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Paris Morning News Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1920, Page 1

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Paris Morning News (Newspaper) - December 9, 1920, Paris, Texas The Paris morning news established 1s69. Paris Texas thursday dec 9, 1920. Member Vassot Atod press. Number 128. Paris Cotton Market. Rec Wixs cilium Kiy 87 Imi in a. Middling it a a a a a ills. Strict middling it cents t Cottons Tail $18 per Ion. Cotton Murket irregular. New York. Dec. Cotton Market was less Active today ant the Price movement Irreg Iai. January fluctuated Between 15,6$ and 18,95 and closed at 15.72, compared with 15.92 yesterday with the general Market closing steady at a net decline of 3 to 25 Points the Market opened steady at unchanged prices to a decline of 16 Points and sold about 20 to 2 7 Points net lower during the Early trading owing to unfavourable French Trade advices lower Liverpool cables and Southern Selling. There was also scattering liquidation hut the offerings seemed to be pretty Well absorbed on the decline to 15.80 for March and prices rammed during the Middle of the Day on covering and local buying. The latter was accompanied by reports of an improved demand for Cotton cloths which was said to include speculative buying and Active months sold 2 to 7 Points net higher during the earlier afternoon with March touching 1 6. »7. This bulge encountered some spot House Selling of March and the Market eased off again in the late trading when there were also reports that sixteen thousand clothing workers had been locked out by new York manufacturers and there was scattering liquidation. The census report showing 10,144,9021 Hales ginned to december 1, was about As expected and was not considered an important Factor in the Market but there May have been some scattered Selling on reports that Farmers Arclie f measures were not Likely to be passed by the present session of Congress. Exports today 199,055, making 1,962.289 so far this season. Port receipts 31.370 United states por stocks 1.353.40l brought by the wires from All parts of world. East Texas thursday Cloudy becoming unsettled warmer. Friday Cloudy. Oklahoma thursday partly Cloudy warmer. Friday partly Cloudy. By Tho associated Tress Washington dec. Tai Rouette Republican Wisconsin today introduced another Hill proposing repeal of the espionage act. By associated press Chicago dec. 8.�?ro u it Cannefax title Holder today was Defeated by Clarence Salt son of Kansas City in the third game of the final round for the National three Cushion billiard championship by a score of 7 5 to 69. By the associated Tress Athens Dot. 8.�?the Cabinet this afternoon will Send a note to former King Constantine announcing that the plebiscite was favourable to him and that the people demand his return to the throne of Greece. By the associate d press London dec. 8.�?a Brit e dispatch revived from Cork late tonight says there was a general Holdup of the Public in the streets of Cork by the auxiliary police this evening. Firing was heard in various parts of the City. Tkv the associated press new Orleans dec. g. Hester internationally known As a Cotton statistician and whose figures Are accepted As official in exchanges throughout the world late today was elected Secretary of the new Orleans Cotton Exchange for the fifty first consecutive time. By the associated press Derne Switzerland dec. 8.�? the Federal authorities have instituted an inquiry into the activities of former emperor Charles of Austria in Switzerland following the exposure of alleged hapsburg intrigues by the socialist newspaper tag wacht. By Tho associated la rest Washington dec. 8.�?establishment of a new coinage mint at Chicago to increase Tho output of coins now being turned out by the mints at Philadelphia san Francisco and Denver was recommended to Congress today by Secretary Houston. By the associated Tress Washington dec. 8.�?appointment of a joint committee of three senators and three representatives to make arrangements for the inauguration of president elect Harding on March 4, is authorized by a concurrent Resolution adopted today by the Senate. Saskatoon. Dec. 8.