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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - August 1, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresbyterian amp atath1ate. Mib Torlan . A i a Rcpt Jet Rio a adv we vol. Xix to 40 a one thing is needful Quot a one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i whole no. 353 David Mckinney editor and proprietor. Publication office Gazette building fifth Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 111 South tenth Street below Chestnut Advance. For the week ending saturday August 1. 1s57. Vat. Byman or at the office $1.50 per year gee delivered in the City 1.75 a a a a a Wren jew iut Harvest time. The Golden Grain is Ripe l he Harvest time is come la he Husbandman his Harvest reaps then brings his treasure Home. The god of nature gives seed time and Havist too to sow to reap to gather in to him our thanks Are due. We Praise thee for thy gifts of Bounty to us lord that to have daily bread to eat we still rest on thy word. 0 give us heavenly bread while we on Earth remain that when from Earth to a re called away we heaven May obtain. Another Harvest Oomes when earthly Harvest ends a separation will be made Between Christ a foes and friends. The drama then of time will close the curtain fall the righteous saved the sinner lost and god be All in All july 21, 1857. J. Kerb. For Tho presbyterian Banner and advocate. Religion of letters to a Friend on the doctrines and doties of the Bible. Letter agent and Means in regeneration. Of his own will begat he us with the word of . I 18. My dear Friend a before i close what i wish to say on the agent in regeneration allow me to give some quotations from Char Nock. These will be found both interesting and profitable. He says a a regeneration differs from conversion. Regeneration is a spiritual change conversion is a spiritual Morion. In regeneration Man is wholly passive a in conversion he is Active As a child contributes nothing to the first infusion of life but after it hath life it is Active and its motion natural. L he first reviving of us is wholly the act of god but after we Are revived we do actively and voluntarily live in his sight. Regeneration is the motion of god in the creature conversion is the motion of the creature to god. This is not the birth of a darkened Wisdom and an enslaved will. We affect a kind of divinity and would Centre ourselves in our own strength therefore it is Good to be sensible of our own impotency that god May have the glory of his own Grace and we the Comfort of it in a higher principle and higher Power than our own. Sin hath turned Man into a beast and omnipotence can1 alone Tarn a bestial Man into angelic and divine. There is a less distance Between the least dust and the glorious god than there is Between the holy god and an impure sinner sin and Grace Are More contrary to one another than something and nothing. A Straw May with less Power be made a Sta than a corrupt sinner be made a Saint a yet this change the great god effects by his own divine Power it is the work of his blessed spirit. He is the agent in it. See Harnock on regeneration by Board of publication pages 90,91, 180, 245, amp of. A a How helpless guilty nature lies unconscious of her Load 1 the heart unchanged can. Never Rise to happiness and god. Can aught beneath a Power divine a stubborn will subdue t a it is thine eternal spirit thine to form the heart i do not know whether i have succeeded in giving you Elear and Correct views on the Points of which i have treated. If i have then you must see that from the necessity of regeneration and from its very nature it must follow that the agent in it is divine for it is the work of gods spirit imparting a capacity of spiritual perception to the soul. To illustrated Here is a Blind Man he has eyes but he cannot see god Only can give him sight. Well suppose god opens his eyes and gives him the Power of seeing. That is one thing. Then having this Power imparted to him he sees am has a Clear and Cor Reeth View of what is around him. That is the first effect of the new Power Given him and then As he now sees it follows of course that he acts upon this new View of things. His eyes Are opened the Power of Boeing is Given him he sees and acts accordingly. Now apply this to the Oase of. The sinner. He is Blind and none but god. Can give him sight. Well this he does _ _ gives him a capacity to see spiritual things this is one thing and this is regeneration. Then having this capacity to see he sees and has new and Clear views and these Are the first effects of regeneration. Then he embraces the truth thus seen and rests upon the Saviour therein offered to him. This is saying Faith by which the renewed soul is United to Christ. Some Call the new views or the illumination of the mind which immediately follows the opening of the Blind eyes of the soul saving Faith. I have said the embracing of the truth thus seen is saving Faith but the differ Rioe is slight for the illumination of the mind and the belief of the truth involve each other and they Ean not be separated. What we know we must of course believe and i have said the truth seen by the enlightened mind is embraced and the Saviour Chapin set Forth and offered is received and rested in for salvation. All i would observe further on bib Point is that the Chango in the mind the opening of the eyes of the soul is the work of the holy spirit. He is the agent in it. Thus much of the agent in regeneration. I come now to the next Point proposed which is the Means in regeneration. This is clearly taught in these words of James of his own will begat he us with the word of . I 18, the word of truth this is the Means truth the word of god As it is written. Being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the word of god which liveth and Arideth for evor.