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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Feb 3 1924, Page 10

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - February 3, 1924, Paris, Texas Page ten the Paris morning news sunday february 3, 14 the Paris morning news member of the associated Trei s in pm a 1 issued every Day except monday by the North n in 1 Ubl Hing c 3 4-36 Lamar Avenue Paris Texas. Bailey a philosophy George. Is. Bailey in tie Houston i Ost with the joke Smith it looks As if the Quot Wipt the Veo v a n a he Carrier within the City limits pm rulers Quot of our party Are going subscription rate a delivered by Ca Whaen Puld a Advance. To move heaven and Earth to packed h. By st is a re a run i a Rie part vral Wmk Quot it % $ 1.51 a a per annul when paid in Advance Ine Mai only1 per annul when paid in Advance. The convention and deny the Plain an Opportunity to have a say wo�?T4 like to know this Why is it that Tine holier than thou politicians Are of very scamps a. A t need to tracing an it Nuiry to its source Little Willie had been misbehaving and his Mother caught him in the act. She turned him face downward Aero a her knee and applied that a Back Side of a family Hairbrush where it was calculated to do the most Good. Upon being released the culprit presently Gina and a year was spent there. Mecuistion a the failure of Bible i Kadesh by de h. Mccuistion to put the and Crooks of politics up be watched most % a f Ai a disgraceful a a t accuser the president of Roanoke College recently said in a published interview that a the world has Tiver seen the turning Loose of such an army of hard drinking cigarette puffing and licentious Aronzon As walk the streets and intake College campuses today Quot he should be retired from his presidency into an obscurity that would permit of no further ebullition of the kind be crazy As the Rcd pie who Are j a a that much sense he will abandon about 100 per cent under his and cause of Bis posit i Dibich should Attar Ion of the Man a it a Fege of reputation. The modern to part ruler Rief a with i by Nairne College president 1 a a Girard ted a Ere n where he May be to Ltd us l Aro a who a it Erncr de the tru d h to value Opin Ili w Many the respect Are of Quot uses f put an of e is no very on that Fth Ibera Tely in Point a Malici Low Iii Gly 1 lib eled it weel Nen who the Cam i that he would handle the Finan a Ces of the state would lower the expenses which have increased a a his a his attempt to ministration and Cut the tax rate Lum. Which has been increased both by the process of the limit being assessed and the valuations increased. Having so criticised both directly and by Niue do the democratic governor of the state who was a office at the time. Candidate Nen assumed responsibility for the condition which might arise just As he would have claimed credit had he had the capacity to handle the financial interests of the state. The estimate made by the comptroller is that when Neff gives a a to the next governor the de Doit will be in the neighbourhood of seven million dollars. Which is further reason Why a Man capable of handling the state Finan to a. In i ays Jyce is not As it its of till Ihyo Huberty. If he has he get out of the any we suppose when the democratic hosts reach new Yerk next june there will be no moaning of the padlocked new York bars when the thirsty delegates put out to sea. Rev. Leighton Parks a a modernist Rector of new tort has recanted and returned to fund Man Taoism under pressure of the big hot Pri but we reckon a Man who recant against his w la is of the same opinion still do t you checked Hie sobbing question a he asked bet Wen sniffles. A a did grandpa Ever do this to my daddy when he was a Little boy a i a he certainly answered his Mother. And Din grandpa s a spank him when he was bad a a and did his papa spank him a Quot i m sure of the child considered for a ment he a in at length a what pie i want to know is w to started this turned thing anyway Quot the time for the beginning of this lesson is some fifteen months out from Egypt. Three months were consumed in reaching mount a u nil True but there Are giants in their clothes and before the angry and assembled. People not to rebel against Jho cannot via but to people in their wild exhorted the a the land and we Are As grass hop of Israel had Prudentia improved i ,.r the opportunities which this year j per in their sight. \ e afforded a very much better foun Hope to