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Patriot (Newspaper) - April 12, 1841, London, Middlesex 234 the Patriot monday april 12. Foreign . The part Ortiz in Tiomi Bill which Pusod in the chamber of Blimp Totite Isth Bmat Reoe hed the Royal assent on the 3d, was officially published in the Montleur on the 6th. Spain. The a Madrid journals private letters of the 31st ult. Have reached us. It was expected that the re nay question would the settled in eight or ten Days. The chances were beginning to be favourable to the single Regency. The Correo Nacional announces that the daughter of the Bri Riih co Tipul at Cadiz a Young englishman at puerto real had embraced the Catholic religion. The Eastern question. A letter from Alexandria in the morning chronicle dated 25th March states that the note signed by the representatives of the four Powers at the conference in London on the 30th january had arrived at Alexandria it had greatly quieted the of the peaceably disposed. It is added " the note of the pour Powers must Long since have been in the Possession of their ambassadors in constantinople Doni Tiess Ere this duly communicated Imless they have again thought fit to withhold this communication As it appears by the note referred to they very strangely did withhold those a foot Ber december last we must shortly expect an official communication from constantinople with the Concession of the obnoxious Points in fhe Egypt. Letters have been received from Alexandria to the 25th March. The Pasha was awaiting the decision of the Porte upon his objections to the proposed conditions annexed to the hereditary Paa halic of Egypt without however relaxing his preparations to enforce his own views. He has declared his determination to concede nothing beyond the payment of a fixed yearly tribute of 500,000 or 600,000 dollars to allow no interference in the details of his a government. As if in Defiance of of the 22d january he had ordered the army to be increased from the present number of 55,000 to 70,000 picked men he was daily bringing in conscripts in Fetters to Cairo he had stopped the supplies of Corn shipped at Suez for the holy cities which form to their yearly tribute from Egypt be had raised the French colonel of engineers m. Chi who recently fortified Alexandria was now strengthening Cairo to the rank of a Bey on full pay at 150 purses 750z per annul. Three regiments bad been ordered from Cairo to Garrison Alexandria none of the Pasha s sailors were permitted to leave the City for a moment. The frontiers of Egypt were much disturbed. Felik niner was said to have beaten Ahmed the Pasha s governor of Kar the news from China. State of Anim a Midean few ent through some of the to that Offlee informing him that if he the British would cease hostilities Ion the chinese commandant deputed his heralds in the tanks boat. The consequences of these command cations have been made known to her majesty s subjects by the Public circular sted the 8th instant. " when the commandant of Anun Hoy hauled his flags two he told the British office who brought the message that he could not surrender the fort also that though they were desirous of peace they were at the same time quite prepared for War. " we have likewise heard that Keshen has tent a remonstrance to her majesty s plenipotentiary lecturing him on his madness in attacking the Chuenyee to kowtow forts Tellag a 1. J---1------1----j-1 a _ or Intelli Bee has been received Frem India China by the he Tel Dow he a a a a March Over land mail from Bombay announcing the term ii 1� Wojy to a a Omi Anniej. Tion of the dispute with China. The news reached London pm a heralds in tue 1� first in the she of a French Telegraph to despatch next a a meagre account by the extraordinary express of the daily papers the full particulars then came. The reason in to be that the authorities at Marseilles according to instructions from the French government seized the courier employed for the English journals deprived him of his papers letters. The jealousy of the French Post office people is suspected to be the motive for this strange proceeding. The latest dates Are from Chusan to the 24th december from Macao to the 27lh january from Bombay to the 1st r j l  v a. J i a v " of March. We copy the summary of the chinese new. From to Good be done by such conduct Anda Skeg by the Bambi Gazette l of he can possibly report such rebellious proceedings to his " in consequence of the insincerity tardiness displayed Imperial majesty it is said that her majesty s by the Imperial commissioner preparations were made on the t a morning of the 7th january for attacking the outposts of the Bogue forts. About 700 sepoy 200 european soldiers 400 seamen marines were embarked under the command of major Pratt of her majesty s Twenty sixth regiment in the steamers Enterprise Nemesis Madagascar landed in the Vicinity of the fort of Chuenyee. At the same time her majesty s ships Calliope Larne hyacinth opened a cannonade on the lower Battery of the fort while the steamers Nemesis Queen threw shells into the upper lower which commanded it. The latter was soon taken Possession of by the British troops who poured Down a heavy fire of musketry on All the lower works quickly drove the chinese from their guns. In two hours the fort was in Possession of the English with a loss of Only 3 killed 23 wounded that of the chinese is estimated at from 500 to 700. Many were killed in the attempt to escape by jumping