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Perth Truth Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 1

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Perth Truth (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Perth, Western Australia National Library of Australia we my ? v we a i rocks we do not Mea n. Merely Tho ? Rife it ?.x-, ,1.pjhb the wok , Foy . ? passing. & 0 us a Namo of i. ?ft0-0fi3t$$i,m offo following ? ? v so ? -., -4lpai,p? Tolks being hurled ? a government positions Wyllo Wou in Nia Are walking Tho streets a Feis a Btu time at something was done to to Retty. Tibia crying shame1. My ,l got to s a 0$ Sel Tobl frequently paying Hight ioh4? All manner of per 1iost fibrin Wirland Ai not. Under any i fihs is permuted to enter the r ?v.\1.ly3s-vice without they have passed i Tneia a jams. Then they Are put on at p cd 1smali,salary, and. Have to work a Tiffen Ernly Navy Riff to accept trans a outlandish and objectionable by tote limn they Hiis Paci belter part of their al ii it. land themselves k a Pei Sveinum. ?. ,. ? ? me i the Natl pc born sons and re fairy instances the Brea grand i Mth. Plo i. Of the country. I? in Wincn i lev ? vet introspection into ? Pirn of the Personne of the several a it Luj fest that there Aro Many Morlok is of fish who have never passed an in Sam ii Thor lives and who never will0$mti& simple reason that they Are 3 pm i 36 s6ed. . Capabilities to do i .v.? Are reaping benefits in film Jim ninth Torr which our own natives i my to strive and work for a dozen or is i weary years is it fair your Ftp tit Torvis the Only one that can deals Dpi. Momentous question. I agree Fri Seivi Tho Case of some of our native w Rabir Ned soldiers certain privileges i mfg ulv a e. A tinted. Further that if of Titi Are Tobe any privileges they 5.wfe fit Lii Abb extended to the Queensland a Vii Sll at Allari natives. ? a Little thought f iffy regard to the. Road that. Has to Bov 3jpky$hd by the Queensland state a i s3 i6ot teacher exams slow Advance vat of Fiew Low salary transfers into the ? be5fdif6rsuken Bac blocks before. To i Isiach is �300 per annul will Demon ? state a multitude of truths. Yet i few instances air which ? wit jux ii the mommies been , mjg their wives Are Here in business Kwh i Ufa making Good Money. If you cd. Up is to Tanto. Pne department i Hay in ?.? you would have a Clear example to a Jujj pne who Una oily hero Jan is Asci England two years and Ilia Suhs Here with a valuable Agency As a.%js5ie there. She is making big Money. Slid never ceases to run this country. S the refer to the australians i i?4it? a Acup urel1 ignorant Interior ? Tkv Iii ended buffers and every other iiv2_ppeliatlon they can thin of ?i, of is intensely sailing to see such. Fei eople As these whomever have any in i intention of bringing Young austins flan. Babies into the world for they i Smyj Isth have to attend to business and a Ney it Rabbins pushed in. While so Many of. Our ? natives Havo been re trenched in some australians with a oils fathlues.,det pending upon them. I , is a scandal of Gigantic -.-dlme,. How do they expect Australia to. And Vance if the australian is Asp in s6 Little consideration and . Face every Barrier while ther barriers Are removed in order to Aio Yth of mommies to get through Staples what m. Good for 6rie-Shpuld be Good for another and it men have been compelled to pass the . Exams surely the i a migrants should be compelled to do. Likewise. If any should be excused should it riot he the Vounce australian. Whose fathers and grandfathers live been the pioneers and pillars of the state. Immigration is not considered. As be ing a Good thing if those coming Here Are going to set Loti in the cities. Far less in they Are going to do the aus Rallans out of their jobs in the government of laces. A file la servant is not. Allowed to hold his position if he is earning Money in other capacities. Yet any is it when in Somra in. U Siuw to Len of which Man is to receive Tho considerate in and ipod Salari de tha the preference is extended i the chummy who. Lias a wife occupied in .alucratlve. I of so tin Why ? is. It. That