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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - October 2, 1921, Paris, Texas The Paris eighteen pages today. News established 1869. Paris Texas sunday october 2, 192. Member Oci Tell in re a. Number 71. Row in air service the Cloud on their horizon reprint and through Courtesy of the fort Worth Sta Telegram concerns defences Mitchell has been contending for efficiency in and is about ready to admit that he is Defeated. By Herbert Corey Washington oct. 1.�?briga Dler general William s. Mitchell is about ready to quit. To is today the acting chief of the air service for major general c. T. Menoher has asked to be relieved. Mitchell has done More to make the United states air service tick than any other Man it it. He has fought for More planes and 1 Otter ones. It is due to his challenges that the bombing experiments were recently held off the Virginia capes. He has repeatedly declared than a battleship Fleet cannot live under bombardment from a proper Force of planes. If he leaves the service it is because he believes it is going to seed. The flying men in the army and Navy Are All that can be asked in spirit and skill and courage. Hut they feel they Are hammering away at a Wall of fog in their Effort to create an Arm on which they sincerely believe the National safety May depend. Mitchell and others believe today that what further immediate Progress May be made in flying j will be made by commercial companies. They fear the military branches have ceased to Lead if Mitchell leaves the service it will be to enter the commercial Field. It is not impossible others will leave with him. Mitchell an enthusiast Mitchell is a flying Man who commanded the largest fore of flyers Ever assembled in France during the attack on st. Mihiel. He is an enthusiast. He cares just about As much for official dignity a sips Gay. Weeks has shown himself thoroughly alive to the needs of the air service but likewise sympathetic t othe unhappy position of a major general who like Menoher had As vigorous an assistant As Mitchell. Confidential a it in it it gets out maybe the result of the former weeks Menoher Mitchell Confer ence accounts for the fact that Menoher did not submit Mitchell s a a confidential report to the Secretary of War. Some one knew about it confidential or no for on sept. Fat representative Curry referred to it on the floor of the House and Vised his fellow members to get posted on air affairs when it a made Public. No one in the Navy department seems to have known anything about the Mitchell report although the blessed hide had been taken off the advocates of big slow ships in it. There was an apparent intent to smother the report. Maybe it is More fair to say there is no evidence tha there was any intent to publish it. Thyn it was published. Now every one wants to know How it got out. It Isnit the truth but the leak tha seems to worry Oft ii Ial Washington. If you want to be Fine respectable Salt bearded old gentlemen show How thoroughly Peppy they Are visit the Navy department and listen to the admirals. If it keeps up Long enough the admirals will be listed As one of the attractions of being Washington Tours. Hating hours Sot vex it morning and evening hating hours have teen set aside so go sheriff resisted by the Kun Kluvers nine men founded in l ight at Lorena when Sli Riff attempted to i Ake american f lag f rom a masked parader. I a w v a it a Chanan Imi were wounded when Jho sheriff duties attempted the t to Cross Bear i the s i Riff precedents traditions and intellectual Deai lines As a Cannibal does for the holy roman Empire. He has been shaking the it dry Bones in the War and Navy departments until the visitor to either breathes tract Cully nothing but dust. He recently threw his controversial hat into the ring again and his controversial hat weighs about As much As the Liberty Bell and always Falls on a few toes. So Mitchell is in trouble. And he is about disgusted enough to quit. Mitchell engineered the bombing test recently held off the Virginia capes in which several sex German vessels were sunk before the bombing test most naval officers except the naval fliers and most army officers except the army fliers said that poor Mitchell was hearing the pretty Chimes every time he Shook his head. They said that flying machine is were perpetually n. G. Against Large hard battleships and that even if they could find ships at sea they could do them no harm even if they could hit them. But the fliers hit and Sank every target