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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Jun 21 1924, Page 1

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - June 21, 1924, Paris, Texas The Paris morning news established 1869 Paris Texas saturday june 21, 1924 Mcm bpm of the associated Prew number 296 Amarillo hears la sch Davidson candidate presents what says is platform of t. W. Davidson he general Dawes and daughter 1m Amarillo Jane 19.�?lynch Davidson candidate for governor assumed the position of presenting what he said was another gubernatorial car dilate s platform in his address thursday night before the voters of Amarillo and surrounding Vicinity. Lynch Davidson enumerated the following principles which he said 1�?T. In. Davidson Quot As Leader of the third party nonpartisan league in Texas is �?o1. Lie advocates a state income tax urging that a Bureau be established at Austin with an army of Texas Revenue collectors at work All Over Texas collecting a Texas income tax that is in addition to the ked a ral income tax which you Are now paying t. W. Davidson wants to increase taxation in this state by levying the same kind of an income tax upon texans As the Federal government levies on All of us. "2. But not Content with increasing our taxes in this Manor lie wants t. Eliminate the tax limit from our Constitution so that the legislature can have free vein to vote upon us any amount of tax it desires. "3. Tax Darker in Texas owe the state t7,000.000. T. A. Davidson has offered a Hill in the state senat a to wipe out All taxes behind in payment ten years. As a consequence $7,000,000 of unpaid taxes would he shifted onto the tax Burden which you folks am already carry in. "4 he is against education. He has declared he is not in favor of a $ i a per i la of a f a the Gas finl children of Texas. While presiding officer of Trio state it Senate he opposed the $10.1100.000 Rural Aid i i and extended his oppo Iton in an interview to the newspapers urging a 15.000.000 Cut in Thi appropriation "5. He has made the Public announcement that he is in favor of the a pig 1 Ort Law. In a private pledge to the nonpartisan league leaders at port Arthur a quoted in the net a papers. He promised if that Law a As repealed he a amid not veto its repeal and if it was not repealed he would not enforce it. Thus Nul if Yang the act. "6. He believes in Block and group government and put the nonpartisan league of Texas ahead of the democratic part. "7. As not partisan league Chie he wants to it put the state in the h Stross with 7 000 employees in a new Bureau at Austin raise 1 Otto any Atio a taxation for a program of lending Money for building Rural and Urban Homes and he wan All City property and improved Rural property freed of taxation and these taxes placed on undeveloped lard of Texas Quot platform under consideration scandal in the Republican administrator to form dominant Plank associated press new York. Jun 20�?scandal i the administration of government affairs As ois Ciosci by Senate lrivesti$r�tioh4 occupies the dominant place in a tentative demo radio pictures in French paper edouard Belin French invent or has accomplished the wonderful feat a million Dollar Holdup car associated pm p a ri0, june 20.�?the first pin to engraving transmitted by radio was in the Matin today. The picture was general Gustave a. Ferrie director of the Riffel Tower wireless station and it was an sex Cath plat from in process of draft j cell ont production with the Exeen by a group of party leaders for Tion of a few vertical smudges a Mission to the platform committee. Foreign relations with particular reference to the world court agricultural i Ltd and Economy in government expenditure coupled with tax reduction tire subjects to he dealt with in other principal planks. Prohibition the Kun Kylix klan Issue and foreign affairs probably which were easily eliminated by retouching. The picture a sent by the pro Cess of edouard Belin. Also the i inventor of Hie method of trait i mining pictures by wire. M. Belin is confident that he i can Send wireless pictures across i the Atlantic and an attempt at such transmission Fiorin Paris to new York will be tried within a general Dawes and his adopted daughter Virginia on the Lawn of the Dawes Home Evanston ills. Will form tin main fighting Points i few weeks