the Young queenslander who is desirous of an aus . To be coming the father of healthy austra Lian children the country s Best immigrant is squashed out to make room. For the chummy who owing to his wife being constantly occupied in business has no Tho Blits or intentions of e yer, family by s it that our. Own men Are _ retrenched while Chummie without dependants j Ore installed and put on the Queens land government pay lists All Over \ Australia a i i Resch s Tager u n capital Bev Eraso of Vrzich if by qty mikes Lor Bijj Olrun Ambio All haul. 1 the Best Beers brewed Are sold by Jack Delaney Xac Dolaney o hotel South Brisbane 1 Royal Exchange hotel or. Albert and Feifer fasth streets City. Nup sed Sll Ilsi f shilling and ? i. A i /.?Vjiiaitpiilliij. Fortunately was. Not called carry out s Toa a. Promise but1 the contributions in blood were a. ?. than in shillings. But Tho contributors of Boodle v. I j Anc Ohko in successors have annual pensions in perpetuity Throe ? Timiras great As the annual pensions of the soldiers and i 1 1/ \ the Fet Peytie its lasting Only their Elf ?. A so Jav of. ? ? sep i a with a via need Australia with a Kii Jib a of the Burden of i Catl a?m�=1ftn.s Are is a pension list of Over a Kiiji Miril on its pos to disabled in an d 1iftelrvilependent3, to widows Wand he t�9 tru citizen of i grudges one Penny ? i of it Var Vava a but or the methods of ii t ant Fin fii1l? in stud of ?f1 Tasat Ibn w6 Arojsaa-111 with another ,7 pension usty in Pili forms thrice the1. O Nripal c Hareb the6oldier a pensions a a Clure Lor All time or vat least uritus Ali time As some Antl .jio4eah wipe it away 9il, the currency burst it Ofa i wov.nayo-, e Cenotaph of the in gave the last drop ? i a not a Cenotaph of ? ukr Idow to sure ,. Who Wyllo the Warylo ru#ea7topk the Opportunity he country for All time with / a ? lriier.ejtf.virclen.?- the Only reason ? Why a � Ca Hotoph to commemorate tins i of nor flu Kwa Ngu Itable is that Thor Iii surer efs Leeps her Dies. ?. I the i Are ladled out to the Sot Fierar a their dependants Are 1 ? a c&tinlse1ij 4omciarbumblod with a a us fest some poor beggar ? ? ? by Ibunia l4a%i\a shilling or. Two Tooegg ? ? ? but of the Manoy Vendor and pendants no questions Are Laslee d. ? his pension is paid without demur and 100 or 1000, years hence his successors will continue to draw it when the pen Sion Sof Tho warriors and their de pendants have Long since ceased and when their names Are lost in the twi Light of oblivion and. Their. Services to their country Are forgotten except by the diligent student of history. Efty should these Money herpes whom a grateful nation putting its sympathy into Cash regards As More worthy of recognition than those who gave their blood or risked their lives remain unknown to the Public let the Public know us benefactors yet apart from those who Lent their Money to the Commonwealth at four or live per there is an immense army of heroes who were not satisfied with such trifling remuneration and who camouflaged in an intricate capitalism will never be exposed to the gratitude or to the obloquy of a. Thank Ful or revengeful Public. Yet their talons Are perhaps. Even More rely a embedded in the neck of Tho nation than Are those of the herons who draw direct from the Treasury perpetual pensions of Twenty Odd millions Sterling. ? Ili those resumption. During the week the ? Public have been somewhat startled by the spec Tacle of Tho courier belting it Joss otherwise the cloy Council. The. Rea son for has been thei property re have been made by Theroun Silvand it Hosho be admitted Tafat for Ripe the grandmother of Brisbane newspaper Dom is on the Rob fit. Track nobody outside the in Ner Circle seems to have any idea what these resumption will eventually Cost the citizens but when the whole Are Complete it can be safely expected that a very Large Bill will have to be Mot. The mayor and a couple of his press by c Kora who have declined to follow the Cottler s Lead seem to be afraid Ahat i the Public were told How much they were paying for the present re sumption. Any future deals might be More costly. That is a Contention Lackne