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Pennsylvania Towanda Daily Review Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 4

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Towanda, PennsylvaniaIn our opinions Cannings from Smithfield by Max Doriani phone 5963211 slice of local life Mcdade s chairmanship a Brief one rep. Joseph m. Mcdade headed the Pennsylvania delegation to the . House for Little More than a year. The 10th District Republican took Over the chairmanship when rep. Eugene Atkinson of Western Pennsylvania switched from Democrat to Republican in october 1981. That changeover gave republicans a 13-13 Edge in the delegation. Mcdade As senior gop member was designated chairman. He lost the chairmanship the other Day when More democrats than republicans were seated to represent Pennsylvania in the reduced delegation to the 98th Congress. The democrats outnumbered republicans 13-10 and rep. Joseph Gaydos of Mckeesport became chairman by virtue of his seven term seniority among democrats. Asked about his Brief stint As chairman by the associated press Mcdade stressed areas of cooperation. Among them was the obtaining of a $100 million Federal commitment to help finance the $1 billion Cost of cleaning up the crippled three mile Island nuclear reactor. Other accomplishments cited were the authorization and funding for a military cemetery at fort Indiantown Gap twice stopping the threatened closure of the Philadelphia Navy Yard persuading the Navy to award a $100 million contract to Penn shipyard in Chester and getting the environmental Protection Agency to reinstate sewer Grants in five communities. However the Federal governments share of the Tim cleanup funding has yet to move beyond the commitment stage even though the deteriorating condition of the reactor 4s said by gov. Dick Thornburgh and others to represent a a sticking although no longer delegation chairman Mcdade has a responsibility to use the considerable influence 20 years in Congress have conferred on him to convince democrats in control of the delegation and of the House to give top priority rating to backing the Federal commitment with an appropriation. In your opinion believes editorial misfired editor the editorial in saturdays daily review condemning the Community watchdogs for protecting its members against unwarranted invasion of their privacy. Had an effect opposite to its obvious intent. The charge that the watchdogs issued an opinion on an incident the same Day without calling a meeting was pure nonsense. Key members were alerted within 15 minutes after a visit from a county official and All had the same opinion. If a newspaper had to Call a general meeting of All its subscribers before getting out a paper we would never get any news. The statement indicating that i said Jean Ross was a member was also incorrect. I told he reporters that they could not publish her name without her personal permission and any statement regarding her support for our views and goals must be her own. The insinuation of possible conflict of interest because political aspirants might be hiding in the ranks of the watchdogs Only served to Call attention to the political Bias inherent in a political incumbent candidate who is a relative hiding behind the spokesman for the newspaper. And just possibly calling the shots. A reputable judge under these circumstances would disqualify himself from offering an opinion on Sucha subject. I received phone Calls at my Home from All Over Bradford county following wednesdays front Page Story which was apparently intended to Point the gun of suspicion at the watchdogs but obviously misfired the front Page Story made it Clear that they had made threats to damage the reputation of the watchdogs if they did not get private and confidential information the threat was followed by an editorial carrying out the threat. This ungracious piece of writing oozed arrogance. Someone forgot the gloves and exposed a surprising bit of pettiness. A letter printed from a lady in Tow Anda pointing out that a punitive action by the county assessors office against the watchdog spokesman proved the True need for confidentiality. That evening i received More Calls of support and sympathy. Even More Calls Folio Ved this vindictive editorial. And it was so obviously a Boomerang that i am beginning to wonder if it could be possible that it was really intended that Way. Perhaps we owe a vote of thanks to the writer. In All my years As Secretary of the humane society no one Ever asked for a list of the names and addresses of i our members. If they had. I 1 would have said a no its none of your even though they Are not necessarily confidential. Who has the right to invade their privacy. At least 90% of the members of the humane society have never attended a meeting the w Ork of the society is carried on every Day. With or without meetings in and through a going operation the shelter. Emergency situations requiring decisions do not Call for a meeting three or four Telephone Calls to the executive committee gets act Ion. Wake up this is the twentieth Century or at least what s left of it. 1 have sincere Friendly feelings for the staff of the daily review despite this Exchange of critical comment. I can love my kid. But if he needs a spanking. I might be there with a paddle. Thelma Smith s. Warl hopefully. Mrs. Smith is More accurate in her allegations concerning unfair axes than she is in her charges against this newspaper. Yes. Daily review news editor Wes Skillings brother in Law is commissioner Bill Cannon. Skillings ran a front Page column As recently As new years pointing out that relationship. Gannon has absolutely nothing to do with the operation of this newspaper. Skillings efforts in relation to the watchdogs have All carried his