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Independent (Newspaper) - August 15, 1973, Pasadena, CaliforniaEight Long years bombs fail to achieve goal by Fred s. Hoffman a Mutiny writer Washington a the United states raked Indochina with bombs for More than 8 i years but in the end All that air Power failed to bring the kind of peace this country sought. In Cambodia where the final . Raids were flown an Armada of fighter bombers and b52 heavy bombers May have bolstered the government s staggering army for the past six months. Hut the tons of bombs rained on cambodian insurgents during that time did not Force a cease fire which was the stated american objective and the future of the . Backed cambodian government looks grim. The raids were halted at mid night Edt tuesday under an agreement Between president Nixon and Congress. In Laos where american planes propped up the laotian army with some 63.000 tons of bombs after the Vietnam ceasefire there is an uneasy truce. But the communist gets things done address your Tetter to action line. Filar . . Bin -16, Pasadena 91109. Include All fads we will condense give. Name address and phone not for print but to help us help you. Send no pictures or papers you want Back unless asked. Action line answers in print not by mail As Many As it can but not All. And no Anonymous or phone in quiries. New letters get top priority so keep trying. Q. I left a Long playing record in the Sun and it got warped. Do you have any suggestions on straightening it out 0. V., Pasadena. A. One method suggested by a Quality control Engineer for Capitol records is to put a plate of Glass on top of the record cover the Glass with a pile of books and let it alone for about one week. The Glass has no texture so it should prevent the weight of the books from damaging the record s grooves. The Engineer said this does not always work however. Even if you do manage to straighten it out the record May not play properly since the heat that warped the record May also have destroyed individual grooves. Some persons heat records before applying weight but our source discouraged this saying the amount of heat is difficult to control and May cause additional damage to grooves. Q. Is it True that the Only Chain letter schemes illegal in California Are those which Are transmitted by the United states postal service r. C., Pasadena. A. No any scheme which operates in the typical Chain letter pattern is banned under state penal code Section 327. Patchet lao and their North vietnamese allies dominate about 80 per cent of the As do the insurgents in Cam Bodia. Meanwhile the North Viet namese Are expanding the to Chi Minh Trail in Southern Laos to carry in larger tonnages of supplies to their troops in South Vietnam even though this is forbidden under the Vietnam cease fire agreement. Boosters of . Air Power claim the North vietnamese were forced Back to the Paris conference table by the heavy bombing of Hanoi in december. Even if this is True and there Are those who argue that it in to the agreement finally completed by . And North vietnamese diplomats in january has not worked out As or. Henry Kissinger the chief . Negotiator had hoped. Many of its key terms remain stillborn. Some critics contend the United states won Only a face saving formula for extricating its remaining troops from South Vietnam and regaining 566 prisoners of War from communist hands. Q. Please give me some information about employment As a registered nurse on the Hospital ship Hope. What Are the requirements w. D., Pasadena. A. A Hope spokesman says that the requirements for a nurse Are the same As those for state licensing and that you must be licensed by a state Agency to serve As a Hope nurse. The ship also prefers employees to be bilingual and have some teaching experience. For example teaching ship is currently on a Mission in Natal Brazil and employees need to speak portuguese to teach and work there according to a spokesman. A cruise lasts about 10 months and most per sons sign up for an entire cruise. The exact destination for the next voyage will be announced in late August or in september. The current cruise ends in mid december to be followed by a dry Dock period of about six months. Now is the Best time to write for employment applications. Selections will be made soon for the next trip. Project Hope s budget by the Way has grown to million annually to sup port All Hope undertakings. This Money is primarily american contributions and there is some Federal funding in place of a maritime subsidy. There Are two land based programs in the United states including in project Hope in Laredo Texas and Ganado Ariz. The latter project is by invitation of the Navajo tribal Council. There Are other land based programs abroad. Employment applications Are available from project Hope 2233 Wisconsin ave., n.w., Washington . 