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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 2

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Panama City, Florida Hospital lease the Hospital. Davis said he and j c. A a Junior Spivey chairman of the hospitals Board of trustees have been discussing a potential lease agreement with Hospital corporation of America a private film that manages Many Small hospitals. Washington county Hospital officials have blamed declining admissions and other problems for the facility a indebtedness which currently amounts to about $800,000. In the past month the Hospital defaulted on a $180,000 construction Bond repayment. Davis said he has been informed by Hospital administrator Buel Sapp that the Hospital soon will be unable to cover its payroll. Sapp has asked the county commission for financial help. Davis said the payroll was met this week but whether it can be paid next week is questionable. He said the county will not commit itself to spending taxpayers dollars on the Hospital. The county commission had agreed to cosign with the Board of trustees for a $400,000 line of credit but Davis said Southeast Bank turned Down the credit application this week. A on the heels of this Buel Sapp said we were in a financially critical situation and he Felt like continued operation of the Hospital was dependent upon help from the county. If this was not forthcoming he recommended lease or Sale of the Hospital a Davis said. Davis said he has suggested the appointment of a Board to look Over the hospitals condition. He said the Board should consist of two members of the Board of trustees two members of the county commission and two members of the hospitals medical staff. Davis said that on wednesday he was notified that Spivey will resign from the Board of trustees. According to Davis Spivey feels that the medical staff views him As cause of friction Between the doctors and the Fem Page 1a to thous a from Page in Davis said he does not feel Spivey a resignation will end the problem he said the doctors see Sapp As the major problem a Buel has been the person named by them Many times As the problem last year. I told Buel he was the problem and that if he would resign i Felt like the Hospital would get straightened out. Buel said he did not feel he was the problem and said that if he Felt he was he would not hesitate to resign a Davis said. Asked Friday if he plans to again suggest that Sapp resign Davis said a i can Tell you this a the Hospital cannot continue to operate under the present administration. There will have to be a restructuring from the ground Davis said his assessment is based on the a unwillingness of the administration to be straightforward and open in Public about their problems. They be kept them from the county commission. By Law we re not allowed to get involved in the Day to Day running of the Hospital. But now that they re in trouble they come running to us asking us to spend tax dollars. And the county has not committed financial meanwhile. Davis said he and county attorney Gerald Holley Learned Friday there would be a problem leasing the Hospital. Quot it looks like we re going to have some difficulty in leasing it because of the Bond Issue we used to build the Hospital a Davis said. Davis said the leaser would have to pay off the Bonds currently the county owes $3.2 million on the Bond Issue. The county also would have to continue its policy of treating indigent patients for a period of 15 years after the lease goes into effect. The county also secured a a million Grant to help pay for Hospital construction but because a private concern would take control of the Hospital under a lease agreement the county would have to repay a portion of the Grant. Davis said he estimates the payback amount would be $500,000. The lessor also would have to assume the hospitals accounts payable an additional $620,000. A in other words the lessor would have to put up about $3.7 million to lease the Hospital from us a Davis said. He said the other option the county will be forced to consider is Selling the Hospital. A if the Hospital is sold the Board of county commissioners would have to retire All the Lon term debts a Davis said. A either we be got to sell it or reach some kind of Compromise with the medical staff or we Are faced with bringing in tax meanwhile Zafar and his attorney said his reinstatement to the position of medical chief of staff is too Little too late. Zafar and four other pakistani doctors have vowed to file a Federal lawsuit claiming the hospitals Board of trustees and Sapp have discriminated against them because of their nationality. Bob Cox the Tallahasse attorney representing the pakistanis said he will seek damages of about $3.5 million an estimate of the earnings lost to the doctors because of the bad publicity they have received. Zafar was notified of his reinstatement in a letter sent May 21 and signed by Spivey. A considering the subsequent vote of Confidence by the medical staff it is recommended that the Board of trustees rescind its action of april 22, 1986, in the termination of Zafar As chief of staff. Apologies Are offered and hopefully will be accepted by or. Zafar a the letter said. The letter went on to say a the Board of trustees sincerely extend to you their apologies for any inconvenience or Embarrass ment caused you by the action taken on april 22, 1986.