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Patriot (Newspaper) - May 19, 1851, London, Middlesex 326 truly Gritl Ying. Inflict i have no trouble now in inducing congregations to a tremble. Ali Crever i end Vori i am coming to preacly i urn enc or finding Large numbers Wail ing to hear me. " the race of africans Tor i from Ali air notice Lanil and told into Bohni in to e colonies of Britain is fall passing Anny and the Fnu owing Nar Ralit. Otlie Clia Ricer and dying Ligoura of one of the deeply injured men in Irh Icli the mercy of go i appears in Strong contrast with tie cruelty of Man is Fos Tractive and delightful  death has Deriv cd a of four of cur number. One o f these came Many years �go1 of Guinea Istven captive by the King of Abii a 8g�ih�t-whom his tribe Imd been Al sliding and to waffled in Humph to the capital of the kingdom Liere he was sentenced with a number of h s unfortunate country Aeu to be be leaded. Ali rough some Means his life was providentially Sard and Foon after he was sold to the Clave dealers and or ought to this country. It Ere i e continued to live As much n i Cathen As alien in his Halvic land. When 1 first came to refine on Thi Mountain he was a poor Blind. Ignorant sinner lilting Wii i Cut god in the world and addicted to crimes of the most licentious character. Bit Hoagh tie influence of the holy ghost the word was messed to his polluted soul. He joined the inn Iris class purred Rcd his heart to the claims of Christ became a new Man and was received into the Church in lhe7ear 1610. From that time up to the hour of his death he continued s faithful of Hower of the Sou of god. It was truly edifying to visit him Dario his inst illness. Christ appeared to engr0� tie whole of his whoa Emfs and affections. His conversation was nil about the goodness of god in preserving his life bringing my under the sound of the , and making him a Partaker of its Bwl Ngi shortly before he died i asked Brave and intr int c my and they most be by reason which Lii Cycan Well understand and by to stick nud Kiwi less which Uliey ctn fully appreciate hot by he a Tui pro Emif no anti puerile of scr. Nhi Cli Lill not Fiill to disc Tirc. " the Cut Fra arc charged Wii i robbery and f no Roach mint but whose lands they sought but the lands their Fol hers ? Lial soil Harp Ihry clinic cd but Ilic soil that gave to lick if mrs c5 should the Lovo of li4 the and the love Eulor ised As the Vir times 6ftfatrib q1 in tic Cru be branded As crities Ana rec Jiwon in the Sava ? the a fires Are chirped Frlj perfidy and the violation offre Tiei. But Hhd Lyof or i honourably observed by Friendly chiefs sutlej fair bul allies been recklessly violated by our country Flen in poor and have not to Mealiea most disastrous to the la tires been extorted under t Urc it of death Inhat if i he Tamo determination find been pro a limed to the world by the chiefs of is Foreland to Eipel and to the British colonists of so i a Africa which ii been Tracu Mcd by the col Nuisl buteo cities against the Castre race who would have hesitated to denounce them As revengeful and Bloodthirsty and could christianity be More a whiny Bush emf or rendered More hateful to the Hen than than when the by citing of its author is invoked to Sanction these Sani Uin iry counsels and Prosper this purpose of desolation and death but apart from the causes of the present conflict and whatever Ray have been the injuries which the aboriginal tribes have suffered the directors Joist supplement to the Patriot monday May 19, 1851. Many instances where their liar a been merc Iju Relie veil and tiie p Knish Niento of Eia Ai is distressing. Him if he Felt the truths of the Bible to be precious. Laying deeply lament to Leain that at least a part of the " hottentot population of the Kat River settlement have United with the in fires against the British forces. By what influence this defection has been produced whether by terror and compulsion or by Choice and to Liat extent it has prevailed no information has yet been received. In the War of 18 is several Huo a rods of they Tupie of this station at the Call of the government is their h Illi feb and their families for Many months to repel the e cd life invasion and protect the British cold Nishi if fatal occasion they received the Public Bolin owl Edgac hts of the for their bravery and Good conduct audit is no less surprising Birn grievous and an occasion for careful inquiry thu in los than three years their loyalty should have Given place to discontent and opposition. " it Harbe he la Gedra the colonial papers thai at our 6lation� or and