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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 1

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Panama City, Florida Saturday the news Herald a Panama City news Herald 1990 inside National jobless rate a disturbing Page 10a Panama City Florida May 5,199040 pages vol. 21 no. 5 decades in time but worlds apart setting the stage for peace government Anc agree to joint Effort Barry Renfrew associated press Cape town South Africa the government and the african National Congress said Friday they will work together for the first time to Stop political violence and Clear the Way for talks on ending White minority Rule. President . De Klerk and Anc Leader Nelson Mandela looking relaxed and confident after the three Days of talks said the preliminary discussions were an important step toward giving South africans Black majority a share of Power. A it is the realization of a dream for which we have worked patiently and consistently a Mandela said after the first talks Ever Between the Anc and government. In a joint communique the sides said a a working group a will be created to try to end obstacles to full negotiations on changing the Constitution. In a major clause the communique said the government a reiterates its commitment to work toward lifting the nearly 4-year-old state of emergency. The lifting of the emergency is one of the Ancus demands before constitutional negotiations can begin. The communique indicated the delegations made Progress on most other issues As Well. Among them it said the government will consider a urgently granting temporary immunity from prosecution to Anc executive members in exile. This would enable them to return to South Africa to help end political violence. The granting of immunity to Anc exiles has been another de to see Anc 7a May 1970 nation fires on its own Thomas j. Sheeran associated press Kent Ohio a thousands of people lit candles in the rain Friday to dedicate a memorial to four Kent state University students who were slain by Ohio National guardsmen during an anti War protest 20 years ago. About 4,000 people huddled beneath umbrellas on a parking lot near the site of the shootings which took place on May 4,1970, and marked a tragic rallying Point for those who opposed american involvement in the Vietnam War. Most of the people in the crowd placed lighted candles on the Hilltop Granite memorial. Some placed their candles amid the 58,175 daffodils planted on the nearby Hillside for each american killed in the War. About 200 students nearby waged a silent protest by raising clenched fists and holding up handmade signs bearing messages of a whose May 4th is it anyway a and a a done to minimize student some held up two fingers a shaped in the peace sign popularized during the anti War movement. Some Kent state students have contended the University a $200,000 memorial is too Little too late. Former . Sen. George Mcgovern the keynote speaker said the memorial should encourage reconciliation Between the United states and Vietnam which do not have diplomatic relations. A the War in Vietnam is unfinished a the unsuccessful 1972 democratic presidential candidate said. A the killing has stopped but the arrogance that produced it survives and so does the agony the guilt and the Mcgovern Drew applause when he said the nation should to see fires 2a Eisenhower years peace Prosperity Tom Webb Knight Ridder wire Washington a for More than a generation now the a fabulous 1950s�?� have been painted As ten years of froth characterized by Hula hoops and Coonskin Caps Ozzie and Harriet drive ins and Tail fins Jackie Gleason and Howdy Doody. And presiding Over it All Between rounds of Golf was the genial Dwight Eisenhower who would be too on oct. 14. Viewed through the Haze of nostalgia it May look like a decade of Tranquility and complacency. But in Many ways the 1950s was an Era of breathtaking change masquerading As a ten year summer vacation. Review the decades social changes a from the growth of interstate highways to the Rise of television from the Boom in Suburbia to the Dawn of computerization the Start of civil rights to the birth of shopping malls a what emerges is a revolution in How americans lived. A there was a lot going on. But i think when times Are Good and when things Are going Fine nobody really focuses on the really substantive things within government a said Midge Saint executive director of the Eisenhower Centennial foundation. A inflation was Down All the economic figures were Good and it made that american dream come in the popular image the 1950s was the White bread decade the breathing spell sandwiched Between the hardships of world War ii and the turmoil of the 1960s. In that View Eisenhower was the to see peace 2a a study in contrast at left Kent state University students gather for a candlelight procession in memory of the four students killed 20 years ago. Below president Dwight Eisenhower and vice 4 president Richard Nixon Complete a round of Golf during the 1950s. While the �?T50s with Ike were a time of Security and rapid Progress the �?T60s were marked by tumultuous change and conflict that carried Over into �?T70s with the deaths at Kent state. United press International sea lion number 22 swims Back 1,000 Miles for his Trout Dee Norton Seattle times Seattle a one of six sea Lions trucked to Southern California to keep them from eating wild Steelhead Trout has returned to Seattle. The returnee an 836-Pound Critter dubbed number 22, was found thursday sunbathing on a buoy off West Seattle. It is the first sea lion to make it Back from the Channel islands off the California coast near Santa Barbara. A we wanted to find out if they would come Back and we did a said Hal Alabaster spokesman for the National Marine fisheries service in Seattle. A now we have an idea How Long it number 22 was sent to California in mid March. His radio transmitter was last recorded april 3 off san Miguel Island one of the Channel Island group. That Means he made the 1,000-mile trip to Seattle in 30 Days. A thirty five Miles a Day is not bad a said Joe Scordino an official of the National Marine fisheries service. A this is really breaking new ground for us. We have no information on How far these animals can travel so we done to know if he was really hustling or just cruising number 22 had been captured in a floating