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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Feb 3 1924, Page 7

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - February 3, 1924, Paris, Texas The pak13, a Orting news sunday february 3, 1984 Page seven men Are getting big values in suits at s. Levy�?Ts$14.50 $20 $22.50full selection of the Best colors the styles that Are much in demand i in the interest of the Junior College mrs. Taylor at congregational big business $1,212,000 is the amount of Money s. M. University brought to Dallas last year. $200,000 for tuition. $400,000 for Board and rooms. $600,000 for clothing Etc. A Junior College properly managed would in a few years add materially to the wealth and Prosperity of Paris. A Good business proportion for every line of business in Paris. Think it through. Member of the China Inland Mission will talk of the work a Man becomes Man Only through the process of Immanuel Kant. Quot a thinking Man i always striking out something . I Young. A education is the chief defense of nations a Edmund Burke. Quot every scholar is Nom thing added to the Rich a Sof tin Knox. Quot whatever you would put into1 a he state you must first put into the . Quot the universities of Europe have Sha it cd the civilisation of the Starr Jordan. Quot i will study Ami get ready and maybe my Chance will Abraham Lincoln. Quot history is a race Between education and . G. Wells. Quot i believe that education is the fundamental method of social Progress and Dewey. Quot he who wilted to do the greatest possible Good. And for the longest possible time should nourish the fountains of learning and a Elp a misting youth to the water. Beating i warts arc bettor than ran to monuments."�?\v. F. King. Quot the College will make the Oom a in not Rich return of looming. A a Othry and Piet it and that Tine sense of civic duty which makes repub-1in president Eliot a of extinguish the colleges and Yon jut out the eyes of hotly the Church and the . Quot along with All this there is the no ligation to maintain and encourage the smaller colleges. It is the a mall College that democratize the higher education. Here too tin student finds that intimate association with his instructors which is imposes Bacr in the great universities. The essence of a great school is not in Marble and mortar and architecture nor get in the multitude off the matric plants. The traditions of famous schools concern men men who have stamped their personalities. Wiki have Given of their generous nature who have coloured the intellectual atmosphere Alf tit them. And men who Are big and Strong enough to do that Are As j. I. Peters former chief Justice of Maine. Quot i would like to impress on boys and Young men a co to i did not go. But i recognize that tie Man who has made u University course 1ms a tremendous Nadvan Tnge Oxer the boy who has to plod step by step through the school of it a Reynolds. Quot in my business 1 prefer men who have received College Eden Tion. In every walk of life the Nece Salt of hug lick education is becoming More and More apparent All the . Seligman now York Ink or. Quot i do not believe that there was Ever a Tutti who went thro u go col age and succeeded in life who would not testify that ills College education has been of immense value to senator hot car. A Ixo matter Slutt a Man s work he can do it better if he is Well informed. And Tite Point Hen is that Odne Atlon while it has a larger bearing than a Mere or titration flt r one s Trade or profession is the very Best equipment for any sort of efficiency. Whatever your pe-1 j0. 132. Cullar calling your expert Cua is hymn More Tell the if it rests us a hams of general . Frank Crane. Quot every Young Man is almost or Tail to eel dip mgt int Miciu and failure if he begins the study of Medicine without adequate preliminary education the High a shool course does not afford Hobson. Rush medical College. A it takes a broader mental horizon to he a physician than merely to practice Medicine. For the highest professional Success you can afford to take your i vivid Starr Jordan. Quot if possible. Get a thorough College education before Yon open a Law Beveridge. Quot every employer is looking for the Man who will think. One can hire any number of people marvellously trained in routine or in details human machines that will run on splendidly As Long As Noth ing unusual terms up in the work. It Lias Ben