offered. Joint boat to d the joint army and Navy Board of which general Pershing was the chief made what was considered by most a very favourable report. There were traces of conservatism hanging about it it is True. Broadly speaking however the joint Board admitted that no warship As at present constructed can resist attack from the air by heavyweight bombers and advised immediate Progress in the creation of a really effective air Force. But that was not enough for Mitchell. He began to shoot fast and Low. In a confidential report rendered to general c. T. Menoher then in command of the air Force although not a flying Man Mitchell said among other things a that aircraft can operate under conditions that would Render sea Craft helpless. A that aircraft can protect the entire coast. A that the present coast artillery Force has Cost 11,870,000,000ft and that is about All the Good it is. Lack of Liason a that our National defense system is marked by a masterly Lack of he is not being quoted verbatim. The sentences used above however Are accurate presentations of his Case. General Menoher received this confident Ila report and retired to his closet with it. He seems not even to have taken secret iry of War weeks into Iii Confidence. The reason May perhaps be that the last time Mitchell burst out of the Cave of silence and said a lot of things which were unpleasant sue has tha the flying service was Beig ruined by the lives of flying men sacrificed because the service was being run by officers who did All their flying in swivel chairs or something of that sort Menoher undertook to reprimand Mitchell won t Sam a softly a you must speak softly a said Menoher in effect. Mitchell would not speak softly. Menoher asked the Secretary War to remove Mitchell from his individuals who Are libellous and unknown say that when the admirals have gone As far As their blood pressures permit the one Way in which they can be calmed Down is to say that bless Al word Librers Sny soothes and mollified them. Brigadier general Mitchell says he did no to have to give out his report and every one believes him. Not Only does he Tell the truth by instinct Anil nature but he is too mad and fearless to Tell anything but the truth. There is a theory that one of his enemies gave it out on the principle invented by Samson when in pulled Down the pillars of the Temple. It May be recalled that the it list of casualties filled the entire first Page of the Gaza Gazette on that occasion and that Samson a friends As Well As enemies got rocks on their neets. It May possibly injure Mitchell to have it generally known that he Isnit ready even yet to shut up and let the battleship admirals have their to air shipped Way. But it is a Heap More Apt to injure other people. Mitchell being investigated Mitchell is being inquired into by chief of staff Harbord. That does not necessarily mean that Mitchell j is being disadvantageous inquired into. Harbord is about the Livest wire in the army outside of John j. Pershing himself. He is not a West Pointer hut made his Way to the top through sheer ability. In France he skippered the marines through Belleau Woods and then was dragged away from a most1 enjoyable Job of fighting to be the big chief of the Supply department behind the lines. If it had not been for Harbordt keen vision and absolute Broad gauge wide open disregard for brass buttons Gold braid red tape and tradition the Ameri can army would not have got its supplies on time. So that it does not necessarily follow that Mitchell is in the hands of an enemy when the chief of staff is looking into him. But his friends say that Mitchell is jus about ready to quit. He has had a Fine offer from a commercial flying firm although that does not. Influence him. What does influence him is his conviction that no Progress can be hoped for in aviation in either the army or Navy he believes firmly that the safety of his country will depend largely upon the air Arm in the next War Anil that if our military Fon t s will no develop the Aerial weapon i is duty to do what he can toward developing i through civil aviation. He is wholly sincere and unselfish in this conviction his friends say. Alabama tests useless they Point to the Forth bombing tests in which the old battleship Alabama is to be sacrificed As a proof of Mitchells Contention that the door is closed to Progress in aviation in both the army and Navy. Mitchell had As iced that the Alabama be turned Over to the army fliers to do what they wished. It having been demonstrated that a battleship can be sunk by heavy bombs he did not a am to waste time in vain repetition. He wanted to make a real test of bombing of i under Battle conditions. 