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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Paris, Texas Tii r. It Tirko sunday Roii it it no or fair Quot Omi a Lutt a a Mer my in Ltd a Rural by Falp with a a Mir Rikin in Tun the Paris morning news 18 pages today far1s, Texas sunday january 17, 1926 my brr of trip a Ltd Ltd it Uiato Ltd pres number 164 slain Bandit was an escaped convict to a to it to a a a a to to to reclamation engineers urge a plan to american Indian anglican priest to to to to to a a a a a a a a to to to burial of mine disaster victims is begun impartial st Ady Solis of is urged state briefs ily ass Ottati d press latest photo of Helen Keller and woman who Given life to Aid her a policy adjustable to the changing economic requirements of nation w a Ciari but v is he urged with father in Law by Nova in her of 192 2. In District Cut i he and Given a five \. I i r non. Who murder of 1�?Totter. In a it convicted last night a Entena 1 he in it v Lite Flonc Washington Jan. 10. Fth a thorough and impartial study of Tholo reclamation problem adoption of a fixed policy to it uld eliminate political itt was urged today in t re la it it of the a eclat mation commit tee of the american engineering Council in sea Ion Here. 1 Lai in the w id direr attire of opinion a rounds a Pouch that can be adjusted to the Chang Leif eco on Nii it requirements of the nation the report set Forth that a the rec Lamats n policy should embody the principle that any project must justify the coat of construction and maintenance by either 11-rect or indirect returns or Lith and those shirring the benefits whether Bona fide o cup ants t the a Lar i. The it National government or political divisions thereof shall Bear the entire a st thereof in pro i port id t a the respective benefits the study advocate i y the m Itee j inti out the following specific Points which should lie in j vast Ica ted first the fundamental h Inci Pic involved in a reasonably fixed j policy of Federal reclamation a second it so Hyld v Zsidi r an administrative plan i a a King toward tie creati1 n of Fri Ltd to c r pop , controlled by a Small Hoard of directors author Bud to administer and enforce a a mgr�?-�1 Nal acts relating to re it 1 Matlen a it ird development of a land Settle finest j>1 an which May he i in Teal under such corporate of a Ion. Asserting that ther a is a real a need for the of a Rea son Nile fixed policy of Vechina a Tion a the report de tar d that a a reclamation his been an import-1 ant Factor in the Dev ulment of j tits a agricultural resources of the i United War thirty six charges against four negroes have 1 Een filed Here in connection with a be i ies if eighteen burglaries com netted Here during the past three months. Korn of the neg Oes h Ive conf it used. Rig Iti ont i and w or k of mex a Stini ated Quot son Antonia a lop men t lie done in Vari u ice the Cost of w h at approximately 6n,000,000 Pes a i were awarded try the mexican g v it Erna it to the j. G. White in j Glne ering corporation according to it an announcement today by the to Ltd a Branch. Him fall of i rime Yvo w a a a Lens f1 try of 15 and of chief of ing that the o the City is i is 1 it it w a a i t he an s a trs is the it Pinion Liee George Hodgins. Austin much improvement is being mad in the girls training it j lines ill. To it orge Purl of Dallas member of the legislature who led that fight against or. A a air e Weaver Smith declared Here today. San his i Tilers a Man want �1 in Dallas and nth r cities it n Safe diking charges and suspected in Rennner ti1 n with tie looting of a Safe Here escaped firm the City jail Frid to. of Ign Otist night tick of the Reese my and the prior about $6000. Unete Rinino a damaged the millinery Cut it a Raine beaut 1 d for Trewet i night. N the Coa 1 i Robb is took about Safe of the pulliams company Heie Laso hair waving of to o thousand years ago not unlike it is Noie i Dallas a most of the j a golfers now participating in the Texas it i m n Tourn to pent in Progress i at san Antonio will attend the Dali open Golf tournament it Ltd ginning next Friday information received Heie last n yet indicated. May not re open destroyed Hime Little response been made to Appeal for help for destitute w a Urr okla. Jan. Iti it put a a l skies that threatened ram the bodies of More than l of the More than 90 miners who lost a heir lives in an explosion at the Degnan Mcconnell mine. Turn her a wednesday were Laid to rest today in a simple country ten Tetrev a Short distance from the scene of their labors allowed by tearful and in most Cass. Destitute families the bodies i were t item to graveyards Ini caskets most of them alike. They were the list of the victims to be d Here and As they were Low Tito the grave