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Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Archives Jun 30 1906, Page 9

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Philadelphia Inquirer (Newspaper) - June 30, 1906, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania It f the Philadelphia inquirer saturday morning june 30, 1906 9 army of boys and girls gain promotion to City a higher schools o. X More than third of those advanced go to seventeenth \ and Spring Garden largest number of pupils to go up in City a history repairs will be made / i. To buildings during summer. A the Public schools closed for the summer yesterday mom Itig. Announcements of promotions were made and in Many of the schools exercises were held and addresses were made by prominent men interested in Public education. At the grammar schools particular interest w As taken in the announcement of the names of those w to had been successful in their applications for admission to the High a Pooh. In All 3627 boys Ani girls were advanced. This is the Quot largest number Ever known and is expected to crowd the High schools in the fall. Of this great number of grammar school pupils promoted 1194, or More than a third of those , will enter the girls High school. The other pupils will enter the commercial Hill school for girls the Central High school the Central manual training school the Northeast manual training school and the new Southern manual training school the latter institution which is located at Broad and Jackson streets will open in the fall. The Public schools of the City will now remain closed until september to when the new Echo attic year begins. During the summer vacation the Buu Dinga will be Gene by overhauled and Many of them will be repaired Dinnany ways. All told Philadelphia will spend More an $300,000 in renovating and altering the buildings used for educational Pur Ibgos during the summer. Ine lists of graduates follow High school for girls practice a Beth r. Hash. V a Mph Kea worthy Zairl Wolf Florence Gilmore. Beatrice nearing Jean Miller his Quot Isabelle c. Lovell bad the b. Kaufman. Muriel b. By Smith. Rachel i Van name a n Gans Marks. Laura l. Smith. I Thomson. A Gertrude t in Beatrix c. New Huttenlock Madeline r. Hensel. Helen Louise Allen Ruth Section Aanes Green i Morula. Helen Burna. Arletta Krishel. Francea Brooks. Mabel Mary Ott. Blanche Ciolll. Jeannette Quot a Tel Bis info Grace Fitzpatrick. A at i invite 1st Salon Rebecca Wilensky. Hoffman. Florence Amli Hulk. Sophia Friedman. Ache Jones Anna Bess Wharton m Section Dorothy Blum. Mary a Becker. Marraret Mcconnell. Ellza so Olewil. Mary Corrigan be Ca Stel Berx. Bertha Krasner. Mabel helps Hattie Konoid Olla Snyderman. Mount Vernon. 3d Section Auna . Rebecca Feuersten. Mary Mase. Ell pm Jafolla Ida Serody. Ethel Gershenfeld. Dom Rand Rebecca Feuersten. Mary Mage. Elvira Jafolla Rosa Blister. Fannie Cooperman. Bella Floum Mary Rubensten. Blanche Pereira. Pauline Saltzman. James Caine la 4th Section Pauline r. De it to fences Goldberta. May Wilenchik Mary b. Kolff. Bertha Miller. Lift an Cohen Al a h. Grows. Annie v. Kaufman. Lena Fusco i nubile. Bose s. Manikin. Rebecca Freedman. Race by not. 5th Section Reba. Abraham-114 Burstell. Caroline Fisher. Cecilia Haber. Susan Kaufman Rebecca Seltzen. Elizabeth Apotheker Beatrice Arronson. Frances Black. Ellesa v. Heaton. Csc Llu Unker a a within. Sara Dubonsky. Northeast 6th Section Ida a. Cohen Matilda Elizabeth Bodea. Minnie blon by Emilie Morrison. Florence Renner. Era Mir Nan. Mary m. Walker. Helen m. Kane. A Section Bossle Junkin. Alice Seth. Elizabeth Johnston. Elizabeth Stew Art. Jane Sweeney. Henrietta Seth Florence Mer. Katie Hutz. Mary Burrell. Easle our. Ley. Alice certain. Harriet Wilson. Gram Iier 8th Section May Mcnellan. Ray Moskovitz. Section Edna Smith. Janet Baird. Ruth Walter Mildred Baird Elisabeth Nett. Lillian Smiy a. Bassie Mcfarland All e Cross. Ida Kanter Ethel Veasey. Louise Lapp. A v irate darts. Northwest ,10th Section Alice Shea. Frady. Martha Mahoney Larina Nav Tbs Quot face Mcmahon. La plan ii by Joel Dalton. He�wtllrf5b�ndler, constr Rice Rede. Helen Reynolds. Northern liberties combined Lith Section Dora Mann Ida m. Stretch. Rose Berman. Alma s. Simons. Sallie k. Blaw. Wyoming. 13th Section Ray a Bucks. Lil Menam. Gladys Kraus. Carrie Morse Mathilda Frommer. Clara Lieberman Helen link cons. Ray j. Bucks. Rose Moe Coltz. John Hancock Lith Section Florence Etter. Anna Al Maras. K. Helena Schmitt. Mary m. Harper. Catharine Reinhardt. Clara Hofkin. Roberts Vaux Lith Section Jya b. Wolf it. Lincoln 15th Section Gwendolyn m. Devoll Eliza the Maschmeyer. Ethel e. Beck. Mildredm. Krops Harriet a. Low. Louise Jewell Emily a Smith. Helen m. Fleming. Emma m. Shepley. Florence a Swalm Carrie c. Alvn. Helen m. Ruff. Alice h. Nash. Era m. Mac Queen Helen Moore. Edith a Schell Marie to. Peters. Henrietta l. Denney. Martha Msten. Marie Ster Dorothy Knight. Marguerite e. Wilson. Kila v. Mallon. Ellza the Corkin. Caline Scott Anna Mccomb. Loretto l. A cooker. Myra m. K. Bull Florence a e. Copper. Paula m. Schweitzer. Florence m. W hate. Via inia Musser. Florence h. Swallow. Mabel Ashby. Florence w. A Street. Florence m. Hams. Almee e. Kendall. A Jefferson loth Section Pauline livers. Esther Putsch. Edna Geisz. Bertha