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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 1

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Panama City, Florida Economic recovery still on its Way Hobert Furlow associated press Washington take heart recession weary America Here comes the recovery. Again. Unfazed by a year of wrong guesses most private and government forecasters Are saying the Economy will begin pulling but of the recession in the next month or so. Many were almost As optimistic last Winter and Spring. New government figures released Friday said the National Economy was absolutely Flat in the july september Quarter a no growth no decline just sitting there. Until it starts moving upward unemployment is unlikely to recede much from the highest level in 42 years a 10.4 percent in october. But analysts say the fact that interest rates have been falling Over the past few months Means better times Are almost surely coming. David Cross a senior economist at Chase Econometrics in Bala Cynwyd pa., talks of a a snowballing at first lower rates make it cheaper for americans to buy expensive items ranging from refrigerators on up to houses. And they make it cheaper for businesses to finance storage of inventory stockpiles lessening their risk in increasing production. The Way the snowball is supposed to Roll lower rates a coupled with this years tax rate Cut and the Prospect of next years a encourage Consumers to buy More goods giving producers an incentive to make More thus requiring them to hire Back Laid off workers who then have Money to buy More goods giving producers an incentive to make even More and hire even More. And on and on. Of course the effect works in reverse too As apparently happened with the record High interest rates that preceded the recession. High rates can push Consumers to Cut spending and prod producers to Cut output and Lay off workers. But few expect rates to surge upward again soon. The Federal Reserve Board concerned about the Long recession has been easing its formerly tight grip on the nations Supply of Money and credit and financial markets have reacted by lowering their rates. On Friday it lowered its so called a a discount a rate a the rate at which it lends Money to Banks and other financial institutions a from 9.5 percent to 9 percent. Here a what some top economists Are saying about better Days ahead a Robert Dederick undersecretary of Commerce a we can mount a recovery at this the first clearly positive month might Well be december he said. A Allen Sinai the data resources inc. Vice president who has spoken of the 1981-82 downturn As a a near bul he said a i believe the processes for recovery Are going on we Are looking for meaningful recovery in the first a Jack Lavery chief economist for Merrill Lynch amp co current weakness will push Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker to a be More accommodating in policies leading to lower interest rates and that will Lead to moderate growth next year. In fact the fed lowered its own lending rate on Friday for the sixth time since july. A a resident Pessimist in the forecasting fraternity Michael k. Evans of the brokerage firm Mcmahan Brafman Morgan amp co., says huge Federal deficits and fast monetary growth Early next year could cause the fed to crack Down halting recovery As quickly As it begins. But even he believes a see Economy 2a sunday Hij it cd Good morning today is november 21, 1982 cos i Herald f Panama City news Herald 1982 world s most Beautiful beaches Panama City Fla 32401 102 pages vol 13 no 205 Harvest time Man reaps bumper crop of Good neighbors Cherie Hicks news Herald staff writer 1 Vernon the Day of oct. 12 started out like every other tuesday for Steve Smith rounding up the cows to take to the Market in Chipley about to Miles North of Here. One Heifer however did t want to go. She a was Kinda on the wild Side a Smith remembers. She started running toward the 2b Yeai Oid Farmer so he ran Tor the Fence he did no to get there in time. The cow gave him a kick to the Back of his neck Smith could t get up. He was paralysed. He remained paralysed in a hos Pital bed in Dothan ala., while his wife Kathy gave birth to their first child Nathan on oct 28. This Story of the Young Farmer whose career seemingly was finished is far from Over and although it started out As a sad Story it Isnit and More. The people in this Community where Smith has Farmed on his own since 1977, organized to take care of him and his family. A the Community has just organized everything. They have a committee for everything but scratching my nose a Smith said from his Hospital bed. A a it a unbelievable what they be done it s kept my spirits Smiths spirits Are High indeed. He decided in 1977, when he was 21, to farm for the rest of his life. Farming was All he had done since he was 16. Now he is Laid up unable to do anything for himself much less Combine his own soybeans of Plant the Winter grass t a i done to think i have a Region to feel sorry for myself