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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1927, Page 4

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - February 18, 1927, Paris, Texas A Page fourth parts morning news Friday. February 18.1927 the Paris morning news published to a Morato except a Krondes by to Al Nabih it Las come fast entered at the poet fac at part a Texe. So Sooj Ciati Moll Mattar Merall a. By Derrter it mom if tor a a it aah a. I Par Tiava. A Amin no i by Nav. A a a a most fat Carw Fiat the. A fat a Mouth it Par a i it in. Saebay Tal Llu rate no a by no a Only Poi Taitan it. Icy Turrou Aoun Rao actor open Tea Bari Tai. Ass Ion a rapt sure of toy , Dmn or for portion a it pc May appear to tit Oei Airna of the a re tub Corra Tad Boa Brin Bro Utby to Tea attention of Tea Pobi Lascar. City Anbar Librn a no Oak it a complaint a for 9 t pm. Eoo Tiara than Viper tool to Tabata from Tea office if Ranj do oot rat your papa a Olary Pla aaa or a a a Mem plaint it Taro a no temp allot it la that Tea Papart Hato #�ara for they inv a Solo the wind and they in amp la reap the a a a till 7. 0 old age Seiko upon an ill event youth like fire on a Rotten Boutt. South. Streets should be flushed Pari a earned the reputation Over to South West As the Prett Leet and cleanest City in this Section. It a unquestionably one of the very pret fleets but there i some question about its being the cleanest especially if the confidential remark of visitors mean anything. A surplus of bacteria Ladan duet on the Hue Ines streets is palpably a Surprise to the newcomer and a source of unnecessary annoyance to the old timers As Well As a condition that jeopardise health to say the least. But there Are practical considerations that make it expedient that the condition be remedied. In the first place a revolution in traffic conditions make a change in the method of cleaning the streets necessary. With automobiles parked along the curbs in increasing numbers it is impossible for Ordinary Street brooms to remove the surplus dirt passing cars form a suction that pulls the dust from the Center and toward the curbs out knowing them or a single thing about them. They Are so Many names on to lib ballot from which one or More must to chosen. Vet these must make the Laws of the state Para upon appropriations involving million of Dollar Levy our taxes Pio Ide revenues for the conduct of our school and the operation of the Ariouse depart ments of our state government. The voter thinks Little of this. Me Deib t want the office himself and apparently he does t care about the Man who does want it. Without thought fee is willing to entrust to a person he has probably next or seen and about whom he too often knows absolutely nothing a responsibility of ibis Gravity. And in return he is willing that the legislator should receive the huge sum of $5 a Day Quot while he is actually working and the rail Oad fare to and from Austin and his Home City. Such apathy upon the part of the citizens and Uch niggardly pay Are certain to produce situations of this character. The. Surprise should not be that such charges have been made or that two members have been expelled. The eur Rise should lie in the fact that there have not been More of a Uch cases. That there Hava not been is to the credit of Texas legislators past and present and after All but prove what the Public Oft Mes is unwilling to believe that the majority of men in Public life Are honest. T under such conditions hardly More than four Lypps of legislator Are possible the incompetent to whom $5 a Day is sufficient earning the inexperienced. Who regard legislative service As a stepping Stone to some other character of political preferment the Man of cd will serve for such a sum in the Hopes of making More through outside Means either while in the legislature or out and. Of course the Able patriotic Man who is willing to serve at a financial sacrifice to himself. This latter class of course is in a minority not alone in the Texas legislature but in other state bodies and of them such sacrifice is something the state should not and Baa no right to ask. A state As great As Texas should not expect any Man to spend 60 a it of his time working for out our Way by Williams i it in felled who Imp jetted Quot Tiv Kame. Quot Ucen Snoop a Mut meft�ov4 do Moo t�-un1hw a go a Aid my Tiff a take if it ally Quot a hers Luff Oki 1�-v outside of the Cam Youit income tax of co own i maid my the rubber globes Fer the us Occam Oid he ? ulam pull this Cam Fer the rest la a it Jom a oos a Staat Obj or dessert a Iceni Wanio of a a lather Boot Voth a foot in it Quot i off m Kwh Hamos am arc it 6ath re a 111 Lilah love let us be True to ooh another for the world which Naeema to he before us like amp land of tire a is. So various so Beautiful so new. Hath really neither Joy nor love. Nor Light nor certitude nor peace nor help for pain and we Are Here As on a darkling Plain swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight where ignorant armies Claih by night. A Matthew Arnold from a Dover seac a a and continually stirs up dust that settles along the t or a Rio by a spending ?