byline. Skillings Isnit a spokesman for this newspaper nor has lie played any role in deciding or writing our editorial standpoint. Our concern has been with the watchdogs Quot secret society approach to influencing How taxes Are applied to All of us. We won t be labor it further hut we still think somebody with that sort of goal and Power should identify themselves to merge or not to merge athletic programs of sri and Athens is the question which troubles and excites the people in our area. I received written and Oral communications on Tjie subject and inquired about it myself As Well. There Are pros cons and Compromise Middle of the Road solutions. Against the proposal Are the following. Our basketball team made a Good showing recently. How come this proposal did not come before that time the merger will curtail much local sports activity and As it is our Young people done to have a swimming Pool like Athens has. Locally our wholesome activity mainly revolves around the sri sports program. Now the word is that our team members would be bused to Athens. Later this can be changed. What about our local fans they will obviously have to travel on their own. The families of the team members usually include Brothers and Sisters and other relatives and friends. Athens has a larger number of school Board members than sri which Means that on any Issue Athens can outvoted the sri area and where will that Stop once the question is presented to the Board for a decision it is on the floor and their vote will be binding. Because of busing team practices conducted in Athens will mean additional time loss which May be so hard on farm kids and their parents hat they would drop out and or not even enter the activity. The argument a favor of merger that each school has Strong and weak activities and they w Ould complement each other backfires in that if sri has a weak activity there will be no initiative and Opportunity to strengthen it because the weak activity most Likely will be taken Over by Athens. In favor of the merger Are the following Points Athens and sri each have Strong activities and if they Are combined it May produce a very Strong team the merger May produce savings. By cutting duplicate activities. But this Factor Mav be offset by increased busing costs which May nullify the savings completely or make them insignificant it is possible that there May be future cuts in the education budget and sports will be effected so combining would be a viable answer to that situation. The Compromise Middle of the Road solution would be to permit students from both schools to participate in those sports which Are Only offered by one soccer football and swimming. I doubt if the Pisa will accept the Compromise solution and should we agree to a merger stipulating that at present Only the soccer and football and swimming activities be in common we still will be subject to the fact that the Athens majority on the school Board could outvoted sri members anytime it so desires. I was told that before the proposal will be officially presented to the Board hearings for the Public will be held in sri and Athens when the people will be Able to present their views and the boards will take the input into consideration. On a matter of such importance i see a referendum in the sri area As a possible solution. This can be held in the school the work done by few volunteers and therefore be a big Deal. We could Doit. A merger would ultimately reduce the number of students who can participate in sports in both schools. The problem is More critical for sri because we done to have the activities and social opportunities that Are available in the Valley. We done to want drugs and alcohol to fill up More gaps. The world almanac0 memories of a monster by Paul j. Templeton locomotive Engineer Burlington Northern inc. Sterling co my fondness for railroads and the huge machines that trod them has deep roots. When just a boy in California i knew that my Grandfather Johnathan Morningstar worked on a line Back East called the Lehigh Valley. My Mother would show me photographs of him in his uniform standing next to a gleaming coach of a Lehigh Valley passenger train. A Brief vacation to the Northeast shortly after the end of world War ii merely heightened my interest in railroading in general and the Lehigh Valley in particular. I longed to see my Grandfather and the Lehigh again. Early in the summer of 1949 my longings were realized. My father Joseph Templeton a native of Ulster obtained a position with rapidly growing ism in Endicott during the year of 1935. Shortly thereafter he married Marian Morningstar of Sayre and together they moved to then Beautiful los Angeles California where i was born in 1937. After the War. My folks grew weary of the increasing los Angeles smog and the burgeoning freeway traffic and my father transferred Back to ism in Endicott. For a Short time while waiting the building of our new Home just East of Owego. We rented an apartment in Sayre. At last i was Able to View at my Leisure the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Almost every Day i stood hour after hour on the pedestrian Bridge overlooking the Yards. I remember seeing an occasional a a Doodlebug car. Numerous but rapidly fading steam locomotives and the newfangled diesels. One Day 1 took along my Kodak baby Brownie special camera and shot a whole Roll of film. At night laying in bed i could hear the rumble of freight trains being put together. One warm Day my Grandfather who after much pleading had promised me a cab ride in a steam locomotive took me Over to the Sayre Yards. After checking in with the Yardmaster we picked our Way through what seemed to be an endless array of freight cars. We finally came to a panting hissing monster of a steam engine a 300-series, As i