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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1921, Page 8

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - October 2, 1921, Paris, Texas I Page Paris morning news sunday october 2, 1921. The Paris morning news member of the associated press. Of Jet a the same Man. Fhe Day of miracles i a published every Day except monday by the North Texas publishing co. To office of publication 36 Lamar Avenue Paris Texas. Entered at the Post office at Paris As second class matter. �1 a a i <51 Elit by Herbert John on. I by or. Frank Crane. Topy Ristity 19jt. By Frank Crane ?m3i5i 5jfifi2jsi3e/slffl9 tie world i it full of them life is crowded wit h them. In fact hip hip hip my Sal hns i. Raised to six thousand Hoo we of. Subscription rates delivered by Carrier within the City limits of Paris at 60c per month or $0 per annul when paid in Advance. By mail at 60c per month or $5 per annul when paid in Advance 52.50 for six months. The sunday morning news by mail Only 11.50 per annul when paid in Advance. The Paris weekly news thy mail Only$1 per annul when paid in Advance. The county i mistake High school instead of the future. It us Dnn to an Edi tonal in t lie port Worth h end v. Or children fifteen Mih to a written by in Hoe school ? from the Day we were 1 be k. Warner Here we Are 8,000 of uttered All Over the greatest do Pend on where we Are i for 1 who is there scat state in the Union. Six thousand of us Aie Little one room school in ing along the Dusty Road out in the scorching Sun out in the Fields in the mountains the Timber and everywhere. Because the Law requires us to he built about Ever so often. Some times we Are Only two or three Miles apart and some times wig face forty or fifty Miles apart. Ail one Tench r to Tea h u <0 , Reading writing spelling arithmetic grammar geography history and not Only one Reader but it very Reader and every speller and every geography arithmetic history and grammar. Quot it looks like we ought to have the smartest teacher in the state when our teachers have so Many things to do. But we done to. Seems like most of our teachers just come out to our school to practice on u a while to no free them fit for a better and an easier Job. Veal sold until we were 16 years Oll we walked a mile to school fur six Mouths in i lie year. Val a mud and water dirt and Snow ice and weeds. We went in All kinds of weather crossed Creek on logs and walked the Fence when the Creek ran Over the roads. We Are very sure any child could go fifteen Miles to school More comfortably and safer in a covered truck today than you and i went one mile forty years ago and it Quot in. No or r being t in re on t inn every Day. It is a wholly miraculous i a tilt Trrry Quot life itself i the greatest of All miracles. Multiplying one Irish potato and making a dozen out of it by Nutting it in inc ground is quite As amazing As the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. A 12-----l-Zi j and w hat Hindoo trick can equal the Farmers who takes a f building for the past i handful of wheat and scatters it on the Good Brown Earth and by and by comes Back and reaps a Bushel turning water into wine was a thing that surprised the guests 1 at the wedding in Ana but in it any Mure astounding than to stick a dry Twig in the ground and make it Bear grapes from which wine is pressed i the re Are no infidels. Infidel is just u polemic term. It is an epithet we use in the game of arguing which As other games is diverting but arrives nowhere. Everybody believes in god though he May not use that name. It i is simply a Label which we apply to that mysterious someone or something t list i behind and causes t Hose things we Call forces. Whoever plants a seed begets a child sends a Telegram or drives an automobile believes in and relies upon some co operative Force w hu4i�?fun a lie can use but the nature thereof he in no degree understands. We Are All handling mystery every moment. The great spirit brushes against us at every turn. We sink at night into tie Miracle of sleep and at morning Greet the Miracle of reviving consciousness which is quite As wonderful As being born. We Tak of <1, and lean on god to perform the Miracle of hang it into Bone and muscle. The <1 it it r give us pills which miraculously allay our fever. Tvs Youngling meet in Spring and to the Miracle of love trem along their veins. More miracles go on in Edison a workshop than would fill two jest Amenta. A morning glory seed is taken from the clasped hand of a Mummy and sprouts after a thousand years. A message is written in new York and simultaneously it is re produced in Paris by Means of wireless telegraphy. A woman with a broken heart goes to her closet and cries out to the infinite she Cornea out Brave Serene at peace. Quot what hand Lias Ben Laid upon her soul out of mystery we come through the Gates of birth into rays f so quick1, 7h�r� cobs . Of path Lac 9yco. The-y.3ay he folks Pawn tut men thousand a Yeav Kim i9j 6 10v