�?� Zafar said Friday he does not accept the apology. A you done to shoot somebody and then apologize to them a he said. He said the action caused him embarrassment and Hurt his family. A my children go to school and their friends ask them How come your daddy got fired. It is so humiliating a Zafar said. Zafar noting that the Board rescinded its action after Zafar received a vote of Confidence from the hospitals medical staff said trustees should have been More thorough before taking the action. A How come they did no task the doctors before did no to they have a Little bit of Courtesy to find this out before they terminated me this shows so much malice. Everything leads in one direction. These people have been so discriminatory a the doctor said. Cox said Friday that he has not filed the lawsuit yet because he is adding counts to it. He said he Learned recently that someone at the Hospital has been a circulating anti islamic and anti moslem literature among the medical he said the pakistani doctors were Given the literature by two nurses who became a a infuriated when they saw the pamphlets. Cox said that in 1982, pakistani doctors accepted apologies and the resignation of then Hospital administrator Richard Halla Day instead of filing a lawsuit. A i think this time we need a Little More we need secure solid commitments. We need to have More fundamental and occupational changes in that Hospital to look at changes that put patient welfare and medical care before Petty local politics. If its run by a competent group of professionals i think the Hospital will be better off a he said referring to the county a growing interest in Selling or leasing the facility. Cox said Zafares reinstatement As chief of staff was not Good enough. A i think that a a positive step but you can to do what they be done to these people and then say a oops a the attorney said he plans to file the lawsuit a within a Page a name Llewlee Mckinney age 36 background raised in Memphis Mckinney has 4 bachelors degree in psychology from Baptist col lege and a masters degree in counselling from the Citadel both in Charleston . While in graduate school she taught psychology at the Junior College level. Occupation director of the pregnancy Center. Quote a for Many pregnancy is a very exciting time a she said. A but for others its not. It can be a emotionally trying time. A lot of women need support and non critical nor judgmental counselling particularly the teens. Together. She has counselled teenage couples parents and children As Well As adult couples. A a lot of times the Man feels left out so we offer help to them too a she said. Mckinney emphasized that the centers purpose is to help women who want to have their children but who might feel overwhelmed by what Mckinney Calls a a real a every woman has a right to do what she wants when she becomes pregnant a she said. A we provide objective information about abortions. We do not Tell people what to do about anything. But if a woman says a i want to have my baby but i can to because i done to have a we Tell her we can find her a Home life is very important to Mckinney. The Center is opened 25 hours a week and she son staff for 15 hours plus time outside the Center making Contact with agencies and local churches. She a also been giving training to volunteers. But off the Job she a strictly a homebody she said. A my family is very important to me and i try to spend As much of my free time with them As i can a mrs. Mckinney said. A Bill and i Aren t part goers. We go out about once a month. We just like to do things with the kids. My parents have a House in Destin and we try to get to the Beach As much As possible. And i get a half hour exercise in at Home every Day. I watch a video on the Rev. Bill Mckinney 39, is pastor of the Messiah lutheran Church. The children Are Harold Edwards 17 Christine 6 and Carrie 2. Mrs. Mckinley was raised in Memphis. She has a bachelors degree in psychology from Baptist College and a master s degree in counselling from the Citadel both in Charleston . While in graduate school she taught psychology at the Junior College level. She was unable to get a teaching Job when she graduated and spent six months As a waitress. Her husband took up the ministry after he had been involved in Selling insurance cars and advertising for radio and television. A it was a late calling for him a she said. The Mckinney met in Charleston . And have been married nine years. They lived in Memphis tenn., and Columbus Ohio before moving to Panama City in october 1984. Mrs. Mckin Ney heard about the pregnancy Center from a woman she met a garage Sale. Later her daughters Ballet teacher a Board member mentioned a Counselor was