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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - September 16, 1995, Panama City, Florida 6b the news Herald saturday september 16, 1995religionamerican presbyterians lending hand in Russia Mike Mcmanus religion writer i t was an unforgettable sight. The russian Baptist Church at Salt Kovka a Rural Village just outside the ring Road surrounding Moscow met in its handsome new building for just one song. Then the entire congregation walked Down country roads past carefully tended vegetable gardens joyfully singing from new hymnals until reaching a Lake. Behind sheets Strung up on ropes four surprisingly Young men changed into White baptismal gowns. Nearby behind their sheets three women also donned White garb. A modern keyboard belted out tunes As teenage girls Sang. Like All russian Church music the songs were in minor keys reflecting the pain of persecution. But the preachers were american presbyterians visiting the sister Church of first presbyterian Church of Clinton . The russian pastor waded into the Lake and immersed the new believers in Cool Waters of late summer. While the baptized changed into dry clothes i interviewed Victor Kuprin 38, a kidnapper who converted in prison in 1991. Quot ethics amp religion used to live in the kingdom of evil. Now i live in the kingdom of happiness Quot he said quietly. Quot when the evangelist visited our prison the first time i heard about Jesus my heart began to search for truth. I did not know How to Pray. The first time i called god my father it was the first time in my life i pronounced the word father i never had a now he evangelize in prison and lives at Church. The stories of newly baptized were nearly As dramatic. Roman Tarasov 17, is an engineering student at Moscow University who said he Quot sinned a lot. I Mcmanus could not drop it without Ivan Bro Dan 25, added Quot without Christ we cannot survive. And we Are thankful american christians Are coming Here to help the help could be seen in a new $130,000 three Story education building next to the Church. The unprecedented Structure is used during the week As a training Institute for 30 Baptist Church planters. Please see russia/8b Peretti s Back with More ghoulish tale Judith Lynn Howard Dallas morning news just the jacket of Frank Peretti s naw Book the oath is foreboding. Menacing reptilian glow in the dark eyes Pierce the cover. Following up on his Best Selling tales of warring Angels from heaven and hell in this present darkness and piercing the darkness Peretti writes this time about the War of the soul with sin. The oath word publishing $23.99 takes place in the old mining town of Hyde River. Where residents hide a chilling secret. Where a beast stalks. A beast that devours humans. Quot it s an action adventure genre Quot said Peretti in a recent Telephone interview. Quot it s got a Little bit of spookiness in a Little bit victims in this isolated Pacific Northwest town Are piling up. Before they die a Black dead smelling ooze soaks their chests. Making matters worse residents refuse to talk. Quot it is Man against evil. It s about sin Quot Peretti said. Quot it Borders on an allegory although i really Don t like to Call it that because it s too planted in the real just As novelist Jeanette Oke pioneered inspirational fiction in the 1970s with stories that combined Western and Romance themes Peretti ushered in a new kind of fiction in the next decade said Phyllis tickle religion editor at publishers weekly. Peretti s work dealt with spiritual warfare. Quot he is the daddy the King of the sine qua non of the contemporary evangelical Christian fiction if you Cut out inspirational from that category Quot she said. Peretti s popularity also reflects men s a Nia photo following up on his Poplar novels this present darkness fierce re the darkness shown above and Prophet Frank Peretti offers the oath. Growing interest in fiction tickle said. Quot he truly is the Initiator of the male evangelical Christian fiction Quot she said. The popularity of men s religious groups such As Promise keepers she said is Quot creating a need for entertainment and aesthetic experiences that Are within the parameters of the Promise worldview or be sales for the oath which is being released nationally this month shot it up to no. 5 m july on the evangelical Christian publishers association and Christian booksellers association bestselling fiction list. More than 350,000 books have been sold before the Book s official release said Jana Muntsinger director of publicity at word publishing. Quot i had a telemarketer Call me and say this Small store out in South Dakota a usually orders two copies of every going a just ordered two cases of the Peretti Book Quot she said. Walden books initial order of the Book was 20,000 copies said tickle of publishers weekly. Quot that s a Good healthy order anyway. But for it to come from a non commercial publisher or from an Evangeli Cally oriented publisher that s a significant penetration of the More than 5.2 million copies of books by the Idaho based writer including this present darkness piercing the darkness Prophet and several children s books Are in print worldwide. Peretti s this present darkness was rejected by 14 publishers before crossway books accepted it Peretti remembers publishers who wanted Prairie Romance Type books or fiction based on biblical characters such As Elijah or Ruth. Quot somehow in recent years Christian fiction has gained an open door a wider acceptance in the publishing world Quot Peretti said. Quot so now you have a lot of really Good authors with the Opportunity to be Peretti said he tries to separate himself from the hype that Success can bring. Quot i m please see tale / 7b waning support threatens biblical archaeology David Briggs the associated press they helped invent the game of Modem biblical