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Pittsburgh Presbyterian Banner and Advocate (Newspaper) - April 11, 1857, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAmp advocate. I Banner vol a no 89. I byte run adv of vol xxx to. 94� one thing is needful one thing have i desired of the lord a a this one thing i whole no. 837 a fid Mckinney editor and proprietor. Publication office Gazette building fifth Street above Smithfield Pittsburgh a. Philadelphia 27 South tenth Street below Chestnut Advance. For the week ending saturday apr ii 11, 1857. By mail or at the office $1.50 per tear Isek delivered in the City 1.75 a a a a s of fetus. A Rig iral what is there in heaven 1 is there in heaven the Home of the Blest fort the wanderer sad and distressed ? of Prospect to cheering to pilgrims below f a the blessed in glory no sorrow Ever know ? pot in those regions each want is supplied Lere is the Saviour who once for us died things possesses and shall he refuse a to his ransomed what there they shall Ives to them rest from their labors and care ves blessed Freedom from dangers and snares Mes in White raiment without spot or Ith him in glory enthroned they shall reign. There sweetest Musicer or float on the ear i of Blest Union melodious and Clear no jarring discords but Harmony Sweet Jesse inhabitant Ever shall Greet. I crowns of ineffable glory Are worn Nelems of Victory Ever Ore borne Row nor sin canes or reach that abode i the ransomed still live in the presence of Sod. Lorys the Sun that enlightens the place lie saints Are still Blest with the smiles of his face a language fails when we try to portray unspeakable Joys of eternity s Day Nuch we May know that the presence of of. Pengk to make heaven a Blissful abode e upward press Onward the prise is before ngh eternity sages his love we 11 explore. Y. E. Sukh st Ille february 1857. For tha presbyterian Banner and advocate. . 11. A one i Epli. In 3�?5, st. Paul writes thus p endeavouring to keep the Unity of the tit in the Bond of peace. There is one by and one spirit even Asye Are called in Hope of your calling one lord one Goth one baptism Quot the Baptist Brethren assume that the Sale is Here speaking of water baptism that his meaning is a a one lord one one but this is begging question. We have already shown that Liture baptism does not at All imply dip a a but a say they a a As there is Ohe Lis in then if immersion is right pour a lor sprinkling is wrong and is no Bap Quot i answer so might the Bunker Thren say a a if we Are right in dipping times then dipping hut once is wrongs no baptism at so might Epis ians say a a there is hut one Church of at and if we Are right in having Dio i Bishops Thipe who Are without them Ong and Are no Church of get the Boman catholics say a a there ordinance of marriage and if we Are in using the popish ceremony All i Are wrong and have no valid mares among them a he Baptist friends have a wonderful Fain finding water where we can find we see none in the passage under a duration. The apostle is discussing Sublime doctrine of the Christian Uhi and it were amazing if while soaring he such lofty themes he should sudden of Down to the water. We think a fore that it will agree better with the but to suppose that by the a a one Bap Quot he Means the baptism of the spirit i View his words May be paraphrased a one lord Jesus Christ in whom believe one Faith by which be Are saved Vork of the holy spirit by which be baptized into one 1. Cor. 13. History of immersion. Otist writers fondly assert that Immer a practice in the Church at a very Eliud. But the truth is no a then out can be produced of its existence the first two Hundred years after on the other hand there is a welled Case of baptism by effusion in the by Century. Nicephorus in the a mag centuries a relates that a jew ing through a desert in company with i christians was converted and being sick requested baptism. Having nor they sprinkled him with Sand con Ere he unexpectedly recovered and taken to Alexandria and his Case Laid re the greek Bishop who decided that jew was baptized provided Only he should anew be perfused or Spring Quot with water a Aqua Denio per under cent. Ii., o. 6, p. 110._ Tertullian who flourished during the is of Severus and Caracalla in the be Ging of the third Century is 1 the first makes any distinct mention of Immer and then it is found in very had any for it is associated with the Doo that baptism cleanses from sin. To a extent immersion was practice in Century we have not the Means of my. At All events it was far from being exclusive Mode. We Are told of Lau a in is baptizing a Soldier and having a her of water brought for that purpose of five martyrs of Bamo Sata sending the prison for a presbyter requesting him to bring a vessel of water and baptize Wall s Hist of Bapt. And asset. Act. Mart even alter immersion and become the prevailing practice Bap Sims by effusion were uniformly regarded As Alid. On one occasion Cyprian and the try six Bishops who were with him were insulted on the question whether those to had been baptized on sick Beds by usion Only ought to to re baptized if key recovered. Uhis decision was a that be water of aspersion is purification from Cei Ved by the father of the child and led to the baptismal water which he consecrated with a Short prayer and the sign of the Cross then the Mother presented her babe which he Laid on his left Arm and in the name of the father son and holy ghost he thrice dipped