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Park Forest South Star Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1974, Page 14

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Park Forest South Star (Newspaper) - November 24, 1974, Park Forest, Illinois Star Tribune Tib Llred Semi Reehl let it i Illiam it inc. W. E. Williams publisher Ernon Meidell. Editorial director Lester Sims. Editor National div paper association suburban eur papers of .4merit a Illinois press association Northern Illinois editorial association Cook county suburban publishers association a 14 sunday. November 24, 1974 _ As we see it for a better Bench a just give me the sugar Capitol comments says gov. Walker is underestimated Virginia Payette says we re in a War with no shooting for the first time since the judicial retention ballot was instituted in 1964, a Cook county circuit court judge in the november 5 balloting failed to win re election. A better Case for junking the present retention system and adopting Merit appointment of judges could hardly be imagined. There Are 270 judgeship in Cook county. To believe that in 10 years Only one judge was unworthy of remaining on the Bench is to expect too much of human credulity. Merit selection of judges is an Issue of Long standing in Illinois. In 1972 a group of 35 civic business and professional leaders formed a committee to press for Merit appointment. Included in the committee s strategy was a major Effort to get the general Assembly to place an amendment before the voters covering the method of judicial selection. The plan also called for mandatory appointment of Cook county circuit court judges but gave voters in other counties the option of adopting Merit selection or retaining judicial elections. A constitutional amendment that the committee sought called for a non partisan commission in each judicial District to nominate thursday is thanksgiving the oldest and one of the most revered of american holidays. Combining religious and social manifestations the Holiday was first observed in 1623, when the pilgrims in Plymouth mass., joined in expressing gratitude to the almighty for a Bountiful Harvest that year the first since the Colony was established three years earlier. Today despite enormous changes in the United states and the world since that historic occasion As president Gerald Ford noted in his official thanksgiving proclamation the fundamental meaning of the traditional Observance is unchanged. A it is a time a he said a when the differences of a diverse people Are forgotten and All americans join in giving thanks to god for the blessings we share a the blessings of Freedom Opportunity and the abundance that make America Washington if War Breaks out again in the Middle East Israel cannot count on an unlimited Supply of arms from the United states which saved the jewish state with its Airlift in the october War last year. The fourth Arab israeli War revealed potentially dangerous shortages in the weapons and equipment of our armed forces. It shocked our military leaders into realizing that nato might not be Able to win a conventional clash with the soviet Union and its Warsaw pact allies in Europe. We simply done to have enough of the most modern m-60 tanks the phenomenal a a town wire guided anti tank guns and armoured personnel carriers to meet All of the israelis demands in a protracted new War against Egypt and Syria without stripping our own first line troops below the minimum they need for combat readiness elsewhere in the world. Last May this column revealed that the u. S. Army has a shortage of first rate m-60 tanks because so Many were flown to Israel directly from our troops in West Germany and have not yet been replaced. We sent More than 300 m-60s, which amounted to the army a total tank production for 10 months. The output rate from our single tank producing Plant was creeping along at Only 360 per year. This year the army is trying to turn out 510 of the latest m-60 Al tanks with guns powerful enough to penetrate soviet tank Armor at Long Range. But the production rate slowed by a shortage of turrets is still below the goal. Three candidates for each judicial Post. The commission would be made up of 11 laymen appointed by the governor and 10 elected by a vote of lawyers in each District. The governor also would appoint one of the commissions three nominees. As an additional safeguard however the governors appointment would not become final until 28 Days after the Public announcement. This would allow time for closer Public scrutiny of the appointee. Voters also would have the Opportunity to confirm or reject judges at the first general election after their appointment. We favored the commission plan pointing out that Cook county voters two years earlier had indicated approval of Merit selection of judges by approving a ballot proposition by More than 68,000 votes. Unfortunately however the proposal failed to Muster enough votes statewide. Ours is a nation of Laws and the courts