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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Jun 21 1924, Page 2

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - June 21, 1924, Paris, Texas Page two the Paris morning news saturday june 21, 1924 to attract must radiate health the Paris news publishes very Ltd a a a Root monday by Tbs North text us publishing company. Off Lcy 4-36 Lamar Avenue phone 104 a my re a a it the poet fun it Perle. Tegyo a a a it it in let a a a a a Rogelj to a Kaje Rone Oue re Fly Colon upon to it cd get re tending or reputation of firm or corporation a he him. 7 Epos or in the it Tus me a it f them be win he a care Stefl up n but a c brought the extent Lon of the pay Quot a a a re cats poured it Crozier could not Boqi pm Aud Toomey jinxed the Home town boys badly Washington won a Little b0� twelfth innings freight tonnage Paris compared has were few and scattered in Skull was crushed and figures show that the volume to it Lor. Month j Trec Vilu mount plot p w l pet. 39 6 709 st 35 22 614 s o 32 24 3 71 9 33 f 26 3 3 a a 9 431 a i 33 411 a a y 56 a i 38 a -321 it. Rich a n t cats contest that was hard fought one nearly put out by blows from mules hoofs 11 pm View to car Paris j those Pesky i pour dil in the Home nine yester i. O 11 i Cleveland philae Phi b t a Mutiny the North st us Bya a up it hell to do Tuie. A Humr on Aast it f id f. 1 itti., trim Iriti to. St 4wkila i fit a i i i >1 1 1 a i la 111 ill. The fact that Kildis Cho Ier had we me a Core pie i it a nothing Mth w h to fool the vis Heve the Peper gent tors whih Young or Toomey had the Indian sign on the hum March Reg no we pc Currier. A m for Al month it p. Ensue. Mar tug new by a Vic month. for thru a month s3.be for �1� i Mil a Hur spin months ii per Ernul Sunder Tony scorning no we by Reeth j a i Kana Only per annul to Sun Waif new Why Mil Only ii per year he a Leoc let and prs it exclude rely entitled to the am fur Republican n of �?�11 Newe d a Patch a credited to it st net. ,. Other a Redl t to thl paper end Eleo eat to is the Magnet which the ,.n�h-rt herein draws All eyes and Back of a rights of a publication get Epe Citi beat Tyr health working silently. I Patche i a. Ltd a a Teo Rokad. Bed mood Ringling through the Tity a a Ecru a glow of month in Thi before Lam. A Cheeks a the Spring of eager Vovou 5v�r regularly to Ono o n d a v Weiyi tit 1 Jess. Of vim. Of vitality in the pm eak Coia Plaut. If there a no no a walk a the Ever Graceful air in Sotu paint it apr Uit a a that the up of j Cven Wilder than Toomey. And Izi a restrained by care or to a a Naae was hit hard with men c the charms of Beauty. All the All Reading notice and never on the. P the. Works of he Alt to a no Entz or. Mong Antenta Necta and it m olt t,0 _ Zuj m Justice to Quot a y n Are fascinated by the f old it a a at to pitch Ana was Only cause of a Scarcity of pitch it on the local club. Eddie did his Best which is All any Man lean do and the fact that he has always done so has made him solid with the fans. Little Dan a if by we tin chief cauda j disturber in yesterday s game the in Stine kid twice getting triples p w la pet. 3 i 2 9 2 2 31.9 69 33 27 556 31 27 24 529 53 27 26 50� 53 27 26 50 9 52 25 2 7 481 j 5 1 2 6 2 x 4si 5 2 19 33 365 i x it Jum la 1 20.