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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - April 25, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaBytes la a Banner void Vij no 31 i adv eau vol x1x not Skilone thing is needful a a one thing have t desired of the lord a a this one thing 1 _ in a a. A. Whole no. 339 avid Mckinnet editor and office Gazette building feh Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 27 South tenth Street below Chestnut the week Ejiu isl sati Irav april 35, 1857. A Ripal thoughts on a petrified Nae Hast thou Home strange Reilio of an age past ? what Rivers lakes or seas traversed Oliy wanderings through to pathless deep ? hat convulsion of the elements t thou been Oast ashore and left submerged rth High up the Hill Side now afar All thy native Waters ? once per Hanoe Region was the bed of bomb vast Lake the retiring Waves disclosed to View e Hills and valleys now so Beautiful. Chaps if through the dim and Distant past Jii Story were traced , Lead a Backes dil vial when a guilty Worldon provoked god s Justice Aud abused Ace Sank in the overwhelming flood while one family within the Ark a code the Waters rough and dreary tide when the Dove had brought the Olive Branch a life boat safely moored on . Perchance wast driven by the Rush he wild flood till foundered on the Hill keep imbedded in the soil the Waves sing left thee thus to be transformed of morons ,.into solid Rook. St thou a voice Liat stories to might hear is primeval of the solemn March a tunics the course of human kind a sir successive generations fast Ting like the swiftly flying Clouds. Mighty changes have occurred a what Cenes. Do what empires risen and fall no what if irs dire commotions racked the weary Earth e thou didst swim the Olear primeval Lake a a us a memento of a by gone world grandest mute but eloquent a Linkeng the past with All its memories a present with its lights and shadows Hopes fears and destined Mayhap to remain strange associations clustering round. The All corroding tooth of time e consuming fires of the great Day i crumble into dust thy Rocky Frame j. M. B. Dependence Fine specimen of Petr faction was dug t a Hill in Tuscarawas county Ohio at an Tion of about two Hundred feet above the it is nearly three feet Long and on an be nine inches in circumference. For the presbyterian Banner and advocate. Religion letters to a Emend on the doctrines and duties 0� the Bibee. A tier of regeneration. Ust be born i 7. Y dear Friend a after so Long a time in write. I have spoken of , and Given you some is for it. I will now give you another n for this necessity until renewed by you have nothing spiritually Good. I is the doctrine of total depravity not you Are As bad As you can be but that Are destitute of holiness and until Reed by the spirit of god you have ing that is spiritually Good no holiness or life. That you May have Many ble qualities is readily granted so have of the animal creation. Who has not of the generosity of the lion ? who lot know the attachment of the dog to Aster ? and who has not witnessed in in so beautifully referred to by our or in his lamentation Over Jerusalem no instances of eare lor her Young ? att. Xxiii 37�?39 Luke Xix 41�?44. What courage will she protect her with what tenderness add affection in gather her chickens under her i a e qualities you May have As have Jui in the beasts Ltd the Field and the f the air but amiable qualities Are Oral excellence and they Are still r removed Iron spiritual goodness you May have moral excellence even As external acts Are concerned is not a but moral acts Are not spiritual ass they Are not holiness and that is Pou need holiness holiness of heart be. Birds and animals have not reason stint yet they perform Many acts i look like the dictates of reason still Are not rational acts they Are Only the a tons of that instinct which god has them. So a renewed men May per Bunav acts which appear Good in them a and which considered in themselves a part from the principle from which a Spring. May be regarded As moral acts there is no spiritual goodness about no holiness because they Spring not holy principle within them. Just As Ion of an animal is Orean he the a a Man or a rational act thought it Pear like the dictate of reason Sano of an a renewed Man can be a holy because he has no and Siple of holi Ishin Lim. This you May see Beauty of forcibly illustrated in Charnock Lcy a Eft work on regeneration published. Board of publication remember that your nature is depraved your heart is corrupt and that All your gets and words and acts and All your ions and feelings Spring from and Are de by this depraved u iture and this Cor heart and you can but see and i Trust. That notwithstanding a the amiable lilies you May have and All your moral Lieness you still Are destitute of spirit goodness you Are wholly destitute of Ness you Are flesh and pot spirit carnal not spiritual. And As to purify a in you must go to the Fountain and dec the evil there so that your life May eur unified with holiness your heart must be changed by Grace. pods Grace there is and can be no Spir i goodness about you. For out of. The Sundance of the heart the Mouths Penketh d