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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - August 15, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaYtfrta1n 1 al i amp advocate _ i a hair by Imit vol a not 47� i vol. Xix so.42. David Mckinney editor and thing is needful a a one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i whole no. 355 publication office Gazette building fifth above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Chestnut terms a in the week ending Saj larday August 15, 1857. K by mail or at the office $1.50 per year see prospects delivered m the City 1,75 a a a a s to the memory of a physician. Them Art gone we no longer thy face shall behold that form loved by Many is lifeless and cold in the cold arms of death thou Art silently sleeping. While friends Over Oliy memory in sadness Are vet pm. The wife of thy bosom the children so dear in sorrows deep anguish weep Over by Bier while friends and acquaintances sadly Are mourning by exit to realms where there a a no More returning the sick and the dying thy soft accents know and ofttimes to them Ali our st presented to View the fullness of Pardon for hearts that Are riven and pointed from Earth to the glory of heaven. Whilo in he ring the body to Ense of its pain and seeing efforts were like to prove vain lost health to restore it was thy Honor a commission to Point to the Tours great almighty physician. Thy labors we miss but we Trust thou Art now in the court of High heaven a Crown on thy brow and casting it Down at the feet of the Savour ascribing to Hist the Dominion forever. Tes there we May Hope thou Art safely at rest and Pillow a thy head on Immanuel a breast 0, who would recall thee from regions so glorious where Over sin and death thou Art More than victorious. Mart. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Evidences of regeneration letter Union with Christ. Therefore if any Man be in Christ he is a new creature old things Are passed away behold All things Are become new�?2. Cor. V 17. My dear Friend i begin this series of letters with some hesitation. In a late Banner and advocate i see a a nobody says he never reads a series of articles on any subject. So i suppose he will not read these. Very Well. I will just whisper to him that they Are not written for his special Benefit nor for any of the professors in our theological seminaries nor for ministers generally nor for theological students in particular nor for any one who has More books and papers than he can read but specially for you and for any who May want information and Oan find nothing bet ter on the subject. As i write for you and to do you Good i shall not perhaps he very systematic but very Plain giving Precept upon Precept Precept upon Precept line upon line line upon line Here a Little and there a . Xxviii do is. This is needful for you and for the Young generally and for All who Are Likely to read these letters and the More so. Because of Belr Brevity and the consequent fragmentary manner in which the subject is presented. _ _ it is Well to compare our views with the scriptures. Let us hear what they say. As they teach us the necessity and the nature of regeneration so they must also be our guide in regard to its evidences. Therefore if any Man be in Christ he is a new creature old things Are passed away behold All things Are become new. We know no Man after the flesh Bays Paul in the preceding verse we know no Man after the flesh. �?2. Cor. V 11�?-21. We Are under infinite obligations to Christ Jesus and when Fidelity to him is Donee red we show no respect to the persons of men whether jews or gentiles Kindred or strangers nor can we a accommodate our doctrine or conduct to the Humours of men from any worldly principles or because of outward Connexions with them or obligations to them. Nay we do not now regard our external relation to Christ himself As being of the same nation with him or otherwise acquainted with him a or even related to commentary on the passage. And lest this should be regarded As something Peculiar to himself and his associates he declares it to be the Standard of genuine christianity by which the piety of All is to be tested therefore if any Man be in Christ he is a new creature old things Are passed away behold All things Are become new. Now Here Are several things worthy of attention and first Here is Union with Christ. Union is the basis of communion. There can be no communion with Christ where there is no Union with him. Hence they who Are out of Christ Oan have no Fellowship with him As he himself says without me apart from me separated from me or As it is in the margin severed from me be can do nothing a John Xiv 5. The words above quoted from 2. Cor. V 17, speak of Union with Christ if any Hast Given me. Father i will that they also whom Thuu Hast Given me be with me where i am. These Are the sheep which hear his voice and of whom he says i Lay Down my life for the x 14�? �50 and xvii 6�?24. Now to deny that Jesus Christ had special reference to these in his work or that his atonement was designed to be applied to them or was specially and particularly intended for them is to deny the existence of the covenant of Grace which lies at the very basis of the whole calvinistic or Bible system and it is further to deny that Jesus Christ is the Legal head and representative of his people their surety and substitute