�?dr. John a. M. Moran formerly an american journalist died Here today aged 44 years. Before taking up dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania he was new York correspondent of the Philadelphia press and biter connected with the associated press. Heavier taxes recommended by the Treasury Houston proposes to raise an additional two billion by additional imposition would place burdens upon the automobile Congress urged conference at to enact farm Memphis adopts Relief measures reduction plan president Wilson buys some Christmas Stamps. Extensive legislative program reducing acreage in Cotton to advocated by farm one third of total is Bureau agreed on strikes and lockouts vote on Resolution opposed by Bureau practically unanimous wants to make amusements. Candy chewing gum and tobacco Bear g Rea ter Burden by the arc cited press Washington dec. 8.�?immediate revision of the nations tax Laws on the basis of an annual Levy of four billion dollars for a period of four years and including an increase of two per cent in the taxes on incomes up to $.&Quot>,000, is urged by Secretary Houston in his annual report sent today to Congress. Repeal of the excess profits taxes elimination of certain of the so called luxury taxes including the Levy on soda Fountain and similar beverages and a readjustment of the rates in the higher groups of income taxes is proposed by the Treasury chif. To meet the losses brought about by these proposed changes or. Houston re com a cml revised and new taxes to yield about $2,000,000,000 As follows new tax a in my sad a tax of 20 per cent on corporation profits distributed or undistributed in addition to application of a higher surtax rate to yield $690,000,000. An additional tax of 6 por cent on corporation incomes to yield $465,000.000. Readjustment of surtax rates on incomes to yield an additional $2 0,000,000. Abolishment of the $2000 exemption allowed corporations on income to yield $58,000,000. An increase from the present 4 per cent to 6 per cent in the tax on incomes of $5,000 or less and from 8 per cent to 12 per cent in the tax on incomes Between $5,000 and $10,000, the whole estimated to yield $150,940,000 annually. Healthy new year reduction in Cotton acreage program includes revision Tariff and income tax Bills of a Retilio restrictions Primi isl if necessary to make plan effective object of the meeting which is to be held saturday morning the meeting called for the court House for saturday morning by county judge Hutchison is direct la in the interest of a reduction in the acreage to be devoted to Cotton not to the general reduction of acreage in the county. This Point should he clearly borne in mind. The proposal 1s to reduce the crop of Cotton to by grown next year. Bile the present crop is not in excessive one and while the demands of the world May not be satisfied by it it is nevertheless demonstrated that because o f conditions prevailing there will be a surplus from this crop carried into nex year and it is the advice of everyone who knows anything of conditions that this should not he done. The purpose of the meeting therefore is to have As Many Farmers attend As possible to the end that it May he ascertained just who May be depended upon to really make a reduction in the Cotton acreage but not in the acreage in cultivation in the county. That is not contemplated. There Are other things which win grow and which can be grown at u profit included among them being the cow. The sow and the Hen. By the associated press Indianapolis dec. 8.�?enactment of a legislative program including changes in the Tariff the income tax the Esch Cummins transportation act and the passage of several new measures was asked of Congress today by resolutions adopted at the annual convention of the american farm Bureau federation. President elect Harding also was a requested to appoint of Secretary of pvt agriculture who has a practical understanding of All phases of farming. Among the policies enunciated by the Resolution was the federation s opposition to strikes and lockouts. Finance policies criticised. Further the resolutions declared Alix unanimous v the federations opposition to what a or a i a Toda. By the rated press Mem path dec. fifty per cent Cut in Cotton production in 1921 and reduction in the acreage planted in Cotton to one third that of the total area in cultivation. Was agreed upon at the conference b be today of Southern banker merchants and Farmers and to make the plan effective Machins set in motion to restrict or necessary a Reditt to in Al Farmers merchants Fae it a Banks unwilling to agree acreage reduction plans. No opposition plan embodied in the ref the acreage reduction rom was adopted by a practice of the Eon it includes the l v we xxx Here Canada Delegate enlivens session league Assembly proposal