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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - August 29, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAmp advocate. Prev let yet in Bainer vol. A no. 49, i ,�, Artro eat vol. Xix to. 44, a one thing is needful one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i no. 357 David Mckinney editor and office Gazette building fifth Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Chestnut the week ending saturday August 29, 1857. By of Milf or amp to the 0ffic6f $1,50 per Yorty a Civ delivered in the City 1,75 Quot Quot s Quot of rectus Anginal a go Quot go Forward a was Trio voice of god when jewish children cried he h Ide his servant raise his Rod the Waters to Divide. A a go Forward a still is god s command whenever Bis children Pray hell lend them to the promised land if they will but obey. A a go Forward a Christian never faint gods love thy soul can cheer he hears thy spirit s sad complaint he sees thy silent tear a a go Forward a servant of the lord in heaven thou Shalt see that Grent and glorious Reward which Christ reserves for thee. A a go Forward a Gad child of god thy toils Are nearly Over thy feet Are nearing Jordan a flood they 11 land on Canaan a Shoro. A a go Forward a Youthful Christian go thy Way May yet be Long thy foes be great but yet we know thy god Oak make thee a go Forward a fearing trembling heart let not thy courage fail thy god will not from thee depart nor let thy foes prevail. A a go Forward a sinner in thy ways no turn thou know st foil Well that god who gave thee being says thy feet would land in hell sugar Dill july 26ia, 1857. Mattie. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Infant baptism no. 8. The ancient corinthians maintained that the jewish Church was the Church of an inferior god who had fallen from his Pristine virtue and dignity that the old testament scriptures having been inspired by this inferior deity were of no binding authority and that the object of Christ a Mission was to destroy Bis Empire and introduce the worship of the supreme god. The sect itself has Long ceased to exist but some of its objectionable opinions re appear in those Baptist authors who decry the old testament Church As though its religion were false and its ordinances of no value. But who Are we that we should speak lightly of institutions ordained by infinite Wisdom and purity what though the great body of the jewish Church at different periods departed from god and perverted his ordinances the very same things have befallen the Christian Church and if the existence of the former As a True Church of god was destroyed by the general corruption of its members the same thing must be affirmed of the latter. We should Bear in mind that the Constitution and Laws which god gave to his Charob were Good and pure however they May have been abused by men. Ever Bince the fall god has had a Church on Earth professing the True religion. The external exhibitions of is Grace to that Church May be compared to a Rivulet Tak ice its Rise from the first Promise of a Saviour and the appointment of Burnt offer Ings and gliding Onward to Noah where it receives an important tributary. Thence it passes Down to the father of the faithful where it is swelled by the influx of a mighty Stream. Then As a Broad Majestie River it flows along the Channel of the jewish nation till it meets the Cross of Christ when it overflows its Banks and extends its Bealing Virtues to All nations of the Earth. Since then the jewish and Christian churches Are substantially the same the right of membership in both must be the same. And As infants by express authority of god were introduced into the one they Are equally entitled to membership in the other. Nature of infant membership. To some persons it sounds strange to speak of infants As belonging to the Church. Membership in the Church is in their minds associated with communing at the lord s table and voting at ecclesiastical meetings. But those things Are in no Wise essential to Church membership. In the state of Pennsylvania Little children Are recognized in the Constitution and Laws As citizens of the Commonwealth just As much so As adults. The state is not Only bound to protect them in their persons and rights of inheritance but to make provision for their education by establishing schools and providing teachers. And in some countries As Prussia parents Are required by Law to Send their children to the schools. Yet these infant citizens do not anywhere exercise the elective franchise or hold office till they reach a certain age and possess certain qualifications. Just so and in the Sanie sense the children of professing christians belong to the Church and have a right to the distinguishing badge of membership. They Are to be enrolled As scholars in the Church the school of Christ and their parents placed under a solemn obligation to train them up in the nurture and admonition of the lord. And when they attain to maturity if they give evidence of Faith in Christ and repentance unto life they Are to be admitted to All the rights and privileges of adult members. That infants were members of the old testament Church will appear if we inquire How persons were admitted into that Church. How for instance would a Heathen who desired to renounce idolatry and embrace the True religion be received into the ape not Church of god ? what religious rites were performed on the occasion ? the answer a a that from the time of Abraham circumcision was required. See the to count of the institution of this ordinance in Gen. Xvii 9�?14. From that time circumcision was the distinguishing Mark of lift ill a Ida a Flint 1 _ i 1 1 were admitted into the Church their children were admitted with them and subjected to the same religious rite with themselves import of circumcision. Let us now consider that rite by which infants of eight Days old were recognized As members of the visible Church and see if its import is not essentially the same As that of baptism. 