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Perth Truth Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Perth Truth (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Perth, Western Australia National Library of Australia ? Vine Gati or from a 200 years ? i. Fig -., Old recipe. ?vav1 i easter specials my All this week ism City Lynnum Ipswich branches Iff easter hams and Bacon of mild cured cooked Ham 1/7 wbk whole. He orm place ?. In a Darling Downs hams i it it cooked sliced Ham 111 2/u is mild Ham cured thou Letts pm Bacon Cut 1b Llyd whole in 1/ s s2 Cushion Bacon 1/3wsg ? no bowl in i easter eggs a for Lucky sugar easter eggs Asp 3d for 2jd 6d for a 1/ for id easter grocery specials is eggo pickles Largo lop 31 a a Caster Plum puddings 9f Job a lib 1/4%1 Ross or Alston Barilla soap bar 5j or 2 bars for 1 of i harpers 8.r. Flour a 21b 5�d 51b 1/2 4kraft Sandwich relish 1m hot and ? 5oz9jd i Gartside canned peas tin 4dsi Simpsons or g. Crost s. R. Floor my. 2�b 7jd Sib 1/6 a Jelly crystals Pkt. My Pioneer Mallax Ritar. Old hit ? go 2 Ihbe write Garden Tomato sauce 20oz 9d la Hillcrest packet peas Ujj Judd Pkt. Or 3. Pets. For i of strolled oatseffrfy4lbs9d ? manoian Herrings in sauce ill spa to a ? ?. 16oz 9ja i Sti Leep tongues ?8kk tin i j a Tel it. R. Four 4lh5 i i a Fri Dot Worcester sauce med. I. Ujj King Tea purple Label in. 2/3. . A Augar 701b bag ilgig/9 ip2i/6 6ib i ii hot Cross buns doz.9d Vic. Government safty after election labor country fuse carries Day Melbourne saturday. The Dunstan country party government and the labor members who support it in office id oked to remain Safe As soon As the numbers began to go up in to Day s general election j and As counting proceeded. No major upsets were indicated in the Early tallies and As generally anticipated the status. Quo looks like being preserved when next parliament meets. At the close of counting last night the government looked to have gained slight strength with the swing of one seat to labor. The United. Country party s ? numbers remained at 22, its hold ing in the last parliament four seats were in doubt but the . Faced the possible loss of five seats. Labor May win Castlemaine and Kyneton from the ., whue the e . Looks like losing Hawthorn to an Independent. But by 10.30 . Counting had reached the stage where it was obvious that the Dunstan government would be returned and that there would be Little alteration in parliamentary. Strengths in Allandale where or. A. E. Locking . Made his bid for a parliamentary seat from which to continue his fight against his party Leader Premier Dunstan the sitting labor Man or. P. L. Dunigan was certain of re election when counting closed for the night. The third candidate a Liberal . Man and an anti Dunst Anite was hopelessly behind. Of the retiring up. Members styled As rebels by Premier _ Dunstan Only a. G. Allnutt Mik Ira was hard pressed. ? he had a 400 Lead in the primaries Over a. Rawlings the other . Candidate and the Man for whom or. Dunstan campaigned in Kara Kara and boo rung the retiring up Man or Cameron polled 2000 More primaries than the Dunstan backed p j Toohey also up. Although there Are 2000 Odd preferences of the third candidate an Independent to be distributed Cameron should hold his seat. Cont Ned on Page 20. Ship sinks off coast Crew s Fate not vet known Melbourne saturday. A ship Sank off the coast of tas mania to night after striking a Rock. The vessel sent an so sat 9 pm stations her position and that she was sinking. Several vessels which picked up the distress message were Rushing to her assistance. The Fate of the Crew is hot yet known. Bombay saturday. Mahatma Gandhi writing in the Indian Congress newspaper Hari Jan answering an Anonymous englishman s question Why has Congress changed from Dominion status to a Complete Indian Independence demand declare ? experience gained since 1937 on mii Turer reflection has led me to think that Dominion status even of the Westminster statute variety cannot suit the India Case Stop press victorian elections. Old Parl t. New Parl t. Uniter country party. 22 21 labor ? 31 22 United Australia party 18 13independents ? 3 s 3 Liberal country party. 1 i doubtful ? 