20007. Q. Is it Legal for private citizens to buy a surplus u. Army tank and then store and operate it on private property m. J., Pasadena. A. No according to the Public affairs officer depart ment of defense logistics service Center Battle Creek mich., who said surplus armament like tanks must accor Ding to the Law be Cut up and sold As scrap Metal. Q. Is it True that Michael Hayes the Winchester Man in the Cigar ads died on his Texas ranch please Tell me a bit about this Man 0. S., Pasadena. A. Haynes a native of Springhill la., is a stage and television actor and still alive. According to an advertising Agency representing the Cigar firm he is in his Early thir q. As a Little girl in the summer time i always used to enjoy my grandmother s dried apples. I would like to dry apples but have no recipe. Please help. Mrs. M., Pasadena. A. We refer you to drying fruits at a publication of the agricultural Extension University of California and in the pamphlet collection under fruit dried at Pasadena Public Library 285 e. Walnut St. Sul furing is the preferred method. The pamphlet says and it gives instructions for that and for steam blanching an alter Nate method. Q. I have an old lamp with pictures of a train on the Shade. Light bulb heat makes the Shade rotate giving the appearance that the train moves. But the lamp is broken. Who can restore it d. A., san Gabriel. A. A shades of the past a spokesman for Marios lamp and chandeliers co., 7263 Melrose ave., los Angeles 90048 said he has repaired similar lamps and that the company specializes in restoring antique lamps. The kind you describe were popular conversation pieces during the 1920s. Often they had a picture of a rippling Stream or Forest fire which seemed to move As an inner Shade revolved inside an outer one. Bombing continued from Page Al their Way Back to their bases in Thailand were followed by an ov10 Forward air control plane blowing a Trail of Blue and White smoke As a last gesture of Farewell to nine years of american air attacks in Indochina. The ov10 did a slow barrel Roll and the bombing halt was in effect 15 minutes before the deadline set by the u. Congress. The last group of three b52s dropped their 48 tons of bombs just before Dawn. The last american bombs dropped on Cambodia were credited to maj. John Hoskins 37, of port Smouth Ohio flying an a7 fighter bomber. He said. He dropped his Load at . In a wooded area 40 Miles Northeast of phenom penh. The Pentagon indicated More than 200 strikes the usual daily average in recent weeks were flown in the last 24 hours of the ail War. The bombing halt which the u. Congress forced president Nixon to accept ended the longest Aerial Campaign in the history of warfare. The 7.4 million tons of bombs and other explosives dropped on North and South Vietnam Laos and Cambodia was three times the amount u. Planes dropped in world War ii and 10 times the amount in the korean War. The end of the bombing removed a protective shield that slowed but did not Stop the Advance on phenom penh of the Khmer Rouge who control 80 per cent of Cambodia. There was no indication yet whether the insurgents would make an All out drive to take the City. Kennedy crash girl paralysed Hyannis. Mass. A doctors say a teen age girl May have suffered paralysis from injuries suffered in an Auto Accident involving two sons of the late sen. Robert f. Kennedy. A spokesman at Cape cod Hospital said Pamela Kelly. 19. Of Centerville mass., was still in serious condition tuesday night with a broken spine and broken leg. She underwent a three hour operation monday night that the Hospital said was successful. The operation was performed by neurosurgeon or. Peter Carney with Aid from two colleagues flown from the Lahey clinic in Boston. Doctors said it was too Early to determine the extent of paralysis and whether it would be permanent. Pamela s Mother. Mrs. Margaret Kelly said. We won t know for two Pamela was the most seriously hurl of seven Young people who were in an open jeep Type vehicle driven by Joseph p. Kennedy Iii 20. The car Over turned on a Nantucket Island Road monday afternoon. Joseph Kennedy was charged with operating a motor vehicle negligently so thai the lives and Sale by of the Public might have been and is to appear monday in Nail Wool Dis Ricl court. Wire photo mystery witness arrives wearing a sack Over his head Billy Ridinger 20, who reportedly escaped from the homosexual torture ring enters the Harris county grand jury room in Houston tex., where they were hear ing evidence in the mass homosexual murder Case that has produced 27 teen age victims to Date. On the left is Gregg Walls investigator of the . Pair indicted in mass murders Houston a a grand jury has indicted two youths in the Texas mass murders and an official says More indictments Are in the offing. The jury returned indictments tuesday against Elmer Wayne Henley jr., 17, and David Owen Brooks 18, in connection with the country s