by him in operation with the Matin. The first wireless picture was sent by m. Belin from Mallison. A few Miles out of Paris to the Matin and the second one sent an hour after general for Riel a had had been received was even better than the first being free from smudges n working on is transmission a number of other scientists have also been working on this radio problem. Two it cars ago m. Belin stated that he had succeeded in transmitting handwriting by wireless. He predicted then that this method would be perfected to such an extent that actual photographs could he sent and received through the air. Diamond is not squared Circle ban Johnson declares that Ball players will not be allowed to pull fight kidnapping note escaped juvenile for Franks girl offenders caught Chicago authorities believe boys charged with Auto theft before the resolutions committee the present tentative draft of the platform omits specific mention of prohibition but contains a Plank with a Strong declaration for enforcement. There is no mention of the Kun flux klan. With regard to the world court the Plank As it now stands directly tip cases tin of i i Belin has be and declares it is at Phat a to graphic wire i tempting to lift bodily a Cardinal a for a verge years. <1 Morra tic policy by advocating membership in the court. Some of the Wilson followers including set Nator Glass of Virginia. Would like to see in the platform a repetition of the league Plank of 192&Quot. There has been some spirited discussion Over the proposal and it is possible that the fight May be carried to tin convention floor. The leaders generally however Are frowning on the plan holding that the position of the party has been so Well defined that a reaffirmation in general terms Only will be sufficient. Wayne b. Wheeler de it Lared in a formal Stateum it that a wet Plank would have a no More show Here than at Quot i think tin convention will adopt a Law enforcement he said a and defeat any Beer and wine candidate for the head or Tail of the mail ear of the Chicago Kee an st. I aul Railroad. By a band of More than i per does near round it Milia a held tip robbed of mail Contarini most $1,000.000 in Money orders of it. Arrow Points to window through which tear bomb was thrown to of it Reo Iio members of train grew. Texas bandits took part in the Chicago million robbery better British Trade reported that and uncertainty of the crop Progris kept off drop in Cotton r a��r>rlni<1 pro new York. June 20.�?the Cotton Market opened today at a decline of 5 to 11 Points but soon recovered the loss and ruled very steady in the Early trading owing to More favourable reports from the British textile tirade uncertainty a to crop Progress in the South and covering. A private Cable received from Liverpool reported improved business in Mancheste and there were other reports that British textile interests were looking Forward to Good business owing to Small stocks of goods in the worlds markets. Covering by july shorts also was a sustaining Factor and the Market later was quiet but generally steady. Comment on the weather was generally favourable but 1 offerings were right and it required Little buying to hold the Market. Futures closed steady. Open High Low close 28.50 28.80 28.50 25.86 25.97 25.80 25.20 25.28 25.12 24.89 25.00 24.88 25.08 25.19 25.09 a previous close. Spots Quio middling 29.65. Midwest heat is fatal to people Volunteer fire >1 killed by live win f. A Aorl to a Pri my fort Worth. June 20.- a actor. Volunteer fireman Manotte was electrocuted lighting a fire last night. All in Comanche closed this afternoon during the funeral. Jame at while Tores the weather Oklahoma saturday generally fair somewhat warmer. Sunday Generali fair. I fast Texas a sat Quot Haj and. Sunday probably slicers in null portion partly Cloudy in North portion. Jokers and Cranks Are at work appointed pro it a in it Chicago june 0�?