Down from their Embra sures a depth of Twenty fett to Ibe rocks below. The ships Crews escaped unhurt although the fort mounted thirty five guns. Tertiary has evinced a too late repentance expressing his regret for lamenting the consequences of his own another report meet booed by the same paper that Chuenyee was to be held by the British was disproved by the event. What passed from this period to the 20th is not stated. On that Day. Captain Elliot issued a circular announcing the Progress of negotiations to the following effect " 1. The cession of the Island Harbour of Hong Kong to the British Crown. All just charges duties to the Empire upon the Commerce carried on there to be paid As if the Trade were conducted at Khampoa. " 2. An indemnity to the British government of 6,000,000 dollars 1,000,000 payable at once the remainder in equal annual instalments ending in 1846. " 3. Direct official Intercourse Between the countries upon an equal footing. " 4. The Trade of the port of Canton to be opened within ten Days after the chinese new year which Falls of the 2nd of february to be carried on at Khampoa till further or details re Meta Pola uhe Ashantee a Riscus Ai the zoological gardens on thursday the Ashantee princes visited the zoological gardens regents Park highly gratified with their visit they recognised several of the natives of Africa expressed a desire to promote the objects of the society by for warding animals from Western Africa to England. They appeared much struck with the Orang the Unga put or agile Gibbon so remarkable for its Powers of locomotion its voice which is heard every mortising Between ten eleven o clock practising As it were the Gamut. It begins with a Low note gradually ascends the scale descending from the a Hest note rapidly runs Down to the lowest. Ctr riots relic at the same time the fort of to kowtow was attacked Squadron operating about three Miles to the South Range ments Are practicable at the new settlement Ward under of Captain Scott of the semarang sup Amer of ported by the Druid Modeste Columbine. A heavy fire of the 21st. The English colours were removed from the fort was opened on the fort promptly returned but the Chi of Chuenyee the chinese replanted in their place. The Nese guns were speedily disabled a party of seamen landed English ships then left the Bogue. Part of the Fleet was to to seize the fort. The chinese made a spirited resistance but proceed to Hong Kong to take Possession in the name of the were soon overpowered the fort captured. The first lieu Queen on the 26lh disembarking a portion of the troops to tenant of the semarang was wounded in the assault. P ant the British Flag. The troops were then to re embark " the steam vessels then attacked the Fleet of Junks lying in to remain on Board ship until proper quarters were provided for Anson s Bay but owing to the shallowness of the water Only them on Shore. Captain Elliot was to proceed in a few Days in a Steamer up the River to second bar where he was to have an interview with the Imperial commissioner Keshen. The Canton free press of january 23rd gives some indication of the opinion among the British in China As to the cession of Hong Kong " we consider that for an Independent British settlement no situation can possibly be More favourably chosen than that of Hong Kong. The Island itself is of Little extent we Are told the Nemesis could approach them towing twelve armed boats from her majesty s ships. Her first rocket set fire to the powder Magazine of one junk eighteen others were blown up by their own Crews the rest escaped into the inner Waters. Next morning her majesty s ship Blenheim began to throw shells into the batteries at Wang Tong was preparing to j attack the chief fort of Anun Hoy when the chinese com Mander in chief made a communication to Captain Elliot who Toon. The two great bedouin tribes on the West of the Nile thereupon desisted from further -----------.--. Were engaged in warfare on their own account the peace a Public circular dated the 7th of january signed by about fifteen Miles in circumference but it forms with the Able inhabitants employed in the collection of natron at the Captain Elliot announced to the British that " negotiations had neighbouring lands one of the finest porn existing where any Jakes South of Alexandria bad been extensively plundered. The been interrupted that the forts had been attacked number of ships of any size May safely Anchor in the worst Pasha had formed an Alliance with the bedouins of the desert taken. The papers contain some rough notes of the a of Weathers the settlement of Hong Kong would we a on the Borders of Syria exempting them from tribute he tack on the two forts. Of " " a a. Was preparing them to fortify Gaza. Chuenyee. great dissatisfaction was Felt amongst the syrians still de " All the dispositions having been made the troops he condition that the same duties As at Khampoa Are to be trained in Egypt. Numbers were to be seen in the regiment of landed at the watering place to the southward of the Island paid there which in our estimation destroys at once All the cavalry encamped outside Alexandria. It was chiefly this Cir they formed pushed Strong covering parties in Advance of Benefit that might be expected to Trade there will in fact Constance which had Given Rise to the coolness Dissat Isaac the guns then waited the effect of their fire As Well As that reduce the British settlement of Hng Kong to nothing More Tion