Hankey also the same spirit of has Fly a evident fro a the of my frs Smith and Dorant Philip that these Are Hii acc salons of men who would be glad to prove Tjem True but for which they can adduce scarcely a be align of end Einice. It is indeed notorious that not Only at and with the Colo Rcd part elation Butiu in a the european colonists generally ins Feitl of the Ard Hurald d Termi oed resistance evinced in 1848, there has if Loti apathy and reluctance to meet the Frei t has rep Kwa cars of the governor for their co operal Ion a fair pm Egnate with suggestion i and which Trust Liere Afier be Etal Nirid. In the mean time the dire Ciori to a granulate the friends of Justice humanity and Clig tour that Oil the motion of her majesty s prime minister a the Home of common has resolved a that a select comm tue be appointed to inquire into the Rel allows Between this country Aid the off Rownd of bar tribes on Oor South african Frontier. N a i / in a lat this Commike be wisely and impartially selected let the investigation be full and fair if necessary let it Issue in the appoint Merit of a commission in the Colony where Only the to ill and the whole truth can be ascertained let the Comien Tationa and censures which the co Manittee May tyo Nobce be Giren without prejudice or partiality Tec Tfaye Olfato on the Black or the White Man on the feeble or the pow Trubl As truth and Justice May award and the friends of the african race and the supporters of african missions will calmly await the Jade steal and honourably abide by the decision. " madagascan " it Baa been already intimated continues abut. Kot Only is the Christian missionary excluded but All inter Connie with foreigners is strictly prohibited it if rarely therefore that any com ionization can he held with the Interior Eten by letter. But the Lait intelligence Wimch bears the Marks of authenticity is most deeply affecting. From caries Nunci planned but probably from the increase of their numbers a new persecution against the Christian during last summer raged with great violence. About twelve Hundred were Sam moved to he capital to answer for the offence of worshipping the Only True god and believing on his son. Three of the most distinguished for rank anti devoted Ness were sentenced to be burned to death and their lingering tortures must have been awfully aggravated As three tires while their bodies were consuming torrents of rain descended and the fires. Ten others were precipitated from a Rocky Eminence near the City and dished to pieces. What would hate been the doom of the in Lilande cannot be determined had not the Prince of Madagascar at the risk of Bia personal safety now interposed As the pro Tector and Patron of the christians and boldly withstood the authority of their cruel adversary the prime minister of Bis Royal Mother. Subsequent results Are unknown but while these tragical events Mast excite our deepest sympathy and fervent prayers for the confessors and martyrs of Madagascar they Supply also reflections that strengthen Faith and demand Bank Culnen. Upwards of fourteen years since Ell the faithful Shep herds were drive ii from the Island and the fold of Christ was left like lambs among wolves but after Eri during oar Leca years of fiery trials still they five and still increase. Between forty and fifty live been doomed for the Sake of the Ikird Jesus to meet death in forma the most agonising and terrific but none have drawn Back into perdition All have been fit Faunl even to the death. Tie blood of the martyrs Baa proved the teed of the of March and for one a Brillian there Are ten and for tens there Are hundreds. The debated and Croel woman who now fills the throne of Madagascar impelled by her own evil nature or swayed by the evil influence of Othera has tried Long but tried in vain to extirpate the very name of Christ but her son her Only child her heir and sauces sir to Fie throne Baa Learned the Faith in which the martyrs died avowed himself their Friend and their protector and declared that the Man who shall hereafter to Rikl them must Trike through Bim. Thia is the lord s doing and it it wondrous in our eyes " China. " All the different branches of missionary operation have been vigorously prosecuted at the four stations occupied by on missionaries 5  namely Canton Amoy Shanghai and the Colony of Hong Kong " Edu Ealion a attended with rat expense and Oitt Many difficulties but the Good work Bat been commenced in these several localities. In the schools at Hong Kong Onder the Cupar Intendente of or. And mrs. Legge there Are about 40 boys and 20 girls All domesticated