overcome this land. The and sinful Tantrum ordered them Dation would have been Laid for a. S confusion followed. A per adj stoned to death. And there is. A. Rent n n it i Oatts ii inn. J. L National life god revealed hit act storm of terror and confusion not be a a lightest double but that self to his chosen people in Many intimate and parental ways. They became familiar with their and somewhat experienced in their Observance of them. They were consolidated in a Way that enabled hem to work and move in co operation and harmony1 with each to a other rather than As a heterogeneous mabs of individualistic peo followed which seems to have lasted through the night. The dark Laws nes added new terrors and they were so fearful that they reached conclusions which were As Falla t balloting on the Bok plan stands 38,000 for 5000 Al lib to with 50,-�?�>00 to be heard from. Buffalo times headline tint loves of count Hoogstrate ten a we should think that his loves would have Bren tinted with Wurzburg. Limburger Plain hot d0� the Iva yer of the tree upon a tree in Portugal a traveler read this Appeal be who pass by and would raise your hand against me. Harken Ere you harm me. I am the of your Hearth on the cold w inter nights. The a Friendly Shade screening you from tire summer Sun. And my fruits Are refreshing Gold drafts. Quenching your thirst As you journey on. I am the beam that holds your horse the Board of your table the this order would have been executed but for the glory of Jehovah bursting Forth in the face of All at this psychological moment and thereby rescued those faithful Cious As any that could have come men and ipad erg who were in such in the clutches of a Nightmare. And they said one to another let us make a Captain and let us imminent jeopardy it was while they were off Here in this lonely wilderness Retreat a plague of leprosy came upon her which was Only removed at the very Earnest intercession of the brother whom she had so grievously wronged. It is commonly believed that Jehovah would have destroyed the people with his Liery presence at the very Climax of this rebellion but Moses Here interceded with a sincerity and tenderness which turned aside god s Wrath. The lofty Heights reached by Moses in his Appeal for the people who had offended so often sounds More like the emanations of a god than the simple petition of an unworthy citizen of the Earth. With this rebellion every Hope of Early occupancy ceased. The to a tto i . Yesai mimetic hosts were turned of their religious Fife and practices began to take shape and form during this year s Encampment at the foot of Sinai. At the close of the year How against Moses and Aaron. The Jojn Ber in a a sinful and seditious their religious life was by no whole congregation that is All the clamor against Moses because of Means neglected Many of the a people plainly told their Lon Elers hot a Etc Yuan wife he had married ritualistic ceremonials which of that the it Only wished t it Ltd of the death of Zipporah. She ter Ward became so important parts been permitted to die in Egypt of wa9 punished by gods own hand. Even in the wilderness. The very a patient submissiveness of their leaders emboldened them fac More and they finally Flung Defiance in the face of god himself. Said they a a doth about and for thirty eight years wandered and died until a new race had risen who could receive and appreciate the Boon of human Freedom and god s Bounty. Ever the pillar of Cloud and fire and wherefore which had stood Over them with Jehovah bring us into this and to such complacency for a of Hole fall by the sword c Rhi. Year now loosed from its mooring and our Little ones will be a it pre. So to Peak and drifted slowly but How foolish and How very definitely toward the North a Folly always i . Aha .,11, Oro this was the divine signal for Forwar Custori these clamorous and rebellious Forward movement. The sacred mave did not for a moment Stop Ian does not Tell us How the i to consider if Jehovah would be we do not Praise lieutenant Woods tendency to speculate but have Little respect for the hypocritical envy of those Ghose Only business Man should be Drudge against him is the fact that he won brilliantly where they have so often been cleaned. In to succeed the present in sent for it is going to be e Ash to Clear Nwa it such an eventually the habits of individuals become the habits of communities states nations. Individual waste extravagance reckless spending weaken the whole National