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The Paris News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Paris, Texas Paris East Texas partly Cloudy sunday and monday moderate to Southeast winds on the coast fair sunday monday somewhat cooler in Panhandle monday warmer la Southeast and extreme sunday full leased wire associated and local news the dinner Horn sunday edition vol 71 no 296 pakis Texas sunday morning june 23 1940 Twenty two pages in two sections 1869 Adolf now you listen to me hitlers terms accepted Jug Jug 3g x 88 x x x x n xxx Churchill urges French to fight on a dictator who imposes his will on Strong nations such As France with almost the same ease As on tiny ones like celibate Adolf Hitler onetime austrian paper hangar whose conquests in Europe i94u have already equated those the great andr Napoleon this Mas Ter mapmaker easily the senior partner of the totalitarian team of Hitler Mussolini is known cast longing eyes at Rich Brazil in South America water Mains on fifteenth Street Are to be cleaned fighting not to end till after Italy appeased then six hours later firing stops terms not known by Louis p Lochner Berlin made a final surrender to victorious Ger Many saturday night signing in the Forest of co Peigne a peace based upon the Broad dictate Laid Down by Adolf Hitler it was an armistice still conditioned however on a second sat urday night men fought on in a conflict that was a War no longer it was an agreement that will bring a real armistice Only after the French have made their terms with Premier Mussolini six hours after the notice of this second armistice has been received by the nazi High com Mand the guns will cease to speak in the same old railway car in the comping be Forest where the kaisers delegation bowed in de feat to marshal Ferdinand Foch on november 11 1919 two rank ing generals at p m a Cost put pens to the French surrender of 1940 French Fly to Italy the weary French delegation took a plane almost immediately for an undisclosed City in Italy to begin their conversations with Mussolini this French surrender at an old and bitterly remembered scene of German railway car in the signed by colonel general Wil Helm Keitel for Germany and by general Charles Huntziger for France just what France had agreed to at the end of a Short and bloody struggle which in Days left her country in German hands was not disclosed pending the italian negotiations three Broad conditions but when Hitler took his die Paris spa project opens monday water males on North and South fifteenth streets Between West Cherry and West Kaufman streets will be the first to be cleaned under Paris spa Watermain cleaning project which will be started monday morning City employees have been Busy this week preparing for the Start of the Job excavation work has been done at the West Cherry and West Kaufman streets intersections of fifteenth Street and All that remains to be done to Start the to Cuttle main and in Sert the cleaning machines the fifteenth Street main is a 12inch pipe the machine which will remove All growth within the Mains and increase the water pressure will be powered by pressure of the water water service will be discontinued for a time in Homes served by the fifteenth Street main but residents will be notified in Advance when service will be Cut off the excavating and fill work will be done by spa labor with the City furnishing some supervise the machine is being supplied under contract wit the National Watermain cleaning company of new York use of the machine is being directed by c l Slaughenhoup company superintendent although contracts Calls for Al Mains to be cleaned within is months the Job May be completed in four months Accident kills two Kilgore Howard Lyon 30 of Thompson and her Nephew Dick Moore 8 son of mrs Mary Moore of Kilgore were killed instantly in an automobile Accident one mile South of Hare at noon saturday envoys must now seek peace with italian Leader British Premier goes Over Heads of Bordeaux government in pled for continued Aid by the associated press British prime minister Winston Churchill made a Flam ing Appeal sunday to frenchmen everywhere to fight on at Britain Side against Germany despite French capitulation saturday night to a German armistice which he said no free and Independent French government could have accepted frankly going Heads of the Bordeaux government Churchill said that the German terms if accepted by All frenchmen would Force the French to work against their allies would use the soil of France As a Means of at tacking Britain and would turn the French Navy and Empire Over to Germany despite All this he declared Britain will cherish the cause of the French and a British Victory is Frances Only Hope of restoration and Freedom French envoys we eyed actually the terms of the grim document which we eyed French plenipotentiaries signed saturday night in the gloomy Depths of Cor Peigne Forest were not disclosed the French government described them As hard but that if they had not been honorable France would have rejected fiem actual fighting once Lovely cities and country Side of France continued on its weary course and will not cease until six hours after the French have concluded an armistice with Italy Germany so newly belligerent ally the French delegates flew to Italy to hasten this consume Nia the French government declared that the idiot vain enabled France to hold out fora sol Diers peace with Germany Petain gets Confidence vote marshal Henry Philippe Petain the Premier who re Quested that peace got a vote of us Outlook dark if Axis nations get French Navy would make their Fleet on third greater than ours first week of roundups ended but candidates warming up daily face Busy week office seekers wound up their first week of organized appeals to voters of Lamar county saturday night with a political Roundup at Powderly an looked toward five speaking engagements this week respite the european War which has forced politics into the background in the mind of the Public the roundups held last week were Well attended crowds increasing at each appearance approximately 700 attended the Roundup at Brookston Friday night and a Large crowd was on hand at Powderly saturday night virtually