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Petersburg Progress Index Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Petersburg Progress Index (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Petersburg, VirginiaVol 49 Petersburg colonial Heights Hopewell Virginia sunday August 22 1976 four sections 36 pages Price 30 cents winning the hearts of the Reagan ites Campaign problem lies within party for Ford by Walter r Mears Kansas City map in the tensions and struggles of the Republican National convention one of president Fords Campaign problems is etched sharply he cannot stir in conservative hearts the ardor that burned for Ronald Reagan but he must have the armies of the Republican right at work for his ticket in the four Days of the 31st Republican National convention Ford men had the votes but Reagan ites had the Zeal and that Zeal is what motivates a Campaign Volunteer to do the Dull hard unpaid labor of any Campaign the conservatives can and did speak the ritual vows of Republican Unity behind the ticket but pledges of support wont get the envelopes stuffed the doorbells rung the precinct lists checked the leaflets distributed the gop vote out on election Day those Are the labors that can tip an election the Ford Jimmy Carter race looks on sided now but both nominees say the Gap will narrow now that the president has his Republican nomination among democrats the detail work frequently is handled by the forces of organized labor among republicans there Are no More effective nut Sand bolts Campaign workers than the conservatives Ford invoked the spirit of Harry 5 Truman Patron Saint of the Uphill campaigner to stake his claim of coming Victory in the nov 2 election the president a Truman fan nominated in the City of Truman aimed the first major address of his Campaign at the average american news analysis it is from your ranks that i come and on your Side i stand he said in thursday nights acceptance speech and i predict right now that the american people Are going to say Jerry youve done a Good Job keep right on doing it to get them to say that Ford will need the Active help of the Republican party Best foot soldiers and Many of them Are the conservatives who worked and wept for Ronald Reagan the risk to Ford now is not like that of Truman 1948 Campaign when the left and the right wings of the democratic party split off and ran candidates of their own a group of Young americans for Freedom among the most ardent of conservative factions chanted third party third party for a while at the conventions closing night there were Only about 20 of them despite tentative plans for a conservative meeting to talk about a Bolt it seems unlikely such a move could go anywhere As rep Robert Baumann of Maryland conservative As they come told the convention there Are those who say we need a third party i say to you what we need is a Good second party and this is it Baumann said the Republican struggle was Between two conservatives not Between the left and the right sen Jesse Helms of North Carolina one of the favourites of the right a Reagan supporter who pushed harder than his candidate for Tough conservative language in the platform spoke out for the ticket he praised the platform As a Good one a Strong one also hailed the selection of sen Robert j Dole of Kansas As Fords vice presidential nominee Reagan said that if a third party is to be considered it should not be now just prior to an election but after nov 2 if the republicans lose at Fords invitation Reagan had the last word the final speech of the convention and it was All that the president could have asked from his beaten challenger weve got to quit talking to each other and about each other said Reagan we must go Forth from Here United determined and what a great general said a few years ago is True there is no substitute for Victory Reagan too stressed the party platform a Banner of bold unmistakable colors for his sup porters with Fords agreement had coloured it conservative particularly on the Issue of american policy toward the soviet Union indeed during the week of preparatory sessions and the four convention Days it seemed Reagan could have anything he wanted except the one thing he really wanted the presidential nomination Only on Points that directly affected that prize did Ford and his strategists resist Reagan after they won the test that foretold the nomination on reagans Effort to compel Ford to announce in Advance who would be running with him the president put out the word to Cool it go along get along for hours Ford representatives tried to negotiate a Compromise on a platform amendment that unmistakable continued on Page 3 Good morning Here s a Brief look at whats happening today in the state Billy Carter the younger brother of the democratic presidential candidate didst turn any Heads when he arrived in Norfolk Friday to Campaign for democratic senatorial nominee Elmo Zumwalt Page 13 the 130000 Gallons of sul uric acid that spilled from capsized Barge in the Chesapeake Bay poses no further danger to aquatic life say the coast guard and environmental officials Page 14 in the nation after five weeks of no Progress bargaining the United Auto workers consider selection of a strike target for 1976 Page 6 Jimmy Carter plans to kick off his Campaign on labor Day in warm Springs a the favorite vacation Retreat for the late president Franklin d Roosevelt Page 3 inf he the fifth nonaligned Summit conference declares in its final document that War May break out at any moment in Korea Page 7 Forest fires rage in drought stricken Britain threatening vacationers and residents As Well As zoo animals Page 2 in sports eight unbeaten teams remain in the state Ussia softball championship in Petersburg Page 27 Massengale blows two shot Lead in the greater Hartford open Page 27 we otherwise korean murders of americans raise tension to new height Clearing and warmer today with highs around 80 or a Little above fair tonight with lows in the 60s sunny and seasonably warm monday with highs in the mid to upper 80s Page 2 inside amusements business classified crossword dear Abby editorials Horoscope Legal notices local news obituaries sports to log weather women 8 3135 25 25 15 15 35 911 1921 palestinians begin mass conscription Beirut Lebanon a guerrillas picked up palestinian youths off the streets of Beirut and took them to military training Camps saturday following orders for general mobilization of the palestinian people several trucks were seen loading up Young men in the Seaside Rouche Quarter where Street Side markets at tract crowds they hauled them off for training unless they already belonged to a guerrilla group palestinian officials confirmed the operation was part of a conscription decree issued by guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat after the fall aug 12 of Tal Zlatar refugee Camp the biggest single Christian Victory in Lebanon 17month old War about 300000 palestinians live in Lebanon before the War some 12000 belonged to the various guerrilla groups that number has risen considerably Over the months of combat but Many youths still try to