-another a kid Naping letter. This time threatening Josephine Frank sister of the kidnapped and slain Robert Franks to which Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb Confes . Has been received by chief Justice Caver of the criminal Curt it was Learned today. The letter is regarded by chief Justice Caverly i the work of i Crank it was signed a George John on Quot the name used in the Ransom note sent by Leopold and Loeb. It is Only one of lot letters received by chief Justice Cave Rev concerning the Franks ease and was turned Over to the polic it with the others. Because the latest letter came to soon after a note threatening to Kidnap the son of Irvin h. Hartman wealthy furniture dealer who a sent his two children t Baltimore the police believe a number of Cranks and mischievous persons Are spending their spare time writing Inch note t he letter to chief Justice Caverly was received three Days a go. Ami Little or no attention has been paid to it. By Iii Saks Lin a Ion let her retaken after standing off u. S. Officers f Fri a a Parkersburg. W. A. June 20.�?floyd Chambers and Negil Thomas Youthful Texas Post office robbers who escaped from government officers on a train near Here yesterday after attacking a Deputy United states marshal were in the Park Rehburg jail today. They were arrested by City detectives Las night. When searched the police said j the boys had in their Possession two i to is and a $2,000 Diamond ring taken from the officers who were escorting them to the National training school for boys at Washintgon. D. C. The lads told the police they hid 500 in Cash which they took from their guards. Chief Deputy United state-1 marshal w. B Harper received a wire Friday sent by United states marshal Phil of. Baer from Park-1 Resburg. A a. Thursday night stating that Boma and chamber lain the two hons who had escaped from the marshal and his Deputy. C. L. Sentell had been recaptured the journey to Washington where the boys were la eing taken As Juve i Nile offenders for interstate Auto theft for a to no in the Federal a training school the message stated would be resume Friday. While on the train in mute to Washington one of the Hoys had secured Depute sei Itella a Cun. And stood off Marsha Paer until the five died in Cleveland under temperature of Only eighty nine by Harry b. Hunt Nea a service staff writer. If Ashington d. Cd with the w Republican convention out of the Way and the a Liberal Quot plunk. Proposed by the Wisconsin delegation rejected by the g. O. A. The plans for the a la Follette convention Quot it Clex Eland july 4 Are gathering momentum. Report reaching the Headquarters of the committee for progressive political action through which the conference was Cal Ltd indicate that approximately 1000 a delegates will in on hand when the session is called to order in the brotherhood of locomotive engineers auditorium. Work of organizing the convention has been carried on under the supervision of Arthur Holder former member of the Federal Board for vocational education and previously legislative representative of the american federation of labor. Holder is the Man who a sold Congress the idea of providing vocational training it a chief Agency for rehabilitating disabled veterans of the War. A of t the Central organization Beklund the la Follette candidacy if the Cleveland conference As now Neems certain puts the Wisconsin senator in the running for president. Will be built around existing state organizations of a he conference for m progressive political action. This movement already is Organ ted in 32 states. In 20 states it is regarded As Well entrenched and in most of these it already has been through one or More campaigns and has played a decisive part in the election not Only of state officers but also of congressmen and senators notably ship a Stead Brookh amp it and a Magnus Johnson. Ituna recognized however. That a new name must be found if this body is to be continued Asho medium through which the third in Rev Campaign is to be conducted. A conference for i regressive political action Quot is too Long and Pon Derous. If la Follette s candid Arv is to make real headway it will need a few catch lines to offset the slogans and phrases already being built around the Coll dec Dawes combination. A it her boy a. Two made the Xiv is struck of nun gun. But by wife state was not serious. The boys aged respectively bad recently of Auto into the depot Al county and rifling mail Pouch Are Ustel. And Tho or Atli or Sentell the hot and with Telegram received that the injury 12 an i 15 years been convicted theft breaking Justin. Denton a United states a Mio it a it i i Iii to a k in i porters b i Ackers of the Cleveland con Ference profess to feel that the la Follette cause came through the Cleveland convention