�? a twelve inning i Rox 1 it ivys the it year old a a on Sim Dilys who Lix cd in West Lerry , was seriously injured an Accident occurring three West of Powderly thursday urn no. Hot had a Coni pained his a r to lie Rountr to Ziaul stove Thi year has considerably increased consolidated freight tonnage for the railroads of in Aris compiled Hgt the traffic Bureau ,1�?Trotn data furnished by the railroads indicate that for april and May 1924, As compared with 1923. The railroads arc at least holding their own and 111 1 a. H of them was Delv a Quot 111 Hen h a Condoll Lii tie in proximate figins in pounds Are As a run it i la Washington game Lomax when Pekinpaugh Fri in where or. A a Migglon the .,0. Charged to matter for whet Porpora. J. Charms of Beauty. W Omen gaze a re to be Oher Gisl it the re us a Rete a Llu 4 or ctr a to for do or and to us o feet thu for ref Frog notice. A wry Icv. Secretly jealous per Hap a vex Baierl Ngy homing praying for that attractiveness that is not to cirs. Bit Why the wondering a the the Outlook is Boping a the praying ror that or a suon crat red for attractiveness that 1 Cru i i. Beauty. Good looks is the Baronie Freni California to become presi i. Due primarily to i.-�c�r>�u4 that winging 114 in the twelfth inning. The contest was hard ought with Lew and boat to red a Fitta. We la i Iada a Phil i i. I2 7 2. S s 1 Naylor. Heim a k and in erklans c Router Quot so Zahniser it Hussell Martina. Mar Detroit. June 20 a Cleveland Cootie cd its slugging at the it pens. Of la Detroit Ami Avon today so Ime. Detent. 9 to 0 Cleveland. 11 15 2 Stoner. La ile Tii Ludolph and Basso or t Ovelt Skie. Smith Shautt and Myatt. Chi o at new York lain. Ter of ones condition. Good health radiates Beauty. S. S. S. Purity s the blood creates new red blood Celise rids the system of impurities whih make Beauty and attractiveness impossible. As women to attract must radiate health so must they keep Tho r systems free from impurities and their red mood cells Ever increasing. S. S s. Docs both. S. S. S. Since 1826. Has been ridding the system of impurities pimples blackheads boils and rheumatism a u 11 d i n g fed blood c oils aiding women to be attractive by radiating health. P. ?. S. Is made of carefully selected herbs and barks scientifically prepared and proportioned. All Good drug stores carry s s. S. It is More economical to Puritas the Large size Boyc tie. A Lent of the University of Texas is evidently a Bright Man. In first and Only interview in Texas so far a has come to the attention of the news he expressed himself vigorously As regards the press. The Learned doctor says in newspaper men to go this from the Houston he Tei to 1 6 Post one time with three men and an the with two on. Accounting for five of the ten cat runs. Osborne. The league s leading batsman also mate Cleft on .1 couple of occasions v Hen it counted most. Osborn doubled in the first inning Frei 1 Crozier had r slats with a walked i it Oto p in i it to runs. It is orm s loot a walk and Brooklyn failed to find Carlson 1 team. Icy had loaded that in wagons had started Back to town be driving out of the Timber of tin w herds encountered 1 in and the boy was jolted off. Down on the Doubletree. Let feet of the mules which ran and kicked wildly. Lush of 1 kick d him several times was kicked Buck under the follow s i bound a a 1923, april i t. 1923. May 192 1, april 192 a May 28.o0u.0o0 it it 1928. April 1923. May. 1 924. April. 7,000.000 a 7,non 000 h9,000.000 n and was kicked in the for Max. A a. 7.->00.