from the same abundance the same stain of evil flows the whole current of or life and like the Fountain All is Eor it. For from within out of the heart of pro eed evil thoughts adulteries for cations murders thefts covetousness cled Ness deceit lasciviousness an evil a blasphemy Pride foolishness All these ii things come from within the Cdr not Turey and defile the Man. Be must in again John Iii 1�?8 a amp Lii 34�?37 and Xiv 18�?20 Mark Vii 21�?23. Besides you have by nature no disposition to seek after god. It is no More contrary to the nature of water to run no Hill than for the wicked heart of Man to flow out after the holy lord god of hosts. How often have you been urged to seek the lord and yet As often you have refused and in this refusal you have but acted out the native Bent and inclination of your Sou. You have found in you no disposition to seek god and serve him your natural inclination is opposed to him and his Law and service and this shows the necessity of a new heart of a disposition to seek after god an inclination to serve him and hence you must be born 7. Not to enter upon metaphysical questions suffice to say that the will is always As the greatest apparent Good or we choose what we like Best or what agrees with1 the state of our hearts the strongest motive in the View of the mind controls the will. And the state of. The heart or affections is a part of a motive or gives strength Effie Iedy and Success to motives. The strongest Ruo Tive in itself considered May be the very weakest m the View of the mind owing to the state of the affections and the habits of life. Beuce. Whatever the themselves the. Will a is always determined by the preceding state of mind to the intemperate Man what Are the blessings of sobriety in comparison gratification afforded by a single Glass of spirits to the wicked what is the future Possession of heaven to the present indulgence of bib nothing. Holy motives can have Little or no influence upon a corrupt heart. The heart must be changed before the motives of the gospel can have a controlling influence men will not morally speaking they cannot choose that which is Good and holy because their corrupt hearts control and enslave their wills perverting or rendering powerless All the motives which May be presented to them. The state of the mind of the heart and affections a determines the will hence our confession of. Faith teaches correctly a a Man by his fall into a state of sin hath who Llyn it lost All ability of i will to Ady spiritual Good accompanying a Sal vation so As a natural Man being a together averse from that a which is Good and dead in sin is not Able by his own strength to convert himself or to prepare himself . Faith Chap. Viu Sec. 3. This witness is True. As a sinner you have no ability of will and no inclination to seek j god because your will is controlled by your corrupt heart and because of this corruption of you nature you see in Jesus Christ no Beauty that you should desire him no loveliness that you should choose him As your Saviour and . Iii 1-�?3. No no ability of will you cannot choose that which you hate you Carnot choose and Delight in that which is your aversion and hence Jesus Christ said no Quot Man can come to me except the father which hath sent me draw i 44 45. So you must be drawn. A. Moral agent you Are free to choose and act and hence responsible but you Are a depraved moral agent and hence Yon choose and do what is evil. Your nature must be changed your heart renewed your will set free from bondage to corruption before you can see the Beauty of holiness and Delight in god and his service and choose him As your chief Good. Earthly considerations now control you because your mind is earthly and carnal sin and its pleasures Are your Delight these Are what influence your Choice and control your will because they agree with your natural corruptions and Accord state of your heart hence the necessity of a change m your heart in the slate of your soul in your disposition and affect ions in your very nature that you May make the things of god your Choice and Delight in them and come to Christ for life. Be must be born John Iii 1�?10. There is Here no excuse for your impel Tenoy and unbelief. Your nature is your own your wicked heart is your own your sin is your own. That state of mind which controls your will is your own your will is your own and All the acts of your will Are your own and you Are responsible for them a a the will is not determined by any Law of necessity it is not Independent indifferent or self determined but is always determined by the preceding state of mind.,so that a Man is free so Long As his volition Are the conscious expression of his own mind or so Long As his activity is determined add controlled by his reason and feelings a or the state of his own mind. A we Are conscious of Liberty. We know ourselves to be free. In All. Our volition. They reveal themselves to our inmost consciousness As acts of self determination. We cannot disown them or escape responsibility on account of them even if we Tryand yet no Man is conscious of ability to change his own heart. There Are three things of which every Man is convinced from the very Constitution of his nature 1. That he is a free agent. 