his hand into the water and dropped some of it in the child a forehead giving it a name. I May Here remark that i never heard during my stay in constantinople of adult baptisms nor of the ordinance being performed by immersion in i single the greeks of constantinople do certainly Quot practice immersion Andy to or. Huber was honest in his statement. He witnessed Only the baptism proper and was not aware that a preparatory washing or immersion had taken place in another apartment before the arrival of the priest. Baptism in Abyssinia. But the practice of the abyssinian Church places the question beyond dispute. That people were converted to christianity and received their ritual from the Judaic my Church of Egypt about the Middle of the fourth Century. They still receive their Bishop from Alexandria. A they retain circumcision and other jewish observances m connexion with christianity and owing to their entire seclusion from the rest of it the world have in All probability preserved their religious rites unchanged for fifteen centuries or. Salt an English Consul who visited that country has furnished a minute i account of the baptism of a Mohammedan a boy at which he twas present. He tells us j that they first stripped the lad of All his i clothing and a washed him All Over very carefully in a Large Basin of water a which maxims of Antiquity and receded farther from the example of the apostles than any class of christians on on com., p. 74, 75. Origin of immersion. A a but How came immersion into use at so Early a period if it Wasi not the apostolic Mode a the answer is not difficult. A very Large proportion of the first converts to christianity were jews Many of whom retained a Strong attachment to the mosaic acts Xiv. That ritual comprehended r a a divers washings a which seem to be referred to in Heb. I 2, where the sacred writer specifies a a the doctrine of baptisms a As one of the subjects of dispute among the hebrew converts. They were moreover familiar with the custom of the jewish Church to require the proselytes from paganism to be thoroughly washed previously to being circumcised. With All their violent prejudice in favor of the ancient ritual it is not surprising that in some churches where their influence was Paramount they should insist that the converts from heathenism should be cleansed from All filthiness of the flesh previously to baptism. An addition not important in. Itself thus made to the simple rite administered by the apostles easily gained ground in an age of superstitious formalism. When in after times the doctrine was inculcated that baptism cleansed from sin this a preparatory bathing acquired immense importance and during the dark Ages gained an almost Universal prevalence. At first the bathing styled by Justin Martin a a a washing a a Lou tron was kept separate an distinct from the baptism which was by pouring. But in process of time the two were to a great extent confounded a and then we read of three immersions cat abuses with the further addition of exorcisms two anointing so the use of Salt milk and Honey clothing the newly baptized in White raiment and other ceremonies. Dipping of persons naked. But the preparatory immersion was never administered to any one in his clothing that is a Novelty of More modern times. The ancient immersion ats never dreamed of washing the body of the candidate through two or three thicknesses of clothing. They would no More attempt such a thing than we would set about washing bands or feet without removing gloves shoes or stockings. The truth in regard to this matter though for a while denied or concealed is now generally it. Admitted. The Baptist historian Robinson a article is indebted for some valuable Sugges who wrote by request of the Baptist minis i tons concludes his investigation of the ters of London says expressly a a the subject As follows a a therefore whoever primitive christians baptized naked. Nothing adopts immersion without pouring May cer is easier than to give proof of this,1�?~by quo Tainy claim All the credit due to the Rev al nations from the authentic writings of the a of an ancient jewish ceremony signifying men 1 who administered baptism and who a death but Christian baptism signifying certainly knew in what Way they themselves life they do not . 186. Stood outside of the Church. He was then taken to another place where was a smaller font. Here a the head priest Laid hold of him dipping disown hand in the water and crossed him Over the forehead pronouncing at the same moment a George i baptize thee in the name of the father Bon and holy ghost a the whole company then Knelt Down and joined in reciting the lord s a prayer a p-�52.j Here in All probability is the pro i e j Mode of baptism which existed in the Church i of Alexandria in the fourth Century. It is seen at once that the jewish ablution was i 8in t a Mere preparation for the baptism which \ was administered by a different person from j a different font and with different words Quot or. C. Taylor to whom the writer of Thi performed it. There is no ancient historical fact better authenticated than this. The evidence do snot go ii the meaning of the single word no few for then a Reader might suspect allegory but on Many facts reported and Many reasons assigned for the practice. Chrysostom Criminate Theophilus because he had raised a disturbance without which so frightened the women in the baptistery who1 had just stripped themselves in order to be baptized