�100 a ind Fao and his right eve Ibe Trafon Bureau is attempting do Niurca. But it 1 thought 11 irl it of Jolt it re 1 nations in a will pvt Abl it 1m Snel i he movement of a is commod a kill w As broken in two Pleos ilits in order to determine what is a live a tin sex s did in w or Lay of Pessary for a Ontina place in the forehead Over Vul betterment inasmuch As the freight movement reflects to a greater or less extent the Prosperity of the and Commer Ial houses of in Aris. Just in a 2 shipment of those Lovely be i Perky Peggy voile dresses $g.68 it Fhi i it Thi d get to hell the Reg merged fron it had d o c Wojke you fed Cilc your sri Alfaia i 1 r Bol of rence than two t w s paper to for hem on 1 give your the Reg Tion. <41 a Iii get of it and in i ties to 1st i inning in the sed four runs a r Phillips hit to Royer a afe on hide. Behrens 1 Dunk a Ifim in the my Hod b All add Thi .4� xxx scor cd a non it def 1h. Illy Iva hit of he seas a on. Error s. Rave t he a the third. And t her in the fifth on it Gyc is. His six of a it a to six i Jun a i. It. The cat s h a a e eighth when they of the Box and hit two others hard Oes. He was brought to the sanitary i 1111 and an operation was perform i to relieve the pressure of the broken Bone on the brain. He was will Friday and it is thought he will recover although s in a . Churches Are prepared to fill your wants in the Way of cooked foods for picnics and swimming parties. A ured Ham 22 s4 Ionia. It milk to i Trotters Market personal the Piai right an Fumble i Rifice the new York Chiva o a. 1. 00ki\ n Cir in it Surg ton. Louis a 3 4 23 2 i 19 l 211 21 24 29 2 n 29 34 31 pvt 6 4� 618 5 5 it 48 2 442 3x2 380 attorneys yes. A than isyt0n a. Ellison lawyer general practice sos first National Bank building phone 1436 specialists a Paperman what 1 Tell w put that in p a a to. D Trade with a note a a. And 1 -. Who made a snap 1 throw. 1 irow y a eat toot be Nimps Saij a As the last say was when i old a pie Stu Gard meaning o out Osborne hit. Sci of ring Dot won a fun i Rooklyn .1 Brooklyn i tors k but x in Bro Phi us Pic phia re the ninth the visit Phillips leading t e to right e liter a that properly is an indication a that or. Bolton is not going Toi a accept the presidency of the uni t varsity of Texas. The chances Are he will re u turn to that dear Berkeley and i Send word bark to the Board of a regents that be is not fitted nor fit for the head of an institution such As the University of Texas which maintains a de or. 0. R. 0tteil apartment of journalism and an Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat elaborate system it f publicity. City Natl. Bank bldg. Which has gained the Good residence phone ----2042 of t. Or of for the uni y who Hud talk Iff with Al or i urge a Schroy 3all. Room Pitts secon but t a it a triple mrs a t .1 to to Omen i Rixy j in 2 a it a car son alter they Hall a first. The vols Reuther out of the and hit two other h my. 1 9 4 10 16 0 Utu. To Reen and and Wilson. I tie Rem a. It main ird of 1 >1 a visit to h Vaul wife. B by Viuf and Quot if Quot and in on a via. From to in a i Yson co in y Tva a Jan off of Ida Awer in Friday on Ray to fort Worth to visit ther Ami Sis a is Belew and wife of Ivind who hav been visiting or. Is. Sam Fuqua returned thursday. Mary Johnson left Friday it a for Arlington to visit her r a xxv it la x s m. Westbrook of Bogata a c a Stahle of the pre it inc business visitor to Paris. Jun d a a m k Ren Ltd Hud so v. i it 1 j Johnst Friday uis drum to his pan of v a v. Man a a Kalb a lond is Here it it from to \ d 11. A few Nice fat fryers notice Telephone patrons delivery of our summer directory has been completed if you did not receive your copy please Telephone 39. Southwestern Boll Telephone co. For moving 47 9 t Luangv of i a u at Ion p. K. Fox Nimr of the miller1 Mapu a curing company has moved Here wifi his family from Terrell and locate at is South thirty Secor str it. W. C. Davis has moved to 18 West Cherry the Boothe old Home place at the Corner of North twentieth . Rosie Lee West has moved to 89 South seventeenth . J. W. White and family have rented the Rountree place on Tara Ham and will move in monday. 