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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1920, Page 4

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - December 9, 1920, Paris, Texas The Taris morning news thursday dec. 9, 1920. Oar Beautiful new coat latest Mici pc inter styles in a variety of the popular modes. Plain Bolivia Sil Verrip Bolivia and Silver cords. All sizes and colors i to attractive lots attractive v priced. $39.50 and i hold primaries two years it ice As result of the big vote had the pleasure of living to Roc the grow into useful Mon and women am receive from Thorn the i Loving it tre that she had Given Thorn in childhood she was a Friend of most of the older citizens of Paris who a til join their sorrow with that of the family. Masons for More than forty years f t rom is tin. A i the t lifts news it dec s a the official a i hut three cot tips t or presiden As 481,7���, us Annorino d in had Ond tinn tin country Road a Are said to be in a worse condition than in a Long h account of the recent slow Limi i Rains sixty four of Ihunt Are in attendance upon the grand Lodge to w n to in ii a Idi it my no in of i \ i n Are Ltd 1 Sii hold hand made philippine gowns reduced Beautiful silk underwear is reduced pc us tips n i Tyler i 1�?T i try show >00 vote in the m nov. 2, the party in required to Hoid Pri is for Ali of Leet for Eandi Tatco Borea of same Urov Sious Mora tic party already Are to urinating Pri for United a e the Pas Section Law dirty shown Quot Ine under nil of the or who 11 w a i Ali a at f Coates a a god widow s years old and who Ahne in a font room i South 19th Street was Fttie in bed yesterday morn Hal i la Riatti and Lai it not t �?T1 t i Bird time Yum e $5.67 $5.00 $4.37 $3.34 $3.67 $3.00 $2.64 i is. All Par More votes re Ling Genii to hold Ines of the is. So far party has it to get to Xci it in ted states Ardless of i primaries a Alati s for j to found d ing a City mar officer lingers. She had Boon ailing since last Satu Day and As she was not seen moving about the House yesterday Tuor Lnu a night or notified the marshal who went to investigate. He had to break open a door to to get to her room. She was lying dead in bed but to body was still warm and the intentions were that she had nor 1>< n dead very Long. Justice of the peace Jay Hall was notify lock and held an in just. He found that death was due to natural am on lost Loti is 1 p of see our show windows i i in tin �?�epuh�i-10�, polled n 1900, i it i re before Oil election a s give the in the Gen a i900 and or in 191s a fell to its a in atrial 1 count of not Heftrig Able to of after hers if it had been an need she should go to the spit by set Dav a she so. It it of to Lay in packing her and t her efforts. A e told of the neighbors what it he win d to to it re buried to. A hot a a time to my w s drawing a Small f a it the go a rom it it As a it w d a a outside of the and a so. H in a of n unix no so s l id to have without a is. Stiv 1 by two sons it. S. Who want from Here to a a year or two ago for he where he is at prot sent so ilk Ami w. A. Coates or who arrived last night. A Ody was taken charge of person a a Crown and a d for burial. The 1 gun report plot to wreck Hobby and Neff train $ Jay a a Mai Quot of 1 73m1 popu 167.520, a Hibi Tion t2-� \ \ ant 1hx.s Aid to he pop a in strip to a i i to Ltd i i i a 12 2 country it thinks h everything that coi 11.1 i rom i i a it it m vrki1 in in p i 1 3 7. Re us 2 to. Social a list labor evil Tio pro of d j Kut a m 2 i 1 2 a rial race he Chi a 149 Royant 1, a i Peel i try it a ois co. The or r it the flt Rin to Lay a tra in. Lay a w i Brookston notes. Traced in the garage Basini it in a a a scoop r. T1 a c our w a a i a h. Re tunic i to Quot Paris by mrs Bari look after his farming in a r it 4. A by 143.1 s i pour Springs c. A wifi for me in sum it witnesses for lallas Deputy Sherpa Frank m i tuesday on the Quot Wei t to a Howland Vert Day to a thir car until the Mon same witnesses to go to in the rain. K to combined 1 so Callist s 4 mocha ii is 91.770 a Over the got is 14��,533. Error and ii be to be can of the Regush re-12 �?~pub-5,194 Toni do Hgt m. A press no. Dec. 8.