�?1. Pet. I 28. That the spirit can renew the heart without teens and independently of the truth is evident from the Case of infants for As generation and yet they Ean not perceive and understand the truth nor be influenced by motives. Of course they can not be converted by moral suasion. Yet As we believe they Are renewed and saved for a select infants dying in infancy Are regenerated and saved by Christ through the spirit who work eth when and where and How he plea Seth. So also Are All other elect persons who Are incapable of being outwardly called by the ministry of the word a such As idiots &e.�?con. Of Faith Chap. A Sec. 3. But that the truth is the Ordinary Means is evident from the command to go into All the world and preach the gospel to every creature and it is written How shall they Call on him in whom they have not be lived ? and How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard ? and How shall they hear without a preacher so then Faith cometh by hearing and bearing by the word of god. And it pleases god by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the Power May be of god and not of us. A Mark Xvi 15 rom. X 13�?17 1. Cor. I 21 2.,Cor. In 7. A there is no defect in the truth As a Means it is perfect. Neither is there any defect in the natural faculties of the mind. True they Are weakened by sin but they Are not destroyed they remain so that we Are moral agents still and we May have a rational perception of the troth As preached or read and a rational conviction of it but As sin blinds the mind there can be no spiritual perception of the truth until the eyes of the mind Are opened and a capacity of spiritual perception is imparted by the holy spirit. This is his work by a direct and supernatural influence for the excellency of the Power is of god not of us nor of the truth but of god.�?2. Cor. In 7. The truth As a Means is presented by men it is heard read the a spirit touches opens quickens Renews the heart and thus gives efficiency to the truth by the excellency of his own Power. Then the truth is seen in a new Light then there is spiritual knowledge then there is saying Faith for these involve each other. There can be to Faith where there is no spiritual knowledge of the truth nor can there be this spiritual knowledge without Faith for to know the truth spiritually and Savin Gly is to believe and embrace it,.and Lay Hoffon the salvation it reveals. Thus Paul to the thessalonians but we Are bound to give thanks always to god for you Brethren beloved of the lord because god hath from the beginning chosen. You to salvation through Sanctification of the spirit and belief of the truth whereunto he called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our lord Jesus Christ.�?2. Thess. Ii 13�?17. The gospel then is the Means in regeneration. And says Harnock this a shows us the reason Why the gospel is so much opposed by satan in the world. It begets those for heaven whom he had Begotten for hell. Down his image and sets up gods it pulls the Crown off his head the sceptre from his hand snatches subjects from his Empire Straiten his territories and demolishes his forts Breaks his engines outwits his subtlety makes his captives his conquerors and himself the conqueror a captive it polls men out of the kingdom of darkness and translates them into a kingdom of . I 13. It is a sign then god has some to Regen Erate when he brings his gospel to any place. God never sends his word to any place but it is received and relished by some As the savor of life it Loo Seth the bands of spiritual death in some and binds them harder upon obstinate sinners to them that perish it is the savor of death. Prize the word of truth which works such great effects in the despise not the word of god treasure it in your heart believe and obey it that it May be the Means of your salvation. Read is. Xix and Xix Ana hymns 37 and 77 and also Harnock on regeneration. Remember that As knowledge without love is nothing so knowledge without Faith is nothing.�?1. Cor. Xiii 1, 2. A Paul teaches that with regard to a Large class of objects knowledge without feeling is nothing it supposes the most essential characteristics of the object to be unperceived and he teaches that love is the highest form of knowledge. To know god is to love him and to love him is to know him. Love is intelligent and knowledge is emotional. Hence the apostle says if a Man think eth that Henoweth any thing that is if he is proud or conceited he is ignorant. He does not apprehend the True nature of the of jets which he pretends to know. He does not see their vast Tesij their complexity their majesty and exec ill nce. These Are the attributes of religions truths which Are the most essential and without the apprehension of which they can not be thus to be apprehended and known the mind must he enlightened by the spirit of god and when thus apprehended and known they a re believed and loved there is saving Faith for if any Man love god the same is known of him a he is both taught of god by him he has the right kind of knowl they have a a 1�?T�attire, they need re Edge and is Wise unto salvation. And of this heavenly Wisdom the truth is the Means for the holy scriptures Are Able to make Wise unto salvation through Faith in Christ Jesus.