that they fled naked out of the room without having time to consult the modesty of their Wall in his history of baptism states positively that a a the ancient christians when they were baptized by immersion were All baptized naked whether they were men women or a a immersion and baptism different rites. These writers might have stated an additional fact of great importance. The Christian females of that period were not so utterly regardless of common decency j As to appear disrobed in the presence of men. Many of them. As we know carried their notions of modesty to such an extreme As not even to allow their faces to be seen by any of the other sex out of their own families. Gan any one imagine then that they would suffer the priests to come near them while in a state of perfect nudity ? let those believe it who can it is quite Plain that the candidates could not have been seen by the minister officiating till the ceremony of bathing was Over. This is made to appear from the testimony of epiphanies Bishop of Constantia who wrote in1 the fourth Century. A a there Are a says he a also Deaconesses in the Church but this office was1 not instituted ask priestly function nor has it any interference with priestly administrations but it was instituted for the purpose of preserving a die regard to the modesty of the female sex,1 especially at the time of baptismal washing and while the person of the woman is naked that she May not by seen by the men performing the sacred service but by her Only who is appointed to take charge of the woman during the time. That she is naked. A Taylor s Apost. Bapt p. 168- a a a a a the whole race is corrupt and All this quotation proves that so late As the need it the Wash do of regeneration this is . I. P. beg leave to offer a corrected statement respecting a the use. Forthe Reposi Tion Apo by st Matthew he employs the word Joist one Hundred and Nineteen times of which it is translated from sixty three times an a out of Only ten times of these ten times there Are six in which he is pre fixed to the verb apparently giving to Opo the Force of a double he. In one stance. Also Meta is prefixed with a similar effect. The three remaining passages Are. Chap. Xiv 13�?�?ofollowed him out of the cities a verse 29, a a Peter was come Down out of the ship a and Chap Iii 16�? a a went up Anele Straightway out of the water a there is no other instance in Matthew of Ana Dino lol Lowed by Apo hut there is be in songs Viii by Anab Ainoura Apo Erem ii a a cometh up from the1 a for the presbyterian Banner and advocate., religion. Or letters to a Friend on the doctrines and duties of the Bible. 1 letter of regeneration. A a must to born 7. My dear Friend a my last letter introduced the necessity of regeneration. In this a promised to give some of the reasons of this necessity. One of them has already been hinted -and1 it is Given by the Saviour himself in his conversation with Nio Odemns As recorded in John Iii 1�?12. It is because we Are by nature or the first birth sinners that which is born of the flesh is flesh1 and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. Marvel not that i said unto thee be must be Horn 6,7. To be born of the spirit is to be born again regenerated and this is necessary because that which is born of the Flebbe or according i to nature is fish is depraved sinful. Hence it is written they that Are in the flesh in renewed cannot please god he canse the carnal mind is enmity against . Viii 5�?8. Our natural birth is of the flesh for we Are conceived in sin and Shapen in . I 5. Hence we go astray As soon As we Are born and fourth Century the baptism proper by the priest did not take place till after the ceremony of immersion from which it was separate and distinct. Existing traces of the distinction. Do a Angius As quoted by or. Booth in his a Ped baptism examined a writes a so Long As the apostles lived As Many believe immersion Only was used to which afterwards perhaps they added a kind of effusion such As the greeks practice at this Day after having performed the Trine the fact that the greeks do practice a kind of effusion after immersion is quite to our purpose. Whether the pouring or the immersion is the human addition a we have a right to decide for ourselves. Tures. Be must he born Iii 7. There Are As you know several concurrent witnesses to the depravity of Man a witnesses that testify to his corrupt and fallen nature and which therefore prove the necessity of regeneration. There is the testimony of your own experience. You cannot recollect a period m your whole existence when a you were not sinful and you have seen and Felt and experienced enough of the Workings of your own heart to you Are fallen and depraved. Your own experience witnesses to the depravity of your nature. And. Then this View of yourself is confirmed by your observation of others around you you have seen enough of men every Day of your life and each succeeding Day s observation deepens your conviction on this Point you witness enough daily to convince you that the human race that All alike haves Imrit a amp Otte a Are possessed of a no ire that is fallen and have hearts full of irruption. And what you Ai amp Flthe taught by expert Coco. And Obs Revala of is confirmed by the testimony of history. The. History of Man is the history of a sinner. The historic Page is crowded with the description of bloody wars and a amp led with the records of the darkest crimes Trace the Quot annals of the