administer the Laws. To tolerate anything less than the Best court system possible is to Chip away at the Rock on which the Republic rests. Merit selection of judges in Illinois is Long overdue. It should receive top consideration. The Observance the president pointed out also provides an Opportunity to help shape the future. A this year a he said a in the midst of plenty we still face serious problems and massive challenges. In giving thanks for the Many things we hold dear let us also Pray for the courage resourcefulness and sense of purpose we will need to continue americans Saga of Progress and to be worthy heirs of the Pilgrim spirit. A May we too find the strength and vision to leave behind us a better world and an example that will inspire future generations to new achievements. A i Call upon All americans to gather together in Homes and places of worship on this Date to join in offering gratitude for the countless blessings our people enjoy and to share with the elderly and the unfortunate this special Day that brings us closer in addition we have shipped to Israel a few Hundred m48 tanks an old 1953 gasoline powered Model upgraded with a 105 my. Gun and a diesel engine. We have supplied Israel with 34 f-4 fighter planes requiring 33 months to duplicate and 46 a-4 Navy planes requiring 22 months to replace. A new requirements from subsequent crises in Southeast Asia the Middle East or elsewhere for similar support could degrade significantly our conventional deterrent a the defense department told the Senate armed services committee. Last years $2.2 billion Airlift May be hard to duplicate for another reason. The new government of Portugal May refuse to let our cargo planes use its vitally important base in the azores for refuelling on trans Atlantic flights As the old conservative government did. Although Portugal a nato ties Arentt broken they Are strained and there is no indication that the new regime Pill help us Rescue Israel. All these factors had to be weighed by president Ford when he prepared the contingency plans for u. S. Reaction to the Prospect of a possible new War in the Middle East a danger that has been rising in recent Days of troop mobilizations Maneu vers and guerrilla incursions. Ford approved the plans at a White House meeting with Secretary of state Henry Kissinger and defense Secretary James Schlesinger shortly before leaving on his trip to Japan South Korea and the soviet Union. By Ken Watson Springfield Dan Walker is probably the most underestimated governor Springfield has known in our lifetimes. This summation is not based on his performance in office but on his popular Appeal. A week of leisurely vacationing which took this column from such contrasting locales As Calhoun county and the Metropolis of Chicago has once again confirmed a persistent suspicion that the View held of Walker in this capital City and other areas of the states Are themselves in Sharp contrast. It is no secret that those close to the state government in Springfield consider Walker a poor governor big on Promise and poor in performance. Among non political careerists in state government he is rated far below his predecessor Richard b. Ogilvie. After almost two full years in office he has virtually nothing to Point to in the Way of major accomplishments. Astonishingly however his name crops up More and More frequently As a possible democratic nominee for president in 1976 Why one must inevitably ask himself should this be so the answer of course is not to be found in Springfield much less beneath the statehouse dome. The unreality comes into clearer focus of reality beyond the Banks of the Sangamon. Alas it seems that in these tops Turvy times people Are less concerned about what an elected official May be doing in office than How he comes across As a personality. Apparently what the people want is somebody new in government and politics and in Illinois at least they feel they have found him in Walker. This View is reinforced by reaction to some recent Walker moves. Most statehouse politicians have derided As stupid two recent and dramatic Walker moves. One was his trip to Alabama and lavish Praise of gov. George c. Wallace. But beyond Springfield one finds the somewhat surprising reaction that a lot of Illinois voters approve both moves. Once again it appears to be a Case of Walker against a them Quot applies to traditional politicians and office holders. Scoff if you will but a lot of Illinois voters Are clearly buying the Walker line that he is one of it is a Factor not to be discounted in attempting to foresee the future of politics in this state if not in the entire country. Whatever his performance As governor. Walker has already As our readers see it. Mahar grateful to the editor after a Long and arduous Campaign followed by the uncertainties of a vote canvass in a close race i wish to express my thanks and appreciation to the Star for the objective and impartial coverage in All your papers throughout the ninth District during