All candidates agreed the War was taking the play away from them As they sought the Public favor but Many believed interest in politics is on the increase to Date most of the races have been clean with Little mud Sling ing engaged in late in the week however some of the candidates warmed to their task and Indi cations Are that some Are preparing to warm the hides of their opposition As election Day july 27 nears schedule of roundups of this week is tuesday june 25 Emberson Caviness and Sumner at Ember son wednesday june 26 Clardy thursday june 27 Arthur City Friday june 28 Atlas and How land at Atlas saturday june 29 cunning Ham see armistice 4 Paris red Cross chapter tops list Heads Texas in percentage of quota assignments notice that the local chapter of the red Cross stands at the top in percentage of quota assign ments among Texas chapters has been received by de h Norment chairman the notice was received from Edith Hennessey american red Cross Field representative she said the chapter showed per cent in the raising of its War Relief quota this has been raised since then however As the Chap Ter lacks less than in being Over its quota or 25 per cent More than was called for recent contributions sent the chapters War Chest to although chapter officials Are not putting workers in the Field now that the quota has been reached they were hopeful the Mark will be passed Early this week contributors through saturday night included Plaza theatre Junior chamber of Commerce 20 Jolly four club 1 thursday sewing club 2 Anonymous 10 r Urmia be factory employees additional Vij Confidence from the French sen ate Frances ally great Britain gave proof of her determination to fight on alone and unconquered by announcing heavy Aerial attacks on Germany great Krupp armament works at Essen and on air plane factories and storage plants at Bremen Kassel Rothenburg and Guttin Gen the French humiliation before the Power of Adolf Hitler was sealed in the same old co Peigne Woods where loser to Frances marshal Foch on nov 11 1918 the historic moment of this new armistice was put at p a m the signer for Germany was col Gen Wilhelm Keitel chief of the nazi High command and ice France general Charles Hunt Ziger one of the French wept Hitler not on hand Adolf Hitler himself was not there he had met the French on Fri Day in the old railway car of marshal Foch where the germans signed the losers peace in the last War to Tell them of his de mands then he left general Keitel spoke briefly in tribute to the French dead and Deaux the French Cabinet had held itself in readiness for the last great decision French work from tent in a Little barely furnished tent near the railway car the French agents kept communication with their movement by Tele phone the news that the War would not be Over until after the negotiations with Mussolini had been completed was not surprising for during the Day the French cab inet had announced formally the conclusion of the surrender with Germany was Only the step to be taken first of then it added not until after a discussion with the latter country Italy can the government bring a definite judgment on the whole ques Tion of double negotiations and take decisions in the Best inter ests of the while announcement of the extent of the French surrender in its details awaited the conclusion of the capitulation to Mussolini this much seemed certain that France has been compelled to Promise a Complete halt to any resistance of any sort to help in at least some haps As a supplier of munitions and the Germany War by Douglas b Cornell Hyde Park n y Dent Roosavelt was understood saturday night to have received from naval experts data showing that if Germany took the French Fleet the Axis nations would have a combined sea Power orj3third greater than that of the United states the president was represented As very much with Thi problem of relative naval strength As it affects the Western hemis phere the rough figures indicate in addition that should the British Navy fall into the hands of Thi Axis Powers their superiority a sea Over the United states would be in the ratio of two and one third to one Jap Fleet on Par it was Learned furthermore tha the naval observers rated the japanese and United state fleets about on a Par in die data Laid before the president that fact took on significance inasmuch As japanese naval strength generally has been regarded As considerably below that of this country figures relayed to the presiden May reflect information which the Navy department has obtained i secret the data supplied to m Roosevelt obviously takes no account of a proposal pending i Congress for a 70 per cent expansion of the american Navy sine that expansion could not be achieved for years How they shape up if it were operating in the at lactic the american Fleet would be rated at 100 by the naval observers whom president Roosevelt has consulted the British Fleet also would stand at 100 the French and italian at 50 each and the German at 33 thus the rating of the Axis pow ers would be 133 if they obtained the French Fleet and 233 if they got the British Navy too or Roosevelt appointed James Forrestal president of the new York investment firm of Dillon read and company one of his administrative assistants saturday House railroads 4billion Dollar Navy Bill ahead would give u s greatest Fleet in history Knox appointment meets stiff opposition by the associated press Washington a a warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House saturday after scarcely two hours of debate the Swift action together with final congressional approval of tax defense Bill and a 908 emergency appropriation for the army and Navy shared attention at the Capitol with reports of Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of colonel Frank knows nomination to be Secretary of the Navy the naval committee voted at a closed session to ask Knox to appear before it for questioning on his views toward United states policy and the War one member who said he favored approval of the nomination told reporters that an informal poll indicated that if a vote were taken saturday the nomination would be rejected 11 to 5 whether or not the committee approves the nomination this member said