2. That none but free agents can be accountable for their character or conduct. 3. That he does not possess ability to change his moral state by an act of the will. Free Agency is the Power to decide according to our character ability is the Power to. Change our character by a volition. The former the Bible and consciousness affirm belongs to Man. In every condition of his being a the latter Bible and consciousness teach with equal explicitness does not belong to he cannot change his own heart this is ithe work of gods spirit. And yet a a Man is a free and responsible agent because he is author of his own acts and because he is determined to act by nothing out Quot of himself but by his own views convictions inclinations feelings and dispositions so that his acts Are the True products of the Man and really represent or reveal what he they show not that he is excusable for his conduct but. That ibis very nature is corrupt and must be changed by divine Grace before he can choose and act right or will and do what is Well pleasing to god. He is free and responsible but he is a sinner and wills and acts accordingly. Hence regeneration which is Hus seen to be �30 necessary or effectual calling Whiteb. Ques. 31. And our confession of Faith says a a when god converts a sinner and translates him into the state of Grace he Freeth Hui irom his natural bondage under sin and by his Grace alone enables him freely to will and to do that which is spiritually . Faith Chap. In Sec. 4. a Savoto say of the necessity of regeneration must be reserved till my next. Ponder what said. Study to know the truth and the truth shall make you free this is the Means of our spiritual liberation and renovation As we shall see. And As you study Pray remembering hat if. The make you free you shall be free Viii. 31�?36 read is. Hisa. Iii Gal. A Heb. I and also hymns 76-and 371, of Salms and hymns v 1 a yours truly. Jis Ibe same thing i declared to be. A a the work of up is spirit whereby convincing of our sin and misery enlightening our mends in the knowledge1 of Christ and renewing our wills he doth persuade and enable us to embrace Jesus , freely offered to u8j in the gospel a Ash. Cat., a Bor the presbyterian Banner and advocate. The baptism by Philip. Mr., editor a i have been delighted1 articles of your correspondent a a l. In -d.,�?� a on the subject of baptism. By reason of an unusual pressure Oten Gage ments j have not been Able to read them All. There is one Point a which if treated of in the Senes has escaped my notice. It might make a Section under the caption scriptural baptism not immersion. Immersion lists dwell upon the baptism of the ethiopian eunuch. Notwithstanding the conclusive argument of a a l. N on the scripture record let u3 suppose for a moment that a into the water a Means a under the then the immersion is not of the subject a of baptism a Only but also of Thepe Roii who administers the ordinance. The evangelist explicit . Statement and repeats it that there no mistake a and they went Down both into the water both Phipp and the eunuch a just As certainly As one went under the water so certainly did. The. Other. For a a they went Down both Ntow a both up hip a and the if this was immersion it. Was not baptism for of this they a a both partook while Only the eunuch was a a the Evat Felist a immediately adds to this specific account the declaration and he baptized what was that baptism ? certainly it was not the going into the water for then was Philip also baptized and our immersion its May talk no More of a a one if it was something Elge a it was not the immersion and the two should no longer be confounded. Let no stickler for the scriptural authority of immersion fail to adhere strictly to the record. Let the minister immerse himself candidate and after the immersion is Over let him administer the. Scriptural ordinance of baptism which is manifestly something else than immersion. W. A. Fri in the american messenger. Or t a pastors experience. Three years had now passed away and no conversion had Withy preach ing All my people appeared to be Well Satis fled., some said if the. Church would awake we might see a different time. Some said we need not look. For a constant revival. Others still thought that in his own Good time god would come by his spirit and his work would go on. ,. Abut As a pastor 1 was going to the judg ment seat it to meet my hearers. Had 1 done All i could ? was there nothing in my manner was there nothing in. My heart that grieved the spirit ? i trembled to answer such questions. ,. I took the a a Saint so rest a into my study determined to see if Baxter bad any thing appropriate to my Case. I had not read far before a spirit. Of fear and trembling came Over me what if i should lose heaven at last then All my life come up m solemn review. The ruin of the damned who lose heaven and endure the torments of final de pair seemed a great and terrible reality but the Light of gods countenance seemed taken away from me i Felt undone 1 Sabbath came. I must preach. But. I could think of nothing but those terrible comparisons of Baxter about. What the lost sinner will lose add what