amidst to a habits and Mojo menu of a Christiso family and eare Fally instructed to the Terral branches both of useful and of Christian knowledge " the tho logical Clatt under the Especial care of our esteemed brother includes five voting chinamen of tried Christian character. Their application Diligence and sincere piety afford or Legge and justify the in petition that the will prove Here Fahrr intelligent and devoted Minista of Christ to their degraded countrymen. " the benevolent and skill of on medical i Ilion Ariet have been a Ticeen Finly exerted on behalf of Many thousand afflicted chinese who have fully sought their Aid. During the Paaty a alone in the City of Canton received Many Thotis and Puenta and in his hot Petal Iii common with to from of bit fellow labourers the gospel is made known to every inmate acid on hit departure be is supplied with Christian tracts which Are often thus conveyed into the Inte Risi of the Empire  thib twofold method of mercy to atom rant with the example of him who while he preached the gospel to tie poor went about doing Good Aad Healing All manner of Dite Atea Baa been attended Genelly with the most belie facial info tinier. His hand upon his heart he exclaimed i Hare been u very a wild and Worl mess sinner in my time but All my True is in the blood of my Saviour Jesus. I must wait Wilh patience till he think me fit to die and then i know he will not forsake my poor soul but receive it up to of All the sickbed i have attended in Oliie coir try. 1 can truly say i never met one like his pure religion appeared completely to have changed his heart and filled it with holy re a station. " South Africa. " in the month of january the directors had the Jii priness to Welcome borne their Friend and brother the Rev. Joseph John Freeman of the completion of his visit to this Field of missions and to Render thanks to god who tar Yaghout Bis extended voyages and journeys bad been his guardian amidst the dangers of the deep and the perils of the wilderness and had now restored him in health and peace to Bis country his family and friends. " it a but the tribute of Justice rather than the offering of Friendship on the part of the directory to Bear testimony to the Christian kindness faithfulness and efficiency with which or. Freeman exec need the delicate and arduous duties of his Mission and they anticipate with Confidence the willing and Universal of their in thus present Iii to him the Assurance of their fraternal love and Heartfelt thankfulness for this renewed proof of his be tote Nesb to the interests of the society filings which derive additional animation and strength As they Are associated with the remembrance of his labours in Madagascar and the West indies and his entire con it Calioo to the cause of Christian missions for a period exceeding four and Twenty years. " As our Friend will presently give to the Assembly his own report it May be deemed superfluous for the directors to do More than state generally that Bis testimony will be found most honourable to the character intelligence and ministerial Fidelity of our missionaries throughout South Africa conclusive As to the proofs of god s Blessing on their past labours and no less encouraging in relation to their future prospects. The directors cannot however deny themselves the pleasure of adding even at the risk of anticipating or. Freeman s address that be found or. Philip now in his seventy fifth year though feeble in body yet Clear in mind and Calm in spirit and while wailing for the salvation of god rejoicing in the Extension of Hii kingdom amongst men. The venerable Janet Reed the missionary of More than half a Century he found still Wilh a heart a chilled by age and with the activity and cheerfulness of Yontub Labo Riog incest aptly for the social improvement and eternal happiness of Africa. A Robert Moffat in addition to the Ordinary duties of a missionary was toiling night and Day with Bead and heart and bands in effecting the most important object that could engage his energies the translation of the entire the language understood As there Are Strong grounds Tor concluding by hundreds of Hon Sands and probably millions of the various tribes of Southern Africa. " David Livingston the intrepid traveller of the desert was just departing for his second visit to the North and though deterred by unforeseen events Peculiar to the season from proceeding farther than the Lake Nogami Bia fearless and benevolent heart still meditates another and an Early endeavour to explore the unknown re ions that lie beyond it in the Hope of proclaiming to