another Chap of mine disaster history was red Fox st. James Carlisie graduate is first red Indian Deacon of anglican Universal Church. In six months he will 1 a a priest. Bill i ered ter a close at fun this morning eight of the conducted by Lodge and Thev City cemetery scattered serv head in Humble Church was the id this inter sting photo of miss Helen killer world famous deaf dumb and a Blind mute was taken in Washington a few Days ago. Miss Keller is at the right. At the left is miss Anne Sullivan Mac her constant companion advisor and teacher tor 38 years. London. Jen. 1r, Jyz Loir w i ing As practice 1�?o. Lie women in the year �250 b. Was not it altogether dissimilar to the modes of today is the deduction made by Leon h d Woolev who Lieen excavating at or of the Chaldea in m a shoot Amia. While searching for the Palace of fungi. Son of tie builder a it of the great Zik Kurat. Or Temple who Reid red 417�� years Igo. Or. Wb1��y and Iii fellow workers came across what is consider the most Beautiful example of Suni Merian sculpture Ever unearthed the head of the Moon goddess. It is exquisitely carved in White Marble. The eyes tire inlaid with Lapis Lazuli and Shell. The hair in an elaborately waved coiffure which indicated to the investigators that the hair dressers of the third dynasty a skill which at the present time might be considered a bit Odd but nevertheless prohibition birthday is being Cerebra i de Moody to be ready for Hoffman Case n a York Jan. 16. A a the sixth Anni Vcra try f prot it no a birth in the United states is being ohs red today Witlox web rations a it of interested civic organizations an i with statements from leading prohibitionists praising the results of the eight tenth amendment and the volstead act. Tonight the new York anti is Loon league held a a a sudden death dinner in Honor it f a in us Yafo r Johnson whose work As a try pro Pagan list Thia the w it re st him an Eye h lost it in a scuffle u it it students in Loi Don. The dinner tonight was to i show the dangers that Lurk in forbidden bottles. O Unter Feit . Confiscated plants devoted to the production of Bootleg liquor from denatured alcohol were exhibit d a evident Ltd of a the kind of stuff unit the vets entombed miners turn their eyes toward g prayer during Long hours of peril 10 3ft o lock in services of negro victims were the negro masonic were buried in the throughout the a it Ives were being Homes and every scene of others. Ministers from towns nearby Quot a a a aiding in the burials and the salvation army which Boon at the mine since the explosion. Serving hot Coffee and Sand Wiles to Rescue workers carried on i lie end anti conducted aft verge of the funerals. With the exception of the hotel i and a few restaurants All Wilbur ton was closed today for the burial a its i Ltd a i. In differences that i might have exist etl Between Union i and non Union men Psi it it ? fur that a moment is they fit tended the serv a secs or watched the processions tile i Down the one main Street of the town t a Ward one of the two cont teries. Most of the Deal men were j former Union miners who left the Union to go it to work after a Lone i diet i ass More than Twenty bodies were sent out of town fur burial. Jim met Onnell owner of the j mine says he May reopen it. He will determine this after a sees the exact condition of the passage ways. The mine been operated for More than Twenty five years. The Appeal for Aid made by the 1 Lions club the Only civic organization at Wilburton brought but t Little Money thus far. The club a asked for <100,000 to care for the therly violator of Law Norris charges appointments made with secret Blanket resignations washing on j m. 16. Ltd it a present it Coolidge was charged in the enat today by Senate a Norris of a Vel Rumka with Vio is of the Grid though i gtd with his appointees on a me pendent commas 1 a in it lican lating the i set act Erst 1 j. I. To up More than 2 by women Tny a children left destitute. The red in Ross yesterday joined hands with the club and will t Ike care of Erners a a King in behalf of a it solutions for tin investigation Ltd the Tariff Commissio s. Rotor Norris eclat 1 that the pies Dent in a a a nut up it the group that be end tin Ltd Mim its. To in Ubl us Ai for part purposes and that he used his High of i ice to Iii untrue the tar i Law. He charged that president it i Ige if appointed Davi i a a Quot a vis. Democrat of m try in the com in a Salon a for political i a sea but in bad before the appointment was made Norris said the president it a be std l wis to give Hilt a Blanket letter of res Lunation whirl thu part Midch it soul the Kutsho sized to it any time. A a resident Coolidge Wai tacked and defended today in the Senate for inac Tion in that Anth i cite cd in