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Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1970, Page 1

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Independent (Newspaper) - April 30, 1970, Pasadena, California San iilarili�6-in Marine Public . 1890 Huntington drive san Marino Cirii a i and the san Marino news devoted to the Progress and Prosperity of san Marino the finest exclusively residential City in the entire West Home of the famous Huntington Library and Art gallery Board agrees to give More study to school shift vol. 40, . 7 a allot it j-s707 1 we ton son Marino California thu Day april 30, 1970 ii Page a Lyca mor �-1j4j let copy a troop 358 dominates Camporee Telleen recipient of Golden Apple 0c women attend l. Sherman Telleen. President of the san Marinn Hoard of 99 a a a we in Lvii Spring gop confab everyone is Welcome at the annual Book and Art fair sponsored by the friends of the sonnet san Marino Public Library. This year s fair set for saturday at the Library has expo 70 for a theme and Lovely Naoko Nizato Exchange student from Japan As official hostess. It also has hard working backers like friends president Laramee Haynes who pauses while carrying yet q inf nor of o of Nairn i Itka a a a a if �?j1 be a a t _. I _ to. Another stack of books which will be displayed for Sale at very nominal prices. Promise bargains galore at Telleen president of the san Marino Board of education was honoured this morning by the West san Gabriel Valley elementary school administrative association As the scoutmaster Robert Hannah recipient of the Golden Apple award reports that of the 40 patrols Telleen was among nine re competing at the old Mill Dis i pints who received the strict boy scout Camporee this award at a special breakfast past weekend at Oak Grove held in Rosemead. The Golden Park the top four presidential Apple award follows an annual awards were won by the four practice of recognizing Lay per patrols of troop 358. Sons who have Given outstand the 5th, 6th, and 7th place a a services for the children patrols also scored Well enough a fit the r sch001 District and com Quot to win presidential awards. Quot ,7&Quot ,. _ these patrols were san Marino. The Quot Een a a res Dent. Of boys from troop 355, 352, and a Anne for Quot a a a a Dun Quot a 355 respectively this to la he has been Active in k j a variety at Community Active since troop 358 entered the ties and has supported Many Competition As a Trail Wise Community projects. He be troop its top two patrols the lives in youth organizations eagles and Falcons were also and was on the Board of Man honoured with a coveted invite agers for the South Pasadena Tion to the pack Oree to be san Marino Myca. A held in a few weeks at it. San 1987 election Gorgonio. There they will com he was elected to the san Pete against winners from other Marino unified school District districts of the san Gabriel Board in 1967 and was elected Valley Council. President for the year 1969-70. Troop 358 s four patrols quote supported not enc or Quot scored within 10 Points of one a a of the school another. This unusual feat off a having All four patrols of one he 0&Quot a modern fat Quot troop win the top four Presl a a sc00 in quote twas on Thea he tial awards the of fort Uca Tiona objectives and methods committee to evaluate curriculum and a amp go Jineen on the committee it Jeanji Ifim Eai be patrol the first place Eagle patrol by Paul Glaviano Quot from my years of experience in Industry Quot said one father Quot i will guarantee you that if you Don t give safety enough consideration you will regret a Mother arose and said Quot i do feel that if we lose one child by death or serious injury we won t be saving very much by this Boundary weighty comments like these were obviously behind the school Board s decision tuesday night to reassess its position on the Valentine Carver school Boundary change. Voting 4-0 trustee Nick Ugrin absent the Board capped nearly three hours of discussion before 50 dental awards was the Effort of the following scouting per l. Sherman Telleen five pay fee enter special election race Pat Hillings John Rousselot the the san bil1 Mccoll Jack Alex and to the Field of education that Marino recreation department. James Booth have All paid the this was the prime concern of Telleen has also been Active $42s i ins fee required to of those Republican legislators saluted the women of the party at a conference held in Sacramento april 21, 22 and 23.approximately 1,000 women registered for the Spring conference of the have intention of doing any interested parents at Huntington California federation of thing but asking you to keep sch001 auditorium by agreeing Republican women and us Here another four years St a., of special interest to those Independent and Dimter received a penetrating attending was a reception held est a committee of three to View into the heart of state honouring the Republican Assem study the controversy and make government during several pan