in Force. The experience of the government in Maycine resume lpns has been that the land courts value Tipri 4ias Deen much lower than the e value it laced on the properties by the p Otsons from whom they were resumed. The Only time an owner Ever seems to have a modest opinion about the value of his property is when he gi.5. valuation court with an a pineal against the valuation of the id. Cal a Rio ratios a. Sp.mi�,.cilticsm has own levelled at tie assist Iii Thoi of Secretary for find making . Or. In Reinan. Need not worry about that to has the citizens behind him in his ,t,Ipnand, after nil. It is the Clit who live to pay. The daily trailways particularly unfortunate in it s Choice of an argument when it As . To Jatavius. Or. Brennan did to Ven Leslil e in thu Elty. He would be belter employed minding his own business. Or. happen to live in the City or. Bid dams. Whom the . So anxious to support de not City Council lir Eai his Homo at to Wong is rated by tie Council. So that on Thea gum ent applied. By. The mail to or Irenn air the Presont mayor has a be butting into the City Council. Iff airs.-, which however is a parc Char and Phil Iilah Way of discus sprig Anylon elect. . Tilings have been said about these resume lpns that there now Only remains one thing to be done and that is to let Public know everything that. Has. Been going on. The prices paid and the methods of negotiation interest the Cut Lens vitally and no body to they mayor or Alderman has a a Lent 1b withhold that we suffer. In Albert Street not a thou. Sand Miles from the new ,-.is a shop where the Multi. Coloured liquors that cheer., the heart of the dowser Are Dos. Sensed. In a ? Ted room right at. The rear of the front shop a conspicuously Uii Zittu you. Ii Unia mural Iii. A thei. Customer to inspect the ? promises which Aro claimed to. To the cleanest in the City is displayed yet in each Corner. Festooned from the ceiling to ? the floor Are cobwebs cheekily Yun Ufi genb7icatcn of many1 sea Oit a the Cornice surround. Lie a room is thickly incrv3fed.jwithdlr,Tdeadflles. ? eto.7 arid must represent an a ?.cuinuiatlon of. Many months. The rear. Portler fret there i Mosos. Not Sitf View. Where the and Kindred ? eatables. Are prepared for he Mai consumption conjures up. Pictures of rats mice cock 1 Roaches and other vermin. The question truth would like is has the health department erased to function that an outfit of this description is allowed to exist in the. Heart of the City ? \ Kitten for truth by m./ojj7 Muj Grid 3 a 1 ? @ i dream of the Good old coaching Days i. I of Tho grand old Long ago e � a of the Joyful Rido a seat outside i ? ? on the coach of Cobb co ? ?. 5 of Tho music of the Swingle bars i ? arid the merry Hoof taps too �5 Whan the Leathor Springs wore wonder things � ? 5 ? i ? and Tho year old things wore new. I ? i a. I ? a when the my and the Kangaroo �.3. Fled across the unmade track � As to want along and the Driver s song e. ? ? awakened the old out Back. A ,. 2 a the horses then blazed. Coaching ways � 5. And carried the Pioneer. ? i. Thon the Bush. Was wide. The far oui it. Re nowadays is brought too near. C has ? \ 1 i i y the railway train and the motor car i hustled Tho coach away ? a f a to phantom land where i understand.4 air the Good old things will stay6 ? 5 away at the and of life s Mirage. ?. ?. & i a in. That far off promised land ? s. Feyh Ereva Rigle bars not motor cars ? i Aso Joy to the Happy band. I ?. ? to the Happy band of Good old Days ? ? 5j ? to the Days of Obb 4 co.,. A a i ? i left my Glaso As i Toast the pass s ? a Nubi which Tho old Days go. ? soon. Ishall see the phantom coach 1 i p ? ? Aid Sec lire a Soat outside. ? ,. % i .1 Iii the attic ouch the Gato where old friends wait. ? k. ?. / of Lari a ebb & co. I la ride ? % a c. A ? i 1? ?. ? f 1 imr�t$il�if&h8r$i&$ ? -.?0mnc safety a i me riot ease with which dangerous firearms can to. ?. Procured and freely used Calls for the strongest condemn. \ lives Are too priceless to be exchanged for the ,. And legislation. Is urgently necessary to Jav i of make bluer provision for Public safety. ? i ? the revolve Afi Tjie. Firearm Gener ally have beep rib Joo popular. With alarming frequency we read of Ilie toll of human life exacted. By the deadly Bullet. Acari or Wil Ful murder of Otsel time.