a he said. A fall my needs and my family a needs have been met. A i feel like if it takes a Miracle 9 what started out As a tragedy a we or old chert Hick for the Steve Smith family has turned into a Miracle. Smith a Farmer since 1977, was paralysed last month during an Accident on his farm. His wife Kathy pictured was pregnant at the time with Nathan and crops were in the Field that needed to be tended. But the Community around Vernon organized to Harvest the crops babysit the baby raise funds for the Hospital Bills and do anything that needs to be done for the family while Smith concentrates on recovering. Quot my fellow americans i be talked to you on a number of occasions about the economic problems and opportunities our nation faces. I am prepared to Tell you it s a hell of a Ronald Reagan and Libbing before National radio speech or whatever ill be of. Of i can walk Halfway decent and use my arms at All i consider that of. It la take a while just like that baby ill have to learn to walk All Over again a he said pointing to his child in his Young wife s arms a a in a optimistic. When i get Back. Ill appreciate everything Ami everybody. I have a different1 Outlook on things these people mean More to me than All the Gold in fort Knox. Smiths neighors have formed committees for farming cattle cooking finances baby sitting. Under the direction of Smith s father James and Gary Miller who has been working for Smith for several months and local Farmer Jack Morris �8 area Farmers volunteered their time and equipment to Harvest part of the 350 acres of soybeans left in the Smith s leased Fields at the time of the Accident they also began planting his Winter grass put up Fence or worked on other jobs on Smith s 600-acre, farm that needed to be done Dannie Kolmetz Heads the 30-member cattle committee which weans Smiths calves and takes fatted cows to the Market. A finance committee set up Bank accounts at the Bank of Washington county and the first Bank at Chipley so people can donate funds for Smith s Hospital Bills and other related expenses a group of women has volunteered to baby sit for Nathan. Mrs. Smith travels to Dothan every Day to stay with her husband taking the baby with her occasionally. Mrs. Smiths Mother usually babysit Nathan but when she is unavailable a woman on the committee volunteers to baby sit. Members of a cooking committee take turns cooking a meal for the Smith family every other night Smiths wife who spends her Days at the Hospital and Smiths Mother who spends nights at the Hospital do not have time to Cook for Smiths father and other family members. There s a list of volunteers on the visitation committee if Smith needs somebody to sit with him a actually hundreds have a see Harvest. 2a Reagan and Libs about state of . Economy Washington of a president Reagan speaking unknowingly into an open microphone and ribbed on saturday that the nation s Economy was in a a hell of a the president was making a sound test at Camp David in Advance of his weekly radio address to the nation and began Reading from his prepared speech which dealt with Trade issues a my fellow americans in be talked to you on a number of occasions about the economic problems and opportunities our nation at that Point head ribbed. A and i am prepared to Tell you. It s a hell of a Reagan whose sound test quips have caused a stir before immediately asked a a we re Aren t connected to the press room yet Are we Quot to the Chagrin of White House aides the comments were indeed heard in the White House press room where reporters were gathered. The president s remark however was not carried live on radio. Several weeks ago Reagan called the military leaders in Poland a a Bunch of no Good Lousy bums Quot when speaking into a microphone that he did not know was open. Before another broadcast he said. A Welcome to death Valley Days a the television show he once hosted because of these incidents. White House Deputy press Secretary Larry Speakes secured an agreement from several network Bureau chiefs that Reagan s remarks during sound tests Are considered to by off the record their correspondents said Speakes refused to make an exception so the president s statement saturday could be broadcast. On my missile Reagan Hopes Basing plan survives threats Tim Ahern associated press Washington president Reagan is hoping the latest plan for Basing my nuclear missiles will be Able to survive both a soviet attack and congressional scrutiny. Reagan is expected to announce monday that he has approved an air Force recommendation that the too intercontinental weapons be clustered in underground shelters within a 14-Square-mile area. White House and Pentagon officials say. The announcement was expected to come a few hours before Reagan gives a nationally televised address on arms control monday night. Reagan sex plan known various Ivas a closely spaced Basing and a dense comes in response to a dec i deadline set by Congress for proposing a Home for the missiles then Congress which begins a lame Duck session