1. Circumcision bound All its subjects to obey the whole Law. Gal. V 3 a a i testify again to every Man that is Eire messed that he is a debtor to do the whole does baptism in it Post stronger obligations than these ? 2. Circumcision was a sign of holiness of heart. Rom. Ii 29 a circumcision is that of the deut. Xxx 6 a and the lord thy god will circumcise thine heart and the heart of thy seed to love the lord thy god with All thine heart and with All thy All agree that baptism is a sign of regeneration. 3. Circumcision being a bloody rite pointed to the atonement of Christ. Baptism directs our minds to the blood of sprinkling. Heb. X 22 a having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure 4. Circumcision was a Seal of the righteousness of Faith. Rom. In 11 a a and to received the sign of circumcision a Seal of the righteousness of the Faith which he had yet being can More be affirmed of baptism ? How we Are gravely told by Baptist writers that circumcision was intended As a Mark or badge of hebrew descent and of temporal privileges rather than of a religious relation. In proof of this they urge that the ishm elites and edmo ites were circumcised. A a the ishm elites and edomite were apostates from the Faith of Abraham. And will it be pretended that the abuse of circumcision by apostates proves that it was not the initiating rite of the Church ? Why not argue that since mormons practise baptism and yet do not enter into the Christian Church baptism cannot be an initiatory rite a a Rice on bapt., p. 220. To clearer proof is needed that circumcision was not a Mark of jewish descent than the fact that strangers of any nation who embraced the True religion were circumcised. Says the divine injunction a one Law shall be to him that is Home born and to the . Xii 48, 49. And if half the world had embraced the religion of Jehovah they would All have been Eire messed. Sub is the nature of that ordinance which was administered to infants of eight Days old by the express command of god. And we can not hut perceive that our Baptist Brethren had they lived under the old dispensation with their present views of divine ordinances would have been most strenuous opponents of infant circumcision. Do they object to the baptism of Infante because it imposes obligations which the child can not at the rime understand the same thing might have been urged against circumcision. Do they argue that baptism implies holiness of heart and life ? so did Poirou Moision. It is not however necessary to our main argument that we should prove baptism to have come in the room of circumcision yet it is very evident that the two ordinances if they do not correspond in every particular hold the same place signify the same things and impose similar obligations. Infant membership never abolished. From the previous discussion it is apparent that infants having once been admitted into the visible Church by the authority of god must retain the right of membership until the same authority is pleased to revoke it. But where in All the scriptures have we the slightest hint that the right has been retracted we Call upon the advocates of a explicit warranty to answer the question. The Burden of proof rests upon them. Let them Tell us where in his word the god of heaven has enacted that though children were once admitted into his visible Church they Are now forever excluded. Where i say can they discover the least Shadow of authority for thrusting Little children out of the kingdom of heaven they can produce none either in the old testament or the hew. In the absence of such author gods professing people. Accordingly in exod Xii 48, 49, we find that the Stran re who would unite with the jewish Church must first be . But were his children to be left out and still counted As Heathen ? to the same Pas says a a let All is males be a troum cited a thus we see that when to to exclude infants from membership in the Church is a virtual attempt to make Laws for god it is More it is an attempt to legislate in opposition to the authority of Jehovah 1 fearful indeed is the responsibility they assume who banish from the Nursery of the Church those who have been placed there by the enactment of heaven for whom the lord Jesus shed his blood for whom he has shown the tenderest affection and of whom he has declared a of such is the kingdom of an a explicit warrant a unnecessary. And Here we see More clearly than Ever Why the Saviour gave no express command to the disciples to receive infants into the Church. For As he made no change in respect to membership they perfectly understood that the same persons were to be admitted As formerly. The Church being essentially the same under both dispensations and baptism having been substituted for circumcision As the initiatory rite it followed As a matter of course that infants still retained