-0 or $5 in necessary expenses while so doing. It should make the pay somewhat commensurate with the a ervice at least and somewhat in keeping with the responsibilities imposed. The labourer should be worthy of his hire. This Dost the voters should awake to a new appreciation of the importance of the legislature and something of the requirements of its individual members. These things done. A higher Type of men can be induced to seek these offices. And while the voters Are about it they should go thoroughly into the matter of salaries paid to state officers. No greater need exists in Texas than the need for their entire overhauling. Salaries fixed when the Constitution was adopted in is76 Are woefully inadequate in this Day and time just As the salaries paid by business concerns of that time would be out of Date and inadequate in present Day business. For Texas to pay its governor $1.000 a year is Little Short of a disgrace. Justices of the supreme appellate and the majority of District courts Are badly underpaid and Are forced to undergo the humiliation of a primary Campaign May be it Low is t1� dignity of their offices and Ambar a raises them doubtless in a thousand ways when sidewalks and in the Interior of mercantile establishments. Waste lubricants from cars has made the Deposit damaging to merchandise and fixtures according to the statements of Pari merchants. The sprinkler by amp tem at present la inadequate because it can but temporarily Settle the dust and the we ter can not reach to the curbing where ear Are parked. No amount of brushing can a move the filth that is damaging to Public health. The streets should be flushed regularly Thui removing All the dirt and making tha streets of Paris always sightly and sail. The method Baa been adopted by most progressive cities. This system would in the end prove about As economical though perhaps costly at Firat because the a Prink Ler system and Street weeping system would be eliminated. This question has been pressed previously the Only real objection Ever raised being that of the coat. Beratis of the expediency of better methods of cleaning the bus in a District it seems that the Flushing system should be included in the City budget at the Cost of expenditures that generally considered not so vital. I a 197 a a Nia a my a to u. S it off a Jive set at Eam qut to tables full o class am time. Desserts a copy a of Art to tickle palates oath sch sin stiff from f shirt s. One. Maybe sort of scam brow 0ot or somehow Lach str Ricot of a table full o splitters am dessert a Cam o of cd it to Best humor soothing father the Young Man had called Quot ask Quot Era i would like to a Peak to you on a very important matter Quot he began. Quot Well what is it growled the father of the girl in no very encouraging tone. Quot i want to marry your a want to marry my daughter that g a Good one. What on Earth gave you that idea Quot Quot now. Now a a soothed the Young men who Law defeat and wanted to get some satisfaction from the interview. Quot you Are prejudiced against the girl. She All right , London. No. To bad debts May to deducted from Grois income in computing net income Only for the year in which they Are ascertained to in Worth-1� As an charged off thy books of the taxpayer. The taxpayer should attach to i return a statement showing the propriety of any deduction claimed for bad debts. Where the surrounding Clr Cubeaner show that a debt is worthless and a collectible and that Iccari action. In All probability would not Avail proof of these facts 1� sufficient of their Worth lessees. Unpaid loan made to relative of friends with Little or no expectation of their return Are not deductible. But Are regarded a gifts. If a debt is forgiven it can not be claimed. A valid debt proved to be Worth 1 is not Ahvay a proper deduction. For example unpaid amounts representing wages salaries or rentals or similar items of taxable income Are not allowed As deduction unless included in the