and thus to subvert the very nature of the atonement As a satisfaction to divine Justice. Inseparable from the doctrines of election and atonement is that of Christ a substitution for Bis people be is their surety their Legal head and hence there is a Legal or covenant Union Between Christ and his people. This Union is from All eternity when be was appointed their head their surety and substitute and they were Given to him by the father in the covenant of Grace. Hence in the Shorter catechism questions 20 and 21, he is called a a the redeemer of gods we say then there is a Legal Union Between Christ and his people and it is because of this and Bis consequent substitution fur us that our sins were Laid on him and that he Bare our sins in his own body on the tree it is because of this for his work has relation to Law that he redeems us from the curse of the Law being made a curse for us and it is because of this that he is the end of the Law for righteousness to every one that . Iii 6 1. Pet. Ii 24 Gal. Iii 13. Rom. X 4. Gods Law has been broken by us and its penalty incurred and if there were no Legal Union Between Christ and Hia people Quot had be not taken their Law place and obeyed the Law in their Stead and endured for them its penalty and been made a Eurse for them there could be no saving Union Between them and him. There must be an atonement or there can be no forgiveness without shedding of blood there is no remission. A Heb. In 22. Atonement is a satisfaction to divine Justice that satisfaction is made by Christ a obedience and death because he is the Legal representative the surety and substitute of his people. His sufferings Are not a substitute for the penalty of the Law for he suffered the penalty of the Law itself in the room of his people he himself is their substitute and hence his doing and dying in their Stead is a satisfaction to the Justice of god an atonement for their sins and the Justice of god being satisfied he can forgive justify and save. God can be just and yet justify them that believe because Jesus Christ As the Legal head of his people has met the demands of Law and Justice As their substitute and wrong Hunt a righteousness in which they May Stana accepted before Iii a 20�?26. _ it As the lawyer answers for his client so Jesus Christ As the Legal head and representative of his people stood in their Law place and answered for them and met for them and cancelled All the demands of Law and Justice As he said to i come to do thy will 0 . X 5�?10. So what is Legal in the Union of Christ and his people is the basis of what is real and spiritual the Legal Union is the antecedent and the foundation of every other Union and of All communion too Between Christ and his redeemed. This is just the reverse of what is taught by the Church of Rome but romanism discards the Bible. The Bible is the religion of protestants and the Bible teaches the Legal Union of Christ and his. People As the basis of every other Union and j of All communion with him. Hence in an 1 important sense the death of Christ is the death of his people As Paul says i am crucified with . Ii 20. So too from our London correspondent. The. Trevolt in India extent of Ike disaffection dispatch of troops and a commander in chief is India to be lost to Britain a massacres by the sepoy a the jews and the House if Peers the pros and cons the coming Harvest the state of Commerce and the Money Market instability and insecurity of Europe Humoured attempt to assassinate Louis Maple and Mazzini a congregationalism presbyterianism and Episcopacy in the colonies the Irish general Assembly Home foreign colonial and jewish missions scotch. English Waldensian belgian and american deputations. London july 17, 1857. The Indian news received this week is mixed with painful incidents but re assuring As to the probable stability and safety of our Empire in the East. Delhi the Strong hold of those revolting regiments who took Refuge there and were joined by a fanatical Mohammedan population was surrounded when the mail left by government troops. These bad been fighting with the insurgents bold enough to show themselves outside the Walls. Driven Back these desperadoes Long Ere this must have surrendered and undergone the terrible retribution which awaited them. What More painful than for our troops to be compelled to fight and Meijy too losing their lives in the conflict with those who were so recently ranged by their Side under the one British Flag a great lesson has been read to this country. Not less than 30,000 native troops Are disaffected and disbanded and these must be replaced either by fresh levies in India or by troops from Home. Sir Colin Campbell goes out As commander in chief. Elderly Indian officers who had retired Are expecting to repair to the East again and the juniors in hundreds Are hurrying away. Still the tidings that the flames of revolt both in Bengal and in the p an Jab Are Well nigh trampled out and that the Bombay and Madras armies Are Loyal to Britain somewhat tranquilize3 the Public mind. The Cabinet had Early intelligence met immediately and Are acting so As to show to the country that our hold on the India Empire will if vigor Oan do it be maintained. A a Man proposes a it is True but a a god disposes a but i have a firm Faith that because that India has been Given us that the Christian Church of All lands May subjugate it to the Sway of