new books what the publishers offer in fiction and other publications invisible tides by Beatrice Kotin Seymour Thomas Seltzer new York Quot invisible tides is the Story of a Man and woman who a Are brought together by the invisible tides of circumstances. It is filled xxx a deep sympathy and an understanding of human Quot borrow. Mrs. Seymour has handled with exceptional skill a situation rarely treated Huck Cess fully in English novels. A Ursula knew life did not come to an end just because the thing you had treasured most had dropped out. Life went on. Ursula being Wise knew that you look at your possessions very differently when you have realized that they Are capable of getting up and walking away from h a a my Ashy of a tech thousand a yes it a. I m a Jorth then a whole lot of us can go to school but a few months in a year and the Good teachers say they done to want our school. They cannot make any Money and jul t teach a few months in the year. Done to have no fun neither. Ainu to the interest on Road Hinds. At the last meeting of the Road Board a motion was made and ser ended that Quot All interest on daily i balances of the Lavrar county per a manent Road fund which has a crud and Vili a a Rue be gift no equally to the four Corners of the county the lateral roads receiving All the that would appear to need some consideration. Tin Road Hoard should carefully consider the proposition Frim several As i pets it is True that the lateral roads need attention and it is also True that they Ailt of great importance to the county. It is True that there is a wide spread demand that the dirt Road he fixed before the Winter sets in and that the commissioners have ing Hie a Terv we go through the door of death and All the Days of our transit we have no ver left the skirts of mystery. Miracles a Wise in. N sait that fools wonder at the unusual Wrise my it a at the usual. 1 of fit a Oast has happened i m a re mild aant my i Coile has pfc he Cut to ten thousand s a year done to pawned by Frank 1�. Packard George h. Doran company new York by a curious turn of each character in this Book finds himself pawned to another. None Cun act As he himself desires but As another j dictates. The strange developments which arise from this circumstance Are of absorbing interest swinging tin Reader from new York to the South seas and Hack again to new York s lower East Side in a Story of adventure Lovo and rapid fire incidents., there was one who accepted the role of mephistopheles and he found his Faust albeit he was already a Young Man and he signed the b. And. Thereafter there was some parallel though not much with the >11 Story and there was Marguerite too. Enough boys to play mumble a. G fun ant no or of Lluli even. Can to play nothing without Foi dump any work and that asking up the Gills to help us out. Here f such dependence upon tin can to play baseball or town Ball county that the people who make either. Gant play four cornered a laity use of the Rouls who a car shout mixing the girls into few exception will do nothing have Cor Diplain at the condition of the roads. I be open to advice 1 i Sif but tier of by h. Addington Bruce. A tin if imly of personality a Misti in it ii it a of childhood . Stories for bedtime by Ili Ornton w. Burgess a Terra bit and the people of Meadow and Forest. Old Man Coyote is very Crafty. The game. If a Feller does go to school till he knows something he i feb Only Feller his size there and he feels so silly going to school with a lot of Little girls.�?�. Neighbors and of How am this i. About the feel ii and the fix of 400,000 of Nur Texas boys Are in. Do you blame them for not w rating to go to school ? now father done to Sty Quot Well that a the kind of a Sfa ool i went rut it is doubtful if tin Road Board have any right legally or pm orally to set aside the interest i to accrue a Money Quot Ain t is not in form to he appropriated a fid it is Al o to be doubted that setting aside this into rest from he permanent Road fund lateral roads is Good policy every thing considered. Ltd a , hum by la. A in it elated no Capanoa one of the nest precious qualities to he cultivated by very Yeung Man in business is ability to recognize and Art upon Gen advice. So fail to cultivate Lii Quality that inability to take and vie is among the commonest causes of business failure. Quot you re headed Wing John a an experienced Friend advises a youth of Little experience. Quot you can to glibly get on unless you i ahoy Yser he a Mere seriously. Quot remember you re being paid to do your work the Best you can. Go Date a s lilt wits Are there is Mon t i ii Coyote has ill lie Litt a a it ratty brain Sharp i ends to gain nothing in the world 11. I n i Lii. It Gold Man tit Cra Tiest brain of people of the Green Forest or the Green Meadows. Sharp a a the wits of old Granny Fox they arc not quite As Sharp As the wits of <>1.1 Man Coyote. If you want to it fool him von will have to get tip very Early in them it in Jing and then it is More than Likely