1 a we wanted to fill her magazines Centennial Celebration and Lamar fair opening at hand Jwj Jwj a Quot a colonel Mason Mathews Patrick of the Engineer corps has been nominated by president Harding As chief of the army air service with the rank a if major general. Colonel 7�?Tatrick Hiltl this higher rank during the War As chief of the a s. Air service in Franco i i. Ill do you realize a hat there is mily one More week intervening Between the Date fixed for the opening of the Centennial Celebration that there Are Only eight Days intervening until the Lamar fair and exposition of 1 i 21 opens its Gates in tenth annual exhibit and for the first year As a District fair Tiit a great Deal a it Mains l it he done during that Brief space of time and that you have your part to play As Well As every other citizen of Lamar county ? if you do not realize it get a Calendar did look at the Date count the Days then st Dover the matter of what there is for you to do and this is applicable to every Ciupei of Lamar tills is the greatest event Ever celebrated in the county of Lamar the Centennial of the first settlement of White men in this territory it will lie another Hundred years before thera will be a similar of porn unit and mighty few Ltd us Are going to be Here to compare it Quot with this years observe Neo. You need not he one of the old timers it Isnit eve it n necessary for you to he a member of one of the old families in order to join with whole heart in this Celebration if you Are now a citizen of Lamar you have just As much part and just As much interest As any other citizen of Lamar. Show your civic Pride your loyalty to your county by doing that part even though it be a Small it will All count to arouse the interest and tin1 enthusiasm of others. Twyma held on a murder charge democrats after new York will it would mean the stoppage of master at Gatesville train Heflin and Fletcher Call for an giants and Yankees Are to con food supplies and other essentials. It ask a a cd to Rwm Washington. It it it 1 ing school was remanded to jail. Investigation of expenditures. Test for the worlds championship. Tack on Union in Nelson rep of a successful fight Rottee Mem Init it claimed would disc a an at-1 it or by senator i m Minnesota Ami against a com a which it was i inmate against Wihry Gatesvill american shies in favor of foreign Craft marked sen the consideration today of the Republican tax revision Bill. Senator Nelson declared that the Union itself was the probable cause of the movement of the a unemployment Over the b. A use a read-1 they would not Cie n just Merit of wages. To the Railroad workers he attributed part of the responsibility for present High fright rates As-1 renting that until there was a reduction in High wages and bonuses allowed during Govorun it control the people could not Hope to get cheaper transportation Tariff. Referring to tin thru it at Ned a Trike of Railroad workers the Minnesota so Init a i ill be was getting tired of threats to tie up the transportation system and thought there should be a show Down. A let the people understand once a Oming him for i Viat these men mean by t or ten int 1 Tike a said senator be son. I. Them understand that it no it 1 he Topping of food applies and other �>8sen-Tlals want and starvation in our cities Ami towns and 1"venture the fun edic Ion t h it than Erien people will Rise in their might and tripe thes. Met n in t the i ice of the Earth �1 prot Texas oct 1.�? lieutenant h. O. Twyman former Drill master at Gatesville training school for boys charged with Niue. Der following the death of 14 year old Dell thames of Beaumont on the Parade ground of the school a ast sunday was remanded to jail without bail at 6 p. M. Today after attorneys for the defense had spent the afternoon in conference and argument. If Appeal to the High r Curts 1� taken Twyman will remain in afm he ii i my i Washington oct 1.