the benighted multitudes the word of the lord and preparing them to receive teachers and evangelists from the native Churchea. " on the completion of his labours in South Africa or. Freeman proceeded in accordance with his instructions to Mauri Siut principally with the design of visiting the refugees and emigrants from Madagascar Dow in the Colony and More especially of attempting a visit to that Island should the Bare possibility be afforded and Altro Tirb everything conspired to forbid the attempt the visit of our Friend was not in vain. Here he found a goodly number of Bis old malagasy friends Steff Stin the Faith and United in the Fellowship of Christ acid during his sojourn he made arrangements with or. James Lebrun to give six Yoang men of their number a coarse of education for the Christian ministry in the confident expectation that god will at no Distant Day open before them a door of Entrance to their native land i. " or. Be bin and Bis two tons labour assign Only and with a Good Meas Raof Success for the spiritual welfare of the Creole pop Lalioo of Mauritius but they encounter great of Stocus from the Power of Popery and the influence of its missionaries who Are sustained in their labours by Grants from the colonial Treasury to the amount of 2,000/. Per annul. A " from Mauritius or. Freeman Bent hit course homeward and As the time required for making the voyage to Britain in an Ordinary sailing vessel would not be exceeded by proceeding to Ceylon and thence by the Indian Overland route he determined to adopt that course. By the Way he was induced to linger for a month and who would not to visit the Wou Drons spectacles of Egypt and the More wondrous scenes of Palestine Cenea 80 instructive and impressive to the understanding and the heart. To those who know the honour and integrity of on Friend it will scarcely be nees stary Todd that for this tour of hallowed pleasure As Well a for All extra expenses of the Overland Roate in Drew not on the funds of the society but upon his own ret orces and on the20tb of january he landed of the Ihori of Eigland after an absence of two Yean and two months. " since in departure of or. Freeman from South Africa one of he Dir tit calamities has occurred that could have befallen the country or affected our mis Kiodt the outbreak of another Coffre War. " a result so Early and so terrific our Friend did not anticipate but Hia forebodings were Strong at to the permanent repose and Prosperity of the country Tince he found fixed ill the Kiodt of it ii of he chiefs and tribes bordering the Colony a deep seated tense of wrong from the treat mint which suffered from the colonial Anthorn Titei and More than one of these complainant belong by or. Freeman to seek for them that Justice from the government of Britain which they had sought in vain from Iti local re pretend a Foj of a a of it Frimodt of it Irittia minion in the Lipstet a torte thai High it Caffert Chieft and Toutt maj by justly Char get but a denouncing their comes Tobej cannot Overlook the provocations they have suffered nor forget that their present accusers Are their alleged oppressors. It it True that the chiefs and people of Caf Freland ire he Titrent by they Are my in Lugent and shrewd. Hia Saver Viivi Friedy for Tir disease of lha Tii ind. ".mr. Hitch bar of Hon Kong writing to a generous supporter of his wifi Yiirs gives lilo following particulars illustrative of this pm Tiffini fact " tvo Palienie a woman of Aboaf to. And an old Man of 6t years of be a try ,i� a Arklay a of admitted into the Church. The Torch Tel have known nearly is Long a r have been in Hong it inf the other Abonit a both Elahe bring a Ohio of Triem with her. A few Days ago the ii tto duet me 10 one of these Fricon Ujj who derived to linear More of the to Pel and to be by piled. She Al Teodej All the Ferricci Aryl has been present at on private evening prayer which Are with an sex Pla Nallon of scripture. Slie has been examined by St Cral members of tie Church and air of by t r. , and All were Inucci Ali fied with Lur in Shivers. Ail Iii members of the Chine in Church speak very he Gill of her and believe her to be a truce to Chris than. The a a me in Fiven to tie old Man whom you May had at All times with the new testament in his hands. The convert Are continually by caking of the Folly of idol worship and they rejoice o know the True and living god. In no Heathen country Are the labours of the Pratt viewed in connexion Wilh the translation and circulation of the holy scriptures than in China. As compared with other countries the ability to read is Geiger in