Blyumen senators and their a recommendation to resolve it. Al presentations. Wives. The final Day of he con cordial local members of the san Ference was spotlighted by the the atmosphere during the Marino Republican women s women having breakfast with confrontation was serious but club Federated attending the their own Republican Legisla cordial. If the parents Learned Spring conclave were mrs. Sher tors and enjoying the oppor nothing else in question answer Man Telleen president mrs. Unity to discuss problems per interplay with the Board they j. Bradford Crow mrs. Joan Tinnent to their respective area. Learned of the trustees deep Day mrs. Paul Casey mrs. The local gop women attend concern for the District s Finan Richard Snyder and mrs. Frank ing the conference were in a Cial picture. In the course of j. Noble. Cord that the sessions were one Exchange president Sherm the panels consisted of Mem stimulating and informative Bers of the governor s executive m staff his Cabinet and women who serve As advisors to him. At the conclusion of the panel members speeches a question and answer session was held. It was evidenced by the number of questions asked relating judge to speak on Law order judge William in. Martin Telleen revealed that the Board will have to go to the voters for a tax override to help finance the 1971-72 budget. Responding to suggestions from the audience that the District might consider building More classrooms at Valentine or leasing relocatable Telleen said Quot i think it s secret that the Board is going to have to go to the Public for a tax override next year. Under such circumstances it May be difficult to put in a relocatable the curtain is about to Rise for san Marino s own expo 70�?the 12th annual Book and Art fair sponsored by friends of the san Marino Public Library. Time from 10 . To 3 . Saturday May 2. Place the Quot japanese gardens Quot and auditorium of san Marino Public Library 1890 Huntington drive. Official hostess will be Naoko Nizato Lovely japanese american Field service student at san Marino High a Complete with authentic costumes from her Homeland. Naoko will dance some of her country s dances at 11 30 . And again at 1 30 . In costume. According to Paul Minning fair chairman for the friends Board members their spouses and numerous members and volunteers Quot have been making the Library hum with preparations by night and by Day this week. Big plus one important plus this year will be a Large collection of excellent prints modestly priced a mostly $15 and under a which will be on display in the auditorium. As always evaluating and pricing of donations of used books Art objects and Bric a Brac has taken weeks of careful work. Steve Botsford Leader John in the Pat and the san Marino Quot scially enter the special elec $500 donation Hannah assistant Tom Arma men s Republican club and is Tion race to fill the seat of the or. Max Rafferty spoke at an Gost Jim Ebert Duncan my currently Secretary of the lat late Glen Lipscomb in the 24th afternoon session and stayed. Court Matt Mclaren and John Ter. Other affiliations include congressional District. Ope and a half hours to answer municipal court judge of Citrus classroom because of the add Ferris Church of our Savior san mar the five republicans thus in questions from the floor. As judicial District will speak to tonal expense _. A a. _ Ino City club town Mali re tired their names on the Spe or. Lafferty is unopposed to the san Marino rotary club to superintendent Walter Elneus the second place Falcon , san Marino Cal primary ballot for Juno 2. The primary mrs. Telleen rep Day at noon at Woody Andes pet seen a Remaria. Add Trouc Bob Giovo a Leader Dnn to in a foil Matigot and Toast Liev Are already candidates in Caen Tang the san Marino club Eddy s on1 the subject of Quot Cio Long we awl going. To Ltd a a Esterly assistant Steve Dahl matters International the regular primary election on made a donation of $500 toward Zens involvement in Law and to a Nance the 1370=71 budget. Kevin Lynn Steve a Toper Joe Telleen was graduated from to lift Date which is a step to his Campaign. where we Are going beyond that Garrett Keven younger. Stanford cum laude with a a i 1 the seat in Congress from highlight of the conference judge Martin brother of san i Quot undoubtedly require a tax the third place Panther a in economics and after serv january 1, 1971, to december was a banquet on wednesday Marino City attorney Charles tool Mike Lynch Leader John ing with the army As a Lieuten 31, 1972. The special election evening honouring governor and r. Martin was raised on safety Lauer assistant Doug Devos ant until 1954, he returned to will fill the seat Only through mrs. Reagan it. Governor and Circle drive and is a graduate still the question of safety Dean Hutter Mike Orsborn Stanford business school where this present year. Mrs. Is Reinecke treasurer of South Pasadena High. He is dominated the discussion tues Fred Soldwedel Bob Wheeler he earned his mba ranking if candidate