with in a need prestige. It is a matter of much Pride that the la Follette supporters stuck fast to their principles amid booing and Hissin a but without any exhibition of bitterness or rancor on their part and presented their demands in a dignified proper manner of though recognizing the Utility o their protest. N knot merely the a a Radical mid Dit West and West will be repro seated at the july 4 gathering where the la Follette Candida will be launched. Eastern Industrial centers uni new England also will Havi Active workers on the ground Anc an Effort will be made to build a a following in what heretofore he been considered Barren soil for in a urgent seed. More optimistic of the third party boosters maintain that the la Follette candidacy will prove stronger than the third party candidacy of Roosevelt in 1912. The Roosevelt movement these men insist was purely Persona and political. It had no soon bomb basis tending to Force a new align ment on National policies. The present situation however is held As having its foun Datto purely on economic causes ant must be regarded As much Moil substantial mud compelling. New York. Juno 20 William. Mcadoo was too Busy today to see the Large number of newspaper men who Asi Amblod at his Headquarters Dax id Ladd Rockwell his manager said the candidate was busily occupied As yesterday with conferences Xyth and users and friends i and that he did not know whether 1 or. Mcadoo a a peeled to make any i further Public statements before the con a cation. Or. Rockwell took occasion to deny a published report that he j had assorted that the Virginia delegation. Aft voting for senator Hass Oil the first ballot would i switch to Mcadoo on the second. To \ a i it i log \t1 s on e to m w York i Dallas. June 20.�? with the i slogan Quot my Odoo As Long a it his i name is before the convention Quot i democrats who Are to cast Texas i fort it votes at the National convention in new York left Here today i on a special train the delegation is instructed for w. O. Mcadoo for to e party s presidential nomination Dana. Ill june 2&Quot a workmen dining on the farm of or. Frank d. Aulds in Shelby county Northwest of Here today unearthed a Skeleton More than do feet Long believed by or. Aulds to be of a Man of pre historic period buried by Indian Mound builders. The Boms were la an almost perfect state of preservation. A Clay pipe and vase was found beside the body. Associated press Cleveland june 0�?the heat wave which struck the great lakes Region yesterday resulted in the death of five persons in Cleveland and the prostration of three others one of whom is in a serious condition. Four of the victims died after being overcome while the fifth died while seeking Relief bathing in Lake Erie. The highest temperature Heie was 89 degrees reached late yesterday afternoon after which the Mercury began to it it drop Everett w. Hill head of rotary Oklahoma City Man was chosen by his Fellows in Toronto meeting a so Ocia t it i ppm Toronto june 20.�?ever. T w. Hill of Oklahoma City okla. Today was elected president of rotary International at the convention Here. The place of next year s convention will he decided tomorrow when the first second uni third vice presidents of the Ory i ration will be elected. Or. Hill. Frank h Lumb of Washington and Harry Bert it t i link of Minneapolis were Nomine for the presidency. The following directors Ware elected j. H. Buckley Cleveland. T d. Davis Butte Mont. Donald a. Adams new . Conn. Paul h. King Detroit to. E. Norman. Huntington a. Alexander Macfarlane of v in a out r. Ii c., was chosen associated press Chicago. June 20�?fighting and boisterous conduct will not be tolerated in the playing of an american league game president ban Johnson declared today in announcing that the players in olved in the riotous Detroit new York game a it Detroit last Friday had been fined As Well a it suspended. Bob Meusel of the Yankees who president Johnson says was responsible for the outbreak was suspended for la Days and fined $ 1 on it ii pitch Bert cob of in a the tigers a suspended for Toj a a Days and fined $50. Rpm a babe Ruth while escaping sus Louis pension was hit in the pocket a ats Book for $50. President Johnson said that Ruth s Quot frenzied it Effort to participate in the trouble was a f off pro Chicago june 20 ten persons were indicted