observed Between the Pasha Commodore Napier pre of the Squadron. They then marched in two bodies on the Hill than a military station make it possibly the resort of the a Vio sly to the departure of the latter. The maronite Emir fort into which the Queen Nemesis had previously thrown families of foreign merchants transacting business at Canton druze sheiks had however arrived safely at Beyrouth. Some shells. On reaching the intervening Valley the stockade although even this is doubtful As they May continue to prefer it is remarked that m. Cochenet who had been replaced As opened a fire on the troops but was soon silenced by the Field Macao. The same charges duties being paid at Hong Consul general for France by count Rohan Chabot had Long pieces placed on the Ridge of the Hill. The troops the Ca Kong As at Khampoa it follows As a matter of necessity that confidential interviews with my ficket at a Benr. A. ,. Meron ians marines then pushed Forward up the Hill a will remain where for centuries it has been established took Possession of the fort whilst the Bengal volunteers of s new location where it is under the same Distad India. Fifty seventh Madras native infantry debauched from the Val vantages without ite being afforded the same facilities it now the Indian Overland mail brings intelligence from bom Ley to the northward then left shoulders Forward marched a populous commercial City Long the Centre of the Bay to the is of March. There is Little to to the following round the Hill. After driving the chinese who made a hand Commerce of the Empire under the same charge infinitely a meaty some defence out of the stockade the cameroonians a better situated than a port on an oot of the Way Island can Ever no intelligence of importance has been received from Rines deployed rushed Down the Hill on the lower largest had Hong Kong come unconditionally into the posses Sonde of Afghanistan during the present month. Gusseer fort entered the Embra sures drove Alt before them the Sion of the English we should have thought it a valuable pos Khan a stir at Large but there Are Strong reasons to Hope he Garrison escaping through the Northern Gate when in a session acquired at whatever Price now according to the read will surrender himself. Dost Mohommed bad on the 10th few minutes they were intercepted in their Saure oui ing we give to the plenipotentiary s circular in value is Little " or the Canton Register publishes the following order front ________-6"" to of Macao a a rider to Captain Beach was the slaughterhouse it was Here the hip Tae a Elliot s circus mandarin of the third class was killed obstinately refusing " Keshen i Quarter from a sergeant of marines who ran up to him As his people were carrying him off severely wounded. He Cut at the sergeant who parried the blow with his Bayonet nearly had the worst of the encounter. The chinese with the cameroonians marines in their rear the native troops in front rushed into the water to escape but there fell beneath the United fire of the troops. It should be Here remarked that joking Roe with the most Earnest Importunity that i should for the chinese do not understand either giving or taking Quarter to Jan report beg for the Imperial favour in the european military sense of those conditions Many of a a i n i j to a the chinese when in the water fired their Matchlock. At the f Are perfectly Well seized the ormer naive troops then threw them away made submit order for stopping their Trade cutting off the supplies of Sion but thu hit fall Down proceeding the Sipavis did not provisions its unnecessary to enforce it s for this purpose understand but returned the fire of the chinese of course with t la a. " Togo that he May obey fatal effect " accordingly without opposition. A special then follows the attack on to kowtow it is asked Why the prisoners particularly the officers Uken " the left division led in splendid style by the Druid capt. At Chuenyee to kowtow were not detained until the English Ith this is afterwards corrected it was Captain Herbert prisoners kidnapped at Chusan were released ? r .1. A . A a 7z to semarang were in their stations about half past ten much dissatisfaction had been caused amongst the British st1xlrit Rhor o clock . The Druid reserving her fire although a brisk merchants at Macao in consequence of Captain Elliot having of the foundations of the old French protestant Church in thread Needle Street now nearly levelled with the Dusta roman tessellated pavement has been discovered at a depth of about 12 or 14 feet below the flooring of the edifice. It most Likely formed either the Bottom of a Bath or the floor of a corridor or passage in a roman dwelling House of the higher order. Fall of another Friday morning a House situate no. 59, High Street St. Giles a fell in happily no life was lost. It has been lately under repair for that reason was not tenanted by night. So far Back As monday last the wife of the occupant entertained fears that what has happened or worse would occur on account of the noise the wails windows made when heavy vehicles passed through the Street. York Road British first annual Public meeting of these schools took place on wednesday evening at the Royal infirmary for children a Waterloo Road Benjamin Hawes esq., ., in the chair. Amongst the gentlemen on the platform were the Rev. John Burnet of Camberwell the Rev. George Clayton Andrew White esq., Messes. Dunn Althans from the Parent society Many of the most influential