Zions kids therefore it shall remain under our control. Let us Pray and Hope that while false charges have been insinuated by some against missionaries the East India company will at least have the moral courage not to obstruct christianity any longer. That is All she asks. Her weapons Are not carnal her office is to win souls to the Saviour and a a in the might of her meekness she can go Forth to the great conflict in the Confidence of assured and final Victory. The massacre of europeans by the sepoy s has extended beyond Meerut and Delhi. In one Case a native regiment suddenly diverged to either Side of the Highway leaving the English officers to be shot Down to a Man by a body of mutineer eave Fly who galloped Down upon them two missionaries of the propagation of the gospel society with some of their agents and assistants were put to death at Delhi All Over Bengal evangelical missionaries must find an arrest put on their work. As to Domestic matters the House of lords by a majority of thirty nine has decided against the admission of jews into parliament. The Bishop of London spoke and voted in favor of their admission and this deliberately he said and after Stu dying the question for years. On the other hand lord Derby and the Bishop of Oxford argued against a a unchristian izing a the legislature by admitting those who were the avowed enemies of the Messiah ship of Jesus. The Bill under discussion was called the a a oaths it proposed to repeal the clauses of the oath hitherto taken by which i for generations past the member of the House of commons on taking his seat a the Revenue cannot be it Alec cd in Bengal fur sume title to looking at these matters from a can Simian stand Point one is of ail earthly in of the world cure. The period in it can be said and at rest a and possessions Herand the state of in lion May break Aeh our Corn Merit to say a a peace struck with the to Seal things even when the seem to think them bios to seems yet far Distant that a a the Earth is quit the vast extent of Brij relations with All nation the continent where a Forth at any time should Eia men and polities and and that an attempt was Plo Mieres on inti life Napoleon by an Intel stiletto glanced across a whispered Over but of it this week by a go gently returned from French papers it is a to be silent and the l know nothing of Tho matter in consequence. That Louis Napo Eon is a marked Man by the Mazzin ians is Ceri amp in. But they have failed in their re ent attempts t Genoa and in Sicily. Mazzini is Laid to be in England again having is Peden the d Guise of a Quaker. By his Oneida fanaticism and his abortive makes the sufferings of the oppress eds All tee i Cavier and proves himself the bes a Friend of despotism. The Progress of congregationalism in our colonies does fired it to the Zeal of ado recently at the emperor so Assassin Whoso Back of the neck be. I was assured gentleman re continent the British christians Church of Christ. Canada in Coon Exio tonal Union there recognised churches Ven thousand three ired and eighty three a that Section of the ins we learn that in with our co Grega a re Are seventy four _ fifty four ministers stationed and with Ope or two exceptions settled As pastors Over churches two professors in the theological Institute three missionaries and three native Indian missionaries six others vat thou pastoral charges the average attendance on the preaching of the gospel nearly of a thousand three Hub Church members fifty seven chapels erected by the colonists fat a Cost of upward of �36,000 fifty four Sabbath schools with three Hundred and ii teachers and three thousand scholars of four Hundred Young people attending Bible classes. The sum of �8,492 had been raised by fifty four churches during tip year for All purposes. But it is in Australasia that the prospects Are the most encouraging and hopeful. The London colonial committee in 1853, sent out three eminent ministers Fletcher Poore and Day to Melbourne two of whom were to Settle As pastors but the third or. Poore to traverse the whole land and by Intercourse with of for settlers to prepare the Way for suitable ministers. Travelling twice through Victoria new South Wales South a Tania visiting every stall ministers and friends government requirements twelve families or fifty two individuals. A on the other baud it is painful to hear of scotch presbyterians married to Romish wives Many of whose children Are being brought up and educated under the auspices of priests and no yes. Rome always gains in this matter of mixed marriages. Hence the importance of the Presby Terian Church watching Over her scattered children when exposed to this special form of temptation. The Power of the priests Over the parents and children in Ireland is being gradually broken by Mission schools. A not Long ago i it tempted to Fnu Ahten the parents of thirty children to take them away from the school. The attempt except As to two or three of tee children was a failure spiritual intimidation also has just received another signal Check by the decision of the election committee of the election the ground of priestly of Flemat speeches in connexion with the violence that followed. Or. Mehale goes Home rebuked. He is a thorough bigot. Preaching in Islington London last Sabbath he j described ail who denied the d of tra substantiation and the mass As on an inclined plane and descending surely