the right of membership and consequently were to be baptized. And an express command to that effect would have been quite As needless As a command to admit females to the table of the lord. Neither the one nor the other could have been needed for the direction of the apostles who being jews knew perfectly Well of whom the visible Church consisted. Accordingly when they in Mil Assembly decided that circumcision was no longer obligatory instead of authorizing any change in regard to infant membership they left it untouched a striking proof that they intended it to acte Xiv 23�?29. For if Christ had required them to exclude Infante there could hardly have been a More suitable Opportunity to announce the change. And yet there Are persons who say a show is an express command in the new testament for the admission of Infante. No matter what the old testament says in regard to infant membership if you can not find a thus Saith the. Lord for it in the new they must he it is easy to expose the futility of such reasoning. Suppose that in a Case in which the right of 8d infant to an inheritance is contested a gentleman of the bar should offer the following argument to the court a it is True that children were once permitted by the Laws of this Commonwealth to inherit the estates of their parents. But those Laws Are of a comparatively ancient Date. In the mean time the Constitution and Laws of the Commonwealth have undergone various changes. Show us a Law of the last session of the legislature by which the rights of Infante Are re affirmed. Unless such an enactment can be found in the journal of the last session infants Are no More to inherit the estates of their the Absurdity of such reasoning is obvious but it is not More absurd than the argument that infants Are to be excluded from the Church because there is no express command in the new testament for their admission. Female communion. Besides this reasoning will go to exclude females from the lord s supper. It can not be pretended that there is Ady express command or inspired example recorded in the new testament in favor of their admission to that ordinance. Or. Booth indeed supposed he could find an explicit warrant for female communion in the words a let a Man examine himself a &c.�?1. Cor. I 28. For he alleges that the greek word Anthrop a of Man being of the common gender denotes both men and women. But Peter Edwards has produced Nineteen instances from the new testament in which the word is used to denote the male in distinction from the female sex As i. Cor. Vii 1. A it is Good for a Man Anthropol not to touch a thus the boasted a explicit warranty is lost in the Clouds. The famous a direct warrant a invented by or. Alexander Campbell runs thus a in 1. Cor. Xii Paul Speaks directly of men and women and gives them directions accordingly. He uses the word Aner Man fourteen times and a Une woman sixteen times then in their Stead he puts the pronouns be and you fourteen times and gives these same persons the command concerning the on this i will Only remark that whoever can discover an a explicit warrant a in Sueh a fog has Keener optics than our own. L. N. D. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Evidences of regeneration. Letter 111.-.�?the great change. All things Are become new.�?2. Cor. V 17. dear Friend a in former letters i have spoken of god his personality character and Law of sin and the consequent need of regeneration and justification of the Way of deliverance from sin of regeneration its necessity nature the agent Means and end or design. Let us now consider briefly regeneration and its evidences and More particularly the evidences of regeneration As this is the subject introduced in my last letter and suggested by the words of the apostle As before explained if any Man be in Christ he is a new creature old things Are passed away behold All things Are become new.�?2. Cor v 17. What Are the evidences of this great change but let us first take a Brief review of what has been said of regeneration the great change itself. This in the passage just quoted is called a new creation and in the next verse it is said to be of god for All things Are of god who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ for we Are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto Good works.�?-2. Cor. V 17, 18 Eph. Ii 10. Regeneration this great changes necessary because we Are sinners and As Sueh unfit for heaven. We have a Quot a and this a consists 1st. A in the guilt by imputation of Adams first sin a or the Legal accountability of every soul for that sin in which every one federally participated. 2. A in the want of original righteousness a or an entire destitution of All holy principles feelings and tendencies. 3 a in the err option of the whole nature a that is not Only a privation of All holiness jut the infection of the nature with positive hence we have also actual sin and this a a consists 1st, in any want of conformity to the Law and 2. In transgression of the because we Are thus sinful by nature and practice and have in our a renewed state no ability of will to any spiritual Good we must be born again. This has been abundantly proved in former letters. See Bible dictionary and Vincent a catechism published by the presbyterian Board Page 78, ques. 8, 9 and 1. John Iii 1�?10. A but the natural Man Rece Iveth not the things of the spirit of god for they Are foolishness unto him neither can he know them because they Are spiritually discerned. 