creditors return for the year or in a previous year. The fart that expected income was not re caved docs not decrease the amount of taxable income. Partial deductions Are allowed with respect to a Pacific debt Only. Amounts subsequently recovered on account of bad debts or on account of a part of such bad debt previously charged off and allowed for income tax purposes must be included in Gross income for the yer in which received. Washington Al letter Paris has plenty if water and the maintenance on the Bench. Highway commissioners must Maper of the proposed it Stem a Ould not is great sri if a Vise 1?.000�?o Milf of Road and the of $20,-great. If it to possible it should be a doffed nor year. Yet. To state a Tom $2. >00 be the attorney general receives out 14,000 less Edison and the great perhaps the discoveries of modern Snen a Sar Thomas a. Edison favor a belief in the immortality of the soul. Thus does one More Man of science offer an affirmative answer to the age old question Quot if a Man die shall he Ive again Quot Edison s life so to apr a has been spent in than most any mediocre lawyer ran make. Railroad commissioners get but $5,000. And so it goes ail Down the line from the office to the Low a est the state of Texas is the worst employer i Texas. It ass been fortunate is being Able to find capable conscientious and patriotic men who have filled these offices at such inadequate salaries and in most cases at personal sacrifice to therose Hes. It has had great governor Able attorneys general and distinguished Jurist on its supreme and apr a Rodney Ditcher get % Berv 1er w it for Washington feb. 17. A Meo. Dore p. Huey official reporter in the Senate who has been reporting senatorial re for o years sometimes has his troubles in taking Down the utterances of statesmen word for word. When Shuey arts nightmares he dreams of the late James a. Clarke of Arkansas. Quot tic is a terror Quot Huey says Quot he made Fine speeches but he went so fast that they lost their effect. It was mighty hard to take him Down. A went Over 200 words a minute and his diction Wasny to Clear enough to permit that present Champion oratorical sprinter of the Senate. Shuey says is Peter nor Beck of South Dakota. The official reporters thank heaven that Norbeck Speaks on few o Casi is for or talks about 223 words a minute and a most delightful Truxa n me Senate t listen to Quot declares a Hue they All talk faster and make it harder for the reporters when they snap at each other. Our hardest Job Quot one is assured. Shuey a observed that nobody can hold the galleries like Tom Heflin of Alabama who orate at about Iso words a minute. Carter Glass Lias very Clear diction and Speaks at about Borah a Speed. Swanson whether he has the gift of oratory or not has an a Active earnestness which Shuey believes counts a great Deal Swanson hits Iso word a minute. Quot the hardest senators to take Down Are those who fill Back and Shuey continued. Quot the Senate i great training for them though. I Natch them improve from session to session. They read the Cong it is Iona record our daily health by Roya Copeland m d c. T senator from new ter former commissioner of health new York City some ways to a Vert stomach trouble a lady living far away asked to to write about Quot nervous stomach trouble Quot the v Lesini her husband is a Barber who tires easily and suffers from belching and Gas. There is pain in the stomach and great unhappiness of course. These symptoms Given at Ion Range mean Little to a doctor peking Quot mrs. Diggery our neighbor who was amp a years olt yesterday v 3 it out this morning raking the leaves in their door Yard Quot said old Festus Peeter. A a went Well Quot ejaculated an acquaintance. Quot what did she do after that a Quot Juhe went into the House and raked her son in Law i Kansas City times. In the arboretum he did no to i aet you taking a tramp through the Woods yesterday ? she the ides that was my botany hardware. To those who have a indigestion United advert Sinji corp. Outdoor advertising office a log Cabin 68 South 18th Street Awa Jack Bone print ing company Jack Bone sole owner All kind of printing except bad see us for Mccaskey sales books records i Etc. S phone 643 % South main 66 a pc is a Vvs in we Ivy Vlf verbs Laboratory. For Many year be is busied Feim Elf with test tube add Che mics equations and electrical Dave Etc. A Bat been As it were the poet of a tet Wallsm Tbs Prophet of the machine re worker of miracle1 id int rests objects. He Bas even conferred a kind of immortality a Bis Fol crw men. Caruso is