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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 2

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Panama City, Florida Snapshots train derailment a Union Pacific train derailed and struck a Bridge Friday causing it to collapse and injuring at least three people. Two of the injured were believed to have been in cars atop the Bridge when it fell. Union Pacific spokesman John Bromley said two switching engines were pulling nine cars when the third car a covered Grain Hopper apparently derailed and struck the support of the Locust Street Bridge. The news Herald Vern Miller teen parenting Crystal Martinez left to right Donna Allen and Jane Jones examine some of the 25 a special donations a the Junior women a club presented to the children a Home society Friday. The packages which include such items As thermometers Nail clippers and diapers will be used in the teen parenting program of Haney to tech. Hopes from Page a he or she can be considered literate enough to handle technological advances such As computerized Cash registers. Those advances Are Likely to cause the illiteracy rate to Rise said Anabel Newman chairman of the National coalition for literacy. A the More you move your definition up the scale the More people you re going to identify As having literacy problems. We re going to have More people struggling a she said thursday during an interview. Newman professor of language education at Indiana University is the keynote speaker for the conference a the person Geil Hopes will inspire those attending to Battle illiteracy with a United front. A coalitions for literacy can help a Newman said. A if you can get this Many people thinking the More possibilities you have for change than if just one Small segment is involved. Everybody is part of the problem. It takes a commitment a shoulder to shoulder illiteracy is viewed As a symptom of a larger More corrosive problem facing the nation. A a we re a Bunch of mud dle Heads a Newman said. A we value certain things a sports entertainment. We elected a Man As president who now can to answer questions because he does no to she added that while the nation has raised advertising to a High Art americans have not raised logical thinking to a High Art. A we Are making some Progress in Basic education but very Little Progress in higher order thinking skills teaching cause and effect. Ifs those skills we need for the jobs to come a Newman said. Virginia Ricard added that an additional problem is that the nation has become a credential oriented society. The goal no longer is education but instead the paper product the diploma the certificate she said. Ricard is a consultant for adult program development at the University of Phoenix in Denver Colo. Factors that Lead to illiteracy Are As numerous As the stars but the most notable is the Cycle of the disadvantaged. In order to combat illiteracy that Cycle must be broken Newman said. Newman and Geil explained that the Cycle incorporates such esteem crippling influences As poverty teen pregnancy homelessness unemployment family illiteracy and being a High school dropout. Bay county a jobless rate for the months of november december and january was tops in the state. The february employment rate showed that to percent of the workforce was without jobs giving the county a sixth place finish in the state. Additionally Geil said that Bay county has the fourth highest homeless schoolchild population in the state. That problem is compounded by the fact that Bay county a homeless often Are the hidden homeless they done to live in shelters but with friends and move from abode to abode when their Welcome has worn thin. A poverty is such an influence in illiteracy a Geil said. A if a family has no food no roof overhead is education going to be a primary concern but Newman said that if a person can make that move toward literacy he a suddenly sees himself As a whole factors that can help combat illiteracy Are family role modelling and programs for inter Genera tonal literacy and workplace literacy Newman said. A one thing we know is that children who Are read to before they go to school Are More successful. If there a a Reading Model in the Home children Are More successful a Newman said. Ricard said workplace literacy programs Are important because it requires businesses to take some responsibility for educating their employees. A part of this conference is to generate an awareness in the private and business sectors a Geil said. A we Hope some of the businesses will look to establish workplace literacy programs for their own Newman added a workplace literacy can be a real Good thing. If the Boss says you go to class you inter Genera tonal Reading programs or family literacy programs Are aimed at educating the whole family. Parent and child learn to read together. A a it a a program to do something about the trend of continuing illiteracy a Newman said. Additionally Geil would like to see such programs As the homeless coalition project Independence and the Job training partnership act join forces to a manage a person As they move through and out of the two adult tutoring agencies already exist in Bay county literacy volunteers of America and Laubach. The Lva works through the Bay county Public Library system while Laubach frequently works through churches. Geil said the problem in Bay county Isnit necessarily a Lack of tutors but a Lack of students. A we have a hard time reaching those who need help. For the most part the adult does not say a i can to read a unless there is a reason that forces him into it such As a Job change or promotion a Geil