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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 1

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Panama City, Florida Monday 25 the news Herald a Panama City news Herald 1990 inside bulls take 3-1 series advantage Page in Panama City Florida May 14,199072 pages vol. 21 no. 14 Marshall critics say Marshall s time Over James h. Rubin associated press Washington a Thurgood Marshall a place in history was assured before he became a member of the supreme court in 1967. Now his conservative critics Long distressed by Marshall a Liberal record say its time for the first Black Justice to step aside for a More Youthful energetic successor. Marshall a civil rights Pioneer who As a lawyer helped changed the nation will be 82 in july. He shrugs off questions about retirement with customary curmudgeonly humor. A i have a lifetime appointment and i intend to serve it a he has said numerous times. He once told the Washington Post a a i expect to die at 110, shot by a jealous for decades before president Johnson named him to the High court Marshall had travelled the nation As the recognized Legal Champion of the poor and the powerless. Some say he ranks with the Rev. Martin Luther King or. As a Leader in the Battle for racial Equality. Over 23 years As Legal director of the National association for the advancement of coloured people and then As the Federal governments solicitor general Marshall argued 32 cases before the supreme court. He won 29. His biggest a act Victory came in the 1954 ruling that declared racially segregated Public schools unconstitutional. A the changed America a said Erwin Griswold the onetime Harvard University Law school Dean and himself a former solicitor general. A when i think of great american lawyers i think of Thurgood Marshall Abe Lincoln and Daniel Webster a said Georgetown University Law school Dean Thomas g. Krattenmaker. Experts agree Marshall Slegal accomplishments before joining the High court far surpass those of any fellow Justice. It is his stature As a Justice that has been questioned of late by conservative critics. They say he is losing interest in much of the courts Day to Day work and delegates too much responsibility to his Young Law clerks. Former clerks deny it. Marshall declined to be interviewed for this article. One of the harshest attacks on Marshall was penned by Terry Eastland onetime aide to former attorney general Edwin k. Meese Iii. Eastland last year wrote in the conservative National review see Marshall 2a Good morning newspaper today a weather partly Cloudy. High in mid 80s, Low around 70s. 30 percent Chance of thunderstorms. See weather watch Page 4a. Index bridge/8b horoscope/14 a classified/7-12b landers/12a comics/6b crossword/8b deaths/5a editorial/6a history/12a lifestyle/12-14a movies/11 a police beat/2a sports/1-5b to log/6b Florida lottery �?ocash-3�?� numbers 5-1-7. Quote for the Day a the natural Progress of things is for government to gain ground and Liberty to Thomas Jefferson the state wants Bay county to declare a conservation zone North of Deer Point Lake. Comprehensive planning trying to please everyone Tom Butler staff writer Bay county a comprehensive land use plan is an Effort to please everybody. Frank Duke the county a planning chief said some builders have complained the state ordered plan will hamper development of some of their property and environmentalists have asked him Why it Isnit stronger. State officials want the county to declare almost All of the land North of Deer Point Lake a conservation zone and to restrict Beach building in areas that might be hit hard by a Hurricane. Builders worry that the arrival of development rules in a county that has never had zoning will Knock the building Industry for a Loop. A a they re going to put All of the builders out of business for a year or two a Bill Ledman the immediate past president of the Bay county Home builder a association said. He said the builders will finish what they re now working on and sit Back to see what effect planning has on the county. Other businesses that could be affected by regulation Are the Mobile Home Industry and swimming Pool builders Ledman said. Mobile Homes Are often put on Small Rural lots and the comprehensive plan might make it almost impossible to further subdivide Rural land for Small lots Ledman said. Mobile Homes also Are usually purchased by first time Home buyers and the comprehensive plan might make it harder to buy those first time Homes Ledman said. Swimming pools could be affected because land planning includes limiting the Waterproof area of a lot to less than 60 percent so rain has a Chance to soak into the ground. Ledman said that if a Small lot already has a Home driveway and Carport a Back Yard swimming Pool could push the amount of a impermeable surface to see plan 2a study pans education priorities More Money is not the answer says researcher Tamara Henry associated press Washington poor productivity not meager budgets is the main problem of the nations schools a noted education researcher said sunday. Lewis j. Perelman of the Hudson Institute said a american schools actually Are shortchanging the nation by wasting some $100 billion a year through sprawling bureaucracy and outmoded in a rebuttal to those who claim increased education spending will improve student achievement he said a More spending on More of the same education will waste resources weaken the . Economy and undermine the nations global in a report released sunday the acne Mia deception Perelman said the United states spent $3,310 to educate each student from preschool to Grade 12 in 1985. The expenditure is second Only to Switzerland which spent $3,683. The figures Are based on a special 1985 Index of purchasing Power of Industrial nations. The statistics contradict a recent analysis by the economic policy Institute that said the United states trailed 13 other Industrial nations in spending on elementary and secondary education. The Epi recommended adding at least $20 billion per year to the nations kindergarten through 12th Grade spending. Perelman a senior research fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute research group in Indianapolis said the Epi used a tortured statistics in an attempt to discredit president Bush a con Tam see study 3a israeli general wants to