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Pennsylvania Towanda Daily Review Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 1

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Towanda, PennsylvaniaFederal court records explain Athens tax seizure by Wes Skillings an Athens businessman whose Auto body shop was closed by the internal Revenue service via a Federal court order last month has been described in court records by a Revenue officer for the irs District office in Scranton As having a a record of not making Federal tax deposits As required of filing returns late of not making payments of taxes when the employment tax returns Are Albert e. A a skip Lewis iii owner of the Lewis Auto body garage on s. Main st. In Athens owes the irs a total amount of $84,054.67, according to an affidavit filed by Revenue officer Stanley r. Dulney at . District court in Scranton. The Aff Divit which asked permission to a enter the premises and to a seize assets a was granted by the Federal judge in a court order filed in Williamsport District court on Jan. 13 of this year. The building has been padlocked and property contained therein is now the property of the . Government until taxes have been paid or some kind of satisfactory agreement is reached Between Lewis and the irs according to the court records. Lewis attorney David Keefe according to a published account has confirmed that his clients garage was closed Down last month but has declined to elaborate on the situation. According to Dulney who works out of the irs collection office of the District director in Scranton and the court records Lewis a has neglected or refused to the full amount of tax assessed within 10 Days after such notice and demand and this neglect or refusal Dulney reported in the court records that the Athens businessman owes assessments of Federal employment tax As Well As penalty and interest for five quarterly periods a the earliest being the Quarter ending March 31, 1980, and the latest the period ending March 31, 1982. The $84,000 that Lewis allegedly held from employees and failed to to the Federal government does not include any Quot statutory additions a the Jan. 11, 1983, affidavit states. A Federal Lien has been placed according to Dulney in the court documents on a fall property and rights to property belonging to said court records show that Lewis purchased the business in july 1976, for a Price of $70,000. It was also reported by the irs that the acquisition of the garage was made under a Purchase agreement specifying instalment payments Over a term of 15 years see a court a Page 11. Chuckle Why is it that when you dial a wrong number you never get a Busy signal uses is to Dalu inc diem 103rd year a no. 41,157 Towanda pa., wednesday morning february 2. 1983 25 cent local truckers gather for peaceful protest a group of about a dozen local truckers gathered on the Side of the Roadway along route 6 tuesday evening in Wysox to Call attention to the shutdown by the independents taking place in the area and across the nation. A fire contained in a Large barrel helped keep the evening chill away and lighted up a sign stating their reason for being there a truckers asked what their purpose was in assembling the truckers who wished to remain Anonymous related a we just want to show we re on strike. A they stressed that this was a non violent showing of their support for the shutdown and stated they had no intention of interfering with any Drivers who were on the Road. All were Adamant in stating they were opposed to any violence and stressed that they do not condone any of the violent acts which have been reported to Date in the opening Days of the strike. One Man said he questions if All the violence reported in association with the shutdown has really been caused by truckers. He noted that sometimes there Are fanatics who take advantage of such a situation and Are successful in getting the blame for their actions pinned on a protesting group such As the truckers. The purpose in posting themselves along the Highway tuesday evening these Independent truckers stated was to Call attention to this cause and hopefully prompt through their presence there other independents who were still on the Road and observed their show of Unity to voluntarily join with them in shutting Down their rigs. The area truckers who have joined this nationwide strike said their biggest complaint in regard to the new tax rates levied on heavy trucks is with the Federal Highway use tax which will Cost them a whopping $1600 the first year with a $100 per year increase for the next three years. A provision of the new tax Law requires that every state enforce the Federal Highway use tax by refusing All state licenses to trucking companies unless the trucking companies show proof to the states that the Federal taxes have been paid they pointed out. This tax coupled with the Nickel a gallon increase in the fuel tax the new 12 percent Federal sales tax on All new heavy tractors and trailers a rubber tax on heavy truck tires of 50 cents per Pound and a 12 percent Federal sales tax on any new part or accessory added to any truck purchased within six months will put them and All other independents out of business in a Short period of time these truckers stated. Among their Many vexations pertaining to these taxes is their belief that the government won t be using revenues from the costly increase in the Federal Highway use tax to improve Roadway which the government has reported these monies Are geared for. The truckers charge that a the Federal government already has in Road taxes collected More Money than the new Bill will allow the Federal government to spend on roads in the next see a local a Page 11. A group of local truck Drivers gathered around a Burn barrel along it. 6 in Wysox last night to express their Soli Darity with the nationwide strike. Daily review photo