1. Cor. Ii 14. The things of the spirit Are foolishness to the natural Man they Are to him absurd insipid and distasteful. And he can not know them. To know is to discern the nature of any thing whether As True or Good or Beautiful. To know god is to discern his truth and excellence to Only through the spirit. J he must be born again born of the spirit his inward state must be changed % the influence of apprehend the be gospel. There Jean the perceived Only the pure in air gospel be hid to them that Are the a renewed Tho Blind did in must go to him and those who go cast out. React corinthians ii excellent sex know the truth is to apprehend it As True and Good. The Wise Are the Good that is those who discern the truth and excellence of divine things. The fools Are the wicked those who Are insensible to truth and goodness what therefore the apostle Here affirms of the natural or a renewed Man is that he can not discern the truth excellence or Beauty of divine things. He can not ado it. It is not simply that he does not do it or that he will not do it but he can not. We do not say of a Clown that he will not discern the truth excellence and Beauty of a poem. The difficulty is not merely in his will but in his whole inward state. The thing is foolishness to him. So the scrip Tures do not say of the natural Man merely that he will not discern the things of the spirit because the difficulty in his Case is not in the will alone but in his whole inward state. He can not know them. And the reason is because they Are spiritually discerned. They Are discerned through the spirit. Therefore those who have not the spirit can not discern them. If the effect of sin on the human soul is to make it Blind to the truth excellence and Beauty of divine things if As the apostle asserts the natural or a renewed Man is in Sueh a state that the things of the spirit Are foolishness to him absurd insipid and distasteful then it follows that he can discern them the spirit before he i truth and excellence of to must be congeniality bet and the thing perceived heart can see god. If of says the apostle it is i lost. The Only Hod of therefore is in dope As the Days of Christ. Thi for spiritual discernment to him he will in no Wise Hodges commentary on 1 14, and throughout. It a need singly valuable. As to its nature regeneration is a new birth it is a change Ofiu Eart it it is it the a infusion of spin Ual life Thaviu planting of holy principle in the heart restoring the lost image of god to the soul enlightening the mind renewing the will raising up the Deal a jul and uniting it to Christ by Faith. As because of so we Are Blind and have no capacity of spiritual perception and can not discern the things of the spirit the spirit opens our Blind eyes in this great change enable 3 us to see spiritual objects and Givine new and Clear views of truth and of heavenly and divine things. The opening of the yes of the mind or the giving to jus the Power a a capacity to perceive the things at god or the removal of our blindness and giving us sight is regeneration the new views the spiritual illumination attending the removal of our blindness the actual seeing is the first effect of regeneration and is inseparable from saving Faith he that is spiritual Judieth All things discerns and Lippre Oates them.�?1. Cor. N to. When the mind is thus spiritually enlightened there is that Faith which unites us to Christ so that we Are in him United to Hini and if any Man be in Christ he is a new creature and is born again. Our vital and a saving Union with Christ depends notion the strength but the reality of our Faith where there is Faith there r regeneration and a new life. Says or. Alex Der suppose life to be Given by divine Power to a dead seed so that it Springs up and grows that illustrates the nature of we Are dead in sin regeneration makes us alive you hath he quickened and being quickened we 1 Echeve and Are m Christ new creatures Savin Gly unite to . Ii 1�?3 2. Cor. V. 17,18. The agent in regeneration is the holy ghost. It is his work to enlighten our minds and renew our will it is his w re to open our hearts give sight to our Blind minds and impart a it Apauty of pint al perception and susceptibility of holy a reeling it is his work to dead in bin. To be born again is to by a Doorn of the split regeneration is the renewing of the holy ghost spiritual things Are. Discerned through the sprite John a 7 8 Titu Iii 4�?7 1. Cor. N 14. To. The Means in regeneration is the word of god the gospel the truth of his own jul begat he us with the word of . I 18. Hence the importance of Reading the Bible and other Good books and of hearing the gospel preached the importance of Sabbath schools Bible classes and of catechetical and family instruction and hence too the importance of prayer and of All the Means of Grace. God works by Means and in the diligent use of these Means we May Hope for his Blessing for though he does not bless us for the use of the Means he does bless us in their use. When he sends his gospel to a place it is because he has designs of Merey toward some and while he continues his gospel in a place there is reason to Hope that he has a people there to be reached and blessed and saved by it and when he removes his gospel from a people there is reason to fear that they Are doomed to perdition or that the unregenerate among them Are to be left to perish