recall. Icy fingers of fear mounting inside me clashed with the piercing heat emanating from the awesome machine. Up the ladder and into the cab i went trembling Ever so slightly. Gauges levers and valves were everywhere. Crushed Coal and cinders covered the cab floor. Steam sifted from various places and dripping water sizzling profusely. The open maw of the firebox gave View to a shimmering red inferno from which i shrank. The engine Crew sensing my fear set about making me at Home. The fireman sat me Down on his seat by the left window. From this new Vantage Point i began to observe the cab Interior More cooly. I had barely calmed Down when the safety valve popped with a deafening Roar sending me up off my new found seat. This crisis passed quickly and i settled Down to observe the wonders of the cab Interior once again. I recall my Grandfather and the fireman throwing some huge lumps of Coal into the firebox for my Benefit. The engine bucked and heaved As it snorted about the Yard accomplishing its duties. Cars that had been a a kicked crashed into others raising Small Clouds of dust and cinders. This was railroading As i had never before known it. All too soon it was time to leave. I have Many memories of Sayre during that hot and humid summer of 1949 memories of the old Lehigh Valley powerhouse in full operation memories of the noon and curfew whistle memories of the Black Diamond and memories of both steam and diesel locomotives sitting within the huge Halls of the main Sayre shop building. Most of All. However. I have memories of a monster. Mulligan s Stew by Hugh a. Mulligan match each of the following american cities with its famous native son or daughter 1. Baltimore my. 2 Atlanta a. 3 Boston mass. 4 Columbus Ohio 5 Fresno Calif. A Martin Luther King or. B Tom Seaver c Arthur Schlesinger or. D Spiro Agnew e Donna summer answers q s o t a g b 2 p i glancing backward news items from 25 and 50 years ago february 2. 1933 Philip Paul Bliss of Owego Dies at age 65. Was son of famed gospel song writer . Bliss and Lucy Young Bliss of Rome who were killed in a train wreck at Ashtabula. Ohio Enro Ute to Chicago. The son gained distinction in his own right As music critic and composer of sacred songs. A a senator James Macfar Lane of Towanda. With three fun Loving associates leave new York City in a motor bus for Miami. Fla., on a depression busing tour. From Miami they plan to go to the Western coast. The four have As their objective numerous Small towns along their route they will Stop entertain with the Hope of making people laugh and forget the depression. Manning s. Taite of new York City Dies at age 38. For Mer resident of Towanda and the Tunkhannock area. Was brother of mrs. Paul b. Jennings of Towanda. Menus club organized at dinner meeting in Ulster with 76 attending from Ulster. Sheshequon. Milan and Horn Brook. Officers elected Are president. Donald Mcclelland of Ulster vice president. William Cotton Secretary. Paul Brown treasurer. Elwin Johnston song Leader. Merlin Evans. The pianist is mrs. William Cotton. February 2. 1958 capt. And mrs. James Leslie Fisher leave their Home in standing Stone on a motor trip to Mexico City. They plan to go by Way of Dallas and Elpaso. St Basilus High cagers of Dushore Register eighth a scan Victory by Downing Loyalsock 65-39 at Dushore. Attorney Evan s. Williams. Of Yoy trounce tax nacht for the office of representative in the general Assembly subject to the rules of the Republican party in the coming primary. Is a graduate of 1�?Troy High school received his Law degree at Cornell University and served two and one year As a bomber Pilot during we 2. Was admitted to the bar of Bradford county in 1946. Since then he has been practising Law in Troy. Annual meeting of the memorial Hospital Assn sees seven trustees elected. They Are Henry Dunn. Judson coi Lins. Gerald Moran. John j. Griffin. Robert Spencer. John Beirne and Jesse Marks. Senior teen House Board of Towanda. At annual meeting at the Towanda Motel elects president. George Fairchild vice president. Or. Willis a. Redding Secretary. James Lenox treasurer. Sol Spitulnik Ridgefield. Conn. Apr putting away the tree ornaments and Light sets the other Day. I came across an old Christmas card that has since haunted my dreams like nightly visits from the ghost of Christmas past. On the face of the card was a color photograph of the nine Story Caravelle hotel in downtown Saigon where i spent More time than in some of the apartments and houses i lived in during a lifetime of roving. Inside in Gold letters was the inscription a Ninh Chuo tan Nien a Phuc Loc Tho Khang presumably this Means a Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a Happy new because such was the sentiment spelled out in French and English on the facing Side and a for All i know a that is probably what the chinese characters Only four of them spelled out at the Bottom. The card was signed in red Ink As if anticipating the denouement of that tragedy the management. Hotel Caravelle. Saigon Vietnam and dated dec. 25. 1972. So Christmas a decade ago was calling me Back. On the 10th anniversary of the Paris peace accords. 