-�?2. Tim. Iii 14�?17. Read Hodges commentary on 1. Cor. Viii 1�?3 1. Cor. Xiii. One More letter will close this series till then Adieu. Yours truly. Love and is much vague talk these latter Days about love and Charity. Men profess to Admire and desire to see them increased and yet hate the principles which alone can produce them. Let us stand fast in the old paths. We cannot have fruits and Flowers without roots we cannot have love to god and Man without Faith in Christ and without regeneration. The Way to spread True love in the world is to teach the atonement of Christ and the work of the holy ghost a Rev. Ryle. discontented minds will and fault with that which has no fault in it bit that it is too Good for them. It is very provoking to god to undervalue his favors and to put a but upon our common mercies. Homing but manna. Those that might be Yeiyu Happy often make themselves a Ery Mise at la by their discontents. For the Banner and advocate How the Sabbath afternoon ii is desecrated by Many. Or. Editor a with your permission a few suggestions will be offered upon this growing evil. That the Sabbath afternoons Are misspent by Many professors of religion is it is to be feared alas i too True. This is not As it should be. This cannot exist where vital godliness prevails. The one will and must necessarily destroy the other. If the fourth commandment which All True christians recognize As binding Means anything it Means that one Day in seven is to be kept holy. If it Means the whole Day then the whole Twenty four hours should be hallowed unto the lord. If it Means that the Sabbath is Over after coming from Church then the great proportion of the True Israel of god spend More time a in the Public and private exercises of gods worship a on the Sabbath than god requires. With those whose hearts Are right with god a there is no difficulty in understanding that the one seventh of our time must be consecrated to god in a a holy resting All that on the other hand those who can Frame an excuse for doing otherwise show at least a a Low state of religion a in the soul if1 indeed there is any religion there. This being understood the next inquiry is How should this seventh part of our time one whole Day Twenty four hours be spent ,0 a Clear and unequivocal answer is found in gods word. Of the Many portions relating to this subject but one need be recited. In Isaiah Viii 13�?-�?o not doing thin own ways nor finding thine own pleasure nor speaking thine own with this unmistakable direction is the Sabbath hallowed unto the lord when on coming from Church in the Forenoon and after dinner to go to bed to sleep and lounge until supper and time to prepare for night service ? As it has lately become customary in some quarters to ask doctors of divinity to solve such inquiries i would fake the Liberty of doing the same were it not for the solemn feet that some of them with their whole family set Sueh a strange example. But is it right does gods word give the least countenance to such an unseemly practice ? did Ever the Church of Scotland of which All love to speak follow it in one word did Ever the Church of Christ in any age of the world pro time such a thing every one in whom the spirit of god dwells will answer Uribes Tating a no no never the writer will Ever remember the instructions of his dearly loved a and highly esteemed pastor the Rev or. A a a on the. Sanctification of the Sabbath particularly a Sermon on the subject heard when quite Young. Among the Many ways in which the Sabbath is desecrated and gods Law broken by Many the following was mentioned by that pious and godly Man sleeping longer on the Sabbath morning than Nanal on other mornings spending any portion of the Day in lying Down to sleep unless in ease of illness Reading secular news either in books or in newspapers or the secular news portion of religious papers seeking the company of the vain and trifling to pass the time away sauntering through the Fields or Groves along or in company for amusement and speaking on business amusement or. Pleasure a amp of. These and Many More were enforced with a holy unction that made a deep impression on Many hearts. Who do re Call any of these positions a in question ? Are they not the to a of Ings of gods holy word seeing then that things Are so what fearful examples Many of gods people and some of gods ministers set before others what a fearful accountability incurred How can any minister expect gods Blessing on his labors when practising such things How can he consistently obey his marching orders a a cry aloud spare not lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgressions and the House of Jacob their sins warning them to flee from the Wrath to Home a when he by his example a neither Points to heaven nor leads the Way let the Man who reads these lines which so fully and plainly Point out his sin in this thing take warning in time. Let him arise and a build the Walls of Zion Over against his own House a in his own heart and in his own family. Then will Zion a arise and Shine for thy Light is Home and the glory of the