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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1927, Page 2

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - February 18, 1927, Paris, Texas Page two the Paris morning news Friday february 1, 1927 officers for elections in county named county commissioners appoint election officials for next two years appoint a a a of offi Esra for general e a i Ion in i mar counts during the a aging two years War mid by the county commissioners court which Ita it a Ion this week they re no 1, Ward 1. Jaro w. Fard. Prebi Altif officer t. B. Monroe. Claud Morin a a. Hunter. No. 2. Ward 2. Jake Brown pre aiding officer Dan Robert c. B Brooks. Fred Baker. No. T. Wards w. Bird. Pro aiding officer Frank Hurt mra c. T. Ford j. A. Futika. No. 4, Ward 4, Marion Broa n Greet diff officer. Joe Pollard j m. Barr Gaither Dunagan. No. I Globe Alford Wheeler presiding officer Sam Wood. No. S. Cunningham. S. A Cunningham. Pree Dinc officer j. H Temple Vert Bell. Leonard Wright no. 7, Norvell s. By Cole pre aiding officer Henry Norvell no. S. Blot j. C. Haley presiding officer John w. Hancock w m. Gantt. H. T. Norria no. 9. Fought Caleb Bailey presiding officer Tom Lenoir. No. 10, Springhill. Hugh Jones presiding officer Bob England. No. 11, Faulkner. C. Phillips presiding officer a t. A. Swindle. No. 15. Tinnin tames Sharpe presiding officer Sam b. Womack no. 1$, Arthur City Mack Arthur presiding officer j. C. Wilkin no. 14. Powderly. P o. Cochran presiding officer r. H. Frederick s w. Pearson w. T. Woody. No. 15, Chicot. G w. Campbell presiding officer Lee Ca Vinesa Jim Wakefield William Jone. No 16, garretts Bluff e. Cook presiding officer Doak Young John Scott. Ijedge Reid. No. 17, Ember on a n. Cavi new. Presiding officer mrs e a Dodson no. 18. Direct m. L. Sain presiding officer w. J Brown. No. 19. Maya Prairie m. T. Hear on. Presiding officer Wallatt Den Nia no. 20, Cothran c. E. Mackey presiding officer Forest Brown. No. 21, Maxey w. W heeler presiding officer f. B. Strother. No. 23, Sumner g. A Holman presiding officer mrs. Jennie Moody no. 2�. Mound Prairie w. H. Lassiter presiding off or Harley Bunch. No. 24, Forest Hill. Will Halliburton. Presiding officer m. A Wright no. 25, Petty l v. Law presiding officer j. J. Beville Henry Rutherford. J. O Connor. No. 26. High a. B White pre Eiding officer Roscoe Mcclure. No. 27, Brookston George Thompson presiding officer j. E. Harr a. No. 2?. Ambia Guy Craig prefixing officer i f. Jae Ksor. No. 29. Union. Harmon Harrell jr., presiding officer 6. B. Chaney will Langford. J. O. White. No. To Milford. Robert weat presiding officer j. W. Hudson. No. 31. Roxton j. H. Creed presiding officer j. A. B. Fletcher Tom Watson. Mack Duncan. No. 12, Howland r. W. Turman. Presiding officer Tom Mathis. John Barnett f. L. Weat. No. 33, Broadway w. H. Brac keen presiding officer Ira Maddox Bob Northern. Dock a a. No. 3 4. Glory Bob Young presiding officer v. Trusock w. S. Price Frank Crow no. 15, Biardstown Frank Gunn presiding officer mrs ixe Smith mra. Worley Lindsay Ben Hill House. No. 36. Rockford. Deo locks presiding officer Walter Berry. No. S7, Minter. D t. Elliott presiding officer Earnest Weaver. Miss Jennie Vickers mra t. W. Buford. No. 38, Clardy Roy Weaver presiding officer mrs. C i. Cherry i no. 59, Milton. Charles Martin presiding officer Oili Holt Mitt Lens King. Mrs. Ike Johnson. No. 40. Deport v c. Oliver pre our boarding House by Ahern Tom a i am m us Hole you retort of Quot iwo in us in sex race la he / comics Fri re Tlok a a bpm a flu to a Maui woul i have it Oke tvs to excuse tor i Allme ear<2> a a a a a t4l� 0�a1�c, a or a but re All about Pac Cev Varsh eve cel for 3��rf Poi kit Matt effect like r0lli�o6 a up Eivy to in Pui a stamp oks Aki Jwj a Pfilf Okill rabbi a barrel i us oui ill Ai Maisy a Vaai por a Over f i flood threatens group on Island family of four wait probably death in