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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - February 3, 1924, Paris, Texas Twenty pages today we Quot Fri a a a the Paris morning news established 1869 Paris Texas sunday february 3, 1924 member of Hon number 177 irregularities Vert numerous asserts Graves Graves believes Senate will be forced to declare Mayfield election void Here a evidence that a new �18 no Trace of the Hospital is needed badly three murderers who made escape everything had been carefully planned and they Are now Well armed Bubble Bubble toil and trouble election Laws were not complied with Songalo official nays i hat it is Imp Osai ble i Ltd make Correct recount an outed Presa san Antonio Pel. 2�?because there were so Many irregularities Gnu flagrant violations of the Texas election Laws in the last general ejection the United states Senate which is investigating the Paddy Mayfield senatorial contest will i let compelled to declare the elect Wisn void was the prediction made in san Antonio saturday morning toy Hump Graves Deputy sergeant at arms of the United states Senate who is supervising the collection of the ballots. Among the Irreg Laricks or. Grave said he had found Are ballot Bokes which have been opened others with the seals broken and tie keys left in the locks some musing altogether and oth boxes not even marked to show in what election they a re used. Or. Graves also declared he has signed statements of election officers who admit that they wrote the name of Mayfield on the ballots and passed them out to voters. Quot there have been so Many irregularities and so Man flagrant violation of the Terrell election Law a a or. Graves declared a that the Only thing the Senate can do to my opinion is to declare the election void. With the shape in which i have found the ballots it will be utterly impossible to make a n intelligent investigation into the senatorial election or. Graves said he has checked up on election county s. Exclusive of Bexar totalling approximately in a Pretor tits. In two thirds of theft counties lie declared the officials done to know whether the they Are sending in were used in the primary or the november election. Not Over ten of the precincts checked up. Or. Graves declared had the boxes properly sealed and marked As required by Law. Quot one county judge even admitted to me a or. Graves said a that the boxes in his county had been opened. In the other comi ties the boxes were missing entirely. Ltd in pouty 4�iijitai Tui i Luul 4ucu Quot Tuirner while officials in that Otler county did no to know what had but come of or. Graves declared that he found the ballots generally in a a deplorable condition Quot some of them even out of the Box it and scattered around. A it is my belief that the Senate when it sees the condition of the ballots and learns of the numer Ous violations of the election Law. Or. Graves said a will throw the election the Senate is schedule d to take up the Paddy Mayfield Cut it Quot to 01� february la. Or. Graves save it will take a week or ten Days to j Complete his work in the state. 1 Many boxes Liber Over already have it been shipped to an. The others will be the t o when needed for the count. will leave monday for the southwestern a a Are of the state. Pro Force will build vessels Warden fired and other chances Pend Reward Offe Riti for Tow condemned men and Altey Are to in taken dead or Alili do we need a new county Hospital this is one of the Many cracks in the Walls of Aikin Hospital and. As the picture shows it begins at the very foundation. A pan Orang in camera would be needed to show All of it for it extends to the second Story windows As do Many of the other Ever widening fissures and is As evident inside As outside. They Are spreading gradually and it is Only a matter of time and a Ery Brief time at that met tiling Actis stuff photographer until the Walls totter and crash. A whether or not they crush out helpless lives housed there for medical treatment is a response j Dimity which rests entirely upon the people of Lamar county. Aikin Hospital is a menace to the sufferers who Are forced to seek treatment there because the have not the Means to pay for care at other institutions. Tiec county is responsible for their welfare it is the county a responsibility if their lives Are in danger during Sulci period As they must remain there. I fall refused to give testimony associated Presa Little Stock a. Feb. 2.