David Moville Bloom. Katie Bernstein. Ella Fetters. Gertrude Flicker. Magoo Hack Petera. B Eula Hammer Echla. Land Fannie b. Griffis Sara r. Curtis Naomi Blinger. Ethel b. Guthrie. Loan m. Miller. Florence h. Whitman. Mae m. Campbell Lee Ola Gladding Charlotte 0. Blake Genevieve m. A Gulch Margaret e. Hofstetter Mabel s. Butler. Helen Power Marjorie w. Armstrong Gertrude v. W. Oor i filth m. Cooper Vir Lnla Marur. E. Spencer Miller 24th Section Jennic c. Breining. Florence m. Clarke Ada Meyer mar a Hedwig h. Cd l. Mildred Hauser Helen ii. Gang sch Christ in a s Olsby. Mildred Demmy. Mar cd Vogdes Ethel m. Apger Helen a Nattress uth Eby Emma b. Feuss Edith r. Euler Emily l. Stel Shelb a Bertha Blean Ethel More allow s. Astwood. E. Marguerite Yuan b. Williams Mabel a Kalebaugh Clara m. Smith Hannah j. Vlf Marg it l. A Gen mos a Ethel b. Must i. Edna for Gertrude Stakes Agnes Wells Ruth m. Jennie e. Strickland. Nora a. Miller Ith a Keating Florence m. Otheen. T Martin 26th a to look Hannah Stevens lids Yerkes. A Mas j. Powers. 26th Section Henrietta Mccracken Rebecca Cooper. Helen dul Marion Harris Margaret cabler Florence . Florence Nightingale Ethel Miu. Katharine Voetsch Henry w. Hall leu. 25th beat Long Lillian Dawson Ethel Street. Maude Lam Ken Marie Simon Elsie de pm Lupe. Margaret Peake Viola Pepper. Gertrude by Jones Blanche Diu Elva Cornell. Vanda Lindgren. Brides Hurt to _ Section a Sophie Forster 0,r Mary Nixon of Frelda Bohns Emily senior., -q.w. Childs. 26th Section Ethel Bell. Bessie Scott Bertha Morozzo Martha Dix Kath Jacobs Irma Black May Orff its Elizabeth Rhoads Novella he Sharu v of of i i Quot f j i i i Jaqui it Glendora Kessler Louise Ruffenach Ada Tay a Willard Martha me Etbel Dulin. Edna Lof. A Vogdes Marie Willard Lartha me Avoy Nana Mowbray. E chamber is Gertrude Harria Edith Cooke. A Tomlinson Josephine be Mald Edna a fairer Julia vaulter Bertha Macdonald m. W. Baldwin with Section Estelle Dove Marge flu Hodge Iva Ritter Margaret Meta Clara Kcf Elln Louise Oliver Clara Rawley Florence Monskey. Esther doa Helen glad lug Esther Clymer Esther Mahn Helen Frazier. Jackson 26th Section Laura Hornberger Ella Mckeegan. Carrie Wallace. Miriam Paul Katie Smo Katherine mag amt Bie Catanach. Newton 27th Section Mary b. Boyd Una Sudell Dorothy Skerrett. Jessie hardie., Isabel Haslam. Beatrice b. Zellner May Uddell. Ulsa b. Ell Smi Elizabeth Young. Edith Reeves Martha Gregory. Iomene a. Culp Louise l. Myers Mabel m. Cooper Marian Smedley Helen a. Irwin. Carolyn Stoy. Florence Bear Eleanor Darrach. Elizabeth Lewis Emma Miller. Grace a. Wells Jennie Trudel Isabel Gerhard Edna Hughes Anna Macintire. Ruth Heller. Helen Wheaton f. Pearl Twaddell Martha Eggleston. Elizabeth Lyle Goergens Burton. Marian Robinson Jennie Cain Ethel Williamson Elfreda poem Mensch Alma de Root Irene Taylor Marjorie Caldwell Alice Roebuck Helen Walker Elizabeth Calvert Edith Jones. Elo Olse it toy. Irene Martin Adelaide Graham Ruth Rowland Edith Bevier Emma i>v1k, Emily Monihan. Elizabeth Michel Lon Florence la Elmer Mabel m. Hoover Drothy Whiting Beanor Lents. Samuel b Huey. 27th Section Marguerite Young Ethel Okay Ngram Sadie Mayberry Clima Gantt Virginia Ferree Ruth Lincoln Helen a Bourne Harriet Spaeth Maori Broughton Lulian Wark Helen ill Coriat Helena Mercer Marguerite Preston Ethel Congleton. Mary Cook Helen Tiller Ethel Buxton Charlotte Yarnall Elizabeth Gardull. Ruth Martin. Erma More. Helen Semple. Winifred Wogan Evelyn Hayward. It Onore Rexford. West end 27th Frances scorer. A Long Edith or Effenberg i Dolph a Walton. 28th a Section Katherine Helmling. Grace Totton. Johanna Rockelmann. Emma Alexander Vera King Florence Godfrey Sadie Craig. Of Evelym Mcknight. Sylvia Watson Flor mice est Whsle Blanche Duncan. Glenwood 28th seetl<m-6race Otter. Lullan Mccoubrie Florence Jones. Ethel May Cox. A Riem White Ethel c. Brooks Rebekah w. Elliott Elizabeth to Cunas Edna Kaufman Mae cum mems Eva Driver Florence Williams. Leona Kilgore Ethel Goess Katharine Ensley. M. Hall Stanton. 28th Section Jennie of Horne. Rose Edelbaum. Helen such. Edna my sneer Anna gathers. Belle Wood Tigon Bertha Evans Mabel Willdey Melvin Urban. Elaie Peterson. Dora stagger. Boise Freeman. George g., Meade. 20th sect Long Katherine mar Moo Ann. Gertrude Agnes Fahringer Mildred Ruth Fahring. Savory Mary kill Hurn. Carmen poured weasels. Henrietta by Thilner. Caroline Helen Heib. A Irene Belaj vering Mary Deacon. Alma Sternh. Edna Harriet Fleming. Sypher Irene Stevens. Julia Alice Oeters. Elizabeth Hel Iber Clark Edna Mcquilken. Howell Marion Wright. Funston Elizabeth Bolton. Linton Jeannette Torrens Ruth Margaret Coggeshall Ellen Sarah Gale. Beatrice Esther Klein. Robert Morris. 29th Section Ida Holst and. Mary saurer. Marie Herbott. Natalie or Oniley Pauline Halbach. Beulah Hamilton. Hazel Whitaker. Ella Magann. John Moffat Itter Section Caroline aus Sto no. Mabel Emma Kurtz. Ell i to Anc peek. Marguerite Clara Erxleben. Helen Mer cedes Slater. Mary Theresa Maynes. Jennie owl to a Alexander Adair. 