and books Are not Only read hut Pri ird. Knowledge is venerated and the higher attainments of philosophy arid sir arc Lead to honour or Alth and Fame. It is therefore with Peculiar Ratis action that the Dir Eclora report that the avio Testa mint thoroughly and carefully revised principally by our missionaries at Shan Hae has been printed in that City and also at Hong Kong. " the value of mov Eibie Metal Type in reduced Mie first executed by the ingenious and devoted Samuel Dyer in distinction from the old method of eni craved blocks is strikingly exemplified in the edition just issued in Hon Kong. The new testament a Liili in the edition of honoured and lamented Morrison was separated into different parts or formed into a thick volume is now comprised within less than 90 pages boo while the Price is reduced to be a than in. Sterling. " at each of our chinese stations a native Church has been formed two of these have ordained native pastors the venerable l in Afa at Canton and the intelligent and devoted tin Sheen at Hong Kong. Within the last twelve months additions have been made to each of the four Christian common lilies and the deep penitence simple Faith and sound scrips Tirral knit Eccl a of the converts al7urd Strong grounds to Anli Cipy be their and consistency in the profession of the gospel. " in the month of november or. Smith the Bishop of Ictoria whose car italian kindness and catholicity tie directors Are Happy to acknowledge Mike a visit to Shanghai and at Bis instance and with Means supplied by his friends. Or. Medhurst and Forth two chinese christians to visit tie resonant of the jews Long reported to reside in the City of k Haepung Foo Distant from Pekin about 350 Miles. They executed their Mission with great judgment and returned to Shanghai in safety after a absence of fifty five Days. Their report accords with that of the Jesuit missionaries made Iso years since St to the Long continued settlement of a jewish Colony in k Bac Fung Foo but of How e landed the scene the Remple or synagogue then in comparative strength and splendour a now almost a ruin and Ichabod is written on Ita trembling Walls. Many of the tons of Abraham have mingled with the Heathen or the Mussulman by whom hey Are surrounded and the number of professing jews is reduced to Lesa ban 200. They have Brett left without a rabbi for nearly fifty years and the distinct Tive rite of their Faith and nation has been neglected. They have entirely Lott the knowledge of hebrew and of . Ii to eat Appier it or Are he excellent words of Many Aei. From Ilij time Forward worship a i and in Harrer Yuu my Joe will Jve lit will deliver you from Stern j 1 Umili Ament he will 0410 you Iron your Ina and Mieres. Tie Eye of god lion your thou Jim Anil if Good All be Rigi will re to upon you i a capt our Citerin 3. " income Blini upon the preceding extract. Bishop Boone observes " lilo of or. I Ting Here Menli Onedia very remark Able. Ilin recovery immediately after Hii prayer give occasion we ire told to Ilij paper. The Mph a it in that tills a Latemer a in the ref ice is filse catinot/0�.ilaiill�j, for i ins mid hire had do Obj of in perpetrating Ina pm Blip Hunt such a faleh 0.1. And if we accept the fact As Lirra f i id. And a updo a thit Hij Friend Jar. Liwaj really cared immediately after he called upon the ii Mes f the Gill of heaven Ami of wish we have either a very Heinc Ilance. Or a Sina ? of divine Providence in answer to prayer. " it is very Toui Iii labourers for tiie Advance meet of a Cuje in c Jina to Llod a Nam so his in station Public Hing at peking a paper in which he this dec Are that Havins exar Alliett the religion prac i cd by Western men he he i find it All Fri he Urx d and Thi.�, Tco after he b3.� aet Forth the incantation the atonement and the do ceif ily of or or fiderer More improbable than that a Husli Imperial comm Mioner should have spent a we learn from Piper he did any portion of his time ill writing a form of prayer addressed to the god Wir shipped by the Woslum men whom he had been sent to Pei Icale " India. " the Legal engr tent of our government giving to the Hindoo people Liberty of conscience in Nial ters of religion which was anticipated at our lust annual meeting actually became the us of India wherever British authority extends on the ill of april 1s50, a Day memo Rahie in the civil Nind religious history of our India Empire. By the Hindoo Law heretofore in Universal Force the loss of presented to the governor general and As the mind of his excellency remained unmoved it was determined to Appeal to Ibe authorities at Home. A