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Independent (Newspaper) - September 6, 1972, Pasadena, CaliforniaComplete sports uni rep Pasamba Cau Fotinia wed Foay 6, 1972 midweek edition of the topics were Prioto Sokolsky coach of the israeli weightlifting team is shown during television interview still in the Paja maj he wore when he escaped from his room when Arab terrorist began shooting. He was one of 18 survivors. Action line is Yaw service solving your problems getting your answers Cut Ting red tape and standing up for your get action write action line Star news 525 e. Colorado blvd., Pasa Calif. 31109. Q. . I hit the rear of another car Brake police who took me to the station and gave me a drunk meter test. It showed nothing so the officer blew into the machine him pounded then wrote a figure indicating Jit he admitted doing As i had a. Witness to it. After conferring with the. Judge the a agreed to. Change the charge from drunk driving to reckless driving.-1 have seen an attorney who says this was judicial blackmail i acquitted will Cost is there any other Way to have from his record so i won t have to i Lite department of motor vehicles takes the word of the court where both sides were presented. If Yon had had a Law yer in place he might have shown that it was officer s breath not yours indicating Druid vienness and advised Yon much to cop a plea admit of there s no other Way now. Q. What can i do with a used mattress worn out or not that i want to get rid of salvation St. Vincent de Paul etc., won t pick them up neither will trash men and it is illegal to sell them. Without a truck to take it to the dump what can i do e. P., Pasadena. A. You re wrong. If it s Requil Reahle St. Vincent de Paul will pick it up. If not you can either Call the cite 577-4158 for a special service pickup or or Yon can Hack the mattress to bits and stuff the dismembered parts into. Your trash if is less than the maximum 75-ib. Weight there will be no even Matri q. In 1954 i bought 466 shares in Standard motels for years got reports on operations from them or financial data relations which acquired much of their Stock. The main property was the Fresno Hacienda though in january 1970, for wrote that it was buying the Hollywood Knickerbocker and should have it within 60 Days. Healing nothing More i wrote them in August but got no reply. I would like some kind of return on my investment As i believe some profits have been made. I shall watch for an answer. L. B., Pasadena. A. On the contrary their Dehls were Astro says Manuel Liodas 411 w. 5th St., . 90013 trustee in the bankruptcy Case filed by Standard motels nov. The Knickerbocker was foreclosed the Fresno Hacienda went for Federal taxes and there will be a few pennies for shareholders the company having been ruled bankrupt Jan. 11, 1972 Only if lindas action line see Page 2 inside today Alhambra water action Alhambra May be holding Back its punches in the fight Over water in the san gab Riel Valley. See Steve Hemmerick s Story today on Page cd. Bridge 6 classified.c4-7 comics.c8 deaths c3 editorial.10 finance a6-8 Horoscope. 6 people.b2-4 sports.Al-4 television 6 theatres c2 where to Dine Thanes Pasadena area 796-0311, East Valley 445-2434, los Angeles 681-4871. News desk phone after hours Fisl-4874. Sports after hours 681-4873. For delivery of a missed paper subscribers to the evening Edi Tion May Call from 5 . To 7 . Monday through Friday 7 . To . Saturday and 7 . To . Sunday subscribers to the morning edition 7 to . Monday through saturday 7 . To . Sunday. Terrorists defended by arabs assault said to have goal associated Arab newspapers leaped to the defense of the palestinian guerrillas today As much of the world reacted with Shock and outrage to the slaying of israeli athletes at the Munich olym pics. The world May Call these said the egyptian Gazette but it must expect to continue until palestinian rights Are restored. As Long As is Rael refuses Justice it cannot expect the arabs to leave it in f the leftist Beirut paper Al Moharter which is close to the palestinian commandos commented that opinion has always been against the arabs never taking their Side. Into consideration. So Public opinion needs a Sharp blow to become Beirut s Al Naha apparently referring to peace feelers be tween Israel and Egypt said the Munich assault had a Politi Cal goal to let certain Arab states know that any settlement be com plete because there will Al ways be individuals however few who will continue the government radio stations in Iraq and Syria and Arab nationalist newspapers in Leba non accused the West germans of treachery in opening fire on the guerrillas As. They tried to leave with. Their. Israeli has tages. Commandos at Tims of a was the head line in the. Right Wing paper safa the e first outright Arab con came from King Hussein of who has battled the palestinian. Guerrillas himself and Defeated them. He said the Munich tragedy was abhorrent crime perpetrated by sick minds not belong to no x of the strongest world took a sympathetic View j toward the terrorists. Mohammed Hassa nein Heikal confidant of egyptian president Anwar Sadat and editor of the sem official egyptian newspaper Al ashram said the attack was the Desper ate act of people in a Desper ate Pasadena Man Dies in Blaze Bojoh Mcalister stall writer fire claimed the life of a Pasadena Man Early today in a 2 . Blaze at his Home. Battalion chief Vic Stephens said Thomas 0. Andrews 57, of 383-385 n. Vernon ave., was found dead in his bed by fire men who had attempted to save the trapped Man while flames raged through his House. Stephens said Andrews appeared to have been dead for some time probably from smoke inhalation. A Coroner s autopsy was scheduled he added. The fire started in the living Stephens said and had soldered for some time