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Panama City News Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 1

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Panama City News Herald (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Panama City, Florida Saturday 25 the news Herald a Panama City news Herald 1990 Panama City Florida March 31,199040 pages vol. 20 no. 335 i kills proposed Idaho abortion la Bob Fick associated press Boise Idaho a gov. Cecil Andrus confronted with thousands of pleas and a threatened potato Boycott by opponents of Idaho a abortion Bill on Friday vetoed what would have been the most restrictive state abortion Law. The veto ended the Hopes of antiabortion groups who wanted to use an Idaho Law to Challenge the . Supreme courts commitment to legalized abortion embodied in its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Andrus an anti abortion governor who said he agonized Over provisions of the legislation explained his decision by saying the Bill does not provide a woman and her family any flexibility in cases of rape and incest. A the Bill is drawn so narrowly that it would punit ively and without compassion further harm an Idaho woman who May find herself in the horrible unthinkable position of confronting a pregnancy that resulted from rape or incest a he said in a written statement read at a 5 . News conference. The veto effectively killed the Bill since state legislators had conceded they did not have enough votes to gain the two thirds majority needed to override the veto. In addition the legislature adjourned its session at 4 32 . Friday and can be called Back Only by the governor. But Republican rep. Gary Montgomery one of the Bill a main architects said anti abortion lawmakers would refine the legislation and press it again in the 1991 session. The veto a is the most significant pc see kills 2a Kentucky schools goals controls make the state a Leader in educational Reform Lee Mitgang associated press Kentucky a state hardly typecast As a hotbed of school Reform suddenly finds itself in the forefront of National educational change thrust into that unaccustomed role by a sweeping court order. Last june the state supreme court declared Kentucky a system of Public schooling inequitable and unconstitutional. It ordered the legislature to come up with an entirely new system of school governance and finance. On thursday the legislature passed a 900-Page Bill aimed at smoothing out the inequities Between Rich and poor local school districts through a $1.26 billion package of state tax increases. Gov. Wallace Wilkinson is expected to sign the measure perhaps saturday. The result the state will establish a minimum spending level of $2,900 for each of Kentucky a 570,000 students. Under the current system spending varies from $1,800 to $4,200 a year per student depending on the wealth or poverty of each District. A a we re going to do innovative things in Kentucky for once a said state rep. Greg Stumbo the democratic majority floor Leader. A a we re not going to be a Follower any More. We re going to be a while undoubtedly important to kentuckians the school finance changes mandated by the Bill Are not what is most Eye catching to those concerned with National school Reform. Kentucky after Daylight savings i remember to set your clocks ahead one hour at 2 a.m., j sunday. All is just one of la states where courts in recent years have ordered overhauls of inequitable school finance systems. The other states Are new Jersey Kansas Wisconsin California Connecticut Washington West Virginia Wyoming Arkansas and Montana. What a really Radical is How Kentucky a new system will change the states relationships with local districts and eventually perhaps with other states As Well. A other Reform attempts started in the nation have Only dealt with funding. None have been As massive As Kentucky a was and none have been As influential As Kentucky a will be a predicted David Allen president of the the Kentucky education association the states largest teacher group. Under the new system the state department of education would set Broad goals that All local districts would have to fulfil. Those would include development of critical thinking skills the ability to apply concepts from math the sciences the arts humanities and social studies and ensuring that students become sufficient and responsible members of a family work group or Community. Districts in turn would gain unprecedented control Over curriculum and other Day to Day operations. And the state would require at least one school per District to adopt a site based soviet soldiers protect prosecutor s building associated press Vilnius .s.r soviet troops took Over the building housing the lithuanian chief prosecutors office late Friday after staff members refused to work with a Moscow loyalist named As new chief prosecutor by the Kremlin. The takeover was the first occupation of a government building in Vilnius since Lithuania declared its Independence on March la and came As an abrupt reversal by the soviets after initial Steps by both sides toward a Compromise. Soldiers previously had occupied a few communist party buildings. Uniformed men Early saturday also moved into Lithuania scentral newspaper printing Plant. They refused to identify themselves and said Only that they were protecting the building. Witnesses said they saw at least seven men armed with nightsticks. Lithuanian president vytautas Landsbergis said on television the decision to take Over the prosecutors office a brings shame on the soviet a they Are trying to destroy the Legal system. We have had these challenges before. We have stood against them and we will do it again a he said. Premier Kazimiera Prunskiene told reporters after an emergency session of the presidium of the Lithuania parliament that the government told employees of the prosecutors office to try to work in the building under the lithuanian official rather than Moscow a Choice. Lithuanian legislator Egidius Bickauskas said earlier on to that the soviet troops occupied the building with the help of an employee. He did not elaborate. A foreign journalist rushed to the scene and said he saw a truckload of Interior ministry soldiers enter the building. Moscow earlier tried to Force Lithuania to adhere to soviet Law by firing Lithuania a chief prosecutor Artris Paulauskas and announcing he would be replaced by Antanas Petrauskas. The chief prosecutor is basically a Republic wide District attorney. Soviet Deputy prosecutor Alexei Vasiliev made the announcement in a conference Hall of the prosecutors building in Vilnius. He ordered the too staff members to enforce soviet Law. Staffers began arguing and shouting at Vasiliev and then walked out. Hours later the soviet soldiers moved in. A duty officer at the lithuanian to see protect 2a Good morning today a weather Cloudy. High in mid-70s, Low 60-65. Rain Chance 90 percent. See weather watch Page 4d. Index brldge/1c business/10-12 a classified/1-12c comics/4-5b crossword/1 c deaths/6a horoscope/5b landers/4b local/1-3b movies/7d police beat/3b religion/6-8b sports/1-sd to log/5d Florida lottery �?ocash-3�?