�?mexi-s of dared to wreck Ami Ial train a arriving Amer is from Mexico City att and d the inaugural Rai Alvaro Obregon As it of Mexico As the train Ough the a a at of Coati sex cuu d by their when the v a it fused to a plot according to in or of to san Antonio ranch Man of Mexico the. Passengers on the h arrived in san an right w re governor w. Waco. Texas. Dec. 7. Aith Laree Floi 1 Wreath occupying hair to i right in memory past crawl Masti r at alter Ark a superintendent of the Mason school w to died last april at fort Worth. Georue f. M a fan most a worshipful grand master opened the eighty if ii annual session of the m in onto grand Lodge of Texas aft i the introduction of Quot masons for Mare than of a try years a of which there were sixty four present. And the presentation of the representatives of foreign jurisdictions Brand master Morgan read his annual report Brand masters report considerable co resp it Donee has been exchanged Between the Texas grand master and reports of the masonic organisation in Mexico w Ith n View to bringing about recognition by tiie grand Lodge of Texas. The grand master made no recommendations on this subject by submitted it for action of the committee having such matters in charge. The report of Bra Rul m is ter Morgan detailed the work of his administration. The x i a h is been an sex remely Active on for the Gran to Ige offt Sas is shown by the work that has been done by the various Blue lodges of the st Ite. The grand master paid tribute to the late Walter a or superintendent of the masonic Horn and j Ficho at fort Worth Ami past j grand master of the grand Lodge of Texas. Or. Acker died last i april. T he report also eulogized the life of the late Ben f. Dwiggins who died it fort Worth one year a go or. Dwiggins was prominent in tas freemasonry and a past Gran i High priest of the grand chapter of to it was. Mention was also made of the death of Chirles Levi District Deoun v grand master who died at Childress Iasi april masonic he Rea us. Under the head it of a Smasoni Rea us and associations a the master Calls attention to m ters and appeals he has received during the last year under various names. He warns the lodges of that Only Ope organization is recognized by the Brand Lodge of to \ is it being the serve a association of the United born hip i it Compo in d f judge no oin Rainey Dallas or Sld it it co is Tyler Helton \ i a Pri Side not judge John l. Terr. A Dallas nac m. A Thor san Antonio Antl timer Ken fro fort Worth the need for i Hospital it the Homo is pointed it it it and Iti this connection it is explained that Plana have been pre Parai for a Neh an institution whip h w Ili approximately $90,000, making an exit udi Ture of More in in #100,000 Art it has Heen a upped. Bid w Ili he rec Iva flu ring in it present Brami lodges. Sion for the construction of the Hospital and in All probability the a a Traci for its immediate construction Wilb awarded Thomas f. Fletcher who Suc let ii the lat Walter a kor is super int Dent of the Maonio Sehovi Presente report which mentioned Tii need a for Addi Tonali dormitory Spain. International boxing bouts Are arranged new York i Etc so an International boxing carnival Between the hading middleweight and heavyweight of England an i the i tilted st at its. To be held Here next month will be the initial in torn at Ionni contest in a sport both. Which Promise to make 1921 a letter year in sport history it was Learned today i a ians for that it bouts which will to held at a place and Date to be announced later by the intern at 1 sporting club were virtually completed yesterday by Thelula it mat h maker Tex o , aft a a series of Confer nees in London news int ads bet results. Iona win. Naim s i Fox lives Vann s. In Milwaukee n to 1 ii grand my let Price adjustment Sale of Fine shoes continues one fourth off special for monday hundreds of pairs of women a boots have been sold during our Sale and have left a number of broken lots of a or Best Selling is ids and to close these lots quickly we have further reduced them i or this week lot no. 1 $4.85 a masonic Chain Pia copies of which he h Gran master Des rib 11 and Lias thrown the the a Bas a Quot it f the led Ite n isso a a a will break a .1,1. I ,.4t.r