live civilian lives Arafat and his top lebanese moslem ally Kamal Jumblatt both have called for broadening their military base with Universal military training to overcome the Tal Zlatar defeat an wage a Long War Pierre Gemayel Leader of the phalanges party that Fields the largest Christian militia indicated he too was digging in for a Long struggle he called on christians to reopen schools and resume economic life despite the War we Are not the first people in the world to engage in a War he said i do not understand Why we cannot Cope with the War and adapt ourselves to new methods of living like other Peoples of the world Gemayel said he was discussing with his allies plans to develop the Harbor at Jounier the unofficial Christian capital 12 Miles North of Beirut and build a new Airport in the Christian heartland Beirut International Airport is in moslem territory the facility now occupied by Arab league peacekeeping forces has been closed since june because of Christian shelling the Beirut port is largely destroyed and lies right on the front line fighting was strongest saturday bet wee the Christian bastion of bin rum manch and the neighbouring moslem Quarter of Chi Yah moslem forces mostly palestinians were reported to have advanced several Hundred Yards in House House Battles leftist leaders have expressed a desire to drive christians from the Low Quarter because it bulges out from a two mile line dividing Beirut into moslem annd Christian Camps each Camp continued lobbing deadly artillery rounds into enemy territory in a we Klong wave of terror shelling one heavy Shell crashed into an intersection just in front of the temporary associated press office in the Kings hotel destroying a fruit vendors car ill just have to walk now he said god is generous estimates compiled from Hospital registration officials said about 170 persons were killed and 250 wounded from the shelling and scattered combat in the most recent 24hour period professor urges More explanations by pharmacists Richmond a a pharmacist who talks with his customers is providing a better service than the one who merely fills their prescriptions a Virginia Commonwealth University professor says or Kenneth c Steiner director of continuing education in the medical College of Virginia ecu school of pharmacy Here says communicating with patients customers and other health professionals is a growing con Cern of pharmacists throughout the nation but Steiner Points out the old architectural style of drugstores literally puts the pharmacist on a Pedestal or behind a Glass Wall that isolates him from the patient us stages demonstration of Power Seoul South Korea a the United states staged a demonstration of military Power in and around Korea on saturday at the same time As Allied forces felled a tree that was the Center of the dispute in which North koreans killed two american officers president Ford personally approved the plan to go in there and Cut the tree Down White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said saturday at Vail Colo where Ford is vacationing with Ford is National Security Agency director Brent a scowcroft who is keeping the president abreast of the situation at Travis air Force base in califor Nia Flag raped caskets carrying the bodies of the two slain american officers arrived amid a Brief solemn ceremony As the plane returning their bodies touched Down a 26man Honor guard saluted the bodies were taken to the us army mortuary in Oakland Calif col Erroll Loving Travis information officer said maj Arthur bonifas 33 of Newburgh by would be flown to West Point by for burial and 1st it Mark t Barrett 25 to his Hometown of Columbia so bonifas was promoted posthumously from Captain to major in the operation an Anra a of War planes and troops was poised near the demilitarized zone during cutting of the 40foot Poplar at the Neutral truce Village of Panmunjom a us Navy task Force steamed toward Korea Twenty six helicopter gunships of the kind used in the Vietnam War backed by an unspecified number of f4 phantom and fill Jet fighters and three b52 bombers from Guam circled overhead while a Quick reaction Force of 300 us and South korean soldiers protected the tree cutting Allied military sources said Flag draped coffin of army maj Arthur bonifas is carried from plane worst since uss Pueblo Seoul South Korea hot Sun beat Down that morning last wednesday sending the temperature to nearly 90 degrees in the Mountain ringed bowl that is the Panmunjom truce Village in Korea demilitarized zone a United nations command work party led by two american army officers had begun its assignment for the Day prune a Normandy Poplar tree whose branches obstructed observation of two checkpoints a Short time later the two us officers were dead their bodies battered new View of the zoo if you really want to get to know an animal sometimes a face to face approach can be Best that might involve the animal getting Down to your level As the Giraffe at right did with a photographer at african lion safari in Rockton ont or it might require the observer to get Down to the animals level As with the Frog above who was captured in the kiss close View after a dip in the Pool the associated press beyond recognition according to the in command by North korean military guards wielding axes and pikes the clash raised tensions on this divided Peninsula to their highest since North Korea seized the uss Pueblo in 1968 us and South korean forces buttressed by the deployment of several squadrons of american warplanes were placed on precautionary Alert the us Carrier Midway and her 75 aircraft left Japan for an undisclosed destination but sources in Washington said she was headed for korean Waters North Korea put its armed forces on combat Alert on orders of president Kim 11sung in Pyongyang the whole affair began innocently enough us officials claim when the in command work party began trimming the tree near the Bridge of no return which leads into the North korean sector of the Doz the clash that followed brought the first killings Ever committed in the join Security area since the end of the War 23 years ago us and South korean Here gave this account two North korean officers and nine enlisted men approached the work party at am asking what was Hap pening to the tree a North korean lieutenant identified As Pak watched the pruning for 10 or 15 minutes then suddenly ordered the work stopped the us officer in charge capt Arthur 5onifas 33 of Newburgh no told his South korean civilian workers to continue angered the North korean officer sent a runner across the Bridge and he came Back with reinforcements boosting their number to about 30 it Pak slipped off his in Swatch a us official said carefully wrapped a White handkerchief around it and deposited it in a trouser pocket shouting kill in korean he struck bonifas in the Back knocked to the ground the american officer was beaten to death by five North korean guards a South korean worker was quoted As saying later in a newspaper interview that a communist guard seized an a continued on Page 7

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