impressed on me through i Many years of Contact with College i mris Howard tay or writer and speaker will speak at rho morning hour i 1 o clock at the congregational Church on South main Street. Sunday school with a class for you 3 30. Christian Endeavor 6 80 mrs. Dow 11 Chisum Leader. Topic 100 per cent for Christ and the Church. The Christian Endeavor society will have charge of the evening service at 7 30, celebrating the forty third anniversary of the a it ter National c. E. With the following program song service congregation. Scripture Reading Johanna Gar Man. Christian Endeavor pledge David Stone Lindsey. Prayer. Announcements. Song congregation. History of Christian Endeavor society Lloyd Billingsley Percsi Dent City c. K. Union. Special music. Plans for Texas c. E. Union miss Winnie Crouch. Plans for our local society George c. Wall. Tenor Solo Tom Johnson. Christian Endeavor ideals by the pastor. Song congregation. Benediction. Protestant Christian Endeavor this evening at 5 of clock. Miss Pauline Shivers will have charge of the lesson and will give an interesting program on Quot All for Christ and the Church a romans 12 1-13. The following program will be Given opening song a anywhere with prayer. Odessa Biggers. Lesson Pauline Shivers. Clippings from a letter from the father of a missionary eat a Shivers. Questions How can we help in fresh air work for Christ a Mildred Eubank. What task does Christ ask us to do a miss Eula Joe Bowen. How can we give All to Christ and yet do our daily work a eve Bell Mosely. Why does Christ claim us 100 per cent a Alice Briggs what hinders us from giving ourselves wholly to Church work Ltd Dewey Rooks. How does our time Given to re Kiriou a or Church compare with the time we spend at lodges or society a mrs. Maudie Rooks. Avenue Church of Christ today. Clod says forsake not the Assembly As the manner of so me the morning will he Quot spiritual at the evening hour the pastor will preach on Quot the conclusion of the whole matter a hebrews 11 34. This will be especially for the Young people so come and hear it. A Welcome for All. Wright ii. Y. P. F. Devotional meeting. I Simmons Leader. Hong. Quot i am thine. O Reading mrs. Mary Clarence Rev. F l. Young on the Junior College scripture Turner. Bible quiz. Miss Etta Mallison. Introduction and Quot the old testament surf vices Quot a miss Mary Simmons. Quot atonement through Christ a miss Katie Simpson. Quot the propitiation for our sins Quot and Quot summary Quot a Thomas Justiss. A cleansed by the blood Quot and Quot the blood a Symbol of consecration Quot a mrs Frank Perkins my h a 1 being shown to toe Wright Union we have Hud election of officer for the coining Eai and Are nuking plans of of bringing our Union to the Al Standard in the near future. Come and bring someone with the question has frequently been you 6 30, of first Baptist Church. A what does Paris need most have today program at the first Christian morning worship 10 55 o clock prelude. Doxology. Lord s prayer. Hymn no. 2s. Another morning prayer hymn no. 3 24. Of Celebration of per. T offertory. Announcements. Anthem Quot Oye Sermon Quot the Christ Quot Rev. J. Minister. Invitation no. 214. Benediction. Postlude. Evening worship. I prelude. I hymn no. 2 4. Quot Sun of my i hymn no. 17. Quot of thou fount of j every 1 responsive Reading selection asked of All a Many pertinent answers been Given. Factories of various types have received the greatest number of answers. While factories build up the material wealth of a Community a Junior College would far surpass material wealth. To invest in a Junior College Means a better moral and spiritual atmosphere it Means the attracting of a citizenship with High ideals. The College town is a Home town a Church town and a Law abiding town. By All Means let us build a Junior College. General meeting ladies Aid first Baptist Church pastor s themes today 11 a. the Sabbath Day 7 30 p. Highway to heaven. M a Quot safely through Quot i saw the Cross the lord s sup that Quot love the boldness of Leslie Funnell a just As 1 30 of clock. The monthly meeting of the first Christian ladles Aid will be held in the Church parlor at 2 30 monday afternoon. Because of the important and urgent matters to be Diacou esd at this meeting the presence of every member is desired. The president asks that you All come promptly so that you May adjourn in ample time for the service at the methodist