race from the fall of the first pair in Eden a Down to the present Day and of Here Ang there a Bright spot like a Green Island m an Ocean of Sand All is dark and gloomy a record not of Noble deeds and self Saon filing efforts to Bles the world but a record of crimes of cruelties and oppressions at blood and with perfect accordance to this historic testimony is the record of the news of every Day. Notia paper comes to your hands but contains some record of human or inhuman Erim Eif All confirming this one Point Man is a sinner acting out in his life the deep depravity of his nature just As the Serpent or the wild beast of the Forest acts out its nature. It a. And what is thus taught by experience and observation and history is confirmed by the inspired record. The Bible Speaks of men As sinners by nature having wicked hearts born of the flesh c in 1 sold under expressively taught in the 14th psalm where it is written they Are corrupt they have done abominable works there is none that doth Good. The lord looked Down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any that did understand and seek god. They Are All gone aside they Are All together become filthy there is none that doth Good no not . Xiv 1�?8. Observe Here the scrutiny the lord looked Down to see. Observe the general Survey the lord looked upon the children of men to see if any did understand. And observe the result he found none they Are All gone aside there is none that Doedli Good no not one 1 All Are sinners and this1 general corruption is a from a detailed View of the rites of the proof of native depravity of a nature de greek Church drawn up by an archbishop proved and hence the necessity of the Ren of their own and published by1 Kromayer ovation of our nature by divine Grace. Scout. Relig., it appears that they Freye must be bom again Quot. Look around you a though not a Parent and it asks i who can a bring a Dean thing out of an unclean t , in the likeness of a cd he fell and then it is said he begat a son in his. Own likeness after his image fallen and depraved like himself. Gen. I 26 find v 1. 2. He represented the race it in his fall All fell a and As the guilt of his sin is imputed. All inherit from him a corrupt nature for by. This one Man s disobedience., Many were made sinners accounted and treated As sinners and in a consequence they inherit corrupt data res they Are sooner so they have so m Herent As Well fas imputed. Hence the names Given the wicked m the Bible they Are enemies haters of god without god or atheists m the world wicked unrighteous unjust unholy. Unclean filthy dreamers because the carnal mind is enmity against. God for it is not subject to the Law of god neither indeed can bom. Pm 5�?8. Hence the natural Man the a renewed Man a he is born and lives in the worlds Rece Iveth not the things of the spirit of god for they Are foolishness unto him neither can he., know them because they Are spiritually discerned.�?1. Cor. 11 14 he is blinded by so his understanding is darkened he is alienated from the life of god through the ignorance that is in him. His will is enslaved to is the servant of sin acting ont in his life his in Herent his inborn and inbred see bom., chaps l. Tofu. And i 20, 21. Also Eph i 1�?8, Jer Xvi 9, John in 1�?8 bom. Vii 13.14 Job Xiv 4 Gen. I 26, and v 12 bom. L 28�?32, and Viii 7 Eph. 2 11�?13 2. Cor. In 4 Eph. In 18 and Jude verses 7�?28. Such is the to a Timony of gods word in regard to Many a nature and this testimony is corroborated by a your own experience and observation by history a and by facts and it All goes to show the absolute necessity of the new birth. There is no holiness in Many a nature this want of holiness is sin there is also a tendency or disposition to sin Yea he is Corr opt depraved sinful As is manifesting his life and As without holiness shall see the. Lord he must be created anew or remain for Ever an enemy of god and be for Ever an heir of hell. Be must be born Iii 7 Heb. Xii 14. A a a a a a. This my child As gods word is True this is your condition by nature a child of Wrath born of the flesh corrupt sinful and you must be born again or perish yes this change is Nee Ebsary you must be born again. Be must be born again a John Iii 7. Bead John Iii., psalm Xiv. Bom. I.�?Iii., Matt v.�??, and a Ltd hymn 44 of the pres Barterian psalms and hymns. It. A a further reasons Ini my next. In the meantime look up to the Saviour and Trust in Hina. He. Will sustain you in your weakness. He is our life our Light and our Joy Yea he is our salvation Anil our All. Trust in him. Farewell to tors amp a. Thich it appears that sprinkling is sufficient instead of immersion and whensoever it is done if there he a sound Faith on the part of the giver and receiver it is perfect and this seems to have been the unanimous sentiment of the ancient Church so that the baptists of modern times Are the Only body of christians that Ever existed who on the Assumption that immersion is Sencial to Bajit ism have excluded All others from their communion. The Bev. 1 it Bert Hall the greatest Light that Church Evoi produced says of his close communion Quentlyn dip their infants Only to the breast _ _ and then pour water on the head thus Clear Iyoub have seen Many children and How by showing that the immersion and the baptism Are not regarded As the same thing. Or. Daniel Huber of Kentucky in a letter to the editor of the Ped Baptist published at Danville writes a i resided upwards of three years in