1 dozen big fat bananas per dozen 25 cents. Pete Humphries co. The Peoples Friend Roy Baker s Market Home killed meat of that it better , Fine Fry is boiled Ham and ill kinds of cooked Iru it it for the picnic parties. In hone 466. Dainty sheer Beautiful that is just what these Lovely 1�?Tcrky Pegg voile 1 arc by cd one. A big new shipment has just arrived and we Are Busy unpacking these latest models making ready for your inspection and approval. They Are just what you be been wishing tor to Wear these i hot summer afternoons tor there s delightful coolness in a their sheer fabric there a Beauty in Thor new patterns a and distinctive Grace in then latest Stales. They Are fancy or Plain just a of desire and Many neatly tailored mod a Els Are to be found �0 this wide assortment. Y von need one or hire of these Cool frocks for the Long e summer season and you can Well afford to make this and p Dit iop to you wardrobe tor they Are pleasantly priced at i Only so.58. Make your selections at once. A a Carter Anderson amp co. I 1 ii no j it l to l it i a a jew Bjelk by Miah or j amp Mccormick mowers.$90.00 Deering mowers. $90.00 did be. L. B. Step elks specialist eur a earn Ltd Throat g oases fitted 606-6 first Natl. Bank bldg. Honsa. Office 4� �9 Reg 218-f2 Ull in the to Finicy ind it la Liege a a was w York while Watsy the of i i p Mathis it Ltd office phone 780 varsity re. Tue ter f. E0beets Kye. Ear Noee and the Pat .606-907 Hirst Natl. Bank bldg. Phones office 6 26 residence 206 8 sours by appointment 1 to Votilie Intili a to a a Tiv big t of of Fth Vith two afe when Dory .1 hit a a abort and hop worker hit h t second the Ither one in the i after two were balls a a a to left. Ransport 11 in a re a zip r s double to Way from a first if you c. Braot wit Carlily without an att Elk of indigestion your stomach is weak. You need prickly Ash bitters it is a Fine digestive tonic. Besides it rids the stomach and bowels of the impurities which bring on sickness. Price 91.25 per bottle. R. J. Murphy i drug store special agents. 5 per cent off for Cash it i Mai a a w. Fremd la Wash n he it a Good dinner i exas league Lour w my it w pet to i amp cd. Insurance 2 lat nalbkju4g.pkom a a and d c by Tom l. Beauchamp. Nan democratic exec for me veg storage, 479 t. C ger0n. M. D. General specializing m actinic Ray Radiant heat High frequency cur rent i. Especially indicated in All chronic conditions. 4�7 x f is Natl. Bank bldg., Tel. 751 Al and 751 f-2 bring us your Cotton seed and get hulls and meal any Tim up to a ext March. Southland Cotton 03 Compart the original exchangers in ing. Cairn Only 25�. Fir 1 Irp it highly cd Galbreath Deweese a amp Prock a general insurance Scott building. Phone 257 ? is exp for m in a n it in a by spec cd ill of n or Tesh by pen no we re the f a i t u of the ? game a a a Hile 1 n g Quot f Irby t Aid Osborne the Fen in of to 6 cats. Urs Springs Ltd a a Mes to o town for i Senes and George Phillip s will pro a Bahlev do the for to Quot f Tari Lei Fly has Ink a i a it <1 rib fat a Sev a Der x Quot by report i a st Rda a ar<1 i i Man c.4 a 1 n ro.4 a r to go. P it a r pm Larea Wright ted a it join t it a i 111 today e a a a Hita a .11s it in a. And son h a Teo in shape. S to 1 p t Lur Spring Quot so negation me str n Nous pastern m a it min Himi lost first Dallas june 20.�?tavener�?Ts two base drive in the fifth sent three across the plate. Fort Worth winning Roy min Hellas debut pie As manager. Calvo a running catch catch in the ninth made it possible to win the Gam. In Fiina 3 s 2 fort Worth. 1 8. Thormahlen and Lingle. Wuchi Tel and Biscoff. A Iati of hit. It kist of them it 11j j \ s a it 4 1 4 2 1 2 5 a 0 a a 1 to 0 <0 2 1 �?