-, a Mich re sults from Occidental a so Otlang. And yet again tie re Rary the Many in stances 6t to Elinor tuna teb who use for euros for self Laws govt mins the Purchase Carri Abe and Usi of fire arms Call for amendment. Wie utmost Freedom a Hia Nia c or Voiht Wiso demented Phil Range Ypuh individual May. Obtain acc Traje death dealine weapons. Then tint the Law inter Venes or his pwn Atli . In May proceed to commit j,v6vbltlnk crimes such As happened in few. Days of in Melbourne when la Man of unbalanced mind fired several inno cent people in.i.thvbotanic gardens As Well As seriously Veo Jindong others. A few mesh Journo horror the Pirai Ibio. Perpetrator had bought in the City the Rifle with which he coolly and callously slaughtered his victims. He decamped from Tho scene of his deadly is Hebting and apparently ended his own Lifethis maniacal Marksman Epcot n ered no Dolfl Mculty in buying the weapon / a census j Sho vying. Tho Gnu nitrous people Iwho carry loaded firearm in or keep Ethem Izi Thor Limos in use against ? imaginary burglars or Oiler fictional in div leu als would Cio in a Surprise. ? there lire extreme Circum stances in is necessary for people to have loaded firearms about them for self Protection or the Piv. Ser vation of property. These instances Are rare and the persons who possess the la realms Are Normal individual i. Who can be trusted with the use of lethal weapons. ? s. Some minds which Are below Normal regard Vei a lightly the taking Man lire it is a monstrous thing that men and women of. This Lype should Havo no obstacles o their Purcha san g deadly weapons. What is the Remmy a Slep in the Leglu direction would be the registration ? of All dealer s in la Denmis. The business transactions of these dealers should be fully recorded and the records frequently inspected by the police or. Old a competent authority. A firearm should not to sold without permission from n policy magistrate or Bench. Of magistrates sitting in open court. All firearms should be numbered distinctly or otherwise made identifiable. The police should be empowered by Law to con a locate All firearms sold or possessed illegally. Other provisions to safeguard human life against the indiscriminate use of la realms could be embodied in this suggested legislation. The pea Rulle Tho dangerous plaything of the Schoolboy should not be sold except under the most stringent conditions for Many years there Lias been statutory restrictions on the Sale Ami use of poisons. There need for Legisla Tion to restrict the Sale and use of death dealing la realms. Try Are far too popular. Yak ? abolishing the agents general. The sudden retirement of John Fihelly from the Post of agent general for Queensland reminded the taxpayers of the existence of a costly. Appendix to the political administration of Queensland and Tho remain ing states it also reminded the tax payers that the time has Conie for the taxpayers look to the Queensland government to use the surgical Scalpel of Economy to perform an. Operation of appendicitis upon the body politic. Like the removal of. The human appendix nobody would miss the Efremova of the political a. Pendix. Fihelly s uselessness for the Job throws. A Clear a Ray picture of the sinecure before the taxpayers. When John Fihelly accepted the appointment x of the important Posi Tion of agent general for Queensland he gave a Promise that he would do the. Job. He indicated that this would not consist of attending Champagne banquets with Tho enthusiasm of the late George Reid but that he would look after Queensland s interests in Trade and hold up the end of this much maligned state la the place where it is most maligned. But Fihelly bit off More than to could Chew when he said that he would do the Job. It Only took a Little less than two years to show that instead of his doing the Job Tho Job has done him. To put it More plainly the Job did t require any doing and when the restless spirit of John