gentlemen of the neighbourhood. The Secretary read the report from which it appeared that the want of schools in that part of the Metropolis was so great that within a few weeks of the opening of the British schools about a Twelvemonth Back they were thronged by some hundreds of the children of the poorer classes. A considerable expense had been incurred in the fitting up the school rooms a. There was a balance of above 100/. Against the institution. Several important statistical facts relative to the present state of education in London were elicited in the course of the evening amongst others it was stated from parliamentary returns that in the City of Westminster at the very Fountain head of legislation out of Between 30,000 40,000 children of an a a capable of receiving instruction in the rudiments of knowledge upwards of 16,000 had no education. Amongst the subscriptions announced during the evening were Benjamin Hawes esq., ., 51. Additional Joshua Field esq., 51., in addition to ten guineas formerly subscribed sic february proceeded from Feroz pore to Loo Deanah her wins desirous to go to Calcutta to see lord Auckland but it was doubtful if this would be permitted. The Punjab is in a very unsettled state. Sheer sing had deposed the Ranee after an attack on the Citadel of Lahore a Lucia lasted three Days but the authority of this new Rajah is Jar from being generally recognized. General court had been of de to make Bis escape from Lahore to Feroz pore in Oon be Nence of a Mutiny among his troops. " the governor general of Bengal has issued an order breaking up dug racing the natives of the second Light Capiali deserted its european officers while leading them against Dost Mohommed s cavalry. " major general sir Robert Dick has arrived at Madras from Bengal assumed the command of the army of the former the papers contain an account of an action Between troops reset Captain Farrington a Strong body of rebels under Aalst or Khan in the District of Zamin Nawur in Afghanistan. The rebels were routed with considerable loss. Garrison escaping through the Northern Gate when in few minutes they were intercepted in their Saure out pent Retreat by the native troops which had debauched i from the Valley who opened a most destructive fire upon them. This spot a Short distance from the Northern Gate. A great Linister of state Imperial High commissioner of the second order of hereditary nobility acting governor of the two King provinces writes this despatch for the full information of the Tun Che or Kunming Foo of Macao. " the English barbarians Are now obedient to orders by an official document have restored tin Hae Shafiee in it is deferred so far As any new settlements Are concerned. This is put out of All doubt by the High authority of or. Clarkson who closes his recent letter to the clergy slave holding planters of the United states by remarking that " Beu the Figer expedition returns measures will be taken immediately for the cultivation of Cotton Rice sugar tobacco &c., in Africa on a very Large scale. Beaufort Island too the spot selected for the settlement once intended for this year before proper inquiry is now prudently struck out of the geography of the civilization society. There Are most important Wise Rii Angee in the plan of the whole Colo wer. Nige.1 Albert has presented to the commanders of the Albert the Wilberforce the Soudaly respectively a highly finished Gold pocket chronometer As a Mark of the unabated anxiety be feels for the Success of the Enterprise. Hong Island is one group of islands at the Mouth of the Canton River. It is of Gigantic formation the land rises to some considerable height in the Centre of the Island. There Are several Good watering places on the Southern Botes potatoes vegetables Are cultivated by the inhabitants to a great extent. The Anchorage is the Best Between the Lamma Island Hong Kong As there is from ten a to twelve fathoms of water. There is also Good Anchorage in the to Tam Bay Jar email vessels but the Entrance is not Good there Are rocks in the course. This Island is badly chosen As a position it is surrounded by Small clusters of is ands our ships will be unable to act amidst these Island groups. Small steamers will alone be serviceable but these must be of very Sunu draught. The cession of this Island a by the chinese government is according to their usual cautious policy As they Wili he Ena tied by their River Junks to Block up the entrances cat of communication from the outer Waters. The Island is ten Noiles Long about five Miles Broad. The chinese have two forts on the coast opposite Hong Kong Bay the Small Harbour of cow too is much frequented by the wasting . The oldest Bridge cannonade was kept up from this extensive fort until she dropped her Anchor when instantly she poured in a destructive broadside her example being followed by the other ships As they came up in succession. A Landing was effected to storm the fort but the chinese obstinately defended themselves at the North Gate being driven by the broadsides from the batteries but not until a great of their guns were dismounted or rendered unserviceable. Several personal encounters Here took place to show the obstinacy of their defence a mandarin having lost his arms grappled with an officer of the to Dele bit Bim severely in the . The Columbine being on the flank her batteries end lading the fort threw in upon the allowed two american mercy not ships the Kosciusko the Panama to quit the Waters of Canton whilst the blockade was pending. These vessels were at Canton prior to the notice of blockade having been issued by sir Gordon Bremer on his first arrival in China. They were consequently entitled to free egress with any cargo which they might at that time have had on Board. The objection is therefore confined to their having of their own Accord remained in the blockaded port until the consignees had purchased shipped a valuable cargo of teas under which circumstances their being allowed to pass out was granting an undue degree of preference to foreigners tended also to vitiate the blockade. The British in England is the triangular Bridge at Croyland in Lincolnshire sometimes called Crowland a hich is said to have Bem erected about . 