to perdition the Field of the Irish foreign Mission is Gujarat in Northern India. Versions of the new testament and of the Shorter catechism have been published and also a metrical version of the psalms in the native Tongue prepared by or. Glasgow. A monthly periodical has also been established and a press has been set up at Surat. Or. Glasgow has received an important appointment from the government of Bombay namely that of translator and superintendent of books for the education of the people in the province. The Bible is not yet introduced in the common schools. It is placed in the Library of each school for reference. The Irish colonial Mission has done and is doing a Good work in Canada West and East in new Brunswick new zeland and Australia. The jewish Mission operates at a Australia and Tai Tion conferring we the Energy a Quot Laud and will Shi already done so Christ is the resurrection of his people As Paul says again he hath quickened is Man to in Christ. To be in Christ is to be United to him As a Branch is in a tree United to it. Now a a Between Christ and believers there is a first a a Legal Union like that Between a surety and the person for whom he engages. This Union was formed from All eternity when Christ was appointed their Federal head their representative their surety and substitute. In the covenant of Grace or redemption entered into Between the father and the son Jesus Christ is constituted the Legal head the i representative the surety and substitute of this people he stands in their place beats for them and so there is a Legal r representative Union Between Christ Anu them they and he Are regarded As one Legal person As a lawyer and is client Are one. He is the head and they Are the members. Hence they Are chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world and Are Given to Christ by the father in the covenant of Grace As a Reward for Bis Eph. 1 4 John xvii 2. Hence it is written he shall see of the Travail of his soul and shall be satisfied satisfied because he shall see the salvation of those for whom he travalled and . Iii 10�?12. Thus he prays to the father glorify thy son that thy son also May glorify thee As thou Hast Given him Power Over All flesh that he should give eternal life to As Many As thou Hast Given xvii 1�?3. And in another place he declares All that the father liveth me shall come to me and him that cometh to me i will in to Wise cast i 37. And again have a a manifested thy name unto the men which thou gravest me out of the world keep through thine own name those whom thou together with Christ and hath raised is up . Ii 4 �?6. But there is More than a Legal Union Between Christ and his people. The Legal Union is from eternity when Christ was made a their head and they were Given to him. Bat there must also a Union take place Here in time in this world in order that the benefits promised and see used by the Legal Union May be possessed and enjoyed. The redemption purchased by Christ As the surety of his people must be applied and in its application there is formed a vital spiritual and saving Union with Christ thus a the spirit a Plieth to us the redemption purchased by Christ by working Faith in us and thereby uniting us to Christ in our effectual calling a or regeneration and . Cat., ques. 30. The spirit unites us to Christ and so it is a spiritual Union he unites us to Christ by Faith and so it is a living and saving Union and As it is mysterious it is called a mystical Union. Christ puts his spirit in our hearts and so the Bond of Union on his part is the indwelling of his spirit we receive Christ by Faith and so the Bond of Union on our part is Faith. When the spirit enlightens and Renews our hearts and we receive Christ by Faith As our Saviour we become United to him and become interested in and Are made partakers of All the blessings and benefits of the Ever a g covenant of Grace. This is the Union Quot a a of by the apostle when he says if Duy Man be in Christ United to him he is a new creature 5 it is a Union formed when we Are Begotten again and become new creatures a living Union because being United to Christ we derive life from him a saving Union because being United to Christ we justified and shall therefore be i. 1 a 1 it. Pm a Nolan Hupfl there is no condemnation to them which Are in Christ Jean so United to him. A death will break All other ties and separate the soul from the body but it can not dissolve the Union Between Christ and believers. Hence they Are said to a die in the lord and to sleep in a and a a the souls of believers Are at their death made perfect in holiness and do immediately pass into glory and their bodies being still United to Christ do rest in their Graves till the cat., ones. 37 Rev. Xiv 13 1. Thess. In 14 2. Cor. V 17. Rom. 8 1�?39. But i May have More to say on this subject in my next preparatory to a proper View of the evidences of Regen aeration and till then Farewell. You hrs truly. Ascendants of James ii. And the stewarts j this clause of course had become obsolete As far As facts could make it so yet still As Long As it is unrevealed it must he taken a and sworn to,-.As part of the oath. But tacked to the proposal to repeal that part of j the oath was another the cause of All the i strife which proposed to leave out hence j Forth the words a a on the True Faith of a i by this kind of Side legislation it was that the jews were