am Grippie quicker Titan anything a know or vat noting poem non. W. F. Bil f an i t to a Lay to a in Welt for opera Timi. A a a a _ r a or will leave for Gate while a i a Ugnit his if to a fit j h r. By n wiil imy. Of or an Ota rat inn. Lature flt it a. While Vot s of c to he a p. 11 fat Thomas Lieut a. It Huffman ant cover the ban orders Felt cording to thought t guarded they were is report it of t governor elect was. Governor Iby of Alabama error Charles d. Isas an i Treuten App of Ciko Aroma. Fus a to carry out in superiors act re. Because they i in wag heavily d disobedience t sunday it a h <1 id the he m. Struck in Kil l i in to \ f n near \ Hgt \ \ i i 1 \ it. Concert re Rand of real interest a to ther a sev�ra1 a a the the As Sill he has received Ket. The grand master received a request from the adjutant general of the t United a states asking the cooperation of of a freemasons in t in movement that has d in the United states pin has for its Purn re a Reata it i and Char a. As described by the i Era. The invitation from , the matter Bie grand master Acom the in Ordi the Brown kid of of of id i Uncial leathers values fro hit i or Low heels most All sizes lot no. 2 i a $5.85 this lot Ems or cuban Heel but i every pair will b. $12.5 0�? Mees a ots of Lexsy turn , with pretty Small sizes tout at this Price taken Quick As the values Are up to lot no. 3�?$9.85 the educate i been Institute army. The pose educate Acter Buhlin adjutant Gei Small lots of i Chest Era do Kneeland Cousin russian calf brogues and modish shoes in Brown Grey and Black kid and satins values up to st6.00�? Sale extraordinary /5 a visitor from r Ian it a a i t a Val giant. A a. Listed a Miler two hat 1. A who name Wate 2 was run it town by a c big r train and i la d m it r noon while h e Wax n to u in rain Rad track to Avo a was a a a a a a a .2 or 1 Coats. F s. Flan just received a Large shipment of ladies and misses Coats. These Coats were c it sed out to us by a new York manufacture rata great sacrifice All $32,50 Coats on Sale at. Ai $�6.00 Coats on Sale at. All $39.00 Coats on Sale at. All $42.00 Coats on Sale at. All $54.00 Coats on Sale at. .$27.00 All $75.00 Coats on Sale at.$37.50 $16.25 .$18.00 .$19.50 .$21.00 Bondsmen have desire to be clothed properly when play ing for visitors the the cac it it a evening i be High the Cham her a matter Ali a a try citizen a a doing a by Art Destro clothed who irs a my the b there f n a a it b in the 11 1 to us tit i Tomor atrium of the m h 1x if Boj i t it it 1 w in m at the la f. Of i t in Zilb r on f filters. G. Tyler states in firk on City Lake and that be to get mor it than t id hauled a far condition of the Rill do not Long i and thir Ordinary one is the pro Vert a a Niento of which is a a a. It the r is a a Small Friend Rob it it tin band san the hat to Sec uniforms. The per thing a them just As for their test run they Devot the i practice and a it 1 make than proper musicians. The concert is a rth the it Price Quot that Erce ban l Appeal to the boys work and g prop re it me to Parade enee berm Natty men i n clothes r the Atlas a City bund the off a As our v. Tulli Sun. Not passing ids for their a a to do the work for a Viand i time to the i needed to Zeffield Wortham Orth am it ii i at evening at the a in jaw Clark Ine Bluff Road irk. Funerals a i i i it May a in it my r. As ill Wallace made at Over of admission Only t he funds resulta t a purpose which d itself even if of for Given. In addition t the adjutant a wis presented to i by i or in i a Viz manding the Elpaso District plan is Ltd it in irs i i y the u a it it j ter in a letter sent to All Sui i Nat lodges. In speaking o proposition the report says plan in i7ndor-cd. J a a this furnish a a splendid of pot Unity to exemplify one Ltd Fth main principles of or Irti r. Which h a cd r stood for the education and betterment of society and for the promotion of the welfare Prosperity and happiness of Mankind the report is very x Luminous and <1 tails the work of the Quot grand master during the m a sonic year just closing giving an account of his stewardship covering his administration in every particular. He work it of the District deputies j throughout the state is commend red