and. Besides its to your own advantage to give to it real thought that you will be the one fooled. We Are intent upon accomplish to and what s Good enough for me ing Good roads. We Mui t need Good enough err my boy. Arry my the contract to keep up you know you do not Beli. Be the roads w hich Are being built that and you Dot not practice that doctrine along any other line. And your boy knows it too lie knows you do not plow like your father did. He know Vou do not a solemn compact with the people who voted the Bonds for the construction of a a permanent roads a a contract with the state and a a t Federal Highway departments to thresh or travel like your father expend t lie Money do a a rih that any and Newessa Means Al of the Money re is no use to put up an a interest is a part of the orig such an arg Nunt to him Inai fund upon which it is paid about his education. He knows of the very by i advantage in it is Only a Bluff and so Dot it you. Construction of Why my own father never went a to school at All but that is no Ign or proof that my boy should never a go to school. Specified Road North Dakota has about learn that a Hunch of Grant in not it a a depended upon to of business affairs Success Ull jul and real Effort. That s the Only Way to keep going up. And if you of j done to go up you re Prstt sure logo but John Hie mind intent on anything except in s work frown impatiently. He knows he s Clever enough to Quot get by without putting info his work half the thought or half the Energy he puts into the pleasures that Mea a so much to him. 1 a so that lie is astonished perhaps highly indignant when one j Day lie finds in his pay envelope a notice of dismissal. Even then lit May not appreciate that he is indeed Quot headed wrong a May re fuse Ever to admit it to himself until he has become too old to win any the dig 1 i k the Success that once might have been his. So with the Man who having through fortunate circumstances j been blessed with a Good income surprisingly Early in life finds that iacome entirely taken away from him by a sudden shift in business 1 conditions. Quot have patience a an older relative urges. Quot you can get Back in time. You re Young yet. Jut take a position with somebody at no matter How Low a salary and gradually work up. In a few years y i u 11 be on a v t Reet again. This excellent adv about gradually working up is declined not with thanks but Wrath fully not liar i. A 1><iilt. There i him that but Oner very Little ile Ltd it a in t in a win. Going k now some thing escapes him. The coming of Paddy the by aver to the Green Forest was one of these things. Ii. Did no to know a tiling about bad Early morning observations George Bailey in the Houston Post. The at now you know when a Many a barn has been built until it i about ready to fall Down on some of his Fine animals he does one of two things he tears Down the did Bam and build a new modern one or he takes All his prize live Istock out of it and puts them some where a Uhse. This is the exact condition of a lot our Rural schools. But be fore a it a Gnu tear them Down lets get to Gelfer from All Over the county inti see if something cannot be done Trio improve the school of the whole county. For when a Community build a new school House they expect it to last from Twenty five to fifty years. For this reason it should be built several years ahead of time instead of several y ears he Hind the times if there is any i thing in the Community that should be built for the future it is the school. Norf we want you to Stop and think a minute. How Many schools Are there in your county within fifteen Miles of your county seat what is that fool woman going to even hint that we All consolidate our country schools into one county High school yes sir. Now done to get excited but think it Over. It cannot be done today nor tomorrow nor this year. But think about it and when Vou begin to get ready to build nut new school House that you need so badly do not make the i is unfortunately True a however that tiler Are Many Farmers who must a d o i thir Hirton ils before they can detect the villainy j of the smooth Crook. I Secretary Davis says tills is a i time when we should barn to Trust each other. But How can we do that unless we Are All tied so we 1 can t take anything or runaway another thing about Cotton. A $10o-Bale Means either a loss or an insignificant profit to the Texas producer. To the fall River manufacturer it Means a profit a of from $500 to $1000. Tin Ltd idl it ins ii i out half \ million s the Gideons whore aim is to place a Bible in each guest room of every hotel in the country a rapidly approaching t lie 500,000 Bible Mark. The Are hut 14,000 Short of this and at their rate of distribution will pass the Milepost before the year is out according to National Secretary a. B. Up. Moore of Chicago. Travelling men who make up the hrs Van Gam Merckl travellers association of America number More than 4 �0o Active members or. Moore rep m the Sci qty started on july 1, 1k99, by