worst confirmed mass slayings. The bodies of 27 teen aged victims of the homosexual slayings Over the past three years have been unearthed since last week. Nine of the bodies have been identified. Three indictments named Henley who had been charged with two slayings in Houston and three in san Augustine county. He has told police he took part in nine killings. The jury returned one indict ment against Brooks. He had been charged with one murder in Houston but has said he did not kill anyone. One indictment alleged both Brooks and Henley killed William Ray Lawrence 15, by strangling him with a Cord and in some manner and by some Means instruments and weapons to the grand jury unknown on july 10. The other two indictments accuse Henley of strangling mar to Ray Jones with a Cord and of the shooting death of Charles c. Cobble. The two 17-year-Olds were slain july 27. The grand jury returned the indictments after hearing hours of testimony from police detectives and Billy Ridinger 20, who entered and left the jury room with a Brown paper sack Over his head. Brooks said in a statement to police that he was at the Home of Dean Allen Corll when they got Billy Ridinger and i believe the Only reason he is alive is that i begged them not to kill a source in the investigation quoted Henley and Brooks As saying they received Money for procuring youths for Corll 33. Beef continued from Page Al pork and Lamb arc rising at an excessive Rale As a result of a beef shortage and added present distortions in this Region include severe reduction in activity in cattle raising and feed lot operations and the shut Down or reduction in the number of processing and pack ing agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz says there is no real danger of a food shortage. He told a conference in Madison wis., on tuesday that we always have a year s Reserve of beef on the Hoof in this he also said that americans consume Only a fraction of the Corn soybeans and wheat the nation produces. In a speech to the University of Wisconsin graduate school of banking the Secretary repealed his opposition to economic controls. Only the incentive of profit will put beef on that he said. Schmitz s son Phillip 3, Dies Newport Beach a Phillip James Schmitz 3-year old son of John g. Schmitz 1972 american Independent party presidential candidate died tuesday 18 hours after being found unconscious in the family swimming Pool. Korea u.1n. Bids Seoul a president Park Chung Hee today renewed his proposal that both South and North Korea apply for membership in the United nations. Agnew s records offered Washington api say ing "1 have nothing to vice president Spiro t. Reg has offered Federal prosecutors Access to his personal records in a probe of kickbacks and political corruption in Maryland. Agnew carefully made a distinction Between his personal papers and the official records of the vice president apparently to avoid comparisons Between his decision and presi Dent Nixon s refusal to turn Over White House documents to prosecutors in the watergate affair. You understand that by making these records available to you i do not acknowledge that you or any grand jury have any right to records of the vice Agnew said in a letter tuesday to . Ally. George Hall in Baltimore. Nor do 1 acknowledge the propriety of any grand jury investigation of possible wrongdoing the part of the vice president so Long As he d me i Hinl questions which need no at the moment be confronted Agnew also said he would be Happy to meet with the prosecutors to answer any Lor inspection were not to be removed from his Ollice he Wio Koay August 15, Pasana Jui a the source said the victims were taken to Corll s Home tied to a Board sexually assaulted and later murdered. Farm worker beating fatal Bakersfield Calif. A a United Kami workers Union member died Here today apparently of head injuries sustained in a Brawl outside a Lamont bar. The Kern county Coroner s office said Nagi Bai Fillah 24, sustained head injuries during the Melee tuesday but Hie exact cause of death could Only be determined following an autopsy scheduled for later today. Authorities said Saifullah s death was apparently unreal cd to the current Between the ukr and the teamsters Union to represent California farm workers. But the ukr said it was part of a pattern of excessive Sulc votes to keep Abernathy Indianapolis a directors of the Southern Chris Tian leadership conference voted today not to accept the resignation of Ralph David Abernathy As president. The decision was announced on the floor of the Sulc Conven Tion by Joseph e. Lowery. Chairman of Hie Sulc Board. The announcement was greeted by applause from tin some delegates to the convention of the civil rights group. Nixon approves Agnew probing Washington a the White House said tuesday president Nixon wants Federal investigators to take All appropriate Steps in probing allegations that vice