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Paris News Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1990, Page 4

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Paris News (Newspaper) - March 17, 1990, Paris, Texas4a the Paris news March grasses and Trees that work in Texas Neil Sperry Buff Lograss is one of our most durable types in fact ifs the Only turf Type grass native to the United states even Kentucky Bluegrass int originally native to America Buff Lograss is Low growing wiry a n d v e r y drought tolerant unfortunately its not As attractive As some of our other gras ses its dense and it crowds out most weeds it Doest require mowing As often As Ber Muda or St Augustine so its definitely a Labo Saver look at it in a turf setting before you pass judgement it May be just what you want or it May not be dear Neil the windows of our living room face directly West wed like a fast growing tree that could give us some Shade within the next couple of years which types would Behest i like to compare Speed of growth of Trees to an automobile Spee Dometer it Doest just go Zero Miles per hour and 60 Miles per hour there Are All graduations in Between so it is with our Shade Trees some grow very quickly while others Are quite slow in be tween Are some of the Best Trees we might choose almost All fast growing Trees Are weak wooded in sect and disease prone and Messy habits like those allow us to Rule out cottonwoods mulberries chinese siberian elms and Many others your Best choices would in clude Oak such As red Oaks live Oaks Bur Oaks and Chinquapin Oaks and others also Cedar Elm Pecan chinese Pistachio Bald express Sweet Gums and for folks for whom slower growth int a prob Lem magnolias probably the most acceptable fast growing tree Alth Ough its not a Large tree would be one of the Callery Pear cultivars such As Bradford aristocrat Whitehouse capital or red spire Bloom if you know exactly which Type you have Frisbee disco Southern Belle or Mallow marvels in increasing order of you might be Able to match its color some of the newer and Shorter types Are now offered in specific colors from seed your Choice of red Pink or White with a red Eye however to be absolutely sure youre getting the same Type you could also dig and Divide the clump just As it starts growing this Spring if ifs already sent shoots out several inches you could probably Cut them Back by half to help the plants recover dear Neil our builder left Topsail piled up around the trunk of an Oak tree its about one foot deep and i think its been there All win Ter the Grade is pretty much where we want it but i know Oats dont like to have soil around their trunks will it Hurt the tree if we get it away now ifs a Good thing you knew to have the soil pulled away All Trees Are very sensitive to having soil piled Over their roots probably 90 percent of any Trees roots Are in the top 12 inches of the soil when we pile fresh soil Over their roots the oxygen is driven from the soil As the new Earth compacts get it away As soon As you can however you probably wont have Lon term problems since this has occurred Over the Winter roots like other Plant parts Are less Active then dear Neil How can i get my Carolina jessamine to Branch out closer to the ground its All stems now that its finished Blooming you can Cut it Back if you have one or two new shoots springing out of the ground you might consider heading them Back to 18 inches encouraging them to Branch out otherwise just thin the Plant Back removing All the dead stubble and trimming the Vine by 40 to 50 per cent apply a High nitrogen Plant food and water deeply simple Way to increase ornamental by James e Walters Phoenix a layering is a simple inexpensive Way to increase ornamental shrubs its easier than cuttings and unlike Many seeds will produce exact duplicates of the original Spring is excellent for trying it the major drawback is the time required to produce a single Plant the idea is to Root shoots while they Are still attached to the Parent Mother nature uses it routinely for Many Low branched plants such As blackberries few commercial growers even consider it however except on difficult Root plants mainly because of labor expense and space requirements the tech Nique itself is almost foolproof bragging rights and a Greenth Umb reputation go with the impressive results technically the process is based on the tendency of certain plants to produce roots under favourable conditions from the cambium zone of the Stem for the Home Gardener however this involves nothing More than learning a few simple Steps for example a suitable Branch will Root when it is Bent to the ground held in place with something like a Clothespin or heavy then covered with two or three inches of soil this is known As simple layer ing the Low growing types of junipers azaleas honeysuckle cotoneaster and rhododendrons Are easy junipers in particular often Root branches without help when a Branch cant be Bent to the ground a technique known As air layering is used its simple to duplicate rubber plants ficus and Dieffenbac Hias this Way it also works on among others certain hollies lilacs and chinese Hibiscus but with somewhat More difficulty depending on Plant require ments other types of layering include serpentine or com Trench or continuous and Mound or this May sound complicated but it All be comes apparent As you Experiment with the basics simple layering outdoors normally is done in Early Spring or late summer in the Spring use dormant Wood produced in the previous growing season in summer use current season growth that is still flexible in general older shoots wont Root most plants Are established by Early autumn or the next Spring and then