and when the people Send the gospel away from among them it is just what satan delights to see As it gives him Good Hopes of holding his subjects without molestation. As god has Given you his word and the Means of his Grace and so far restored your health As to permit you again to visit his House use these Means and Pray for his Blessing on them for it is not a vain thing for you because it is your life for Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of . Xxxii 47 rom. X 10�?17. The end or design of regeneration is the glory of god. God hath made All things for his own glory men by their sins have broken his Law and dishonoured him when in carrying out the scheme of redemption he brings them Back and restores them to his favor Renews and justifies and sanctifies them it is that they May live to his glory in this world and be to the Praise of Bis glorious Grace in the . Ii 4�?10. In a word As the glory of god is the end of creation so is it of the hew creation. The song of redemption is glory to god in the highest Andon Earth peace Good will toward ii 14. Now we must not Only have right views of truth but a right state of heart and these involve each other the natural Man can not know aright the things of the spirit they Are spiritually discerned.�?1. Cor. Ii 14. Religion is not a set of notions merely nor does it consist in Mere feeling it does not divorce the intellect and the emotions it concerns and it controls both. The truth is to be embraced and of course it must be known and hence it must be preached and preached with All plainness and Fidelity and the whole counsel of god declared and the truth gods own truth when perceived and embraced and accompanied by the spirit will produce proper feelings and emotions and Lead to becoming action. That feeling which is not produced by the truth and spirit of god is not religious feeling and of course of no account it is even worse than useless a real injury As it gives wrong impressions and May Lead to false and delusive hopes., hence the danger of Mere sympathy and excitement. Usually the More excitement the less religion the More noise and confusion the less real Devotion. All the feeling there is in the heavenly world is the result of truth rightly apprehended and if we would have right religious feelings we must strive to have right views of divine truth. The soul is one while the intellect is wrong the feelings can not be right. To have right feelings we a must have right views. To Aid you in this important matter is the Humble design of these letters and to accomplish this design i have deemed it expedient to repeat More than once some of the most important truths advanced and shall continue thus to do for your present and eternal Benefit. As Paul said to the philippians to write the same things to you to me indeed is not grevious but for you it is Safe. A Phil Iii 1. It is Safe because truth divine truth perceived and embraced by the intellect and the heart must regulate and control the affections. There is no other Rule by Bieh they can be regulated there is no other Power by which they can be. Controlled but the truth and spirit of god and the truth and the spirit of god Are always m Harmony they never disagree. What is not according to Igodt a truth is a not i and can not be from god s spirit. Are our feelings our cd notions and affections in Harmony with gods truth How shall we know if we do not hear and read and study the truth ? to the Law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no Light m them and no Isa. Iii 20. And yet True religion consists very much in right affections in the right state and exercise of the affections in affections purified by the spirit and regulated and controlled by the truth. In regeneration the heart or state of the soul is changed by the spirit of god. As new views of truth Are Given so right principles of action Are implanted the disposition is changed the will renewed the affections purified and elevated so that we have right affections the heart is made right with god and we freely choose that which is Good and Are influenced and controlled by the motives of the gospel and the truth of god. If any Man be in Christ he is a new creature old things Are passed away behold All things Are become new. He is a new Man leading a new life.�?2. Cor. V 17. This is a great change and there must be Manifest evidences of it. Then let us consider the evidences of regeneration. Of these in my next. Till then Ponder this question have you experienced this change ? Adieu. Yours truly. From our Loudon correspondent. Debate on India the annexation policy India missions and schools the american missionaries there military education reformed anxiety for Indian mews its arrival and nature a great drivi., it my Cine ten if a jews and the Peers the Mommy Post a suspects Rusa in g n ind a the sat Raj re Tew a a the maniacal bigots and free Church late Elm Del n Seth a sent Nen al m n Scotland the turf and lord Derby or. Davidson and his students the Irish Wesleyan conference and Itie deputation from american special postscript about China and India. London. July 31,18o7. In the midst of Public anxiety and Quot like the petrel m the storm or d i r he proceeded on the 2ithinst, to bring on Feis motion on India m the Hope of damaging the government. He insisted that warnings had been Given of the coming danger and that these had been disregarded and he declared that the outbreak in