for organizations under league auspices debated speech startling to european statesmen Canadian retracts is a Semente later i lit her than give offence to the Litt a health c nil to port Mitt Adrian Mayer dressed in the uniform of a Ader Calls at the White House to sell president Wilsie ii some he across Christmas Stamps. Secretary tumult acting tur the president greeted Adrian and purchased the presidents quota. It Sagid seemed to be the policy of of a a Itman of an Organiza on in eve the Treasury department and theory township in the Cotton state a f the grow i to pledge to secure the support ers. And their adhere of reduction. Organisation work pledged by the Bankers present will begin immediately and under the provisions Quot of the plan will be practically m a -4a of two cents a gallon on Asoline for motor cars and All sum a baseball and $ to per yield cents per snuff to new York dec. 8.�?to prevent illegal use of alcohol on permits for manufacturing purposes the government is experimenting to determine whether Mercury or other poisonous matter can not Bol produce a greater introduced Charles r. Of Connor government since t prohibition director told the Aroma club of new York perfumers toilet goods dealers and Barber Supply makers. Other purposes to yield $90,000,-000. A Federal License tax of 50 cents per horsepower on the use of motor cars to yield $ 100.000. >00. An additional Stiles tax on automobile Tother than trucks and wagons and motorcycles and motor car accessories to yield $100,-000,000. Amusements a ten per cent additional tax on theatre at admissions to yield $70,-000,000. An additional tax of thousand on cigarettes $70.000,000. An additional tax of 25 cents per thousand on cigars to yield $5,-000.000. An additional tax of 6 Pound on tobacco and yield $8,000,000. An additional tax of 5 per cent on Candy to yield $20,000,000. An additional tax of 7 per cent on chewing gum to yield $2,000,000. An additional tax of 7 per cent on toilet soap and toilet soap powders to yield $4,000,000. A 10 per cent tax on the Sale by manufacturers producers or importers of perfumes cosmetics and medicinal articles in lieu of the present tax on the consumer to yield $10,000,000. An additional five per cent tax on jewelry and precious metals to yield $25,000,000. An additional tax of 5 per cent on musical instruments to yield $1 3,000,000. An additional tax of 5 per cent on motion picture films to yield $4,000,000. Readjustment of quotas in the readjustment of sur taxes or. Houston proposed the division of incomes into Quot saved or reinvested and on the former class he would limit the highest tax to 20 per cent while Tho income spent would be subjected to a tax ranging As High As 50 per cent. Under the plan proposed by the Secretary incomes Between $5,-000 and $6,000 would he taxed 2 per cent on the part saved and th1 same on the part spent. The same ratio with a graduated increase would apply to incomes up to $30,-ooo where the maximum of 20 per cent on saved income is reached. From $30,000 to $40,000, the rates would be 20 per cent on saved and 25 per cent on spent $40,000 to $50,000, 20 per cent and 30 per cent $50,000 to $75,000, 20 per cent and 35 per cent $75,000 to $100,000, 20 per cent and 4 0 percent and Over $100,000, 20 por cent and 50 per cent or a total tax of 70 per cent. The present maximum rate is 70 per cent on incomes of $1,000,000, but or. Houston declares it has a Long since passed the Point of its minimum productivity courage Tho investment in tax exempt securities. He says the a Only effective Way to tax the Rich is to adopt rates that do not Force investment in tax exempt Tho new rates while not laying As High a Levy against the great incomes will the Secretary expects return to the the wealthy class will not find it a profitable to invest in Bonds of states counties or my movies As amusements Austin dec. motion pictures and sunday l As Ball Are included in the definition of amusement forbidden to be exhibited for profit in to Vas. According to a ruling of the Texas court of criminal appeals Here today. The court s action followed the Appeal of a lower court judgment under which j. J Hegman of Austin was fined $20 for operating a motion picture show on sunday. Motion picture shows arc in a Dud d in the definition of amusements on which a ban is placed for sunday exhibition in an opinion written by judge of s. Latte More of the higher court. In a dissenting opinion presiding judge Davidson declared that the nature of the picture