1 parked myself on a stack of old National geographies in the cellar among the scattered boxes of Christmas impediments. And let my memory traverse the years and Miles. Among my souvenirs of months a years really. I suppose a spent in the Caravelle hotel Are a handsome baby Blue Ceramic Ash tray ornamented with figures of full masted sailing ships Caravelle. In French five jagged Sticks of shrapnel which my wife has inserted in a bowl of pebbles like a weird Flower arrangement and a Black lacquered sign imprinted in Gold with the wheel of rotary International. The Ash tray was liberated from the Cara velles rooftop bar. Where you could sip a Citron Presse or a Gin and bitters and watch the War. See the slow diving sky raiders bombing suspected enemy Supply hideouts South of the City watch a helicopter assault on a Village under attack and occasionally witness a freighter being blown up by Viet Cong sappers on its Way up the winding Saigon River. Now that peace and the North vietnamese have come to Saigon 1 wonder who sits in the rooftop bar these Days and what has become of the Giadina rotary club. Mgr mkt i fnpm4 a Miler do la of Tahr to. Reagan aides might try to confine him to White House until after budget is passed just when the White House staff thought it was Safe to Send the president out to meet the people. Ronald Reagan blew his entire a my heart goes out to the poor state of the Union a speech by telling i tech business executives in Boston that he might be in a favor of abolishing the corporate income tax he said. A i realize there May be a great stirring and i will probably kick myself for having said this. But when Are we going to have the courage to Point out in our tax Structure the corporate tax is very hard to justify its White House staffers who stayed behind to see How the president s speech was playing on Capitol Hill were Dun founded when someone rushed in and said. A the blew it in Boston. Get the damage control team right sirens rang in the White House and six men dressed in As Betos Brooks Brothers suits with fire extinguishers rushed into the political War room they gathered around the a news ticker and read the statement a ooh. My one of them said a this is worse than announcing on thanksgiving Day we were thinking of taxing unemployment the chief damage control officer said. A a let a not panic men. We have to think clearly. Dave Start flooding the Media with a should 1 say redid no to say it. Or redid no to mean it Quot a we can to say he did no to say it. Because show him making the statement on to tonight. And we can to say he did t mean it. Because w Ell make him look As if he does no to know what he stalking about Quot a so How can we snuff it out a a Well say he was speaking for himself and not As president of the United a that wont a Well say its an idea the president would like to implement at some future time when the country is on the the phones were ringing in the War room. An aide picked one up and said. A we know All about it. We re trying to get the fire under he turned to the others. A a it a the Treasury department they re asking what a Tell them nothing happened. The president was just having a Little fun in Boston with corporate executives about the aide repealed the message and then turned to the damage control team Quot they say they be just issued a press release that we re planning to tax medical Bills and make old people pay More of their Hospital costs the president s remarks redoing to blow them out of a we can to worry about their problems now. Well Call them Back when we figure out How we re going to handle an aide on another phone yelled. A a it a Larry Speakes in Boston. He says he a under siege by the press travelling with the the head damage control officer grabbed the phone. A How bad is it Larry?.real bad�?T.�?T. The press is Licking their chops and doing Back flips Over the statement a. What about the president visiting the Job training program in Roxbury or a Blue Collar bar in Boston?.i was afraid of that. Look hold on As Long As you can. Larrv. Until we can come up with something Here that can turn the them. That a what you re paid another aide was on the phone. A a it a Howard Baker on the Hill. He says the democrats Are dancing in the the chief grabbed the phone. A Cool Down. . I Haven to spoken to the president yet but i swear to you this is the first time anyone Ever heard of this idea. Howard we know this is making your life tougher but Well get it straightened . Howard he does no to have his feet in Concrete on this one. At least we done to think he the chief damage control officer Hung up Quot no More an aide who was on the phone said. A it s the president in Boston. He wants to know How he s the chief took the receiver. Quot yes. Sir. You re doing just great. The Calls on your a state of the Union have been phenomenal. And the telegrams Are pouring in. Where do we want you to go next we think you better stay at the White House until your budget is passed. A trip to Boston can be pretty taxing for you. By the Way. Or. President speaking of c 1983. Los Angeles times Syndicate be daily Jle Uteri serving Scenic Bradford county since 1879 published weekday mornings at 116 main Street Towanda a. 18848 by the Towanda printing company a Frank j. Blewitt publisher amp general manager George v. Lynett president John Mcandrew production manager James e. Towner vice president amp business manager Edward j. Lynett jr., Secretary Dennis p. Irvine managing editor. Terms to mail subscribers within 200 Miles of Towanda one month $6.00, three months $17.00, six months $32.$0, one year $60.50. To mail subscribers Over 200 Miles from Towanda six months $36.50, one year $68.50. All service personnel at local rates. Delivered by Carrier and or motor route at $1.35 a week. Single copies Are 25c entered at the Post office in Towanda a 18848 As Sec Ond class matter second class postage paid at Towanda Pennsylvania uses 145 860. The business office of the daily review is open week Days from 8 a m to 5 . The office closes saturdays at 12 noon and is closed All Day sunday phone 717 265 2151 Valley office Sayre 888 9652. Member of the associated press the Pennsylvania newspaper publishers association and the american newspaper publishers association the associated press is entitled to the use for republication of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches

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