�?a demand that the Republican majority in the Senate investigate increase made Rei entry in the salaries of officials and others in the new York Federal Reserve Hank was mail today by senator ii. F Lite Ltd a of Alabama Reading from a list showing that $1.800, $2,400 and $4,000 Are salaries which have been raised to $10,009, $15,090 and $-�5,000 senator Heflin told the Senate it was an a a outrage that there should but such a a digging into the funds of aim a Tati Ripo new York oct. 1 going to have the 1 to itself tills year a a it. A new York world series the Yankees a in a that certain today when they tin american league chem hip by pushing tip. In Hilad 1 athletics Dic first Gamt per in tin t heir liar double Tsure 1 the is league Carlo a Ives r in not january term j confinement until the of the grand jury. Following the remanding of Twyman judge h. E. Bellap a pointed by governor Neff to conduct an investigation in of the state announced that hand / a r. Johnson representing the j training school Board of control would fake up the general probe of i conduct at the institution Early. week. I or. Johnson left last night for Austin. T he people Quot of a employ the senator i Ida interrupt salaries paid i a said there of operations year win ii a great Man he Irmy through a Tih a d to i by t he was a Mil <�?T0011 it won his s to \ p in \ m a i y r it i dem Floral attention to shipping Board. $ 159,090 a year to Tell an $84,090 a shipping Board How to it top the government merchant that there were experts at salaries to Tell other i spetts to a to and that there were paid lawyers to Tell other a h 1 i w yrs How to int or pret the Law. Senator Mckellar dem of Tennessee told the Senate had received recently a request Erst Fleet hit ii what High High Punu Phi i in 11 header. A the giants of the nations the week. Tonight the argument of every metropolitan fan is looking for the Illinois brother who always brought inf it every discussion of to it relative merits of Chicago and new York the fact that Chicago was the Only place Good enough to have a worlds series in its own backyard. This happened in 1903 when the White hox won out in Fhy it american league a a find the cubs finished first in Ali. A 1 l it i world will 11on1&Quot 1. P Avi hut for the first a t a classic wi1 i no shift of scenery. The whole think inn of t in to st i .j11 the final a a a m pro a in a 1.�?��?-s h r i of to b id Quot p. Bust a Raj i s some so ious y. With several dept it halt an an Kun flux klan Parade at Loretta 14 Miles South of Here at 9 80 tonight sheriff Buchanan went to Lor Nett with the announced determination of stopping the Parade and conf it rred with several of th1 klan it hers who were masked for More than an hour in an Effort to Stop it. Hut the leaders of the a Liq Vista e Empire refused to be Hult de and a it 9 80, one hour after they were scheduled to appear they began their March. To the first Ross Street on the Waco Road the sheriff jumped into the Road Grapp Liti. With the Leader who was carrying an american Flag. Pandemonium broke Loose the klan men Rushing to the scene of the fight. The Parade was Only halted for a moment during which t be bystanders were Cut and shot am Ali sheriff was held by men in citizens clothes while the banners wer it age in held aloft and the Tiara Rte proceeded. Sheriff Ftp cd by i a it Ruder. As the sheriff grabbed for a Flag bearer and tussle d against the hitter slammed r the head with the fiery Ero a a and it went not. Quot the crowd was squeezed in i among the closely lined Auto Moil s along the main Street of the a town Lik a the proverbial sardines. In waiting for the up Rad it they j were milling Are Iuno a laughing and talking giving �1 so a it of Holt i Day spirit a is if they were waiting tor a Cireus Quot declared a prominent Waco business Man who was an a a a witness. Like Huml reds of in the a Waco Ana. He had motored do Jan with his family to it see the klan demonstration. Many women mul Chilili on Rhei n were numb is of Todt non and children among the 3,0 10 or More it who flooded tin Little City. Tin y Lent a Wom Zerfu bit of color to the. Picture. Men came and a i brought their families. They came fro m. \ t i \ Alp i Quot. To lib Lorenn Dalins Pike was like a fast timing Sniad is of prior to the schedule a hour a he sail. Or. Crow mrs. Row and two a Young a Clits we re in a cur near mind watching for the klansmen. I when the excitement followed the sin Riff s groups Sally at the Lead i a is i rushed toward the scene As did Many others from the ear. Near my. After the crucial few i Hites when i to san n and a offi-1 i s clinched i started Back to my a family anti i sow that or Row a was Hurt a he continued. There was no hint of Troulden j til the Parade reached the into r a i Section of the main business Street i i Here sheriff Hob Buchanan step j pm into tin Street trying to wrest the american Flag from tin first White Clad figure s hand. In the i Battle that followed m. Burton Lewis grow Carl West will Lawson and flu Riff Buchanan were wounded Buchanan