my Campaign for re election. I also appreciate your coverage of my first term in the general Assembly. I wish also to express my sincere thanks to Many volunteers who worked in my Campaign to All the republicans democrats and independents voting for me to All the organizations who endorsed me and to All those who provided adequate funds to run my Campaign. To the citizens throughout the ninth District i wish to reaffirm my Campaign pledge to serve you to the Best of my ability As your full time legislator. William f. Mahar. Stamped himself As one of the shrewdest politicians Ever to occupy the executive mansion. His stunning upset of popular it. Gov. Paul Simon in the 1972 democratic primary and his winning of the governorship in a predominantly Republican election year Are firm proof of this. Walkers Public wooing of Wallace far from being a Blunder was actually another example of his political shrewdness. Those who assert that his praising of Wallace will Cost Walker popularity in his Home state Overlook the strength the Alabama governor has displayed in Illinois. In the 1968 election Wallace running As a third party candidate attracted almost nine per cent of the total vote in Illinois. Outside of the South his showing in this state ranked among his Best. It is More than Likely that Wallace is More popular in Illinois today than he was six years ago. Those 390,958 illinoisans who voted for Wallace in 1968 Are certainly not disturbed by walkers Praise of him. They can in fact be counted on to vote for Walker the next time he runs for any office. As for his dispatch of top political strategist Vince de Grazia to help in the Singer mayoralty Campaign Walker again stands to gain far More than he can lose. Although the statehouse has been Rife with rumours of a a a deals Between Daley and Walker the political facts of life make this about As Likely As Woody Hayes winning a Good sportsmanship award. Daley and Walker Are on a collision course. There can Only be one democratic Boss in Illinois. At 72 and with health problems it is inevitable that Daley will soon be retreating from absolute party Power. Walker As in the past has mane Vered himself into position to claim credit for a development that would have taken place anyway. But most important of All Walker in his moves with Wallace and Singer has again grabbed a big hunk of National publicity which could have far reaching if somber effects on the future course of american politics. What we re in in Case it has escaped you is a War. The Good news is that its the Best kind of War to be in because we re not shooting at anybody. Twenty years ago we would have been the bad news is that we re not fighting it the right Way. Instead of tip toeing around saying a a please and a if you done to mind a its time to get Busy and mobilize the country the Way we did in the last great War. Except for the guns of course. There Are still ways to win this thing without calling out the troops. Lets have three shifts around the clock blackouts and scrap drives in everything. That a one Way to get out from under the thumbs of the Oil producing countries while we can still do it peaceably. Paying blackmail never works and if we sold out Israel tomorrow the arabs would find another use for their Oil club. And it is a club Only As Long As we have to have their Oil. If we could meet our demands on our own they a have to find somebody else to be mean to. We need to convert Industry to production of Oil rigs and pipe. Last time we built tanks in Detroit. This time let it be the stuff that will get us Oil and Coal Here Railroad Hopper cars mining machinery and whatever else we need. Besides Detroit can use the work right now even if they done to Stop making cars altogether As they did last time and while we re at it let the unions forgo strikes and Feather bedding and make work. It makes no sense in these troubled times to have the Coal workers closing Down the mines. Is that any Way to fight a War we need production a and we have men who need work. Meeting our efficiency needs will do much to slow inflation and an All out crash perspectives by Alex. Seith a you know or. Kennedy we voted for you a soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev told the newly elected . President in 1961. A How a asked John Kennedy. By a Subtle decision of a timing a Khrushchev explained. In May 1960, Francis Gary Powers had been shot Down Over Russia while flying a u-2 spy plane for the Cia. Powers had been tried convicted and sentenced to 10 years in a soviet prison. Earlier two other . Military flyers had been captured in the asian part of the soviet Union. Although the soviets were willing to let All three pilots return to America they delayed the release until after the november 1960, presidential election. Their reason releasing the pilots before the election would help Richard Nixon. A if we give the slightest boost to Nixon a Khrushchev told his soviet colleagues in 1960, a it will be interpreted As an expression of