Cage March 12 and was released after the truck ride South on March 21. He also was one of several sea Lions caught last year and taken to the Washington coast. A a it a interesting a Scordino said. A this Guy made two round trips from the Washington coast last year. We Cap tured him twice and he kept coming number 22 has apparently been feeding Well. When caught last year he weighed 585 pounds. He now tips the Scales at 836. A they fatten up Over the Winter a Scordino said. Scordino said the Only other radio Contact with any of the six sea Lions since they were released has been with Sandy a 900-Pounder. He was recorded april 6 off the coast near Monterey Calif. The transmitters Are effective Only when the antennas Are out of the water. The Best Chance of tracking the animals by radio Scordino says is when they haul out on rocks or buoys and the antennas dry off. The focus of All this attention is the dwindling run of Steelhead Trout that Migrate through the locks linking puget sound and the sea to Washington a Freshwater lakes. Last year 37 sea Lions were captured and released 270 Miles South of Seattle on the Washington coast. But 29 swam Back within two weeks. Good morning a Freedom today a weather mostly Cloudy. High 75 to 80, Low 60 to 65. See weather watch Page 2b. Index bridged business/10-12a classified/1-12c comics/6-7d crossword/2c death s/9 a horoscope/7d landers/6d local/1-sb movies so police beat/4b religion/6-8b sports/1-4d to log/8d Florida lottery �?ocash-3�?� numbers 7-6-2. A fantasy 5�?� numbers 2-12-14-20-38. Quote for the Day a the history of Liberty is a history of limitations of governmental Power not the increase of Woodrow Wilson budget talks ready to get Down and dirty Joyce Pugh f Freedom capital Bureau i Tallahassee gov. Bob Martinez and legislative leaders Are saying that $25 billion Isnit enough to operate Florida government from july i until next june 30. They want about $1 billion More. This week negotiations on How to raise that extra Cash will get Down get dirty get serious. Early drafts of the House budget contain $80 million for programs and personnel to revamp the juvenile Justice program. A tentative Senate proposal would give Public school teachers and University professors 5-percent raises. Gov. Bob Martinez wants to spend $195,592 on an a Urban fishing program to provide recreational opportunities for inner City youths. What the three budgets have in common is the need for about $1 billion More in tax revenues and the fact that the new fiscal year is less than two months away. The governors budget of $26.2 billion was announced in february and this week the analysis House and Senate Trot out their spending plans for Public consumption. The process has left legislators and aides bleary eyed pencils eroded to nubs and calculators needing fresh batteries. After a flurry of late night sessions Between legislators and staffers that lasted into the wee hours Friday the five House budget subcommittees finished up their portions of the spending plan. The worksheets will be typed and checked and bound for review by the full appropriations committee monday. Chairman . Wetherell reiterated that the proposal will be presented on the House floor thursday. The three Senate budget subcommittees running a bit behind were expected to huddle with staff Over the weekend to tally their numbers and deliver their worksheets to Senate appropriations on tuesday. Senate rules committee chairman Jim Scott also is looking for his chamber a budget to come to the floor thursday. The majority of the funds available for the budgets a $25 billion a is based on How much Money existing Revenue sources will generate plus projected growth in those sources caused by even a slightly expanding Economy. The question remains How to make up the $932 million difference cutting $1 billion Worth of projects from the governors budget is unlikely. Higher taxes and fees Are More than Likely. Legislators have described their tax packages As equitable because some directly affect people and some directly affect Industry. The truth is they All will affect taxpayers. The Gross receipts tax is one of the Best examples. Currently a 1.5-percent tax on the earnings of electric phone and other utilities the tax is passed onto Consumers. If the tax is increased As the House wants by a Hal percentage Point and extended to Cable television Consumers eventually will feel the bite. Another example is the intangibles tax on stocks and Bonds. Investors with Large portfolios would feel the tax bite in the form of a half Mill increase again the House plan but so would the average person since Banks also would have to pay the extra tax and pass along the extra expense in the form of customer service charges. The higher tax on intangibles could mean less investment in Florida a business Community which Means fewer jobs which Means poorer people a so the theory goes. Among the proposed tax increases that Are Likely to become reality a a the cigarette tax. Currently at 24 cents a pack and 25 percent of wholesale value for other forms of tobacco products any increase in the tax will be passed Penny for Penny onto Consumers. The governor has proposed a 19-cents per pack increase for $250 million the House 9 cents per pack $128 million and the Senate 14 cents per pack $182 million. Increases for most other forms of tobacco products would be 20 to 25 percentage Points. Unaffected would be Cigar smokers. No state tobacco taxes Are levied on Florida a cottage Industry of Cigar manufacturers. A a higher fees to replace lost or stolen Drivers licenses and car tags to Purchase temporary or partial year tags and to penalize motorists who done to renew their licenses on time. These fee increases Are in All three proposals with the governors plan seeking $198 million and the House and Senate seek ing about $100 million. A a documentary Stamps. Currently at 15 cents per $100 face value of a loan promissory note or similar indebtedness the House would raise the tax to 35 cents and the Senate to 28 cents. The governor has no such proposal in his budget although his own preservation 2000 land buying program would be funded through the a naturally occurring growth in Doc stamp Revenue each year. Any Doc stamp tax increase would be Felt by Home buyers the construction Industry Banks and other borrowers

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