lord is risen upon m. Western correspondence. Or. Mckinney an absence of two months from the West has rendered me in some measure a stranger in it. To keep Pace with the Onward stride of the Young giant you must be at your Post constantly marking the Progress of the rapidly succeeding events and now that two months have elapsed since i conferred with your readers i am at a loss where to begin or what mat ters first to introduce. Permit me first to speak of the manner in which the decisions of our general Assembly upon the great leading questions before them have been received by our Church in this Region so far As i have been enabled to hear from them. I believe that the action of the Assembly in reference to the american Bible society is universally approved arid the letter of or. Leland since published in the new York observer is quite As generally lamented and his suggestions condemned., we love the american Bible society and believe that we Are its True friends when we withhold our Sanction to any Assumption of Power on the part of that society to edit the scriptures believing As we do that the moment that Power is assumed and exercised that moment the so piety loses the Confidence and support of those churches by whose contributions it has mainly carried on its work hitherto. The action of our Assembly upon this subject. Was. Conservative and cautious be coming such a body upon such a question arid we Hope and believe it will do Good. The fact that our Assembly maintained her position upon the slavery question meets find with the Hearty approval of her friends in this part a of her Field. It cannot be denied that politically the West is soon to hold the balance of Power Between the North and the South if that time has not already arrived. In connexion with our Church the West is also soon to be in a position to exert a controlling influenced in the great questions which Are to come before her Judica tories. It is then Gratifying to find her conservatism upon the question of african servitude responded to and adopted in a Region where fanaticism of every Grade finds congenial soil. Whilst upon this subject permit me to remark that i have been pained since my return from the Assembly to find Christian journals in this Region misrepresenting our position and action. The United presbyterian of the West devoted to the interests of the associate reformed Church and published at Monmouth Illinois has in several of its late issues unwittingly i Hope borne a a false witness a against us by representing that it was the slavery question which determined the to e in favor of. New Orleans As the next place of meeting for the Assembly and Alioth Brit Chufo has changed her position up Orif the subject of slavery since 1818. It should be known to the venerable editor of that paper that the South were urgent to come North next year and Shaf the vote to go to new Orleans was determined by the Western members upon the sole ground that the Assembly had never met in that City whilst they had had several sessions in some of the larger cities of the North. It should likewise be known him that were it necessary or if any possible Good could be accomplished by it the identical action of 1818v could every year be re enacted in the Assembly by such. A majority As to leave no doubt As to what the View of our Church now is upon that a a vexed we Are Bot however to be driven into any Sueh us Sless and foolish measure though it should have the effect to close the Mouths of those who either do not or cannot understand us. We have taken our position other churches have taken theirs let posterity judge Between us i fear not the Issue. .1 upon the whole we thank god for the Wisdom and sound discretion to which characterized the action of. The last general Assembly. Let All future assemblies be directed by her example to attend to the strict duties devolving upon them. Labouring to build up and extend the kingdom of Christ at Home and abroad controlling and cheering her Noble boards in their Gre at and Good work leaving to others the so much to be praised agitation of the question of slavery question which has been a source of alienation and division wherever it a has. Been introduced and discussed in the assemblies of the churches. The executive committee of the theological Seminary for the North West have recently had a meeting and resolved to go Forward immediately in the erection of a building for the use of the institution. I had the pleasure a few Days since of visit Rig the grounds donated to the Seminary at Hyde Park near the City of Chicago and was most favourably impressed. With the and healthiness Oft Hal situation. Something Over. Upon the Western Shore if Lake. Michigan fronting upon a most Beautiful Park forever suppress it beast. A a of that men would Praise the lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of yours &c., North West. From our London correspondent. Revolt in India the dispatch of British troops probable causes of insurrection the debate on the ballot trial of miss Smith of Glasgow for murder visit to the Art treasures exhibition at Manchester summary of the paintings extraordinary concentration of works of the great masters. Ancient and Modem religious persecution conversion doctor Mac Wales the special suggestiveness of the British portrait a Gatt Ryf the Kings and Queens statesmen and the a poetical a a singing Birds