May depend on knows statement of his attitude toward possible United states intervention in the european War the Navy expansion Bill swept through the House with a chorus of ayes on a voice vote the exact number of new ships pro posed in it is a military secret the measure cloaking this by provid ing Only for of battleships tons of aircraft carriers tons of cruisers tons of destroyers and 000 tons of submarines there have been unofficial is envoy serious Florence Italy c Taylor president Roosevelt personal representative to the Vatican continued in a serious condition Here saturday night postmaster named Washington d c Daniel b Wood was nominated Tot postmaster at Olney saturday nabs big fish port Arkansas of when Abner Davis returns Home to de troit Mich after his vacation Here hell carry what up to sat urday is a fou year record for Tarpon caught in this Vicinity his catch was a Tarpon six feet 11 12 inches Long plane Over Haifa Jerusalem guns at Haifa went into action Early saturday afternoon against an unidentified plans previously acknowledged grand stores to close at 5 p m after july 1 decision of Paris merchants to close at 5 on weekdays from july 1 to september 1 was announced saturday by George sol omon chairman of the Trade Extension department of the Cham Ber of a petition was circulated among the merchants Friday and with one Lone exception every Mer chant contacted signed the agree ment to close an hour earlier than previously drug stores filling stations and grocery stores were not included the stores contacted asked All of the negotiators to Rise j against Britain and to in respect for those who had fallen then in marshal Fochs old fashioned car the pens were put to paper the French delegation had struggled with their problem for More than 27 hours and in Bor Broad reconstruction of Continental Europe along the lines that Hitler wants it to be rebuilt these were explained Friday As the Central purposes of his demands and it was clearly understood that Only a yes or no answer would suffice Paris High receives Fine rating from state office faculty buildings students work done draws Praise annual report from the state department of education received saturday by City superintend ent a h Chamness highly com mends Paris High school a Deputy state superintendent visited the Paris schools recently and turned in the following re port which has just been released by supervisor e g Marshall noteworthy leadership and a progressive superintendent All members of the faculty have degrees with the exception of three or four who have been in the system a number of years salary is High enough to attract and hold Strong teachers spirit of Harmony prevailing among the faculty and students evidence of Superior work being done in All departments a work shop room that will be second to none when completed an adequate Library a Good program of music and Phy Sical education a splendid gymnasium physical conditions buildings and equipment Are in excellent condition minor repairs being done because of a very severe Hail storm accreditation of is recommended in general math bookkeeping and vocational Agri culture and the following subjects Are no longer being taught have to be dropped Physiography physiology Hygiene Spanish Iii and English history superintendent Chamness was also notified that Gibbons High school for negroes has been raised from group 1 class c to group 1 class b improvements that have been made to the negro school the past several years brought about the advancement in rank Jaycees raise for Park discuss plans to obtain quota needed for project directors of the Junior Cham Ber of Commerce meeting Friday night were told that of the needed to erect a baseball Park and Rodeo site at Lamar District fair grounds has already been raised and plans were Dis cussed to carry on a Campaign to raise the rest of the needed amount tentative plans Call for moving the grandstand of the present North main Street baseball Park plus All usable lumber in the fences and bleachers to a new site on the old race track in the fair grounds there with the addition of new materials a modern open air stadium would be built providing baseball fans a Gooc Park and giving the Jaycees a site for a projected annual Rodeo in conjunction with the Lamar District fair association the Junior chamber of com Merce plans to offer the famous Weaver Brothers and Elviry As an added attraction at the fair if the Rodeo project can be completed workers Are to Contact Busi Ness men and others interested in the project in the next few Days it was announced the fair association has told the Jaycees the building project will be earned out if the organization can Rais to which the fair body Wil add an additional sum it was also decided at Friday nights meeting that the Jaycee will Send a Duchess to the Nava Sota Melon festival july 34 which is sponsored by the Junio chamber of Commerce of tha City the Duchess will be chosen at a meeting of the organization full membership tuesday night at 8 Oclock at the Gibraltar hotel timotes however that completion of the program together with other naval construction already authorized would give the United states a Fleet of 618 warships capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the Atlantic and Pacific this Fleet would be comprised of 26 battleships 14 air plane carriers 70 cruisers 338 14 air plane carriers 70 cruisers 338 destroyers and 170 submarines this compares with the exist ing Navy of 15 battleships five air plane carriers 35 cruisers 219 destroyers and 95 submarines in addition to heavy combat ships the Bill also would author ize acquisition of construction of of Small Harbor defense Craft and tons of auxiliary imitator Benito i am chief a dictator who listens to what the chief of the rom Eberlin Axis Adolf Hitler has to say is Benito Mussolini ii Duce to the italian people Junior partner and Yesman in history no 1 team of destruction Hes billed in biographies today As editor Soldier son of a Black Smith Mussolini unified Post War Italy expanded her Boun Daries cast his lot with hitter their signed in blood when the held the Dagger plunged into the Back of his for at Charlottes

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