetic Justice blew him up with Gunpowder. Curious enough a barrister has just published a volume on the Gunpowder plot of which the times brought out a seasonable review on the fifth of november from this volume it clearly appears notwithstanding All the denials of Leogard and,.other popish writers that Garnet the head of the jesuits was privy to the plot., Jesuit teaching also had succeeded in debauching1 the consciences of gatsby and his Fellows so that one of them went so far in the Prospect of the scaffold As to declare his conviction that his Good intentions in that same plot he considered were so Merit onions As to be Quot sufficient to atone for All the bins of his past life All the conspirators were men of a family Rand Fortune but Rome so de nationalized them of. English kindliness by her accursed teaching As to cause them to glory in their shame. But our second Field Day is the lord mayors Day the Minth of1 november. Ever some the time of Whitington a and his cat a and before it this has been the Day when our chief magistrate of the City goes out of office and another Cornea in starting from Guildhall the old court of gom Mou Council and Law a procession strange and grotesque with trumpeters men i Armor on horseback a of dragoons banners and pursuivant makes its Way through Tho streets and passes on to the Law courts at Westminster the i Ord mayor rides in a magnificent gilded coach in Lus Robes and with a fur covered a conical Cap which seems to give him rather an old nor Marsh appearance. City officers sit of a polite or beside him while the sheriffs in splendid carriages and All ruffles and glittering in their newly donned costume with aldermen of wards m their Blue gowns fringed with far follow after. Vast i pads Are in the streets the Pink pockets make Hay while the Sun shoes or rather while the fog helps them a and every window along the line is crowded with Mao Imas and Little children to whom the show is a great and a memorable affair. ,. Sometimes the procession when it reaches Blok friars Bridge a takes the water a a and in splendid barges is rowed up the thames to Westminster there the new lord mayor is introduced by the. Recorder in a flattering speech to the judges and is sworn in the Camf Baron saying All manner of kind things and assuring the head of the City corporation that All their rights and privileges will be jealousy conserved by her majesty a judges. Then the procession Oomes Back through the strand and at Temple bar is joined by the Queens ministers the foreign Ambas sailors and the judge and All proceed to the grand banquet at the mansion House and a banquet there i can1 fissure you in the egyptian Hall with such lighting such plate such a Brilliant gathering is almost regal in its splendor. The mansion House dinner on the9th of november is the time for the prime minister to come out with a speech and lord Palmerston s speech was forthcoming accordingly on monday last. It was a characteristic and a telling one it bore chiefly on India. He referred specially to the bravery of our soldiers there which indeed May justly Challenge the admiration of the world i he dwelt also amid the cheers of the company on the extraordinary fortitude patience and piety evinced by our country women under Buch awful trials. A a henceforth the Brav Eif. I Soldier need not be ashamed to be told that his courage was equal Quot to feat if a a a englishwoman Quot in he then referred to the great Success of the new recruiting movement and declared that after sending away eighty thousand men we had now More armed men in the United kingdom than. Before the outbreak of the Mutiny. A on this he grounded a warning to Continental nations not to presume on our supposed military weakness and this part of his address awakened the strongest enthusiasm whatever the emperor a Napoleon May feel the French people Are jealous and environs of England and the jesuits would gladly hound on the Continental despots. If Ever they attempt it it May be a desperate struggle but at the end of it a by gods help England will hold her own and the de Ith Knell will be rung of i popish despotism in Europe. Lord Palmerston expresses his entire Confidence m lord Canning and Speaks of the Tine by rogue Arethand when judicial retribution must visit the guilty and generosity and rewards be Strows to the innocent and the faithful among the faithless the latter he reckons by a a millions a the former by a a or. Spurgeon still maintains his popu Laruy. I paid Park Street Chapel a recent visit on a week evening and found a Large congregation. His style of exposition and preaching is the same As formerly. His Power of analysis is great. His description of the work of the spirit in giving life to the dead Sony. Was very Clear and impressive. He puts special Honor in his ministry on the holy spirit and his offices. He stated m connexion with his subject that the Doc Trines usually called calvinistic were cordially embraced by the Many Yong persons who. Week after week Are joining the Church under his pastoral care. Doubtless in connexion with the spirits teaching this is to be largely ascribed to the fullness of the pastor s pulpit instructions and the trenchant character of his arguments against the opposing errors which m Many a Rofes Emali Laffidy this trip Ihu or in Ergeon states the doctrines of Grace in the broadest terms and tells the throng before him a a Many people think a Man can convert himself and turn to Godf at any timey but i Tell Yon that he can to and he wont me can to can a dead body make itself live a &o., amp of. A and yet with this comes this freest offers of i Christ and his salvation to sinners and special encouragement to the convinced and trembling whore thirsting after life Pardon and peace. A poor sinner that desire came not front thyself god the spirit gave it thee. It is a sign that you Are alive and As the lord my god liveth i Tell thee this night and As he says this the dark liquid Eye becomes softer and More liquid a a that Jesus died for Arm mans of course would Call this inconsistent preaching but it is the glorious inconsistency of a Paul an Augustine and a or Spurgeon has sometimes been accused of irreverence in prayer and of egotism too. There seem at times to be traces of these but i must say that his prayers Are generally very solemn and what is More very agonizing on his part with direct definite blessings m View and a wrestling fervency with which the most spiritual present Oan thoroughly sympathize. His pleadings for the unconverted naming the different classes and the worst some of whom Are generally present Are specimens of what is meant by the heaven suffering a a a a the Saint and his Saviour a is fee title of a new Book by air Spurgeon Rich the utterances of Christian experience. The whole of the first edition he told me had gone. Of a a the introduction of the roman characters an the printing of Oriental languages is warmly advocated by the times in connexion with our Tutere Indian policy. This it states is the Mode adopted by missionaries in the East and will help More and More to anglicized India. The natives of Persia and Hin Doostan cannot read with rapidity their own written language. The roman characters would be a mighty advantage also to officers and civilians in acquiring Eastern tongues. This is one of the Many indications of future Rand pregnant changes in Indian administration. It is stated apparently on authority by the times that before twelve months the East India company s Rale will give place to the direct control of the British. Crown and parliament. A great meeting was held this week in Edinburgh with the. Design of forming in the present crisis in India an association for the removal of All government encourage Merit of caste connexion with idolatry and opposition to the profession and promulgation of christianity m India. The Rev. Murray Mitchell missionary from Bombay gave credit to the East India company for having ceased from much that was evil. Suttee thu gee and infanticide bad been suppressed. Slavery had vanished. The payment of Pilgrim taxes into the government Treasury the of oaths m the name of false gods prayer to them for ram official attendance at Heathen festivals the Knect management of Temple funds All had ceased neither is there any longer government opposition to missions. These received perfect toleration and their friends asked no More. In Ceylon also patronage of a Devit a neing a an Budah ism bad ceased. But he says a a there is a government connexion with idolatry. There is hardly a pay try shrine Over Western India that does not receive government Money the result of old treaties amounting in the Bombay presidency to #70,000. Then there Are returns of Village expenses a un-11 Der Bioh innocent term Are included pay a

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