Quot a the lessons the peril the Prospect the beatific vision., London july 3,1857. On the morning subsequent to the dispatch of my last letter tidings by Telegraph of a a Alan min a arid disastrous character reached tettopifiis5 a if a Pitie sepoy troops in Bengal presidency were in state of Rev it arid had Quot murdered if number of their officers together with women arid children. Being a pursued the insurgents fled to Delhi where the Mohammedans joined in the revolt and set Upa scion of the ancient Mogul dynasty As King. Great atrocities on europeans had been perpetrated at Delhi also. Besides this in the Punjab symptoms of disaffection had show 3d themselves and Fly ing corps of troops had been formed to wherever it threatened to burst Forth. The Cabinet immediately met and after conference with the directors of the East India company it was resolved to dispatch Strong military Force to India. The total number of european troops now on their Way reaches about fourteen thousand. The regiments on their Way to China stopped at Ceylon and also those happily released from a the persian War would soon effectively Aid the governor general and it is probable by this time the revolt is quelled and the ringleaders punished. It is pleasing to know that in the other two presidencies of Bombay and Quot a army is devoted to the British to the cause of this revolt some say it is to be found in the use of cartridges prepared with the fat of pigs and oxen and Given to the soldiers who Felt their religion thus outraged. Others say that the discipline of the Bengal army has been had for years and that a great mistake has been made in admitting Only the Brahmi Nical arid High Elass men into the ranks while those without caste who form such expel Lent soldiers elsewhere have been excluded. One thing is asserted that the revolvers were firmly persuaded that it was the design of the British government to convert the soldiers to christianity by Force certainly the antecedents of the East India company do not justify this accusation. At first they jealously excluded missionaries altogether from India. Afterwards while they tolerated them they continued to pay Large. As we understand tie word a a edit a it expresses the solemn duty of the society. Never should the scriptures be put through the press without an editor a Wise discriminating careful conscientious Man who while he would not add nor take away a letter or a Point would not suffer an error to creep into nor be perpetuated in gods holy Book our views on the american Bible society we purpose soon to present b our readers endorsing fully the action. Of the late open to the Public constitutes a Noble landed donation subject to but one restriction. Nine acres in the immediate Vicinity of the building Are to remain forever As the site of the Seminary. The remainder is to be Laid out in City lots and sold to cover the expense of sons try voting suitable buildings for the use of the institution. The edifice now to be founded will Post when completed about $70,000. This will riot include professors houses which will be eventually added to Complete the entire design. Grounds in the neighbourhood sell at present for $3,200 per acre but the trustees will not sell until the lands Are Worth vastly More than this As they will be in All probability in a very few y ears. I shall Hope from time to time to report the steady Onward Progress of this Enterprise which if favored of the great head of the Church will be brought at length to take its place Side by Side with the other theological seminaries of on Church in the great work of an energetic conservative ministry to make their impress upon the world. I have so Many items of news that i shall Only be Able in this letter to notice the first that present themselves i mentioned in one of my last that brother j. C. Barr of Princeton had resigned his charge of that Church. I have now to report that brother Milligan recently of Wheeling Van a is Labouring for a limited time in the Church with marked and Gratifying Success it is sincerely hoped that god will so unite the hearts of the people upon him that when the six months his present engagement has expired he May be induced to take the pastorate of the Church. Brother Barros Post office address is still at Princeton whilst he labors in two new and highly encouraging Fields in the neighbourhood. The one Dover is upon the Chicago and Burlington Railroad the other Tiskilwa is on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad. Both Are thriving Railroad towns exceedingly inviting to persons in the East who Are seeking locations for business in the West. In passing through the City of Rock Island a few Days ago i was gratified to see that the Walls of a Noble Church edifice for the Benefit of brother s. T. Wilson a charge were slowly grandly rising above their foundation. I could not avoid the reflection that in their massive strength they resembled that system of truth which i Trust and believe will be promulgated within them. If i had time for speculative reflections i would Point out what i conceive to be a style of architecture suited to my conceptions of the systems of Rel Gioris truth held by different denominations of professed christians. Suffice it to say that. Our Church edifices should have strength with the Beauty of symmetry and proportion father than of Gaudy ornament or tinsel designed