�? while every near officer in Arkansas and scores of specially deputized men searched for the fugitives today the state Penitentiary commission met in special session to investigate the spectacular escape of Emry Connell and Eulos and Joe Sullivan from the state prison Here yesterday. They relieved Warden lamp Martin from duty and there will be other changes. Gov. T. C. Mirea declared toddy that the escape Quot undoubtedly was due to negligence on the part of somebody within the prison Walls a a and gave insurance that a the matter will be proud to the Bottom to determine where the responsibility meanwhile posses continued to comb the Countryside but so far a con be Learned without a definite clue As to the whereabouts of the missing men. All of the posses Are heavily armed in anticipation that a desperate Battle with result before the fugitives Are captured or killed. Rewards aggregating a to have been offered for the taking of the men either dead or in addition to the pistol with which the Warden was held up Quot the fugitives Are armed with two other pistols and a Riff which with a Quantity of ammunition had been planted in the prison court Yard by a Confederate from the outside and which were picked up by the three men before they drove out of the Penitentiary. Walking to the base of the Wall the three men picked up a cloth wrapped Board. A s tripping of the cloth brought to Light the extra pistols and Rifle an a Supply of a my unit Ion. Later invest Gatwis revealed that �?�1 imbed wire Fence outside the a Toj Wilt. Cult 11 i 1 been Cut. Tracks Orv he ground showed an automobile had Beeti driven to the Wall and the Wall itself bore ladder Marks explaining How he arms and ammunition had been roped into the Pic Isoji Yard Howatt dragged out of Hall As he made a fight Lewis adjourned convention of miners amid disorder and loud outcries Rump convention was called at once to Usas Lander declared that to was not permitted to purge himself Wilson going out with the tide and is without pain stricken chief sleeps most of the time and heart gradually self cos As his vitality weakens under the approach of death. Failure to take nourishment is the most disconcerting sign to the physicians read a statement in which he challenged the Pitt fild wac Iid further authority of the Senate Wllbur dyad of committee in the matter on the demand president approves plan for appropriating nearly fourteen millions Washington feb. A a president Coolidge Lias forwarded to Congress the Treasury proposal to appropriate $13,853,989 to it Pablo the coast guard to Deal move effectively with rum runners. The coast go proposes to procure from the Navy 20 torpedo boat destroyers of the second line and two mine sweepers or similar Type of vessels and to have built 223 a Cabin Cruiser Type motor boats at .1 cot of $37,500 each with necessary equipment. Including radio and 100 Quot Sean get Dory Quot Type motorboats costing $8,-0 it h 1 each. The plan also Call for the Rcv it put Ning of 19 life saving stations now 011 the inactive list and the organisation of 24 Section bases for supervising the Craft engaged 111 rum smuggling. Fall flatly refused to answer any further questions of the Senate committee on the group that the adoption of the Walsh Resolution has taken the Muto r from that hands of the commit e and placed it in the courts. 1 the committee will ask fur Thor authority from tin scant on monday and if fall then refuse a to answer he will Lee proceeded at inst fori contempt both imprisonment and Fine being included in the1 penalties. At Lee Home Beer 1� to be associate d with 8tr�wn As special counsel for the prosecution of the. Oil Vej vacs Gregory s 1 olmec Ion with the Island Oil company being drained truth As to make hit 1 ineligible. My a dogs request that he to called before the Senate com a my Tom Lias not been Given any 1 consideration. Fall then read his state met activities of the preventing of wee baby lived for Only t five Days fort Worth feb. 2.�? after living live Days. Fort Worth a 18-ounce baby died this morning. It was a girls one of twins born six Days ago to or. And mrs. E. Watson. 