Church. Union meeting of missionary societies Reading 36g, there will be a joint meeting of the missionary societies of Paris at a the first methodist Church at 3 3b j monday afternoon for a great inspirational program led by or. A and mrs. S. Howard Taylor of the China Inland Mission. It is hoped that every woman of this Church will find it possible to at end. Quot Trust and the c Ity pastors association meeting no. evening prayer. Offertory. Announcements. Gospel Solo John Sturgeon. Sermon Quot almost Quot minister. Invitation hymn no. 2 40, the evening Benediction. Postlude. Or. And mrs. Howard Taylor Street adult the China Inland Mission will Bei missionary society at a great Union gathering in this the City pastors association w ill meet monday morning at 10 30 at the usual place in the City National Bank building for a Busi soon Ness meeting. It is especially important that every minister in the City be in attendance. Friendship b. Y. P. V. Quot the precious Blond of introduction. Lewis Smith. The old testament sacrifices a Willie Babcock. Antoin Tenent through Christ s Rio Odd Lucile Myers the propitiation for our sins Lora Ine Rice. Summary Ruth Mason. Cleansed by the blood David Phillips the blood a Symbol of consecration Emma Lloyd walk 1. Not do the blood of beasts on jewish altars slain can Giva the guilty conscience peace or Wash a Way the stain. But Christ the heavenly Lamb takes All our sins away a sacrifice of nobler name and Richer blood than come study Quot atonement Quot with the Friendship Union at Immanuel Baptist Church. Time 6 15. Loyalty b. Y. P. U. Quot the precious blood of introduction. G. A. Wortham. Tie old testament sacrifice or. Bell. Atonement through Christ a blood mrs. Johnson. The propitiation for our sins or. Hayes. Summary a. P. Smith. Cleansed by the blood mrs. I tarty. The blood a Symbol of consecration Earl Stephenson. The loyalty b. Y. P. U. Extends at invitation to it it All the married folks. 1/ets study both the old and new testaments teach it and As baptists believe it. If you know the word come and Timothy Brush up on its meaning. Time 6 15, Immanuel Baptist Church. Or. And mrs. W. L. Day our new educational director and his wife will be welcomed by the entire membership. Special musical numbers. Morning Anthem a a ooh be Joyful unto the lord. A choir Solo a a sometime a Robt. Harkness a mrs. W. L. Day evening 1 5 minute big sing led by w. L. Day Solo a a now the Day is Over. A a miss Ida Terrell. Violin obligate mrs. Benton Fisher quartet a a wandering child come Home. Of. H. Patterson w. L. Day a. L. Walker j. R. Turlington duet a a when they ring the Golden Bells for you. A or. And mrs. W. L. Day the Friendly Church opens wide the door and in name of the lord Jesus says Welcome am o clock at the Hom of mrs. Yvo. C. Carson for a lesson on Quot China Quot directed by mrs. C. I. Broad. All members Are urged to be present. Central Central or Cable to clan w. M. S. The woman s missionary society of Central presbyterian Church will let monday afternoon at 8 presbyterian m. G. Meet ing monday the woman s missionary Guild of the Central presbyterian Church will meet monday afternoon at 3 of clock at the Church. Mrs. De Haynes will direct the lesson on the second epistle to epistle to Titus and the epistle to Phileman. Every member in urged to be in attendance. Bonham Street method sunday school at 9 45. My Tang worship at 11 o clock. The pastor will preach on Quot can earthly standards measure pm mortal value Quot and in the evening will preach on the leagues will meet at the usual hour sunday evening. Special music will he Given at but the the morning and evening service 1. You Are Welcome Here. Ida Taylor b. Y. P. V. Quot a Queen visits King piano Solo Frances Bryan. Duet. Maxine Capers and May Wood. Introduction Aubrey Wortham. Solomon s extravagance let n air Harty. Solomon s wedding Gwendolin herring. A Queen de it ides to visit Solomon a Reba Mahon. A caravan comes to Jerusalem a May Wood. The Queen of Sheba in Keg sol Omone a Palace Aubrey Wortham. Memory verses i Virginia a love. Matt. 22 14. Clyde Grifis psalm 16 1. Martha Poole a Saint Ystal. Agnes Tatum. Psalm 86 8, juniors if you really want to be Al. Prove it and be he it to on time 1�?2.30. Teacher will lecture Cedar Grove Church Rev Cass who teaches the Cross roads school near Pattonville will a give a lecture at the Cedar Grove Baptist Church on the Jefferson t Road tonight. And will fill the place of lev. H. N. Simmons the pastor. 