simply for show. This i should judge by the plans is to be the character of the truly Noble edifice in process of construction by the Church at Rock Island. A brother Wilson a health which for a time was precarious is i a in Happy to say much better and he is now Able to discharge his usual duties. A notice of brother William c. Masons Church Enterprise at Fulton and other items of news connected both with our own and other churches must be. Reserved for my next. A i close by saying that we have at present the Prospect of a most abundant crop of All kinds of Grain. With the exception of com there probably was never in this state a larger growth of food for both Man and of idolatry. And last of All they set up government schools in which until recently and in a modified sense As a Book of historical reference the Bible was not permitted to be used. The sagacious times thinks that we must have no More nominal princes in India and that Britain must consolidate her Power there at once and lor Ever and use. It for the highest interests of the people. Doubtless the great governor will reduce Good out of evil he has not Given us such a vast Empire in the East without Beneficent results to follow if we Are Only faithful to our Trust. And it is truly a matter for congratulation that the missionaries in India Are by a one accused of having by any imprudence produced popular disaffection. While teaching the gospel and denouncing Idola try they have stood up. For the rites of Bengal oppressed with severe taxation and have proved themselves the Best friends of their physical welfare. Parliament is discussing the estimates and voting away Large sums. Still our Revenue continues elastic and merchants and tradesmen Hope for cheaper Money Ini the Prospect of a Bountiful Harvest. The subject of vote by ballot has been discussed in the House of commons. Frequent references in the course of the debate were made to the United states. But it was stoutly denied that even there the ballot was secret in the proper sense of the term or that it necessarily secured purity of election. Certainly we Are every Day learning on both sides of the Atlantic that none but a religious and understanding people can give to themselves and to the world Security that constitutional Liberty shall prove a real and permanent Blessing. The great advocate of the ballot is or. Grantley Berkley who brings Forward an annual motion on the subject and is always beat a. He is the pet of the publicans and the sunday league and his character and associates do not make his cause appear in a very favourable Light to serious and sober people. The rial of miss Madeleine Smith for murder commenced three Days ago at Edinburgh is still proceeding and will not conclude till next week. It excites great interest. Her appearance is described As very lady like and repossessing arid her aspect such As to indicate either an unparalleled strength of nerve or else a consciousness of innocence which nothing can disturb. The charges Are that on three separate occasions she administered arsenic to m do Angelliea a Young Frenchman a clerk in a merchants office Between whom and herself As very Many letters written by her show there had been the most intimate relations in the Way of frequent meetings and correspondence without the knowledge of her family. The last occasion after having Gorio to a watering place to restore his health shattered by attacks of vomit rigs produced by some unknown cause he had returned in response to an urgent letter from miss Smith and coming Home late his Landlady was roused Early by his Bell arid found him in terrible pain and after Soiree hours he died. A Friend of miss s. Was sent for at his request but before she arrived he was dead. On examination the doctors found eighty two grains of arsenic in the stomach and thus far the evidence gives ground to say the least for grave suspicions her indifference and want of feeling in court do not say much for her womanly feeling and it. Is to. Be feared that the French education which she received arid the life of fashion Able indulgence which she led Mark a wide contrast Between her and the great majority a of Well trained scottish Maidens. We Nave news from the South seas that the French jesuits have made a violent attack a a the protestant missions in Ocee Nica. In France among other arts of intolerance a process has been instituted against recent converts in share rite in Serieux. In Mecklenburg Schwerin a Baptist minister from Hamburg having administered baptism to three adults a resident minister who had previously been imprisoned fourteen Days besides paying the expenses of the trial had a demand made on Liim for a Fine under penalty of immediate execution. In Sardinia the work of evangelization excites opposition and a prosecution against pers Prist who had read the scrip tires .declaro.d�that, Christ was7 the Only. Head of the Church arid could alone forgive sins. Was instituted Jim the government fines were Ira posed and prohibition to preach it is interesting to know that when the Empress of Russia was at Nice a considerable number of ladies and gentlemen of her suite attended the Waldensian Church there of which a. Pilatte is the eloquent minister. The result has been that several of these have been really brought to the knowledge of Christ arid1 the obedience of the Faith. A m. Pilatte a is a Frenchman by birth was for