but the Federal grand jury Here today for the sensational Holdup and robbery of the Chicago. Milwaukee a Nel st Paul fast mail train of $2,075,000 the might of Wurte 12 at round out ill. Janies Murrax. Local politician Carl Fontano and Ernest Fontano Brothers of Chicago Willie Joe and Willis Newton Brothers All feast st. Louis Samuel Grant and Blackie Wilcox Tho latter two escaped convicts from Texas Walter memo Tab of Chicago and Max Greenburg of st. Louis the latter alleged Leader of the band were name d. All of the ten exc Fontano. Greenburg Wilcox Are in custody. A have a indict m Chicago in connection with the Chicago Milwaukee and st. Paul a mail robbery Are wanted in Gray-1 sup county on Federal grand jury indictments charging robbery of a Katy mail train Between Bells and Denison robbery of a mail truck it i t a son and robbery of a Kan Isas City Southern mail train near i Texarkana in 1 922, according to a Paul Kern Deputy United states a clerk her they had never been arrested on these cases although j sought. The alleged Bandit Holloway. Killed by one of his own i gang in Oklahoma several months 1 ago was under As their Leader in the robberies Here. Re v a is believed to Tho loot. The turned after it Only presentation of it Man was indicted Eha reing robbery to Rob the Mai. In the no Antist agents Are searching and Vicin v for m it Ernest Grant and Greenburg Cape with it was it a Tours of in. Each m a in counts and conspiracy n n i is on i a a a of qty w its rank i a phor1�t Prago i fort Worth june 20�?run-�b county officers want Willis a it it n. Now held in Chi. Ago in one Chinn with the Chicago. Mil Gox Conn Herrin. A d got Wadei Forn Giste f the Leader known id it 111. a a s is Jap i i t Ling much i \ r m l i san Francisco dispatches represent in american movement in result of the adoption delusion clause in the june 20.�? an anti Japan As a of the sex irn migration besides Greenburg. Ernest 1 Tano of Chicago uni Samuel 5 and Blackie Wilcox the latter escaped convicts from Hunt Penitentiary Are sought Carlos Fontano and Willie soph and Willis Newton the tor three Brothers from East Louis the former of whom Wauk it e an. For the to Bank ten \ i indictment Newton w. I hut r shape Wint is Rol i of the ban As Al Inin i wired chit i ment. St. Paul train robbery it Bery of the Winters e. I s ago. I be is under there. At one time is in jail at Ballinger i at the time of the it Berv a p is kill Ltd one its. Lie was identified county office ago about this Hax e indict l in Bank to new or u m Els shot five Grant Are the. Rob Beri and women t Imes a under a and Are h. I rest two >1.1 in mistake As Fot other tonne. To j lat i st. I w is,1 it a it i r of j men t a it net Are greatly exaggerated according to a cablegram from Hait i Fujiyama president of the Tokio chamber of Commerce and of the associated Chambers of Commerce of Japan received by the japanese chamber of Commerce of san Francisco. Army trim Inis it vye it Ncik 1� in 1 1 \ Rau Acx it a by itis june 2d.�?the tire american army Oil planes arrive Bangkok. Siam around the world the wan it with i it thre. Indict. For Alle \ of hunk affair. H Al lied w ton Bint in t de compete robberies i til Tod. Thurs Are x i a Kina 1 t y in a i Eastern the 1 a so of Tate apr Phi a new braunfels june 20�? no of the most daring Hank Rob to m the history Quot of Texas hich occurred Here two years of. Has 1 in traced to the three o a thers who Are held in in connection with the in robbery on the Chicago and st. Paul Road june Ittig to police officials next m i Xvi a police a meted to i it to id officer come from to Here in the Pris. Willi a und in i id in it Xiv son i or Rob Pepa of m i i Joe and Willie Newton Lor indictment Here for Bank. Accordine to w. F. Saiga put sheriff of this county. New braunfels state Bank get. D of 562 in Cash and in less than five minutes it it a inn director and j. B. Tach London British director. Rufus f. Chapin was to Oil treasurer without contest. Not it position to Chesley it. Perry s. Tary since 1910, is expected i election for that office. Peg i leg negro its Boss potato plan i i it 1 Bho Imp d Mobile Ala. Jue 20 John my Trail nil. Negro with a Quot Peg who became the Champion pot planter of the county farm had to i be transferred to the count jail today because his conviction of violation of the prohibition Law