860. Nicholson says that its Peculiar formation has led Many persons to imagine that the architect intended to suggest an idea of the Trinity thereby. Liberal the bankruptcy of messes. Keasley a claimant or. Staff sought to prove for seventy five guineas which he bad expended in roasting a Bullock for the bankrupts a High they distributed to their marriage of our Sac Iowa workmen in commemoration of the queer " a teen on of the Trade assigns. S said he charged 10/. For my Pepper. The Clarini i k us a Oilau la Zumie Lue Dio Saoe. Ine iritis a merchants enemy who were now firing retiring a destructive Dis have remonstrated with Captain Elliot in very Strong terms charge of grape canister. In an hour the British Flag threaten to bring the subject to the notice of parliament. Captain Elliot seemed still in Hopes of being Able to fulfil his original engagements with regard to the opium compensation perhaps he was anxious to conciliate his discontented subjects. He had issued the following circular " to her majesty s subjects " Macao 20th january 1841. " her majesty s plenipotentiary considers it incumbent upon himself to lose no time in assuring the commercial Community that he will use his Best efforts with her majesty s government to secure an Early entire Advance of their claims for the indemnity. " mindful of the interests of parties in India he will not fail respectfully to move the right honourable the governor general of India to second these purposes As far As May seem just to his lordship. " Charles the accounts from Chusan represent the health of the troops As improving. It was rumoured there at that time that the chinese meant to renew hostilities in the Spring. Floated Over the fort. The enemy s loss was great but we Are unable to speak accurately As to number. Here As at Chuenyee the clothes padded with Cotton of the killed wounded As they fell were ignited by their matches ammunition oboes which they carry in front the bodies almost con bumped by the preparations of the chinese for defence were not Alto Gether contemptible " the stockade were Well strongly built but their situation was not Well selected being commanded by the neighbouring Hilu. They afford a proof of the Advance the chinese have made in the Means of defence. From the freshness of the materials employed in their construction it would appear that they have been erected within these few weeks while the British plenipotentiary has been negotiating had they been held by determined men or rather skilful soldiers it would have most our troops some trouble to have taken them. As it was the marines had a Good Many men wounded in the attack although exposed to a galling fire from the Field pieces musketry the chinese resolutely defended them for Twenty minutes it was Only a Forward movement of the Gallant Erer distinguished cameroonians not invalids As they have been elsewhere most egregiously misnamed marines that induced them to evacuate the works. One thing found in the forts furnishes a curious illustration of the whole contest Between the two countries about 160 balls of the " foreign smoke opium were left behind by the chinese soldiers. " it is probable says the writer of the " rough notes the spirits of the chinese were exalted to the Gallant resistance they opposed to our troops by a few additional pipes or pills of this various reports were circulated As to the Mode in which communications were carried on Between the British plenipotentiary the chinese commissioner but none of them seem very reliable. We give them at what they Are Worth. The Canton Register of january 12th says " it appears or it is reported that her Moj esty s plenipotentiary after the capture of the forts at Chue per to kowtow took the first step to open communications with the comma Good Friday at the different metropolitan parishes there Are Many bequests of pious charitable individuals Given away both in bread Money the Kennett manuscripts give an account of the origin of singular do natives still Practised at Hampstead. A devout old Maiden dying of a sickness which in her opinion she had contracted by fasting too Long on Good Friday bequeathed by will a perpetual fund to be yearly employed in providing Small loaves of White bread to be distributed in the morning before Church time to All inhabitants within the Parish to All strangers. Conviction for Chester assizes on monday Bartholomew Murray who is Only eighteen years of age was charged with the murder of or. And mrs. Cook at Over Peover near Knutsford in Cheshire. The jury returned a verdict of guilty sentence of death was pronounced. Country. Representation of dangerous illness of sir Ronald Ferguson has this week excited some stir