India was not a military Mutiny but a National revolt. The recent measures of the East India company in annexing kingdoms and deposing native princes instead of the retaining of. Nationality the seizure of Freehold land the dealing with pensions granted in perpetuity As if they were Only annuities and tampering with the religion of the people these were the real causes of the revolt. He condemned the appearance of the Bible in some of the government schools the allowing of widows to marry the education of females and the enactment that no Man should loss his property for changing his religion. All this gave the suspicion of proselytism being encouraged by the government. He then harped on the annexation of nude stating that after and in consequence of this there were outward and visible signs of confederation in the circulation of a a pancakes and Lotus Flowers As the secret symbols of and stimulants to insurrection. He admitted that while prejudice to a considerable degree existed in England he could Trace no part of the recent disasters to missionary exertion what the people hated was missionary operations in connexion with the governing Power. He dwelt on these topics for two hours and a half and spent another half hour in propounding his remedies. He proposed that a Royal commission should immediately be sent to India to inquire into the grievances of the native people and that the Queen should Issue a proclamation declaring that Bhe will not countenance the violation of treaties and the disturbance of property and that she respects their Laws their usages their customs and above All their religion. Or. Do israeli does hot stand alone in thinking that lord Dalhousie so a annexation policy has been one great cause of the mischief. It was the recorded opinion of Monro and some of the other great men to whom we Are indebted for the earliest consolidation of our Indian conquests that the existence of Independent native princes contributed directly to the stability of the Empire. On this Point an Able weekly paper the saturday review writes thus a profound knowledge of Oriental character taught its author that the sepoy soldiers View of his own position would he altogether altered by the obliteration of native dynasties. So Long As there were kingdoms really or apparently competing with the English for the Primacy of India Sueh As the great Power of re Nabet Singh in the Punjab or even the tinsel Royalty of Oudes the partisanship of the native army was enlisted on behalf of its paymasters. It regarded itself As sustaining the dignity and authority of the company against rivalries More or less dangerous. But the absorption of All India has necessarily changed the native soldiers Conception of his relation to the Anglo Indian government. Overeating probably his share in the acquisition of this great Dominion he looks upon the Empire As a prize which he has won and could win again. It is natural he should believe that he could easily take the sceptre from the hands into which he committed it and place it at his pleasure in othere. Hence the importance of the Rush made by the mutineers to Delhi showing As it did their belief that the Crown of All India was at their disposal. It is not the first time that the removal of every visible rival has had this effect on an army. The same thing happened seventeen Hundred years ago. The instant that the boundaries of the roman Empire had been pushed by the Caesars to the limits of ancient civilization the legionaries turned round on their employers and put the throne up to auction. Still in the particular ease before us the argument Beems somewhat to fail from the fact urged by the Chancellor of the exchequer in reply to or. Do israeli that the native princes have come Forward to help the Indian government in the suppression of the revolt. A they had All sided a said the chairman of the company a a with the so likewise the and owners were hot dissatisfied they had sheltered the fugitive officers and their families with the greatest kindness and assisted the government. So in the a a annexed Punjab a a there was not a Finger raised against european Power a and the native population gave up mutineer sepoy to Justice. With regard to missions and educational measures or. Do israeli spoke like himself True a adduced. He is not for driving away the missionaries but he condemns the Bible m the Library it is not in the government school and he leaves the miserable widow and female neglected As before t the Chancellor of the. Exchequer admitted i Fiat a a the missionaries themselves were not objected to by the natives a and has no idea of forbidding them but insists that military and civil officers shall not any longer preach in the bazaars and distribute tracts As col. Wheeler and others have done. Or. Whiteside also on the tory Side did not attribute the mischief to English missionaries a the native indians were willing enough to discuss theological questions and it would be recollected that although the americans had no territory in India they had missionaries there. The Hindoos he said were not alarmed at the missionaries being left free but at the announcement of lord Canning that he would Earry out objects which had not yet been fully realized. On the whole the missionaries escaped that Rabid attack which might have been anticipated. Politicians done to like them but they must put up with their presence in India with such a vis