was shot twice once in the neck and once in the body j grow was badly Cut up. The in i juries of the Otin 1 have Notye to 1 j la a a in ascertained. Lite sheriff go Iii d a just Tell them that the White it Cape shot my a a Whei Iff Bob Buchanan answered to tits representative of to lib news trivium when hitting on the Edge of a cot at the Hospital j waiting to have his Woun is in re she a. I i i go and Pic a ted and 1 begged and pleaded with them to jury but were a not billed a nearly 1 Hundred prominent citizens went n t heir Bon is when thy Ivy re ted after Cummings had been tarred. Sly Rolf wanted name. Readers Quot have been appearing in the two local a it ups for several a lavs inv uni Quot a. K. K is com inc a tip to the news Tribune ear y tonight told of the sheriff s plans to a t the Parade which a is scheduled for 8 30 it did actually Start until an hour inter. Nine men Are known to to a Suffy ring from Bullet and knife v a Nils and others were probably Hurt when the sheriff a Pons at to to Pter a to Stop the Parade. Top to Midnight no deaths had he a reported. Those who Are known to have been Hurt Are sheriff Boh Buchanan of Milonan county Bull to wounds in the right Side and above the i knee. Lot Crow. Waco proprietor of 1 lot a i i Timon Knif it wound in the right six be. Garl West Lorena Bullet would in the neck. Will Lawson in it Rena wounds. De Johnson War it. Knife Julien Minler Waco we und will Austin Lorena wound Charlie Westbrook knife wounds 1�. S. Dumas Waco wound. Most won bystanders. To lib a sheriff was the a Only Mer her of the posse wounded. To e men wore brought a w Aeo sanitarium in ambulance 1. I Quot other injured person wet but inders and not of the Para in your. K nil i knt a lore bul t i re the no i Liona i. Wien Husyt Al r d in one town 11 in Hist 1 v. A a i i a a i ii i r a 1 Stop the Parade would not hear a did you t hem a Quot yes. That hardly Ati hotly no aah Al grow Hoy when the first Buchanan had i the jail it a a he could offer the wife Ltd of the a a m a said a but they igme ,111 of Crow boy Well but that id red a a he said Flash that sheriff a Oil shot reached Iceni of turmoil no Toi a flick of the Law a Vilo 11,1 1 it Ood i flux klan and the Tiou of the Law a prop of i Pai Ltd a twe nth Kun to Liu Al Viola i bodied in the of to it the Ltd i in i o pm. A Mioi Inicis to Russ for Hysna gab. Let. Cooper driving his first race sin re entering the racing game we the annual Kan Joaquin Vail classic a National a Ham Plonski Point race of 150 Miles today. Coopers time was 1 Man tits a and in seconds. Jimmy Murphy finish a one foot Schiml our. 111/ my Mil it less Ner. T ban from a business Muti in ast it the possibility of a shipping Board vets i a .11 to t i ight from i a 11 i t a i kingdom Pointer it f or cd a her quest 1 it .1 a a i i 0 0 a j e in a a rat it1 a i Aid t hat the tir a Brit ish a met Iea n i ish sit thu a for Iyll 1 ate. In h a to carry Texas to 1 and 11 a 1. B. Small. Tor of Oi-1 told. In inquirer Lioi ild a bar ship rather than an <1, t Trause i Quot Brit would give a Low on i cd in my Al in. Just Wen a Sil i Sill i to Quot Agni a the Quot v min i ill i e i de i pm net i attend / i a 7, 1 it b ult Tana its Wou Ixl Quot i a bail which under the right Arm pit a wound Aero the tin i i y k Ali is that if i ii Thi i tit at and 1-0,1 i i ,1 she in confused wer to a question Toni .11 a a a Chapline As to whither he of pit any i ooh la it replied in firm to Gutive. Did to it Kinsmen charge you Quot t. I i Al b to a ii t n was asked third h he h a a it ii p o position As second 111 command of the air Force. The three had a ton fab one Day at the end of which it was announced that Mitchell had consented to go and sin no More. He did no look like a penitent sinner that Day following the conference. He looked to me a Good deals More like a Man who had won a it enjoyable fight. His friends always insisted that Secretary in st end with explosives put tire in her boilers a a quip her with radio control and Start her out a he said. A eth 11 we would simulate actual Battle conditions in the attack and find out just How Long she would remain did not have ibs Way but he did not have his Way. The Alabama is to be anchored in Shal continue 1 011 Page twelve i sunday increase. Mon by. Unsettled. Oklahoma ing a Loudine. A cooler fast Texas sunday by fair monday partly cooler in North portion. L it \ a ii my in s i it >1 it a in \ a on Digiov Genera 1-Cloudy. Paris weather report. Reported by Robert Miller Maxim nuts temperature Grees. Minimum 52 degrees. / / ile