Structure and Breeds unhappiness uncertainty and strife. When the people of America have Learned the lesson of Thrifty living As individuals Theta vill our nation have reached the highest Pinnacle of soundness and Prosperity. To i Young drink in n he fou Quot d who arts and cigarette smoking a succeeded the pipe rom disc of the Day of our grandmothers in just about the same proportions. But the a slice debt and still it Teu on a a main basis. Frisco has hotel and our guess is that the married men of the California towns head for it every time they go to the City. Should induce to ther of i Ever v in Hoke to wit that Issei Sutlon. Dent w mind s our Oart of it father mov who attends Iraq him from a College Preh such an evil thinking uld not be permitted to the juhi0r College tomorrow will Tell the tale As it. To just How much Paris desires the Junior College during there has been much said concerning the desirability of such an educational institution and Dur democracy will invade Gotham. The Lair of the octopus the. Eight11� sea Varmint with a Boot on the past several week 1 it a a every leg governor Cox is insisting that the league of nations be made the Paramount Issue this Vear. .g the past week Many arguments it a Bould it a Jimmie ought to but 6 v he nominee because he is accuse the head of a Large passing through the packing Boom a he it in a served a boy lounging against a swell new Bachelor of goods and who line cheer. Tler. The chief stooped and looked at him. A How much do you get a week Quot he demanded. A five a then Here s a week s Money now Clear he pocketed the Money and departed a when did we hire to iat boy Quot a a a Nan a a Hevel inquired of the depart a Quot quo noun of the reply. He time would be needed make Thi. Had just brought a note other v. Lii arters after egyptian of swered these complain. ,.were clamors for food with a vast them to their old flock of quails which came Dow n the very Gower _. In such numbers that they were Diery had perished in it it a. A aped upon the ground in plenty t. A take them in one profusion Many of the pen flight., pie became gluttonous and de to w lid so foolish a _ poured gods Bounty with such in themous become that four per cent paid on Savin a first National Bank James a. Smith cashier the legend 1 in god we Trust is a Noble on it but our coinage affords a sordid kind vol line it Usu ill Tex ill us in a a a _ a ,. A a a a restrained greed that they prompt Mose and Aaron Itell on their of a in became the victims of a plague Host. Both Joshua and t. J it setting for which Many of j plagues from i them died. It must be borne in mind that the distance from Egypt to the if from an journey. If the people had been s obedient and w Illing to loyally support their Leader and serve their god Only a few weeks month a Man went into a bakery the to most would have sufficed to hint to the Wise placed them in the land of Pervert the of Young men any longer by disseminating such stuff untrue and calculated to create in. The rain is of the boy an impress in that there arc no pure a women in col age lift. The newspapers should not print the stuff even coming from Hare been advanced by the committee of the chamber of Commerce through the columns of the Tomed to follow. Drubbing that would other a a . Tra a a a where every family could w e patriots will greatly enjoy morning news All of which have a a York with its Many eights been read by a great Many of the iakingthat8nek?�?T York will Quot be citizens of Paris. Greatly amused at us and get the i i other Days Paris was noted Worth of her mom then next he began a and to but s wedding cake. Quot i suppose you said the girl behind the counter that its the latest thing to choose wedding cake to harmonize with ones business profession. For athlete would have a Man who gouges his friends a sponge cake Ami so of what have found peace. Contentment j and safety dwelling beneath their own Vine and Fig tree the Happy and of Promise so Fertile and so fruitful now fill d with rude and half Savage folks would have been a an educational Center. Taen Many of the present generation condition changed and parts lost of new set -h.&Quot. Such an eminent authority As the her Vantage. When it came time few eating democratic reformer of f rhe to locate the Normal College Paris the provinces heard the fervid v i it a peroration of a militant Progress lost again largely in rough the in of tips we take our entire fact that the citizens would not line of goods to the convention efficient interest in the mat instance. An promptly converted into a realm of a Cut Jot tips Fine vineyards and Quot productive Fields. The renewal of the journey very quiet May i ask. Is your calling Quot �?