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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Jun 21 1924, Page 3

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - June 21, 1924, Paris, Texas The Paris morning news saturday june 21, 1924 Pagi thud a doctors prescription amazing Success broomes kidney ailments backache thousands die yearly who ought not to die kidney troubles kill them. Its guaranteed. 6 ounce bottle 75c Straw hats 1 2 and $3.00 at Levy a the Laud owner obtains verdict i the Small delicate sieves in the kidney clog up l tie poisons that should Strain through and a out with tie water let ask up and gel into the system a this neans uraemic put it i coning and May mean the Oss of sum1 loved one bust for All of aft to look the facts in the face and heed nature a Plain the life Wii of doctor Daniel g. Cart y was the 1 i tie study of diseases of tile urinary system and his i Mous prescription of rooted Ann nerds known 11� it country Over As or. Carey a Ima Shroot Prescript a i 777 has helped others to fal Prescript Ion Timpl ,m get Well and stay w 11. If you have backache or frequent headaches if your sleep is disturbed and you i get up in the night if your eyes Are puffy and Palms moist Cut out this notice take it to your druggist. And say a a this is what i want or. Carey s Marsh Root prescription no. 777.&Quot you can always pet it in liquid or Tablet form at Palace drug store mall orders accepted for 75c. Both Are equally effective and if you Arentt glad in a week s time that you bought it just get your Money backs that s the i it Way this successful Medicine is sold. In excess of amount awarded by committee in condom nation proceeding the trial of the suit of Lamar county improvement District no. 1, against m. E. , which was brought of Quot a the purpose of condemning land belonging to the defendant for tight of Way in the construction of a levee in supt ii Creek Bottom was concluded in the county court Friday afternoon it having been taken up before a jury wednesday. When the improvement District was organized for the purpose of reclaiming land the owner of the land wanted flood damages in addition to damages for right of Way. The improve nent company offered the owner of the land about $900 for taking it and he refused to a accept it. Being unable agree on the value of the land application was made for a jury of View to assess the damages. The jury of View upraised the damages at $1.375. The improvement company was dissatisfied with the award and suit was instituted in the county court to determine the amount. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the land owner awarding him $2,023. Spend 5 minutes or it May take even less time than that for us to make a Complete record of your glasses Ltd of someone else made them then if they Are broken or lost Call us up and almost before you miss them a new pair will ready for you at our office. We grind our own lenses. Whites if. Amp Whiteside optometrists and opticians 302 first in Bank a o. 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But men and boys have Long since found out that 1 was a hamming and pay no attention to my Little trick but pick me up by the Tail and carry me along with them. For a while i see that it s no use trying to fool them to 1 a come or Wake up sad done to pretend anymore. 1 wish you could see me Acme time when in a making out that i m dead for you would not think a spark of life was left in me from the Way i look. I shut my eyes tight and 1 let my Mouth hang open showing every tooth i have and they say 1 have something like fifty i almost quit breathing and you could t see the twitch of a muscle or the Flicker of an Eye old and altogether i look As if 1 might have been dead for a month. No matter How much they poke me and Hustle me about 1 done to move a particle. And i keep still even when a dog comes up and give me a halfhearted bite or a Man picks me up by the Tad erd swings me around. 1 just Grin and Bear it and Don t let on that it hurts though it does Hurt something awful. They Hunt us with loudmouthed. Flop eared dogs that they Call hounds and these smell along on the ground until they find our Racks and then follow us r get to the place where we Are h Ding generally it is up a tree and then they Cut it Down and catch us. I would give anything if i could walk without leaving smelly tracks for the dogs to pick up if i could my chances for a Long life would be greatly increased and i would be saved a lot of trouble. Now the Fox i suppose has More sense than 1 have and he does some very smart things to throw the dogs Oft his track and get them so confused that he manages to get away. But when 1 hear the dogs coming nearer and nearer 1 get so excited that 1 just