Independent truck Drivers soviet Leader rules out meeting on missile ban Moscow apr Yuri v. Andropov on tuesday rejected president Reagan a proposal for a Summit meeting to sign a ban on medium Range nuclear missiles calling the offer a patently unacceptable to the soviet Union. Replying one Day after Reagan made the proposal in an a open letter to the people of Europe a Andropov said he would never agree to a plan that he claimed would disarm the soviet Union while permitting the United states and its nato allies a to retain All their nuclear weapons of this a first of All i must say quite definitely that there is nothing new in president r. Reagan a proposal. What it is All about. Is the same a Zero that it is patently unacceptable to the soviet Union now is already recognized a Andropov declared in an interview distributed by the official news Agency Tass. In the letter read publicly by vice president George Bush during a visit to West Berlin Reagan offered to meet Andropov a wherever and whenever he wants in order to sign an agreement Banning . And soviet intermediate Range land based nuclear missile weapons from the face of the but the communist party Leader said this was nothing More than a restatement of Reagan a Zero option which had a a blocked Progress at .-soviet talks in Geneva on reducing medium Range nuclear weapons in Europe. He said . Insistence on the plan a dooms the Geneva talks to Reagan a Zero option Calls for the soviet Union to dismantle its missiles aimed at Western Europe in return for natos agreement to forgo deployment of 572 . Pershing 2 and cruise missiles starting late this year. The soviets have insisted that its missiles were deployed in response to existing nato aircraft and missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to soviet territory and that there is a a rough parity Between East and West in such weapons. There is considerable pressure from Western europeans opposed to deployment of the new missiles for a Compromise settlement in Geneva. Democrats push jobs food shelter Washington apr House democratic leaders vowed tuesday to push a program of a Relief recovery and reconstruction to combat the recession beginning with emergency Bills to create jobs and provide food and shelter for the needy. There was no estimate of the Price tag but House speaker Thomas p. Of Neill jr., dmass., has spoken previously of an anti recession Effort costing $5 billion to $7 billion. Aides suggested later that might be the amount dedicated to a program of Public service jobs and soup Kitchen Type Relief for the nations unemployed and homeless. The White House has promised to submit its own jobs Bill but it is not expected to include the Public service or Public works employment under consideration by the democrats. Even so. House democratic whip Thomas Foley of Washington noted that some Senate republicans Are supporting a $2 billion Public service jobs program and said a we Hope the president can be persuaded to go along with the democratic approach. Meanwhile defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger continued to insist that the Pentagon budget cannot be trimmed further. Weinberger spoke before the Senate armed services committee As he began Selling the administration $238.6 billion military spending plan for 1984. Of Neill and Foley also said House and Senate democrats would work to develop a longer term plan for a Lon term economic a with 14 million people out of work a the highest number in history a it is time for a combined program of Relief recovery and reconstruction a of Neill said. In addition to the emergency jobs and Relief Effort of Neill mentioned Steps to help homeowners and Farmers subject to mortgage foreclosures and provide health insurance benefits to the unemployed. Foley declined to specify what proposals were planned and democratic aides speaking on condition that that remain Anonymous said plans to introduce such legislation were not certain. Democrats announced their intention As the presidents $848 5 billion budget also came under attack from republicans. Rep. Silvio Conte top gop lawmaker on the House appropriations committee called for a $20 billion reduction in Reagan a defense buildup and restoration of some of the president s proposed Domestic cuts. The Massachusetts congressman also said there were no chances for passage of the administration s standby tax increases. Despite the criticism the White House said Overall reaction to the presidents budget has been a surprisingly talking to reporters As Reagan flew to st. Louis for a speech spokesman Larry Speakes said there will be changes made but a it has a Chance of a Large percentage of it coming out Reagan s plan a including a deficit of $189 billion a Calls for several billion in cuts in social programs through an unevenly applied freeze Pennsy announces $2.4b jobs plan 1 i candidates announce for prothonotary Page three Athens sri merger see a scanning a Page four sri Panther cagers keep slates spotless Page eight Harrisburg apr a $2.4 billion legislative package designed to put pennsylvanians Back to work was proposed tuesday by state House member Terry punt. The seven Bill package to be introduced next week would establish a temporary jobs program in areas of High unemployment develop Low in Terest Loans for businesses and farm ers and reimburse employers for Job a training As an incentive to hiring the a unskilled. \ punts proposal which he said he a developed Over the past year also in a eludes reforms for unemployment compensation and product liability. The main Bill would create a Pennsylvania economic and development authority to provide $1 billion in Aid to businesses. The program would be financed by a secured Bond Issue because a i do not want to see a future generation of pennsylvanians being faced with a billion Dollar punt said. Another Bill in the package anticipates $1.4 billion