Passenger Lists Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Nov 2, 1902.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, November 2, 1902

WATERThat it Is not an easy job to move thegiant seven-masted schooner around a harbor was manifested in the Thomas W.Ilttl UUI ,L#awson when she was towed from her t anchorage off the Cunard docks In FlnsthavCBoston, held down previous to her construction by the sixers George TV Wells and Eleanor A. Percy, to a discharging berth at the old Liverpool wharf near ta .. t 1___ ia. \ •» /\ ^ A T* A n 1 CT n I ^VIrCongress street bridge just before high j c water. It took the combined 1 1four powerful tugs to perform the trick. j r They were the Juno, Ariel. Confidence , fv _ m___— a m n«t i 4and William Sprague, four of the most i \ Powerful bay tugs of the Boston, Tow;. ,boat Company’s fleet. ^J^put her ]UWH, I V/UlliHciiij ~ . , , ^ ^ ,stern up towards the bridge and made fast “heads and points.” going at a snail sJ St, I* v cl v O (J A A Vi I r V' • * ' » -pace. It was necessary to move slowly , for fear that she might take a shear. j