Fihelly Dis covered that despite All his intentions there were certain influences which absolutely insisted upon Tho Job not being performed by him alone but by the political machine he very quickly threw in the Towel on the Job. And the quickness with which he threw it in Drew attention to John Fihelly. When if should have been the Job or the Lack of a Job though not a Lack of salary he had been holding Down. � but this paper. Aid ? not wait Lor a Shelly. To abandon the. Job to draw the attention of Thev taxpayers to the waste going on in London by the unnecessary. Upkeep of six agents general and a High commissioner to represent Thi Commonwealth. We pointed out in a leading article on october. 2s last that the time had arrived far abolition of theoflice of the Agerio a general because it filled no useful purpose and that its existence we a joke of sane administration. ? in that article we showed that when anything of importance had to be done such As the. Raising of Loans tha agents general wore considered of so elves that premiers from the various states had made pilgrimages to Tho Mecca of the Money Power. Up to that time . Wales Victoria South Australia Western Australia and the Commonwealth had sent their up Lite to London and to predicted that when a Queensland Premier would go Angling for Loans in the London Pool despite the fact that the Situu Ranuld not be better represented than by an cd trea auror it would be tin inst Case for tha Aioli lion of the Agency general in particular in or Neil yol presented. John i Shelly whether for the reason or not that Tomas Jeen superseded Lias shown that the Job can he done with out and ought to he abolished. He has helped to abolish the position by abolishing himself officially. This should be a splendid Lead for Tho government. To advocate the abolition of a useless Agency general by withdrawing from a highly salaried Post is a High Price to pay for a Prin Ciple. Y. Australia must have representation in London it can have the re presentation without costly Duplica Tion and retain the High commissioner and a competent Start ? to do the work. It is unpleasant to contemplate on what would happen if the Trade interests of Tho australian states were so great in very country that we would want an agent general for each and a High commissioner As Well. Tho position ? is no less absurd because London at present has a monopoly of our interests. Grosvenor hotel George Street City. Only Best brands liquor stocked. J. J. Murphy proprietor. Late Melbourne hotel and hotel Vlot Orlyu phone 1333. Is enticing Mesow and palate s pleasing. Matured in Oak it casks unto age has Given it u 1 the desired Golden Mellow s i Ness. It is then bottled with s the utmost care sad Denali k Ness. $ . I i we Ich Daiv lid advice Despi to he fact that one of these slab May not harmonise with another Here Are two look before you leap ? Ito who hesitates is lost ? so if a Chap hesitates to take a look at an oncoming motor j car Bosforo he leap3 out of Tho Way he is Likely to get lost it is hard to follow two objects at the same time. An up country Chap who objects to. Having his name in print wagered that he could Cut put two Bullocks from a mob at the same time. He had a great Camp horse and he was All right while the two j beasts ran together but when they took different directions Tho ?. Horse followed one of Thoni and the rider the other. J the Cmith \ who pm undaunted brn Vethe critic s rage. Or note unmoved his mention in the critic s Page Parade its errors in the Public Eye. And Mother Grundy s rage defy a fool and his words Are soon parted. ? ? ? Vi. taxation of interest sin absorb lne topic. Tho poor Man s history born taxed forgotten. ? ,.- f? ? ? i. Motto. For. A Barber life is simply a Lone scrape. A v ? the rising generation not As a Rule. In trams. ? .#.-?-?. ?. It is All Verj Well to Tbs the Mark except when we happen to be the Mark. Try it. ,. ? # ? one half the world that gets along Deeson t know How the both Ert Balf gets Short. ?. I ? even the Drivers of Bocam Road Rol lers now Call themselves chaff / ? ? it is unfair to. Class a. Girl As uninteresting before going on a Bay every Young wife can lie her husband s first love but she can be his. Last if he Dies soon enough. ? Don t slap on the Back a Man who has arrived. He will resent it. Save it for Tho Man who la climbing. .