in the special Ivy Baker priest and controller also an alumnus of Stanford Day. The parents whose cell Rich Yale first in his class. Primary succeeds in garnering and mrs. Houston Flournoy. University and obtained his Dren live in the wedge shaped Telleen is associated with More than 50 percent of the governor Reagan was repeat degree from Washington area wet of Sierra Madre the fourth place ram a Scudder Stevens and Clark vote june 2, a run off will be edly applauded As he responded and Lee University where he Boulevard East of san Marino tool Robbie Stafford Leader inc a cd is married to the held june 30 to determine the Point by Point to questions sub was Phi Beta Kappa. Avenue and extending North to schools. Phil Walter assistant Steve former Marjorie Horchitz temporary seat. Chalmbers Joe Coulomb a daughter of Long time san mar Ricky Johnston Rick Simons. Ino residents. They have three in addition senior patrol children in the san Marino Leader Paris Masek and assistant senior patrol Leader Jeff Coppersmith coordinated the patrols. Junior assistant scout master Jim Baugh and scouts Bob Elftman and Paul Verner provided the night Security patrol. Joe Coulombe who was in charge of Camporee training and Bill Simons Are assistant scoutmaster. Along fitted by those attending the his Long list of professional the school District Boundary at banquet. He assured the women accomplishments has included Hornet Road repeatedly remind that Quot nothing has been left in work As the Deputy City prose de the Board that the routes done Quot at the state level to Deal Tutor of san Marino and As their children would have to with violent Campus revolution Distant City attorney of this travel to reach Carver school Aries and that there has been City. He is a past president of at the Eastern end of the City a change of sentiment on the the Kings county bar Assoc a would be hazardous. It was re University of California Board Tion. Sealed that chief of police. Jim of regents As a result of Cam six children _ Moore opposes the shift on the the drive de his position As vice mayor at the reorganization Quot meeting of the City Council monday night. Laws assumed the Post last is because they have been Lis ,.�?z journalistic proteges of mrs. Barbara Horrall Center summer up0n the resignation of tuning for rpm her who have recent a brought Honor to san Marino High Are Kacie m Harry Hitchcock. Crisp left and Doug Cox. Kacie has been editor of the schoo. Thr0ukh the i first come first Pap it for it Titan shield Quot for two years spurring it to National new term will run to rough me even before the principal honors in the Columbia Scholastic press association s annual net two years. Decorations were in place bids Competition. The Titan shield was not Only placed in the top Lack of a quorum had pre decor actions were p it 10 percent of the nation s High school newspapers this year the Council from rear. I a. 1__�?. Cams pm Iii Rawl Nellian f it an Elf q Folau 1 Quot you la find bargains galore Quot Minning promises. Quot remember Crispi be t and a a but also won a special Honor award Given to Only a few in _ when this top Echelon. Meanwhile Doug won first place a District a Nizine a nowhere did they go april 22, 10 . A fire pus outbursts and Quot plans have now a resident of West Cov grounds that it will add $1,400 equipment to West Haven. Elec been Laid Quot to counter the of Ina with his wife Verna and to is own budget the Cost of trial wires Down. Forts of the militants. Their six children. Judge mar employing another crossing april 25 7 10 . A fire he said revolutionaries Are tin was named Quot West Covina guar Ltd. However said Dingus equipment to the High school using tactics reminiscent of citizen of the year Quot in i960. City officials had stated they Progress is Able to demand a eco rival problem. Those in nazi youth movements he has always taken an Active would go along with the plan april 25 4 10 . A fire and that professors who Par interest in the Republican Par if 0verall savings accrued to equipment to los Flores. Brush tic Pate in Campus disturbances to and has served As president the taxpayers fire in Pasadena area. Should immediately be Dis of the los Angeles county there was much juggling of april 26 9-46 . A fire missed. Young republicans for two attendance figures at the meet equipment to Bellwood. Bird in applause terms and As a member of the Jar with the parents claiming Chimney. Applause filled the dining Hall Republican state Central com that the benefits obtained by april 27 12-57 am a fire when the governor said one of Mittee. He was also a member changing the Boundary were f. A a. A a. Bae1t,r equipment to Euclid. Electric the country s greatest scandals of the original committee of not us b s t a t i a 1 enough to very often it is much easier equip me federa of m who nominated Richard warrant the added danger to to raise Money to support a pc a 5q _ fire econ0mic Opportunity and the Nixon for Congress and launch the children. Dingus