strike and a proposal was a Quot a cd that would Gilt a him full Auto end the strike it was n the form of a joint Resolution Lay senator Copeland Democrat a if new York and Woubie pro it execute a Iso it n fab when till a lock f Jamison mine re i Iota in portion spent in was d v it w. Va., Jan. 16 things locked Durke a qty Cne entombed in bowing an exit onion up a t for air he a n in a a Al and Coke e Many a Here their uppermost w As of to a d and a g. Eat the eight a n hours they the r underground prison Quot ted to discussion of the Austin Jan. 15. Up a the state will be ready monday Quot Ltd Orrin in the $421,000 i uhf a suit to Aorist the Hoffman Ltd company of Wistland which will be called n District ourt Here. After of Genet a 1 Moo in announced today. The hearing is on the defend pleas of Privily it. Tie defendants c tend they must lie sued in the counties of tin in Resl a la a no a not in Travis count. Should the ideas be denied tin state will seek a a have the Cash go to trial in its merits. Ijelu it a sin Ftp b r is Kiiski so Antonio Jan. 10. A one mexican liquor smuggler was kilted today 25 Miles from p Alf Uhrlas texts in a gun fight Between a smuggling band and mounted customs inspectors. Two men. With six horses and 340 quarts of tequila mexican a tit r were captured. Numb Rells or Mermo to Ltd pro of for or believe organized thieves operating Bible and veal d by. Old compte i a a Fetty m n Rayer. This v is re a. . 60 year Engineer who with a reman supervise i i i a a n a 1 w re Ellov sea Ley a Texas Jan. 46. Vii thieves Bel tved to be Memis is of an Tnge izod band last night broke into the Branch store a of the a Lohn Hackbarth company at a at Springs near Here and Loo Teil the Pic of div goods valued it so of. Do his is the see a my role to or the Hackbarth company suffered in recent months. The first was the it burglary of the main store in scaly when merchandise Worth $2ooo was stolen. A that a Well establish Eil burglary ring in t a a it a k is evil Leni de try the score or Niobe of a it it iteri1 s of stores in this and adjoining counties in tie last year. Dry goods principally and various the kinds of merchandise have been st. Len the value of tit loot running into Many thousands of dollars. Ill a Dight i. Ii a Dou it it it ii it its court us vat Doo poim6in to vat Austin. Jan. 16. Of Ftp de Orease in automobile accidents at night is col sorted from Vari us parts of tic is atthe headlight division of the Highway department announced . An incr us in regulation of automobiles is show n in nearly every county. The reduction of night accidents is noted on the country roads while most of the accidents occur on Well lighted j streets in towns. President installed East Tex As College Commerce Texas Jan. 16. In a in the presence a if a Large vat Liming of Texas educators. S. In Whitley was installed As Presto end of tie a i get to it was state teachers College Here today. \ m a Eom a tinal auditorium was Deib ated san tor Mcgregor represented try Vernor Miriam a. I Erguson who was unable to attend. Tip a construction of the Bale Barric a do to protect the Jitt 1� from the indie gases which fatal to Nineteen of their workmen. A a Kvein single Man was a perfect us Istian a or Imi tit Jong a real a a so id Mcneil who explain a that Althou Gli some of the miners c uld hardly und it st a Jui whip tin others Sal i a a Uuie of the Nari ii National i it s represented. Till seemed to comprehend pm situation and unit when appeals w a a ? e made for Tii Vine guidance and Aid. Origin All the of were Twenty three in the group rescued but two a if the to both non a and on a m Nister perished i in tin attempted dash for the Mihe Shaft so on after the men taken a Fuge in tie air log k. Before to lib mini in left them. Mcneil a a id he led in prayer. Afterwards Mcneil served As Leader. A when 1 was Dow to in that Little dung i i expressed the intent a in of Reading my Bible Mote if Ever get out a said and added that Fetty id some of the others it cured a by a 4 and so am i my Neil a Toi ust Man we sex Perenc a and coolness is Gen a Tell a a Iii it Al As having be the to Chi a it am a actor Iti saving the miners w is said y one of the to due group to have Given his share a i the food to Young men whap per red in rued of it. The Iun of the men won equally portioned w he n Liev were first a nth a it a a a. The Small Supply of w tier was carefully guarded but not used uni i be of the numb r a Intel Al from the impure air. The sick Ning my was then Given a d Ink As a restorative. None of the Twenty one non appeared to it have suffered Mettle from his experience underground and almost without exception they Ware Able to walk from the u p a f the elevator to it an Mug m j he is plea located neat by Mcneil alone