Soto time in new England married an american lady and Speaks our language fluently. He is a Man of rare abilities. Doctor Mohale the notorious Irish Ultra Montane Bishop the Friend of of con no list this Day under examination before a committee of the House of commons on a Case of disputed election for the county Mayo. The Bishop and priests Are charged with spiritually intimidating the people which undoubtedly they did. I have just come from the scene. Or. Mehale is a Stout Man about sixty eight years of age with True Milesian head and features very Cool and collected and very deliberate and Clear in his answers. I paid a visit last week to a scene unique in its character the Art treasures exhibition at Manchester thither Are repairing the lovers of the aesthetic the an Tique ant the Beautiful from every part of the civilized world. The exhibition was opened by Prinice Albert on the 5th of May and this week the Queen my de a state visit preparations for which were going Forward rapidly last week among which is to be mentioned a triumphal Arch just at. That part of the Road to the South Western suburb of the City where the exhibition building comes in sight. Quot next month the emperor and Empress of the French will come to England and a May perhaps visit Manchester. The works of Art contained in this exhibition Oom Ferend Quot 1. A paintings by ancient masters 2. Those by modern masters 3. British portrait gallery 4. Collection of historical miniatures 5. Museum of ornamental Art 6. Sculpture. 7. Water color drawings 8. Original drawings arid sketches by the old masters 9. Engravings 10. Photographs it is vain for me to attempt a description of this vast and varied collection a collection of unparalleled value and. Interest brought together from Royal palaces the Halls of. Nobles the mansion houses of the landed aristocracy and the Cabiri its of the retired merchant and the wealthy millionaire. As to the paintings by the ancient masters i had seen Many on the continent but not even the louvre or the Luxembourg of Paris could concentrate Sueh treasures As Here a re brought together from their scattered receptacles throughout the United kingdom. So likewise with regard to those by modern masters some of the choicest of these my Eye had rested on ofttimes but Here you have before you such a number of the Best pictures of a Turner a stand Field a Maclise a Landseer a Northcote and an Etty among the More modern of the modern painters and such a convergence of the glories of a Benjamin West a sir Joshua Rey nolds arid others of the Tasi Century that you feel Over whelmed by their splendor. Then As to the a a British portrait Gal Lery a it is so arranged As to become a veritable and trustworthy guide in the study of English history of monarchs courtiers and statesmen since the Days of Edward i. To the Days of the Prince Regent and the Duke of Wellington. This part of the collection is never to be a forgotten. You have Queen Elizabeth and her hated rival Mary Queen of Scotts you have the deceitful Charles i. Arid his queer Rind the profligate Charles ii. And his Duchesse and Countesse As worthless As they were fair. You have great statesmen from the figure of lord Burleigh Down to that of William Pitt. You have philosophers from sir Thomas More to John Locke Samuel Johnson and others later still. And Here too Are the most accurate portraits of our greatest bards. A a any thing like so Large and important. A series of British portraits has never before been brought together at no time have so Many Vandyke been under one roof. Edge Hill and Waseley a did not see so Many Cavaliers and roundheads of note in real Buff and Armor As Are Here assembled upon canvass Windsor and Hampton court cannot vie with the Lely arid Kueller beauties of the restoration that smile in the Central Hall of the Manchester exhibition upon the heroes of the civil War. A was for poets the Lutious will find a whole nest of singing Birds fro Rii Shakespeare arid Ben Jonson to Dryden and Pope arid from dry Deri arid Pope to Byron and sir Walter so writes Peter Cunningham f.s.a., to whose Able hands was Given the task of a Don aforetime would have been counted by the real Lover of Art a favor and a privilege never to be forgotten. The paintings by modern masters amount to 689, and those in the portrait gallery number 386. Of sculpture classical and modern including statues and busts there Are 160 specimens. The ranging of these Down the great Central Hall and in the Side saloons each a Noble gallery in itself produces a Noble effect when viewed a respectively. The museum of ornamental Art contains As Many eases there Are letters in the alphabet. Besides furniture Sueh As was used from the 15th to the 19th Century Here Are specimens of Glass and subjects in Glass Down from mediaeval times enamels porcelain Oriental China italian Majolica or coloured earthenware Goldsmiths Art and Metal work sculpture in Bronze or Terra Cotta medallions and cameos carvings in Ivory Armor and. Arms ,. This part of to a exhibition also contains the fair Ous Oolie Ettori of pm. Soulages of Toulouse which was recently purchased at a Large expense by the executive committee. It contains also the government contribution from the British museum Marlboro it Ough House. Here also is the Oriental court including persian paintings carpets and embroidered cloths Cotton silk and Gold fabrics jewels