nov. 29, will have 30 legislative Days to veto the plan a vote that is expected to be close. Meantime it has forbidden the Pentagon to set aside Money for Basing the weapons. The question of How and where to deploy the 7 i Foo t -1ong. 192.000-Pound missiles has been unanswered since the weapons were first proposed in 1973. More than 30 different Basing plans have been considered even though the weapon system has no Home More than $4 5 billion already has been spent on research and development. The Pentagon has set the total program Cost at about $25 billion but critics say the final Price could be double that. Supporters of the program say the weapon is needed because increasingly accurate soviet missiles have made the current Force of 1,052 minuteman and Titan land based intercontinental missiles vulnerable to destruction in their silos each my or a missile experimental a w ill have to warheads and w ill be highly accurate while the my is scheduled to go into production next year the a dense pack base won t be ready until 1986 in the interim. Reagan proposed putting the first 40 missiles into existing minutemen silos but the idea was turned Down cold by Congress. Although the president could Maki some last minute change the ver a see my 2a Andropov front runner for .s.r presidency inside today Florida declares War on sin and ski Steven r. Hurst associate floss Moscow Yuri v. Andropov the new soviet communist party chief has consolidated his Power far More rapidly than expected and now appears to be the top candidate to assume the late Leonid i. Brezhnev a other Post that of president. Soviet sources and communist diplomats say. When Brezhnev died nov. To. The betting was that Andropov held the Edge in taking Brezhnev a party Post but no one ruled out Konstantin u. Chernenko Brezhnev a Long time Friend and aide. In the past few Days sources have confirmed that Andropov 68. And Chernenko. 71, waged a Tough Battle to succeed Brezhnev but that Andropov won after getting the support of defense minister Dmitri f. Ustinov foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko and ukrainian party Boss Vladimir v. Sherbitsky. When Andropov was named general Secretary of the party two Days after Brezhnev died it was believed that Chernenko would be named president a Job which confers head of state status. He is still seen As having an outside shot at the Job a but Only if Andropov has decided that he does no to want it. The announcement of the new president is thought Likely on tues Day during a meeting of the a see Andropov 2a ask Ann 9b at wit s end 9b classified 4 14c deaths 10a editorial 4-6d education update 4c entertainment Hof focus 3d foreign 4-7f a acc viewpoint 4c Horoscope 9f life style 1-13b local mod la s life lines 8b movies 8-9f Navy soundings 2c out of the past 3c police beat 10d sports Mie today in history 9f Tyndall Eye in weather a William tells 2a Ken Klein associated press Tallahassee a Florida the nations top tourist destination is expanding its Battle against sin and skin. One Florida county that has no nude go go bars adopted an anti nudity ordinance As a signal to skin paddlers who might want to locate there. Joe Redner. Know n As the Man who brought nude dancing to Tampa has at least 75 arrests and his establish ment has been busted More than 300 times. A a we re not harassing people a says assistant City attorney Luis Figueroa. A we re trying to use All Legal remedies to protect in Orange county Home of Walt Disney world voters overwhelmingly opposed smut shops and nude entertainment in a Straw poll nov. 2. A people Are fed up with says Romney Rogers a lawyer who helps defend the City of fort Lauderdale a 1981 nuisance ordinance aimed at adult Book stores. A to a Large degree our Economy is supported by family tourism that s one reason Why floridians voted against Casino gambling last year. We want the families to keep coming indeed. Florida spends millions to promote itself As a family playground says assistant tourism director Dean Gaiser a those kinds of negative images nude bars prostitution and smut shops can destroy tourism a he warns. Some 36 million visitors came to Florida last year and spent $18.5 billion making the Sunshine state the no. I tourist spot in America the state claims. A when we say entertainment we mean sea world. Disney clean beaches tennis.,�?� says Gaiser besides Public relations. Florida officials have other motives for the attempts to put the sex business on the defensive. Sheriffs say nude bars tend to spawn prostitution illegal drug sales and crimes of violence some attack porn on religious grounds and businessmen fear loss of income or property value when smut shops or go go bars open nearby. So far the clean up Campaign has met with mixed Success but a they know we re trying a sums up one anti smut lawyer. For example Tampa a Redner has expanded amid his much publicized problems w Ith lawmen. Even though authorities have yanked his liquor a see skin. 2a a

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