Rise of Salt River in Arizona Phoenix. Art., feb. 17. I trapped by the raging Salt River four persons awaited probable death on a Little Island about a mile from Here late today. It is reliably reported that a two foot Rise was coming Down the River which would Wash Over the Island. An attempt to revue the marooned family or. And mrs. Robert Holmes and two children failed when a boat was swept Paat the Island. First waitress at Guildhall London. Of. A understudy j waiters were introduced at a Guildhall banquet attended by the j Prince of Wales when j served for the first time in the place of men and thus broke Down j an Ace Lonu City tradition. The in were men. Kept in the background prep Arwi to Quot go on Quot at a moments notice in care the two girls serving the Prince should become awed and overpowered but the girls did their jobs to perfection. A a thanks to vacuum pack you get All the original fresh ground fragrance and flavor without an ounce of waste. Your grocer knows it a Best. Costs less Pei Quality cup a a / a a a a or in n / a i c a a ? tit British still under War Economy rules fill taker freed from today and tomorrow prices 10c, 35c grand his habit Buck Jones life i s s w Oil 15 -4-4�?o,of a Matgoro Plav up top kit a late a to milled 2 is a a u. . ©isg7 by tamic to actors Are realistic under All conditions Culver City. Cafe mph the motion pitaur actor hew to the line of the shakespearian code a the play a the believe it Ecil r. De Mill reminiscence no from his years behind the producer a desk and the director a megaphone. An actor will risk life and limb features and fro tune to gain his place in the Sun once there he will sacrifice himself on the altar of the drama to save the seen in which he is engaged. De Mille recalled a Day several years ago when Lillian Rich was leading a Cowboy Chase in a Western thriller the Stampede started. Miss Rich a wept too closely to a Cactus Bush and one of its a Pines pierced the Corner of her Eye. Pain and tears blinded her but guiding her horse from memory she continued the mad Gallop 380 Yards Paat the camera to drop in a dead faint Duatin Ramum crouched on a desert Trail. Somebody shouted. Good heaver a a Rattler Quot Ramum p Adlock applied a Iti b London feb. 17. Bra Tot never will be slave to prohibition. Boast Many of King Georges subject who nevertheless a till put up with anomalous restrictions impose. During the War As precaution against sir raids and to save fuel and Coal. The Dally mail which has re revived its Campaign to abolish these restrictions imposed by Quot i a Quot a defend e of the Rea 1act lists examples Dpi Ngy cake May be a old until 930 j. Shut the of buns has to Stop an hour earlier. Potatoes must not be sold in their skin after s p. M., but can but sold As a salad. Eggs can it be sold after 8 p. M., unless boiled or made i r Mayon a Tise. Chocolates can be bought All bran brought natural Relief from chronic constipation constipation is almost a Universal curse a father of More than forty diseases. Yet there is real Assurance in or. Ladues letter Quot after sixteen Yeam of taking Pilk of a cured. It the million of people that Puffer from constipation Only knew a a hat Kellogg All bran would do. Some of the Pill maker would go out of bus new. Every doctor should recommend it. I Tel at that i know so that they can get the Joy out of life i getting since 1 started on Kellogg Sall bran s months or. Julian tacit Burlington it hollow Cheeks pimples gutless Ness Are some of the symptoms. Done to risk it another Day. A a blog go Sall bran is guaranteed to re at the Pis a today Jack Holt perfect physical condition served his in Good Favl Dor leg the making of Quot Man of the fore at Quot a Matte Grey Paramount picture coming to the Plaxa theatre today and tomorrow. At the end of Hundred foot Roll Down a Cliff with Bis Home. Jack got up dusted himself off recovered his hat and was ready to go on with the filming. The