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Daily Review (Newspaper) - May 3, 1986, Towanda, PennsylvaniaFolk a the daily review. Saturday May 3, 19x6 narcotics nominee has Little experience co authored by Dale Van Atta should a 34-year-old former press Secretary for Nancy Reagan with neither drug enforcement nor diplomatic expertise be Given a key Post in the administrations War on International dope smuggling is the White House nominee being unfairly picked on by her critics even if the answer to both questions is yes. Senate insiders Tell us that Ann Wrobleski acting assistant Secretary of state for International narcotics matters does no to stand much Chance of confirmation. For starters some influential senators Are miffed because they weren to consulted by the White House before Wrobleski a nomination was sent to Capitol Hill. But the main reason for senatorial displeasure on both sides of the aisle is Wrobleski a almost total Lack of experience in dealing with Law enforcement officials and diplomats. Before going to the state department she had held jobs As press assistant to a series of Republican members of Congress from Florida and then served in that capacity for the first lady. In fact some critics grouse that Wrobleski a sole diplomatic experience to Date was to set up a luncheon for mrs. Reagan with the Queen of Thailand during the presidents far East trip this month. As an indication of the state departments attitude toward Wrobleski she was bypassed twice for . Delegations to important International conferences on narcotics. The first meeting was spearheaded by attorney general Edwin Meese the second was set up by the organization of american states. In both cases lower ranking officials in her office were chosen to represent the state department. Senate critics Are concerned that Wrobleski a nomination signals a denigration of the drug Post. Sources told our associate Donald Goldberg that sen. Richard Lugar r-ind., chairman of the foreign relations committee is quietly searching for an alternative candidate. Meanwhile Wrobleski apparently got a bum rap from one staunch Reagan Ite customs service commissioner William von Raab. In an intemperate private letter to Wrobleski von Raab accused her of embarrassing and offending him personally. The reason Wrobleski a office had invited customs officials from Bulgaria and East Germany to a regional drug conference in Spain late this month. A i have heard of the Bias of some in the state department in being soft on communists but this is too much a von Raab wrote. A you have not Only embarrassed me in front of All my counterparts in other customs services but also personally offended my own von Raab proceeded to lecture Wrobleski on bulgarians implication in arms and heroin smuggling As for East Germany he asked query loudly a what will the most vile oppressive regime in the world add to this session other than to Embarrass the . Customs service.?�?� he concluded in the same contemptuous vein asking a has the state department developed an institutional form of alzheimer a disease or just Plain taken leave of its senses a neither one apparently. Wrobleski replied that Bulgaria and East Germany were included in a a draft letter of invitation sent to her office a by the customs service. Not Only that but von Raabs Agency indicated it would pay the travel expenses of the two communist delegations she noted. Wrobleski told von Raab it was too late to withdraw the invitations and suggested a diplomatic solution cancel the conference. Kremlin watch soviet Boss Mikhail Gorbachev has been trying to stir up mischief in Iran and Paki see a Anderson a Page 5 Ort on Ion Iso a no / Ali i. To Voi jilt /0& 3 fit a a. Oin in. I i. It of of it in to believe is to see Why i can t Pound a Nail straight Oil a seeing is believing is a common saying that reflects a sense of reality and Assurance. Yet it is easy to believe what is visible but difficult to see beyond the obvious. Suppose Allol our ancestors had taken such a narrow View of life. How would anything new be discovered Christopher Columbus saw far beyond the limits of travel that prevailed in the minds of others. He believed the world was round and not Flat the popular View. Following his conviction he discovered a new continent. Thomas Edison As a boy was considered Dull by his teachers. His mothers Faith in him encouraged him to become one of the worlds greatest inventors. We read in the epistle to the hebrews of Moses who writers reminded of letter policies we Welcome letters to the editor intended for publication. In an attempt to afford ample space for publication of All legitimate letters submissions must not be longer than 500 words so that we have ample time to process them letters should be submitted at least several Days in Advance of the desired publication Date. Letters must carry a valid signature and address of the writer his or her name and town of residence will be published with the letter we Reserve the right to reject any letters especially <1. Those that contain potentially libellous material 2. Letters containing a custom Eros complaint about an area business. Since the truth of such a letter is often difficult to ascertain we feel these Are private matters Between the customer and business. 