to be admitted to i parliament. The question is a difficult one and much that is plausible can be said on a either Side. Questions Independent of Church establishments do come before parliament which App Inge to say the least on christianity and need an Appeal to be made for decision to the scriptures of the new testament As Well As of the old. Such is that of marriage and divorce lately under discussion in which to its Honor the House of Peers while differing in opinion As to what the Law of Christ was yet bowed before the great lawgiver As supreme in the matter. And to please the jew who blaspheme him it certainly does seem very questionable for a nation which As such in its Sabbath Observance its statute Law and otherwise acknowledges the Faith of the gospel coupled it is True with much hypocrisy formality and wickedness to blot out the solemn words a a on the True Faith of a on the other band it is argued that the jews if in parliament would be but a band Ful that it is a fact that unitarians and scoffers Are already there they take the oath however and the responsibility is theirs that religious Freedom demands the abolition of this exclusive test As has been done in the United states and that virtually to persecute the jew in this manner is a crime and must prejudice him More and More against christianity. Much More has been said on both sides but these Are the main Points brought out in the debate. The question is an interesting one. The True solution of All such problems in political science will be found in that coming Day when a Israel shall turn to the lord and the Vail shall he taken and All the More earnestly should the cry go up from Gentile christians a ooh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion 1�?� the prospects of Harvest Are very cheering and the Corn Market is going Down. The Commerce of the country and the Public funds Are agitated and disturbed by the news from India and the expenses about to be increased in the dispatch of orc has come to eng. If he has not wit Smeen action Tel ministers for each of whom station and an adequate support have been already provided. As evidence of the sincerity of the colonists in asking for additional ministers they have remitted �2,400 to meet in part the charges for sending out the required number. As you already know the free and established churches of Scotland and the Irish presbyterian Church have been Active in the same direction while Episcopacy has not been Idle. In Many of the British colonies however chiefly from the disastrous influence of Gladstone in the Derby cabinets the leaven of Trae arianism has been widely diffused. This will be gradually counteracted. At Melbourne doctor Perry the Bishop a is a Man of the finest Catholic spirit and exercises a most Beneficent influence. The Irish general Assembly has now concluded its annual meeting which was marked by much Harmony and at which valuable information was Given As to the Progress and Prosperity of the Irish presbyterian Church both at Home and abroad. Deputations were present from the free Church and a the English presbyterian Church. A member of the latter deputation urged upon the Assembly the duty of coming to our help in providing ministers and ordinances for presbyterian soldiers in Garrison towns in England. The Assembly warmly entertained the proposal. Many of the Best soldiers of the British army Are from Ulster and especially in the artillery. The War office is Friendly in its spirit and can calculate on its allowing a sum in proportion to the number of soldiers for the partial payment of a ministers Chatham and Plymouth have Strong claims to be immediately attended to and it is not i in probable that an Irish presbyterian minister acting under the Sanction of the Lon Don presbytery May take up a position at one or the other. The Home missions of the Irish presbyterians Are still in operation in Connaught besides strengthening weak congregations in other districts. In the Mission schools no less than nine thousand roman Catholic children Are receiving a scriptural and Industrial education. As a result of this Industrial education continued since it was first established by or. Edgar the children taught in these schools and those taught by them had earned last year no less than �25,000. The following by one of the Young ministers Labouring in Connaught is very honorable and encouraging in connexion with presbyterianism wherever they turned their eyes scenes of Progress and improvement became Manifest and opened up the Way for the advancement of presbyterian interests. In fact wherever the work of improvement was observed to make Progress they would always find members of the presbyterian Church associated with that work of improvement applause he coaids give illustrations from the place where to lived. The woman Cath Olio priests introduced a factory for weaving muslims and a scotch presbyterian became its manager. A few protestant clergymen and gentlemen established a Linen weaving factory in the same town and three Ulster presbyterians became its conductors. A Nobleman sought Tho services of a first class Mechanic and a presbyterian was appointed. A society sought to promote the cultivation of flax through the District and the services of a presbyterian were brought into requisition. It was also a notable fact that scotch Farmers not Only came themselves to Settle in the country