dead Yat Caruso. I a because of Edison s Genius still sing. The Quot Golden Vobe a was not choked by the , but ringgit Etc it Liff it Nas vibrantly As it did when Caruso lived. Poor and de a runs his rest the hardest Man to Quot get Quot of the their own words and the words of Cut it senatorial crop 1 other senators and gradually Cor Clarke however remains most re to their vividly in Shuey Long memory. The official a it i it orters have been a emr. Mose of new Hampshire since Firat has Ufeo clearest diction of them j Able to Quot a i Quot nearly everyone All a it buckles Shuey. Quot he s just since first they began to move out delightful. He goes up to 1801 onto the floor and sit in the seat words a minute but he has that of any absent senator that might wonderful fluency that we used to 1 be convenient to the speaker hear from John t. Morgan of Ala Quot a. Took Over that privilege bams. I is or More years ago when Wil Pelate court Bench As Well As Able Railroad com or Dobir son or a Ansa in Liam m. Evarts who had been Sec j almost As Clear As or. Moses and rotary of state in the haves and they a be of Litty importance indicating merely that the aft. It t j does not select his food As be j should. They May indicate chronic j constipation with intestinal Fer i mentation they May be caused by a Mouthful of bad Urh. The May mean Gall Stone ulc a of the stomach or other even More ser Jiou disease. Of Ourse. The list sentence is a Here disturb 1 a it a. A few a put what they say they rllmpli8 j Niht dont want it Palaie drug store jl1k.es this after. Your Money cheerfully refunded if one baffle of dare s. Man Tui pepsin in a is no to do Yon More Tolian anything Yon i Vor used. During Tho past year thousands of sufferers from stomach distress have blessed the Day they first Mission Ere. For Tup most Par. E\.? one of the a offices is Able filled now. But it Isnit right that a st ate of Large whose problems arc growing daily in immensity and complexity i Bould ask any Man to to through an arduous and bitter Campaign for the privilege of serving at a sacrifice to hims if. Almost As Clear a ministration was in the Senate. M r. Borah is or. Robinson. Or. Robinson milk about 165 word a minute end or Borah about 13?.�?T yet senator James a. Reed of a imply had to move of now men who work miracles of this kind Are Dot ordinarily men of any great Faith in a Rou or a hereafter. They Are a ecu Tomud to sex t figures to demonstrable proofs to rest tons that they can see and question that they can set Down on paper. They do not like to accept anything that they cannot prove., Many of them Are sep tick and some Are out and of Atheleta. It it a debatable Queen Loo some hold whether our scientists have not done us More harm than Good in that their gifts to us have been accompanied by a materialistic doubt tar philosophy that for Many people has robbed life Joy and the world of Hope Edison s statement is like a breath of fresh air it a a helpful re minder that Skace a not settled any of the questions of the spirit that the Noulles philosophy of a scientist like Haeckel tor instance is Only one Man a opinion and not a Creed to which science As a whole subscribes. Edian nearing the close of Bis life is like Voltaire greatest o the septic Edison at $0 remark that a belief in immortality is after All comforting and reasonable. Voltaire dying conceded much Tea Aarre thin with the remark Quot i go to face a great h what others say who 5 to blame by Ohvo Roberta Barton is children had always had everything be v?&6 Able to give them from the time when they greeted him with shouts of Quot whar did you bring. Daddy Quot to the years later on when motors and College were taken pretty much for granted. The greater the need the harder he had worked. Ilis a hoes in the Early Days h and been cracked from too much polishing. He was always planning to get things for himself but a new suit would Likely As not be Side tracked by a Case of sickness and a much needed vacation would be stopped before it started because the Bills were bigger than usual. He had always made ends meet by stretching himself across the Gap. He Seldom worried i wife with Money trouble and was known a a a Good eventually he prospered. Slowly at first but with a Little working capital be was Able to forge ahead. Of did not indulge himself he guilty even now if he discarded a pair of a hoes that were not quite split through. But he was thankful that the demands of a modern family of growing children could be met without Mbarr Yasment. Twenty year of doing without so that Hia