125 will buy a 845 desk Good As new. At 1 h Baker furniture co. A auditorium at 3 of clock this afternoon. The Public is cordially invited. First Baptist sunday services the adult missionary society of Bonham Street methodist Church j will meet monday afternoon at 2 30 at the Church in a business session. A full attendance is especially requested. 4 5 Likely to be found in the nto Desi As graduates in business and in Hank in the impressive environment a Warren g. Harding. Quot the difference Between a Dirge Nult Rosity and a Small College la that in a Large University the Stu debt goes through More it define a hut in the Small Ltd ollege. More College gets through the ing that the Well trained College Man a naps intricate situations ail reduces them to essentials much More quickly than the equally Well trained Man who has not Hud the advantage of the broader fundamental education."�?4 Lias. Sahin president of a Large Trust company. Buys special six Studebaker car Sam West has been driving a Studebaker nine years but wanted a new Wei Sam West bought a Studebaker touring car nine years ago. To drove it nearly every Day during that time Over nil sorts of roads and under All the conditions there Are As to weather and other circumstances. Then he Fie diced he needed a new car not because the old one not rendering the service but because during that time the b i or car has had some new ideas Lnor Fiji a cd and he wanted them. He told Sluder Bros that lie was perfectly satisfied with the new special. Six touring and that he expected in to Jast him ten years a Gneri then hell merely want to get the latest. Quot it is another Studebaker say Souder Bros. _ yes she a Happy and perfectly Eon tented because a be is using a Chambers tireless Gas Range the new Marvel in the Range world. It Cooks bakes or broils the same As any other stove and will Cook with the Gas Cut off. Saves fuel saves time saves worry. M e would be glad to give you a demonstration. Baker furniture co. Quot the House that Sells for less 15 North main st. Central presbyterian South Church Street or. F. L. Wear minister. Sunday school at 9 30, classes it Rall Quot Ages. Ter Wili preach a special Sermon Ltd a Quot Sabbath the Christian Endeavor meets at 6 of clock with Helen Duncan As Lender. Evening service at 7 15, Sermon i on Quot Why i ought to be a or. And mrs. Taylor Are in the City or. And mrs. Howard Taylor of China Inland Mission who arrived in Paris saturday will speak at the Union missionary rally at first Christian Church at 3 of clock this afternoon and at Immanuel Baptist Church at 7 30 in the evening. Mrs. Taylor will address the joint meeting of the missionary societies of the City monday afternoon at 3 30 at the first methodist Chu Reh. W. M. Wright pastor. The sunday school meets at 9 a. M. Morning service 11 of clock Organ prelude. Doxology. Prayer. Lymn "1 love thy kingdom scripture lesson. Anthem a ooh be Joyful unto the announcements. Offertory Quot to a who Solo. Quot sometime Quot it out. Lark Ness a mrs. W. L. Daj Sermon. Quot remember the Sabbath hymn Quot Savior More than life to Benediction. Postlude. Evening service Organ prelude. Hymn. Prayer. Hymn. Scripture lesson. Quartet Quot wandering come Home Quot Little font announcements. Offertory. Solo Quot now the Day is miss Ida Terrell with violin obbligato by mrs. Benton Fisher. Sermon Quot the Highway to Quot duet. Quot when they Liing those Golden Bells for you and me Quot a or. And mrs. Day. Closing hymn. Benediction. Postlude. E i Scopa t woman a Guild on monday the woman a Guild of the holy Cross episcopal Church meets on monday afternoon at 2 30 in the Parish House. Mines. W. E. Affleck and s. W. Wellbor being the hostesses. Key. Or. Morris at glory today High hoots official publication of the students of the Jiris High school. Published every sunday morning in the Paris morning news. Vol. Ill Paris High school february 3, 1924 Rev. H. Immanuel 1 reach at 2 30. E. Morris Pastori of Baptist Church will glory this afternoon at w. M. S. In charge of or w Ersery Ici the Adul missionary ski Ciet it of Bonham Street methodist Church will 1 a in charge of the Pra a r editor in elder James Mcdonald. Business manager Eunice Fisher Chapel Burnacz Smith. Society Mary Osburn. Sport Adella Denison. Language Katherine Ellis. Hon ii i �.conomies�, Elizabeth it i d