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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1930, Page 5

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - July 19, 1930, Paris, Texas Saturday july 1�, 1930 the Paris morning news Dubin strike ties up traffic Dublin july 18, a a a strike of Irish railway workers Friday paralysed the entire sub Urha train service out of Dublin an l threatened to tie up rail traffic Over All the free state. More than 600 railway men and 300 employees of the Dublin omnibus company were out on strike the railway men striking in sgt a Pathy with the bus Drivers who have been out nine we a in an Effort to obtain recognition of their Trade Union. First computation of Pluto continued from Page one ter noon suggesting a a a judicious exercise of the parole Power. A when i was District judge in Dallas county i paroled 21 Oung first offenders a Miller said. A nothing Ever made me Happi r than the fact that of these 21 boys 20 made Good Only on being brought Back before me and he was sentenced to the Thomas. Love came to the defense of his record in Washington during the world War in an address at Lampasas Friday. A sport at a revival Tabernacle at Wax Hackle Friday night. A i am informed that one of the last minute charges to he made against me is based upon a Law suit filed by me in the United states District court in st. Louis some years ago for compensation for Legal services rendered by a at a time when i heirs no government position whate and hid no reason to Bolive it iat i would Ever hold one a love said at Lim pases. Quot i understand the claim is to be made that this suit was for compensation for services rendered while i was a government official. This of South. Is utterly untrue. Former governor Janies e. Ferguson rpm fwd his wife s Campaign to Dallas Friday night. Fie predicted that mrs. Miriam a Ferguson would he in the run off Vith Ikje or Earle. Mayfield Ferguson referred to governor Moody attorney general Robert Lee Bobbitt and Sterling As that a three musketeers a Quot i Haven t the Money to pay Dan for All the Good he is doing for my wife in this Campaign Quot Ferguson said. A the people in the Forks of the creeks Are turning to the Ferguson As they never have before a the former governor a said Jim Young was on his Way from the lower Rio Grande Valley to Weatherford and fort Worth inhere he will speak saturday at Dallas his Headquarters announced that 70 Volunteer speak it is would take the stump for inn during the closing week of the Campaign. Among the speaker announced were congressman Claude Hud Speth of Elpaso Jed Adams of Dallas. Democratic National committeeman former congressman Oscar Callaway of Bro Inwood. Representative Boyd Farrar c. C. Renfro John Bovle of san Antonio and representative Harry n. Graves of Georgetown. Eustis my res of Dallas a Mayfield support r said he had conducted a private poll and found that the average merchant was against Sterling a a Oulu th1 hankers and newspapermen Are for Sterling generally and some of them Are not a Mars said. Mayfield Headquarters a Aid the situation in the Campaign for the former United stars senator than general Wolters is Given medal Page five Camp Wolters Mineral w us july 18, up a a medal voted i by the Texas legislature to brigadier general Jacob f. Wolters of the Texas National guard in recognition of Quot distinguished military service in time of peace a was presented to the commander of the fifty fifth cavalry Brigado Here Friday. Gov. Dan Moody pinned the a oration on general Wolters in the presence of the entire brigade a several hundreds visitors on t Parade ground of the brigade a annual Encampment. Com a tired i Idow not Poison woman Here is the first computation Ever made of the orbit of the newly discovered planet called a Pluto a detected at Lowell Observatory iat March. F l Whipple and e. C. Bower lick Fellows of Berkeley cai., made the computation above. The dark Center portion is a he entire orbit of the Earth about the Sun next line is the orbit of Mars then Jupiter Saturn uranus Neptune and Pluto is the outside line. Whalen presents communist data Jackson miss., july 18. To county officials were convinced i i id to t it Ali it the gory told by a s a an a r to a county sheriff the a prominent Harrison county widow was Belle Gunn is who years Aco poisoned 15 husbands on her farm near Laporte ind., Vas it Roleous and that the entire affair was a Case of mistaken identity. The sheriff and his deputies want to the widow s farm Early Friday but Learned that the woman was visiting fronds in Peoria 111. They Learned also that the widow was prominent in club and social affairs of Gulfport where she had been known for 13 years. Del <>1 it Lex received when tit in derail i d continue from Tage one India political crisis disastrous Bombay july 18, a disastrous effect of Hipoliti 1 Cri is on India s economic condition Friday was shown by announcement that 14 More Cotton Mills a re will close Down aug. 1 throwing 40.