but they brought numbers with them of stewards mechanics shepherds and labourers. Or. Whigham then proceeded to observe that be was quite satisfied that there were very few towns of any note in the South and West of Ireland around which within a radius of twelve or fifteen Miles the materials of a congregation could not masers where there is a flourishing female school and there is a Small Church also. The Mission has been strengthened there by Monsieur Jules Ferrette a Genevese by birth a convert from Rome and a Man of extraordinary talents and attainments. He had been for three years a Romish priest. At Hamburg or. Craig and at Bonn or. Graham each carries out the designs of the Mission to the jews As they have Opportunity. Two Young polish jews instructed by the latter have been baptized. The indirect but powerful influence of missions to the jews on dead Gentile churches As Well As in doing Good to students and others is forcibly shown by the position and usefulness of or. Graham at Bonn As a a Caj testify hmm personal to Rapti in made some a yes is be Craig Are highly prize and Active friends of the London religious tract societies. Conversions from among the jews Are very few at present. Still the duty is unquestionable to preach Christ to them and to wait for that spirit who is surely yet to take away the Vail from israelis heart. For Tho presbyterian Banner and advocate. The a a beginning of this is an age of progression. Schools academies and colleges flourish in almost every part of Wiir Happy country. The minds of Many of our youth Are imbued with a deep love of learning. Books and periodicals moral and instructive flood the land dispelling ignorance and diffusing Light and those who Are now ignorant Are wilfully so. Talents Are being developed which bid fair for usefulness in society. In Short every thing proclaims the March of intellect and the Prophey is being literally fulfilled a a Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be . Xii 4, these is Are to be rejoiced in As without knowledge our youth can neither be useful nor Happy neither Good citizens nor Good christians. But we will suppose an Urc Moneme per a Sqq attaining to Lgth Eminence in a Terry mite a amp dived Watn a High degree of Mentora Blimp Luto did by a Jayor a Able circumstance of promote his or her highest Hopes of Success be at length Gams a Jolly Eminence on the Hill of science. Caressed and applauded in Public and private. Litters awhile As a Star or rather a meteor in the Galaxy of the literati i but a his knowledge is in sanctified. With All his attainments he has neglected the very starting Point for a a the fear of the lord is the beginning of Wisdom a soon in the eyes of a Fickie and changing world he is eclipsed by some new Constellation glittering perhaps in the same manner and soon to be outshone by another. Then his heart being elated with flattery and not fortified by Grace he is disheartened and unhappy. He can ill Brook the cold neglect of those who once caressed and applauded him. His highest ambition was to attain literary honors his end was gained but alas even in Possession it was not what he i anticipated and now even that is vanished whither will he turn ? religions consolations Are not his for alas he has neglected her precepts the future is All dark and when death approaches he looks Forward to eternity with fearful and gloomy forebodings. On the other hand see him that begins with a a the fear of the his studies Are pursued with a View to usefulness he invokes the divine guidance in All his pursuits. He May Rise to Eminence in literature but this is not is great object but Only subservient to the will of his great master. He perseveres in the path of known duty comparatively regardless of the worlds smiles or frowns. His talents and acquirement Are exerted for the promotion of the temporal and spiritual welfare of his fellow beings and above All the glory of god. If the world frown and cast him off though he May feel wounded and ill treated yet he does not entirely give Way to melancholy feelings for he has through divine Grace a Spring of never filing Consolation. He knows that this world is not is Home and he looks beyond its fading honors to the a Cwm of a a ice he did gtd Tod Etc tjw Leigh to of glory a which awaits my on High. He fears not death it is Only a messenger to conduct my to the courts of the great King there to be crowned with honors unfading and eternal. Mary. Judgment seat trusting Only in this that a the who knew no sin was made sin for them that they might be made the righteousness of god in such As these make up the elect and none but such. Deputations from Belgium and also from the Waldensian Hureh were received with i great affection. The evangelical Church of Belgium is quite Young it is a resurrection of the old protestantism Wimch Philip of Spain and the Pope thought to be dead and buried forever. Nearly All its ministers were Onoe Romish priests or to maoists. Of one thousand communicants nine Hun-1 dred Are Romish converts and spiritual converts in reality they Are reported to be. There Are six thousand souls belonging to the congregations and More than ten thousand to maoists hear the gospel during Taeb year. There Are thirteen schools and from six Hundred to seven Hundred scholars mostly children of Lomish parents sixty thousand tracts and books have been printed and there has been