a Tergo in their favor in England. Lord John Russell gave a new turn to the debate not Only by deprecating the discussion altogether but by proposing an address to the Queen to assure her of the support of the House in any measures necessary to produce Tranquility and Contentment in India. This motion was very Well received it a took the wind out of the sails of the opposition and was finally adopted without a division at 2 of clock in the morning of the 28th inst. The next night after the above debate sir de Lacy Evans initiated a discussion on the military. Education of officers in the army. The government then informed the House that a new system requiring a certain amount of professional knowledge before a commission was Given providing special education for officers of the staff and otherwise raising the Standard would Home into operation in january 1858during the whole of the debate and throughout the previous afternoon and morning anxious inquiries were made about the Indian mail and up to s of clock on wednesday morning the House still sitting no news had arrived. But at 8 of clock a. M., out to inns the times with the telegraphic news from Trieste announcing that Del if had not fallen up till the 17th of june that general Bernard had repulsed with great Slaughter several sorties made from the town and was waiting reinforcements. It was added that the native regiments at Calcutta and Barrac pore had been quietly disarmed but that while in Madras there was some agitation both there and in the Bombay presidency the troops remained firm to England. The news was not so bad As was rumoured and feared still it was very grave and while the funds and Public securities recon cd somewhat the crisis was and is Felt to be alarming. Bengal at least must be reconquered Delhi May be retained by the insurgents from the Lack of sufficient Force to assault it for several months to come and the future is dark and ominous. A meeting for special United prayer in relation to India was held this morning at freemasons Hall on the invitation of the evangelical Alliance. The attempted and virtual revival of the slave Trade by the importation from Africa of what Are called a a free negroes a into the French islands of the West indies led last week to an eloquent speech from lord Brougham reminding the country of the Days of his glory in parliament. The government assured him that this country disapproved of the measure and would never countenance any thing of the kind. The amended attempt of lord John Russell and his friends by a new Bill to obtain admission for the jews into parliament has no Chance of Success the session being too far. Advanced for its being even sent up to the Peers. The upper House would in All probability have resisted the proposal with the same results As before. Another proposal by a or. Dilwyn had the a a fetal Vise in it of proposing that the House of commons by its own vote alone should make a Law admitting the jew whereas the Constitution requires Laws to be ratified by Queen lords and commons just As in your country the vote of the two houses with the presidents signature is. Essential to the Validity of any measure. As has been remarked this is a a a singular method of getting rid of the exclusion by destroying the Constitution itself. It is just the policy of the irishman who enlarged his House by pulling Down All the four Baron Rothschild has been re elected for the City of London. The morning Post Palmerston a paper does not hesitate to attribute to russian intrigue considerable amount of native disaffection in India. It has always been the policy of Russia to have numerous agents in India under the Guise of men of science travellers add merchants to spy the nakedness of the land and to report to the Chanel by at st. Petersburg. When the last War was imminent it was a a the direct interest a says the Post a a of the Czar to create a diversion in India and if the train so artfully Laid in 1854 and 1855, has Only exploded in 1857, the fault is not attributable. To any want of Zeal in the russian it is also suggested that greek and russian agents would gladly a a Lay aside their hatred to strike a blow at protestant England a and that therefore a a the legions of jesuits who have been sent to India the agents of Cardinal Antoneilli who hates England intensely May have been doing mischief. All this is possible and not incredible. Russia is the mistress of diplomacy above All her rivals and she has Long had her Eye directed toward India. The saturday review from which i have Given an extract is a Broad Church paper of great ability. It has not yet reached its 100th number but it is read by an Eclectic class who like its freshness and Talent and consider even its scoffing at evangelicals both in and out of the Church As very racy. It expresses the latent feeling of those people in this country who regard foreign missions with supreme contempt. It would Stop the Mouths and withdraw even from the Field those a maniacal bigots a the missionaries while a a a free Kirk woman a the wife of a missionary is to be regarded As an alarmingly dangerous person the Sadd Cees you perceive would persecute As Well As the Romish tra etarian pharisees. An Earnest spiritual new testament christianity they cannot away with. Madeleine Smith after her acquittal at Edinburgh was reported to have gone away in disguise to America. But it appears she is still in Scotland at a