displayed by Hegman would not permit the show being classed As an Federal Reserve Board for deflation and the request was made that Bankers and merchants extend Farmers obligations to secure a immediate Relief from the present economic crisis confronting the farm c Ntinos Complete by january 15. Next the adoption of the resolutions. I to a which it was announced was by unanimous vote preceded the closing session tonight of the convention at which officers were elected. Announcement also was made tonight of the appointment of a committee to meet with hankers merchants and Public officials at Chicago on Friday to consider the organization of a $1,000,000 Export Trade corporation under the Edge act. Many proposals the legislative program asked obit whatever crops Congress proposed immediate he Foffo is lands on a Tariff Law re pub. Primary to affect Many Republican state chairman be workers at Austin anxiously the resolutions adopted by the conference Call on the banker and credit merchants in the Cotton states Quot to use their utmost Endeavor to bring about the enforcement of a Cotton acreage reduction by refusing to Advance any Money to anyone interested in farming of any kind who does not it a Plant enough food and feed crops for their own in a it Village Igind owners Are lives it will bring recruits to his party awaiting revision of personnel a tent of a new Tariff Law Simp fiction of the income tax Law with a provision preventing Treasury officials from making in Terr native ruling As to the Laws apply Atin a Law assuring Farmers of unrestricted right to bargain Coll. Tive by Federal control of All interstate agencies dealing in Grain products and meat enactment of the Tith in fabrics Bill legislative pro Tion of Short Selling in Agri Lei in products and amendment get the transportation act so As to pros Rve state regulation of intrastate a Meree and car move t. The resolutions also declared position to any Daylight saving Law. The department of Justice was asked to delay approval get ili5> plan for disposing of the stockyards owned by the Chi a 1 packers until a federation a oin Mittee might consider till proposed plans. Shia res. Asked to share May be raised percentage basis d sum of it ton for and not require any i Money or put Una is of rent. A system of Bond a Wareh for Cotton and a classify Catiz Cotton butt will i ample to text it from weather damage make it n Safe collateral to borrow Money was end a syst m of cooperative ing of crops was favored work of the american Cut Socia Tion in an Effort to the Price of Cotton bring reduction of acreage. It i in a Dis Pat h from Vun Bijj Ysta any stated that the official count a it the ballots cart in the nov mba general election showed that the Republican party polled Over 10&Quot.-000 votes and that As a result under the Terrell election Law the party will have to nominate its candid air s two a ars hence in the primary to a held at the same time in july that the �1 mocha Etc primary is hot 1�l_ the Republican per a in Texas has never cast 100,000 votes sine the Terrell Law was Enn a d and has held nominating convention to Quot put its ticket in the Feltl. Welcomes thu 1�?Trinuiry. Austin Texas dec. 9.�?speculation on the Tont to which political pruning shears will toe applied by Tion a among Ita 1 with incoming and ministry cause an usual stir irk Era at the Tex Cap Bixio ulv await Thi Befi Nial change. Nearly 500 Likely will be affected involve Range As High As g win Vernor Kwh it is to a Ina 1921. Will of Fri Pat a Neff. Ign raft d january course have the cents to bestow Ltd fur full time and commissioners and Phil marketing meth educational Campaign fiction of crops was foreign additional a s from the floor than which arsed. Market and the ton As stabilize about a Imp Rove in the Diversi e. It a Public who d to f Cha irn it Lvi f the Cim appoint will d Dir a t w w 1 that Imd to it by i add i his put re Pori a Ster a off Iii an Sec. Baker emphasizes waterway development Republican members seek Tariff revision a 1 in by the associated press Washington. Dec. 8.