family could be comfortable bad aged him. He wanted no thanks. The children were gear Elul in their w a but his real Reward Lay in duty done. He bad Gien each one of them his Chance in life a heritage of health and knowledge. He had bad Missouri in that favorite orator of this 82-Ytar-old Man who hah Ard mor senators More often than anyone Rise. Borah he regards a the finest orator on the Republican Side. Reed often get Down to 140 w ads a minute so sey sat a Quot he s very Clear and really the Shuey recalled a he was very old and feeble and could t ape amp much acne a whisper #0 them a onto the floor to take him at the present tlnr., folks in the gallery Are always Likely to mistake the official reporters for senators unless they observe the vigor with which they Are taking note. There Are alway plenty of empty seats for the reporters. New York new York of a. 17.one of the popular delusion among visiting males Joung and old who Loneso Mely Parade Broadway is Chat which leads them to believe theyer a enjoy the personal company of pretty Chorine while sipping highball in tha cabaret. This is an illusion born of the movies and cheap magazines. Which a How the or to damsels double. And if the fair maid w a hard time growing up himself. He bad a pared them that. They had their own friends and interests and one waa married. Their parents saw Little of them now. Home As chiefly a repair station. Weil it did t Maur most boys and girls a re that Way. He and his wife were Only fifty. They Coukis tra Al and play a bit and make up from the fort Worth f a Telegram t he usual and expected after can a Bas followed the recent ousting of two member of the texts legislature on bribery charge. A Hue and by a a. A a a a is g a charges and counter charge Hare Bea n Ade the cry of Quot Frame up Quot is Beard and it is certain that the entire transaction will become another Politi a for lost time Oal Issue. And in the numerous aide show that be suddenly a Wile did. There Folio to three loud the main a faction to pub it is like a to of the Ion tet year be had Eer known go of at a in gent of Persona it a be and lose a igbo he or it Quot. A very Fine woman of forty year and of the real for such Happe Nie a As a the one a cried bar eventually. And what did Thos. Children say Abom to to a a a Cau amp a lies n to condition that make they or. 4. Father How could you he 0 a elfish Uch things possible and the Rerego Moat to blame y by could you not think of us a Quot a motors a Benise Ivea. Few pm a and att a Ion and others Aid in t 1� Lik a Man to one a Quot a is a a a a a the it a a Uit a -n1 v few. A n a a sri wife saved for use f the Legie nature too of in they vote Ink f a by be did exactly right. Siting in the laps of heavy spender. And there i some hazy tradition in the smaller town that one a merely to Flash a bankroll and All the pretty maids on the program will come flitting to the tables. As a matter of fact the practice of chorus Glria joining guest wet Cut of style a couple of years ago in All but the hot Siet of tootsies it jut Ienz to done. Time was when it was part of the entertainers a Job to it about with the male Greate. Butt has been found better to keep the girls is he roles in which the program Costa them. In Thom Day it was not uncommon to use the girls As a a Home ens to make the old boys spend their Money and Many was the near drink that the poor Chorine hed to pretend to Down to make her extra percentage. Today the idea 1 to maintain the a am illusion that on the smoke and fat tip result from flattering and tactful remarks. There a one particularly famous Case of a cig Aret girl who arrived from Chicago with a Cou pie of dollars and went Home with ten thousand. A considerable of this a it is made shaking Dice with the lonesome legation the understanding being that the closer paid on Well they bought anyway. # be. If a heavy pursed Pap Cun Era of a Date after working hours All very Well. But in places where some of the City a beet people Are r i found tipping the ladies Are allowed to be seen stroking let Ilont or ski a. They must he ,�.? be Corot and proper at least w Hile the Yudesis Are looking on. Those sidewalk tickets Leeula Urs who May be found in front of successful Broadway production offering a eats for Sale where the Box office reveal a Quot sold out Quot sign have Many tricks worthy of the aide show slickers of the carnival outfits. Old time Broadway ites Are Quot next a and generally give these scalper no attention but visitors and infrequent theatre goers learn Only from experience. Or.of the Racki