the capital of the grand Seigniora a dominions in a greek family of the first respectability. During that time i was present at four baptisms two in the family and two in Tho immediate neigh boyhood. The company were All seated nature because All Are corrupt and All have on. The sofas around the room. A table t depraved hearts ? so we ally a for we were stood in. The Middle with a Basin of water j All children once we All began to sin As _ on it. The papa or priest was then Bent soon As we did any thing and we All Are _ _ _ Brethren a that they have violated1.,More a for a who a upon entering the room was re i sinners by nature and hence need new a it marriage a 9 ij.,� Jujj j i % i t t it lip j to Jujj j soon depravity manifests itself in. The child that Little innocent As the fond Mother Calls the babe upon her bosom How soon it exhibits its temper and shows that it has unruly passions in its heart t you have seen Many children did you Ever see a Chile. Which did not in some Way begin to not ont its depravity about As soon As it began to act at All ? How is this and Why is it but because ail children Are partakers of a fallen from our London correspondent. China and its populate no str j. Bowring to report to the regatta a general waste of population infanticide a system commissioner Teh and his a ,.and, his prospects popularity Mth the country Sis in Tim est prescription for his health latest from china�?opin-1 tons of missionaries As to the quarrel the Irish unitarians and creeds inconsistency audits con a Trasti the great tobacco controversy the Lan a 11 get and the ladies ragged school Union and prizes to servants a Clergyman marrying himself the Baptist controversy an. Ettli Sivc spirit postscript. 1 London March 13,1857 an interesting1 document with regard to China and its1 population addressed i nearly two years ago by sir j. Bowling to the British registrar. General has just appeared. He estimates the population at from three Hundred 1 and fifty millions to four Hundred millions. The population is divided into four classes in government nomenclature 1. Scholars 2. Husbandmen 3. Mechanics 4. Merchants. There is a numerous class considered almost As social outcasts such As stage players and professional gamblers beggars convicts and outlaws. To every decade of. Life a special designation ,. ten Iii called a the opening degree a of Twenty a a youth expired a of thirty a strength and Quot Quot Quot of forty a officially Apt not fifty a a a error knowing a of sixty a Cycle closing a of seventy a rare Bird of age a of eighty a a Rusty visage a of ninety a a delayed a of one Hundred a a age a extremity a All most expressive and applicable to every country. Severe punishments Are decreed for those who will not assist the aged poor. The excess of population has driven the chinese to cultivate almost every Inch of ground and very Many of them live on the water because they can find no standing room on Shore. The waste of population however. Is terrible by famines a up nations hurricanes andr Wii wars which most millions of lives.,Noch ipg is said about epidemic diseases. But infanticide is fearfully prevalent and that on system. Instead of foundling hospitals s in Christian lands we Are told a a there -are1 towers of Buck and Stone. Where Toth Esse principally female jul sir John bowing. Whose recent conduct has been so vehemently condemned by the Derby ites. And others in parliament betrays in this document no bitter feeling toward the chinese. On the contrary he writes m his natural characters of a scholar and an a antiquary. Twice Only do Strong expressions escape him a once m reference to the mortality of chinese emigrants and again when speaking of Milit by executions of which in the province of Kwang Tung alone a a it is believed from four Hundred to five Hundred fall daily by the hand of the Heads m n Thi province is that of which can ton is the capital and. The cd headman does this work under the orders of commissioner Yeh whose moderation has been so eloquently contrasted by Cobden and his backers with that of the British officials every Day the party character of the vote which led Palmerston to resign is More and More impressed on the minds of the people. It was a grand Editp. And Well put by the coalition but it will in the end damage them seriously. Lord Palmerston has been asked to stand for the City of London and while he Deon est in Javor of his a old love Quot at Tiverton yet the moral certainty of his election coupled with the tact that lord John Russel retires from the representation of the City is very great. He seems politically to Bear a a a charmed life Quot the despots of Europe hate and fear him the tract Anas abhor him. Because their party of whom lords Derby and Gladstone promoted eight to the Bench in less than two years is discouraged and frowned upon. The a a peace at any Price men necessarily oppose him but still elastic and scat Eless As a he boat in the furious Breakers he survive Quot the element 1 War punch s came nature for the week represents John Bull and Palmerston the latter seated rather sickly in a chair the kindly John tells him he has been sitting up too late with the a Obde nites and now he John is about to Send him Down a a to the country to recruit and no doubt that will completely cure him 1 a a to the country a Palmerston a a goes Quot with great Confidence. The news from China tells of the destruction. By the British in the Way of reprisal Quot of the