for serving his sentence in jail. Marshall a skill in tie Garden was due to his Peg leg it made the holes for planting Ling potatoes in one Roxy. While ins footprint covered Over the Hills planted in the previous Row a. Presb Telli ans method of honouring f a a re Llu Ltd prot a Jacksonville. Ill. Jun the presbyterian Synod at it closing session Here yesterday adopted resolutions protesting a Ald the method Choser by the air department for honouring general Pershing on his retire. Ment from sex a ice september 12. A a general mobilization of the Tui tax forces of the country. The resolutions voice a vigorous protest from the Synod and request some other less military method of honouring the retiring War commander july oct. 1 Kyc. Jan. Mar. 28.67 25.83 25.16 24.93 25.10 28.65 25.93 25.22 24.95 25.16 Cuoq forecasts Are already being made new Orleans. June 20.�?Tho Cotton Market had a quiet opening with first trades t to f Points Down in sympathy with lower Liverpool cables than due. Prices eased off immediately after the Call on generally More favourable crop advices october trading Down to 25.07 and december to 24.82, or 12 to 14 Points below the previous close but soon rallied to yesterday s closing Levels. A new York authority forecasts the crop at 11.042,000 Bales. Fall River estimates total sales for week of 30,000 pieces of print cloth. Quot to the weather map showed Rains on that Texas coast Heaxt a at Corpus curl sol. The forecast was for showers unsettled and cooler in the Western Belt but mostly fair in the Eastern Belt. The temperature record showed moderation in Texas where Only five station showed 100 degrees and higher. A new York authority made acreage 41,000.000, or an increase of 6 per cent. Futures dosed steady 7 Point up to 11 Down net. A pen High Low close 27.05 28.17 27.95 28.05 27.98 25.08 25.25 25.05 24.82 25.02 24.82 24.7 24.82 24.81 24.72 24.76 24.76 a previous close. Spots quiet and unchanged sales on the spot 57 Bales to arrive none Low middling 26.60 middling 29.35 Good middling 30.47 receipts 772 Stock 93.711. Retired banker takes own life july oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 25.09 24.85 24.80 24.77 25.1� 24.96 24.91 24.67. J. B. Adoue of Dalla had the fear of being chronic invalid As motive Dallas. June 20.�?j. B. Adoue or. 77, for fifty years in the banking business Here shot himself at his Home Early today. He had a a Light stroke of paralysis recently and close friends said he worried Over his physical condition. Or. Adoue was treasurer of the state fair and head of the National Bank of Commerce Here. H4 was born in Southern France. One of his sons is j. B. Adoue or. Noted Tennis player me Adoue often Discua esd vex Ith close friends his ideas of life and death and express. A horror of being an invalid or helpless. He said hot it a never would to an he suffered a slight stroke of paralysis three xxx weeks ago and had indicated be feared be would not recover. He ate hi8 breakfast As usual this morning and about 9 o clock a lot to a bathroom. One shot was my when members of his family reached him he a dead. The banker was Well known throughout the Southwest and was a picturesque figure in the banking Industry. He did much for Charity and was particularly known As the Friend of Young men hut none of his efforts id help others Ever became known except through the recipient of the help. His final banking venture in Dallas was in the firm of Flippen. Adoue and in bit. Private Bankers in 1891 this business was dissolved and or. Adoue became the president of the National Bank of cot Nerce. He held that position until his death though he retired from Active business aleut eight years ago. Bandits took Cash and cashier too ,<.x pm Al Slick. Of. June 20�?two unmasked bandits held up the first National Bank of Thi City at t p. In. Today and escaped with Between 2000 and ,3000. After kidnapping w p. Johnson assistant cashier. Halfway to Bristow Johnson Xmas permitted of leave the bandits motor car he went to a farmhouse and telephoned the sheriff s office at Sapulpa. Posses from Bristow and Sapulpa ire on the Trail. Est Texas league 11 x clubs press fort Worth. June 20�?breck-Enridge and German have entered teams in the newly organized West Texas league. This brings the circuit up to six clubs

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