make hostage Swap Mohammed Salam associated press Marj Ayoun Lebanon a the commander of israelis proxy Force in Southern Lebanon said sunday he is ready to Swap a a Large number of the 300 moslem held by his militia for 16 Western hostages held by pro iranian shiites. Gen. Antoine Lahd commander of the israeli backed South Lebanon also included in the Trade three israeli servicemen and several of his men held by shiite factions. A a in a not Only prepared to facilitate such a package Deal but i also Hope it could happen a Lahd said in an interview with the associated press at his single Story Stone House in the Sla compound in Marj Ayoun. Lahd 61, a retired lebanese officer commands the 3,000-Strong militia that patrols israelis self proclaimed Security zone in Southern Lebanon. It is backed by about 1,000 israeli troops. In Jerusalem a senior government spokesman asked about Lahdo a offer said a i done to think it depends on Lahd or on us but on the other asked if there was any sign of movement from the other Side the spokesman said on condition of anonymity a none that i know the Sla holds the 300 shiites in Khiam a Small Village in israelis six to 10-mile-wide Security zone which stretches from the Mediterranean to the Foothills of mount Hermon. The Border zone was established in 1985 when Israel ended a three year occupation and withdrew the bulk of its from Southern Lebanon. Most of the 16 Western hostages missing in Lebanon Are held by pro iranian shiite factions operating under the umbrella of the fundamentalist Hezbollah or party of god. The longest held is Terry Anderson 42, chief Middle East correspondent for the a. He was kidnapped on March 16, 1985. Two american hostages Robert Polhill and Frank Reed were released by their pro iranian captors last month As a a Goodwill since then however there have been contradictory statements from Iran on any further releases. President Bush has refused to Deal for Freedom for the hostages who include six americans. There was no immediate reaction to Lahdo a offer from the pro iranian factions holding hostages from lebanese clergymen or from Iran. Iranian leaders hoping to improve ties with the West have said All hostages should be freed this year. But radicals argue that holding hostages is a Means of confronting the West which the anti Western faction considers a Cornerstone of the 1979 islamic revolution. In the past kidnappers and their backers have said the release of the shiites held by the Sla and Israel would help end the hostages ordeal. They have also said they want help locating four iranians missing in Lebanon since 1982. Lahd did not mention the four who lebanese sources say Are dead. Student Berrin Beasley j staff writer i since her first trip to Walt Disney worlds Epcot Center Laura Miner has been fascinated with Norway. In a Little More than a month the 17-year-old Bay county natives dream to visit the real Norway will come True. A a in la be flying into Oslo Norway at 8 a.m., june 27,�?� Miner said. A Titi be staying for to weeks with a norwegian family As an Exchange Miner who is a participant in the youth for understanding International Exchange organization said she has dreamed of visiting Norway for several reasons. A for one when in be gone to Epcot its always been my favorite country a she said. A i like All the excitement of the Vikings and the ancient trolls of the country a history. A and i met a Guy three years ago who was an Exchange student from Norway Here at Bay High school a she added. A getting to know him i listened to some norwegian music and listened to him talk about the country a lot. It sounds really while visiting Norway Miner said she plans to enjoy the country a mild climate highs in the summer Are upper 60s and rolling Mountain. However she a most excited about living As a norwegian. A a in a looking Forward to hiking in the mountains and i want to learn the National language Bakhmal a Miner said. A Titi just live with a family and learn the culture a experience the everyday life in a norwegian Miner said her greatest fear is being placed with a family that is stricter than her own. A i come from a pretty Independent family and it worries me that i May go into anticipates Norway trip the news Herald Vero Meier dance partners Laura Miner shares a dance with Dustin Hinson a student at Margaret k. Lewis exceptional student Center. A family that a very strict Ash explained. A also i Hope that in a in a family with kids. I come from a Large family four Brothers and two Sisters so i love the one thing she a not worried about is How the norwegians will accept her. A i get along pretty Well with everyone a she said a and norwegians tend to be typically Friendly to americans. It was Norway that started the Exchange program with the United states in the 1960s because of their eagerness to learn american ideas. A going Over there is As much for them to learn about my culture As it is for me to learn about theirs a she added. A a they re opening their hearts and their Homes to a stranger in Hopes of learning from the the total Cost of her 10-week trip including airfare lodging and food is $2,350, Miner said which her parents Are providing with Little fuss. A your family has always been big on travelling a she explained. A they were real receptive to my being but As Miner noted it will take much preparation before she considers herself ready to travel to Norway. A i keep receiving information about Norway from you a Miner said. A but in be also been to the Library checking out More information on the country the people and their culture. A my biggest concern is not being Able to speak with the people As Well As id like to. I Hope i can pick up the language pretty quickly so Iti not be after her mid August return Miner said she will continue participating in Shaw adult centers self paced curriculum in an Effort to graduate from High school a semester ahead of her 1991 Bay High school class. A i plan to graduate in the fall so that i can Start College in january a she explained. A i plan on first attending Gulf coast Community College from there i plan on going to a Small Liberal arts Miner who is still Active in Bay High schools Junior Exchange club a Community service organization said her career goal is to become a either a special education teacher or

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