� numbers 2-8-9. A fantasy 5�?� numbers 7-8-15-17-38. Quote for the Day a idleness is not doing nothing. Idleness is being free to do Floyd Dell lotto Winner Magalio has unusual run of Good Luck Larry Hackett new York daily news Flemington . There a this Guy in new Jersey George Magalio. Two smart sons a wife he loves and respects a successful stationery store in a quaint country town five minutes from his Home a Bow anniversaries in puerto Rico. Lucky Guy right you Wanna feel sick in 1984, Magalio plays the new York lottery. Naturally after six weeks he wins $1.8 million. The loot helps pay off his sons College education Christmas presents allows for an extra car a Little More fizz on vacations. A i Wasny to playing seriously then a explained Magalio. A i got serious after i which might be enough to explain Why Magalio who drops up to $75 twice a week on lottery tickets won $10,000 in the Pennsylvania lottery last december. It might not however go quite far enough in explaining How Magalio hit the big time again monday this time in the new Jersey lottery for about $2.1 million. A i Call it my Christmas club a he laughed ifs almost As if Magalio can just walk in buy a wad of tickets and win a grand. Which is just what he did again thursday on his Way to work. A somebody sees something in this that i done to see a said Magalio sipping his Coffee in the Back of his Flemington store. A i just play the lottery. I done to see anything supernatural about it. A ifs still random. You be got to be Magalios alarming Good Fortune began in the Early 1970s, when he picked up a handful of Esso Tigerino contest tickets and upon cleaning his car weeks later found that head won $1,000 several years later the local dry cleaner kept bugging Magalio to buy a raffle ticket for the local heart fund. Fine Lucky George said. Guess what yep a 1977 Chrysler. And there a always the occasional $50 or $100 that a visited upon Magalio. He does no to even mention it. A a he a amazing Isnit he a beamed Marshall Higgins Magalios Friend and the Man who sold the winning ticket from his Small shop a few doors Down from Magalios store. As a lottery professional Marshall any insights into Magalios Success a George is a Lucky person a he sagely declared. Magalio says his Luck May run deep but ifs not All dumb. After studying winning numbers he a convinced that High double digit combinations Are More common so that a what he plays. The science ends there birthdays and License plates Are the source of his calculations. As a Public service it should be told that Magalio is not the first person to strike it Rich twice. Over a four month period in 1985 and 1986, Evelyn Marie Adams won the new Jersey lottery twice taking Home $5.5 million. Farewell to Marvin the news Herald Tom Needham Bay county sheriffs Deputy Marvin Freeman with 55 years and countless tales under his Belt is hanging up his gun and retiring. A fixture at the Bay county courthouse for decades Freeman 76, was congratulated by his friends Friday at a going away party. Inside jury taken to scene of killing Page in / breaking the we we ii pm it Laili three ways the Chain is broken workplace literacy businesses taking responsibility for an employee s de nation and literacy level. Inter generational literacy family literacy programs where Parent and child break the Chain of family illiteracy. Literacy volunteers one on one tutoring of new adult readers through programs like literacy volunteers of America or Laubach. Bay group seeks county coalition to fight illiteracy Jennifer Linn f census showed that of those staff writer residents older than 18 years they Are called the Shadow population. For the most part they Arentt involved in decision making processes a from writing the humblest grocery list to electing a president. Their numbers rank close to 27 million. They Are the nations illiterates a those people who because of disadvantages Lack the ability to read write and compute at minimal Levels. If they re Lucky they Cope with the help of a spouse. If not they develop strategies for overcoming their i abilities. In a restaurant setting they Are Likely to wait until everyone has ordered and then they will duplicate someone else a order never knowing the Cost of the item until the meals end. They often will refuse Job advancements fearing their inability to read will prevent them from understanding their new duties. Bay county has its own rank of illiterates. While no exact figure exists for calculating the illiteracy rate in the county the 1980 census revealed that 34.2 percent of the county a residents older than 25 years had less than a High school education. Additionally the 33 percent of them had less than an eighth Grade education. Peggy Geil affiliated with the United Way and chairman of the 1990 Bay county literacy conference said that while the census figures Are to years old they Are still quite accurate. Her goal through the literacy conference being held this weekend is to establish a Bay county coalition for literacy to help the Public education system. A i Hope there is a seed to begin a coalition for literacy a Geil said in an interview thursday. A we want to be pro Active in dealing with literacy. Bay county has a fairly High illiteracy rate and from what i have been Able to gather ifs still pretty close to those census one reason for Little movement in literacy rates is the changing definition of literacy. At one time a person was considered literate if he or she passed the fourth Grade then the threshold was raised to the eighth Grade. Now because of emerging technology a person needs to reach the Lith Grade before to see Hopes 2a

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