he will endure if he sinks to hell. I preached to christians As one that Felt most deeply for false professors but most of All for myself. My sins against the Law against the mercy of god against the pity of Jesus seemed sinking me. In my congregation i observed a lady appeared to Swallow every word. I went Boon and i rated her. She was impenitent. She Quot Felt like a ruined sinner. She Wab afraid there was no mercy for her. I told her her sins were much greater probably than she had any Conception of. I visited her and the. Third time. She had not a tear to had taken sides a Law Justice and judgment against herself. She was in bitter anguish. She said she was lost that she could not Pray that nothing in the Bible gave her the least Hope. I saw her again. I found her sinking into terrible gloom. She wanted a to know if i thought there could be any Hope. At this i Betook myself to Ca Ary i showed her the Rock that was Celt. I showed her the boundless compassion of Jesus. It was while talking with her of the abounding mercy of god that Light broke in to my own mind. My own despair gave Way to a flood of Joy. I loft her and sought a place to weep for Joy. I beheld the Ever blessed Saviour i Felt a the streams of mercy flowing warm from his pierced Side. J but As soon As i left her she thought her a last Hope was taken away. She thought that i despaired of her conversion and for this reason had suddenly left her. Then she went away alone. Her sins were like mountains. No Friend could help Heri she stood on the crumbling Brink of woe. It a seemed to her that she deserved eternal despair. It was then that she dropped on her Knees and Ned in bitter groans it pleased the Saviour now to show her his compassion she wept. Tears fell in Gubh-1 my streams. A she thought o How could i have sinned against such love such pity such glory ?. 1when i next saw her she appeared like 3 one who could not forgive herself that she had lived a All her. Days in sin but of the love of Jesus thershe could never Tell by this time wherever i went in All my Parish sinners wer amp awakened my inquiry meeting was crowded. My congregations were solemn.1 but this was the Type of the t a a Quot. / work from first to last whether penitent Istrati Nof the sacrament worked with lace Quot a a and a a fair White Linen cloth.but. Besides j the. Romani sing Cross on the screen As also the Eross on or near a the a a tar of Gas als Pride read be taken a the1 judgment Beihn appealed against a lord wensleydale and three other lawyers �fpj���i.judieial�ug.omibitte�, and the Jarah Bishop off enter Buryi and the new bist iop of a Jondon fitting 1 the Lott re ills to pop up a a he question of the. Crosses of a wlm inti pm inf cd the Coffiel a Afemui Nefs Iono of god Aishe bar duh Eide a sip i Mil this in set by mail or at the office $1.50 per year see delivered in the City 1.75 i a a \ fitus rectum. Or impel Iteus Ali took sides with Justice against sued for., mercy As the last Hope. A a a when the converts offered themselves for admission to the Church mercy was all1 their Pida. S my al a f March 27, 1857/ a i i a m t a a r from our . Robert. Owen and afo latest Jouy Bambers tonx3. Appeal to the Jelenc Loroff Tiverton the a a frees and the tory a arty miscalculation and its results the. A times it and a oratory father Ventura Gwi the f re Cha Jour to the controversy judgment Quot of the privy Council its Compromise aspects a mow to romanism in. The if Hurch Erast iams and assessors a romanism proper m it West end Tracht trash the a Mother of a disc a sent a acc new to at a Peun Sall a a Belgium and the ,, and its fruited Jufa amp Uff Clian one Mem to yrs a new miss ten u. Nile literature in it. A crafts postscript. Lond that the to spirit rapping add believed it some time ago perhaps he base the red More recently that there was after in Alj is scepticism a spiritual and unseen world,.andihat lie had Converse thro3�h a medium soul of no less a be so no gelt than the late King George the War he convoked a meet my to exhibit a Model of a War machine which was terribly and irresistibly destructive. As to annihilate an enemy a forces a Dhu Vej a Ndu Ihus benevolently to put an a Ndu to Quot War a by the fact that any army Sefc to ithe it Field against the nation which possessed his in seption must be so sure of destruction a As virtually to commit Felo de see if they ventured to show their faces at All theule st ovo of or Owen has been to put it a ouf an a dress to the electoral constituencies of the United King r doru offering himself a As a Candi Date donors proceed he is elected without expense arid offering in return to bring Forward a Plaff for Kab amp a Universal regeneration of Mankind 11 might have Given a specimen of. Tbe<h3cumcnt.but it is it not Worth re printing. A a lord Palmerston,.after considerable and probably designed Dejay has i Reed his address to the electors of Tiverton which Borough he has represented for a number of years it is a telling manifesto against it his political opponents audits sting Hes Imbe truthful statement As to their conduct and. Incompetency in connexion with , War. Yet beholds Speed of the gradual Extension of re form in convex Quot Ion