established a most useful protestant Book shop in Brussels. Liberty of preaching teaching and publishing is secured by the Constitution. The Liberal party who have recently been stemming intolerance in the Chambers have a Strong sympathy with the protestants. A a i do know a said m. Anet before the Assembly a a several gentlemen writers and doctors in Law have decided not to write a line now against the Bible and protestant nations because they consider the principles of the reformation As the sole Means of saving Belgium and that in ten or fifteen years All Belgium would become protestant. Best of All a great popish lecturer a Jesuit has been routed and put to shame by the simple ministers of the evangelical Church. He attacked protestantism was challenged to a discussion at Mal Ines and fled to Brussels and thence also the Jesuit was obliged to depart in disgrace vast crowds in both places attended to hear refutations of his attacks. The whole Liberal party laughed very much while the friends of the Romish Church the effect is very marked on the popular mind and spiritual results have already appeared. The eloquent m. Pilatte of Nice and another minister represented the Walden sign Church most effectively. Both these gentlemen Are now in London. From the former i have Learned particulars of the deepest interest As to the Power of the gospel in connexion with the sojourn of the Empress dowager of Russia and her suite last Winter at Nice. I am not at Liberty to say More. The total increase for the year in the Irish presbyterian Church in support of the ministerial support movement is �4,500. It will go on and increase. Shall the Rebh Terian Church of America take similar action ? _ the paucity of students for the ministry seriously engaged attention at Belfast and remedies were suggested. The Rev. Alexander Clements As a Deputy from the reformed associate presbyterian Church of America was warmly received by the Irish Assembly. Altogether the annual meeting was most interesting. J. W. The doctrine of election. Who Are the elect ? it is not difficult to know. The doctrine of election itself is a mystery but the elect themselves Are not in distinguishable even in the midst of this obscure but perplexing dispensation. They Are those who have been chosen of Christ. The word a a elect Means chosen they that Are chosen of Christ. Such unquestionably there Are a chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world that be should be a a elect according to the foreknowledge of god the father through Sanctification of the spirit unto obedience and sprinkling of 1. Peter i 2 i have not the least doubt that the doctrine of election is True. But what is that doctrine ? that god saves me not because of any thing in me or any thing done by me but because of the riches of is Grace and the sovereignty of his almighty love. Bat there Are some christians who deny that there is any Sneh doctrine but singular enough while they deny the name they admit the reality. Take the lowest armenian who is a True Christian and ask him a a do you mean to say that the first movement towards heaven is on my part a he will answer a no no god must first speak before we Well Grant me that and i will not quarrel about the name election since we agree about the reality for if i am chosen irrespective of anything in me it matters not whether that Khoiee was made ten minutes ago or thousands of years ago. It is not a question of time but a question of Grace a and if you admit that All Grace in the heart of the believer is not an original thing but a response to a first movement on gods part you Grant the substance even when Yon deny the name of the doctrine of election. But if you ask who Are they who Are elected ? we answer they who have chosen Christ to be their Saviour. Make sure that you have chosen Christ and never trouble yourselves about the question whether he has chosen you. Do not try to peer into gods hidden Book which god alone can penetrate but read gods revealed Book and compare your character with it for the things that Are revealed Are for us and for our children. If you love Christ that proves that he loves you for what is his own word a a we love him because he first loved us Quot if i want to know whether i am elected i do not begin at heaven and Trace downward to my heart but i begin at my heart. And Trace upward to heaven. I do not try to Hook the ladder to the top of the Monument first but i put the base on the ground and then place the top of the ladder against the top of the Monument High Predestin Arians first try to prove that they Are elected and then they infer Calvin on Reading sermons. Calvin expresses himself very distinctly and beautifully in his letter to Somerset against the prevalent practice of Reading sermons. A the people a he says a must be taught in such a manner that they May be inwardly convicted and made to feel the truth of what the Bible says that the word is a two edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and joints and marrow and is a the thoughts and intents of the heart. I say this to your highness because there is too Little of living preaching in our kingdom sermons there being mostly read and recited. I understand Weil enough a narc obligates you to adopt the s method there ire few % f6od,rus4fulpreaohers such As to a a amp be and you fear that levity and foolish imaginations might be the