of Tonsill Tomy. If that does no to restore him than he must if to desperate no isun s and a carry an Irish potato in his pocket and that failing Wear a Copper band around his ankle. We can Tell him beforehand that emetic hypodermic Are worthless. If Lloyd George s condition i does no to improve with the Lancing of a his gum boil he must have tin tooth pulled. If that does no to put i him to rights he must have All his Wiy should any one expect a Man Ketih a byed. I his malady i f i. remains obstinate he must undergo of his great Worth to come Down to a Low salaried Job hell surely operation run across something in which to make a Quick the chances Are All against his doing so. Persisting in waiting for something Quot big to turn up refusing to take the advice of Wiser men and buckling Down to the task of proving his wort i through hard work the chances Are that the time will Coane when this poor Man will vainly seek steady work of any kind. Continually one May Trace life tragedies of one sort or another Hack to this widespread unwillingness to take advice. It is one of the real blights of humanity and fortunate is the Man who recognizes it menace and refuse to join the hapless group of those foolish or stubborn souls who simply will not be advised. Take this to heart if you Are not making the Progress in business you had confidently expected to make. There is a reason for your lagging behind. Seek out some one wlm knows you Well enough to be Able at least to conjecture what j that reason is. Ask his advice and Doht let any exaggerated a Elf Este Era Rouse you to resentment if your counsellor should Tell you things you do not like to hear. La dead he grateful fur the Candor of his words. Then try to profit from them. By until Paddy had finished his dam und his Muse and was cutting Lus Supply a it of food for tie a inter. You set it was this Way when the merry Little Breemis of old Mother West wind first Hoard the news of what was going on in the i get to Forest and hurried around a Jer the Grcen Meadows and tar it ugh the Gren Forest to Spry us the news As is t heir Way they to it a the greatest pains not to Ev-,i1 hint it to old m m Coyote bees us they were afraid that he would make trouble and perhaps give baddy away. The place that baddy had chosen to build his dam was so deep in the Green Forrest that old Man Coyote Seldom j went that Way. So it was that he knew nothing about Paldy and baddy knew nothing about him for a a Iii time. But after a while old Man Coyote noticed that the Little people i f the Green Meadows were hot about As much As usual. They m. In d to have a secret of a the kind la mentioned tie Mattsf to a i Friend let in Ger the Badger. Dig i go a had been so intent on his own affairs that he Hadnot noticed any thing unusual but when old Man i Coyote mentioned tilt Mattre lie remembered that Blacky the Crow a headed straight for the fire n 1 i Vry morning Anil several times lie had seen Sammiy Jay flying in the same direction As if in t in it hurry to get somewhere i ild Man Coyote grind. Quot that a jail i i Quot a to know Friend Digger a said to when Blacky the Crow a and Sammy Jay visit a place More than mice something interesting is going on Tiger a. I think i la Tuke a troll up through the Green Forest i and look with Tii it off old Man Toyota started. But he was too sly and Crafty to go straight to the Green in iss. Ii pretended to Hunt around Over the Green Meadows just As he usual did All the time working nearer and nearer to the Gre in Forest. When he reached the Edge of it he slipped in among the Trees and when heft it that no one was Lik it by to see him he began to run this Way and that Way with his nose to the ground. Quot Hal a lit a vol aim a presently Quot Reddy Fox has Geen this Way pretty soon he found another Trail. hot said Peter Rabbit has by a n Over Here a Good Deal of late and his Trull in the same , Linn As that of Reddy Fox. I i Ness All 1 hav to do now is to follow Peters and it will Lead in to what i want to find so old Man Coyote followed Peters Trail and so to t he Pond of Quot ii Quot said lie As he looked out the lamp of by Margaret Pelt ller George ii. Doran company new York Quot never never give. You heart to my Man. Take everything. But i do not give anything in these her Mother s last words returned t it Magda when men called or South is and reproached her with the ruined lives she left in liar Wake. And there came one Man who did make a difference a Man who judged her and condemned her and turned resolutely away. But not so simply mag hit the threads that bound these two be brushed aside. From the flame of her one great love a Woi Muir a True Sou was wrought. Quot the Hermit off or end and a the House of Dreanie Cine True have established Margaret Pedler in a unique plan a As a writer of appealing romances her Fame will grow with Quot the of a .�?