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Park Forest Star (Newspaper) - July 26, 1984, Park Forest, Illinois C-6 a the Star thursday july 26, 1984 natures Way by John m. Elliott for Young and old alike one of the favorite delights of a summer evening is the firefly show. These remarkable insects display their lights in the warm dusk from june through August but Are most prominent in july. Both a a firefly and another common name a lightning Bug a Are Misnomer since these insects Are not flies or bugs but beetles of the family lamp fridae. Only a few species Are found in the Eastern ., and some of the most common do not produce Light. Firefly Light like other forms of organic Light produced by fungi bacteria and other invertebrates has often been called phosphorescence. Phosphorous is not directly involved so photogenic a Light generating a is a better term. Photogenic decay organisms Are common As Are Many Light producing invertebrates in the oceans. Of land insects found in our Region Only the fireflies some gnat larvae and a few springtails Are photogenic. Fireflies Are unique in being Able to control their Light the others glow constantly. Light is produced in the firefly a Abdomen when a substance called luciferin is oxidized. An enzyme Luciferase must be present to trigger this poorly understood chemical reaction. The process is from 90 to too percent efficient As compared to about to percent efficiency of an Ordinary incandescent bulb. Uric acid crystals in the cells make a Chalky White reflective surface in the upper layer of the Light producing Structure. The lower photogenic layer is Yellowish Luminous and Well supplied with Trachea to bring in oxygen. The Energy Transfer compound at must also be present and the process is controlled by nerve impulses. Larve of most fireflies Are also photogenic and Are called Glowworm. They Are secretive and not often seen unless searched for. Even the eggs and pupae May glow slightly. Females of most fireflies Are flightless and Are also sometimes called Glowworm. They Flash from grass or other vegetation close to the ground. In Many species the Flash of the females is much weaker than that of males. Flashing of fireflies serves As a sexual signal in our common species allowing the flying males to find females. The Flash pattern of each species is distinctive. A female will respond to the proper Flash with a return Flash at a specific interval of time and that time Gap May be As important As Flash pattern in separating the species. At one time it was thought there were Only about half a dozen species of fireflies in the Eastern After studying Flash patterns entomologists have identified Over 20 species Many of which Are almost identical in outward appearance. Most of our smaller fireflies usually half an Inch Long or less Are of the Genus Plotinus. Several common species come out around dusk and Flash with a Yellowish Light until about an hour after dark. They Are often found around lawns and cultivated Fields. Larger fireflies Are mostly in the Genus Turis. Those Are common in Trees and Brush often flying considerably higher above the ground than the Plotinus species. Most have a whitish or bluish Light and Many Flash later in the evening Well after dark. Firefly larvae Are predators on other Small insects and invertebrates. Many adults do not eat at All most of those that do feed on nectar or pollen. Females of at least one species of Turis have been found to imitate the flashes of Plotinus species luring in males which they capture and eat. Discovery of mimicry and predation in fireflies opened a whole new set of questions about evolution of photo genesis and relationships Between the different species. In Many ways fireflies remain mysterious a magic part of the natural world of our Cook county Forest preserves Parks and Back Yards. How christians differ Sermon topic the Rev. Gordon reefs Sermon sunday at the to a m. Service at first presbyterian Church in Chicago Heights will be a How Are christians different a Lois Harris will deliver the children a Sermon and Laura and Steve Hodges will provide music. Church for children age four through the third Grade and Nursery care will be available. More information is available by telephoning the Church office at 481-3754. Open House today at Faith tots school an open House for new and prospective students and their parents will be at 7 30 . Today at Faith United protestant churches prekindergarten to Hemlock Street Park Forest. Children and parents will be Able to tour the school meet director Joanne Riedel and teachers Marge Trayser and Peggy Wing and ask questions. Registration also May be completed at that time. To qualify a child must be five years of age by december 31, 1984. Enrolment is limited to 20 children. Information is available by telephoning Mary Beth Valenti at 748-3139. 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