before it a neighbor informed firemen that a Man was still inside the House. At about the same time a car with two Alhambra women drove off Linda Vista Avenue near la Vereda Road into Brush which quickly ignited after the Impact. Miraculously Pasadena police said Esperanza Pember ton 27, of 1840 s. Olive ave., and Bertha Montoya also 27, of 1103 Benito ave., received Only minor injuries after their car plummeted several Yards and crashed. Firemen quickly doused the flames. Angela Cuba bound Washington a . Communist Angela Davis currently visiting in Moscow will travel to Cuba and Chile before returning to new York the so Viet embassy announced thursday. Olympics resume terror probe set certain death said israeli Fate Munich a a police ambush of Arab commandos holding israeli athletes As hos Tage was set up because West geman authorities were Cori Vinced that a flight out of the country would have meant cer Tain death for the Interior minister hang Dietrich Genscher . We tried to Exchange Ger Man politician volunteers for the hostages whom i saw and talked Genscher said. They were kept in. A room in the olympic Village under the continuous guard of at least two arabs. No Chance there was no Chance to storm1 the building. We had to seek a better the eight arabs stormed into the israeli team Headquarters Early tuesday killed two israelis with machine gun bursts and held the others hostage As tense negotiations continued throughout the Day. Manfred Schreiber Munich chief of police emphasized that the order to police Sharp shooters to kill or immobilize the terrorists was a top level beyond those actually taking part negotiations. Better Chance the hostages had at least a better charted than if we Hamlet the arabs take them Schreiber said a police spokesman said investigations have begun to de Termine if one or More Mem hers of the. Arab group had. Been employed in the olympic Village. Autopsies will be conducted to determine How the Airport victims were killed. Munich police said investigations indicate the first shots were fired by the masked Leader of the guerrilla band As he stepped out of a helicopter and saw police in readiness. Militants picketing across . Associated press militant pickets marched out Side the lebanese Mission to the. United nations in new York. A continuous prayer service was held in a Cincinnati synagogue. There was a protest rally in Madison wis. Those were among the reactions tuesday As americans expressed their Shock and outrage at the mass killing of hostage israeli olympians by Arab terrorists in Munich. New York City police beefed up Security measures at the Arab and israeli government offices in the City to guard against the danger of attacks. Members of the militant jew ish defense league picketed the lebanese . Mission. One spokesman explained this is the closest we can get to Leba Nese Bertram Zweibon National chairman of the jul said in a statement thai retaliation for the killings can Only be done by the assassination of Arab diplomats All Over the in w a s h i n g t o a 11 jul members sat in at a vacant of fice of the West German embassy contending the germans had been negligent in prefect ing the israeli athletes. They left Afler five hours when it protests see Page 3 stylists going Ruby Long left proprietress of Altadena Beauty Center directs wide Range of cosmetology services at the facility. Standing Are mrs. Barbara Ruby s wig fashions photo by Norm Denton Hill and Diane Harrison seated Are Yvonne Nash and Carol Sturdivant the Ptter of the staff cosmetologists who Excell in styling variety of wigs. Business boosting Beauty j by Carter Barber staff writer a or Northwest Pasadena and want some French you need t go to a bakery. Down your hair to 3043 n. Lincoln ave. That is the location of Ruby s wig fashions and the Rolls and braids. Are among the styles available. Wigs of the shag afro and Cap less variety. So Are sies with Falls regular Falls and and hair pieces that go ears and Are. Known As. Pons or proprietress of the s Only Black owned Black operated. Salon of its Type is mrs. Ruby Long. Slie opened the unique facility in May and Al ready has gone far beyond the surveying of wigs. We Are looking to become a Complete Beauty care mrs Long declares and Points services now. Offered which include wig styling one Days specials if hair styling and a wide Range of cosmetology. We have. C o s m e t i c s for Blacks that Are not easily Avail Able at the downtown she says and some of our hapless wigs have dark skin linings. That s something new and we have mrs. Long and a staff of three also offer shampoos and Scalp massages manicures and pedicures and Beauty accessories that Range from panty Hose to earrings., cosmetologist on the staff is mrs. Carol Sturdivant of. Pasa who sort of dropped in be Day and has been with us Long adds she is looking for an additional cosmetologist As Well. Wig stylist is Diane Harrison of Altadena who studied social busing tensions ease Pontiac Mich. A school buses packed with Black and White children pulled up Here this morning and the Only problem was making students understand summer vacation was Over. in Pontiac it was different. Pontiac schools opened in an atmosphere of fear hatred and Defiance of a Brand new Federal busing order designed to gain racial balance in City schools. The fear and hatred had been magnified by the Long and occasionally bloody history of racial clashes unrest and Dis Trust in this factory town. People have accepted bus ing even though they my not like said Dana Whitmer Pontiac school superintendent after the first Day of classes. And with the busing orders in Detroit and the rest of the country Many people Don t feel they re being picked in any More. I Don t think they be accepted said Elbert hatched president of the a act. I. Don t think they like in. Bui at least now they understand there s nothing they in do about it in the streets. 