subscription was raised to Send a representative to Britain and an englisis advocate May soon be found in our Lundst pleading for the intolerant and oppressive Cums of idolatry against the equity and Benev Leuce of his own . The result of Luck an advocacy need excite but litle apprehension with the friends of christianity in India til the documents published by the pro Hindoo society May afford them Bobbin Al auction and . " the committee in their Appeal for subscriptions draw a Mournful contrast Between the present apathy of the people and the liberality of former times " at the time of he suppression of be Sattee by lord a William say they  even the Hindoo widows came Forward with their Coatti buttons of two or four Annas the word Osmose. And the pro Brj carefully 1 it a preferred in the holy place Are to them a sealed a Al ,. Some of these venerable records they presented for a a not tee the same eagerness la regard to the the Peri Nice of the people against fort Lunert hate been edited us their feel Dpi con culled candid pecuniary consider Tion to the Christian visitors Othera now useless o the possessors May probably be obtained hereafter on fair and Honor rate terms and Prate a valuable contribution to biblical evidence to Europe while the same blessed truths fulfilled in the Mission and sacrifice of the lord jeans will we Trust be pre tented in the language of China to theae neglected tons of Abri Bam to revive heir expiring Faith and guide them to the feet of their Long expected Saviour. Alarming Iudica Ioos have been Given hat the Geaer-008 toleration granted by the Laie emperor of China to his Christian subjects May be soon restricted and possibly reversed by those who now Sway the counsels of Bis Youthful tac Cessor but on the other hand there Are Tati factory proofs that the great 3is Ini Tive tru it of christianity Are understood b y Indus dual of the highest class of chinamen and in districts of the Empire where the voice of the missionary was never be heard. In the very edict id which these doctrines Are condemned there is evict Nice that hey Are at least in part Well understood and the governor of the prof Tice of Fuji Ken Bat published remarks on the Christian system Ivr Itten in another and a kindly spirit. Bit the Esi Tyi of i i Flag the late governor of Canton and one of tit Inott Liberal and enlightened statesmen in China Bear to direct testimony Hoh to the doct Riivet and the mrra Clet of the gospel and to the parity and Benesole Neof Ila principles. " the following passages from the pen of such an author cannot be read without equal astonishment and Delight  form of prayer to the god of be Axon with a preface Compoi Cudby Kying Goren for Gen emf of Klein gang and . La the Dit Hon re of kaon by it is Eald  Jens Tekem Nat Iaru designate the Saviour of the world the books translated by Western men narrate be aet ont a wrong by with great . Bit the worship of god and repenting of sins Asiu essentials 1 and Ita teach Long is. That in the Weldt bars in Only this one creating celestial god who has Power to Rule All things and creatures who is everywhere knows All things. Because when looking Down upon the Earth he commiserated Mankind he commanded has ral Logson Jesus to descend and b be bom into this Dusty Toh seme world. He gave no Bis body to save tha Wedd he died Andros Avalo to life i and Many Wera the miracles be whoa get. Note who Beliera in him do Sot to table image i but in Public places or in their private Toosia they purify their Tarta and repant of their Aurora and Amlog their Fayea towards the god of creation or the creating 3od la Tea empty space Ibe firmament the sky they Kneel and worship beg Forg Trenesa of the Trtat and implore blessings. Last year i waa commissioned to go lolling Kwang and also received tha emperor commands to the affair of the feel Genera and therefore made strict in the Lall too Prastil cd by Western men. In order o Lacerta to Belber is waa to rpt or Puri and Baring Carat tally Eza salted All the time i waa ,-1 came o Komi that what had re by Natman in it bleh waa not Good. I it that ought thar for to Mamor Talla the emperor and req that that show tog kind Eta to m�6 from afar be Woald not per Stante or pro debt. By this act the Goren ment has opened the doors so Long closed which stood in the Way of the destruction of the Hindoo religion and has made the Way easy for Uio Doos to become christians. We Well knew that so Long As the government forbore to Render them any Essl Staniow Allibe a trages of the missionaries though Coon Ltd by too Sands might to done Garden. But now when tha