needed. A i was in the right place at the right time a she said. A they needed one a director and i was looking for a but work at the pregnancy Center is More than a Job. Ifs the culmination of a 10-year-old dream and she a eager to do More. A Money Hasni to been a problem for the pregnancy Center so far a she said. A everything seems to add up at the end of the month. But they can to afford to pay me More than 15 hours a week and id like to work More. And wed like a bigger place so we could help More the Small Home turned into a counselling Center has three rooms a bathroom and a Kitchen. The counselling room is equipped with a television set used to show videotapes such As one on prenatal development. Pregnancy test kits Are kept in a refrigerator in the Small Kitchen at the Back of the Home. Even with the cramped Corners Mckinney continues to Hunt for More clothing and furniture and is Ever optimistic that her neighbors will get the a divine message and share what they have with the less fortunate. A once someone left a refrigerator on the porch a she said. A within a Day or so a Young couple came in looking for a refrigerator. They had just moved Here and the husband had been out of work for five months. It was strange. We be Bever had another request for a refrigerator since then. The lord seems to provide. A everyone Here except me is a Volunteer. They Are trained to help others and they have a lot of compassion. But we can always use More help More -0�? readers who wish to nominate their neighbors for a Story May Send the person s name address phone number and Brief description of his or her accomplishments to 4�?~neighbors,�?� Panama City news Herald . Box 1940, Panama City Fla. 32401. Woman shoots former in Law associated press san Rafael Calif. The Mother of a woman about to be arraigned in a child custody Case walked into a courtroom Friday and shot dead her daughters a husband before fatally wounding herself authorities said. The shooting occurred at 1 33 . In a crowded municipal courtroom of the Marin county courthouse sending spectators scrambling for safety Sai sheriffs detective Richar Keaton. The woman was identified a Sylvia Tolson 68, who died Abri 22 hours after shooting herself i the head with the .38-caliber Gur her former son in Law was Ider tidied As David m. Lafont 36. Two armed bailiffs were in the courtroom at the time but in Tolson opened fire so quickly the they did no to have time to draw hands cording to the organizers. In Rural Cecil county md., about Halfway Between Baltimore and Wilmington del., organizers were working to line up boaters and divers to Span the Susquehanna River. State of-1 Ciais refused to permit people to stand on Bridges along the route. The new route extended the hand holding link by 1.2 Miles requiring 1,400 additional people said state Field director Jan Walker. Inmates at the Green Haven state correctional facility raised the most of any prison in new York by contributing $1,050, while inmates at the minimum Security prison in Fallsburg raised an average of $2.15 each the highest per capita in the prison system. Wisconsin gov. Anthony Earl jogged along Friday morning with runners from Minneapolis St. Paul who Are part of a 225-mile relay to link up with the a a hands line in Springfield 111. In Indiana organizers expect 369,000 people to join hands along the route that stretches from Lawrenceburg to Indianapolis to South Bend and across to Hammond but they have All but Given up on a solid line a we will probably have Bunches of people in some areas and gaps in said state director Brad sender. A there won t be enough time to organize it any other Lew Mumford the Indiana project logistics coordinator said some intersections will be linked with rope and ribbon for safety reasons. In a separate event the crowds at the Indianapolis motor Speedway will be asked to join hands and sing the National Anthem just for the Start of the indy 500 race. Mayor Earl Martin of Rocky River Ohio said some of his family w Ould be in the line but he objected to spending $3,000 in City funds to provide 20 employees for the event. The City also paid for eight portable toilets. A ifs not that we Are against helping the hungry and the homeless although the press has painted us with that Brush. Its just that this thing is so idiotic and poorly organized a Martin said. Michael cull spokesman for the Ohio organizers estimated Friday that about 85 percent of the 800,000 people needed to Complete the Ohio link had signed up. Illinois had about 250,000 people signed up but was still missing about 150,000 links in its Chain on Friday organizers said. Honolulu organizers gave up on holding hands because they line up insurance said organizer Richard Collins. Instead volunteers will collect can Ned goods and donations. Reagan a decision to extend both hands followed a family discussion thursday night with his wife his older daughter Maureen and her husband Dennis Revell said presidential spokesman Larry Speakes. A this is a uniquely american Way to help our fellow Man. The