�1 am promptly demonstrated that while a doctor Quot the bridegroom an a inf was ready and the promised _ waiting the people the girl smiling Quot we would not prepared to receive the president of Roanoke one old College a of Virginia for they in Dow it to b untrue and to be uttered merely for the purpose of getting a bit of advertising a Onn a line that nor a Are be these a bribing proper to Hin thought to cur a is and girl a who Are a Good and inf some 5 a lot letter than their swered Quot in that Case aids and Wai in smiling Quot we would of course prescribe an Angel take California. Silas a countryman suspicious of City ways was visiting new York and. Apparently this year coming to the Art museum he was Job Licali great heritage which had been Given to their fathers. Notwithstanding the lord god almighty was leading and the Cloud part Llam in which he sym Rode stood Over and in ter of support properly the repro banking More on her Grain and amazed to find that admission to front of them and thus constituted crops than on her Hiram that splendid building costs Noth an Ever present beckoning hand. Tentative of the county a the Foj legislature. We have an excellent system of . Frank Crane Johnson output. No he mounted the Steps and Thev would not follow entered. In a kind a your umbrella said a unworn for the Book agent. It s a informed attendant extending his primary schools both in the City harmless . As a Rule. Hand. And the county we have in Paris though fancy that one attempt the countryman pc inca. A is with the Best in the state great danger. The Char Host Ltd Ine to sell the works of Jefferson Gamp laughed scornfully and High school which is pm a Par . Reformers might be a turned on his Heeti murmuring a i snowed there was some cheat \ 3�w Hospital is needed and in other towns in the county income it tix Biank with its we have Good class b High schools. Jam of interrogatories More num but every year scores of boys and a in Ftp Ardon t the morning news presents this girls leave Lamar county for col dare t0 a Hove it in the waste Bas it of heaven was halted while they sent out a company of spies consisting of one Man from each of t the tribes the plagues of Egypt the delivery at the bed sea the glories of Sinai were not enough to convince the Host of Israel that Jehovah was invincible. This scepticism is the nost convincing w proof that this slave race was just a dead wholly unfit to become free Citi a Why do you turn out for every 2eng even in a theocracy Road hog who comes alone a Quot she jut Jow charitable How put the right to Lent How full of Long suffering about it when be got in the Willys Knight sleeve valve engine gives you quiet Silky action. Closed bodies remarkably free from Power rumbles and vibration. No noisy cams. No bother with Carbon. No valves to grind. This engine improves with use touring $1175 Sedan $1795, t o. B. Toledo. Morning a picture which was taken at the Aikin Hospital it is a pictorial argument tor a new Hospital and it is a rather convincing one. There is no d Pute of the fact that the Aikin Hospital a been Worth Many times its Cost of Maio tenant to the people of la i mar. Inhere be any sort of doubt As to whether a new Hospital is needed a Brief visit should he absolutely convincing. Up look at it for yourself. Leges some of them located in Ket. _ Distant states because of their mayor Kendrick desire for a More Complete Edu cation and the fact that esked rather crossly j of Way is ours in t it Quot Willy and is Jehovah the god of i out. The reason is plainly suggested f Philadelphia wants to move the $30.000.000 City Hall from the Middle of Broad in the epitaph which appeared in the it ? where it obstructs traffic the newspaper re sentry have gone a far a May be within a a matter of fad. It ought to a re lie the body of Wllliam Jay by moved hut we Hope the graft who died maintaining his right of their Home Community. Kit the a Joh of moving there remains nothing to be it. As they did of building it. Said in a ohm undoubtedly a her husband a Graef he did not blast them for replied calmly. A was for turning their unbelief and inexcusable the matter of argument has All been presented and is Tufui hand Well understood. Tor a Craz it he was right