spread a of 1 education a a a he confidently predicts i grist 544qgss. T it a a a the press an Able Joe Evjy Organ of the Derby party says a that a Palmerston Only wanted an Opportunity �,Issolve-1 Parlia ment and that when he saw the Combina Tion off orcs gathering against Bimbo churl if like Napoleon on the the Lith of june 1815, when he saw the English drawn up on the Heights of Waterloo and exulting by exclaimed a a 1 have that May be but certainly the coalition lists do israeli and Gladstone were eager for his overthrow because they expected the Queen would accept pm Amer Stone a resignation and Send for Derby they have made a fatal mistake. unprepared with. Candidates fifteen a Liberal county members at least come in instead of As Many conservatives and the result will be a heavy blow and sore discourage ment to the tor ism of the old school to High Church bigotry and Trao tarian treachery. Palmerston is master of the situation and some say that As the debate waxed hot and his Motley opponents rushed into the Arena he was heard joyously humming and and repeat tag the phrases a a double trouble v. A /. Toil and trouble. Black spirits and White Blue spirits and Grey is of. At the mansion House a lord mayors feast was Given a a ministry last week with great enthusiasm. The premieres speech was a manifesto marked by his usual a adroitness. Lord Simsbury an opposition peer."00mes out in the a times accusing Palmerston of mis statements about the chinese business. A the nominations began yesterday but this Day is virtually the beginning of the struggle in London and the provinces. A a what an experience a says the times a will have been gained of the difficulties of oratory by a great number of a gentlemen before they go to bed to night How Many things intended to be said will re visit the. Oratory an abortion in one part of a speech a sounder in another All the More Pio Loki do because he cannot a Tell Bow in the world he got into but the now orators by say id a we respect Good speaking As a Sterling,.talent but while vie Admire we distrust oratory. This very election is a Sayib to the orators this last is aimed at Guad Bacone and do israeli. In contrast a Palmerston is an exec slept speaker but is not an orator. Defend us then from being governed by orators la. We want men who. Can think and men who can Bucak. But a not men who Cam make things appear different Frota what they Are by the Mere Power of language. How completely was.,the whole chinese Case the creation of Oya Toty but the. A nation is not so easily taken in Quot 1 a father Ventura a celebrated French preacher is delivering a series of sermons during Lent to Louis Napoleon and his Coutt. He iasbe8, with a boldness Kindred to that of Massilon 7or, Bossuet in the Days of Louis xiy., the vices of those in High places. A the emperor bears it patiently even while Epos end to and exhorted with extraordinary plainness of speech. Doubtless he enjoys the perturbation of those toadies of his whom he thoroughly despises and who have got Rich As the preacher hints by wickedness site is to be feared that after Lent things will be Iff bad As before. Fri Ina in Quot i the knights bumb in reference to alleged popish furniture and usages in the churches there has been finally decided by the. Judicial committee of the privy some time ago on Liei Creel if st. Barnabas Las ordered �?oto-b�1 Akk ii Kway a this a must a by Psi a up Kra Jim of to Baesch stance of the judgment on these Poi rits i and also a As to. The a altar a a which is to be. A absolute exc llah a d for a communion table. A the use of the of Oss is certainly different in its suggestiveness from that of the Crucifix a Eross figure of. A dead Christ a and As an architectural ornament it is common in protestant churches As Well As in those mediaeval structures which one sees every where now erected by dissenters. But then the use of it at All can Only be pleaded for on the ground of an Antiquity. Not apostolic. It was among the first of those1 sensuous and symbolic a emblems to which apostolic Antiquity a gives no Counte a Nance whatever. I know it is to be found in the catacombs at Rome but for Ray t part when i remember what i have seen. In popish countries and especially in ire and leading to the conviction that wherever the Cross is most honoured the grand doctrine of Christ crucified is awfully outraged or ignored and when i know that the lutheran Church at the reformation retained the Cross to the damage of real evangelism i cannot but deprecate the use of this Symbol As evil in its ten Dency. A it the decision of the nyy conned was a. A a a Compromise a. Decision and will give a for Liddel Bennetet hoc Genus online for remaining in the Church instead of going Over to the Church of Rome a a still it is Good and protes cant in the main Quot it a Upequi voc Blyn denounces the idea of an altar and a. Sacrifice and accordingly com a a mands the Romish Structure of Stone to be put away and a real communion table to be a substituted?1 a. A. 3 if the a credence table a As the Council decrees is. To be retained it is Only As a i proper. Adjunct to the table Whereon to Lay the elements not an appendage to an altar As it always has been regarded. Yarious Quot colors May be no eds during different Days of divine service but a a fair White Linen cloth a a must be it used in the Celebration of the communion itself. The archbishop and Bishop Cote a red Jad Taeni while laymen and lawyers really decided the question. So much for the eras Tianis the incurable eras Tianis of the Church of England. 