Tumble happened ten thousand feet above sea level in the California Serras where a he company a As on location when a narrow Trail along which his horse was loping gave Way without warning. Animal and rider plunged Down the embark it. Quot tou can t Hurt a Polo player Quot was All Jack said when frightened men rushed to Hia Rescue. Beyond a few scratches and bruises which he refused to recognise he had escaped unscathed. Polo is just one of the strenuous diversions by which Holt stays Al Highway i ill or raid Cir do s or apricots Green figs and Hugo okla., feb. 17. A or manent injunction pad Locking a Small building on state Highway j before Vida night no. 10 near the Hugo parts High-1 a shop May keep open after Way Bridge across red River South i to ave change to people to of Here has been issued by judge buy cigarettes from an automatic George t Arnett of Mabel in machine but not for the Sale of District court Here cig Reft from the store itself. T r. Payne and Otto to Rry a re h a chemist is Askedsell a Lieve constipation. Two Tablespoon Mukhi in Dail it a chronic cases with theatres until 9 30 of clock but net every meal. Delicious with milk or Cream and add fruits or Honey. Use in cooking. Comes ready to eat. Sold and up rvs a everywhere. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Recipes on package. Logan berries can be bought at any hour but a Pirp bananas and Lemon Are forbidden for four hours arrested at the place last week on liquor Possession charges. Other arrests on similar charges had been made at the site. Belgian troops leave Rhine i Belgium. Feb. 17. evacuation of German occupied territory by belgian troops is imminent says the Etoile Belge. The Papet i adds that the first movement will be removal of the the belgian staff com Aix la Chapelle to Liege. A wow headache powder after 8 p .m., he must to provided with proof that Quot reasonable grounds exist for be Heving a that a he purchaser it it a some other person has a headache. Freckles get rid of these ugly spots safely and surely and have a Beautiful complexion with Othine 1t All by bran Tisz Cha ?r6- Rsh-1 Lhack no by it and it aids him in 12? a the d,amon<3 avoiding injury Back struck and missed by inches. Seena Owen stumbled Khile she i a. Was working in a ship layout and plunged overboard Between the boat s Side and the Dock striking a beam As she went Down. She was hauled out with two broken Ribe and Between winces the actress called out to her director Quot if simple Iri Itig ruins a woman s Charm fire of makeup s All right Well go on in with the Mccause Bert Lytell and Theodore Kos Loff at it Hammer and tongs in cd and run a Duel Acene. La a tells Blade Down Condi pierced Kosloff a hand from Back Fjon Irik to Nam hut a via shia 5 s �0 the Little russian Kiriti j i. Flinched As he pressed his. S ? to Palm but never flinched Asne pres Reo is j screen adversary to the close of info ugh that the Quot Duel to the period of life while Quot the ten command a ii. Ments Quot a to in the making the p companions Are cameras were recording a closeup �?~0c Iino Forward with eager of James Neil standing in Bare Ness arid rapture to the Day feet at the water Edge imploring when they shall realize the re ifs an lion of Hir gives a tense grip and the lines of i t>ec0mc Happy brides face showed anguish As he Cane j fortunately nowadays ,. .4. Thousands of girls who were after the scene the director com j a. Pigmented him on acting. Run Down Are find Quot piece of acting Quot Nell snorted in st. Josephus g. F. Builds a there s a crab at them up. The ,. In Oklahoma qty miss the privilege of having More no p a4f Van 15vec it i than one husband is often Grant Ulife a if of quote. Noble st., says a i feel so Marlin Texas is the Best All year round health and pleasure hot water bathing resort in the Southwest. Modern hotels Bath houses and clinics. Hot water similar to the famous Carlsbad. Thousands of severs