-.?if Ever to Owna Racehorse we i. Call it Money because. ? Money is. About Tho fastest thing to go that we know of it is a Gross Potence to put water in milk says a magistrate. But it is a grocer offence to put Burnt cabbage leaves in Teareckless motor driving As compared with the comparative Mobit y of vehicular traffic in the old Days emphasises the meaning ? of the expres1 son. Ors sense. It is difficult to know what to make says a woman writer in a sunday paper. That s. Easy make an Art critic of him a London sunday. Paper says. Tho White. Australia policy. Is Only a Dreanie Well a White Australia dream is denied. Sig lit pleasanter than a Nair Cavalu Nightmare. Thin that a Man can do even to driving a motor car. Slio is afraid of nothing says a woman writer in a sunday paper. Alas it is Tho people she meets who Are scared ? an English paper Speaks of a wonderful Organ offi Hundred stop3. We Are acquainted with a Brisbane lady who belongs to the be a list club who owns a still More wonderful Organ. It is Hor Tongue and it has Tio stops at All when an undertaker goes out on a jag he takes Bier America goes on coining moneys most of the others print it. In Tho olympic games the firing were. Ahead at the finnish t Don t Tell a Man to is Hen pecked or. He might inform his wife. When a common thief gets Rich and retires he becomes a. Kleptomaniac i a a quote from the classics for Oscal Asche of that this too solid flesh would melt � i a lawyer is a Privateer a thief is a pirate. One gets a Knighthood the other the rope. Some people seem to think that Tsa old proverb reads to err is human and simply divine lots of daily papers Are too con ? Clentious to lie and yet manage to suppress the truth a. Some people appear to be convince ? by your eloquence when they Aro Only tired and want to get it Over. ,. ?. ? ,. The Man who is al?7ays rating Hopo for the Best can usually be a lid upon not to work for it. Never bluntly Tell a Man he i3 a liar. Break the news gently. It is so much better for yourself. ? the politician s life is a constant trial says a country Exchange. That right and All his constituents Are on the jury. France frequently appeals for consideration by Tho outside world. Bui what consideration has it paid to tit outside world Between the poor and the Rich Thero is no breach says a religious paper. Except the breach in the breeches of the poor it we Are told that orpheus went to hell to look for a wife. How Many widowers. Would not. Even go to heaven to find theirs As a Yankee writer said these Cret of Success is secreted in tha sweat glands that is Why com discover it. Says a Yankee paper International sport is getting to be just a futile Effort to beat the Amer Waich reminds critic Valn-gloriou3 boasting is regarded As great sport by. Some people. W of to sympathising Friend to widow. Where Are the remains of your Hus band buried Zavidow sadly there were no re Mains he was Driver of an to suspect cd steam boiler if halt the women wobbling pain fully along Tho Queen Street bloc could Realise that the world does t care a red cent what size shoes Tivey weal they would be a denied Wight More comfor Bible x the recent earthquake in Japan. Sunk Ono Island. Oshima with its &00 feet High Volcano and threw up an other along the coast 300 Mil its docs and 15 Miles wide. It seems us Jeaa to teach children geography when the mail of the Rochl changes so a idly. � � Tho league of nations delegates Ara afraid of u labor government in Bri Tain. And Why Well because it la feared that it the Council of Tho league should be composed of a. Majority of socialists it might Laio. Drastic action in carrying out Tea terms of the covenant of the Leagam As. Would kill the utto ? Gether could there to any Tai al ? admission than that that the league i4 Only a Bxs bag Antl is. A fiver Twu aah to Dasa Voa-5ioj-Lu tool

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