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Phoenix Arizona Republic Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1977, Page 1

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Phoenix Arizona Republic (Newspaper) - July 30, 1977, Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix weather continued hot with a slight Chance of Ifa ening High near Low in Middle fridays High Low humidity High Low Page 88th 75 the Arizona Republic today chuckle some motels Are so expensive you can go broke 2718381 classified 2tt9iu Othet july Pom sections to pages 20 cents slice proof Golf Ball gets duffers off the Hook by Dave Spriggs not very but the golfers lament that signifies a bad shot now has a fresh variation not very but unbelievable As it May two los hackers have taken almost All of the Hook and slice out of a Golf physicist Fred Holstrom and chemist Daniel Nepela have designed a Golf Ball that has a six Row band of Standard dimples around the Middle and shallower dimples Over the rest of the this causes the Ball to make an inflight correction and reduces what normally would be a commercial slice to t h e professional it works so Well that the Golf association is considering a new Rule which would read a Golf Ball must in general be spherical in shape and be designed to have equal aerodynamic properties and equal moments of inertia about any Axis through its that Means a Ball must have same dimple pattern Over its entire such a Rule would effectively disqualify the which is not being sold at the member Golf clubs and courses of the since approximately 80 per cent of the nations golfers play the game Only for sales Are booming because those types Seldom keep honest let alone hand our supplier has been unable to fill an said Mike owner of vans pro 15 Thomas weve ordered dozen balls and received Only 650 weve sold All but 35 dozen of Bocchini said he was with customers after a Story appeared in the May 18 edition of the Wall Street journal not very surprising since the journal is almost Standard equip ment in country club locker the us Gas position is that the use of any device which reduces the skill required to play the game produces a continued on Page a4 Economy Slid in Index shows i Maricopa county from Manuel Eddie Ogrodowski and Mathew Sparks kill time by shooting the Breeze and making picture frames out of Republic photo by John Mcdon Outi empty cigarette but they say it beats staring at the Blank Walls of their 4 paid firm for manual on wiretapping Washington Post Washington the White House paid a private research firm last year to produce what amounts to a Doit yourself handbook for anyone who wants to learn the Art of tapping a neighbors or business competitors 13page document is entitled selected examples of possible approaches to electronic communication intercept Jioji but it might More aptly have been called everything you always wanted to know about wiretap Ping but were afraid to by following the Ste by step the uninitiated can pick up the Fine Points of eavesdropping on phone conversations in residential the manual also tells How these techniques can be adapted to tap Long distance Calls or to extract information being sent on a computer to a dalt processing White House officials involved in the which was initiated during the insist the original was to see whether the constant stress in darkened cells Only Strong can survive at county jail by Greg Obrien the Sun never shines on Michael for 19 hours a he sits in his cell at Maricopa county stares at Stark Walls and Mckane is not he lives huddled to Gether with seven roommates in an 8 by 17 solid steel bunk Beds Are stacked four High on both sides of the a narrow pass leads precariously Down the Middle of the but theres barely enough room to turn the Are no windows inside the the Halls Are dimly lit with artificial Light and often reverberate with a cacophony of hostile shouts from in radio chatter and constant blurbs from the Boob has been locked inside the jail on a drug smuggling charge since but Hes one of the More fortunate some inmates Haven Daylight for More than a in the rear of each cell sits a Small sink and a there Are no privacy As one inmate puts it its Kinda degrading sitting on the John in full View of you feel like a caged but we dont have any when nature leaves her Calk ing you gotta must want in line to Shower 48 inmates on one floor share four Shower most of the prisoners Are forced to eat in their cells because there is no Safete food is shoved through a dirty Hole in the cell garbage is tossed into a cardboard Box on the floor which some times int replaced for Mckane the rubbish becomes rancid and attracts he those Damn boxes sit on the floor until they begin to rot or until the cock Roaches Start climbing Mckane said this week in an Mckane said inmates dont have an Opportunity to work off their anxieties and there is no exercise period because there Are no recreation facilities inside the Mckane and two other inmates with the help of the Maricopa county Legal Aid society filed suit last month in Federal protesting the unhealthy and dangerous conditions at the the suit was fashioned after one filed two years ago in Federal court by the Arizona civil liberties protesting crowded and inhumane living conditions at Arizona state both cases Are As county jails and state prisons in Arizona and throughout the nation continue to Back up like flooded Federal judges Are starting to clean up the ghettos of the criminal Justice sys tem by ordering sweeping reforms Cost ing millions of tax Arizona faces the firing squad and correction officials Are worried about the you bet weve got some said county corrections director Phillip if proposed Federal guide lines for county jails and state prisons Are and they will we will have to Cut our inmate population at the main jail from 510 to since the Federal court a a begun to move its authority Down to the continued on Page a26 filibuster kills vote to finance Senate races associated press Washington Senate democratic leaders failed Friday to break a Republican led filibuster against a Bill to subsidize Senate election despite heavy lobbying by president the Senate voted 49 to 45 on a motion to shut off 11 votes Short of the 60 required to limit Republican Leader Howard of Tennessee predicted subsequent attempts to choke off debate will he said Carter had worked hard to get senators to vote for irrespective of the merits of the in what he regarded As a Challenge to the effectiveness of the Republican minority in the they figure