Cut from the Parent and transplanted into the lands Cape or containers for slower rooting plants such As most evergreens and camellias it May take two or three growing seasons to develop a Large enough Root system let your experience guide in this Experiment observe keep re cords when the rooted layer is ready for severing from the Mother Plant treat it like a rooted Cut Ting that is place it in a con Tainer of potting soil and keep moist and partially shaded until sure special efforts Arent needed it soon will be As sturdy As Container Stock from a com Mercial Nursery handle it there like a purchased Plant there Are certain tricks to Speed the rooting process or make it easier girdling is one it involves removing a ring of bark about one Inch wide around an entire Stem that is to be covered an other method is to make a Small Cut upward and about Halfway through the Stem and then keep it open by inserting something like a piece of toothpick a Root inducing hormone May be helpful just As it is in propagating cuttings follow Label directions the idea of girdling or making the Small upward Cut in the Stem is based on the fact that this interrupts the downward movement to the regular roots of organic materials such As carbohydrates and Auxin from the leaves and growing shoot tips the materials then accumulate near the treated Point stimulating rooting most plants do not require such treatment the bending of the Stem in preparing to cover it with ground accomplishes the same thing however it is mandatory in air layering lets say youre working with a rubber Plant make the Girdle or Cut six to 12 inches from a tip end lightly scrape the exposed surface to re Tard Healing of the wound soak unfilled Sphagnum Moss until thoroughly wet squeeze to the Point where it is Damp As opposed to sopping wet this is important to avoid rot take about two handfuls and place around the wounded area and wrap with polyethylene plastic an 8by10inch piece of Plas tic is about twist both ends around the Stem and wrap the ends with electricians tape you want an airtight Seal to prevent rotting the main prob Lem some experts prefer aluminium foil to polyethylene one advantage of polyethylene is you can see the roots developing through the Moss Oil drilling off to fast Start in 1990 by the associated press Austin Oil and Gas a sprig activity is on the Rise due to stable crude Oil prices surging demand for Petroleum and rising Putric sup port for clean burning fuels like natural Gas the Texas Railroad commission reported Friday commissioner Jim Nugent said figures show that new holes were drilled in Texas Oil and Gas Fields during the first two months of 1990 a 24 percent increase Over the same period a year ago More important to the states Economy the majority of these Wells found Oil or Gas and will soon be adding to the states production total Nugent said new Oil Well completions Are up 23 percent at 841 compared with 645 last year the number of completions of new Gas Well Sis up a similar percentage 389 Titis year compared with 300 last year at this time Nugent also said he sees Little slackening of the drilling Pace the phones Are ringing and the Mailbox is fall in our drilling per mits Section As operators file applications to Drill Feve Jug sued a total of drilling per mits in january and february that 25 percent More than we did last year at the same Nugent said South Central Texas Ispa inf i drilling trend witha 55 percent if crease in permits the commission reported a Boom in horizontal drilling in the Austin Chalk Tion is spurring the increase of the total 111 permits issued during january and february for the re Gion 46 were for horizontal Wells Nugent said governor Clements makes appointment to water Board if youd like Neil help with the plants at your place drop him a of this news height i they Are infant there Are by the associated press Austin gov Bill Clements has appointed Noe Fernandez of Mcallen to the Texas water development Board Fernandez is replacing Stuart Coleman of Brown Wood whose term has expired the new appointment will end dec Fernandez 43 is president and owner of Dos Rios textiles a dry goods wholesale company Clements announced the appointment thursday 344o Pine Mill 7855882 family owned s operated for 17 years it Tai classifieds Lamar seed pet store is now open under new management Pecan Trees 2o off Reg 9 to 18 bedding plants arriving daily geraniums Salvia petunias zinnias Many More azaleas 2 1 gallon Beautiful Spring blooms Sunn 15 fruit Trees 2j1100 Reg each shrubs new shipment 999 Plant now shop the Paris news classifieds mensa sunday greenhouse azaleas in Bloom red of Mobile Pink deep red Bel Coral Tabor Pink geraniums cow manure your top soil Choice also available bark nuggets bark mulch buy As Little As 20c 01 most varieties o Garden seed serving a jugs since tw2 35 bonhanrv784z7 Bruce Raney Orier Ann Whit manager March 31 children 12 years and under Ryland Chase Wood Jacy Brooke Rader son of Kevin and Stacey Wood of Paris celebrated his 9 month birthday on March 1st grandparents Are William Barbara Campbefl of Paris and Clifford Sara Wood of Frederick daughter of Randy Michelle Rader of Paris will celebrate her 10 month birthday on april 7th grandparents Are or and mrs Gene Rader and or and mrs Michael Burleson great grandparents Are or and mrs Jerre Burleson and or and mrs Andrew Boaz enjoy swing your Childs birthday picture Paris will run grouped together in one and for each picture must be paid in Advance d deadline is monday at n i t in the saturday you want the picture to ado Eart l form to Rel out will be provided at classified Phon Eins please classified advertising

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