1 r a. Romanism proper has recently been very Busy in the. Districts of Brompton and upper Chelsea not far from st Barnabas the fathers if the of Atory have been of truding themselves on. The protestant inhabitants. One of them in a letter claimed All the 1 parishioners a a by virtue of the authority granted him by Cardinal Wiseman an other has 1been.delivering lec Tures in his Chapel attacking the Bible As the Rule of Faith for christians to these lectures very Able replies have been made by the a Rev. Or Butler once a Romish priest. Thelast of a a these replies was delivered in the prese Ucero a Jarge audience. The roman its endeavoured to prevent the lecturer from being heard the disturber being led by one a of the perverts from protestantism who Are very numerous m the1 District and no wonder it that they Are numerous with such pioneers As Liddell and his Pusey Ite band. Some Are sure to prefer the a a real thing a pure romanism who have tried to be consent for a time with its miserable imitation. With Suchi allies As the tract Arians the a Cardinal a Cau a a exclaim. A a a the work goes bravely on a. At meeting a let. Ter was read from the Bishop of London fully approving of or Butler As a labourer in his diocese Trao arianism where it does not Lead to Popery produces a powerful reaction m 1 favor of dissent in Many places. Thus an evangelical Clergyman at a recent social meeting of my own congregation mentioned a knew. A. Country own Oxford Gentry had begun their. Tricks making All manner of changes in the seat ing Ampe. Of a the building. And what with these a alterations and a insufferable a arrogance j the people in large.-numbers.were.disgusted., the pews off the gallery being not pleasing m their style to the inno to is were sold i a the deacons of an independent1 Chapel Pur a chased them set them up in their own Chapel gallery and speedily these pews empty in the Church were All filled in the Chapela a. Doctor my Crie commenced two evenings ago in the smaller room of Exeter Hall a course of four lectures of the Early reformation in England. He gives this course at the request of the a Young menus societies Union a in connexion with our London churches. No Man living is better qualified to treat such a subject a both Pic tonally and ably As Well As in strict adherence to histone Alruth. A a. A to Complete my present references to. Romanism and protestantism let me refer a of Belgium. At Antwerp the agents of the Bible society some faithful ministers and Young men together with col porters have been exposed to mob insults and opposition from the priests because of. The distribution of the scriptures and holding prayer meetings at which the Bible is read and explained Quot a j. The abbe com Balot a distinguished advocate of Popery has brought the question before the elite of Brussels in that old Cathedral where once i saw idolatrous worship performed. His rage and fear May be judged of by his assertions a that protestants Purchase con versions Specula Teon the hunger of the poor hile.,, languages a a but which Are. Not read by any yet in the same Sermon he avows that the Bible makes him tremble earnestly implores the come to Tho help of ithe Church a menaced on All sides by the Bible the circulation of which he affirms to be a persecution of the Church of a Rome the most terrible she has Ever had to this same abbe preaching at Liege was challenged to a Public discussion which however he declined to accept a a a never have i Felt More sad than in wandering through ithe streets of. Antwerp where once protestant a a blood flowed a in Rivers under the cruel persecutions of Aloa. Beautiful As is the a a Cathedral and its spire compared by Charles v. To a piece of. Are Ruben so bedecked land tat possible not to Ifer Lothat Itisha place almost Giyen to do try a top of Brussels a a its Square in front of the hotel de Ville where the a Proi Start martyrs counts egmont and Horn perished on the scaffold. But with a free press free Constitution and the Bible abroad there is it Hope for Belgium and that the. Martyrs in a band of Noble confessors shall yet Rise and a a ascend to heaven a while a a their enemies a it in dismay a a hair be hold them a 1 the friends of missions whose attention. Has been recently directed 16 the travels of Livingston will be glad to learn that the directors of the London missionary s society have determined to take immediate Steps lor the establishment in the first instance of two principal stations a the one on the North of the great River to obese among the Mak Lolo and the other on the South among the Matabei it is intended that fellow labourers shall be employed with or. Livingston and or. Moffat and some it of theper it is thought will a be found in South Africa. A or Livingston a own account of his travels will be a published immediately