18th Section Laura e. Harman May a Slagt. Grace 8. Jacoby. Mary c. Carbre. Katharine c. Read. Ca Wollne of Schmohl it Gertrude b. Moss. Mabel sheets. Mabel Johnston. E. Alva Campbell Henrietta b. Mulson. Sarah j. Killen. Lime Walker. Mary m. Sam Muneton. Florence Bakeoven. Anna h. Hearell. Vitma l. Maher. Elva Downey rata h. Hlf be Florence May Peirce. Mary a. Russell. Margaret m. Crosset. Margaret v. Mckeown Katharyn e. Mooney. Grace a ipod a Margaret Teller Adell to Simon. Wll Belmena Gelzer. Rena b. Long. Edith Mehaffey. Elra l. Fisher. Flor me m. , l1%n san Lue. Katharine v. A Kane. Jennie e. Collar. John Welsh 19th Section Clara Amelia shuck Caroline Stewart. Marion e. Henry. Margaret e. Meagher. William h. Hunter 19th Bankes. Mabel Stone. Helen kit Benman. Bay Jacobs. Clara Myland. Amelia Berlinger. Clara Gleeson. Lidle�8tranaban. I Retta Shute. Lillian Shapiro. . Ethel con Kun. Elya Shibe. Caroline Bers. Mary Stark. Clara manat. Slay Millen Hattie Gardiner. Blanche Wolf. Rutledge grammar. 20th Tiona Hub ten a c. Manheimer. Florence i. Miller. May Lowen Art. Maude a Fowler. Frances Billet. Boat Kulak. Julia Schwabe. Rachel Coward. A Lor ence life Mot farm. H. Niwen Bane Widener. 20th Secton Egberta Stearns Blanche Ottinger. Minnie Fly hinder Marion Murray. Marlon Kloetz Bena Greenwald Cella Miller Lottie Roberts. Elsie Rothschild. Ellsha Kent Kane. 29th self Tony Helen Kel Mildred Warner a Luw e. Al Tybie. Lou Virmani f. Kelley. 29th sect Ezmee Ltd. Emily Spear. Violet sprits. Elizabeth met col Ley. Josephine Oer. Henrietta Westheimer. Catherine meet file Katpar Helen Wells Mirion Mathews. Viola Carlin. E. M. Stanton. 30th Section Dorothy Elliott. Elisabeth o. Of Ambroa Rutn e. Mag out Gertrude Stackhouse. Lore pc a Moore. Helen go it i. Mildred e. Sproul. Isal a Adams bans e. Archibald. Faith Bell. Elsie Hemphill. Esther a. Strang. Anna l. Hirst. Rebecca m. Irrine. Miriam a Hill. Isabel m. Lowry. Mary f. Tempest. Mary s. Buchanan. Bertha m. Mchenry Ethel c. Mckensley. Mary y. Campbell. Elsie s. Crawford. Edna m. Of Neill. Florence m. Burt. Lottie b. Tut Hill. Catharine Beaney. Hannah h. Milne Camarino m. Mcdonnell. Horatio b. Hackett. 81st Section Clara Holtzhauser. Of Telle hair. Isabel Clarke. Myrna Becker. Edna Dawney. Jane Reed. Katharine Polk. Myrtle Moss Elsie Loraine Mary White. Head Catharine Wiggins. Maud Henke. Edna King. Jennie Mcgarvey Mabel Yates May Pearce. Mabel Stewart. Regina Cullen. Elsie Buckley Marlon Mcfetridge. Emma Stradling. Florence Austin. Edith Patterson. Ethel Cartwright. Miriam Neeley Ernestine Miller. James o. Blaine. Section Loraine Nichols Blanch Brown Adeline Palmer. Queenice Hamilton. Heo Goye Margaret Smith. Elsie Wise. Hortense Kadel. Madeline Mayer Mary Kennedy. Mccomb. Grace Haight. Edna Kirshbaum. Frances Smith. Mary Gibbs. Hannah Pertuch. Charlotte Nodine. Amy lode. Violet Johnson. Marguerite Dahlgren. Laura Kipp. Florence Zeigler. Venice in Man. Mary Harris. Lillian utting. Ray Lehman. Marie Doyle. Edna Sutton Clara Snodgrass Mabel Felton Roberts Crone Ethel Bryant. May Coleman. Addle White. Emma Christine. Catherine Snyder. Eill Zabett Atkinson. Singerly school. 82d Section Elsie Kieler. Katherine Rementer. Loretta Ennis. Edith Wal. Miriam shoe. Madeline Laubenstein .4nna Mccutcheon. Adelie Mck Tobin. Isabel Weldler Emily Sulzle. Ruth Grove. Elizabeth Burtu Stalla of cobras. Martha Harley. Edna Laubenstein Helen often Helm Mann to Schomann. Etta ill of. Dorothy Wilcox. Elizabeth Dunning. Marie Wessels. A a James l. Omit porn. 82d . By. Munds Glt Aalt Rosenbum allure e. Lre. Mar Saret Wood Morton. Gladys f. Jones. Marie n. Wash. Corisue a. Lax. Linda b. Henly Man l. Mandler Gertrude Feas. Elizabeth m. Rat Tenhouse Evie r. Pelter. Florence p. Burr. May m. Steward. Helen a Boyer Ruth c. Joyce. Helen m. Ours Agatha s. Re org Ethel Bardon. Ethel k7 Nice. Mildred r Whiteman Nana Levy Miriam for Elmer Edna Mmitchell. Hasel e Shearer Cordell Hannah Fredericksen Grace Lutz Alice Mcdonough , Sara mex Iken Florence Dol. In Rinei up ans. Mary Purtell. William Welsh 39th Section Sarah Louise Partaker Frances a. Bradley Helen Varwig als a non. Marie l. James. Anna c. Of Brien b. B. Comegys 40th Section Helen Ewing Martha Ball Jennie Cialone. Elsie Smith Margaret Logan Helen Levy. Marjory Vincent Edna Duncan Bessie Evans Sadie Mcknight. Pasch Alville 40th Section Maggle cram Sadie Wilson Catherine Weaver Ida Malin. Thomas Morton 40th Section Florence Jones Anna Baird Aylce. Howell. Rachel Ben Henry w. Lawton 41at Section Ida Roberts. A Disston. 41at Section Clara Eastwood. Alice Russell Anna Sayville. Blah line Whittaker Elizabeth Donaldson Anna Gorman Alverda Machemer Helen Evans. Olney 42d Section Ellzabeth Mcmullin Carrie enl Gnu Josephine Stevens Frieda Wager Margaret Wimer Elwood 42d action Edith Ashmead Valeria Walton Louise Sauter Jean Sheldon. May Buck Harriet a Thorp Estelle Moore Agnes Millard Abbie Parson. Marion la Lone. Feltonville 42d Section Anna Theresa tor Pey. Etta Mae Gaspey. Mabel Claris Wanbaugh. Ska packet a 43d Section Emma Shelly Alma Krebs Adelaide Deakyne Emma Anderson Sybelle Kart. Biebel Pallat Helen Ramsey. Alice Beld Mary Albright. Phyllis Fowkes Hattie Simpson Sands. Elsie Cone. Mary Kniveton. Florence Grimes Florence Dick. Sophie Foltz Anna Winterstein. Hattie Butcher Eleanor Farley. Bayard Taylor 48d Section Julia Lowenstern Ingrid Arfstrom. Eulth Thorpe. Esther Folcke. Private schools Helen j. Mcc Robbon. Annie f. Joseph. Commercial High school por girls. _qh8erration and practice Marie Springman Elvira Cecils Martens. Elsie Minnie Hauck. Gertrude Elizabeth Moen. John p. Baugh 1st potion Florence Reuss Lena Saffon. Lillie Green Margery Simmons. Moville Jacob. Cella Greenstern. Sophia Brown. Mary Berman. Mary Cutler. Anna Goldstein. Susie Frazier. Abigail a re 1st Section Rebecca Batner Alice Greenstern Lillian Field Fanny Foeman. Wharton. 