paddle along for the nearest tree and that spells my finish. If i had a mind to. I could be very much stuck up As i belong to one of the oldest families on the continent and my forefathers were living right Here when this old world was Young and when mastodons were sloshing around in the marshes and when fully developed. The books Call pouched animals marsupials a Dight a Long hard word but maybe you can remember it if you spell it slowly a few times. When a baby Possum is born the Mother puts it in her shopping bag. And carries it with her wherever she gees until it is big enough to run about. That is a Fine arrangement too and is a great Deal better than leaving the babies at Home where something might Lappen to them while she is away. When they Are old enough they come out of the travelling Nursery climb on their Mother s Beck and holding on by her Tail ride merrily along. My Tail is not a very pretty thing to look at. As it is naked like a rates and has the same cold Clammy feel but it comes in Handy look for the be ton go it in the dealer a window chiropractic removes the cause of Dis ease m b Mccoy chiropractor 1si National Bank bldg Tel tie ladies dresses at special prices $15 and $18 values and $998 $10 values at $6.75 $12.50 value at $8.75 gome in see these Beau tit us diesel and save Money by buying at these remarkable prices. Beiber Bros. Giant flying lizards and Duck billed j reptiles numbered the Earth. They All passed out of existence thousands of years ago. But our Folk kept right on living. Just As you see us today. And then we Are the Only animals in this coun-1 try that have a kind of pocket or Pouch in which the Young Are j carried until tiny become More to me. As i can wrap it around a limb and hang head Down while i gather in the Ripe persimmons with both hands and besides that 1 can use it As an extra hand in climbing. Speaking of persimmons a minds me that 1 have not told you what kind of food i eat Well to be candid there Are mighty few things that can be eaten that 1 done to eat and enjoy. When it comes Little maid 1met a Little Maiden As i walked along the Way i Wasny to feeling Happy thou a twas quite a pleasant Day and said a my Little Maiden whither guest thou just now a and she answered a to the Forest just beyond to milk my a shall i go. Too a 1 asked again. A no wait ill Send for she laughingly replied and looked As Sweet As Sweet could be. Coquette i d Call that Little miss i let her go her Way. 1 was t feeling Happy Tho twas quite a pleasant Day. To eating in a about As broadminded As a hog and just take things As they come be they bugs Worms tadpoles frogs eggs lizards Yieng Birds fruit vegetables crawfish Green porn. Or slops that the pigs have left. If i had my Choice i would always take a fat Ben or a tender broiler but the indulgence in these often gets me in serious trouble. As the Man who keeps chickens usually keeps dogs to guard them and there s where the danger lies As tar As appearances go. In a not much to look at As my hair is thin and straggly showing my skin in spots and my eyes Are Small and Beady my nose longer than Beauty demands and when 1 open my Mouth Ever so Little 1 show every tooth i Vive. People say i Grin but i Don t mean it for a Grin As i often do it when laughing is not in the Back of my head. Distance he covers depends wholly upon the Speed at which he was a a rimming before he left the water not upon any ability to propel himself through the air a flying Flash has Wing Uke fins but they merely enable him Cernan longer in the air and Are not a Means of ahead. How fishes Hui the june 8el, it makes my sing a tune what j m going to do id june every Day there s som it thing new conies to me that 1 do. Course till then i be have to stir. Close to school it makes me sick doing sums while breezes beat la Iron the window warm a and Sweet Golly but its hard to sit at a desk and think of it a to by lad who has enjoyed the Ittak from breakfast time to noon sport of fishing knows that a hat in a going to do in june w a fish can live Only a very Short time out of the water. Just As he j can hear the Cooling splash knows that a human being can hic j aft a run. And headlong dash but a Brief space under water. The., explanation of this is the fact that Quot Stream and Wmk i a fish get its air from the water by timing downward like a Mink while a human being gels his air from the space outside the water. 