by or. A Murray the eminent bookseller. A a it will form a wondrous chapter in the history of modern discovery and its revelations so startling As to the existence of swarming myriads of immortal beings in the heart of a Africa where All was supposed to be a desert silent void impose on the Church of Christ the most urgent and solemn responsibilities a new movement at Paris for providing suitable books for the Young was a brought under the notice of their rate a Moiety committee at its last meeting. The Toulouse Tracei society has published .translations1 from the. English of our juvenile pub Caa 1 tons but Many of1 these Are harshly rendered and besides a Efer to English customs to which the French Are total strangers. Thus for example As. The gentleman from Paris the of. , a Papyan minister informed us when a Book is read which tells of a company a a talking Tea a to Many peasants m French it would be Unin. Tell Gible inasmuch As they never saw Tea and if they were presented with some they would boil it pour off the extract and place it As a vegetable of their tables a the new movement1 Aims at the writing by French pastors and other competent persons who Are to be properly remunerated of books As May bring a religion before a a Young France a in an interesting natural and profitable manner. The protestant French Bankers of Paris although most of them Are a a dead protestants a have been induced to subscribe and in a few weeks it is expected that �500 will be in hands for the important object. In View. A no bid is sought or will Fie accepted out of France. The movement is a Noble one and it bids fair to prove a Blessing to France. A popular belief in witchcraft has not entirely departed from England. A Man was tried this week at Stafford for sum of Money of about �30, by false pretences from a Farmer by pretending that his wife child cattle Borges and goods were bewitched that the Farmers a Mother had put on them through parties called Bull and Cotton the spell of witchcraft it and. That he the prisoner had Power to remove and free them from it. Great interest was 1 excited and the examination disclosed the grossest credulity a the Man i aged to drug the cattle and the family and a Little a child died in Strong convulsions. He made at his first Call the. Farmer pay 3s. 6fi. For each of the cattle 5s. For himself 5s. For the Dairy maid and 5s for the a a cheese Kettle a the cheese Kettle a a turned out broken Aud cracked cheeses and so it was a a bewitched so the charges. Went,., till the prisoner came As a servant into the House and. Matters went on quite to his mind,1 and to his great profit he was sentenced to twelve1 months in 1 prison ment and hard labor. And thus when a men can go to new York in ten Days and with a constantinople. In Twenty minutes when in the opinion of every body hut the chinese and the Pope we pass for a very civilized and enlightened people and when schools of every description Are sprinkled Over the country and theory is still for More a a at this vory time a a turns up a real trial for witchcraft a. 1 j. W. P. S. The discussion about the incompetency of English preachers continues in the pages of the times and excites much interest. The practice of using lithographed sermons 103. To 15s each is exposed and denounced. The says a i desire fewer preachers better preachers i a would separate the Sermon altogether a from the he would restrict the main body of the clergy to pastoral Aio mentioned that . Present at the delivery of a judgment by doctor Lushing ton by which Inci _ Church Warden of st hands robbery f brigand age. Impurity and Barnab trove the Stiuso a even murder May be practice and justified i 5 Ture of Istone used1 asian communion table f a he also gravely informs his audience tha t to All the lots of various colors the Bible Soesie Tuffias circulated Only Quot two hitherto pne Only millions of bibles in Hirly ,�?�. Of Pilk to a ? ver Tuff further to 1 real is at least Twenty a move any cover hitherto used at the min-1 five Migiorisi in one Hundred and sixty jul us a a a i a j prayer. He who knew no sin who needed no forgiveness and whose mind was not liable to be diverted and distracted As ours is maintained secret prayer though the habit of his soul was Devotion and every breath bore , and wherever he held perfect and . Communion father yet he was wont to seclude himself to Pray. With these advantages a Over us he Felt the necessity of it and business of the world a redemption to Quot attend to be found. Tierfor<4t. S this example Speaks to limes to us Alk was it need a sary for him a an d not ,.poor u a guilty exposed sinner Jahaf has a Good to Quot propitiate a a soul to it save a heaven to .ob-7tgip was a Iti practicable for aim and canst thou Durst thou say it Jas not for thee canst thou not find a secrecy or make a Solitude ? and if the a Day is not thy own is not the night that was the Saviours time of prayer and the cold Mountain a top. A his oratory the scriptures do clearly teach that secret Pityer ought to be a hts Only daily a a give is this Day our a daily bread,,often.,through the Day. S Daniel and. David a prayed a three times a Day at least. A a to Pray frequently is to Pray fervently.