�?importance of a studied and systematic development of the country s Waterways As a Means of relieving congestion in Railroad traffic. Particularly in bulk commodities and of insuring More economic movement of Export freight was emphasized by speakers at the opening session Here today Iff the National Rivers and harbours Congress. Secretary of War Baker told the Congress the country faced a period when it must conserve to the utmost its transportation resources and facilities while Secretary of Commerce Alexander emphasize the importance of cheaper movement of Export freight from the Interior if the United states is to maintain an Export Trade commensurate with Tho carrying capacity of its new merchant Marine. Both declared these necessities could be met Only by a systematic development and use of Inland Waterways. Harding prepares for executive problems by Tho associated press Marion. Dec. 8.�?president elect Harding returned to Marlon today after a months vacation trip to Texas and Panama to Lay the foundations of his administration and its policies in consultation with Many of the nation s leading statesmen. The a meeting of minds a he since it on Promise during the Campaign will begin Early next week after he had put into More Concrete form the questions he wants to ask those who come Here to Confer with him. The league of nations will he Foremost in his discussions hut several other problems will Lugt kept in min i As he gathers advice and pre par�4 himself to exc Tulve responsibility. Washington dec. 8 a Republican members of Congress to it k Tho first Steps today toward revision of tax and Tariff Laws at the extra session to be called soon March 4, next. Chairman Fordney of the House ways and Means committee announced that his committe would begin hearings within a of w it a on revision of the tax Laws these hearings to continue unt Tonj Ary 6 when hearings will be started in Tariff legislation. Almost simultaneously with chairman Fordney a announcement senator Mccumber of North Dakota acting chairman of the Senate finance committee issued a Call Foi a meeting of that Cornu a 1 Ltd for tomorrow when plans Wall be Blade Fogt a hearings Simi or it it those contemplated by the House com Mittee. And flt approved. Credit. Solutions offered and adopted Anil conference gave its endorsement a to All Safe sound plans looking for the Extension of Long credit to foreign customers of certain Export corporations now in process of formation a to a Bill to be introduce Gress which will provide for a government census of All unt endurable Cotton held in tin i in tvs stat the acreage reduction plan As offered by the committee of which after j col. W. B. Thompson. New or i leans was chairman and comprised of a banker merchant and a farm1 r from states was and in state. Some i stated they Beli a age reduction p drastic and so pot cent of the next Yth a. At the close Ever Only a of were cast against a p i the organi Zati i preliminary Stag had to Lofv h Deal would t. He the s glad going Ause it f inter keep into a Thev i any was party a v i the the morning account of 1 party that had grow n to such put in portions that the primary whether 1 portent or n the idea of primary that he party v primary great and from g primary in the past. Will croat Thi >11 i Vii t a Al comptroller a t. My n a. Wigint. Employ b would in in a Terr. To Numi i ment Smith this persons ii will sooner of Agu p. N had Moro interest it ural it m. A each of i opted aft of the veil that provided flt Only be 1 land in Ltd spirited the lad acres too fifty ration or. Claxton reports on teacher shortage Washington dec 8 300.000 and 400,000 n were deprived of schooling Vear so a direct result of the shortage of teachers according to estimates made by 1. 1. Claxton. Fed a commissioner Iff Edma i a. To hts annual report ts.uk1 Public tonight. No Relief for the Situu n is seen toy the commissioner who add a that while from 110,000 to Poss Bly 150,000 new teachers v it Ulm i he needed during the coming Yataz a we shall have at the outside 3o.-000 prepared the abhors to till vacancies or a deficit of at 80,000.�?� the president Are asked to it Central commit a a. Ers who shall in committee in each eng of four farm chants and three will have super vie in that county and Range for organic the a Bat Ltd a i own Lis Entine v of s t its adopt la a go a. Ion. I Ltd wot a in its is is left to the Ike a Assoc Iati on. Iff a i Issy Cia inter a st in re pub fian Politi s in. De j. Nera 1. A no n me rial change the state he Saidon a get a unt of is e a i i act a �1 t he having two a a i re profit Lent re i l Ai id cum Sione or j. T. Bobin publicans rum Ting Foi the n Lumini son with 5 e Indio yes. Is Ai so a Tion in the p Rima by. A a he id Ove an other res he said. Will by a it a n a to of w As retained As that the part a a w i 1 a r Omina the men state tre a Sut and no Chi me in who will he m generally k a own. His of a a rce of 10 is a be Cal Al i to re