2d Section Katharine Tinkelman Clara Ros of eld Eatharine Weitz mid. Anna Greenbaum. Letitia Clark. Nathalie Kreuger Rose Sll Berstell. Cecilia Ginsburg Sophie nude. Bose Mesirov. A her Wilder. Stella Ford. Bose Sarlo Laura Green. Sadie Wells. Rose Freedman. Anna race mount Vernon. So Section Lillian tape Leer Eya Mashbitz. Sarah Myerson. Anna Lecer Aan. Lizzie Levinson. Rose Green. Mary Tatcher. Milan Weise. Ida fit Eland. Anna Kursh. Sarah . Of a aple Freeman. James Campbell. 4th Section Hattie Satin sky Yetta Simon. Ida Bose blam. Eleanor m. T. Val note. Rose m. Bogatin. Emma blk Len. Horace Binney 6th Section Sara Schwartz re. Jeanette Blumberg. Goldie Carton. Mary Cohen. Ida Helfond. Louise Huth Sara mar to Vlf. Bay Monroe. Elizabeth Moser. Katherine Pye Anna suavely. Lena Wolfe. Locust Street grammar. 8th Section Elsie b. Jones Marian d. Fields Jessie b. Taylor. Coraella o. Poll ups. Cladine Webster. Northwest. 10th Section Lavra Gilfert. Alice fort Rae. Genevieve Hoey Elizabeth Hap Smatt. Idella Bourdon. Anna Collmar. Sarah Alrin. Irene ten Messy. Tulle Erdmann. To lie hippie. Florence Hallman. Nellie Stratton Anna Alexander. Elisabeth git. Mary of Brien. Northern liberties combined Lith Section Sarah Glauser. Bertha waber. Gertrude Feuer a Tein Florence stretch. Helen Fegger. Wyoming. 18th Section Goldie Greenfield. Til-11 Rosenblum. Anna Ley let. Sadie Olesen Fleurette Richter. Lizzie Meltzer. Minerva Rosenthal. Edith Thompson. Hester Keuy. Ida Trow. Ada Rosen. Ann Greenfield. Clara Cut hrs a Edelman. Bay Waltman. John Han cd. 14th Section Fannie a. Tyson Mabel m. Winter merger Dora Adelson Vera o. Bassler. Bertha Hall Lucinda Kelsel Marie Fox. K. I Urta Klein Florence e. Shoemaker Marto h. Weaver Elsie Klinknecht Anna d. Dougherty. James l Claghor. 32d Section res j. Leithman u. Reeves Ida c. , Msj Livy. Nettle b. Baldwin Anna d. Whitting too. Myrtle a Chaffer. Anna Ritter Bessle m. Hihn Leah Green Marian d who Targton. James Blaine 32d Section no Carol Schatte Hortense Borgenski Clara Wackwitz Norma Drew Marie Dempt. Willetta Mason mayor Marie Bonnet. Elsie Loeb Amy Kaufman. Philip h. Sheridan. 38d Section Margurite Shaw. Thomas Potter 83d Section Catherine Cumming Rose Cecelia Bennett Sophie Viola Boentgen Ella Jane Kerr Ethel Regina Clark Mare Aret Agieson. Sarah a scow it. Almes c. Mcguckin Ellen b. Macavoy Evelyn May Peters m. Adele Goodwin. Jesse George 34th Section Alice c. Smith Sadie m. Galas an. Heston 34th sect lpns Pearl Armington map Schwemmer. Lavonia Wanner. Ada Moss Aoa Baker Ethel Berry Jeannette Morrell Hazel Hawthorne. Norris j. Hoffman 84th Section Edna pfc Conkey Ruth Johns. Florence Dennis Fairney dam Bexan. Rose Mcgarv. Mary Keane Leo note Mcknight Laura Harper Meta Kneier Man Lillian Proctor Veroma Morgan Grace Kleps Gertrude Henessey. Lucy Berger. Martha Washington the. Sect ton Arga ret Courry Anna Bowen. Margaret Hagerty in abet Howell. Gertrude Armstrong Emma Uebelmesser Maris Durborow Emily fryber Ger. Alta Smith. Florence Alburger. Maple Grove. S5th Section Bertha an Horn. Watson Comly. 35th Section Emily Brooks. Fayette 85th Section Madeleine Saul. Mildred Foster Sadie Matson. Robert Liv Quot. Byers 36th Section Elsie i. Jones. Benson 36th Section Alice m. Mowbray. Mary a Ruch. G. S. Benson 36th sect i Sara v. Kegler Marie Harrison. Margaret Lynn. Iry. Blyth Klunk Anna Jordans re. of Keefe. Florence my 36t Section mrguerite m. Dowling Lebecca Thompson Clara m. Shalt. Aune Ruah. Henrtetta e. Welder Grace Mccullough. Anna my Ulm. Franklin 8�th Section Edith May Field. Girard i6th Section Birdie m. Pyle Ixa Beth Gallagher Sadie Behrans. I Ura Tekl Adelaide Paiker Ernestine walk Edna Mclark. Landreth. Mabel Hee Minerva bin Cambria 3tth Section Stella Binder Edith Marian Batcher. Elsie Harrison Helm. Edna Camilla Price. Margaret May be Hulhon Alice Buckingham. Bertha m. Buseman. Lullan Hay Kinney. Marion a Flinson Black. Bernicel Becca Unn Mary eur Boerth Leonora Ostler Bower Stela May Cassel. Edna Conte Hagerman Florence any. Florence Brown Sanders. Marian Knille Becker Beatrice Kathryn Berrill Mabel Blanche Peck. Forest. 38th sect look Mabel Senner. Cor Hunch Cliff Anna Downs. Eva Knowles. George h. Boker 38th Section Marie much. Helen Terrylu. Florence Filer. Kenderton 38th Section Bay Wolf. Aure Pei rare. Bolsto nicer. Mabel Jacobs. Clar Login. A a ranges h a a Lulam Frances Hollopeter. Elizabeth fat or. Wlliam Welsh. 89th Section Violet May wat fled. Anna s. Up is Anna m. Reilly Mcm e. Tui Anna a. Funkler dorm m. Merrish. Iman Edna Babel it Zephine l. Mcgill. In Coll 16th Section Blanche m. Boyd. De Wlna t. Petry Fri a e. Joc Faer. Mary fallen Margaret j. Mcmahon Gladys k. Ralston. La a m. Goodman. Nellie m. Nestor. Georget a w. Johnston. Virginia m. Mudd. Minna h. Wanner. Emily met a1, Sarah e. Graff. Ella Johnson. Sara my cd. Ethel o. Yarnall. Isle 8. A Derson. A hive Richter. Marv a. Ign Kep. Edith Orcutt Sadie e. Dougherty Kathryn Tryon. Jefferson. 