�?�, w no ism it in a a map obedience Diligence truth a it is a said that when a the Mother of a Washington a her sign she replied that she pad Early endeavoured to teach him three things obedience Diligence and truth. No better advice can be Given by any Parent secret religion a god is often lost in prayers and ordinances. A a enter into by chamber a said he a and shut thy door about thee a a shut thy door about thee a a Means much it Means shut out not Only frivolity but business not Only the company abroad but the company at Home a a it Means let thy poor soul Hae a Little rest and refreshment and god Bave Opportunity to speak to thee in a still Small voice or he will speak in Thunder. A i am persuaded the lord would often speak More softly if we would shut the door a a a ueci7. A. Revdr. after the celebrated or. Cumming a was licensed. To preach he a London a poor and unknown taking with him a letter of introduction to. A Baker whom lie asked what he would of for film the Baker replied that Quot they had a Small Church but could not pay a minister but if he would stay a month with them he Woulff Board him. The Young preacher assented and said if they would give him the Pew rents he would always be satisfied. A a Why a said the Baker a a they Cwill i got find a Salt for thy a the bargain still remains and the popular preacher now receives �6,000 a Gen. Evan. Happiness a if god had told me some time ago that he was about to make me As Happy As. J could be in this world and then bad told me. That he should begin by Enapp ing me in All my limbs and removing me from All my usual sources of enjoy ment 1 should have thought it a a very a strange Mode of accomplishing his purpose. And yet Howis. His Wisdom Manifest even in this for if you see a Man shut up in a close room idolizing a set of lamps and rejoicing in their Light and you wished to make him truly Happy you would begin by blowing out Afi his lamps and then throw open the shutters to let in the Light of a Payson. The source of right avoid much trouble and inconvenience if they would Only believe what they profess a that god is Able to make them Happy without a anything else they imagine if such a dear Friend were to die or such and such blessings to be removed they would be miserable whereas god can make them a thousand times happier without them. To mention my own Case. A a god Yasheen depriving me of one Blessing after another but As every one was removed he has come in and filled up its place and now when i am a cripple and. Not Able to move i am happier than Ever i was in my life before or Ever expected to be and if i bad believed thus Twenty years ago i might have been spared much anxiety .-r-.Payson. Dare and do. Dare to think though bigots frown dare in words your thoughts express dare to Rise though Oft cast Down dare the wronged and scorned to bless. Dare from custom to depart dare the priceless Pearl possess dare to Wear it next your heart dare when sinners curse to bless. what you deem wrong dare to walk in Wisdom s Way a dare to give where gifts belong dare gods precepts to obey. A a do a what conscience says is right do a Bat reason says is Best do with willing mind and heart do your duty and be Blest. Divine is the common experience of the faithful that while endeavouring with All their might to work out their own salvation they have found god working in them both to will and to do while keeping their bodies by fasting and presenting their prayers to god they have found his. Holy spirit moving upon their souls Clearing their views confirming their Faith fixing their thoughts inclining their will enlarging their hearts and Over spreading them with such a sense of his majesty and mercy As neither i nor they Are Able to praising god they have been caught like Paul into the third heavens and seen or heard or at least Felt things which a a it is not possible for them to while hearing god a word their hearts Haye been All., a a opened As Lydia s while feeding upon Christ a body and blood their souls have been strengthened and refreshed and they could say�?2. Cor. Iii 9 Phil i 1.�?Bishop Beveridge. Indian a summer of the life of the Good Man there is an Indian summer More Beautiful than that of the season Richer sunnier and More Sublime than the most glorious Indian summer the world Ever knew it is the Indian summer of the soul. When the glow of youth has departed when the. Warmth of Middle age is gone and the buds and blossoms of Spring Are changing to the sear and yellow Leaf then the mind of the Good Man still Ripe and vigorous relaxes his labors and the memories of a Well spent life Gash Forth from their secret fountains enriching rejoicing and fertilizing then the trustful resignation of the Christian Sheds around a Sweet and holy warmth and the soul Assn a Yingtai heavenly Lustre is to longer Tesi rioted to the narrow confines of a business but. Soars beyond the Winter of a. Hoary age and dwells peacefully and. Happily upon that Bright Spring and. Summer which await him within the Gates of1 Paradise evermore. A a let us a strive for and look tru Stingly Forward to a ind Jan summer like. This

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