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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 12 2015, Page 5

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - September 12, 2015, Panama City, FloridaI a f i 9 h a Filiti sofa atom f Ipin wit 11 it i i the saw Herald \ pm go As police question Man in freeway shootings mourn apr in fowl a Toff no a it. Drug Ned a Moil uni Wewt he ate tenon Tabor on few few Rumm Hopes of a in warm i to the Kwe Wiy a my Firpi fit Tam Kwh Mai a Man and woman Watt Laten into castrate far Idaet Ionina but aria Awa of Putter fam Infalt fan fort i a Ipp mid Only ump Man it rum no Al tilt Man a not Fawn i Mimi but he fms no Rould cd Puntar inf hour and hit it ii Bewig hmm mid far am my tent that might it to it Toft Rord on the City hew a Fri in ult taut Taw Watfa hit or tit i Atad Law in a waiting tor Abr Man in Apptt and a wed in quoth purr taming bit Sun with unmarked Vedarte tilt Man who Bai not fan Tarot Iford Romp Lafaid thai to dam had Brt i a Efti ii a Ikimis it a Awin Rit Wii of Hewl. We a Eie a map bar a Eguro Sprat Henrik to pm to in pharm Tram tilt Barb id a squad car attn or in Appet or rated. By mid a in mrm Myrd Ham and to Mother gum drawn Attar a taught a Park of cigarette a fade Cha War had thought Manta dog Awa Odd a heft a anted tor Wark Al a nearby Danial Rte Tarbor Friday atom with a marked squad to Ark parted by bind her lift Ste Only train what waa up Whan Abt my the Lama far a warm ult pork hip id id fat Ivow Mattan and Mara Mare Mantesta watched a untold Wydr get Ting Ridlia Al an Amarant Mcdonald Rte Tut we Judd Only Tram fag with to increment and fan of turd to hmm. In a or into hot to go hark in fat Dart Hanoi Fate a mfr mid by mated in Awe twi happened Quot ii fad fat Imper Guy a a mid fat Farrr dry lord to Ana War dying Only Quot enjoy Tea Iii Way bark to in am Dan tint my bump Arrow mid Hyhouse goes on record against Iran nuclear Deal Nap hit hum rust targets by mater woes on Torkay against tha imn nut ten or and Tough to restrict press Dot Tomb a Fanon i authority Faut inc Tiwu against to Han one Day alter tha Tenter ensured that the Admeto Faro lion ran tog meal the Arr Ord without my the Man Murog in de in Pate car Wydr tour a Arr Walt fad owe the woman who we ii Han fast my we in Man Matt drek Ham Ham mid a far waa the one who mid Ufa Man or cigarettes. Anomi Cape fat it Pukk safety Cream Semi office fad Al a tractor traitor with a butt Koto in tha pow trip d a shot Law a Tom and Ito a Thunder a Boama ii a la aaa. In met him a being Afanad Beyeor hrs atm ii a 30 Tam old and a regular raw Faffer a tand Tetef band and Mal a or a now had a Tom my described protean with ban Atter three Houri Al hot tempered debate Ufa House faded in to in a effect the broke with Fanu to Reg Der their Duap Urmai Hie Fate of the agreement on Capitol Mui hmm we seated on thursday when Senate dem Wafaa voted to Upham the Arr Ord with Iran Mew heavy we Opp Lutefa a hand Fatama a votary pm fat tap Fareign Obry or faulty the Senate action guanine teed Usu any Togy Dutton Delip proving of Ute armed win never a twi Fauna a drab Obama marked Ute my Al House vote we a a Dement or Reg a to ukr to turn the Page now we met turn to the critical work id Impi menting and verifying fab Teal an that Iron nomm pursue a Nurmi or weapon. The Prem Dent mid in a statement in it Fafa in. Well write the toted Chaplet of amen ran Irader ramp in far Pundt of a Marr my hopeful we id during the made if amonds argued urn Ufa agreement would data far far Mideast Stop Iran from rusting to develop a Nurt oar bomb mid to fax in Ranee to end far Damtoft with Iran diploma undue White retaining a us threat Al military Artym they claimed i Kame used their no plan to the Marrar fan to Tate a partisan shot Al the Prem Kontrick Perry first to exit 2016 Republican presidential race out a a St Louis Ain former to a tan Kirk Terry ended his Leeond fad tar the the Puthran presidential non Anatasi on Iti Fay Hemming the Ted Nuger Ramt Dwle of the Isil Campaign to give up on Ufa Whir mouse the toned serving governor in Tram history told in group Al t Urr native arts Vegs in St Laniis that sonar the mgr have become hear and or was sip Ming his Campaign far Haw a tremendous Beld of camb dates probably the greatest group of men and women in Rev a Aad i step a air knowing our party in in Good karate As Tong As we fatten to far arms rat team to that cause of conservatism u we do Faut. Then tour party will born Good Ham Itous businessman and in Eguma in Ftp donor his Hailey Taal a today the tonner pm i Rene Cuiksa Tam Thurwin Nagi and Bike the news he a pea Wang a Fame far a a the was very matter of fart farm Evanld mtg his Hailey mat Ile haled a because he s such a Cumper Sjuve per was Fate Fate s what g came Fawn to Mel Tate a breather and jump to my we out Al int tors a a Mihi it i muoi i i or Ion is i h now ws3p the cosmetic vein amp laser Center meet our new vein specialist or. Federico Richter offering 7 acc initial vein consultations through october 14,2015 Federico Richter. To memberships starting at $79 16 per month local players club card Only $25 save up to Vijh too i Airway flout Vapo a o 3240t i i room it uts. So 234u800 free Cataract surgery program Public announcement i the Board c certified Eye Phi tora Gad surgeons Ai the Mulh Eye list Tufa Are mate tag their time and Arthur to in Nide demo tug Primm duh Ute lift of sight. 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