archaeology and dominated the Field for Many years. Now americans Are largely being reduced to spectators in first Baptist Church Panama City Florida easy to find we re located at the Corner of Harrison Avenue <6 sixth Street or. . Langford pastor phone 785-6146 experience the excitement of a first Baptist Church worship service9 30 . Bible study11 00 . Morning worship How to get ahead in business Quot or. . Langford preaching6 30 . Evening worship service Vod s glorious Church Quot or. . Langford preaching Chapel youth choir has an action packed fall planned amp we want your youth to join us sundays at 5 00 . For grades 7 College place music suite children s choirs amp Mission groups every wednesday night we have exciting music and Mission activities designed specifically for children we would love for your children to be a part of our choirs and Mission organizations for More information please Call 785-6146. A Habla usted Espanol a ten emos Una Clase Dominical Ensey Ada in Espanol los Domingos a Las 9 30 de la May Ana. Por favor in la Aula c-301. A Bienvenido preteen Quot Back to school Quot Retreat september 22-23 for grades 5-6 for More information Call Deena Black 785-6146. The efforts to unlock the secrets of the Bible lands says a prominent scholar in issuing a Clarion Call for Public support to keep american biblical archaeology on the map. In an article titled Quot death of a discipline Quot in the september october Issue of the biblical archaeology review Arizona archaeologist William g. Dever says that years of declining academic and Church related support for biblical archaeology has left the Field in a crisis. He recites a Litany of lost academic positions and substantial cutbacks from groups such As the National endowment for the humanities and the National geographic society. There is Only one endowed University chair in the Field and there Are no longer any Semu iary professors who Are full time archaeologists. In the Field the three principal american excavations in Israel Are Long running and nearing completion and funding prospects Are dim for major new digs. Quot i was hoping to generate outrage to get people s attention Quot Dever said in a interview. Quot you cannot revive a discipline once it s died. It s never been the irony is that interest in biblical studies has never been higher say prominent people in the Field. Religious tourism to the holy land continues unabated with hundreds of american volunteers assisting at digs each summer. The dead sea scrolls have been the subject of major exhibitions and to shows. Biblical archaeologists Are in demand As lecturers and the biblical archaeology review has some 225,000 subscribers a tremendous number for a narrowly focused publication. But the academic and financial support has not followed. Quot the sad irony of it All is the support is not there when we need it Quot said Eric Meyers a Reli on professor at Duke University and president of the american schools of Oriental research. Dever and Meyers say the Lack of support for biblical archaeology is part of larger cutbacks for the humanities throughout the nation s academic institutions. Quot if it was actual hostility i think i could fight it better. It s ignorance Quot Dever said. Quot archaeology frankly is just seen As a biblical archaeology is particularly vulnerable because it Falls through the cracks of any number of disciplines and it is expensive Meyers said. Quot it s Tough to come up with the sue figures it takes to put a big dig in the Field Quot Meyers said. Seminaries and Church related ups that once were prominent in the Field now find it difficult to Mastain a foothold in the Quot now secular and professional discipline Quot and also have largely put their Money elsewhere according to Dever. Dever s own situation illustrates the problem. The professor of near Eastern archaeology and anthropology at the University of Arizona has been told that his position will not be replaced when he retires. Quot the Crux of the matter is that Middle Eastern archaeology which so Many of us love and serve is in danger of dying Quot writes Dever. Quot american Syro palestinian and biblical archaeology Are moribund disciplines and archaeologists like me who have spent a lifetime in the profession feel like the last members of an endangered sunday worship services 8 00 ., 10 30 . Amp 6 00 . Sunday school 9 15am we will be hosting the Marianna Panama City District fan the flame revival september 17, 7 00 . Wath or. Arnold Prater or. Ken Taylor pastor Steve Gregg youth minister Lee Ann Harbin music minister Forest Park United methodist Church 1401 West 23rd Street a Panama City 785-6296 Quot divorce recovery Quot workshop starting now for More information Call 785-6146. See you a rom r an Opportunity for youth to demonstrate their Christian commitment at school wednesday september 20 High schools 7 00 . Middle schools 8 00 . Jenks Avenue Church of Christ Jack Reece minister 9 00 .sunday morning worship Sermon Quot what is the Church offering the world Quot Jack Reece 10 30 .sunday school 6 00 .devotional/singsation 7 00 .wednesday evening worship map visitors Are Welcome. Your presence is not Only an Honor to us but a Blessing. A Nursery provided a signing available for the hearing impaired 3332 Jenks Avenue a Panama City al. A 763-5661 map Airport a twin it 3fd a Ltd a a Tichet 15lh Grace presbyterian Church Corner of Lisenby and Airport re. 9 30am sunday school 11 00am worship service Rev. Kenneth Wilmesherr Quot a god who knows amp cares Quot 4 30 pm youth activities 6 00 sunday night alive Praise service pastor Rev. Kenneth Wilmesherr phone 769-4000 Nursery provided Parkway presbyterian Church 505 s. Tyndall Parkway Hickory st. Amp Tyndall pkwy sunday school 9 00 . Worship service 10 00 . Remember and renew ii Timothy 1 1-14 Nursery provided All services Rev. J. Raid Cameron phone 785-7081 ;