3. If an author has submitted multiple letters in a relatively Short Span of time thus possibly dominating the letters to the editor space. 4. If multiple letters Are received on one topic we May chose to print Only a representative letter. A endured As seeing him who is the Best and greatest things in life have been seen by those Able to look beyond the obvious. Despite All of the stunning discoveries in science Ive see clearly Only a Small part of the mysteries of the universe. There Are More discoveries to be made More inventions to be devised and More lessons to be Learned. It is our ability to see a better world that motivates us to reach for the truth. When an individual acknowledges a belief in god it demonstrates something More than the idea that god exists. It reflects an experience or consciousness that god is worthy of Trust and that by committing life to him an individual can gain courage to follow in his Way of love and mercy. A futher understanding of this a mind sight is offered in the writings of st. Paul when he says a a. We look not to the things that Are seen but to the things that Are unseen for the things that Are seen Are transient but the things that Are unseen Are when the Potter Avenue gang came to Call i often could not join their adventures because of that dreaded boyhood affliction called work around the House. At age 9, there Wasny to much i could do. My value in building Kitchen cabinets replacing valves on the family sold Hudson or laying a new floor was limited. But my Stepfather liked to keep me close at hand in Case there was a flashlight to hold or a screwdriver to fetch. At the first mention of work around the House the Potter Avenue gang would pfc amp tier. A unlike Tom Sawyers pals no kids on Potter Avenue could be convinced that anything i was forced to do could be fun. So i developed a deep dislike for Odd jobs and Handiwork and grew up unable to Hammer a Nail straight. I found no Manly Joys in working around the House Given the simple and often unsavoury chores that kept me from my friends. One dreadful Day the toilet stopped up and i was called upon to help because i had the Only Arm Small enough to reach Down the blocked drainpipe. The experience forever doomed me to an adulthood of costly plumber repair Bills. Some sons love to work with their dads and i envy them. Jack Nicklaus who recently won the masters at age 46, credits his songs help As Caddy. In fact the younger Nicklaus is a promising pro golfer himself having eagerly followed his fathers footsteps Down the Fairway. It a War stories by George Zucker associated press writer my,.stepfather never made me Caddy. He never played Golf because truck Drivers in his Day afford it and there was too much work to do around the House. But still i grew up thinking of Golf As hard work and a pain in the neck. Mainly the pain was at the base of my Skull. By the time i was 14, i was spending profitable Summers on the Golf course and had acquired considerable expertise in the game although i avoided playing it. I never entered the Caddy tournaments because my idea of a Day off was not carrying a heavy Golf bag around the Golf course even if it belonged to me. My steady sunday player was a businessman. He paid me $3 for 18 holes plus a $2 tip. One sunday As we were walking Down the Fairway my player gave me his Driver and took the no. 2 Iron. I told him a i really think its a bit Long for a 2-Iron, sir. It looks More like a 4-Wood.�?� he said a you know son a i think you re he put the 2-Iron Back and unsheathed the 4-Wood. The decision saved my life. A few minutes later we arrived at the first Ball in the Fairway and stood Back As the player prepared to hit. Then the lights went out. I woke up face Down on the grass a a a heavy Golf bag still strapped to my Back. When the players helped me up blood ran Down my face and 1 onto my White to shirt. While i was standing still waiting for the other Guy to shoot my player had gotten behind me to take a practice swing. The club hit me on the backswing and knocked Quot a me cold. Had he kept the 2-Iron, the blow a would have killed me. Someone got a wet handkerchief a from a nearby water Fountain. An a other player brought Back ice and a Popsicle from an ice Cream Vendor on the Street beside the Fairway t assured everyone i was Okay since i did not want to spoil their game of my chances of getting an extras Large tip they left me sitting under a tree with my cold compress and Popsicle while they went off to finish their game. My player returned for me an hour later on the Way Back tothe clubhouse and i told him my Scalp had stopped bleeding. He drove me directly to a doctor. Who closed the wound with six stitches and suggested bed rest. But the unkind st Cut i got that Day was the same old $2 tip. A George Zucker is the a news Quot chief for Fontainebleau hotel the beginning of a Youthful Romance i was in Miami Beach the other week and every time i would ride up Collins Avenue i would pass n the Fontainebleau hotel. Actually its called the Fontainebleau Hilton now but for a lot of people it will always