and special mention is made t in masonic a ads to a 31 at fort Worth which has been vis g item by the grand master on several different occasions. The grand master instituted Tenn w lodges authorize i at the a grand Lodge session. He granted five dispensations for new lodges refused six made thirty decisions my granted seven applications for the conferring of degrees out of time. He reported no a a dead lodges in Texas. Giand Secretary s report. The grand secret Ary w. N. Pear if set a in his a my <1 r port give n 4 de Tiili 1 review of the years work Jug worked As covered by his office. The card just As j system which was authorized by the Brand Lodge has been installed and is in perfect working condition it is considered one of the most and Complete systems keeping masonic records and the usual service services but for Cash charged at Sale Price. And no i Ting shoes Niak r3 a c smut. A i to the Home something to z the Home More lovable More attractive. You will find something Here suitable for Mother lather wife husband. St of daughter brother or sister. Of a a $ i ,-.t a y of a a. A in Jurayj he a f bit a and a of re to go for it thy within Ere no value Wom \ v it Ivi in Formi Ida in \ it a i a i d ii ii i. These Are won Nul values for the Money. You must see them to appreciate them. Come Early and get the pick of the Worth in was born in Delta near Cooper and was in her to or. J a year a her Kinc e to it Paris news from Denison it of a Bank Rob which of that Oman a Toggery shop 32 Bonham Street. �?~>3d year so was Marri l w Ortho in 43 Yea ��?T3 ago and a hot r Thev moved to it Paris the family had since lived her husband s death eleven years ago she had m Ole her Home with her children All of whom survive her it pc it a daughter mrs. Auie in yes. Ther were with a r during her last illness and at her death j a r sons Clarence a. And John and her daughters mesdames Henry Snell of d troit mich., Nannie i Moore of Champaign jhs., Thos. Hughes of Bishop Bah and Clark briny of Paris. Mrs. Wortham was a member of the methodist Church and belonged to the Rebekah her whole life i was devoted to her family and she the dispatch in yesterday morning giving an account cry at cab a ftkla., in mrs. C. It. Elliott the if vice or Side it and Walter Clinton the bookkeeper were locked in the vault As read with local interest in Paris on account of the fact that mrs. Elliott was formerly miss Jennie Price born and reared i i county and is the daughter of j. R. Price who lives Northeast of town near Faught. She is a sister of Harry Price who is nip oyed at the Johnson Billings y hardware co. Or Pike talked to her or the Long distance Telephone yesterday after seeing the item in the news and was info rare a that two men had been arrested on suspicion. She stated that the robbers would t take any Silver and that All of the Money taken was new Bills mostly of t he denomination of $3, m statistics in accurate form in use in i the Southwest. There is found in his office the individual record of �1 every m Oon in Texas and pm be ?3 furnished at a moments notice. Jug the last masonic year has in in @ the most successful in the history it Texas freemasonry. The Secretary a records show a total of 94,-21 x master masons a Good standing in the 891 Blue lodges in this state. There was a net gain in. The 1919 adj 20 membership of 10,9 11. Reports a and returns have Heen received in from every Lodge in the st at jul which brings the collection #50,000 .0 More than Ever collected in any ? previous year. The total receipts were $189,402.87. Z ii s i a of a i. It in k of hat would be More these ? a Ipp Tei tied than a Gilt of one i re a treasurers re Piort. Grand w. Vav. Peavy or port showed peer fits it of $100 s m9.01 and of $95,-�g �?~90 during the year h having a bal is Ance on hand of $5,819.01. Receipts from the general fund h a re $100,637.5 4, against disburse Fuents of $82 392.43, leaving a balance of $27,24 5.1 1. Homo and school. The Board representing the masonic Home and school presented a report covering the years work at this institution. The Board Mem we will sell you one at a a Little Down a Little a Jones Wynne

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