-000 workers out of employment. D. P. Kuthan of the Indi to chamber of Commerce announced that by the end of next june there would be a carryover of an unprecedented number of Bales of jute in Calcutta alone get waste out of your system pro Pelege of observing a Nan who says he never tasted alcohol in his life outlived 11 wive became a f Hgt r for the thirty so the time at the age of 96, and grew a third s. T of Teeth when he was 105. That s Fly Story and he s sticking to it there was some a Light difficulty about his being admitted to this y uth Ful Republic whose birth he 1 Aims took pile after is. Agha a developed comb not pass the literacy to it st. Although fee Speaks three languages hot could next or a 1 1 tic write in Iny of them. But Agha explain d to i Migra Lon inspectors at provid rce that he is really a kurd and he kurd be it id h Ive no Wotton language. So after he had repeated i kurd a uhme Moham it Dan prayers had conversed n turkish with a government interpreter and had indicated that he also understood French they let him in. One of Agha a chief claims to distinction apart from years and his Mart Sal Carer is Tuit of Teeth which he says he produced at the age of 105. But they re All gone now having lasted Only 15 years he says and so while he is Here and no occupied with voting the do tors pay him instead of him Elf paying the doctors he thinks he May buy himself a set of false Teeth. A a told about fight twp against Napoleon in Egypt and of other w irs in Greece in a Raja and in the Crimea. He it Artle paled in his last War a War again the rus Nso As a Volunteer at the age Quot of 103. He said served in the Artel by and carried canons on his shoulder. He denied lie had divorced wife no. 11 to marry no 12, a Young Quot a Man of f.4, who now Waits for him in Istanbul. Agha he had been the father of 26 son and daughters All dead a have the daughter who w i born when he was 96. Of the number of his other descendants he has completely lost count. New York july 18, a a the special House communist invest gating committee Friday received from in olice commissioner Grover j w Halen photostatic Copie of documents alleged to show that Sovi t Russia through the amt org trading company a commercial Agency handling russian business in the United states fas attempting to foment Industrial revolution in this country new ads get results Trinidad colo., july 18, fit victims of an attempt to wreck a Colorado and Southern train near Here thursday night Pete Lee 19. And Carl Blunck died Friday of injuries received when the train was partially derailed and the car on which they were a bumming a ride was thrown 50 feet. Lee was from Paducah Texas and Blunck from Clinton okla. Lowe Bros. Porch and deck paint made for porch floors where the Wear is hardest it stands hard use and retains to color Luster and Beauty for a Long Long time and your porch will look Nice and Nice. Will v a permit us to a How you. Phon1 27-�?lvov-Gray lumber go maj. Myron Blalock of Marshall will speak in Paris saturday july 19 2 30 of clock at the court House in interest of the candidacy of Ross Sterling for governor of Texas political Vitai Komlo iis9 Why pay More for groceries when your reliable a amp p offers such a Fine array for less banish constipation at Start with Kellogg All bran the look out when you Wake up tired and stay tired. Beware of headaches unpleasant breath. These Are usually the to rest symptoms of constipation. The trouble is that your intestinal system is clogged. You have eaten too Many bulk less foods. But you can clean your system safely if you Start at once to eat Kellogg Sall bran. Kellogg Sall bran is a Cereal that you can eat naturally. It sweeps the intestines clean of poisonous wastes. Far better than habit forming pills and drugs. Kellogg Sall bran is guaranteed. Just eat two tablespoonfuls Dailve recurring cases with every meal. You la like its crispness and flavor. Your system will Benefit by its Rich store of Iron and healthful elements As Well As by its roughage. Ready to eat with milk or Cream. Delicious with fruit and Honey added. Use it in cooking. Recipes Are on the package for muffins and griddle cake. Sold by All grocers. Served by hotels restaurants and dining cars made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Natiw Quot All bran Snori ening ,.99c in �.60c Fig bars a Pound m package. 25c flour -18 Pound sack 01 spy Sun Nyfield. A peaches Iona Brand no. I can. 19c flour. 74c 2 Small package d minute oath a. 17c flour. 41c 11 Large package a a _ 1 minute Elf rms. 22c .�ra.nf. 29c packages Diamond Crystal sait. 10c i&srr.25c cheese la. 25c Bacon ?.b a. 29c dry Salt Bacon a i 7 n bulk Peanut butter <4 in a Pound., j of phone 570 we deliver the goods 31 years in the same old stand Pete Humphries co. We Lead others try to follow Ples v Friend we have what you want when you want it Here a the platform of the Pete Humphries company the skirt Atlantic Pacific of Sian or ? f la our p i s t by off a in on Quality food products. In the Cost of i v m do e lowest prices to be ll/c1 a Emeve in Home loyalty in building up the Vav l Community in which we live in Treatis every body alike. Lac 1 1 five in the live and let live Theon an Vav l this in View not Only to sell but bus or from our Hume people. D with Lac by against Cut Gold hooded methods in business. Vav i we Are at on ? misrepresentations in any torm. We Are against anything that tends to strike at the Prosperity and Well being of our county. Late Mori than thirty years we have been run i Yix Ning on the same ticket that save a give the people their Money a Worth treat them fair Square and courteous. Look at these vote getters Cocoa 2-. Can 25� i soap a amp a 5 bars 19 matches a 1 5c Broon i or Quot 47c Mayonnaise in a a a. 1 5� t tomatoes fresh Home grown Ripe and f irm Basket a a a a a 20c Coffee Hales Leader 3 lbs 99c Maxwell House 3 lbs. $1.15 Bright and Early la. Pkg. 25c pickles sour or Dill quart Jar a a a a a �23c sugar. Fine granulated 20 old dutch Cleanser 3 Garu. 23c Ole Margerine per la. Milk armoury 3 Large oct cans a a of 6 s. 25c Snowdrift Large bucket $105 spinach Libby a Small 4 of can. Lav flour Kansas Best 48 lbs. $1.35 241b. 72c 12 lbs.38c potatoes to ,.20c a to Lea Upton a or % Crk r. Doc malt �?o�?z.49 c our modern Market is a popular favorite Steak loin Steak whipping Cream for Quarter beef i pint 18c la. 23c la. 12c breakfast Bacon picnic hams mixed sausage Climax Rindley a just the size to bake no cereals All meat 25clb 210 Loc Home baked Ham and fresh Catfish

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