our willingness to see him in the White House. This would be a by holding the pilots until after the election the soviets aided Kennedy. A of course a said Khrushchev calling this a soviet a a vote was a a he added however that a it reflected the reality of the and that same reality continues today. On the Campaign Trail to the presidency Moscow is often a major Stop. Most aspirants for the White House want to show the american Public that they know a How to Deal with the since Richard Nixon a highly program will Cut the Rise in unemployment. There a plenty for everyone to do if we just Stop wringing our hands and get on with it. Lets Cut out agricultural quotas and allotments. Lets see that some of the Energy we have goes into fertilizer production. And lets stockpile beef to assure supplies. These Are Days for car pooling and Public transportation and no pretty please and biting of papier mache bullets. Its time to Recycle everything paper cans aluminium steel razor Blades Are As Good a High Quality steel As you can Fin Glass fats and anything else that will save fuel. And while we re at it lets ban those freight rates that discriminate against scrap. Instead of collecting unemployment benefits people without jobs can get to work on High speeding the nations miserable Railroad trackage which gobbles up time and Energy in getting things where they need to go. We be got work to do a and the people to do it. If the Ballet dancers in Washington will come out of their playhouse a minute and catch up with the people find out we can win this thing without shooting. If they done to we might have to Start shooting and wed have to do All these other things anyhow. Hiding in a Corner and trying to Cut consumption without finding More fuel is just Plain silly. The Oil Price Isnit based on Supply and demand its simply what our former friends say it is. And since they sure done to need the Money they can leave their Oil in the ground and not suffer a bit. Until we get some muscle of our own in this War we re the ones who la do the suffering. There a a lot of talk in Washington about leadership. Lets have some. United feature Syndicate publicized a Kitchen debate with Khrushchev at a u. S. Housewares exhibit in Moscow in 1959, a virtual Parade of presidential hopefuls have sought to meet with High ranking soviets preferably in Moscow but even in the United states. This year sen. Edward Kennedy made the trip to Moscow before reaching his decision not to seek the presidency in 1976. This month sen. Walter a a Fritz Mondale an a a unannounced aspirant for the democratic presidential nomination will go to Russia for meetings with soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev and other ranking soviets. And if the past is any guide other political hopefuls will try to reach the White House by Way of the Kremlin. But candidates will differ on How to use the a Moscow some will seek a Friendly attitude in the Kremlin perhaps hoping for a soviet a a vote like that Given John Kennedy in 1960. Others notably sen. Henry m. Jackson will seek to impress the american Public with their adroitness and toughness in dealing with the soviets. While sen. Jackson would probably not reject a soviet invitation he is not actively looking for one. His View is that the Americast Public already witnessed his Success in dealing with the soviets when the Kremlin finally gave in on the Jackson amendment on a Bill to expand u. Trade. Because of Jackson a insistence the soviets will get Freer Trade with the United states partly in Exchange for allowing Freer emigration of dissident soviet citizens. The soviets stalled for two years before finally yielding on the emigration Issue. And in private Many soviets were bitterly critical of sen. Jackson. Clearly they would prefer a Man in the White House who espouses a less line toward them. Khrushchev revealed in his memoirs that the soviets first Choice for u. S. President in 1960 was Adlai Stevenson ii who had been the democratic nominee in 1952 and 1956. When Stevenson failed to win the 1960 nomination the Kremlin a next Choice was John Kennedy because in Khrushchev swords Richard Nixon so aggressive attitude toward the soviet Union his anti communism his connection with mccarthyism gave the Kremlin Little a Hope of improving soviet american relations if Nixon were elected in 1960. Yet the Well known irony is that when Nixon later reached the White House he became the first u. 5. President to visit the user and was warmly received by Brezhnev As the co maker of a detente the soviets now say they want continued. And so do most americans. But they must decide which presidential candidate can bring the Best detente one who gets Moscow so a vote or one who promises Tough bargains. Or. Seith is chairman of the advisory Board and past president of the Chicago Council on foreign relations thanksgiving 1974 Frank Van Der Linden . Wont be Able to fill israeli needs Campaign in Moscow

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