715 West second Street. The sister neighing one fend if qua it a pounds died shortly after birth. Hut the other which weighed three quarters of a Pound at the a outset increased its weight to eighteen Oun Ijes Matlock was fined on statutory c Harge associated press Wash a t it it a 1 a b 2 Elbert h. Fall who has furnished was he in ton with a number of Sensa-1 tons within recent weeks provided still another today when he refused to testify by fort the Senate Oil eonim1t.ee and questioned that body s authority. Or. Falls Brief a App Darancou and the testimony before the House naval Rommi itt to of Teaf Admiral Robinson in explanation of the fuel tank construed inn at Pearl Harbor comprised the activities of Longres in the Teapot dome Row. The Glamor of which was glib Ducj by the Shadow of Woodrow Wil i a ones illness. Admiral defended enlist Ruet Ion after the committee had gone it a in executive session he was brought out of the anteroom where he had l Een awaiting the decision. E was resting heavily upon the arms of two men. Who virtually carried him Down the corridor to the room of senator Elkins of is % Virgin a. Where a lounge was found for him. He seemed dazed and very weak. It. Authority to continue tiie investigation having been challenged by or. Fall the committee de sided to ask the Senate on monday to remove All doubt by re adopting tilt original Resolution authorizing the inquiry. The committee then adjourned until next tuesday. In vent or. Fail continues his refusal he May be proceeded against for contempt the penalty including both Fine and imprisonment. _ 1gmi"rexf is to be associate counsel better Outlook in the goods trades was principal cause for the Advance Paris Cotton Wagon receipts Friday 31. Wagon receipts saturday 2. Receipts for season Price paid Friday 24 a Price paid saturday 24 to 25 d Cotton seed $45. Go 2 f a to 31 a4 Oklahoma City. Fob. 2. J. Eugene Matlock formerly pastor re a Oklahoma City Church and until recently head of the state witness Market commission was found guilty it of a statutory a Barge and fined 500 by �1 jury in District court Here today i attorneys i a no u 11 red that they would a p pea 1. A lock Eal Ert is charged with murder Wichita Kan. Feb. 2�?ray it. Foor lock expert of Covington Kyd a was arraigned in City court today on a charge of murder in connection with the slaying Here last november of Robert c. % emitter Wichita patrolman. The grounds of National defense the Senate was not in Sessix today having adjourned of til Moj Zilay when the Resolution seeking the retirement of Secretary Den by will let a taken up again. Or. Fall gave two major reasons who he declined to reply. The first was that the authority Given to the investigating committee had expired and the so nil that in tax Light of the in in in of Congress i i directing institution of court action. Civil and criminal in the late Oil lease cases any answers he would give might tend t it not i in instr him. The former Secretary re id a carefully Prev pared statement in a Eli a and firm voice it was with some difficulty that a Way was cleared the mini the crowd for or. Fall to reach the chair. His counsel. Levi Cooke in a preliminary statement said the former a tier a Ary was present in response to a subpoena issued yesterday but that he still a a is under the care of Phat Diciur it and requested the Committie a to Bear that Faez in mind. Chairman Lenroot then administered the oath Alt. Fall standing with i right hand upraised. Just one question was put a do you rare to Mage further statement about the matters under consideration by ibis committee a a asked senator Walsh dam Erat Montana. Assoc at a Presa Washington. Feb. 2�?the of Atlee Pomerene form r senator from Ohio As democratic member of the special government c counsel to prosecute Oil land leases cases is being consider Ili by president Coolidge. 21 r. To Meerte had a luncheon conference with president Coolidge a t which the matter of his employ intent in place of Thomas w. Gregory former attorney general was discussed. So far As would be Learned no Robinson final dec Ision was reached by or. Praet on Point Rene but it was indicated at that White House that announce a m ment of the appointment of the in i democratic member probably would be made in a Ery Short time. The harm of air. Fomer enc was submitted to the president by sever it 1 senators Ltd his selection has Boin re Corn minded by a number of la president a a closest advisors. Am mine i at of the. Selection however will be Yit held until the president has had an Opportunity to Confer with or. Gregory who was out to teach Washington before night Asci voted pro a new York feb. 2.