fainted hut was Nii Kiy revived whet a upon he asked for his Pip. Securing and a Light he went Home. Plans for the funerals of the Nineteen vie Inis a of tie a plos fion were being made by relatives and friends Falls Over most All Texas davits Jan. 16 do is Low rainfall with a gradual drop in temperature was reported from Houston san Antonia a it. Worth Austin and Waco tonight. Latin fell st daily All Day tit the Points named w Hue a drizzle to downpours was reported at numerous oth it r put a ints of the state. A Ai empower the Preo Dent seize the ency needs and the salvation mines fix the army Way. Offered its services in any Poe of Well Smiths retirement flan is discounted Salt it lots As the wages of the miners and compensate the mine owners. The measure was sent to a the interstate Commerce commission. Today a oddest item tilt ii h 1�. I Mill 11 bit ii As \ a it st 11 it s Lakenan to. Jan. 16, step a a school with a teacher but no pupils is being operated North of Pilot it in we. Near Here. Tint it hot a goes to the school every a Lay. Although she no one to instruct. The school 1 card wishing to in on the Saf Side at the opening of new York. .1 m. 16. Job de spite governor Smith a insistence that his announce d intention to re tire to private life a must be some democratic leaders Are he a Pefuhl that he will be induce l run again for the gubernatorial office. John f. Hylan is sarcastic. Tie Man w Hose he a get of a or to exec ton is mayor of Newyl re were blasted by the governors a in pain against him last fall exclaimed a what that a about the Hundredth time he said that. No body can believe up state la Salt lers a or particularly hopeful that t Ltd governor will a is regard Pera tial wishes As he a lid in 1�j2 and 1924 atm ent r the lists. New York City leaders. Hot a Ever. Are it convince cd that the get it error meant what he stays. Iff i t uns a .1 n on Sili the term employed a the though Liere iian la a Een a of up ils for some time it was Learned later to Able on i is enrolled at Pilot Grove. The teacher however the class room Evv a Lay. Filling her contract. Ich a Al Sciorta go Kansas anti cig Aret Law declared valid Amarillo. Jan 16. J1?�?ord� ring in is two daughters from the room Sam West 45, an Oil Field labourer fired 1 or shots into the body of his w Ife and then shot himself dying instantly. The shooting oct urged in an Oil Fidd Shack 2ft Miles North of Panhandle according to the Story related by the two ii is. Mrs West was brought to an Amarillo Hospital where it is said he a slight Chin a to live. The couple been sep True of for s veral months. To it it \ Iii m t i to i in in id n in Lis Lille be it Washington Jan. Tir in a Twenty four seized foreign liquor a t in j univ i vessel Werft and j my a by of Avail a h Ltd a a 1 s go i Quot Tii us to Rui Kansas City the right of the Saie of cig boundaries was kan., j n. 16 Ltd Kansas t a a Irons within its upheld in fed my i he a a a part it of need t Ltd Day a t a t Nve j were Burdish vessels i my two French. 7�?Tlu j Btij ish ships captured i it st Tot Aiea t he number whole of the previous it a High school Hygiene students Holt food and Don t Wash hands Sci amento fai., despite the fact that Hygiene students Are with admonitions to in 16, of a High school bombarded Wash their Cis court hero today in a Tesi brought by the self service coup any a Delaware Porpot a Timi. To e e Many sought in a straining the enforcement a of the anti Cigar rat Law on the a ground that the Law violate the right of a citizen of the unite l Star a is Toof i duet an hone get business under the Ultra state Commerce Cir us a of the Federal Constitution. Justice aunty a f these two it cult an number of 1 Slid. La for the a. Bandit it in Xii i Muti i it hoi i i Houston Jan. 16. To a an in Iden led White Man about 26 years old was shot through the heart and killed almost instantly we n he attempted to Quot hold up or and mrs. J. Of. Rucker As the couple a i Rove into tic garage at the a a of beit Honie last Naglit. Only one shot was fired the Bullet striking the Bandit direct above the heart. Hands before they eat. Only forty out of a too do so or. Herbert Imholz director Ltd mph it Sical education of the Public schools a it Fuyii Fornaci told the state a Board of Edu cat in in her a yesterday. Furthermore in the face of All tet Iching to the contrary they Bolt their food eat ice Cream and Pic Kies together and persistently violate other health Rales he he a on lured that Hygiene tto Ach ing is of Little Worth. Moody attends Houston reception Austin. Texas Gan. 16. J3 at Horney general Dan to a it left to it i night for Houston we re a in Ute lie reception been prepare for him and u a Ere he will address a meeting of the Law enforcement league tomorrow. In