�. Old Plantation Day by re his Ihl but ledge Frederick a. Stokes company new York speaking of the writing of Archibald Rutledge the editor of Field and Stream says Quot or. E. S. Martin the editorial n presently come writer of , said years ago Tafat the j of we Iru a Broutt is he looked out up in to l opt try was like unto a Quot 1 s Quot 1 m Vav Bouse. So Obin that was hatched in a an in a Quot a Quot 1 n Quot Comer to the Green .uhat0r< or. Ruth Edge j8 a Hong k a Quot is 1 hav Quot always Hoard that cry from the incubator Bird. Beaver is very Good eating. My when he writes of his adventures on the stomach begins to feel empty this Ltd Arouna Plantation he writes a i pm uth began with it a big Man s love and perspex u Quot Quot 1 fierce hungry lord it Tive. He writes for wha t Call the shone in his yellow eyes. Very to it was just then that Sammy Jay saw Nim and began to sort am at the top of his lungs so that baddy the Beaver Over in i House heard him. Old Man Coyote knew that it was of no use to stay with Sammy Jay about so he took a Hasty by amp a about and found where Paddy a line ashore to out his food. Then slip Kim his fist at Sammy Jay he st irked straight Hack for in Green Meadows. Quot ill just pay a visit Here in the said he and give or. By a a a Surprise while he is at but with All his Craft old Man co vote did t notice that lie had left a footprint in the mud. Vex Story it it in i Man Coyote i let i aim it into d. A old kids who Are not concerned with psychology and the eternal Triangle but who love the outdoors and his writing is just Plain Good healthy outdoor fun and adventure that tingles your in this volume Are tales one might hear Over the glowing embers of a Camp fire from the lips of a Veteran Hunter and Story Teller adventures of the game trails of the South Carolina Pine lands and the Santee Dha swamps delightful human stories of the leisurely hospitable life in a negro Cabin and the i Quot great House a tales that bring the fact and spirit of the old South i vividly to he Reader through characterizations and description which will remain Long in the memory As the fragrance of Jasmins and Myrtle i clings about the old Plantation i Homes it is said m n mini pm och training for the anticipated of american banquets. It a sail exp Rii Nee for this 11 round will a great commando l lie american banquet in its Best Days was an unmitigated nuisance now it is a tragedy. A Frenchman 1 ims to have discovered a Way to put the Ocean ides to work and save Toi s of Coal Atin Subj. It would a a win la if Bui it a oui Mere wonderful 1� find put humanity to Woi k save i Iza Tion. History of Lamar county by de h. Mccuistion president of the in Amar county historical society. Her father s daughter by Gene Stratton Porter Doubleday Page amp co., new York Transfer a a the girl of the Lim Ber lost to the Richer setting of California. In that luxuriant Field for such a a worker with nature a j such a healthy level headed bal i. Aneed Young woman that its a de the j this family 0 this time and in his rightful Peri once to know her manner. It will Alry Ady have been a tie following account of Poteet family was written by lion j Gibbons Poteet at the a quit of surmised by the attentive Reata r or. Mccuistion and will be run n through several Days. The first Way to instalment was printed in the is that Mihi i a do of october 2. I he Iii i ii a will Iii n re Minim i it i s or the latest War be printed Are those of the who presided Lear that the enemy was in full flight northward and that the Battle was won congratulations were reminiscences to in order and he received instructions that the menu for the dinner ave tie of j Hotilda in As much of a banquet As a chef we suppose Oil minority will a nil it Republican tax Bill us it of said they will what we wan t. Know is will the. Be publicans regard it by an attack or Marci As the buzzing of a few la lies to to slapped at. In response to your re quest for a. Ohli tonal data relative to the it pi-o11��?� Ltd families of Lamar county i of "1 moved to enter the names of my own honoured and honorable ancestors my grandparents both sides of the House the to Quot to and the n eat he Rys the that it was some years afterwards before i was Able to form judgment As to their habits nature language and customs. My earliest of recollection is filled with a Tori a be role stories told by my father in which his father or some of his ancestors was the hero. 1 part some that to most children their father and their Grandfather on j Ami their progenitors All Back of Down the line Are la roes. That is poas it should be every child you have this new Story a her fathers the rightness of her life the a arc tesness of her Effort the invincibility of character combined with ability the Charm of helpfulness of her Friendship the Sac red Ness and Beauty of her lox Ewhen at last she gives it Lake the Appeal of mrs. Porters strongest and most absorbing Story. Quot it is As Good As either a the girl French general staff h the Batti of the Marne and who prepared the simple but abundant incite that , then general during his raw material would permit. I As tin meal