1 can the water dance a Man has lungs but a Flash has As i skim it like a Lance Gills in place of lungs breathing in my speedy Skiff of. My with them and getting sir from teacher asks me Why i sigh water but failing to get any air a whatsoever when out of the water huh it most anyone Wou a sigh even the flying Flash which takes c. ,. Long leaps through the air where he sees the sky. And out of the water remains in of. 0 Blue but has to stay the air Only a very Short time. The in a school Day after Day. To be coloured with punts or crayons. Whenever you come to a word Spelld in capital letters use that color Che june Bride is a Pink use through the centers. There Are tall Kei lightly it Rose dressed 111 Bright Green grasses in the Back a Light Green wedding dres Grouell j Jack has Pink Cheeks. J rid carrying a big bouquet of the Flower girl has a Brown Pink roses tied with Blue ribbon Busket w us purple Flowers in it. Blebee too. He has Light Blue Gauzy wings. He eyes axe Light Green. The Sun is red with Long Orange spokes coming from it c a Farmer fruit cake. A geologist. Layer cake. A Carpenter. Plain plane cake a do Gratcer. Pound cake. Another game is the Garden game. It also has questions to be the Cap on the Rose is or Ken. The costume is made up of Little j for carpet the Bride and Groom her foot Are dark Green Cheeks Are Pink. I the bridegroom wears Blue a hat and dress suit. His hair is 1 yellow. His Cheeks Are Pink. The pulpit that Brown Jack stands in is Light Green on the outside and Pink and yellow on the inside the leaves Are go a end with red a tripes Down her Orange red and yellow mixed 1 coloured Flowers fringed with tiny Green leaves. Her hair la yellow and her Cheeks Are Pink. A there is a purple Violet at the wedding. She wears a big Green Leaf dress and Long Green stocking her Cheeks Are Light yellow. is a yellow Burn Wera presented with a Patchwork of red. Green. Purple yellow and Orange pieces. The fairies made them from All the Flowers of fairyland. The sky is 1-a vender use purple lightly. There is a red Border about the picture and the lettering should be Green fun to see who has observed the most things and it is also a Good training in observation and memory. There Are several other Pencil and paper games that keep you help pier occupied while travelling. Who said it was hot last night hot sleepless nights simply do not exist for owners of be fans a Ruckle a night is not much to pay for Comfort and the first Cost of the fan is not High. Besides a fan lasts for years and is useful daytime As Well As nights. We have a be fan to fit your purse. Texas Power amp Light co. Phone 362 Back of this Bank a record of safety and service is a Friendly wholesome interest that is True and honest a desire to help each customer find the Way that leads Onward to Success. 4 per cent paid on savings first National Bank James a. Smith cashier. M m ring will Humphries for fresh vegetables daily where you get Quick service phone 864 when you travel Raveling is always lot of 1 one is the cake game. Here Ara a fun when you Are starting or few suggestions you can add More when you arrive but it 1� what kind of cake would a Little often the Long hours spent in Cook bake for a Milkman. Cream the train that try the patience of cake. The traveler and Rob the trip of a Milliner. Ribbon cake most of its Joys. Now. When Many of you Are starting off on your vacations it is Welt to keep in Nind a few quiet games to play on the train which will make the Long ride seem Short and less wearisome. Pencil and paper May be needed i answered. The player in this in for some of the games so be sure stance write the question in a he to pack some in the top of your form of a statement of fact say no suitcase. The list game is called what they planted in a hidden was observations. When the train the papers Are redistributed so that stops at a station you and your another player has to name Tho Brothers and Sisters or whoever is real Flower that might have grown travelling Vith you look out onto from such a nonsensical planting the platform and see everything for example that you can. 1 Hen when the train 1 planted an elegant dude. Dua starts again write about All the Delion came up. Objects you can remember. It is i planted the National can dem. Happy hours in the swimming Pool the Joys of swimming Are greatly enhanced when you Are attired in one of our nifty i bathing suits we have a big line to select from for both men women and children. _ 69c 0 s6.95 also Bath a raps shoes and stockings. All Are reasonably priced. We Are Golf Headquarters. Johnson Billingsley co flags Crne up. 1 planted an evangelist. Jack in the pulpit came up. 1 planted a time of Day. Four o clocks came up. You can think of Many More which will add fun to the gain. Quickly build u Bank account the City Bank is anxious to see it a Gnu build a Bank account i you will Deposit regularly a portion of your income it will help you by offering All modern facilities and Protection. May we have your account n City National Bank

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