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Perth Truth (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Perth, Western Australia National Library of Australia Barry Roberts health shoe special Heel foot rest War ? to Paris the Gestapo has t i already arrested 7000 j anti fascists and it is j stated that 800 suicides j i have taken place. T Fis reported that revolt has broken i t out in Estonia where i i workers have seized j t h e government j j buildings and Polick j i stations with the 5 help of the russian soldiers in Garrison j at the capital. I j t full cables j j i Sherfi a no indication cd i i x 1/ial Russia is departing from j her attitude of advising Turkey i t that War i inadvisable in the i East. Moscow has cautioned her i i. To remain aloof from hostilities f unless attacked. There is no j j Doughl however of Turkey s pro t \ Allied sympathies. J j j organisation for the evacuation of British j 1 children to the do j j minions is. Proceeding t rapidly. It is thought t possible that America will j j take 60,000 kiddies from War torn Europe leaving � the English children to \ the hospitality of Canada j Australia new zealand t t and other Empire centres. I t ? ? r while it is still b e Lic cd that general Franco \ would like to Rani Kiln at least i 2 non belligerent it is be t j coming More definite that. T eventually Spain will be in j t Able to resist Axis pressure. \ j Early week specials monday tuesday wednesday Only City Lynnum Ipswich branches 1 Pkt . Wheat meal biscuits & l-4oz tin Bournville Cocoa a1h the two v2� Cornflour in pets a a ? Kkt am Canary seed Pkt a mmf8om8 f Lancer skim milk to powder tin Loose Tea la /9 canned peas tin 1 id Oats log of 160 ipad Robinsons croats tin old Vita brits wee Bix Granosee 12 of so 24oz9d Kraft sausages vegetables or curried sausages Wal & vegetables. � j Kraft Steak & kidney 8d King Tea a Sib la 2/ll . Vanilla ? 1 of 2d 2 of 3d, 4 of 4�df 8 of 8d 3 cakes Lux toilet map and 1 English pocket comb for 1/ free i Goz Pkt. Wet Bix with Ach Purchase of 8oz pixies for 5d free l-6oz Pkt Vita brits with 8oz Pkt Crispien or ornies 5d or i6oz Crispien or ornies 8a eve Bra Uay values White or Brown bread 3 d Dpi. 4 do methylated Spur Ltd. Largo ? 8d Choice Creamery Butler la. ? 1/7 we Norgarden Apricot Jam 21b. Toni 1/1 sea foam flour lib. . I ?. ?. 12 la. 1/10 Dpi. Ollil c.5.r. 1a sugar 761b. Bag of Tor. 2079 ipi.-21/6t 61b ? 1/114 lit Grade loin Maihori Bacon la ? 1/li cooked sliced Ham mild cured la ? 2/14 White Fleshy fillets fowl la. 1/i k . Pork Saveoy ? 3 for 3u i . ? 2 for 3d ? Snow White tripe la ? St of tender Young r.bbu.,n,ed.98dp,. 9a Fate of French Fleet and air Force report of surrender to British Nav London saturday. American reports have been received in London that a Large portion of the French Fleet has been sur rounded by British warships outside Alexandria and has surrendered. From the same source it is also reported that two unfinished French battleships have been blown up in French naval Yards. The names of these vessels Are Given As the Richelieu and Clemenceau. No admiralty report has been issued and there is no official confirmation in London of either report. The american reports which Are stated to come from a reliable source Are conflicting As to the actual num Ber of French warships surrendered to Britain. In some quarters it is claimed that the whole French Fleet is now in British hands other sports say Only a portion. Mejri Rhile the Fate of Francis still undecided. What peace Perttis have been offered the7 crushed ravaged nation which fights on bravely while the bartering proceeds remain Undis ? closed. While the French Cabinet is sitting continuously in Bordeaux the armistice negotiations according to the Berlin radio will be resumed at co Peigne at 10.30, after the return of the French emissaries who had been to Paris. British Hopes for Fleet that France stricken from inside As Nell As out will offer further resistance nobody believes it is regarded As a foregone conclusion that marshal Petain will make the Best of what is offered. Germany is determined to cripple France completely because of the task that confronts her in the fight against England Andi it is known that nazi terms a ill leave France utterly defenceless. But it is realised that Hitler cunning and Clever May not otherwise at the moment be typically harsh in the Long Hope that he will attract temporary sympathy while. With his usual treachery leaving the Way Clear to later Deal properly with France. Nobody doubts that Germany is seeking the French Fleet and air Force As one of the penalties of defeat. It is stressed in Berlin that the French merely have to choose Between whether they will hand Over All their War material or have it taken from them. By Force. It is obvious that any armistice depends essentially of guarantees that the War against Britain can be continued from French soil and. Hitler does t want his ? future worries even worse complicated by the strengthening of English sea and. Air Power which would gain enormously from French additions. British feeling is that there is no danger of the bulk of the French Fleet falling into German \ hands whatever action May be Petain government. The. Fate of the air Force ,.but.jnen other Side believe that Large Section ? ?. Of France s airmen at least ? would ref use to surrender abjectly arid would attempt to. Reach England. ? ? ?A. .-.,?. ?. ?. I ? however it is generally Felt that All Hope. Has faded of Marshall Petain and his. Supporters rejecting Germany s peace offer at the last minute and deciding to flight on even if Neces a sary from the colonies ?. ? ?.?the French radio overnight counselled the country to patiently await the duty be of the armis ? . It is evident that some time must elapse before welearnt1, the details of a. Whit occurred declared the announcer Aii wish to know the result but we. Must wait and a Bye All we Mist hot Steh to $alse\iin6rs. A ? it is announced that the whole French government with president ?.? Braun is remaining i ? ?