�?Cotton Market opened firm today owing to higher Liverpool cables and continued reports of in creasing demand for spot Cotton from the continent both in Liverpool Atli Southern markets. May sold up to 34.32 and july to 32.88 hut there was a Good Deal v reality lug and Seine local is Ming on the an Vance. There were continued report i of Mil curtailment in new England. But some of he advices from the South indicated a in 11 sustained volume of activity in to s Southern Mills. Associated Presa a Washington. Feb. 3.�?mid night Woodrow Wilson continues to grow we Alcor hour by hour but there is no indication How soon the end might come. At 8 1�. In. Or. Grayson said the Sirk Many a condition had shown 110 material i Hange except for the very slow but certain Advance toward Complete exhaust loj. The heart action continued Strong until the afternoon then it began to slow up As the delicate vitality yielded to the approach of death. The patient spends most us the time in sleep mrs. Altson Bolding his hand and soothing him As be stirs at intervals As though endeavouring to regain full consciousness. The refusal to t Ike nourishment in any form is the most disconcerting symptom encountered by the physicians. Lie has no fever respiration us regular and there is no bodily pain it was stilted by the phys icons. J or. Wilson a failure to take nourishment was a disconcerting Sigu to his physicians. When of a feed Light foods he Shook Nis head 1 firmly and whispered when i offered sips of water he made the same Rob. The physicians agr a Chat sustenance might have to Given in some other Way. In the shaded chamber where he former president lies mrs. Wilson is his almost constant attendant and it has m in with difficulty that or Grayson has persuaded her to take any rest. She did take some sleep during Tho night while or. Grayson relieved her at the Jap Side. Then she took up the Vigil this morning while or. Grayson went to his Home for a Brief rest. Either the physician or the wife Are in stantly watching and waiting. The remainder of the big House on s Street to which or. Wilson retired from the White House was dark and quiet after or Grayson and his two colleagues. Dry. Ruffin and Fowler held their evening consultation of More than an hour and had announced that fhe former president was gradually losing ground. To lure was Little the medical men could do to help him in that be fight. More than four years of i illness had so racked his Constitution that Strong Medicine and surgery would do More harm than Good. They could Only watch and Hope for the Best. Some stimulants have been Given in Small doses. At no time Lias or. Wilson been delicious and. He seems at All time to be conscious of what it going on in this chamber although he is too weak to carry on a conversation. He does whisper a a yes a or a a no Quot in reply to question As to what May be done to make him More comfortable. Associated press Indianapolis ind. Feb. 2 a amid riotous scenes the biennial convention of the United Mill workers of America was declared adjourned sine die by president John l. Lewis today. Adjournment was announced by the president while the delegates howled a Alexander to Watzl deposed president of the Kansas District with dragged from the platform by two sergeant at arms. Howatz sought Frt address the convention on the report of the appeals and grievances committed which refused to consider a plea for re Onstat Emertt in the Union. While the shouting was going on president Lewis declared tha a a vote taken on the committees report showed its adoption. That president hammered in vain for order and then declared the convention finally adjourned Del discos the Adin ints frat in left the Hall but insurgent leaders passed around word that a Rump convention would be held. The wild demonstration was attributed by administration supporters to a group of insure Cne a who have 0pp�?~ sed president Lewis throughout the convention and w he so a Zed upon the comm pee a Adverse report on Howatt a Appeal fur re instatement As the occasion for a final demonstration. The final minutes of the melt Ting were full of tense action As Lio Tratt made his Way to the Piat Oiin. Took a position Heine the president and drank from his water Pitcher. President Lewis a shouting to make himself heard declare a that Howatt not to being a Delegate under the rubs of the convention. Was not entitled to a hearing. Scr Geant at arms it re then called to take Howatt from the platform. To was removed fighting. Called to order la John Watt of , Iii., about 309 delegates heard Pfow att ref ter the conventions to Quot Kivo Kansas miners a Lin re a h John l. a credential card of these delegates were collected by wat and a fund Colb Tod wherewith