government itself in wti4�� Honda Are our lives on property and ail that we have to Iota to favour oar add traries and to seek the destruction of aur religion we see too clearly hat ear safety is at an end. You May be fully Coo deut that the tide of our evil Fortune Baa reached its height and that oar trouble is absolutely we boat boo dds. It has often been alleged not Only by Hindoos but by a certain Cutiss of englishmen As an unfriendly purpose required that missionaries in India were spending their lives in ease and idleness or sex Basting their strength in utopian projects since the venerable institutes of Hindo ism were so firmly entwined around the hearts of he people that they Wood Lay Down life a willing sacrifice rather than abandon the Faith of their fathers. These charges Are refuted in the following lamentations of the same writers " the missionaries love no Opportunity to do us All the Iri jury in their Power. They Are continually employ log All kinds of Means by Force Ami fraud to Root no oar religion and to Stablish the Christian Faith. A i " we know very Well that a try great number of Hindoo have become Chris plans. Even of to Csc who have not he a a baptised and thus publicly professed Hirist Anity a great Many adopt in secret Christian practices. Many boys the Wale of the Susal Oniris hive frs skein their Mother s Arm and fled Parent Bare been bereft of thir Ehll Drin Brothers by their Brothers Whrena of their bos bands All the Coracs of the Earth Bat been Fellai with head soda of lamentation i hang the poorer of Uia i Sio Mariea. How Many of he Fladoos. Wounded by their Pluess arrows pass their Day a endless borrow " on missionary Brethren in Northern and so them India amount 0 54, and they occupy-21 principal stations besides no Meroa oni Post. " in their varied lab oort they Are Abao Dant and unwearied watching with Ltd Eliter Over be flock of which the f holy ghost Bath made them Over Deere making wide and Lead Bened journeys into Tea Wilde me is Teek and save the lost and gathering the Lamb is their Armi and Ifon Riching sad at cog Peoin a their Femme Minda Willi tender care a of Early Ian Rac too.   " " the number of a Voorhi Isslyn a Titche it 31, in cd diag Tore than 1,500 Church Membert. The Nubia Ber of school it 300 we Linvog tarty t4, or Rte a May Frda sacred that their Baa taty or a r to  " Tims Fene roat contrib tora to the Calcutta College will rejoice to Lea that after torn tiny voidable delay the lao Dation Rooe of the Ihnatko Tiwu totem Worlick ttb�lmter1�mrrmti��axiib 0�, a uti the 8th of april. The number of youths now enjoying in a Varil i i s is 610. " Zmij vide Iii s of divine to xer Anil mercy have occurred Jarin a the year in i the Hin too convert turned Froais Munib ii s to serve the Livin god has Ben and in tic face of Ili most f Irmi Ilab a to make a Public profession of his Faith in Clorist. T a frito sing cute resell Cje cons Mun rated by the u to. E , May be Seuc Ted a san exemplification of the missionary s Rewal " we have had a a Leiling instance of he a werhof Divivo Grace in this Case of a Young Man of the Sondra caste who has lately joined Ai. Ills Connexions Are influential and wealthy and wis ova share in the landed property of his in Miler amounts to More Tolian 1,000 rupees All of which tog Ellier with the Friendship and ltection3 of big nearest relatives lie h i i cheerfully relinquished for tie Sake for the lust Ihre Evir Fjor Yean a conviction had been gaining it Enst i in Hil incl. Hat Isola Ryc uld cot b tie  Reni Moab Jervis which god Lenaires of by ii i this conviction was fir to produced by the of religious tracts which he received from some of and was strengthened by further conversation with them of he a a i it of religion. For a Long time he was unable to break the ooh the Tram Rai is of Cate and sacrifice All his world advantages for tie Sake of Christ which he knew he mat it if to made a profession of . A govere illness which he had about nine mon Alisago led him to a deeper sense of his spiritual danger and the necessity of at once yielding himself to tiie lord. He was in november last when to gave to the congregation preizent a satisfactory account of the change ills views and feelings had undergone and the reasons a Titch had led Hisato forsake All and yield himself publicly to Trio lord. I trait if spared to receive him into the communion of tha Church on the first Sabbath in april next. Uii in knowledge and Grace affords me much satisfy Tiou. A Well As his pious and Earnest Elt Orts to instruct the sir rounding ii alien in the truths of the Guipel. " missionary