among the electors of nou Ingham who seem anxious to find a successor for the parliamentary seat which the expected death of the Gallant general will vacate. The whigs it seems As their custom is have applied to the ministerial Secretary the votes of the Independent constituency of this town Are to be transferred through the Agency of a new self constituted directors of Public opinion to a or. Fox a son we believe of the late lord Holland who holds office in the ordnance journal. The Church the week a Young woman of the name of Newton residing near Drighlington departed this life was on sunday last interred in the burial ground attached to the Episcopalian Chapel of which the Rev. H. Bailey is the curate. The Decea sed having been of most conduct character for a considerable period a scholar afterwards a teacher in the Wes Leyan sunday school was followed to the grave by a considerable number of both teachers scholars whom shortly be Ore her death she had requested to sing a hymn Over her grave after the burial service had been read. The infant throng no sooner attempted to attune their voices to perform the last request of their departed Friend companion than the reverend official peremptorily forbade it. The Surprise of the children at this onlooker for prohibition was Only equalled by the vexation of the friends relations of the observer. Education in Bristol Mercury reports at length an excellent speech made by sir culling eard Ley Smith on laying the foundation of a school in the dings to be conducted on the British system. We select the Points to which the worthy baronet adverted i am Only anxious to dispossess your minds of a possible prejudice that it is a dissenting school which is about to be erected Here it is not a dissenting school though we have met in a dissenting Chapel to ask the Blessing of god on the object before proceeding to this ceremony As a proof that it in not a party thing a sectarian thing that we Are now doing i mention that we assemble in a manner under Royal Sanction can plead Royal example for our attachment to the British system of education. The great object of this education is to make the children christians. It is founded on the Bible on the doctrines of Gracie believed in common by All evangelical christians. I deprecate an education which does not at making men christians. I do not say that an education without Retig iou is 33 some persons would make it out an Enqu Ahfield evil or even an evil at All. But this i say that there is none of us that would like to make a voyage in the great Western if she had Only provisions enough on Board to carry her to the Mouth of the Severn. This school will teach religion so that the children of All parents May accept the instruction. It will teach no catechism now do not misunderstand me i am not Here to speak against the catechism of the Church of England. I May not approve of portions of it but if there Are persons who Loving the doctrine of justification by Faith deprecating in the strongest manner the doctrine of baptismal regeneration still think they can explain the Church catechism so As to contradict these essential truths let them by All Means at proper times places teach the Church catechism. But i take this High ground that if Public education is to be for the Public. Churchmen dissenters it is teaching children to Tell lies to make them learn the catechism. A Baptist s child has never been baptised an Independent s child has bad no godfathers can you with any show of decency permit those children to answer the question of " who gave you your name " my godfathers godmothers in my no my friends let the Episcopalian child be taught on the Sabbath the Peculiar principles of his Church. Let the Baptist child be taught on separate occasions the reasons Why his parents think adult baptisms More scriptural. Let the Independent child learn from his proper teachers the Peculiar features of his own communion. But of let us prepare these dear children for heaven. A new plan of teaching Pronima citation has lately been introduced into the Borough Road school from Glasgow i intend to hint that it might be As Well to have a master Here who is Well versed in the simultaneous system As it is called. I would take leave to raise a warning voice to any party Rico not venturing to oppose education altogether yet throw every difficulty in the Way of any education that is not accompanied by religious peculiarities. Depend upon it that the Snake might As Well attempt to bite the file or one puny to arrest the railway train on its passage As any Man or any parly attempt to arrest the Etnigh tenement of the people of England. If i wanted to see any party ruined in Public estimation their opinions branded with disgrace i would say let them impress the Public with the conviction that their system is inconsistent with Liberal education. Christian ministers the Corn Laws. The sermons delivered by the Rev. William m Kean of Walsall on the have been attended with the most Happy results. Every night the Chapel has been filled to overflowing not a few have been obliged to leave being unable to obtain seats. It was Gratifying to perceive the profound attention paid by the audience on every occasion to the reverend gentleman in the course of his examiner. Departure of the great Noble vessel left Bristol on thursday carrying forty three passengers amongst the number or. Eater of the firm of

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