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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 12 2015, Page 2

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - September 12, 2015, Panama City, FloridaPeg of i to not a of raid i set tray wet Benbar of 20vsnation amp world Nahon briefs tit at Imlau pro pox Lak. Ill official Northern Tifi Irmi of str we Lindl by 2 kith a Fenzl a final familiar with to my to Gatun into to Booling death of a Northern lifer Polar of firer san in Dute Nab a hit twice Nurr in v protective it and onre at an Angle that Alfei cd to Huguet to my of hts Rhost to a final spoke on cores two 4 anonymity. It tag in ongoing investigation to a final said to fatal shot wan fired Van above in vent in a downward daemon fax Lac polite 14 f hark t bar Fri a shot dead sept i in in Village Northwest of Chicago to Lake i minty sheriffs Piffier said several shot s were fired. But Hast said whether any ram from to tinker s weapon or How Mam times i Dpi Ewerz a hit the sheriffs Toffee a said i slim own / reported chasing three men before the spatchers Feist contort with him Potia Zilphia prosecutor seek to drop charges Gamst tempi professor Federal prosecutors Are seeking to if Smiss charges against a Temple i a varsity Prouex. Who was ate set til scheming to provide has let la s technology to Hula to attorney office in Philadelphia Fife d a motion Friday to dismiss four count of win fraud against in professor i a nosing in its filing in Federal it ourt in Fott Ohphia the government said my that in motion is based to additional information Quot it received since to charges against in i7 year old professor were flied in May has daughter Joyce i. Said the family is we fwd the charges Are timing topped so said it s been a a Tifft ult time for the family i was chairman �4 the University s Phi sics the apartment until is arrest lit remains a acuity net nor Ile to a Tut fur Ait nil u a i Iuen from in China Lansing Mick kfhir2 i x j0 4ibi9l9b9 resigns after in if covering i me St a tally conservative Michigan lawmaker was expelled from office and another resigned Early Friday after try outraged in legislature with an extramarital flail Alai a botched attempt to conceal it with a fictional sexually explicit email Ite Purvan Hep Cindy Cannat became just the fourth legislator to be kicked hit in state history shortly after 4 a in an Bour earlier tit in Hep fix Al Courser resigned effective immediately w in it became Clear that majority republicans had secured enough support from l Emoi rats for his expulsion by promising to ask the attorney general and state police to investigate the lawmakers world briefs flu nitwit Ltd Privi Havana Ca . Ii he a or Arentie putts cuban and us def Mats have formally launched to prom of normalizing in relationship Between to two Countree Small teams of negotiator met Friday in Havana As a steering committee charged we of Tang a a Agenda for talks on tapirs ranging from mpr it Meta compensation foe american properties confiscated by Cuba Josefina Vidal t Uba s tap Diplomat for attorn said in Agenda had been dded into three tracks with to first Encomb Pangi a a j inn Jiff a a tags a a Iwoncia it Wjk Jeffi in a i aftos a Mai wow to him1 la Vini Aih agreement and in possibility of a Bort term Progress tvs in hide re is Tabushing regularly Vav Dufurd flight mid combating drug trafficking a second track Kcf Eidos More difficult topics such As human rights to third Shudes Complex longer term issues Tike to return of to base at Guantanamo Hay Mexico Chy Mexico Mil boat wrest _ a a f go a Al aug i dec gel Mig Lur Ola a Rug Iota of ficus said Friday that mexican prosecutor Are reviewing Posmik House arrest Sites for Ernesto Fonsec a i Ambo an it year old drug lord with to year left to serve for the staying til drug enforcement life guru Batton agent Enrique Kiki am re a the United slate was outraged two year ago when drug lord Liaf acl Taro Quintero runt Riun in to no Torazu pol. Lulling was overturned on procedural grounds a new warrant was issued for him but v has not been seen since another so called a Grandfather Quot of in drug Trade Miguel Angel feta Catardo. Remains in Anson for in lulling two Federal official who were not authorized to v quoted by name said Friday a court ruled in january Fonseca Amil was eligible for a form of House arrest offered to elderly or infirm prisoners Santiago. Fed Chile Catholic Chank rocked by eared Scad the Catholic Church in Chile has been rocked by another scandal surrounding in must infamous paedophile leaked emails Between in archbishop of Santiago and his predecessor show How they conspired to Block a Well known abuse survivor from being named to Pope Francis sex abuse commission fearing it would damage to Church local newspaper Al mos Trador this week published the email exchanges Between the current archbishop Cardinal Ricardo a Zati. And his predecessor. Cardinal Francisco Jailer or axum the Santiago archdiocese confirmed their authenticity setting i straight ii it the policy of the new or Ald to Correct Ell error the Eppeler in Newt torte of you with to report in error or clarify e a tory cell 747-5070 or email at your it vice Mumme is Cadi i afters .94-4 Cadi 3 Are Piaf .13-0 Way 4 after Seia .244-1 Way i evea feg .24-9-9 a Atabey 9. ,94-Fa-t4-22 Tacky mean.24214944 7 9-1231-9147 14 Alla Pataca a classified and pwbwm7w20 Sank Kern 8 Safe up Mead to fid la buy a display and Tim. My we sender Tam i to la b pm Handy in a Dayla sub Acolba a to Haws Harald Tim my in in Ned Sta Fermi Uri and eels Law Bap aaa a a breaking Newt 5 8ww2sg4w0wm7wa a maw de Affine Waves area Releatha hmm bww2 w34, baft Paul a it i it Tai am letters to in edger brei xurturt<9>pa.to my letter in Ika Tad i by Newt Herald win nth St. Pireu City la 32401 Faua Arewa Tanaw amp Pir Tuow hmm iwo 5020 Al Iii effete i to i a 5 a needy la May min by Church Calendar Taufi Putnal buium to Nam hang maw us Sim ar3m0i a birthdays hmm Mew Lack Pukdam pc dual a what Happe tag Leal buy a Praia graph hmm whim gift Dory mire can Flat Dae a Wpm my cum Pkim Hirvi Smyk Job Gromi voc Cox to 747 Sou Ned amp Tukum Lataya Ai 94 arb Akia in f a it fat w wow gnaw $ rmpwwwsmlts50 747 5009, vie new Teigen Ilyaner hypes hoped heave skeans �50-7475002. Ahyet Oceh to Bunmi face Ratiee Dyfed or who m reevree4#pcacen copy rim the Newt Herald Halifax a a a Mao Mem Cri a saw 1 tatar Natl Mem cd r.s401 go 747 000 t 1x4. Ism # the entire contents of the news Herald Induddi its Logotype Ara fully protected by copyright and registry and cannot a reproduced in any form for any purpose without written permission from the news Herald. A published mornings by the Panama City news Herald uses 419-560501w. 11th St Panama City Al 32401. Periodicals postage paid at Panama City Al postmaster Sand address changes to the news Harald to. Box 2060, Panama City Al 32402. A a a a. Circulation make in Panama City nows Harald a part of your a ovary Day. A ism aware or it crts is 7 Tai Aury and Pat a led �?�ueutvmbuttee4kftal�tanm�fpapaya Jimmh As vie la Fay cd tee is thee Are Emliy credit Tad or Heel listened Fie peyote bet brei aah in Hedu Meta Ferdi a Odd Lathery Yepa and d Temar p preen by latin Kif in a Erakat Ropkee a Feea Dike Mem hared red pal in Are wide Gete Vak a mme add Tea in wet Che la Ald eely a Leavery Teece ret. To raped a Prev a a Yow Fambry eel to 747soso a tree 4 Saad s p a Switay to Randi f Day and Bateste 7 Saad Tisa Way and Seeley i tied Yew Tascon Feea cd of esteem Teru Reefer Ai to 747 sow w in Bee d too 345 iwo the Mew had Ait s we Lakland Arete he 300 item cd Newt Racks three kid Bey wet Impi Hitatt Jackson a Aal Freibu Ted did a miss you a it it Arne Yea Etc Adie caned the Awer sight a a the Newt a Sud Iso-747 sow Melwee 4 Samd Iosa. Meeray to reef Friday Aal 7 salad Sungu capias Daly 7s reds Foretay saw said at Whf be Skaryd a add Tamaal m of fir to Regow Seaway retd rata tata Tiki pm by my Durer pre Aiea a Etalew. A Ewka new Sid act Diee la a it u �ab4 b Yaw a abbr to a waft ground am whirr than mortal Taxa now open to car vent on to Ann Vanary around in country to w a wow Rewwa we i a win emf a Fedaj a a a of Llata or Elk Mia la rep ant Al Tarn Rny to pop new inn nor Norw Nier Al Hui c or Dada bar i Ai a Ebadi do atm a we Al w a Hon ref Var pita few wrap uni of Pirn Hrna la a Wesia Xima aaa a St Adb Kaaa to Dimilia Aldma Agunai Lapadu Atanda Alba aaa a 4r raw pipe a dwt or we Ama Velnp a Row a. Rani in re Nanri Synin. I Lwi Iii any Wrner a Micheln Obama and others. Paula on in South item Plaa Wylli homa in Wadd Ogbon Ellkay a Badlu Lamia a Daig Del Deal oaf aaa maj do a a not fat us a a of it to to a apr Baa Fol be m a a a copy w 9 f i 9/11 victims relatives Mark anniversary with grief appeals new Yoak map a Ixia my foam of going to ground Aero awry sept la Tom Angia Viva Baa seem crowds Kimmish at in ceremonies mime Moratin to terror attacks but his determination to participate Hast a a As Long As pm Bow Vul it v Tarqu Alva. By said Friday As v arrived to pay tribute to is Tate son. Paul More than 1,060 relative survivors and no Sovey workers marked the 14th anniversary Al ground tem with grief gratitude and appeals to beep the tog Bent of mind As years pass a it s a hard Day but b s an vapor Lam thy ii come every year that i recovery worker Robert Magenta said but u the private Cere Mony is smaller than m is Early years in Date also has has become a tradition of lowered flags Wreath Lay my Bell tatting and. In new York. Reading the names of to nearly 2,000 people lulled in the terror strikes at to work Trade Center. To Pentagon and a Field near Shanksville a one woman at ground Anni collapsed during the ceremony apparently overcome by grief bystanders helped her to her feet t Amity member Naif cd fir responders thanked to armed forces mid prayed for Undy and Security they also sent personal manages to Jmwa i pm or a at Ai ii in he Kim Mato Emu Tare today a a Porte tech Mea of off sparkle Tbopp a on said of her Uncle Louie Anthony wbk Ems Barar Tota Al Michelle Obama stepped out of the White House for a moment of silence at 140 am. When the first of sept la. 2001, striking the world Trade Center s North a a by my Palm i troops Al port May yowl thai of b la later Priddy the preen Dent told troops at port of it not in hoped sept thoughts of what Modi the of a and poll Joe Biden praised new yorkers resilience to remarks to bikers and Pollee officers taking pert in a to i

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