16th Section Carrie Burbeck. Alma Krueger. Ratie Fitzpatrick. Emma Boe. Elsie h. Sarah Goldenberg. Anna Otto. Rose Segal. Mal Selma Brunswick. A re Widman. Bessie fee. Emma Baruch. Rose Spiegelman. Louisa Wolf. Ann bin Menstell. Bertha Boxer. Marea Retta Fitzpatrick. Katie Sharp. Vera Rosen Zweig. Anna Giles. Elizabeth Lase be. John Moffet. 17th Section Pauline Henrietta Kretschmer. Florence Harte Donegan Edna fester Anna Baker. Elsie Mary Schiller. Josephine Johnson. Sallie Gottlieb. Matilda Johnson. Jennie Agnesd an. Bose Cecils Mccann. Martha Semler. Hilda May Smith. Alexander Adalore. 18th Section Marv e. Bauman. Elizabeth a. Stevenson. Emma z. Brandau. John Welsh. 19th Section Mabel Pauline Brown. Grace Genevieve Richmond. Gladys Faith Orrel. Mary Edna Stewart. Mabel Melloch. Margaret Haller. Hair Rebecca Allvenn. Alice Schneider. Al Beth p. Schwarz ireae Regina Bepperling. Florence Lda Stiller. Euen apr Esther Baines. Florence Catharine Keppler. Grace Ingram Elsen lob. Mar Fisher. Mary Hasenfus. Isabella Lydia Mcgowan. Edna Ford. Katie Anita Marsh. Ida Bradley. Begins amp Rose Goodlee. Roselle Lel Bead. Henrieta Shar. Rachel Jane Roberts. Lull lao May dais. Florrence Edna Gross. Edna Alberta stong. Gertrude Rose Schwaig. Helen Irma Scheer Alice Grayson Scott Josephine c. Mulvenna. Fior. Ence May stong. Elizabeth Bicker. Edna Emma Muschert Irene Mary Brown. Liddle m. Wilson. William h. Hunter. 19th Section Ruth Harrison. Louisa Hexter. Anna to Cundon. Katie Ber Uncer. Ethel Holland. Katie . Less. Tother str Ebert Jam Lynd. 2<hh a Tlona segue no comas. Kiefer Reb Fred Fly Char Pauline Flag Helen Walsh. Ida Schwab. Florence , Mary Curtin. Anna Worrell Lucy Bertram. A Josephine Widener 2mh Section Anna simpers Sadie Doran. Ethel Ziegler. Amelia Keohane Rena . Basale Boyle Taille Dorfner. Cert Amie hath. Marie Fisher. Johanna Hirschfeld. Meriam Slack. Florence Oetzel. Marie Suydam. Eithyl Edwards. Emily Krauter. Rutledge Grantner 20th Section Rose Cohen. Esther Bringol Florence m. Wambold. Ida l. D. Allen. Katherine m. Lorens. Beulah a. Gressman. Florence Metzger. Edna b. Stall Wagon. Hilda m. Meuer. Marie by Winter Marguerite i. Montgomery. Florence a. Mueller Henrietta m. Hanger. Katherine a. Bodger Florence Isenberg Anna f. Gross. Violet e. Hase of us. Fairview. 21st Section Helen l. Invin. Edna m. Hill. Maud e. Simpson. Mabel m. Weitael. Mary Sumner. Anna p. Fox. Bay Jones. Elizabeth Pfeiffer. Marian a. Ludman. Emily a. Lebengood. Mary b. Macdowell May a. Mccready Marie e. Gabs. Anders. 21st Section France Byrne. Irene Fisher. Alice Adair. Levering fist Section Adel la Donnell. Jennie Mcfadden. Amanda Kulpe. Mabel Milten. Berger. Mabel Schwartz. A c. Harmer. 22d Section Alice j. Jordan. Wll Belmena h. Plutt Akee i. Riddle. Mary r. Selsor. Elsie c. Boyd Margaret h. Mac Vang Katherine m. Koons. Leila e. Robinson. Eliza Hamlin. Burga v. Konle. Sel n Mary b. So Ltd. A a Fol a e. Lowe nel Mac 82d sect Lovix Euzeal the a. Felgran Walpurga v. Konle. Selma b. Swab. Mer w. A Krodman a. Vera Hopes. Lai Zaboth m. James Lyro. 2iolb Section Mary Scherer Alice Lite Iii Wolf. Alma Fitzgerald a tule 8chseli France Osbourn Florence Poehner. Dickson. Helen Jacob. Adell 6 a a a a Scherr. A Carl Barile Bara Smith. Levering. 21st Section Willetta Boatne Ruth tot Send. Far Stew 21at Section Anna m. Bendrey Peart m. Grub a Olive r. Wilkinson. Helen l. Thomss. Ethel a. Righter. Rahel Zaiser. Marian a. Parry. Sadie j. Carberjr Ida l. 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Fayette. 36th Section Paul Stephan. Robert w Rye re. 35th Section a. Willard puff. Cambria. 37th Section John William Klong Edward noon Smith. Walter Alfred Graf William oar Lush. Franz Karl Schneider. Howard Doger Openshaw. Hsrry Norman Blumner Alfred Watnee Beck. William Edward Storcel Joseph Kap Joel Irum Ross Barton get Hurtt Day Edson. Harty l. Buck. Wulliam Bendel. Joseph Winfield Baker. Charles eld win Llewel-13m, John a. Nagel. ., Wulliam George Robinson. Richard Suske. Kenderton. 88tb Section Frank Solomon Ralph Young. Howard Kreckman. Wesley White. As Copeland Georeg Reagan. John Baney. Rutherford Bates. George Mckinney Ralph Prockett. John Van Alai. Augustus Snow. Harold Schaetzle. Raymond Oon. Vincent Clarke. Wilson Kite. Walter Kina teen. Errol Bond. Walter fish Ellenberger. Homer Foote. Clinton Gibbon. Ralph go hons. Warren Molzner Gordon Derr. Arthur knee John Eberbach Edward Adams. William Welsh 39th Section John Joseph Wilson Robert Allen Bixler. 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It Josephine Widener 20tlsection�?Arthur a halts. Carl Keasler Robert Morford. Schults. Rutledge Wheeler. A Armand Ira Brombach. St Ani 29th Section a dlr a Ibert. Frank Mcgunley. Of Rammer. Be. _ Ley Neubauer Ernest Sopp. Ralston Rodgers Barman plainer. Joseph William Marty. Aba filth. Louis Herll talus. Geoid a b. Winter the London tailor who looks far Mot like a Soldier than a tailor and who is in America at the instance of the War department to design new uniforms for the United states army says that he has been greatly to unused at the snapshot comments which followed the announcement of his Mission Here. Quot everyone seemed to think that i bar come Over Here to measure the american army men for new suits and the was going Back to London to have them made and sent Over to this country possibly free of duty a he said. A that would have been a Surpri Aini state