to is to thrust j Ija pair of tickets before the nose or a a prospective buyer and reveal the a fact that they Are Quot fifth Row Cen Ujj ter. A the elated purchaser pats % himself on the Back and goes in Only to find that they Are fifth Row Center in the second Balcony. The m de walk i Guy has carefully a eld i b Finger Over the words Quot second an1 her Racket not much in general usage Iii st now. Is to cover with a Finger that portion of the to Leet Nam gang the theatre. A Sale is made to persons arriving and a a Emir in a hurry they Rush to the doorway Only to find the ticket 1 t for another Ali extra and a another show. Meanwhile the. A a scalper he Quot moved on Gilbert Diwan to mean anything except 10 serve As a warning to see your doctor. J if such pump for As these Dea scribed persist in spite of the or j Denary measure of Healing it h time to find out what really u the matter. Whatever that May be it is probable the r put treat will bring Eom Plet Relief. I hate to see anybody suffer from j persistent stomach trouble. Heart Burn belching bloating distress in the Stoma the vomiting and All the Reft of the annoying symptoms Are enough to Mak it a wreck of the strongest Man. Quot nervous dyspepsia Quot a the com a Mon name for most of the cases of chronic indigestion. If the condition last Long enough anybody having it will be a nervous wreck. But of course indigestion of this Type is very Likely to have a nervous origin. The a a nervousness Quot is secondary. Let me make a few comments on what to do in a Case like this first of All. See to it that the constipation is overcome. A def of fruit vegetables and salads will help a Jot. Drink plenty of water and reduce the intake of fat and sugar. Never eat a second meat until a he a Tomah is fully Emp Tim of its contents. To this end it 1� just As Well to eat two meals a Day in a Stead of three or four. This is important and in itself May be j sufficient to Start the victim to Ward recovery. A Tablespoon of Mineral Oil on rising in the morning and just before retiring will help to keep the Bowel free by hastening the focal Stream. Never take cathartic or a alts without medical advice. But the Best suggestion 1 can make is to Send you to your doctor for a personal examination. Then he can outline the foods and other treatment essential to Jour Complete recovery. H ird of this grand Medicine for p tur disordered stomach. Not Only will dare s Mentha or p. Sin a. Pleasant tasting elixir relieve these attacks but taken regularly will help to overcome the most obstinate cases when due to sex re is or faulty elimination. Thousands in this part of the i know it sr4 Tufit is Why every druggist hereabouts is having Uch a tremendous demand for 1?, if your disordered digestion keeps ? of fueling miserable Start j to it it improve it today one bottle off \ dares men a pepsin is Guaran j teed by Palace drug store and All j j druggists to help you More than anything you Ever tried or Money Back.a do. There a More than just getting a shave a the Crew a service and first class work 10 be considered. We do both parisian Barber shop where your business is appreciated a i .wawva/1vwbvwvm j i a a a Harmony 1 records 25c each k. /. Denman music store a everything music Waw Taavo a a Wjt Youv wet i Lamar state Bank Trust co. Large enough to protect you Small enough to know you j 1 always ready to serve you. J the Only personal it Maers achieved Are Tho a Between the a a a a t girl and the guests. The unattached daddies do try j a Trike up i r aliens with the potatoes 57 and 5 t Prestiy Guin Efto go amm it Uig Tareff Phong 4. City Cah store Gar Dan sad. Seed Corn and North authorized Duco Auto re finishing All work High class Murphy tire and Sauto company phone s26 33-40 no. Main Cash for late Model used cars at gut lick 35 South my to st. This Bank t through if5> ample resources modern facilities and close personal knowledge of the business needs of this Community aids every customer in building a solid Fina racial foundation without which business Success is impossible. First National Bank James a. Smith cashier hoisting the honeymoon Pennant married aboard ship the Captain will hoist the honeymoon Pennant in your Honor. But living Over your income wont make you ready for life a greatest happiness. Get your bearings with a Bank account at the american National Bank and when the time comes you la sail out upon the High seas of Matrimony with flying colors that you have earned. Earn save invest american National Bank i k

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