Western suburbs of Canton a head Baker and nine others were under arrest for attempting to Poison the English at Hong Kong. The Bishop of Victoria As Well As the missionaries to China generally seem All to think while Dep Long recent events and the interruption to their work that a rupture with Canton was inevitable and indicate that on account of their hatred to foreigners and their Pride there has been hitherto no real missionary Access to the assess. What Earnest prayer should now. Ascend that a a these things that have happened so unexpectedly May prepare the Way of the great conqueror and the Irish to unitarians have held an adjourned special meeting of Synod in order to consider the revision of the code of discipline or. Montgomery As i indicated in one of my letters had previously proposed that. Definite questions should be addressed a to candidates for ordination with a to ascertain their recognition of the inspiration of the scriptures and their Faith in a a the divine Mission and authority of the proposition that Jesus Christ is the son of god and the Saviour of the world their a obligation faithfully to understand themselves and to expound to others the principles of the religion of Jesus a and fifi Aliy their belief a a in the aiding and sanctifying influences of gods holy since the last meeting a Strong feeling of opposition to the apparent Stringency of these inquiries has shown itself and has a fount express Iii in the London inquirer a unitarian publication As Well As in Sermon of the Rev or. Magennis of a Belfast doctor Montgomery was charged with Gross inconsistency in that while in the the Synod of Ulster in his youth he had been a Leader of the opposition against or. Cooke a policy of tests and creeds now in his old age he had. Actually turned round upon his former opinions. That gentleman delivered last week a lengthened explanation and defence. It seems to me that while he carried the votes of the majority with him he was and is happily inconsistent with his former position and that he virtually recant even while he denies it his original opinions As to creeds and confessions. The truth is he is a High Arian believing in the pre existence of Christ and in the a personality of the holy spirit while the English unitarians to a Man i believe deny both. The younger ministers of the Irish remo Strant Synod sympathize with the latter and Are thoroughly tainted with those false a a religious Liberty notions Winch will leave a Man to teach almost any thing he pleases. True they too. Are inconsistent with themselves for in their a amendment a they propose that the candidate should a adopt the scriptures As a written revelation of gods holy will and profess themselves disciples of Jesus Christ a both parties Are unsound but the one has reached Well nigh the Bottom of the precipice m the proclivity which error always brings with it. Neither recode Niethe atonement of Jesus Christ nor the a deity of the spirit a and thus they make fatal omissions. Or. Montgomery in his old age begins to see the need of a a the aids Quot of god spirit. But then i repeat How inconsistent Are All men of this class m every part a of the world or. 1 Paul of it a go Mok Fergus a addressed a some Twenty five years ago letters to Henry Montgomery the Arian Leader on a a creeds and confessions a which with trenchant logic Cut to pieces All the declamation about the tyranny of imposing tests showing that a Creed was the expression and e position of a Mutual agreement and absolutely necessary for Church organization. Now or. A while declaring that a he would not impose human creeds Quot yet says it is a necessary they should have something to believe and he seeks to for me Creed in scripture language and containing scriptural doctrines in order to preserve the laity from being Over Ridden by men who preached false doctrines from infidels from men in fact who preached any thing but May we not modestly ask those who like or. Montgomery Call Christ a the son of god and the Saviour of the world a what do you mean by. His so ship is it that when he a a Igde god his father a the. Himself equal with god and the san Helnm right in declaring that m their recognition of him not As the Messiah but an impostor when he said he was the son of god he was guilty of the death adjudged to the Blasphemer. And again we ask in what sense do you consider Christ As a a the Saviour of the world a is it Only As the medium of blessings oras bringing life and immortality to Light and furnishing motives for acceptable obedience or As a substitute for the guilty ? the Synod affirmed or. Is proposals with an important omission namely the recognition of. The personality of the spirit which he did not press although he declared it was a doctrine which All must believe if they took the scriptures at All. They next resolved to give Power to a congregation to turn out their minister if his doctrinal teaching changed after his ordination by a vote embracing two thirds if the male and. Female members. The length of this notice will be justified by the Light which it throws on the melancholy condition of Creedle churches on the Absurdity of indefinite proposals or Bastard creeds on the Wisdom of that Poncy which in the old Synod of Ulster made the position of concealed Anas a a too hot to be maintained and on the duty and privilege Well As the Christian honesty of holding fast to our own Noble confessional tests and standards. Turning away to social