consequences As is often the Case by the introduction of a new system j it j1 tins my t yield to the com Mand of Christ which orders the preaching of the gospel. No possible danger must be j permitted to abridge the Liberty of the spirit of god or prevent its free course among those whom he has adorned with his Grace for the edifying of the Fatis anti a in amp. Say Little of persons that you can neither commend without envy nor Dis Praise without danger. Praise no Man too liberally before his face nor censure any Man severely behind his Back. There never was any Man so insensible As not to perceive a deity throughout the Ordinary course of nature though Many have been so obstinately ungrateful As not to confess it. is a Good thing to be prompt Active and decided but nothing is Ever done Well that is done in a hurry. Festina Lente says the latin Maxim hasten slowly. It is the Only Mode by which Yon can accomplish a purpose with accuracy As Well As celerity. Tears and made both tears and laughter and both for kind Pur is for As laughter enables mirth and bar poise to breathe freely so tears enable sorrow to vent itself patiently. Tears hinder sorrow from becoming despair and madness and laughter is one of the very privileges of reason being confined to the human species. A Wise Man is a great Monarch he hath an Empire Witman my self reason commands in chief and possesses the throne and sceptre. All is Pas is like obedient subjects do obey though the territories seem but Small and narrow yet the command and Royalty Are great and reach further than he that wears the Moon for his Crest or the other that wears the Sun forms helmet. Luther a interesting antique has just been discovered at Munich in the shape of Luther a wedding ring. It is described As of pure Gold and the Neirele skilfully engraved in Relief with the emblems of the passion Sneh As the Cross ladder sword sponge and cloth. In the inside is engraved a a d. Martino Luthero Catharina a Bora 13 Junius 1525.�?� such is the description Given by a Munich journal. Tears of is the matter with that Young Man a was the thought of Many one Sabbath at the mariners Church As a Well appearing Young Man wept much during the service. A a what was the matter to they were team of Joy i Joy for what ? he shall Tell his own Story a i am Steward of a ship i am on my Way Home to Baltimore from Boston i have not had the privilege of meeting with the people of god for Twenty months i feel that it is Good to be . Abernethy the celebrated physician was never More displeased than by hearing a patient detail a Long account of troubles. A woman knowing Abernethy a love of the laconic having burned her hand called at his House. Showing him her hand she said a a a a poultice a quietly answered the Learned doctor. The next Day she returned and said a a continue the poultice a replied or. Abernethy. In a week she made her last Call and her speech was lengthened to three words a a Well. Your fee a a a nothing a said the physician a you Are the most sensible woman i Ever inquire Jones a worthy but very prosy preacher was addressing a drowsy congregation one summer afternoon. He was glad to see that one Good woman was not Only awake while All were sleeping but she was melted to tears under the pathos of his discourse. After the services were Over he hastened to join her and giving her his hand he remarked a i observe my dear Friend that you were very much overcome this afternoon will you Tell me what it was in the Sermon that most affected you a a to a she replied a a it was not the Sermon i was thinking if my son John should grow up and be a preacher and preach Sneh a Dull Sermon As that How ashamed of him i should packing not assume that because you have something important to communicate it is necessary to write a Long article. A tremendous thought May be packed into a Small Compass made As solid As a Cannon Ball and like the projectile Cut Down All before it. Short articles that they May live As they like even though Are generally More effective find More read 1 v 1 to l__-1 j inn 4nawl t a. 11�. _ _ i______1. _ a j no in a Ann Mem s j1 Navy tall q t1 loft that your Friend Bays to you As to his mend is entrusted to you solely. Much of what a Man tells you in the hour of affliction in sudden anger or in an outpouring of his heart should be sacred., ,. A a. In his craving for sympathy he has spoken troops to say nothing of the probability that at once be formed at least to the extent of the a to you As his own soul their liking should Lead them to live contrary to gods Law whereas the proper Way is to see whether we live the life of the saints of god and then infer that our name is written in the lambs Book of life in which Are the names of All that believe. Those who Are elected or chosen believe on the lord Jesus Christ rest upon his sacrifice for the Pardon of sin Are clothed with his righteousness As their title to heaven and approach a communion table and the ers and Are More widely copied than Long ones. Pack your thoughts close together and though your article May be Brief it will have weight and be More Likely to make an impression. A a Eye who write for this Busy age a says a late writer a a speak Quick use Short sentences never Stop the Reader with a Long or ambiguous word but let the Stream of thought flow right on and men will drink it like

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