1 think they realize now that the Law is the but one year ago Hatchett was saying i think it May be necessary to bring in Federal troops. There s no telling what might happen now in this Tow Federal troops weren t railed but Federal agents were. They arrested a group of Kin flux klansmen including the head of the Michigan klan and charged them with dynamite no 10 school buses. This year police said they weren t even on Alert. "1 Don t know if busing will end some of the tension in the town or said one Pontiac police officer with almost 10 years in uniform. But i do know that last summer was Calm after one year of forced busing. The kids Are mixing More now too. I Don t catch my breath every time i see a White kid or a Black kid walking to wards a group of kids of the other color. I Don t know if it was bus ing sitting together in a class room playing loge Lher on the same team disliking the same teachers and cramming for the same tests. I Don t know. It s kind of Early to fell. I Jansi know things Are Calm and i Hope they slay that work at Southern University in Baton Rouge before trans Pasadena City col entering the hair business. Pamela Davis of los Ange Les rounds out the staff As part time sales person. Ruby s wig fashions has some male patrons for whom mrs. Long stocks afros and the staff provides hair styling and manicures. the same Token of accommodating men As Well As women the shop does not ignore White customers. We have a few and that is says mrs. Long. We want to be for Altadena As a Community. We Are trying to serve a Community wide need. I always saw a great Opportunity Here for the kind of opera Tion we Are herself wearing a curly shag wig Cut Down and shaped from an afro the proprietress takes obvious Pride in the Pink painted shop she re modelled out of the separate quarters for a Beauty shop and a Barber shop which formerly occupied the site. I had my Eye on this Loca Tion Ever since i got mrs. Long adds. That was four years ago when she and her husband Irvin. A bakery firm Salesman moved to Altadena from san Francisco she was attending pc studying cosmetology and being a wig stylist for Pasadena firms. Always wanted to to into she readily admits and when the Opportunity arose she took it. The business comes first right now. But i m still thinking of going Back to pc to obtain a License for teaching cosmetology eventually or. And mrs. Long Are the parents of two sons Roderick 13, who will attend Junior High school this fall and Irvin ,lr., 10, who la return to Lorna Alta school. They live at 4001 can von Dale drive Altadena. Rosemead Man killed by Auto a 74-year-old Rosemead Man was fatally injured tuesday night when he was struck by an automobile As he crossed a Rosemead intersection. Temple City sheriff s deputies said James Holmes of 8034 Garvey ave., died it Garfield a Hospital Early today from injuries received in the Accident at Garvey and Demon Ted Whorwood 44, of 1202 n. Alma ave., los Angeles Driver of the car was not held. 17 dead including 11 on team Munich a the olym Pic games resumed today under the Shadow of Arab terror ism and police action which to Gether left 17 men dead. An Arab raid on the israeli athletes quarters and a later shootout at the Munich military Airport had killed 11 of the israelis olympic team 5 terrorists and a West German police Man. German officials started an inquiry into All circumstances of the Airport shooting there was no alternative to the police action the olympics were sus Pended tuesday after the arabs shot their Way into the israeli quarters in olympic Vil Lage. The announcement that they were resuming was made by Avery Brundage the olym Pic president in an address to persons gathered for. Me Morial services for the israeli dead. We cannot allow a hand Ful of terrorists to destroy this nucleus of International cooperation and Good will that we have in the olympic movement Brundage the games must go Premier Gdlda Meir. Of Israel thanked the West German government for trying to free nine , who died Airport. Me endorsed the Ger Man decision to use. Force. Manfred Schreiber chief Munich police said the order to police sharpshooters to open fire at the Airport to kill or immobilize was a ton Levei decision. Sharpshooters opened up killed one of the arabs and missed another out in the open. A second Arab then began fir ing at the hostages. All the hos takes died in one of the helicopters but just How was to be determined through official in quiries. Two of tin israeli team Mem Bers a coach and a competitor had been killed earlier in the olympic Village when the arabs first took Over the hos tages with a demand for re lease of 200 fellow guerrillas held in Israel. Three arabs were captured at the Airport police said. A olympics see Page i Bandit opens fire on Altadena an Altadena woman escaped serious injury Early today at los Angeles International air port when she was Shol at by a would be robber police said. Los Angeles investigators said Pamela Brockie 22, was parked in front of the Western airlines terminal at 500 world Way when two men tried to get into her car. She Lold officers her doors were locked but that one Man forced a winding and ordered her to open up the car. When she refused officers said Man tired a handgun its Force shattering miss Brockie s glasses. Minutes later a second Wom an was accosted by the pair and knocked to the ground. She was uninjured police added. Miss Brockie was rushed to Marina mercy Hospital where Glass fragments were removed from her eyes. A Hospital spokesman said her condition was Good following emergency treatment. Police speculated that Rob Bery was tie probable motive behind the Doi Ible Inci Donl

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