matters an eager discussion has been going Forward in the lancet a medical journal on the smoking question or As it is called the question of the Day. In other words the pros and con s have been urged week after week in answer to the inquiry. A is smoking in Jurious on the affirmative Side of the question t e writer who from his standing and reputation As Well As the. Fullness of his reasons is the most weighty is or. Solly physician to the London and st Thomas hospitals and in extensive practice. In a lecture to students on paralysis he adduced the Case of a Man who had tend to make up for the waste of mind and body created the hard working of both by taking a Large Quantity of wine. Mental activity he maintained thus sustained was sure to be broken Down. A a country gentlemen of the old school the a Bocolor gentlemen As the times Calls the tory Squire a might drink their Vine their Brandy and their comparative impunity for their braves were dormant. 1 a and these were the Only stimulants their brains received but woe to the Man of intellect who has to live by the sweat of his brain if he attempts to Supply by fermented liquors the loss occasioned by mental he then goes on to Tell How his patient had been als it a Gre t smoker and says he kno is of a a no single vice which does so much harm. It is a snare Ana a delusion it soothes the excited nervous system at the time to a Render it More feeble and irritable ultimately. I. Can. Always distinguish by. His complexion a Man who smokes much and the appearances which the. Faces present is an unerring guide to the habits of such a Man. I believe that cases of general paralysis Are More frequent in England than they used to by and i suspect that smoking tobacco is one of the causes of that then comes the following remarks in reply which i give in full sir i was much pleased with amp lecture by or. Solly on a a paralysis a reported in the lancet but i was a. Little surprised at the frightful picture which he Drew of the evil effects of smoking. A he Bays a a he knows of no single ice which does so much harm As without wishing to advocate the practice i think it is a debatable subject whether the. Effects of smoking Are so very bad. I have spent some time in Turkey where tobacco is used far More extensively than in this country and i never saw anywhere a greater number of Hale old. Men than amongst the turks men who. Had been smoking from their childhood and in greater quantities daily a than is usual Here. It is True turkish tobacco is Milder and purer than the tobacco used in England and one is inclined to ask Are the evil effects of smoking caused by to tobacco or by the adulteration of that Plant ? j. A. My Donagh . 1 Albert Street Regent s Park. A it is curious enough that a Friend of mine an officer who not Long since returned from Turkey had expressed previously the same opinions and while disclaiming from his own observation the necessarily bad effects of the use of tobacco in a pure state maintains that the evil rises from adulteration and from excess. He has a horror also of the common a a Pigtail a a a Cavendish a and other Strong tobaccos has even abandoned almost altogether the use of Havana cigars and confines himself either to cigarettes with pure turkish tobacco very mild or an occasional use of the turkish water pipe. _ As to intemperance and smoking being necessarily United that also is denied hot Only from the sobriety of the turks but from the experience of Nady persons. Last a year i had frequent Intercourse -with., two Young russian gentlemen Here and they.�?T, were remarkably sober. Indeed smoking frequently and i would say to excess they water the use of the Cigar. The discussion,.however,.has embraced Many writers on both sides. One says that or. Webster declares that in the Post mor Tern examinations of inveterate smokers cretinism is always present. A he also thinks in this the True cause of consumption and asks a a is not the habit becoming in the a United states Small by degrees and beautifully less a and ends in declaring that a it is suicide to the. whereupon a writer coins Forth,1 sighing .himself1 i a a sedentary 8uioide,�?� Index presses his Surprise at the charge that a for the last forty years he has been committing a series of murderous attempts upon his own existence a he the immoderate use must be injurious hut to a a attack smoking in Teto a is another matter. He also denies that drunkenness is the offspring of the ,the Cigar. And what will your clergy and literary men say to this ? How stands the ease As to America the lancet has at length closed the contest As i am informed by pronouncing in favor of the moderate use of tobacco. Some say the tobacconists of London paid medical men to write on their Side and they will probably say that the lancet is bribed also. Meantime much has been elicited As to the extensive adulteration of tobacco the had Quality of what is commonly used and the temptations to Young peo pie from vanity and , acquire it a habit it who ohm May a Lead Triem Tinte evil Watada Compaq Ion shop of it Solly m a second letter mentions that after ten years moderate use of tobacco he has abandoned it altogether and that lord Baglan and sir 0. Napier before taking the command the one of the crimean army and the other of the Baltic Fleet gave up smoking. A a i May be mistaken but i believe that All our greatest men i mean intellectually statesmen lawyers warriors physicians and surgeons have either not been