Akis ils e \ in i in xxx Ell in a Lokotka i Ini in $20 0� Eor the i i in v by v i Ion Phil f. Hawk in w �11 in r n former Lamar county Man having nmn connected with that ito to in state Bank As eas6< for Many year and a lit11 More than a year age. Having m v de to pal in to Ink ome representative of the Bankers life insurance comic any h she n made sales manager for a it. I. Mis Jan. 16. Fly Arthur a Bomor. St. . W to find 62000 in City court Friday Fot i traffic ordinance violations. It a was the heaviest Fine Ever imposed i in a st. pc in e court f r such a an offence. Joseph tumult new York. X seriously ill 1.6. A it a Joseph District number four comprising tumult it the a it Irta the a a. . A a the Stutz is of Nebraska of to Rad Kansas. Oklahoma and a part of Missouri. Or. Hawkins just a turn a from san Francisco where a Vas a guest of the a a to pan. And where his promotion was made known to him. Ulim asked if this would mean his removal from Paris he said a no i will continue to make my Home in Paris the Best town on i shot to death when he attempts to hold up a Houston Man and wife Martin robbery Case results in mistrial fort Worth. Jan. 16. In a the w. A. Martin jury was discharged because of disagree mint tonight after 20 hours of deliberation. According to unofficial statements the vote stood eight for conviction and four for acquittal. Martin was charged with robbery of the Farmers and merchants Bank at Krum on june 1928. About $30,000 was taken in the Holdup. He was Arr ted following a raid n they no a Storey ranch in Denton county last August by st a the rangers. Martin already is unit Ler a 99 year sentence for the killing of Deputy sheriff Parsons at Denton. Still dig Graves Homeopath its say medical science extended american lives Little Chicago Jan. 16, it pm a the Golden age of Medicine Means nothing in Extension of life t those a the forties and area icarus continue to it big their Graves with their Teeth at an increasing rate such were the conclusions sex pro Seri by Utt Bersi of the exc a Tive committee of american Institute of Home Pathy in session he re today. A in spite of the general increase of the life Span Mon of the gain have been made in inf my a said or. C. A. Burietta lean of the homeopathic medical College of new York the expectancy after forty of age is no More toil by than it was Twenty years ago. Cert a in Anth cities believe it less. A this heavy and unnecessarily High death late of tin1 a Dail serous is typically american tn�4 is not Dupit item among the other White nations Quot to the soda Fountain was attributed much of the blame for the disordered t it no lotions of digestive up Parati by or. Hoy up of new you a president of the International association of homeopathic doctors. Quot the europeans with their two hour lunch periods Are outliving us a he said. A thirty minutes or an hour d not sufficient for eat eng a meal. We deluge ourselves into thinking we ire living in the Best age but we dash to a soda Fountain Bobble up a Sandwich Wash it Down with a drink and Rush Back to business and conferences. A at night we Rush Home under crowded conditions not enough exercise and hurtled and overeating Are a ausing increased heart and a kidney highly prepared and Prev digested foods plus a heavy meat diet cause poor Teeth said or. Upham. No meat is g a i and americans she uld eliminate it from the diet he said. Chicken and fish Are As pad As meat with their High proteins. White bread l icks salts and vitamins and causes starvation of things necessary to body by iding. There remains Hope however a. Coniing to or. Burrett. A aft Mth very beginning the individual must be taught to re �1-ize his is a body without spare parts. He must be educated to care for his body machine if he wants to enjoy the Sevy n to twelve extra a a a ars which scientific Medicine truthfully holds out to it House approves five War debt agreements Washington. Jan. 16. A Pic the War debt agreement with Belgium Roumania , t a a Keoho so a Ukia and Iai Tiu involving apr proximately 1600,000,000, were approved today by the House. In adopting the resolutions to authorize accept acc of the terms re a oni men did in a the american debt com i san the h a use disposed of the la t of the settlements negotiated during the summer. As sent to the Senate a4l the a Grey a tents pro a vide for a funding of the respective obligations Over a 62-year period. Including the italian debt approved yesterday the United st a Tes will receive Tbs but $3,000,-00�t 000 Fri a six War Loans. Coi in six Ell in i k Xci Sliozis signs or xi4.xtint� Laris snap n he Uston. Jan. Lei in a men Toffi a nation of the highwayman who was shot and killed by to. H. Rucker late last night As l. A Horn alias n. I. Horn a convict from the