fort h i Ley wort h a of mock Gil Worth t h i Rel Texas it i rank Heman of the fort ague baseball club. Who was a tri Ken with appendicitis her a last night is in a serious condition at 1 local Hospital to Luh and attending phys Icahn de Claro Al an a a iteration a Field but 1 formed immediately. Div i it a it Fli s did a a i Iii it i s i a i i d in it \ i in Resno a i get. 1 a Ston 8< Ules Auto Motel tace Driver who Yves injured with a Bis car the w a Tiro und put the it Wigt the Fence on the fre Sitio Speedway Here today i it the ban Joaquin Alley a a la sic race Doti in i Hospital Here shortly after k of Cleek tonight Llis Mecan clan Harry 11 inter i fatally injury according to or. Vav. L. Adams. of i i Timur in 1 tur. It j st it f a to. Not Fri m Quot gite pitch y hoots a Ion Ron Waite in Iff pit fishing irm a recently Wall f st on. Aid i quoth -1 min 1 Broth a to a Irish Quot hipped the Noti Nal Lea hitting d b 11 n if i b h a run Viten s he said. A �1 i no ii started i but Ned look a a a. Plead a a a i id and pin i a i of �?�1 h a hand -1 sea of i h Whoso i Normal a r a Eek Iii to incr. A a Swers the a bins win be Flag by ids lie a a j it was Plain b�1 was too weak fro n Midi Iii ent or 1>ks of blood la i 1 continue. The k u flux klan Parade which i Ault a i i i the wounding of nine men at Lorena near Liete tonight v ii announced by notifies posted t e t ight before on buildings and Tele Raph poles first intimation of the klan a strength h a became known july a when a party of in n tarred k. Gumming after having sent him warn in Winch h refused to hot cd. Thru a of the party we re arrested and bound Over to lie grand the a Battle Between the sheriff a to composed of sheriff buc an a. Deputy sheriff m. Burt n and i put y sheriff i Mack woo and the Pnra Ders took place at to lira to Cross a try it at the Entrance it Lorena front Waco Road. When the sheriff attempt a it Stop the Robe i figures and tear the Mark from the faces of the leu ing men. He was attacked. The leading figure in the a carrying that american Flag first stopped by the sheriff. The noise and Huyuh that pro lib d the sheriff s action Muile t almost impossible to hear what c a Aid w Hen he stopped the a Man can Rvl i his Flag and attempted o tar the mask front his face oth r Robed figure rushed up to join in the Melee. A Wiki my cup ensued a Pis it shot rang out in the Clear air. Lull of a few Sec my is followed the n Between ten and fifteen shuts to re a in rapid succession. Sim Riff k�1 if. Sheriff Buchanan Knif a in hard so i o n Clarel a space about Hon. He was Knock a Down at the beginning of the fight by a pole in tb�1 hands of one of the Parad a. But Iris Knif in hand he Sid some Quot be took his gun Nway from him v Hil he was Down. While hot was Down one of he White roiled men grabbed the t to another Ift d High the fiery errs Mil the Parad moved on. Banners Earrl a i by the Pard Quot i it vere taken by who la the Hgt in a 1 Deputy Burton were held by bystander. Preceding the Parade. Sheriff by italian with Hia deputies r tid in Lorena after having 1 a Dar 1 he would a other Stop he Parade it a know who was leading it. More than an hour before he h i Ray a was scheduled to Start Shet Iff Buchanan went Down to the Man the where the Parade a is wer being sent having been told hould see the two men a a we 1, to Lead. He it declared iat a they refused to give it their Nam s w Den he went to them or to she v their faces. A a iwo Llyn st it la. If they will lust let me see we a to is Hadl Riu a i can know who 0 hold re Spon Sihle if anything a a i a i will a it Stop the Pugrad a to lib he Riff a a Clarid. A eth shall not Parade if i c i k a p thim from a dec Lar i a in e after time walking up a t Down the Road. Citizens talk a a Lum to Vang to persuade him not 1 interfere with the masked no butt Ltd no Avail. B is not tight for them to or s 5 Rou quoth Here Van no on kno s w to they Are it is not the la a they can to go through until the y got me a top Down the Ronal he wad. Followed by a crowd of be i Quot some hooting i Quot other Tring t it reason with him. And Otho s he was right and the t As sheriff a was doing his duty. If the will Only us to me see w o t a a i will not interfere a e pleaded again and again farm loan Bonds Are offered As of Mon d i f \ a Ltd a pm i fit for a w Shin ton oct. 1 a a Noune ement of a general offering Federal farm loan Bon is total $6u.090.900 was nmn be might the Treasury department. The is will Bear 5 per cent from Octoba 8

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