was about to be a Quot mulch a d a British automobile Rit i up to Headquarters with a was three in n meeting in a Little hotel a it it of Fps sat Down tout v. By irregular j Ket of Champagne in Janesville wis. The Gideons Are now organized in 40 states and have placed Bias a Token the Frerich British urt1 blk a m All of the 48 states and in a1 ask a. La Halois leads in the number of Bibl , with California second or. Moore reports. Over 48,-000 were placed last year which is Short of the Banner year s Mark when bibles Cost less and 7a,000 Over it put in the hotels. Lat year however saw the largest recent hours. I of congratulation. If i Clefs culinary Ttceomp-1 Muff it came from a British unit grave tier. Agen 4 Ware not Sui a rior t a it his Quot in Liaison the chef was a 9t j might drink new \ to k do a. Literary Talent then one pities poor getting read to serve it when i that the bottles bore a Ger a Roger Bah son says the develop i tan Mark and he informed the ment of the Sou i shuma my y s g. A a t Jottie Quot and it must have been a Relief to the command or in Ghiz of to leave the mess table and return to the Batth line. A a dung tin i tattle of the Marne the general put away enough food to feed three Ordinary men a said the chef. Then hot naively Quot i Hope Monsieur Lemarechal Mafie a Disua ution of win t remd what i say about the o Bible to Atlantic City to Tell. Tire Oide ors have set a Maic of 100,000 ter the Selvo Foi them it j.2 Monalu. Officer of the fact forbade him to it the pagne to the Stoff and to throw lie bottles away. A we did a says the it Lief Quot but Only the next morning and they were sine 1010 the Pennsylvania one of the most amusing Inci i Railroad has Laid 56,230,904 new dents related by the chef is that on j Cross ties and 1,347,289 september 12, when it became new rail. Of tin Limber lost or a the Harvester a a quote one Reader. This is cheering new when we recall that the Sale of Turse two Hooks in a Federal official says it will re a teds falling in the class �>1 1840 a should think its own people just am idea and England has exceeded a Ion one prohibit us agent to it very a and the Athy Rys in that of 1830. A Little Superior to All others How three million copies live families to enforce prohibit Ion Theja octets a Quot or it is not polite to let a conti.1 the Story is about a girl the in new York. There Are 2,000,000 is acquaintance with this Noble. Is never Good manners and a a me daughter of a great nerve special families in new York so in thinks family began in 1866 in the log is of tvs a Good manners and some st who to rest his own nerves that 4on, y ii be necessary to1 mansion of my grandma j times it is not Safe or sanitary to took the girl with him on camping confine John Barleycorn to i. Ther Down on Honey Creek about to o. But Pardon tin diversion. And Fushi trips from childhood a mile North of where it poured was speaking of Early memories and drilled her in the lore of tie its pellucid Waters into Hickory i believe the first song that stuck desert the canyons the mountains greek this Point being about a in my mind was the one my fax and the so a. After his death need a Nile this Side of the old finny be ther used to sing to me As i sat eng Money sin conceived the idea swimming Hole. They Tell in that upon 1ns knee at night in front of j of starting a department of orig that worthy problem. Apparently humanity is ii a a Beautiful Bright morning he Good woodfire Quot daddy a gon a Inal cookery in a modern Magazine. Chain devoting most of its time to the do Jan a that As the first Early rays a Hunting to kill a Bear to get the each month she takes up one Staple ordered him Veloon Keiit us its stomach arid up streamed through tin Eastern win skin to wrap my baby Bunting a article of food used by the indians Petite. Dow tin infant Prodigy turned his of course my daddy was the a dad a and tells where it ran be found and face in that direction and blinked by Quot and i was the Quot baby Bunting j How delicious dishes May be pre a Imp in Illinois left $1 50,000 to his bran new eyes Lik it an owl a Little later i Learned that my part �1 from it today. This work is tin in Uthe ran Church. His brother when a flashlight is thrown in his f it Lar was Thomas Pembroke to done secretly under the name of says be was crazy and is trying to it face upon which very intelligent Teet and that my Grandfather was Quot Jane Meredith Quot while the girl is Ruuk the will. Tiny decedent made performance his aunts All exclaim Thomas it. 11. Poteet known by attending a City High school. This the $150,000 the brother never Eden concert Quot just look at that his friends and neighbors As Quot in shifts tie location All Over Cali to no. F1 made any hmm. Halt you a crazy he a looking at the Sunh it Cle tie is the Pioneer fornia and brings in numerous in Man working for Yop done to that beat you a while i met subject of this sketch. It resting characters and situations. J

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