Harlem state farm was made by h e Keller of the Bureau of the police department today. The dead Many a identification was discovered through the medium of Finger Annm a Check up with the farm Captain revealed that Van Horn Vas missing a fact unknown to prison farm authorities until Cha of of detectives William f. Kessler notified the farm. Horn a trusty in charge a of repairing Cotton gins on the prison farm was shot and killed Wrhen he attempted to hold up or. Rucker As the latter accompanied by his wife drove into the garage at their resilience last night. Rucker is at Liberty under $10o Bond. Run Ker said he just driven into the garage and As the rear wheels of the car entered the door a Man stepped out of the gloom at the Side of the car where mrs. Rucker was sitting and pointing a pistol at mrs. Rucker said a stick up your mrs. Rucker complied but or. Rucker cautiously reached a for his revolver with his right hand while putting up his left hand. Gently Cocking his gun Rucker slipped i right hand around behind his wife and fired onre the Bullet a steel jacket affair drilling the but edit clearly through the left breast. The Bandit ran from the garage and disappeared Down the driveway. And Rucker and his wife ran for the House and called officers. Going to the front porch and switching on the porch lights. Rucker saw the Man lying in the Street in front of the House his right hand still holding Bis gun. A 3h Caliper revolver twisted under him and a flashlight in his left hand. Strai Sherry plants and grass growing in far North Alaska Seward Alaska Jan. T6. Of pm a Strawberry plants and grass crops a re growing in the mild Spring like weather Here. At this time last year rotary Snow plow Crews were fighting Snow slides. It was i lining Tod in and there was almost tip it Sny a we it a the Railroad except in the High Mountain passed. Because of the Lack of Snow for sleds tie a Quot a tractors have been us Able to till their order. Mexican Post office chief visits Chicago Laired j in 16. Fkr Cosme Hinojosa postmaster general of mex a it. Arrive <1 Here last night in route to Chicago where he expects to it study put Stal regulations and equipment a it of that office with a View to in a Bame adoption of the United st ites system to Mexico. He was Here Only a Short time. From Chicago he will go it to new York and Washington for further inspection of the postal system there. Hitt Josa was accompanied by his wife anti son. The latter will sail for from new y re to enter diplomatic set vice of the Mcxie a government. While in a the mexican postmaster Gen ral said to would Cali on in Ost Muster Genet a i new. Irwin is candidate for attorney general do Lias tan. 16. J3 a represent utile t. K. Irwin of it Ila announced today that he would by l candidate for attorney Pru Videl attorney general Moody does not run for re election. He said he would a a pen his Campaign in Huntsville at an a arly Date. Irwin gamed st it wide att amp it on in the last la a Gisl Ture tar his fight on alleged prison abuse he into a a Iucci the prison investigation Resolution. In the leg Isatu rho was a Ferguson supporter voting for the Ferguson amnesty Mensure. Lately he been a Leader in demands for a special session of the Legista Ture. Rix it Iii s prison Jan. 16, Pic the Eola a Frank a is showing signs of departing Phis is regretted by no it one except the skates who say they w. A it beginning t enjoy themselves on the 1 a Kes and on the Ponds formed by tie Waters from the recent floods. The thermometer is rising but there still ate in w flurries and cold Siruis and the weather men say another wave f bad weather seems to be no ving eastward. Tits president Woodrow so in Passini the critical stage of a severe attack of bronchial pneumonia it became known today. Tos Angel -. Cal., Jan. 16. In Charles y. Knight of in Silena a Multi millionaire an.,1 inventor of a in aut a Molj Jile motor Uki mrs. Mamie a Smyth of Waco Texas Xiv it to a tarried Here today retiring in Vox is for in it Home new York. Jan 16. T j3 Mem in Dae Sehmer. Retiring French am b�98a or sailed today f it a France aboard the liner. To Aris with m me. A each mar and their a laugh ters. Or. Dae Sehmer said that senat r Berenger who replaced him in the diplomatic Post is on a a purely political mls Suur Here. Atlanta ha., Jan. 16. It Pye Jhn g. La a Glt a for Twenty years con or Esstman front Kentucky enter l the Ati it a Fedor in prison he to today to by Rin serving a two year sentence impose i on conviction of conspire icy to violate that Nati Tuii prohibition lava. Miss information Omat s 8r0n�v two Oreao Lyja fat Adieu so f0k of troop outfits ht5 8e�m pot ooh to so Many ousts r 5 p05e h b g�0t to come. To it f

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