president Spiro t. Agnew was involved in a bribery and Kickback scheme. A wire photo officer saves jumper Cincinnati patrolman Hancy grasps Freels 19 the neck after the stood an hour a third Ory ledge threatening to jump from the tenement building. While firemen distracted him below police crept into the apart mint to save him. He blamed argument wit parents. Service station hours _ f Drivers warned by Greg Joseph staff writer if you have a car that likes to dealer will get Only so much Gas drink cover its headlights dab for a 30-Day period. It s up to its Windshield and Don t let it him How he will sell it. Usually out on sundays or in the late hell Divide it into the number of evenings. Days in the month he has. Returned. Out of 244 gasoline service stations surveyed along major Southern California travel routes last week Only 43 per cent were operating under Normal conditions not restricting their hours of operations and allowing fill tips to All customers. According to the automobile club of Southern California about half of these stations Are limiting their hours while six per cent Are allocating gasoline purchases on the basis of 10 to 15 Gallons a customer. In the Star area Auto club officials say they have Only been Able to find eight 24 hour stations still operating four in Pasadena and one each in san Marino Rosemead la Canada and Al Monte. Among the service stations canvassed by the Star tuesday including Union Chevron Texaco Arco and Shell operations All said they had lifted restrictions on the amount of Gas per customer but some admitted have slightly erratic working hours. According to officials at the major Oil companies both the sporadic hours and the amount limitations Stem from the same source gasoline allocations imposed by the Petroleum companies on themselves and consequently on the retail dealers they Supply. Union Oil co. Has been allocating for three a spokesman for the company said and recently we be been relaxing that. That allocation Means the Oil companies have been allotting to All customers alike from government agencies to retailers on an equal basis. We re allotting on the basis of slightly Over 100 per cent of last year s amount comparing the first quarters of 1972 and 1973. Because of this a retail continued on Page Aid personal Sharp Rise Washington a the government reported today a substantial increase in personal income during july although there was a much slower growth rate in factory payrolls than in june. Personal income increased billion during july seasonal adjusted annual Rale of billion. The increase in the previous month was billion. But the Commerce depart ment said factory payrolls increased Only billion in july compared with billion in june. A department spokesman said the declining growth rate resulted from a slowdown manufacturing in july decline in manufacturing employment. Overall wage and salary disbursements increased billion in july Down from billion in june. Kor the first seven months of the year personal income was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate billion up 9.9 per cent from the same period in 1972. De Dubovay gets judge Post Sacramento apr Gor Ronald Reagan has named Porter Duke Depupo Mayass judge of the los Angeles municipal court in the san Antonio judicial District. Dedubovay a 45-year-ob Republican has been a Deputy District attorney. He replaces judge Alfred Dibb elevated to the Superior court. Wildcat Chrysler strike settled wire photo workers in protest workers on the right Side of the Fence at Chrysler corporation s key Mack Avenue Plant in Detroit talk with others outside the Fence. Some workers were idled before settlement. Trouble began when a fired worker hit two Security guards and was joined by supporters in inking Over the entire facility. Detroit a a 27-hour Wildcat strike that idled Chrysler s Mack Avenue stamping Plant ended today when some 40 protesters agreed to leave the Plant grounds. Two of the Wildcat ters were arrested on assault charges issued a Day earlier in connection with a clash Between workers and Plant Security guards. The remainder of the protesters walked through the Plant Gale in accordance with an agreement reached with police. Chrysler and representatives of the United Auto workers. Al one Point 14 of the strikers were handcuffed by police who entered the Plant building. All but the two arrested on assault charges were freed however after negotiations Between police and Law representatives. The workers had demanded the rehiring of six workers fired because they walked off their jobs to protest the poor ventilation 115-degree heat and just Plain unsafe working con the rehiring of three Oiler workers whom they said were fired for unjust reasons Complete amnesty and Back pay for All those involved in the work stoppage and the dropping of charge against the two workers

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