dead right sped along. Scepticism. He continued his same course of patient indulgence. In due course of time some forty Dav thereafter the company of spies came Back. Their report was simply just what might Hae As he been expected. The entire group., agreed that the country was a tit Quot work is not conducive to Beau but he a just As dead As if head a Gotful land Fertile and Beautiful. ? is Tifful write a Beauty Doc been wrong a a Only such terms As literally Hgt the most bearing with milk and Honey could Tifful hands we Ever saw got their Success fittingly make Clear its wonderful As a matter of education of chief massaging in a North Caro the sunday school teacher Wai and perfect delights. Indeed they social welfare of financial econ Una bread tray. B9t Hatm Ken a styx presented proffers of its fruits and a of Alt Tiisik. Atiq a a taken As is that nothing my of Quot keeping our boys and girls about a peace plan for the example the Case of to Little boys Richness had been encountered in within the Home Iri fluence As Long churches a a is Franklin p. And one of whom was always ready to la per experience. But Here the. A a an a i would never do to have Pray while the second was willing unanimity ceased As possible there can be Only of tor would have to to share everything. Knight Overland Ross Iliff manager. 57-59 Bonham st motor co. Mason Wright servies. Tel. 457 Neff seeks to cover a up deficiency governor Neffo through suggestion of course has evolved a feet a hiding that tremendous in the Treasury. He now borrow Money with which to put the state upon a Cash basis knowing that is if he is capable of figuring when it comes to Large sums that within a few months there will be a further deficit by reason of the exhaust formative arguments negative. One. As there is no be fought about. A now he finished impressively a which of these two Beys a to i grow up into the Suc among the inducements which. But it is going to require Money Ftp him new York to Euc chs was Cess Ful and respected Man. To establish the College and that the moving picture privilege. And As one voice the class an which the National committee gets swered a a Quot the Guy that gets is the test which to be present and Quot be May have just such a rowed tomorrow. Without Money the there that the moving pictures argument Are ineffective and an other Opportunity is lost to Paris. May get us enough Revenue to i the election. All the Saine Simpkins considered himself a humorist. He sent a selection of Why does no to China employ some his original jokes to the editor of j of our pay <11 gunmen to solve a. Newspaper and confidently await-1 that Bandit problem for Herde a Check. His excitement ran try Paris first the chances Are that it can be had Here if you will look for it technicalities of the Law our old press Galler Louis Coolidge. A Cousin of Calvin a ice High when he received a letter chum i obviously from the newspaper of attorney the court of criminal appeals is running for the Enate. In Massachusetts against senator match. We Are compelled to favor Walsh do that Masaschi then the Agumir i a Vav apr the Conditi into which the states finances have fallen. Made a technical it v of \j 1 notion. Really to the Lav mind. Girl who does t show her Peg in blessed according to our holds that unless an indictment Tion of All the funds which arc charging murder sets Forth Spe believing a we a coming in from taxes just now As i finally and in exact language Well a the us borrowed. That the alleged wrongful act was it is a vicious Plain and has its done with a malice aforethought basis Only in the Hope upon the a that is. That it was conceived part of the governor of doing planned and executed with the in i it i a Bething which will relieve his tent to comm get murder Akl ministration of the Respo Sibil defendant May go free. That i the Law. It would appear to be a technical itys of the court. To Ubly the re Are precedent and other courts have held the same things and j court Are largely governed by precedent and read the statutes with an Eye upon the decisions i which have by eur rendered in. A other u which Are similar so sentence of ninety Niney arse a to opened it with feverish haste. There was no Check however just a Small note saying a dear sir your jokes received. Setts actually needs some Sena some we have seen before some Tori at warmth to. Offset the con we have not sect relative tem Lencio of senator. Lodge and this Luly Coolidge acute com not