to dire t a Campaign from Springfield for the special convention. Howatt told the Gathing he had tried to comply with the requirements of the International Board so that to might get into the Union again but that the Union had become a a one Man it san Zap Ion and it had been decreed that he was a expelled from the Union for a mar. May july oct. Dec. Futures closed open High 33.8 1 34.20 32.85 28.20 27.60 34.06 34.38 33.02 28.40 27.80 firm. Low 33.76 34.09 32.77 28.1 1 27.76 close 34.03 3 34.33 3 33.00 is 28.33 21 27.80 2�?T a previous close. Georgia Mills Are on overtime it an i i with a Necktie. Associated Presa Coffeyville. Kan feb. 2 a i. A. Vickers confined in the City jail at Nowata. Of la. 20 Miles South of Here of n drunkenness charge hanged himself with his Necktie in his Ell last night. He was 50 ours of ago. Unmarried and conducted a soft drink establishment at Nowata. Mutilation of bodies a sign of sanity associated press Ai Rora 111. Feb. 2 a by his mutilating the bodies of the wife and brother that he Slev Warren Lincoln 1 Stablish cil that he was sane. Assistant states attorney j. Bruce Amell said today. Fas Solstad press new Orleans. Feb. 2�?pri were lifted 15 to 23 Points in thu it first half hour of trailing in Cotton today by bettor political news nne a much better from Mill centers in this country. Reports from Georgia claimed some of the most important Mills in that state were running night and Day. The recognition Yyi England of the soviet government was regarded by Cotton n As an of ent it let the highest Trade importance March contracts were advanced to 33.85 and october to 27.70. Buyers been me very aggressive Afier the receipt Here of Mes Ages from new York claiming a my h better inquiry for Cotton goods w eth More business being Dinand til offerings from traders on the Long Side who wanted to even up Over the week end were readily absorbed although there were stages when this sort of Selling was 011 a Liberal scale. Future a dosed steady at net gains of 31 to 14 Points. Gpe a High Low close mar. 33.80 34.08 33.71 84.0733.62 May 33.55 33.80 33.48 33 77 33.33 july 82.60 32.88 32.5s 32.8� 32.44 oct. 17.15 27.90 27.60 27.86 27.54 Dee. 27.2527.46 27.14 apr a a close. Spots steady. 7 Points higher sales on the spot 751 to arrive 110 Low middling 32.00 middling 34.00 god middling 35.12 receipts 2.979 Stock 205,516. Acquittal for mrs. Whiteside offered evidence that she had been repeatedly threatened by mrs. Maxwell by j. Mabel Clark staff it rvs Jim Ltd to of the Worth record Texas feb fort Chr dress a not this verdict was Given after 10 j minutes consideration by the Jur it in the trial of mrs. Fear White-1 Side charged with a he murder of mrs. S. A. Maxwell. The prose -1 tin a a uting attorney. Harwood be Ville practically recommended sch a j had a trial attracted so much to Terest. The courtroom occupying the entire second floor of the courthouse a packed with More than 1,500 people most of whom 1 were women. Mrs. Whiteside told How she had tried to make mrs. Maxwell b av1 �11 Lii testily no Obj a t in a. And Quot Nha f years of in a in waiting for her husband t Torg it ii i Futua Ion for the Avo a >11 a i Quot had Fri i Cal Lor Home and of he letters of warning from friends to doing her of the threats mad by mrs. Maxwell to take her i he. J sensational testimony Friday j nor Linx showed that mrs. Well was constantly armed for 111 my months prior to the shoot ing Anil had at severe time threatened to cml mrs. Whiteside. On one occasion according to testimony. Mrs. Max Tel was Timon was shot by his Nephew walking along in the dark and did not recon aide his assailant until shot my ado to make a Sharp demand driven to a secluded spot on Buck Creek with a tie Hope of finding and verdict. Neither the Lefen e nor loth aug it Lulli the Tettat. Offered much Argi a at. To or. Revise declared of the jury that in his belief the evidence pointed to n justifiable homicide. A Brief talk was made by a. J h. Fires loading defense Attor-1 hey despite the Roques of judge 1 r. L. Templeton for 110 Demonstra-1 Tion the 500 Spei tax ors applauded1 and cheered when the Crk rend j the verdict. Mrs. Whiteside made no state-1 ment. As she heard the wort guilty Quot she smiled wiped her eyes picked up her 8-year-old Daugh a ter. Walked across the Ai Troi i line a and Shook the hands of the jurors. Quot i killed her because 1 the Quot Tabt she was going to a Hoot me. She was reaching in her handbag and coming towards the with a contemptible