said. Additionally Bay county has Shaw adult Center which is a Home for adult Basic education programs. Newman said during her keynote address that adult Basic education has come a Long Way from its infant stage a time when adult learners were treated no differently from the children who occupied the same chairs and tables during the Day. A previously adults used basal children a readers and sat in Little chairs at Little tables. How demeaning a Newman said. But with the increased awareness of illiteracy publishing companies began producing Reading materials for the new adult learner. A a we re beginning to realize that adult literacy is something we can All participate in. We Are All learners throughout life a Newman said. A adult Basic education is Awakening. The 1990s is a decade to make great strides with adult new from page1a demonstration to Date of the Power depth and intensity of the Choice movement a said rate Michelman executive director of the National abortion rights action league in Washington . But she warned that the abortion rights movement remains vulnerable. A despite our victories it Only takes one anti Choice legislature to pass one anti Choice test Case Bill that is signed into Law by one ant Choice governor for the right to choose to be stripped from every american woman a a is. Michelman said. A it will Only take one Case to Challenge Roe in the . Supreme John Willke president of the National right to life committee said a gov. Andrus today abandoned thousands of unborn children who will continue to die needlessly in Idaho. He has bowed to the hollow threats and pressure tactics of abortion extremists who insist abortion be available As a method of birth Willke said the veto a is not Only unprincipled but politically unwise. This veto will galvanize the life majority in Idaho and Andrus who is running for an unprecedented fourth term said he had consulted with Legal scholars of both political parties who said there was not the a remotest chances of the supreme court upholding such a Law. He also said the financial Burden for the state to defend the Bill in court would have been excessive. Protect Trump Casino workers continue to finish the construction and placement of the main escalators and chandeliers inside the Trump Taj mahal Casino resort thursday. The gambling Casino will open next thursday to the general Public. From page1a Interior ministry said soldiers also had arrived at a communist party building the Institute of party history. Other buildings under military control Are the Institute of marxism leninism the higher party school and communist party Headquarters. All Are communist party buildings. Deputy Premier Kazimieras Motieka speaking to reporters accused Vasiliev of bargaining in bad Faith when he met with lithuanian officials earlier. Motieka attended that meeting. Vasiliev spoke politely of Compromise with the lithuanians when a a there a no question at that moment they already had this planned a Motieka charged. He said soldiers told lithuanian Interior minister Marijonas Misukonis they were a taking it the building Over to enforce Security at the request of the White House said president Bush sent a letter to Gorbachev emphasizing . Hopes the conflict could be resolved peacefully. Bush said the letter assured Gorbachev a a we re not trying to make things difficult for either Side. White House officials indicated Gorbachev was under intense pressure to take a Tough line toward the breakaway Republic and the administration continued trying to take a Low key approach. Yet in a sign of displeasure Gen. Carl e. Vuono the . Army chief of staff postponed a Courtesy visit he had been scheduled to make to the soviet Union. Two . Officials demanding anonymity said Vuono a Host would have been the soviet military commander in Lithuania and it would have been inappropriate for them to meet now. Meanwhile Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole r-kan., warned that a fall bets Are off if Gorbachev resorts to Force. A the soviets will be in real trouble Here a no Trade agreements no Trade preferences and no More of the kind of relations the Kremlin is desperately seeking from Washington a Dole said. The news Herald 501 w. 11th St. Panama City Florida phone 763-7621 in Bay county in state wats 1-800-345-8688 the Panama City news Herald uses 419-560 is published mornings by Florida Freedom newspapers inc., 501 w. 11th St., Panama City Al 32401. Second class postage paid at Panama City Florida. Postmaster Send address changes to the news Herald . Box 1940, Panama City Al 32402. Scott Steve Bornhoft managing editor Scott Walker advertising director Gail . Sales mgr. Betty director Frank director Karen manager a offices 763-7621 news sports after 5 amp weekends 763-7622 port St Joe office 229-6665 miss your paper we Hope not of you Are unable to Contact your Carrier Call the news Herald service desk 763-7621, Between 6 and 10 30 a m. Copyright notice the entire contents of the news Herald including its Logotype Are fully protected by copyright and registry and cannot be reproduced in any form for any purpose without written permission from the news Herald delivery rates daily amp sunday Carrier mail 1 to. S7.5c 1 mo.$8.50 3 to .$22.50 3 to. $25 50 6 to .$45.00 6 to. $51,00 1 yr.