t. Jokes Letlia Mcculston. Ters Aie but it was whispered that b. S. G. Meant Quot boy struck at any rate we arc exporting to hear More of them j the Literaty society has its first to Jeff my wednesday t a a j topic for discussion is Quot in i a i i nil notary seeing intellect of the author which week is French week n acting Mondai evening at 1 5. Child quartet. Lord i by m it i if dist pro unt t services county farm for at the morning hour the minor the methodist protestant Church will be in charge of the february services arranged by the federation of women a Church societies at that county farm. Met Hod la protestant sunday school at 9 45, mrs. J. C. Wells superintendent. Morning service at 11 o clock subject a the son in service a Christian Endeavor at 6 p. In. Miss Pauline a Shivers Leader. Evening service at 7 o clock. The pastor will preach on Quot Ullh trance and the ladies will meet monday afternoon at 2 30 at the Church. Prayer meeting wednesday eyeing at 7 of clock. You Are cordially invited to worship with the members of this Church. _ $12.50 will buy a regular $25 Aerial bed at d. H. Baker furniture co., �29 grand Avenue. Bonham Street methodist up Wortlie Fak True Quot How and what Jesus mrs. Clarence Sperry Leader. Opening hymn and prayer. Series of set ruptures Rad and discussed by Faye Sutherlin. Edith m Ison Clark Lovell. Irene Garrett Harry Walker Raymond Brooks and Frank Volley. How Jesus taught Elmer Dewitt. What Jesus taught Mamie Rodgers. What his teachings mean to is a Lucile Bateman. What i can do Goldie Grant. The part of prayer mignon Rodgers. A three minute talk on a the superannuated Quot Rev. L. D. Saw ver. I piano duet in Raine Sutherlin a and Myrtle Rodgers. I Roll Call and Bend diction. Come to the m. P. Christian Endeavor order of Servov opening sentence a a the in his holy hymn no. 17. The a pole s Creed recited All stamping. Prayer. Anthem Quot As a Lilc us till a. Responsive Reading. Gloria Patri. New testament lesson. A Nnoel Cement it. Offertory Anthem. Quot Tim King my. Shepherd is Quot to is not for in diff chorus. Sermon by . Quot now i i and let us go Over prayer and Benediction. Evening service 7 30 opening sentence. A the in his holy tempi Quot hymns �7, 212, 213, 20 prayer. Be rip tire lesson. Announcements. Offertory clarinet and duo. A after Sunset Quot Pryor messes. Mackin and Davis Solo. Quot my Days Are in hands Quot Hall a miss l Inson Davis. Sermon by pastor. Hymn. 1 sen diction editorial lord b violin his or. First a Baptist w. M. U. The five circles of the first Baptist w. M u. Will have a Union business meeting monday afternoon at 2 30 at the Church. Every member is urged to be pts t it and on time. N a11 the Young people who do not attend a Young people s society Are ignited \ it d a Dill the method inti Church of Christ f. L. Young minister sunday school at 9 30. Be sure to attend the morning nut evening service at tin Lamar Paris Lias always needed a Public Allbray and since the pro-1 Postai of the building of a Junior College it is almost imperative it i that a it Shell i have one. Read ing is More or a ass a habit. 1� grows As All Habus with Eultia a Tion. There can Bloth no Otter for anyone than Assoc in Loxi i with men who have left their imprint for Good upon tie Worl i the student f he Mechanic the j merchant men in 11 walks Ltd to life find recreation and know -1 Edge in a Library Long Ocllo a when he wrote Quot Evangeline never soon Arcadia it a Louisiana Only through the graphic desc i Timi of some traveler. Kingsley had Imper sailed the Spanish Mam when he wrote his Quot Westward books Are our six m l in Tes and they influx no us to it a great extent. Lets become in Quot or acquaint of with them. Languages Englmin this we a a finds the senior English students in an intense study of the famous Quot Tavalar rally of career Lovelace and Herrick who preserved All the Romance und vivacious enthusiasm of the elizabethan a it in their writings of the following a a Maury As a fair example let is quote from Lovelace a Quot to Althea from prison Quot Quot Stone Walls do not a prison make nor Iron bar a Cage minds innocent and quiet take pita an Hermitage. If i have Freedom in my Lovan in my jul am free. Had j Angels Ai pc that sour above enjoy such sophomores yes again the voice of in Sophs Are heard crying faintly from the wreckage of an Elamir a the it reaches our it ars like invoice of an old Friend. The