Reagan family will do its part a Speakes quoted the president As saying. Reagan created controversy earlier in the week by telling a group of High school students a where there is hunger you have to determine that that is probably because of a Lack of knowledge on the part of the people As to what is critics pointed out that a program to provide information about food Aid had been killed in the Reagan administrations budget slashing. Panama City news Herald uses 419-560 to Roy 1q40 Aoi a Lith a Panama City Al 32402�from Page a Scott Bill Kaye Nichols advertising director Betty Miller circulation director Frank Lyon production director Karen manager ail offices 763-7621 news 4 sports Atter 5 4 weekends 763-7622 miss your paper we Hope not of you Are unable to Contact your Carrier Call the news Herald service desk 763 7621, Between 6 and 10 30 a Rhome delivery All carriers Are Independent contractors and the Panama City news Herald is not responsible for Advance payments made to them and Vance payments for More than one month should be paid directly to the news Herald mail subscriptions mail is payable in Advance and is sent second class postage paid at Panama City. Florida postal regulations require us to collect All mail subscriptions in Advance copyright notice the entire contents of the Panama City news Herald including its Logotype Are fully acted by copyright and registry and cannot be reproduced in any form for any purpose without the expressed permission of the Panama City news Herald rates Home delivery daily amp sunday 1 to 3 to 6 50 19 50 1 year 7800 mail rates 1 month 7 so 3 months .22 50 6 months 45 of i year90 of rack store Purchase Price daily 25�/sunday75t for your convenience payment of any Type subscription to the news Herald May be paid at the circulation department circulation business hours Are 6 a in to 5 pm monday through Friday and 6 to 10 30 a i saturday amp sunday for further information or assistance Call 763 7621, or come by our office at 501 w 11th Street the Panama City news Herald uses 419-560 is published daily and sunday by Florida Freedom newspapers inc 501 w. Lith St., Panama City Florida 32401. Second last postage paid at Panama City Florida. Postmaster sent address changes to Panama City news Herald . To 1940, Panama City Florida 32402 Man has indicated it would remain a foreign flagship. Fitterman said the 13-week venture to begin june 9, would create too jobs on a half million Dollar payroll. He estimated that $6 million would be pumped into Bay county a Economy As a result of the venture. Maulden had hoped a controversy be raised he told the news Herald thursday. A i would Hope that everyone would wait and see the operation once it s in operation before they Diaw an opinion a said Maulden owner of Seymour electric. A a in be lived Here almost All my life. I do anything to Hurt the Community or the Fitterman said his and Maulden a attorney have studied the matter thoroughly and indicated that they violate no regulations including the City lease. Acc also has enlisted the Aid of a couple of attorneys in Case a Public pressure applied to the City commission does t work Haney said. But he say whether acc would go As far As seeking an injunction against the Southern elegance setting sail on june 9. Haney said acc was originally formed in 1982 when it successfully fought for a 1982 a morality ordinance referendum that banned among other things topless dancing. Acc reorganized this year to help Light a Florida referendum in november in which voters can legalize a lottery and a proposed referendum that would give counties a Choice to legalize i gambling in then respect news Herald Vero Miller ted Haney and other members of an anti gambling group object to a cruise ship in Panama City. Tive areas Haney explained. This week s announcement of the Southern elegance a caught us off guard a Haney said. A a they re bringing something in Here the citizens did no to vote for and in fact voted against a he added referring to a Florida referendum in 1982 in which voters rejected a Casino gambling measure. Rev. Is Mathison said the venture was a suddenly announced a a a a a a it Emu so Cetru i fake. As a result. Rev. . Langford pastor of the first Baptist Church in Panama City said the ship be classified a a cruise ship because its excursions Are Only for four hours. Langford said he objected particularly to the cruise line allowing children free admittance with parents during the $39 luncheon cruise. A children admitted free the audacity of such things a he said shaking his head a that s just Osiow human level. Fitterman however insisted earlier that customers on Board could Dine dance and enjoy the ships other amenities without being exposed to the gambling devices. Haney however said he did no to believe the ship was big enough. He added that if the venture proceeds As the organizers plan he also does no to believe the Marina area could accommodate the traffic and problems associated with 800 passengers boarding daily

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