visit Paragi ments in India Are not re. Strict d to the limited number of conversions and the difficulties attendant on Christiari profession but they arc found in an equal degree in a Ceils Eai entered in the heart and habits of sincere concerts by the Early Androni continued influence of hence the faithful a missionary often stands ill doubt even with the hopeful and rejoices Over every convert with Feir and trembling. The mind of the native Christian not infrequently presents an anomaly a franc and painful. Men have been known with Duplis Ity and falsehood Olio hive avowed their conviction and a oved their Loe of truly before of tit Church and he world and others have been capable of mean Over Raj cling and Petty Iii honesty who have a Fortune for the cause of Christ. These facts though trying to Raith and patience can excite m Surprise who those who reflect Ori the cautions and a proofs addressed to the primitive converts from paganism in tiie inspire cd epistles of the new to Flat rent an a tire Gross imperfections which some Rire disfigured the Iro ral a fatty of their character. But it such Are the 50rro�3 Onder a licit the Heiret of the missionary olten sinks Bow great will be hit Joy the n the Chur i for which he watches prays acid labours shines As the Light of the world Lind Many of life native christians thus animate and cheer their fait Laiful pastors by heir holy consistence and growth in Grace. " the Tore of ease and indolence is with the Hindoos the habit and the Law of life but in our Miston at Salem under the care of or. Lechler several of the native tej Cherl have relinquished their salaries and together with Matvy youths in the Industrial school sustain themselves by manual labour Atid . Thus have they become helpers to the Smth instead of Bun Lens to tie Mission. Indifference 10 the wants of the ared and poor is among the proverbial evils of the Hindoo character but the christians of Nager Coil says or. Lewis have been induced by the Power of religion to he Cotef the helpers of each other in the seas ii of adversity and sorrow " the widows fund which jars. Lewis flab listed about three years ago is in a very sat factory elate the of acct is to provide some Aid to poor widows in the , a class of Persona much despised neglected and often 111-treated in Thlu country. Linearly All the catechists and schoolmasters in co Olexion with the Jlia Sion Are Sobec Ribers to it. Besides Many others of our native Christiana who Are not in Mission employ. There Are now nearly 5s0 rupees in hand and seven widows Are relieved from the fund. " above All to those who Are acquainted with the self sheets of Heathen it and the extreme poverty of the tourer Classet of Hindoo to ciely will it evince the exp live and expansive Power of that new principle which the love of Christ alone supplies thut the native christians contribute their Money to Send Forth evangelists to preach the gospel to the Heathen. " at a meeting of the tamil Church and congregation superintended by or. Abbs of Neyor the following Resolution was proposed and seconded by two of the native teachers present Viz " Many of our Brethren and Sisters have been removed from Thi a world and have entered an eternal state. We also like he Flower of the Field must Wiber and die while on places on Earth will be supplied by others. Therefore Wywie we remain 00 the i Earth we desire actor dig o off a Bulky to assist in do lag Good to Theroa Laomen. According to the recommendation of our uis Flonary and the general Siow make a special collection to assist in spreading tha god a word a " at Miri pore also a similar association has been recently Tomti and two Christian evangelist have been tent Forth to make known the Way of salvation to the inhabitant of the Arron Odiny Connery. A " sorely then although the heart of the Indian missionary knows Ita own butt Mesa a stranger in tet med Letb not with his Joy. While be look. Poo the men whom be knew in he Dep h of their misery and moral Loalbo soreness but who Are washed who a Are a notified who Are Ensti Edia the name of the lord Jesus and by the spirit of oar god and with s grateful and exulting mind exclaims for what a oar Tiepe or Joy or Crown of rejoicing ? Are not even Yeia he presence of our lord jeans Christ at his coming ? for be Are our glory and Oor Joy a such then is the present aspect of Christian mis silos in India the country above All other in tit wide Doroz in of darkness in which with Hia Wani Inow oots Axl to Yeteive the of win of in Many Crown. A Cottar the a

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