smokers or if smokers that they have died i May add. That the chewing of tobacco is Little practice and is held by our medical men to be More injurious than smoking. Will that be admitted by the authorities on your the Atlantic your lady readers will be amused by the following and May guess ithe source whence it comes. A a is smoking injurious a the answers of a few ladies to the above question mrs. Brown of Bloomsbury Square a a a most decidedly does not it injure the curtains a mrs. Jones sea Sheli cottage Brighton a a there can to be a question about it and i am Only surprised How persons can be so foolish As to put one 1. Does no to it. Stick in. The gentlemen a hair ? Atud get imbedded in their whiskers t and their clothes for hours and hours and sometimes Days afterwards ?. So much so that any one can Tell a mile off whether the Nasty things have been smoking or not. In a sure it is downright terrible to be shut up in a railway Carriage with a party of confirmed smokers for though they May not be smoking at the time still the unpleasant smell of their garments is Sneh As to make that lord Palmerston will not bring in an act of parliament to make every filthy smoker consume his own mrs. A Robinson 1002, did Gower Street a a a it injures the complexions but the carpets a also. Why you have Only to a look at the carpet of a room in which the gentlemen have been. Smoking Over night and your own eyes will Tell you whether it is injurious or not i have seen carpets Beautiful carpets that must have Cost 5s. 2d. A Yard if they Cost a Penny in such a disgraceful state that a Black Beetle in a Bure would eat himself rather than walk Over them a mrs. Blue Stocken Minerva Hall Bath a a a if it is not injurious perhaps you would have the kindness to inform me the reason Why we ladies Are not allowed to smoker a. Mies. Twentyman Willow Lodge Brixton a a a its All fuss and nonsense and i quite lose my temper when persons question me about the injun iou Ness of tobacco. Of course it is injurious does not it kill spiders ? does not it stifle gnats and flies and even earwigs ? is not it used in noblemen a and gentlemen a gardens. To fumigate the plants ? Are not our hot houses and summer houses smoked when we want to get rid of the vermin and really i. Half wish sometimes that it would have the same effect on the gentlemen when they will persist in injuring them elves and annoying is by smoking hours after hours to the abominable extent they do 1 if i was called upon to say what a Man was i should answer it by giving this definition a Man is the Only animal that the bagged school Union last week distributed their annual prizes to old scholars who had become servants and who had. Kept their situations for More than Twelvemonth the numbers thus rewarded were four Hundred and two of whom two Hundred and eighty received the sum of five shillings each �70 in All and one and Twenty two had cards Given to the i signed by lord Shaft Ebay and the secretaries beautifully embossed and in themselves a lasting memorial of Good conduct. Let it not be forgotten that these Are Young persons Frota. Hie lowest Doss of society who might Haye been criminals and who Are now a Blessing to themselves and their country. A curious Case of a Clergyman marrying himself in the Case of the. Late Rev. Or. Beamish an episcopal Clergyman of Cork has been before the Rifah Law courts. It has Arisen out of a dispute about his property and whether the children of this his second marriage were legitimate. He performed the marriage Between a person of inferior rank and himself Reading the English service asking himself As Well As her the usual questions and giving and re Cei ving the. Usual answers in the. Presence of a. Witness or witnesses. A narrow is Jority of the judges held the marriage to be valid although irregular. The Case is about to be appealed to the House of lords. Allow me to express the pleasure with which i have read the articles on the Bap tier controversy in your columns. The writer puts old arguments in a new Light and with unusual Force to say nothing of Many original suggestions of his own. I Hope the letters May be put into a More permanent form. Here we have dose communion baptists i and free communion baptists. The latter Are Catholic but inconsistent. The True Baptist must be a bigot in practice whatever he is at heart and most men Are better than a bad system. But the narrowness of the immersion lists is a powerful moral argument against the enforcement of one mod and As to the subjects they mislead thought-1 less people by the sophistical use of the text a a he that Beli Eveth and is baptized a amp a. The real Point As to infant baptism and the a a possibility and. Probability of children being / entitled to the seals of the covenant now As they were of old and the. Religion of Abraham being virtually that of the faithful Man are1 ingeniously ignored or evaded. 1 most a of your readers Are Well acquainted. With the anecdote of Rowland Hill who on a country exe traion went on Sabbath Toa strict Baptist. Chapel and when desiring to. Partake of the lords supper it was said to him a a sir you cannot do so a a sir a was the stinging Aye and argumentative reply a a of its toe Baptist ? Why i thought it was the j. W. P. S. My letters Are dispatched regularly and. If they do not appear weekly it is from delays on oceans Highway Over which neither you nor i have any control

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