for economic growth by increasing to 20 percent the maximum amount of assets savings Banks and savings and loan associations May loan for commercial purposes. Punt said his package has potential for raising much More for economic development. It Calls for $50 million a year starting in fiscal 1984, from the states general fund. From investments and interest charged on Loans a a you re conceivably looking at anywhere from $3 billion to$3.5 billion a punt said. Punt said he has not yet met with democratic leadership to secure bipartisan support. A i am hopeful they will consider this he said. Sen. William Moore a Perry. Will introduce the package in the Senate and punt said he is prepared to offer his proposal As an amendment to other legislation if democrats Block its consideration in the House. Officials describe standby tax package Washington apr the Reagan administration has settled on a 5 percent surcharge on personal and corporate income taxes As part of a standby tax package proposed in the presidents new budget. Treasury officials said tuesday. The officials who spoke Only on condition that their names not be used said the administration has rejected an alternative plan for a 1 percent surcharge on taxable income because it would impose an unfair Burden on lower income taxpayers the 5 percent surcharge together with an Oil excise tax equal to $5 per barrel of Domestic and imported crude would take effect from fiscal 1986 through fiscal 1988 Only if needed to keep future deficits from exceeding $150 billion a year. The standby taxes would raise $146 billion Over three years $46 billion in fiscal 1986, which begins oct. 1. 1985 $49 billion in 1987 and $51 billion in 1988it s time for latest episode in continuing drama As the watchdogs turn7 Welcome to another edition of a was the watchdogs in our last episode the big bad or is that Little bad newspaper had raised some questions about the growing political clout of a group of concerned and conscientious citizens who had been Given hundreds of inches of space on these pages Over the last few months to express their opposition toward local officials and their utilization of the occupation tax. Try Reading that sentence real fast without taking a breath. The big bad newspaper brought up the Point that these concerned citizens had been connected publicly at that time with Only one person. That spokesperson As usual was Given ample time and space to explain that members preferred anonymity because they feared harassment from the big bad newspaper and who knows what kind of punishment from the county commissioners themselves. The villainous journalists offered no personal opinions in the article preferring to leave it to the readers to judge for themselves How much credibility they should give to the organization. The plot thickened when an editorial followed questioning whether a group that cloaks itself in secrecy should continue to receive a regular Media forum for its Oft repeated views. In the next episode several readers wrote defending the groups right to its confidentiality and chastised the big bad newspaper for aiding and abetting the vengeful politicians. The politicians you see took punitive action against the Leader of the group by pointing out to the people who Levy skill unlimited her taxes that her name was missing from the county occupation Rolls. A do we need martyrs to prove it a asked their Leader pointing to this As conclusive evidence that the big bad newspaper and the politicians had unleashed the chief assessor to put her Back on the tax Rolls. A i have been threatened with dire consequences if i do not give into this Gross intimidation and violate the Trust conveyed in our own bylaws Quot she cried As the villains tied her to the Railroad tracks. Could she like Johnny Cash a hear that train a Corning a the a Gross intimidation perpetrated by the villains apparently revolves around an editorial Challenge to the concerned citizens to unmask and the county a interest in their leaders status make that Lack of status on its occupation Rolls. You can to get much More punitive than that. How dare you suggest that these concerned citizens have no right to protect their identities what gives you the right who do you think you Are Arentt you ashamed of yourself for allowing the county assessor to put pressure on the school Board and Borough Council to take the woman a tax exemption away How can you throw stones when the Man who edited and helped write the original news Story is a brother on Law of a county commissioner the questions and accusations Roll in. Wait a second. There seem to be some flaws in logic and comprehension Here. Did the big bad newspaper really say the concerned citizens had no right to confidentiality no. The big bad newspaper said it Wasny to really fair for it to continue to abet the concerned citizens causes if it Wasny to sure its membership claims were legitimate. Anybody can write a letter or press release the journalists argued and say it expresses the Opin ions of 2 h people. Did the big bad newspaper say it wanted to release a roster of members for Public appraisal no it just asked for some evidence and promised to keep it confidential so it could continue to publish the concerned citizens views in Good Faith the unethical journalists supposedly gave themselves away by revealing in their news article that the chief assessor had asked the leaders local assessor and taxing bodies for verification As to Why the aforementioned was t on the county Rolls. Did the big bad newspaper prompt this punitive action is this really the evidence needed to prove that the commissioners will Stop at nothing to get Back at her for raising such a fuss a see a skill a Page 3. The Lewis Auto body shop in following a court order pertain i ing to a tax dispute. Daily review photo by Jim Pfiffer \

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