$90 00 1 or $102 00 for your convenience any Type subscription to the news Herald May be paid at the circulation department. Circulation business hours Are 6 a m. To 5 p.m., monday through Friday and 6 to 10 30 am saturday amp sunday single copies daily 25c/sunday75c Home delivery All carriers Are Independent contractors and the news Herald is not responsible for Advance payments made to them Advance payments for More than one month should be paid directly to the news Herald mail subscriptions mailed papers Are sent second class postage paid postal regulations require us to collect All mail subscriptions in Advance subway violinist subway violinist James Grasek who has been entertaining the travelling Public in new York for 20 years plays at a downtown Stop thursday a few hours before his concert debut at Alice Tully Hall. The Hall was bought out by Grasek a travelling Public. Baseball Broccoli. Many lithuanian nationalists Are saying that they would like the United states to take a stronger stand on that country a efforts to break free of the soviet Union. For several reasons unfortunately that Isnit possible. The crisis in Lithuania a soviet tanks rolling into the lithuanian capital a have come at a worse time. It conflicts with the lifting of the Spring training lockout in the United states. After weeks of agonizing negotiations with the emotions of fans ranging from fury to severe depression we Are going to have a baseball season after All. In fact Spring training games Are beginning this week. So its asking a lot of americans to allow themselves to be distracted by the problems of a Distant Baltic nation while facing the More immediate question of who will be the fourth and fifth pitchers in the starting rotation. And who son third in every american City there Are countless sports bars. To qualify As a sports bar you need Only to have two loud to sets some team pennants on the Walls and customers who shriek a yeah yeah yeah go go go a even during slow motion gym shoes commercials. If you walked into any of these bars and asked the customers this question a what should we do about Vilnius a fewer than i percent would identify it As the capital of Lithuania. The rest would say a will needs i say if we can get him in a Trade we ought to do it a cuz he can someone else would respond a yeah but he a a bad Glove Man and our defense stinks or a you Guys must be drunk or stupid. He a a Pitcher not any infielder and you can never have too much of course not everybody is obsessed by baseball. There Are the intellectuals who watch ted Koppel our Secretary of state for to. It is Koppel a Job to bring global hot spots into our living room unless we done to want Apple pie dismay besides some americans Arentt All that sympathetic to Lithuania. Its not that they done to care but they wonder who we Are to be telling Moscow when it should or put its foot on somebody a Chest. As a Reader in Atlanta said in a note a it seems to me that we ought to be hailing Gorbachev As a 20th-Century Abe Lincoln. Here in Georgia my ancestors decided that they wanted to secede which is what the lithuanians seem to be doing. A so Lincoln did what Gorbachev said he a going to do a preserve the Union even though my ancestors and a lot of other people did no to want to be preserved. Lincoln did no to have tanks but if he had he would have sent them in. As it was his generals just burned the Heck out of the place. A and lets face it one of the reasons we got to be so Rich and powerful was that we used our gunboat diplomacy so that some of our corporations could go into latin America set up their own governments and get Rich. At least Gorbachev Isnit telling the lithuanians that they have to meet a banana picking but another Reader has expressed deep disappointment in what he sees As timidity on Bush a part. A Gorbachev says that lithuanians should All turn in their firearms. I thought Bush was a member of the National Rifle association. If he is he be so mealy mouthed. If some american stick up Man has the god Given constitutional right to Bear arms and protect himself from the police or some victim who tries to hit him with her purse then Bush should be standing up for the right of a lithuanian to attack a tank with his its a difficult position for our president. Maybe he should just warn Gorbachev that if he harms even one lithuanian we will unleash a missile on Moscow that will cover the City with Broccoli. �?0�? the author writes for the Chicago Tribune and is syndicated nationally Mike Yoko them in our living room and switch to a dirty movie on Cable which most people do. After All How Many times can you watch the same chinese fellow standing in front of a tank but even those who know where Lithuania is and even Vilnius Arentt sure what this country should be doing. President Bush already has made a statement that is Strong at least by Bush a standards about How it would be unwise for the soviets to use Force on the lithuanians. True the statement Wasny to nearly As fierce As Bush a condemnation of Broccoli. But then when Bush was a tot his Mother never forced him to eat tiny steamed soviet tanks. There Are also limits on How Tough we can talk to Moscow because there Are limits As to what we can do to Back up any Tough talk. After All Lithuania Isnit Panama. Bush can to go on to and say a this morning the United states sent troops into Vilnius because we have Learned that Mikhail Gorbachev is a drug dealer engages in the practice of voodoo has a mistress has been putting his thumb to his nose and wiggling his fingers at me and i hate him worse than if Gorbachev clamps Down on the lithuanians about All we can do is Issue one of those Stern diplomatic statements that when translated into simple English mean a a in a mad at you and in a not going to talk to you anymore so but after things Calm Down Well get Over our snit. We were mad at the chinese and they re still tossing their Freedom Mavericks in prison but we re Back to business As usual

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