of affairs and had it been True do not know that i would have blame Thoro who or. A a inter explained that his one object is to Loo Over the styles of uniform now made Here and. To guest methods by Means of which All new uniform is can be Given a More distinctly military style. A the american Soldier is too distinctively a business proposition a he said a this Dothes Are More or let Frise Ani easy and while this is an excellent qua it. In Campaign uniforms it is not just what is want to give your officers Anc Soldier a Wei set up appearance upon trivia. Occasions. I. Cann say just yet what i will recommend and in fact it would be hard to describe 6ut�de the Trade but i Hope to succeed in my 3dr. Winter has practical knowledge o the uniforms he designs. He served at lads Zenith and Kimberly and so Distin gashed himself that at the end of the Campa Ispa he left the service with the rank of major although he metered the yeomanry As a Volun Teia. I j t it my s i face rival factions ready to Bury Hatchet and sign peace agreement postponed Pinal action for one week owing to mayor Weaver s absence the War of the tongs in Chinatown to about to come to an end and a treaty of pcac0 will be drawn up and duly signed Between representatives of each of the factions of Chinatown who have for year lived in mortal terror of each other. During the feud that has existed betwee h these rivals not Only ilk this City but in every Large City a Hora chinese live in any number score of murders dark and mysterious Haw been Laid at their doors. Scores of other crimes have Beca credited to them. And altogether the rival tongs or societies have kept certain Roc tons of every Large City in a turmoil be a Pond the Power of put Dice officials to Conr Trudl. Yesterday the representative of the file Philadelphia factions headed by members of the various Chritian Misa Ioa societies Labouring in Chin atom called at mayor weavers office ready to sign a tides of agreement for the Preservati Oor of peace and the burial of the War Hatchet for All time. Info Stu it. Amp Ely tag mayor could not be present being a i aged elsewhere but the situation we gone Over and All sides agreed that it was to the Best interests for All concerned to cease their enmity and to lit Ami Safiy together the official representative of the chinamen were Wong Ding president Edward Lee York. Secretary and Ong Ling treasurer of the hip Sim Tonga Fallmyr Frank. Blanco. William Marty. Aba Etrat Bastyr. Harold sol Elwood Hoffman. Germantown. 22d More. John b. Henkel wham a. Goebel. John v of. Sch a. Oon Ras Robinson. Bussell k Yunek. Claude h. Graham. De wanly. Twas h. Olla Mcnabb. How sird Cliffe. Wll 1 Casper h. Pad Kels. Or. James t. Bishop. I. John w. Cupin. 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Pm win buckle Amo Reeder Alfred Gonsalez. Bait Quimby Edward Beecher James Nash _. Maxia Yunk. 21st Section Lulam m. Bovard it w. Whitaker. George Smith George Sohommer George e. Ley Robert j. Mckee. Wulliam r. Ambler William h. F. Baker Sari Volp. Rowland c. Maalon. Bill Ditapat cd Peter Wlebert Harry b. Sutch. And. 21st Section Lulam Johnson we Ham Kemper Clarence Helling. A Levering. 21st Section Arthur Smith Samuel Fri. Russell to. Walter Grindrod Aubrey Wallace Burwen warring too Conrad Donnell John held Cyril Mcgarrigle we loin tops Zer. Gilbert Thornas Wallace Schofield Arthur Moscrip Cleft Ltd pita Belmont 24th sect Loti Oue Johnson Andrew Davis. Albert it Hooven. Lulam a. Bury. F. John Mcc. By Erl rtt p. Of my. K. Mcpherson Villam f. Conway. We Bur Davis. Willard i. Of Terro. George a. F. W Utlang. A Niam in belter th���5 �4, a on s. Ross Rumpson. Lulam l. Magee. John Wheeler. William h. Foering Lee Ltd turd Zoberi it Wilson. Harold e. Kelsay Norman La Einen Fred k. Knowlan. Haases har Oner. Alvon a Homes Forrest Man Wulliam Jon re. 1it Naon Harry George a. 8. Cooper. Gre i Lester a. Dalton. George b. Baar Wal tor Young. Of. U Lawrence. Harry o. Her dec a Bromis Robinson. Wuu am t. Myers a i Bur a Wood Barles b. Harria Ltd it Nam Gross George m. Jackson b. Pearson Emma Archt Sparkm. Malcolm l. Gross Larry f. Duke. Eort w. By Romney stain Man it i e. Bonsall. A. We. Mulbern. It acid r. Al erase. Log ent 0. Her weigh. Dayton. Charles b. Harrison. Stewart lamp ton. Mount airy. 22d Section William Mcleain James boobs. Or. W Francis d. Plato Rena. 22d Section Theodore m. Header. Frank sex Bustard. Willo Wahby Barrett. Francis Fox. Solomon Sokol. Theodore p. A tall Harry c. Jeeter Henry car Genter. Stuart Turner Albert Benson. Harvey myth Edwin h. Fitler. 22d sect Tonc James Chil Man. Charles Lel Digh. Thomas Worrall. Arthur Woluns. Dominick Peters. Edward Graffin. Ala Pyle. Clark Morris Edward Maguire. Josenel. Whitaker. Harry Grace. William Book. Wuu am Mason. Jesse Oakman George met a. Edwin Slack George Henderson. Saxon Peel. Dale Leavesley. Bussell Jamison. Wulliam Mccon my. John Galbraith. John Bretherton. A Gordon Joseph 0. Gilbert. 22d Section James Koeh tar. James Herbert Bownas. Wuu am Bayner Dean. Wuu am j. Lawson. Frank Alvin both. Ralph o. Borthwick. Jota its Lynian. Bussell p. Borthwick Geo l. Mcneil. Charles an Laa. Horace e. Illg. While Hall. Section Bert Lightfoot. Oharie Kutteroff. Lester Waxiler. George be held. Marahall. 