if they can Roll Over us on they will be Able to Roll Over us on Baker adding that More was at stake than just the pending Bill to provide partial Public financing for general election Senate Only two Charles Mathias of Maryland and James Pear son of voted for cutting off twelve All but two of them voted against the the two no southerners were Howard and William Cannon is floor manager of the but As a senator from a Small state he traditionally votes against cloture at least on the first at majority Leader Robert already had set the stage for a second cloture vote and Antici Pating May he filed a third debate cutoff motion that will come to a vote on predicted that if Bryd cannot succeed by a fifth he will move to Lay the Bill in any Baker said he sees no Chance for Senate action on it before Congress recesses next Carter contends the Bill would help to restore Confidence in Congress by removing any appearance of members being under obligation to special inter ests because of Campaign Baker said it was mislead ing to Call it a Public financing Bill be cause most Campaign funds would still come from private sources and it would not apply to primary he and other republicans also con tend it is drafted in a Way designed to Aid incumbents and thus make Perma nent the heavy democratic majority in the a candidate accepting tax funds would have to agree to a Campaign spending based on the population of his up to this the Ern ment would match private contributions of or a major party candidate could collect up to per cent of his Campaign expenditures front the Federal associated press Washington a government barometer indicated on Friday a downturn in the the Commerce departments Index of leading indicators declined sixteenths of 1 per cent in mainly because of reduced demand by manufacturers for raw a higher Layoff rate was another fac Tor contributing to the decline in the others were fewer orders for plants and equipment and a smaller Money the decline came after a drop of two tenths of 1 per cent in May after a Strong showing at the Start of the it was the second largest decline since the recession of surpassed Only by the per cent decrease last Janu Treasury Secretary Michael Blumen speaking in said the decline would be a cause for concern Only if it translated itself into a substantial slow Down in the months you cant draw conclusions on a month month he he repeated Bis prediction of an annual economic growth rate of about 5 per cent in the second half of com ing after a 7 per cent growth rate in an exceptionally Strong first economic growth generally Means More earnings and jobs Al though it also can create Commerce analyst Feliks Tamm said the Index May indicate slower economic but he said there was certainly no reason to suspect anything conditions Arent As bad As they said there is a sign of some but nothing Federal Reserve Board chairman a thur Burns said Friday that concern about inflation prompted toe Federal Reserve committee last week to make a continued on Page a12 is needed greater Protection from inva Sions of its the existence of this wiretapping handbook was discovered by John chairman of the House subcommittee on government information and individual on Moss wrote to the general accounting Congress watchdog on government and re Quested a full investigation of the circumstances that produced this remark Able Moss discovery also poses some potentially Sticky problems for president Carters staff who say they Learned about the documents existence Only a couple of Days one White House who asked not to be said there is general agreement the document should be kept out of he pointed anyone theoretically can get a copy under the Freedom of information he added that several Bootleg copies Coati used Vul Page a12 inside Energy amendment Limtt the House has approved a limit to the num Ber of amendments that can be put on the presidents Energy Page Page Page astrology c5 obituaries c6 Bridge cd opinion a7 classified c6 radio log d14 comics c5 religion cd crossword b10 sports do dear Abby b13 Thomas by editorials a6 to log financial b14 weather by movies d10 women b12 today prayer we come to you today and that you unfold your Beauty to keep us from making our lives too May your quietness and peace be with rate hike is approved for aps by Bill King starting customers of Arizona Public service will pay per cent More for Gas and under the first phase of a three year rate in crease approved Friday by the state corporation the plan also Calls for increases of per cent next year and per cent the increases were granted by two of the three republicans Bud Tims and Ernest Democrat Jim weeks refused to vote triggering a Sharp Exchange Between himself and weeks said he would not vote because he haunt received an opinion from the attorney generals office on the legality of granting future rate increases to compensate aps for current construction Garfield then objected to letting weeks off the Hook that assistant attorney general Charles Pierson told Garfield he did not know when the opinion sought by weeks related Story on Page would be Pierson said he has other projects to finish but he would not specify what they in response to a question from Gar Pierson denied that attorney general Bruce Babbit is deliberately delaying the increase that effect monday applies to users of natural Gas and elec the 1978 and 197 increases apply Only to Tims said he opposed further delay in acting on the rate proposal partly cause aps ability to borrow construction Money remains clouded As Long As the rate question is he the commission staff doubts that the increase will keep aps from seeking additional rate Lules next the commission thus far has provided for a million increase the Utility 1978 aps sought an attorney for Lewis and the Phoenix firm that represents Cyprus Bagdad Copper said his client might Challenge the rate May file a motion to ask the commission to reconsider after weve seen the form of the final said attorney Robert he said the mining firm believes it is not proper for the commission to Grant future increases to cover current construction unless the commission has instituted procedures applicable to All utilities and Tims indicated that he thinks the rates also May he challenged by the Arizona Center for Law in the Public a consumer advocacy the size of the to creases coup change for some types of Utility pending an 22 hearing by the any reductions approved As a result of those hearings will be retroactive to

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