Sophs however Are bravely a or mounting the Handicap of this terrible ordeal Atnel Are proof dog blithely on their Way. In i Fra id of thee in of algebra Caesar and Hirv. Which inset heir path. They it a attending their club Niet v s in Brin Der up their i Canon a it the a usual a my of the soph a secret society. The b. S. Go no one los any idea what the meaning a of these t, Mystic let i i class we arc read no Quot the tempest Quot by shake Speare and the or it put p into the Plav we go. The More we Aleein to Chujoy it. Our appreciation for the play is increase threefold when we beg n to comprehend its real signifies and a 1 How closely it reflects the life of i its author. For in Stanise Miranda. Surely the most Beautiful woman character Ever created by the mighty Shakespeare with All her simplicity and innocence of Charay -1 ter. Represents idealism All Cut of i sink Cape a a re s Hopes and aspirations. The n there is Caliban whose very name suggests his nature tin hideous overbearing nature of materialism which Shakespeare hated Lutt knew he a Ouhl not do without there is Uriel symbolical off the authors wonderful imagination equable even of calling up ghosts from the abyss of l tint a is he a lid in Able in create characters of such exquisite Beauty that we Are fascinated by them there is prut Pero rep resent ing to powerful for could control even his Ai Tive Inagi a nation for. As miss Johns Shakespeare May have Hail his he to i in the Clouds thinking Beautiful thoughts but he also kept he feet on wild so taking the As a whole w e Sci that just As Prosper in tie end buried his Wand and forever gave up his magic so Shakespeare in this play makes his Quot Vale. \ Al a Quot to the stage. What Ilu spa Iii a re doing the Sophomore Spanish classes Are studying the various tenses of Spanish verbs. And Las supplementary work have taken up two sex or rises a a Law Carta Quot and Quot Al the higher class have begun a no w Spanish novel entitled Quot via i Jando por Sud America a by Abies which promises to be most interesting. The Spanish student Are also enjoying the work taken up i in the Spanish club which in eludes a study of Best Spanish lit i erasure some of the picturesque Spanish customs and the music i of that country. The Vergil students the senior Ulton students arc Well into Book 11f now. And Are enjoying the Story of the a Caen lds immensely. Too we Are beginning to appreciate the advantages offered in this Tourso an Opportunity to study the great latin poet. Vergil and a study of Gitin diction and composition As illustrated in the Quot Aenied Quot and last but As far from last As thought can study of the fascinating myths of Greece anti Rome. In every Day s lessons we find reference to certain of i latin myths apparently a intelligible hut the latin stud mis will have no such handicaps a it about. Watch on a ankh $ the a French classes have adopted 1 a new slogan Quot i is Quality that counts not Quantity Quot it is True that our French department is somewhat smaller than the Spanish at present but we Are it in Earnest we want to enlarge this department to put before the students the valuable advantages to be gained through the knowledge of Frt my a i Al to but n. It take a hint watch us grow we re there Spanish clubs and jokes or. Edwards a a give for one year the number of tons of Coal shipped out of the United Gene Hill "1492 Galen Igo pressing her velvet rho a a to his my she bears Las she encounters Quot my his Russell approach Jack How to past Quot pm on Jack Quot with Quot i o you a woman know with a Quot no. How i present. Servers me Whan Billie Flo hit his Tail a 0 Nathaniel Totten faithful to tits a end. I wonder Why 1 was Tran Ming Quot Why. He was Adam Quot eve i any going to turn Over a new Leaf the first of Tho Yea i five 01 Don t a he a you can manage it. The wonks Hayo Sim ply Enjeti everything tit t6 miss Hudson Quot if a woman goes into a Convent what i her standing in the social world Quot Mary Moore Margaret House Quot i Don t Tell everything i Rhea 1�?Tirlte Quot no. It on Haven t Frances Weatherby Quot Are you a mind Reader Quot a Ben Bruce Quot be my France Quot can you read my mind Quot Ben Quot be of Frances Quot Well Why Don t you do then Quot Jack and Jill want up the Del and drank a quart of liquor. Jack rolled quickly Down the Hill and Jill came a darn sight Quick h Quot

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