Over the state and personal y More Mit f rom the cd Lange of the Ali min popular. He retold fore Repi r it i can s Istir y.1 in. Have a gone to it a on Ltd nations an �1 Nom t he a Chi my e i s a a a a t de t Ltd bring Ina the .1 Good big clean Nuen but no is lifting in the office of miss As a Rule the w a Ere Veigt Little a n i 11 Webb Blanton to was re know n outside their Home c int re. Elee the d a tat e Supe Rin tend it of to has altogether i t is Fine he s. Aid. For puh i b ill st act Ion and 1 w the i Republican i it y. Who 1 w i i 7 0 1� a so n s und r h or Juris diction. Show in the i Gene Rai Elerts on two t a same person and will remain years i from n of. Here flt ire the on Thuro and com Missi 11which 1 it a crafts w uld have the or Pri j Ems �1 it it s per sons. H eight mar y a in july and the rep a it i and t la / Boi ird of cd int Rol wit their it Ltd no Nti on i n a gust. End fit it a a a is not exp a ctr a d to be a is by the associated press Geneva. Dec. 8.�?the live feet session the Assembly of the Lead jul of nations has experience wa4 provoked today by n. W. Rowell of Canada who expressed his views regarding european statesmanship in a Way that startled diplomats of the old world. A Sharp debate arose Over Tho recommendation of the committee Ltd a technical organization that the Assembly propose to the governments to set up under the auspices of the league three new organizations finances transit am health with annual conferences on these subjects. Rowell objects. Or. Rowell objected on the ground that it was impossible for Distant countries to Send their Best men abroad four times a year to Attell the Assembly and the Confer aces and declared that the re suit would be to throw these or ionization a Pniler european influence. The Assembly he added should occupy itself with these questions. Canada at any rate he said Felt that they were questions that Shukil not he allowed to fall into Europe in control. A fifty thousand Canadian soldiers under the Sod in France and Flanders is the Price Canada has paid of or european statesmanship a a cried to the astonishment of the entire Assembly and the dismay of some of the delegates. Englishmen affected. Arthur Balfour and or. Fisher were plainly affected by the thrust from a British Dominion they remained motionless in their seats through the balance of the debate with grave faces. Lord Robert Cecil repro a Entong South Africa in the Assembly in a gentle Way softened the blow by it a it ing that he agreed with much that or. Rowell had said but thought or. Rowell was mistaken in believing that the organizations u a ,11 fall under the control of Europe. He could not go into a debate As to whether a Europe had m Tel a its Way in the withdraws words. Several of the delegates suggest d to or Rowell that his words 1 id created a different impression than he had intended. The Canadian Delegate to a the floor again apartment and said he did not mean to attack european statesmen and rather than to give offence preferred to withdraw his words. Or. Rowell was supported by or. Miller of Australia and was immediately taken to task by a Bride Hona tax of France. Or. Gaston a Cuhna of Brazil who bad offered the it amendment a amp it d with the others however in agreeing to let the question go Over until tomorrow. In the meantime. Endeavor will be made to a Rixe at a Compromise. Persons salaries $5,500 a the th1 end it a. A a a a utile appoint i some right of in is anti serve a i boards do Kirt meet. Expect d in the due needs a depart-1 mgt a in of the culture i played. Depart elect explosion of Nitro results in fatality ban w h Fin a hip ? Ian Mil be Mexico Gen. >1 a pension Angele s in i Dill n continued on Page five finish a putting lit Setun the work of putting in sewers on 27th Street preparatory to paving it was finished yesterday evening. Mexico City. Dec. V the Senate today after Eulogi zing general Felipe Angeles former Villa Leader As one of the republics a most Brilliant adopted a Bill providing for a pension of six pesos daily for his a laughter and two sons until they became it of age. The children who Are now shit. The the town All Brand also to id the comm unify county mass met a Date not lat at which Ever called on to is auction plot it let. The Merhai l asked to sign a Nish either mom y or i those who Are unwilling. With the i due Tiki prominent at th1 n it were mad ident of to Louis who org the Only sgt Luti of the Cotton Point a state three Bauk a appoint a unto consist three pm re a which