sneer on her face was quicker a in the a a raw than site thus did mrs. It Tab Side Tell Why so. So t and killed me Mai Well who n a he testified in her own behalf Here this afternoon. Mrs Whiteside has the last witness for the defence she was on the stand for More than an hour. At times during the testimony the tears choked Back her words causing her 0 wait several minutes before giving her answer go questions asked by it defense attorneys Williams and Whiteside. Never before in chd Dresa county wife. According to he test mom mrs. Maxwell and Alshet Whiteside livid in Childress an on his 18-Section ranch along to Texas and Oklahoma sept often she was heard to us no Quot care who knew it. Rev. George a. Cult of the Childress 11�?Tcated a juror in the your with his testimony this to and he told the jury of the limit to Ade by the Decea i i before her death it was the not j knowledge statement. A mrs. Maxwell said u ant god to a forgive am not a bad woman this to 1 Jossoh to my sins a re too Many of my gals has Albert t Mofied the a it Holster. Lid h. Public had tin a Quot my sins. 1 but i want thou sends. Take care come vet Nketah Oiivia Ai oct ted pro a Corpus Christl feb. 2.�?the condition of Walter f. Timon former District judge who was shot Here on a main Street last night by his Nephew Harry Leahy of Mathis. Was reported today As serious but his injuries Are not Likely to result in death unless complications set in. Leahy was arrested immediately after to lib. Shooting and admitted to reporter today Tunc lie tired the shot it is expected that a charge will be filed against him this afternoon. shot was fired going through the right Side and touching the right lung. The shooting is said to be the outgrowth Quot of difference extending Over a Long period of time and growing originally out of a court dispute Over a land estate. Quot i did t know 7 would meet nun the judge saut Las night. I was walking along and it was dark and when he can a up to me. 1 did t recognize him. He threw pistol on me and. Said you had better go 1 still did not him. But tried of Dodge behind a car and As 1 did so he is of and to xxx Sun unsettled Meri Asiu 10 Iii. Monday partly Cloudy colder. Wykoff is to in the successor to Lenine associated Presa Moscow feb. 2�?official announcement of the appointment of Alexis Ivanovitch Lykoff As chair map of the Fei Leral Council of commissioners in succession to the late Nikolai la Enine at the head of this dominant soviet body is expected in Well informed quarters to be made at the first formal cession of the new parliament. Determined to explain before Senate committee connection with Doheny los Angeles feb. 2.-wm. 1, Meado and mrs. Mcadoo left today for Washington d. C. Mcadoo a trip to the National capital is being made with a twofold purpose. He is pitting the Speed of Railroad 1 of motives against the wings of death hovering a Over the Homo of Woodrow Willoft mrs. Mcadoo a father in the Hope that they will reach the bedside of the stricken sex president while he is alive. As the second object of Tho journey Mcadoo is determined to Wade into the Gusher of Oil Evi b nce uncapped yesterday before that it Senate Oil lease investigators by e. L. Doheny and demand the right to he heard in demons of his rights As a citizen lawyer in Active practice and candidate for the democratic presidential nomination. No arrangement to hear a a 1 00 Washington. Feb. 2.�?As yet no arrangements have been Mada by the Senate committee to boar William g. Mcadoo a Candidatu for the democratic presidential nomination in relation to the testimony of 8. D. Dohonov that after he left the Cabinet the former Treasury Secretary had been retained by his company to represent it i11 Mexico matters and had received a fall told Quot ecu aggregating $250,000. Or. Mcadoo is now of route to Washington and members of the committee assume he will ask for h hearing after he allies Here. Blaine Dyer goes to chair end of March Dallas. Feb. 2 a Blaine Dyer negro Coin meted of the murder of j. C. Gibson a policeman was sentenced today of be electrocuted n hints Volle prison March 28 by judge to Ippen. The officer she it when he Dis covered a negro robbing a a drug store Seremi months ago. A Iori Bill was reported to hot so Washington. Feb. 2.�?Tho a ill to accept Henry Ford s offer for muscle Shoals was for Maiv reported to the House today with a recommendation from the House military committee for its adoption

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