residence belonging to her father on the Banks of the Clyde. Large bets had been Laid on the Issue of the trial. It was a most mysterious ease one link Only in the Chain of evidence was wanting and the scotch verdict of a a not proven a leaves her under the Elond of suspicion to say the least. She was brought up in a very Gay manner her father an architect had failed in business and started afresh with Large Domestic expenditure. It is said that a Large sum of Money will be presented to her if so it will disgrace the givers and will prove that even in Scotland a false sentimentalism has a Large influence. The life of the Mother of this Young lady it is said has been in imminent danger from grief. A warning to All parents and to Young people suggests itself without any commentary of mine. The turf is one of the sources of demoralization and misery which Good men have always deplored. William Palmer executed last year was one specimen Only of a class of those a a Black legs a who Are scoundrels to the very Core. Lord Derby a great Patron hitherto of the turf has been aroused by recent transactions in the Way of fraudulent gambling to write a letter to the stewards of the jockey club in which he states that a a it has become a subject of general observation and regret that the number of men of station and Fortune who support the turf is gradually diminishing and that an increasing proportion of training is in the hands of persons in an inferior position who keep them not for the purposes of sport but As Mere instruments of his lordships admission is a Gratifying one As to the withdrawal of the aristocracy from the race course. But for Mere a a sport a horses never were kept As a Rule. As a a instruments of gambling a they Are used alike by Nobles like lord a Derby and the professional betting Man. Forbid All betting and the attraction of the Raee course diminishes a thousand fold. In connexion with the retirement of or. Dayt Dray a number of the former students of the Lancashire College met soon after his resignation to present him with a testimonial and an address. In his reply he referred to his fourteen years labor in the colleges How he had thought that he was settled there for life and he added a a the wish of Nesenius was my wish that i should be carried to the grave by students. But the dream is All past and i am compelled to seek for occupation what Field he May next occupy i cannot conjecture. His scholarship is great he is a student con Amare but As a preacher he would i presume not be generally acceptable. It is not without sadness that one contemplates his present position and the cause of it. The Irish Wesleyan conference lately held its annual session at Cork. The preaching of the gospel in the open air is much Practised and protracted services have been held in chapels. The Day schools Are 55 in number and give instruction to 2,422. A vigorous Effort is in Progress for increasing Wesleyan Agency in Ireland. More than �6,000 had been already raised at Home while the Rev. Robinson Scott a Deputy to the United states had reported the sum there subscribed As about 862,000. At the conference appeared Bishop Simpson and or. Mcclintock As a deputation from the general conference of the methodist episcopal Church of America. He gave a statistical account of the churches and population connected with his division of the methodist body. There were 800,000 in the division to which he belonged in the other division about 630,000, while in other branches there might be 50,000 or 60,000. Or. Mcclintock gave information As to the publication department of the methodist episcopal Church. Bishop Simpson afterwards referred in a speech at a Public meeting to the anti slavery position of his denomination by which a they were officially completely separated from the Southern methodist Church although they often met them in a Friendly he also dwelt on the treatment received by borne of the anti slavery ministers in the slave states. The Irish conference closed its meetings full of encouragement As to the. Future. From personal and frequent observation i can truly say that the Quot Wesleyan have done a most important work in Ireland and were among the earliest to break ground in Romish districts. . China we have tidings of two fierce naval conflicts Between the English gunboats and perhaps other Light vessels and a the chinese War Junks which resulted after much bloodshed in the virtual annihilation of the chinese Fleet at Canton. It. Is astonishing with what comparative indifference news like this is received. India absorbs Public attention and anxiety More and More. Still or. Mccleod Wylie writing from Calcutta this gentleman is a judge in the company a service and an eminent free Churchman is not afraid of our losing India for the following reasons the interest of Large classes in maintaining the existing government the Succour and sympathy of Independent princes the Energy and perseverance of Britain when she is in Earnest and last not least on the fact that in bringing India under our Sway god in his wonderful Providence seems to have a great end in View the christianization of the country and till its accomplishment it will probably remain under British Rule. Alas How Little Progress have we made1 toward this end nay what judgments have we provoked honors have been publicly a presented to Hindoo idols offerings

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