f All work a a shall Arach Tinon describe i for Lee is to list a it their own merchants of it Iio wig this ing. To re hold at than january 15, Farmer is to he the a Reade re do the a hold a be them As tha of Blini a a after Nuriu the. Is to supp the it it be. Re to of thu a u Bli Vot n pm together. A very la 1rs would Gfa a primary and fed to vote v were in a und j ratio ticket who h meant a loss a ans. Tli�1 primaries i the same Day the i he w a it in lined mid dates from their i to stick to them in i be t t h Den Turbo As the Tim term number will about the last a total of 4 Ali Al in dept and Commin Alo do a the Inco dirt until total 1 Board i. Point App m Pretli ring by e. E i rat called. Will be not to fur slip plies to to comply agreement. It Pokors. A Rasion addresses t Stroud pres National of st. D of invt reification As of the probe i grower. Governor it Coli a eel Sere i1v Baris Chan Cei Ved an ii ter Day to pm chamber of Nual Meoeun. W Iii invitation c. Bra Ken of the a of Commeret re action by wire is a talk to the Hugo immerse at its an-1 a Morrow night. In who a Tain f to not exp next it ear Versone Are pm to of officers to be appoint governor. This Ude educational a in som in a vet nor will april in Beix of a com a or More and this it men t is not 1ik> to bring of a change in the office of the it omission. Other l Eju Art ii touts other departments employees hav specs Ali d have been d when Pnat and ministry Wynona ok., dec 8.�?on Man was instantly killed and two others probably fatally injured when 800 quarts of n it to Glycerine exploded this afternoon at the Plant of the Osage torpedo company two and a half Miles from Here. Early tonight company officials had not identified the dead and injured. The explosion resulted from a fire in a Intrator. Tie s and buildings in Teh Vicinity of the Plant were shattered and Many windows in Wyona were broken by the Force of the explosion. Struck by automobile and severely bruised. N off Thi while Geo. R. Hancock was crossing the Street at the Northeast Corner of the Piaza late tuesday evening he was struck on the hip by an automobile the drive o f which dial not see him. And a knocked Down falling in the Gutter. His head struck against Tho curb and a big knot was raised Over his right Eye. But the so Jar was not broken. His hip was very sore yesterday bin he was Able to come Down to his office. A clerk Baris taking resum will in mime his trips k. Denton a railway postal on the Santa be Between Ami Dallas who has been Liste n Days vacation will Lar. Turns has offic till it Tion. H that eve Peers Chang of he fore d. And. S a Rule there a a men i general change of a inspectors etc., with Jug of new d ministry a a. The past has shown i clerkship and st Nogra j it. It is arc regarded some i. Cope run to option an. Charles 11 Brough of Arkansas who also advocated both acreage reduction and a diversification and c. B. J. Mooney Memphis editor in t. 1 111 1 i 11 i 11 i t 11� a 11 a i in now York were orphaned when of the i Una Vercial Appeal. A o their father was shot last year a urged the conference Vul adopt and ter being captured by Carranza adhere to the a react a eduction forces the Shock killing their in let Lavalla Mother it a a us a it Uoo re Todter tie age 1 i the Cominitti which arranged f a of a a i end a is to Lee r j to direct the the acreage the e Futon acre j what in the get of political plums uni the t notice of bestowing re tipi. Fivers in making appoint i ments became so noticeable that a rec it legislature adopted a Resolution Calong for an investigation. Leading state officials to be filled he appointment by governor elect Neff with the present in incumbents inc Luile Aid of th1 former so Union and All Secretary of state. D. Mints other agricultural and civic Orga $2,000. A rations is also to it toe to get game fish and Oyster Comis the plan under Way sooner r. H. Hoffman $2,500. Of Memphis men r the Cotton con a retained for a Tim Apaui nation work off auction plan. The adjutant general w. $3.600. Dali and food co missioner r. In. Hoffman. $3,000. State health officer Oscar Davis. F.t"1&Quot commissioner of insurance and a banking j. T. Mcmillan $5,500. Comissi iter of labor t. C. Jen Lings. $3,000. K. Nation Engineer a. A. Stiles $3,600. Tax commissioner j. A. King $2,500. Board of Bardon advisors a h. Knight $3,000. F. It. Smith $3,000. Stat�1 fire Marshall a. P. Wool Ridge $3,600. St Ite inspector of vines b. S. Gentry $3,000. ,

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