agreed that wrong than it is to finance a a up t t0 Chaucer. Broken manner in which it has been de a political career that was the change in class sizes at right. Water die flooding basement run. He warned the women that to Lead to the White House. Quot Quot Quot april 28 11 06 am a fire welfare will Quot bankrupt this judge Martin is the son of contributed the reason some equipment to san Marino. Gas state and this nation unless we Caroline Davidson Long time contrib Tea Ine reason some t it under resident and Active participant husbands know All the answers leaknag�1 _ am. A nor was in Good in Community affairs. Balance to Marino Terrace form in answering a question rotary club president Ron transported patient to Hospital dealing with the Rumor that he Witter invites All local and Adi in 29 6-25 am a fire might be interested in the seat visiting rotarians to attend the ii i a equipment to Virginia Spon of . Senator George Murphy luncheon and hear it he judge on have until May 1 Tel beat caused by mulch Quot what and be Junior to Sena one of America s most pressing to Send answers a bar p and get its own Price. A a a selection of a target in this life is easy a the hard part is to become a crack shot. A started coming in for the two decorative Bamboo gateways created As atmosphere by friends president Laramee Haynes. Rundown Here is the last minute rundown on the Community fun fest 1. Quot we can use More Good books phonograph records picture frames and Bric a Brac Quot says Paul Minning fair chairman. Cartons Are available at the Library to return with your findings or pickup service will be provided by calling the Library 282-8484. 2. Fair hours 10 . To 3 . If Fth our japanese hostess performing her native dances at 11 30 and 1 30. 3. Japanese Flower stand with Flowers and plants to buy will be at the Entrance to the grounds. 4. Volunteers Are always needed and anyone May Volunteer by calling the Library 282-8484. 5 new decorations Are going up every Day to add to the flashing smiles fit for Tennis champs these Naimy Young sirs pose Aner a a b of the Survey Wilf be a ii i Rrt Warren Quot Valentine and mrs. Robert Herold or amp is a of Shuss it kiddies. From left and t. C. Donovan won the sixth Grade girls championship. Puter. Write off competing against students from More than "l00 ass other general Law pities in the Oil scil00l goals in the category of feature writing. Area chose their lgg0 questionnaires mailed out by the educational goals and methods co the unified school District More thin 450 have been completed and returned to the District office. In the Hopes of obtaining More Adam Bennion chairman it the com Liftee announced last night that the deadline for returns originally set for May 1, has been extended until May 7. He urged parents As Well As. Recent graduates to Complete the forms Anco file tem with assistant superintendent William Higman. With school Board approval this committee distributed the questionnaire and solicited responses for Oral parents former graduates teachers and administrators As respects goals at children gather around mrs. Paul pretzel Pat music chairman for Stoneman school to Tain ment As Well As recon View f she made advertising fact a hat Quot the music Man will be presented toy the High the nations for improving the school for All children in the school District in grades 1-6 at the High school auditorium. May 3, local District s educational pro i pm prom left Barry Saunders Paula Seymour and Kathryn pretzel can join other students Vail us i i auvt.3 �1�i. I Lola n., 17-------a t Caa fab Maila nil help it Ftp Tea Rahimi. Production. Both schools would involve relatively few children in terms of numbers but he staunchly maintained that Quot every child removed from an overcrowded classroom is a big help to the he also cited his record during 12 years in the District in which the average class size has gradually been reduced from 33 to 27. Little better Quot trustee Barbara Maxwell who had voted against the shift because 5th graders were included told the audience that Quot a Little better balance Quot would result from the shift making class size at Carver More nearly equal to that at Valentine. Trustee Kathleen Crow said the Board s april 14 decision to change the Boundary was not irrevocable and promised the parents the Board would do everything in its Power to come up with answers to the dilemma. Quot we will look into it further Quot she assured the audience Quot and we will have answers a. Though maybe they won t be the ones you trustee d a k e Broadhead made the motion to appoint a committee to study the matter at the same time defending the Board against charges it had not Given sufficient attention to the question of safety. Quot safety must come first Quot he remarked. Quot we Don t want to lose anyone in an Accident but we Mutt try to keep the subject in balance. We have Given safety thought in the past and perhaps we can give it

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