Supply. Two students of a train were a telling about their abilities to see a Mil Wazik a girl is said to have and hear the one says a do you a he most shapely legs in America see that barn Over there on the but we Are not convinced. Every horizon a i disgraceful that the pm of the slate should be com discount their warrants mgt fit a Are. In order to obtain flak a. With which to pay their g expend a and the disgrace to those primarily re Quot can you see that Fly walking around on the roof of that barn a Quot no. But i can hear the shingles Nator Smith a Aid to for Vor crack when he st it is on the Lafollette View of reducing Peyton a. Ellis01 la Wye a. Is nil Clell Flatt of cos pint Natl. Bank blog. Phone 14sk Printer specialists optometrist Bone printing co. A a Smith main Street Telephone $41 we have no Street Eucl Tore Tele. A phone us. All knife of pain Tang except bed. . 0. X. Of Letl Bye bar Nom and Throat. City National Bank Salden be phone 1041 Auto repairs Paris garage rat a on agricultural Gardle a. That sort of thing Means. I Quail not Al a Rnold Friend referring to the of a that our part Leader a Are Bohi Young son a no i Don t preparing to follow that Little Pom think he Wall lie an artist but 1 Padour Radical through the to should say he d make a magnify Liti Al laughter he just to an Cclif author. Jroud i Athert by Jove old main a Houston. Tone iff72 we maintain a Road service that other garages do not afford. Open Day and night plenty of room for storage. Service cars a. Pm by a Quot a f a my parts livery amp Transfer go. L. B. Step hubs specialist Eye earn no a a Throat glasses fitted. Bor-6 first a st a. Bank bldg. Phone office Sis Al re. 218 is Guy s. 0aldwell licensed under the new state a facilities for making. Your Lenss almost while you wait. Caret attention Given to fitting accurately a each Eye. Cornell Bros. Market sliced breakfast Bacon 35c Poun try our country pork sausage 33 Lamar Avenue. Telephone 4 phone 68 a we never miss a train grave. In a it to be own that it in a tie legislature which is respon-1 Libl of for the a its Man d you really think to candid Friend yes he s got grand ears to stick a pen behind condition but when Neff was a candidate he did Mie state to roundly criticise i nerd Houri responsible governor tj9bby�?who left a comfortable in the Treasury when he retired after have to had much of Gore strenuous financial matters w Ith than has Neff that the a May be a basis for the Law which governs even though it May be written by the judges and not by the members of the Congress of the legislature. But the court dismissed the Case entirely and the defendant was discharged from custody though the evidence had been suf it Focient for the jury to return a full life term. It would appear that the a a should be somewhere some statute precedent which would Havn remanded the Case to the trial hit was thu owl a londoner looking Over country estate was startled by Peculiar screeching noise. �?o1 say. Old Chap a he asked the agent a what was that a Quot an _ a i know that my dear be court so that another jury might but <00.�?zas a candidate Neff told us a verdict of guilty an l to asset a determine As to the a malice Quot of the act which resulted in death even though 6uch malice was net a a aforethought and was merely the impulse of the moment. First attribute going to be when he grows up a a Well he has the makings of poet he s always complainer a urn he hungry. Wholesale i Leal estate National hardware amp stove company a wholesale Only. of National stove sad of mar Sperry Brothers company farm and cry Louh rim 1 Tate had i Maranco hat work Dodge Brothers motor cars id Sarrion Scarboro Gfa so Calawad at you Serrica Paris Haf works Why buy a new one when w Cea make the old one Teok Lia Newt we epee Telu la Ladlee Hete. ,.tiw end cent s shoe eclat no Holof Mux Northwest Ewe a a a Pennsylvania tires tire repairing. Gasoline accessories phone 1986 90 Clarksville Dotson tire co. C. M. Ragalsi i of. We write general Sruv trance All kinds and represent the blah insurance companies in 303 first National Bank Blag jewellers w. W. Staples jeweler and optometrist licensed under the new optometry Law. Eyes examined. Glasses fitted. Broken lenses duplicated. 4 Clarksville Street Scott. Galbreth amp co. Successor to Galbreath amp Deweese Scott bldg. Phone 25 Paris building a Leaf association Rhone 481 our a lures Are paying 10 p cent per Ankum

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