just be the Fontainebleau i have mentioned to you Nice people on numerous occasions my love of hotels to me a Good hotel is preferable to a Good House. There a room serv ice for starters my Romance with hotels began with the Fontainebleau. Not that i had Ever stayed there the hotel was built in 1954, when i was 7 years old and i done to think i had stayed at any hotel at that age. The Fontainebleau represented something a an ostentatious Majestic almost ludicrous reach to become More than just a hotel fronting a Beach. Once you saw a photograph of the Fontainebleau. You would never forget it a the huge White dramatically curved Structure facing out onto the Atlantic Ocean it May not have been the biggest hotel Ever built but it sure looked like it. I always used to imagine that Only the fanciest and most elegant people in the world went to the Fontainebleau i could t conceive of having enough Money to rent a room there for even one night. The Fontainebleau was k a Vaily it Viducu Jomes e. Towner publisher John Mcandrew vice president and production manager Dennis Irvine vice president and managing editor Lisa Holmes advertising manager 1 Aura Sylvester circulation manager George v. Lynett president Edward j. Lynett jr., Secretary Enfa Rad Ottha Post Ohio in Towanda to 18041 of second Dan motor second cloth Pottage paid at Towanda to. Uses 145-860 not so much a hotel As it was a Palace a anyone could Check into a hotel room but you had to belong to some secret club to get into the Fontainebleau. It turned out that someone i knew actually was a frequent visitor to the Fontainebleau. The Man who lived across the Street from my family when i was growing up had a severe Case of Hay fever and every time the pollen season would come around he would go Down to Miami Beach and the Fontainebleau. At my House the trips were spoken of with Awe my parents said to me a Emo Garek has gone to the Fontainebleau in the same tone of voice that most parents would say to their children a if you Are Good you will go to even though i had never set foot in the place i knew the names of its Public rooms by heart. There was the la Ronde room the showroom where famous entertainers appeared each night there was the poodle lounge where quiet cocktails could be enjoyed there was the Boom Boom room where not so quiet cocktails could been Joyed. There was the Mammoth Coffee shop a except it Wasny to called a Coffee shop it was called Chez Bon Bon. The Fontainebleau even had its own ice skating rink an ice skating rink on Miami Beach in the Early 1960s the Fontainebleau became even More famous. A detective series called a Surfside six was broadcast every week Over network television and prominent in the footage were shots of the Fontainebleau. And then came the great James Bond movie a Goldfinger a in which a dramatic card playing scene took place next to the Fontainebleau spool. Remember when the Beautiful blonde in the movie was killed by being Gold plated or Gold painted or whatever that took place in a room of the Fontainebleau. I finally got to stay at the Fontainebleau in the Early �?~70s. The hotel was a shocking disappointment it had started to turn shabby and common and i believe that this was the place i had envisioned As a shrine for All those years. My clearest memory of that first visit is a visual one a a half eaten Bagel dropped on the floor of the vast lobby where it remained for hours As guests of the hotel walked by. I did however make a ceremonial visit to the Boom Boom room. It was like so Many eagerly anticipated moments i knew i should be feeling great but All i could think about was a so. Here i am in the Boom Boom it turned out that my impression of the fall from Grace of the Fontainebleau was not just my imagination the hotel actually fell into bankruptcy in the �?~70s. The Fontainebleau in bankruptcy it was too much to even think about. But new owners saved the Day. I am told that $60 million has been put into the renovated Fontainebleau Hilton. Some of the old touches Are gone a there is no More ice skating rink and alas the Boom Boom room is but a memory. But the hotel has 1,208 guest rooms making it by far the largest in South Florida. And if you want a cup of Coffee a jeez Bon Bon still awaits. I did no to get a Chance to Stop in during this visit. But every time i would pass it a the big White building still curving toward the Ocean still dotted with Blue windows a i thought about what it had meant to me. Some people have Joe Dimaggio some people have John Wayne. Me i have a hotel. And its Nice to see it still standing sentry on Collins Avenue. C 1986 by the Chicago Tribune doonesbury by Garry Trudeau see what i m saying Here Joan Many Blacks apr tired of having allowances made for them. Its demeaning1 \ Ginny wont agree since she works in the . Attorney s office but the Csc rights War is Over. / t s time we got on with it x i la Tell you this. When comes to my cookie business i m Docking for competence not racial characteristics. That Whyl m not ashamed most of my employees Are White \ its True. I be Hap to sue him twice. \ fortunately we leave Alltha tat the office. V

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