28 Section Harvey Mcvey. John Dodds. A Tula pickles. Suas child. John Keegan. Harold Kraft paries Scott. Franr Wjt. Martin Brest. Lulam Hud Brand. Story Nixon. Byron Heine William Smith. John Whittaker Frank grew. George was blog Toa Wall. Robert a a. A a lever Charles Gray furl Tschmel. Walter Engle. George a. Cuffe William c. Bever. Robert Callaghan. Irr lip Ingham. Herbert in and. Andrew Tetter. Targe Schaffer. Han Bouse Man. Edward Wail. Joeeph Moss Leo Weiss Milton yank loves. James Martin. 25th Section Herman Braun Frank Hare Frank Latefe. Brie Bitting William Thomas Oha Ater Russel. John a Webster a Obj Recto Edward Ilo Desch. John l Dagan. Harry by George f. Budd. Wal am h. Fler. Harry o. Lil Atzer. Prank h. L. La Luber. Christ h. Gregory George w. Lord. Auvert j. Bluer Wlliam h. Forde Grorer a Trant rett Downey. William b. Aberne Tif. G. -�?~4, ii a him w. Sahn. Robert f. Harri l Tiu twin nor wat i. Hugh big a Harry c. Fro ate. Charles j. Foell. Unroll i _ soph f. Repoley. Seerge Hood. Royak Allaback John f. Bischoff. John r a tall Wulliam a it Tate. Charles ,_t4ncoljj re so a. To Louta h. Forster. Elwood p. John. Bridesburg. 26th Section Frederick Bach. Harrr Rex. Stein m. Hall Stanton. 28th sect Sony fran Kun signer wll Liera Fisher. Lonis for Ury. Bay lond Kulian. A yurts of Arlen. Edw. Raabe. Glenwood. 28ft Sicri it Frank Ottakar Imer Blakely. Howard 0. Bickel. Walt m. Alb Fronta Leslie p. Elmer bus Reeves. Fert Mson Dun Lafi. Eur a Hancock. Samuel grass. Leslie p. Tones. George burst tot inward Bunkie. John Monroe. Bernoid Falloure. Horace Hogeland Franklin Walters. Rudolf 8. Walton. Mth Saigon will Lara print he Rbert Rayne. William plunger. William Widger. Jun Moran. Greg Baker Henry Casper. Willim Siegener Hugo apr text Otto Hock. Howard Hartman. August Grots Neher. Lie a filth a term i. Dan a. Fan Ift can it a Snowden Samwel , Lulam Wynn or Frank Wiswell. Obar Laa h. George A Ade 29th Section Carl Les a Wispy Tuchman. Hairy of. Waples. James c Riffi Taa. George b. Wilder Menett e. Mckee Joseph r a Whitaker Clarence Wallace John j. Stemson. Charlo a Bott Cher. Walter 8. Byttner. Robert l. Hinckle Arthur s. Detach. La adore Gold Borg Len b. Hiu. Fancutt. Gaea san. John 8. Hart. Slit Section Oseph fre Derleff Horner. Robert p. Kolp or. Leon be is Howard a. Dart son. Coort Maikl Lai Bere. George mobs. William Miller. Harry l. Pokr Ere. Harry Booth. Harry c. Greifsu. Edward Dewey. Clar Taro Tegt lamber of cd Sis reported for car week la two Yeau a ninety nine uses of to Hoid fever were reported in the week which ended at noon a erday which is the smallest number reported in any week within the past two years. There were 126 cases of the disease reported last week. The largest Nam Beds of cases were from the following wards second 5 Twenty fifth 6 Twenty fourth 5 thirty first la thirty third 9 thirty fourth 7. Artest in water piece de resistance special to the inquirer. Blackwood. N. J., june 29.�?Black Wood new Artesian water Plant the principal owner of which is state comptroller. Willard Morgan wag formally placed in operation today. Many state county and City Foll calf were present. The Plant consists of three Artesian Wells and has a capacity of 80,000 Gallons daily. Cupids Busy Adbi in Public sch Dis k Many teachers numbered among the brides and bridegrooms of june the wedding of Mitt Anna l. Kind and Henry w. Kind last evening marked the culmination of a Romance which grew out of an attachment formed when both were teachers at the Sheridan Public in Honji Ontario and g Tyneeta. Or. Kind ence Wuy on. H. Rajmond. Sattar Samuel c. Gutherman George Zehner. Wuu am Mackrell Walker Macfarland. W. Walker. Jamesl cos whom. 82d 8e�rt<m�?George Koi Mer wan run Gross. Albert Lam. Not Man Aith. Joseph be. Holm. By tax Thumbert Fulliam Webb thanas. Barclay. John wiper. In Foulkrod. Jamss it. Joaeph be. Golgi. Pm a Postif. A Wrath a prowl by Normal by k. Kenneth Karcher. A toward Man Robert h. Bearne. Barie Ham Weber. Ugena me Heder. Re. Wll i Kui is Fer. Jacob Edt Eutin. Elmer w. Crew pan James speck. Harte peddle. Arron glob Elliis. Leopard b. pets soft. Charlet j. Layering. Robert b. Lockenbach. Nortman n. Joseph Section urge Frederiek Greer of tank loan a Kul Bori. Roy. Ame Anderson. Or run Trilip Gulun. Joseph was promoted to supervising Nepal of the Asa Packer school of the forty third Section last february the wedding was perform Dat the Home of the brides parents at 1619 Eyre Street. Rev. William Downey of the mariners Bethel methodist episcopal Church officiate. Or. And mrs. Kind will i Ide at 4447 uber Street. The Large number of weddings of school Tea i continues merrily now that the vacation period has a pin. Thai evening one of the most interesting marriages of the late june will take place when miss Florence Bowen will wed or. William Tutlow. Or. Miss Bowen ii the aim her of William Bowen member of the Ltd of education he is a teacher at the Alexander Adaire school at Palmer and East Thompson streets other romances of the Public schools came to Light in the implications for marriage lice Meta at the 01 Hall yesterday. Thomas h. John Tom a super Uiki principal of 900 South eighteenth Street obtained a permit to wed miss Mary w. Maccart a teacher of 768 South fifteenth Street. Corbit Henson of Wilmington came to this City to wed mias Laura a. Sharfer another teacher of 1527 South Beulah