4 British Power gains greater strength communism s threat to world democracies i Ciano from f. E. Baume truth s own special european rep. London sat. Britain s position to Day is More powerful in the world s affairs than at any other time no matter what superficial thinkers May say. Her army has grown to satisfactory proportions the air Force is at record strength her Navy is As Strong As Ever and the nazi menace to our shipping is decreasing As the initiative on the seas again passes to England. It is no longer in London a question or a Nat Niter we do As it was late last year dui or Wanai the allies will do to break Germany s Power signifying a Complete reversal of the positions. That is one reason britishers should count their own blessings instead of weeping Crocodile tears Over the Fate of other countries. The Empire s Iob is to Fiert hard enough to see that Britain retains her prominent place in the history books to Day some opinion Here Sugge to cwt tire finnish peace is merely another Munich after which territorial boundaries Are Likely to be by Peri Down whenever Russia wishes m line with the previous ruthless expansion by Germany plus Stalin s present similar declaration As evidenced by the red Campaign in Fin land. As sir Paul Dukes has said communism is preparing to carry it self around the world with the sword the whole Finland affair is the finest warning Britain has had since the outbreak of War. It has. Forced her rulers to Realise properly that dictatorships have menaced Nii Riitta tent ii. Tiia Torfin urfi s . Arc ready on the Western and Eastern fronts and the need to prepare a third Campaign on the North has passed for Trie nonce at least. ? ? there can be no serious charge against1 Britain and France for not moving to the help of Finland last week. Hard facts show that an expeditionary Force of 50,000 men whose very ability to land at. That time would have been Uncertain was Likely to v. Have been three times below the number required to repel the red millions. I Sweden to blame such a Force As that mentioned could have. Been a tremendous one last december but could not have been More than a gesture a week or a fortnight ago. The Only. Charge that can be Laid against the Alu Sisr failure to Realise quickly enough the menace that existed. I Sweden not Britain can be Finland s sur j Render. She will have her own troubles with russian some theorists in London say that the Lull in Naal coastal reconnaissance Are an indication i important pending happenings but Amsterdam hint at the likelihood of an attack in the West shortly. Naturally neither report can be confirmed. ? in some diplomatic quarters speculation Rife whether the peace plans which Are regarded As almost certain to come from Germany will be based upon a formula now possibly being carried by or. Sumner Welles american. envoy to his president. V peace moves other circles Are asking this week end whether secret proposals were made by Britain Ana France to or. Welles and demanding that the British government should state the present Posi Tion of France and ourselves in unequivocal terms. But coincident with the return of or. Welles to night from borne where he will Confer with Mussolini and count Clano. Before sailing on tuesday for the United states rumours of the Hitler peace move have become More prevalent.? ?. It is being said that Mussolini has briefed von Ribbentrop to inform r or. Welles of new term which Are designed to form a Basu on which president Roosevelt will be Able to launch a big peace move after his envoy reports. ? it is being said that Mussolini. Has briefed von Ribbentrop to inform or. Welles of new terms which Are destined to form a basis Ori which president Roosevelt will be Able to launch a big peace move after his envoy reports. In the meantime the lesson from Finland is not Likely to be lost. With out Yelling for War we must go on pre paring and Realise the futility of fur ther hesitation in strengthening Gen eral Weygand s forces in the Middle Bast and otherwise being ready for any undesirable eventuality. Nobody wants War but everybody wants to re Sist an implacable enemy. C-.-Nciano who yes t erday had an.,Ini t. Portent ? talk with or. S am n or Wella of a m r. I a that May Lead to peace ppr Parl Eric. Ii Sumner Welles. Truth t Cable to Day Tell that Britain is stronger than Ever in world affairs. Conan butting Factor is the Navy of which . Nelson shown above is a particular Pride she Cost �7,500,000 to build and has the population of a Small town tarrying 1450 men. Wallac Bishops for watches genuine Here Are. A few special easter values in Wii genuine Swiss levers quoted at our Low pre War dec a a prices despite huge increases in the landed Cost of rib to a Swiss watch movements choose your watch Driff from the largest Range in Brisbane and get the Lvi Benefit of our better values and free service oe1iv id jewel Chroma. Stain. Less steel Csc. 12 .months1 free 40 ? Loncto a inv old in and Case. 05/-. Rompc syllable jewelled Civiss ? lever. 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Ltd., i Dit Cien nem dyers s men s a. Laundry service Mil Brisbane. City Dino Tel Ali he a. Adelaide st.,. Opp. Pm Wmk Finney is Adelaide $ la ? Doree Zalek blend uni of a service. Hotel san Ell a

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