arms pottery tiles Ivory carvings &o.,&c. The drawings in water colors a number 969 the miniatures and enamels chiefly English 59. To the admirable catalogue published by the committee is a most valuable Index and biographical notices of ancient masters the study of which in connexion with the View of the pictures will give to any one a fair a Quaintance with what an educated Man ought to know of Art and artists ancient and modern., such in a condensed notice of what is Worth while crossing the Atlantic to see by those who have the Leisure the Means and the Strong desire. Still let me not be understood As intimating that such spectacles As these can satisfy the thirst of an immortal spirit or fill up the void which not Earth s fairest noblest Best can Ever occupy so As to secure peace gladness perennial and eternal. Alas How Many of these painters and sculptors How Many of these Kings Queens statesmen orators poets and famous ones Here honoured on the canvass or speaking from Quot the Marble were unhappy because without god 1 and where Are they now and what Are earthly reputation Fame wealth to him who Dies without Hope and perishes without Rescue or reprieve and that forever 1 the sum Fiall is to Over estimate nothing earthly to ascribe the glory of All that Genius Ean accomplish to the giver and to anticipate with outstretched hands and longing eyes and yearning heart the Day when Art science and literature shall be viewed under the Shadow of the Cross of Christ and subordinated to his Cly wins. Often do i fear amid the rage now prevalent for the finest music for the ear for grandest spectacles for the Eye lest even while the masses May he weaned somewhat from Gross indulgence and the Middle classes Advance intellectually As Well As acquire those accomplishments that give to social life its Grace and polish there should come upon us As a nation a love of the sensuous a frivolity of spirit a want of real scriptural a a moderation a such As alone bad educate a people up to the Standard and stature of patriarchs apostles and saints of the Olden time. The gospel never was so widely and so purely preached As now but May not its comparative want of Power be largely traced to the fact that fashion and Art and spectacle habitually Home Between the eyes of multitudes who hear that gospel and the things unseen and eternal. Better than earthly music and song will it be to hear the choir of Angels and of the redeemed and a nobler than the noblest of Earth a spectacles to stand before the Lamb arid to see him As he is. J. W. Tris anti �11 of them so suggestive Many of them so saddening. The historical miniatures were also collected by the same gentleman who adds native scottish Indra try to his natural Genius for historical and antiquarian studies the same idea May be formed of the extent of this collection by the following summary the paintings by the ancient masters number 1079, besides 44 exquisite Pietu Reb of fabulous value from Trie a collection of tiie Marquis of Hertford containing specimens of the Powers of Murillo Vandyke Yela Quey Rembrandt i Reynolds Rubens a Salvator Rosa Andrea Del Sarto amp a which Tob Aye been admitted to see in the private gallery of Hertford House Lon preachers Whitfield used to say that we need to have in our pulpits a first the Saint and afterwards the things of this world which Are seen draw strongly from the Pursuit of the things of the other world which Are not seen. The magnetic virtue of this Earth prevails with most people above the attractive of heaven itself. those who against their minds Are forced to absent themselves from up do a ordinances May comfortably expect the favors of gods Grace under their affliction so those who of Choice absent themselves May justly expect the tokens of gods Wrath for their sin. Be not deceived god is not mocked. J must never be astonished at temptations be they Ever so outrageous. On this Earth All is temptation. Crosses tempt us by irritating our Pride and Prosperity by flattering it. Our life is a continual combat but one in which Jesus Christ fights for us. We must pass on unmoved while temptations rage around us As the traveler overtaken by a storm simply wraps his cloak More closely about him and rushes on More vigorously toward his destined Home. A an old years ago a Little girl of ten years was hopefully converted to god in Lee n. H. That Little girl is still living in Good health and a apparently As Likely to live a number of years As other aged her mind is unimpaired although sight is gone and hearing affected. On other than religious subjects she does not incline to Converse but delights to speak of divine things dwelling upon the justified pardoned state of the True Christian and the precious promises of god s word. She has a a surprising familiarity with the scriptures a and her memory is filled with a store of pious hymns. Our Young friends will please take notice that All the Good children do not die in youth but often live and grow old yes even outlive multitudes who Are Boro after them. Their advanced age corresponds to their Early years and their whole life thus becomes a continual thank offering to him who at the beginning called them by his Grace. The oldest woman in few Hampshire perhaps in new England is also the oldest Christian there and began her. Pious course almost a Century age

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