~1 1 0 8 i n it 1&Quot a >2 Clever styles 3r. 0. E. Hayes dentist rooms 405-4�>6 first Natl. Bank a Nona. Office 183 Rea 1098w Sperry Brothers co Pant term and City Loans real estate and insurance 1 i style general trend v of will find i typifies the of models i our Stock. The values Are i Beau pc of the Low Price. See them Large Choice and a olo widens. There is a of leathers ail sizes and or. R. Melvin Coker dentist office Over Palace drug store phones office 621 ree. I3�7w. In podge Brothers ? motor cars and service Scarborough amp Caldwell at your scr Vic hosiery. Too. 1c North Side Plaza Rar Kmosko. \ totals. S3 if to 27 6 1 it Paris a a r h o a e Wobido 8b4 0 2 3 4 2 Rallar an is. F. 0 0 5 11 Gallegos of. S 0 12 0 0 Gill a of. A 0 b 1 t a b Zejer. 3b4 a 0 4 1�� , d. 3 2 0 6 10 i Bench a r. Of. 2 0 a to it to i1 Hopkins c 2 i 2 to p j a or Ozier. A o 2 0 1 0 1 mmil.7777ti�t 7 27 13 3 a j mount Plas int 2&Quot 1 010 042�?10 i Paris 000 Ini Quot in 3 a i three base hits Irby 2. Two g i tease hits. A a Orti Phillips. Belch b or f Rozet r sacral in e la its Boggess in st let to it Al a Toomey a i�?T1 c Rozar 6. Bases on balls off a t. A a a. C a a a a 7. In 1 apr a r Ltd a ill. Irby bogged s. Set h re yer. P Dot / by a a he tor of a baits. Job i Kilt h in a a i by i rens. To i f g met 2 1 a. I m Pire o e. A j Johnston. I at a Marr Fajr. 3 5 3 m let Brand Atri kit he its Bowles p flt t Ai of an offer. A be Neil Ganv a Tyler a. 4 7 1 a Marshall. 3 6 Quot Lybrandt and Feikls Dumovich a h h for t s a. S a a Ltd. Kana. 8 12 2 Davis and Harpet Appleton a and k y. A at Sid pour so .�.g3 6 1 a liar in a. 0 6 1 j s Ith Erwin Gaines and a Call us for Good groceries fresh a and a atred meats barbs be and. And a Tiu Mattce Sporle a. Pro Mica 83� p and 1208. Wichita Falls. June 2�.�? the Spud Dern Punde the Shreveport hurler hard while lefty fus ii Ell Kyi get the Shreveport i i Well scat t ered. With it 6 Falls. Is if j i do run upon t3 12 it l of a a a a and try Clark. 1 Craig Graham. O i a a ,. I 1 eat 111,0njt at a a a verb a i Xin. 1 a Tapnio i t Houston Rtin. Calcium arsenate will kill Grasshoppers Floyd motor company real Barbecue if you want some real Barbecue Call at walkers Market. 302 Bon Ham a i a. La Hru 4 a i Sabolik s i it not of t of fk.i1t ask of late Ltd press it , june a 20.�?Roy Ell. Veteran of end Levi Tufts am Pitcher 6r the a Lith fyr Yeagons in to manager of the a Dalian Nyht it was it ague it Sun Ltd j term Fri whore re it ignation v. T a a a re Omi cd la at nigh. Of the Reers it re Tot out of the tog i by a Vav Lionie a id in it . President of the a Ink. In j Aknoun cilia that a itch Ell take charge of the team today. They Are just get Una 4� d��1 Battle and with Mitchell As Leader the other Clu a h cd better look our opening Sale closes tonight we have said some highly Good watches this week at greatly reduced prices. Today is the last Day of our opening Sale and More watches will be sold today at special Cash prices 12 size Elgin 7 jewels Silver dial while or Green Gold Case to c special. Go Abo full line of Harvester amp co. Hay machinery and genuine Mccormick and Deering repairs in h Stock. 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We have now in Stock Hickory settees Hickory rockers Hickory chairs hanging baskets Magazine stands Flower stands and Many other articles that arc handsome As Well As useful. Hickory Luin Ilure costs a to ill More Titan the Ord a y kind hut it is Worth it. Rodgers Wade furniture co. I Loans lowest rates rest term Rees amp Jones

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