Street. Frank Hook a teacher of 1339 Thompson Street obtained a License to marry miss Emily Staman of 8112 North sixteenth Street. And Lee Yin president Long pm a Retar it and Leong hey treasurer of the Leong Tong. Monr c Zili a Meir pregent they were accompanied by half # dozen orientals for each Tong a me wearing their blouses mad queues. A they sat in the sumptuous chairs in the mayors inner office the chinamen were As much at borne As if squatting on in divan in an Oriental House. They fanned themselves with folding fam which each pulled from his pocket and listened with deep interest to the statements made by the leaders on each Side. The unofficial parties present inc idea Thomas f. Barlow chinese Consul air this port Rev. Or. Gray Bolton re or. W. B. Chalfant Rev. Charlet h. Bond Rev. Frederic Poole or. A walk n. M. Wolfe z. S. M. Trad we Samuel t. Moore w. Neel a a Wil Bam Lee York Captain of detective Donaghy we Lus on to for the police department and George pcs chief clerk to the mayor acted in his place though the signing of the agreement was postponed until a of clock next Friday when mayor Wro Verj will be on hand to witness the final St for the Assurance of peace in chit town. The movement for the signing of an agreement of peace Ween the two Opp a posing Chi Roe factions the on Leong Tong and the hip sing Tong originated at a conference held monday after Mooiki at the Christian league chinese Miro my 929 race Street when a commit tent of his directors of the Christian league Nam a Rev. Chr. Gray Bolton James we walk m. D. Rev. Or. W. B. Chat Mitt and Rev. Charles h. Bond Secretary of the Christian league conferred a Rishi Rev. Frederic Poole As to what 8t�mo should be taken to bring an end to thei hostilities Between these two Obi Nero tic tons. I Captain Donaghy of the detective department was also invited to attend Thini conference and it was her. Poole s suggest Don that the of Only satisfactory result Thalf could be obtained would be to secure thei Mutual approval of ithe leaders of theron two societies of an. Agreement to drop Ali further hostilities and to pledge the so i cities to hereafter keep the peace aum observe the Laws of the state. Lee York the representative of tha hip sing Tong was called in and qum toned As to whether that society could it be pledged to such an element. Hoi assured the committee that it could. Or. Poole then volunteered to Commini Nicatie with the on Leong Tong and tol secure their approval to such an agree ment. This was done and the on Leong Tong readily expressed their wiling to to meet the representatives of the hip sing Tong for the purpose of ent no into such an agreement. Or. Poole and or. T. W. Barlow then drafted an agreement which has been duly approved and is med by the accredited representatives of these two societies. A nel Ful feature of this agree at is that it places All chinese on an equal. Footing and no chinaman is to ree Eivy any special favor or privilege from the police or any other department. Bruises found on Reid womb in Sheib 9 _ supposed to have died of asthma but Coroner will investigate further bruises discovered on her the omit and Faro after she had died press Matilyn from asthma led Coroner Jermon yester Ylo order a further investigation in the Etro of mrs. Clara Boulden 26 years old of 25l5 North second Street w1m> win bund dead on the door of her room on wednesday. The discovery was made by or. Din Coroner s physician and after he had made known the result of his observation the inquest inthe ease came to Asp abrupt ending after a half dozen wit Nesses had testified. Mrs. Boulden Whoso husband has been employed recently in Ever York lived with her parents at the. Second Street address. Mrs. Elizabeth Duffield the Young woman smother testified that her Oak Ter had been ill for two weeks and test she had complained of pains and stiffness in her limbs. Mrs Duffield said that her daughter had passed to gear Light in her room and that she did not Lear anybody else there. Futo Larrr Ita ooh Cigar less Lxi Wekson. Of Gluc Ostir City he a of Scaro sons Cal to tire Jan hirer. A City n. J., june 29.-during the past few Days the City Hall authorities Nave Besa overrun with com Saintf about dogs. And not less than a Osen have been killed the police. Today policeman George Davidson killed a dog at the City half which hit 6-rear-old Frederick Blackburn. Laet no get sergeant Graham end the Ilia of a canine which bit Thomaa Donohue and two other Little Boyt. By. A. It ugh Tino contract goob court re Uaea to or it in realm la a tog order con non Pleat i Hurt no. 4 altered in decree yesterday refusing to Grant Tho retraining order asked for by will ask Annear 3a a residents and taxpayer the City to enjoin the municipal author Nice and the e Keystone company from executing the gasoline a gating contract by 1907, awarded to the company recently. The suit was argued before president Edge Willson and judge Audenried Titi monday. No opinion was filed with 00 decree. Death of William a. Qwynn so serial to Tbs inquirer. Brt Dorton n. J., june 2�.wulla� a. Tarynne a Veteran Newi taper a died last night. During his career he a at different times Bridgeton chronicle the mall vice Chi tha Ocean county Demour River and Tho. Delaware co of Cheater a

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