cases of rheumatism. Neuritis High blood pressure stomach blood and skin diseases relieved. Two Golf links and club House and other pleasures. For folder address the Majestic hotel and Bath House Marlin Texas. A . Double strength Ioney Back if t fails. Sold by and department is ores everywhere never Loose never touched the really particular housewife knows that much of a food s delicious taste depends upon its purity that s Why she chooses the red and yellow Comet Box when she is ordering Rice. It s such a satisfaction a she says Quot to know that no hands have touched r 1 that it has Nek been idling around to e store in an open sack or Boa for Payung microbes to play s if Vou asked Hei Why a he know Lomet Rice is so pure is e v cell you that not a Trace of scum Gers on top when it is cooking. She knows run years of experience in cooking that hidden particles of dirt and invisible bits of dust Are always brought out by boiling Comet Rice is fanned cleaned and machine packed into dust proof Cartons. Send a two cent stamp for the new recipe Booklet showing favorite ways of cooking Rice. Comet Rice company 57 right Street. Dept 117d cd York. A id inc Offir a t r r,.i w tii Dei to the w onion of Badakh a Quot a itch a Kinsey Ciarence no blew Quot \ Tolbet a id of much Botto and stronger and no. 41, Patton vile. Charlea the Himalayas. Toung. Presiding officer Ben Crockett mrs. 6 a. Mccuistion mrs. J. To. Mer Sii. No 42. Caviness Maud Hall prepaid Sag officer Cavan was no. 4 2, Post Oak n. B. Crawford. Presiding officer j. I. Williams. No. 44, North Blossom r. I Gossett presiding officer g. H. Montgomery. Rufus Nuckels Leslie sea Liman. No 45 Joyner and Miller s store Clay do kaon. Presid no officer e g Titi Tien John Pride Jerry Crook. No. 46 e. Sons store Roy Duna Gat officer we Light foot Jame Trusock will is Aycock. No. 4 7, Smiths store d. Of Ward presiding officer j. Buster j r Parker. O i it. , .,.&Quot.v.w.w no , a 1 farm and City Loam a Jake Windham a places of business Columbia Barber shop 37 Lamar ave. Palace Barber shop 17 North main Street Palace tailor shop in the rear of the Palace barter shop. Cleaning and pressing at laundry Price your patronage appreciated enjoy life so much More now i using st Josephus g. F. P., want All girls to know about this wonderful medi in Many instance st. Joseph s Antiseptic powder used externally in connection with st. Josephus g. F. Will be found very soothing. F Plaza today and tomorrow prices 10c and 35c Fiterm. Sterling Scott j residing of j Fleer v h. Wiggy or y. To a we have ample funds for Good Loar a. We have Bee j since it will Nav von Al i tic Hamm. Min j no. 49. Taylortown Joh go s Don. Press did in officer. Dr4 hoi e land. I f t since i8b7. It will pay you to see us. D. H. Scott son Don do Watho a water Heater Hoffman storage Heater 5�?T Down 12 month to pay let us show you a h. Turner eng. Co. Phone 353 55 car Kava a Street serving the Public with Quality drug store needs nothing pleases us a re than to please our customers. Our prescription department is under the personal supervision of experienced registered pharmacists who a real pleasure in rendering a professional service in the compounding of All prescription s. 6reiner and Mohr your druggist special Sale Virginia Hart washable daytime frocks beginning february 18th is .98 every Paris woman know the True value of the Virginia Hart frock. We Are Gad indeed to be Able to offer them at Thi time. It a to of Jwia -4 a a a it Hwi i special announcement i t by special arrangement with manufacturer a miss Virginia Hart a in person will be in our store saturday 10 to 12 a. And 2 to 5 p. F z4c g5v.a Many Forest Tjohn Waters a a our ski the finest Quality materials and workmanship an abundance of style for a very Low Price. Misses sizes 8 to 14 si.45 sold exclusively in Paris by Kelley Malone company the House of Courtesy

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