��.? Bordeaux for the present. The Cabinet met at 1 am. To examine the text of the. ? armisticej\and.r68e at 3 . It resumed deliberations at 8.30, and is still sitting with interruptions caused by the necessity for telephoning the plenipotentiaries ? ?. A . Plays big ? British air attacks on Germany continue to prove much More effective than do nazi attacks Over. England despite the fact that the . Strive to bomb1 Only truly military targets a consideration that Seldom bothers Hitler s airmen. In one raid . Machines wrecked a big new nazi gun emplacement near Calais and it is obvious that no time is being lost in preparations to bombard England. Across the Channel with heavy artillery. An air ministry communique states that aircraft of the Fleet air coastal command and the yesterday attacked the shipping docks naval stores and Oil depot at Willems door a s. German occupied Harbor in Holland. Two enemy vessels were sunk and one enemy fighter destroyed. One British fighter was shot down.-. ? ,. Many experts agree that Hitler will first attempt to bomb England s ? Industrial centres and air bases Flat. The possibility of Tali carrying platies is discounted Wing to their obvious vulnerability and while amphibian tanks exist the use of a real submarine tank is believed impracticable. ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?.?\ Confidence is also expressed about the retaliatory Power of the . And f he nazi Job in the air is Likely to be fraught with More risk and difficulty than they will find com ? \ a fir Pable owing Ltd the steady manner in which the air Force is increasing the /j.a.f. Is ? comparatively stronger now. Than before the nazi air Blitzkrieg in. France. It. Must not be forgotten either that while the Chamberlain government1 dallied falsely pro. Claiming that we had time on our Side then such really is the Case now ? in View of the. French collapse and because under the new Speed up production scheme. Every Day that ? tie main nazi air attack is deferred sees Britain gaining More and More strength in the air and on land. V. General Keitel German army Leader who became. Virtually spokesman at the meeting ? with French envoys at comping be. It was he who read Hitler s pre Amble before the German terms for an armistice were delivered to the enemy representatives. The aged marshal Petain bowed under his terrible responsibility and now generally thought to have been stage managed into the government and used by French fascists to further their plans in the terrible treachery that finally brought France to her Knees. Air raid on Berlin special service. Exclusive to truth Berlin. Saturday. T a Brief air raid alarm was sounded in the West end of Berlin Early to Day but the raid did not extend All Over the City. To planes were visible but watchers believe they heard the engines. One observer reported he heard at least 25 detonations at some distance West and South of Berlin and Felt vibrations. Scores of searchlights streaked the sky and later an authorised statement said Sev eral Efimy planes had at tacked but we re driven off be fore reaching greater Berlin it is still not known whether any bombs were dropped. A Berlin communique last night stated enemy planes ? l carried out flights into North and West Germany for the firs time an attacked the country around Berlin with bombs. As before the bombs caused but Little material dam age to non military objectives. A number of civilians Weire killed and wounded italian Post destroyed -.? London saturday \. The Middle East . Com Minnique states that a Small column of British troops def. Stroked the italian Frontier Post of al Wak on the North Ern Frontier of Kenya. ? in italian counter attack made by ? stronger forces was held up while the British completely destroyed the italian Barracks which contained Peri pitiful supplies of stores and. Ammunition. -.? ? ? ? ? when the British withdrew having suffered Only four casualties the Post was a smouldering mass of ruins. Enemy casualties Are unknown. Stoppi Ess special . Service exclusive to truth. German claim London sat Milay. The Sci mans c the in Turq of four submarines the Havre. French replying. Bordeaux sunday.,. The resumed at 2 ? p.m., and started in Ramc a re pay to Germany. Nothing is of locally known As to inc contents of of itch r the German terms or the French re pay. ? . A ?. 1 ? ?.? the most outstanding a clue in i military batches Ever offered _ of i. Wallace Bishop jf/3 this us Lenilla. Waterproof military watch la specially ? to give it oud wok c und keep rect Fanti time under very severe condition its finely balanced movement u. . Neil its stainless Netcel Canel watertight Neil . With Jil ?.mjllti.rjjstr-un is . stocks vol Leblo ill this Pei Lii 11 Price free presentation Consi. We i by to a Price. We thelded i 2gjr presentation ? it s Waterproof 1 ? it s Dustproof i ? it a Shockproof v t 1 ? it s anti magnetic ? 15-jewel Swiss move ment. 1 ? stainless steel 1 Case i ? unbreakable Glass ? Luminous dial ? 12-months free service. 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With a Haluli san Durd or la Nash hint retains its snort pcs or months. Be cause alexanders live the ser Nin or b80r to Day for Van to Call and deliver. Alexanders pts. Ltd.,dry Clinner. Yeni and men s ?. Laundry service bit i8b and. City depots i a hotel Dnn loll Ulic Champion s pure malt vinegar brewed from a 200 tears i 6tp-recipe,v ? ? cd treachery the Trail of Treach Ery Laid All Over Europe to make a path for German Victory spread even ? to France ultimately ? causing that great. ?Nations sad ? and. To g i a downfall. Is head the inside Mory 1 in -pake2jffgkam�& herpoliticihw4tpw Ted this nefarious scheme. ?

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